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Phoebe  Byers,  MPH  Student,  Complete  Streets  South  Carolina  Campaign  Coordinator  

Why Adopt  a  Policy?   •  CS  Policies…  

–  Change prac?ce  and  integrate  needs  of  all  road   users  into  everyday  transporta?on  planning  and   design  prac?ces  

Why Adopt  a  Policy?   •  CS  Policies…   –  Create  a  complete  network  of  roads  serving  all  users  

Why Adopt  a  Policy?   •  CS  Policies…   –  Save  money;  retrofit  projects  cost  more  in  the  long   run  

Why Adopt  a  Policy?   •  CS  Policies…   –  Encourage  innova?on  and  build  poli?cal  and   community  support  for  transporta?on  design    

Types of  Policies   4%   22%  

Legisla?on/Ordinance (47)  


Resolu?on (94)  


Tax Ordinance  (3)   Internal  Policy  (31)  


Execu?ve Order  (4)   Plan  (30)   Design  Manual  (9)  



Which Policies  are  Best?   •  Typically  ordinances,  internal  policies,  or   execu?ve  orders  are  the  most  effec?ve   because  they  have  legal  standing  and   therefore  must  be  enforced   •  While  resolu?ons  are  common,  they  are  not   enforceable  and  therefore  local  governments   are  not  legally  required  to  uphold  them   •  Due  to  resistance,  it  may  be  best  to  begin  with   a  resolu?on  and  work  towards  an  ordinance  

Complete Street  Policies  in  SC  


Policy Development  

Town of  Summerville  

Working on  Resolu?on  

Town of  Allendale  

Working on  Resolu?on  

City of  Anderson  

Resolu%on (2009)  

City of  Greenville  

Resolu%on (2008)  

City of  North  Myrtle  Beach  

Land Development  Ordinance  (2008)  

City of  Spartanburg  

Resolu%on (2007)  

City of  Columbia  

Resolu%on (2010)  

City of  Camden  

Resolu%on (2011)  

City of  Charleston  

Resolu%on (2009)  

Spartanburg County  

Resolu%on (2007)  

Richland County  

Resolu%on (2009)  

Anderson County  

Resolu%on (2009)  

Greenville County  

Resolu?on voted  down  in  2010  

Colleton County  

Resolu%on (2011)  

Comple%ng the  Streets:  Local  Ac%on    

City of  Greenville  Resolu?on  #  2008-­‐49:  

Complete Streets  in  SC       Ordinances/ Resolutions in progress

City of Myrtle Beach City of Rock Hill Town of Summerville Town of Allendale

Ordinances/Resolutions adopted

City of Anderson City of Columbia City of Camden City of Greenville City of Spartanburg City of North Myrtle Beach Anderson County Colleton County Richland County Spartanburg County

As of  September,  2011  

Complete Streets  Master  Plans  in  SC   Municipality   Consultant   City  of  Greenville  GP   Greenways  Inc.   Greenville  County  GP   Greenways  Inc.   City  of  Greenville  BMP   Alta/Seamon  Whiteside  &  Associates   Spartanburg  County  BPMP   Greenways  Inc.   Easley  BPMP   Alta/Seamon  Whiteside  &  Associates   N.  Augusta  GMP   Alta   ARTS/Aiken  County  BPMP   Alta/Greenways  Inc.   LSCOG  BPMP   Alta/Greenways  Inc.   Fountain  Inn  Streetscape  Study   Alta/Seamon  Whiteside  &  Associates   Fountain  Inn  BPMP   Alta/Seamon  Whiteside  &  Associates   Charleston-­‐Dorchester  Open  Space  GP  Greenways  Inc.   Easley  Brushy  Creek  Greenway  FS   Alta  

Complete Streets  Master  Plans  in  SC   Municipality   ARTS  BPMP   COATS  BP  PP   Summerville  BMP   GHS  Swamp  Rabbit  Trail   Mt  Zion  Greenway/Fountain  Inn   Anderson  County  -­‐  In  progress   City  of  Anderson  -­‐  In  progress   Town  of  West  Pelzer  -­‐  In  progress   Town  of  Pelzer  -­‐  In  progress   Town  of  Williamston  -­‐  In  progress   Lower  Savannah  Regional  BP  FS   ARTS  and  Aiken  County  BPP  

Consultant Arcadis   Parsons  Brinckerhoff   Mary  Alice  Springs  (Masters  project)   Seamon  Whiteside  &  Associates   Seamon  Whiteside  &  Associates   Seamon  Whiteside  &  Associates   Seamon  Whiteside  &  Associates   Seamon  Whiteside  &  Associates   Seamon  Whiteside  &  Associates   Seamon  Whiteside  &  Associates   Wilbur  Smith  Associates/Alta   Wilbur  Smith  Associates/Alta  

Changes to  Code:  Rock  Hill   •  Rock  Hill  does  not  have  a  CS  Policy,  but  it  does  have   policies,  ordinances,  and  best  prac?ces  suppor?ng   CS  concepts     •  Since  the  1990s,  city  ordinance  has  required   sidewalks  in  all  new  developments     •  In  2010,  the  development  standards  were  revised  to   incorporate  certain  CS  concepts,  including  cyclist  and   pedestrian  facili?es  and  traffic  calming   •  CS  suppor?ve  standards  include  curb  bump-­‐outs  for   on-­‐street  parking,  narrower  travel  lanes,  smaller   curb  radius  requirements,  and  provisions  for  bike   lanes  and  separate  bike  paths  for  certain  streets  

Rock Hill  Progress  

Complete Streets Policies in SC  

Presentation by Phoebe Byers, SC Complete Streets Coordinator. Discussion of policies in SC.

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