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K EY S TO SAF E BI CYCLI N G Always ride in the direction of traffic



Use bike lanes when safe & you feel comfortable doing so


Y es ! I want to support the P CC in making South Carolina m ore b ic yc le friendly.



Wear clothing that is bright in color & visible at night


Have lights on your bike when riding at night



Email Phone

Basic Membership Student $10 Individual $25 Family $40 Sponsor $50 Patron $100 Lifetime $1000 Other $______


Corporate Membership Bronze $100 Silver $250 Gold $500 Platinum $1000 Yellow Jersey $5000

Please mail this completed form and check payable to the Palmetto Cycling Coalition to our mailing address. To submit a membership online, please visit

Riding on the sidewalk is often against local law and is unsafe


Street City

Obey traffic signals and stop signs



Always wear a helmet

When riding in groups, ride two abreast Maintain & regularly inspect your equipment

PALMETTO CYCLING COALITION 141-F Pelham Drive • Suite 116 Columbia, SC 29209 •

This document is made available through the generous support of The Hawley Company, a leading US bicycle parts and accessories distributor.

Please include email if applicable. To save paper and postage, PCC only sends renewal acknowledgements and newsletters via email. All donations given to the PCC are tax-deductible. Thank you for your support!

Photos via Flickr: Bike Portland, Mark Stosberg & Smwarnke4 Statistics from Thunderhead Alliance Benchmarking Survey 2007 & NHTSA PedalCyclist Reports

PALMETTO CYCLING COALITION Making South Carolina Bicycle Friendly for Everyone

The Palmetto Cycling Coalition B E A PART OF OU R M ISSION. B EC OM E A M EM B ER TOD AY .

MAKING SOUTH CAROLINA BICYCLE FRIENDLY FOR EVERYONE By providing access for all cyclists to roads & trails By promoting safety Through education on the importance of cycling for healthy lifestyles and communities

The PCC began in 1995 with a small group of volunteers. Today we have over 700 members and are the only organization that advocates for cycling at the state level. The Coalition promotes bicycling as a viable means of recreation, transportation, tourism and economic development in South Carolina.

For every bicyclist in the Palmetto State L O N G - T E R M G O A L S & K E Y S T O S U C CE S S

A F E W A C H I E V E M E N T S . ..

Promote implementation and adoption of statewide Complete Streets initiatives, Bicycle Friendly Communities, and Statewide BikePedestrian Long Range Transportation Plans.

Passage of H3006, SC Bike Safety Bill, in June 2008

Improve SC’s bicycling transportation infrastructure, promote bicycle friendly transportation policies and expand funding for bicycling. Encourage more people to use bicycles for transportation and recreation by emphasizing the health, environmental, economic and other societal benefits. Educate the general public about the rights and responsibilities of bicyclists and drivers sharing the roads.

‘Share the Road’ license plates & road signs Formation of Bike/Pedestrian Caucus in 2002 in SC legislature Bike safety workshops & law enforcement trainings Additions to South Carolina Drivers Manual & Drivers Exam Purchased & distributed hundreds of helmets


FIND US ON THE WEB AT WWW.PCCSC.NET Latest news & updates • Advocacy Tools • Resources • State-wide clubs & shops • Photos • Events

SOUTH CAROLINA B I CY C L I N G S T A T I S T I C S … ● It is estimated that 300,000

South Carolinians ride a bicycle each year ● From 2000 to 2004 in SC there

were 2,574 motorists/cyclists crashes that resulted in injury to the cyclist ● South Carolina ranks high for

cycling deaths per capita: In 2005, a 3-yr analysis of bicyclist fatalities revealed an average of 17 deaths in SC per year

PCC brochure  

An informational brochure about the Palmetto Cycling Coalition, our work, and our mission.

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