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bruits de palais “Happiness is always within reach of those who know how to taste it.” La Rochefoucault


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Drink tea all summer long! Organic teas Spring teas

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Organic teas

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Drink tea all summer long!

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Tasting notes Darjeeling de printemps

Puttabong DJ 22 “Clonal Queen”

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Spring teas

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Cast-iron teapots

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Shopping & new items

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Théophile benefits

Your summer offer “My tea, my life” beach kit

Happiness is always within reach of those who know how to taste it. Friendship is one of the most precious things in existence. It guides us along the path of life, supports us, and allows us to grow. At Palais des ThĂŠs, it plays a particularly important role in the ties we form with farmers and harvesters, by providing the foundations for trusting and long-lasting relations. If tea allows us to take time out for ourselves, it also offers us wonderful moments to be shared with friends. We get together, two or more of us, and this is always a time to try a new plucking, introduce the latest finds, or simply share someone's favourite tea. To the pleasure of drinking is added the joy of pleasures shared. A drink offered in hospitality, tea is also the drink of friendship. The way it gives us a break from life, and makes time stand still, is perfectly suited to such conviviality: tea plays a natural part in this. It is one of those simple pleasures which, like a good meal shared beneath the shade of the trees, illuminates the moments spent with our friends.

The team at Palais des ThĂŠs

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With the aim of encouraging the development of organic farming methods on tea plantations, our team has been working for many years to raise awareness of these issues among farmers and planters.

On some organic tea plantations, citronella is used as a natural insect repellent.

It is easy to enjoy four of our organically certified teas, as they are now available in boxes of 20 muslin tea bags.


1. Earl Grey bio Ref. DAB08N.


2. Gunpowder bio Ref.DAB03N.


3. Sencha de mai bio Ref.DAB10N.


4. Yunnan de mai bio Ref.DAB01N.

Organic teas Some teas are sold with an organic label. What does this mean? What about teas without the label? What is the position of Palais des Thés?

Organic farming is a production method that respects animals, people and the environment. It prohibits the use of chemicals such as some fertilisers, pesticides, insecticides and weed killers. It is based on the principles of recycling natural organic materials, rotating crops to help preserve the soil’s natural balance, and using biological methods to control pests, diseases and weeds. In Europe, in order to be called organic, an agricultural product must be certified and the growing methods must be subjected to strict checks so that consumers can be assured of the quality of products they buy. These checks are carried out through the certification process. Only products grown on European territory can be certified, with the exception of a very small number of food products from other countries, including tea. In most tea producing countries, the concept of organic farming is still not widespread, and does not receive the same level of support among the public as it does in Europe. However, in the past 20 years we have seen an increasing number of teas produced using organic methods and certified by organisations that usually operate in Europe. Having been made more aware by their Western buyers, many planters have taken an interest in farming in a way that is more respectful of the environment.

Some have succeeded in gaining certification, but not all. It is important to point out that organic certification is a major investment for a plantation. However, plantations that do not want to make such an investment due to their small size, financial priorities or even lack of knowledge of such certification should not automatically be judged to be less environmentally friendly than the others. This is notably the case of many small and medium-sized farms where planters often use methods that are completely free of chemicals due to their great cost. At Palais des Thés, just a few teas have organic certification at present, but most of the other teas come from plantations that implement organic methods. Our work, in the months and years to come, will include organising certification and bringing you the results of the long-term work we carry out in partnership with our friends, the farmers and planters. Find all our organic teas in store or on the website at

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Drink tea all summer long! Thirst-quenching, healthy and delicious, tea is the ideal drink to keep you happy and hydrated throughout the summer! There is no limit to how much you can drink, hot or iced, from morning to evening.

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Is it good to drink hot tea in summer?

Tea is just as delicious iced

Contrary to what you might think, drinking hot tea has a cooling effect on the body. Why? Because drinking a hot liquid activates the main mechanism that reduces body temperature: perspiration (sweating). So drinking boiling hot mint tea in the middle of the desert where temperatures can often exceed 40°C (104°F) does exactly that, creating a physiological sensation of freshness – often confused with the fresh qualities of the mint, which are mainly perceived in the mouth. Don’t forget, most countries that produce and consume tea have a subtropical climate, with temperatures that would be considered very hot at our latitudes, yet people in those countries drink tea all day long. At Palais des Thés, during hot spells, we particularly enjoy teas that are light with little astringency, such as green or white teas from China, or Japanese Bancha Hojicha.

Iced tea was invented in the United States at the beginning of the 20th century. At a trade fair in the city of St Louis one day, a tea seller was struggling to do business due to the stifling heat of the summer afternoon, so he decided to add a few ice cubes to his brew. It was an instant success, and iced tea quickly became popular throughout the United States and the Western world. All teas can be served iced, whether flavoured or natural, green, white or black. This way of preparing tea can be enjoyed throughout the day in unlimited quantities: the cool infusion reduces the concentration of theine, which is not very soluble in water at room temperature.

6 XL tea bags Thé du Hammam Ref. D861IT.

6 XL tea bags Thé des Sources Ref. D857IT.

6 XL tea bags Oolong 7 Agrumes Ref. D491IT.

6 XL tea bags Thé des Alizés Ref. D862IT.

Mint tea is an institution in Morocco, and is drunk hot: its mentholated notes create a lovely fresh sensation in the mouth. Thé des Sources

In the summer, tea is enjoyed hot and iced, as well as in a frappé or granita.

To inspire you, here are a few delicious recipes using our XL tea bags.

Our tips and advice for making iced tea It is very easy to make iced tea: - For flavored teas, infuse 8g (0.28oz) of tea in half a litre of water at room temperature for at least 30 minutes. If you prefer a more intense flavor, you can extend the infusion time. Chill in the fridge. - For single-origin teas, infuse 4g to 5g (0.14 to 0.17oz) of tea in half a litre of water at room temperature overnight. Chill in the fridge. The resulting iced tea will be full bodied with a pronounced tea flavor. For a really easy way to prepare iced tea, Palais des Thés has created XL tea bags, specially designed to make jugs of iced tea. Infuse one tea bag in half a litre of water for 30 minutes, then place the tea in the fridge. To garnish your iced tea, you can add pieces of fruit, herbs, spices, petals and even flavored syrup.

To enjoy drinking iced tea all summer long, discover our “My tea, my life” beach kit on page 18 of this issue of Bruits de Palais.

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- Thé du Hammam granita with raspberries Infuse one XL bag of Thé du Hammam in half a litre of water at room temperature. Pour the tea into an ice cube tray and place in the freezer. When the ice cubes have frozen, blend with a few raspberries, and two tablespoon of runny honey. - Sparkling Thé des Sources Infuse one XL bag of Thé des Sources in half a litre of traditional lemonade for 30 minutes. Add a few mint leaves. Serve chilled with ice and a slice of lemon. - Oolong 7 Agrumes with ginger and basil Infuse one XL bag of Oolong 7 Agrumes in half a litre of water at room temperature for 30 minutes. Just before serving, add the juice of half a lemon, a little grated ginger and a few basil leaves. - Thé des Alizés frappé Prepare an infusion with an XL bag of Thé des Alizés steeped in half a litre of water at 75°C for 3 to 4 minutes. Place a few ice cubes in the jug and pour the tea over. To sweeten the tea, add a spoonful of cane sugar.

Discover our selection boxes of summer teas, containing 16 XL tea bags of the following four varieties: Thé du Hammam Thé des Sources Oolong 7 agrumes Thé des Alizés Each muslin tea bag makes half a litre of iced tea. Their extra-large size allows plenty of room for the leaves to infuse and release their delicious aromas. Selection of summer teas Ref. DCIT01.

The beautiful long yellow-green shoot of the AV2 tea plant. As with wine, tea has its varieties (or cultivars) and AV2 is one of our favourite types of Darjeeling plant at Palais des Thés. It stands for Ambari Vegetative 2 and takes its name from the Ambari garden where it was discovered. This variety produces teas with extraordinary floral bouquets. It is the main constituent of the “Clonal Queen” pluckings from Puttabong.

Tasting notes Darjeeling Puttabong DJ 22 “Clonal Queen” At the Puttabong garden, “Clonal Queen” refers to the highest grade of plucking, made up mainly of buds from AV2 plants. This exceptional batch bears the precious name Clonal Queen. It is without doubt one of the best "Grand Cru" teas of spring 2014!

Dry leaf: Appearance: attractive leaves, gently rolled, with plenty of large downy buds. Colours: dark green and pale green. Aromas: vegetal notes to start, with lovely hints of fresh flowers and roses, before developing citrus, spice (evoking coriander seed) and toasted notes. Infusion: Aroma: the very floral, fresh, sweet attack develops alongside spicy, vanilla notes. These are followed by aromas that are more vegetal, with herbal hints. Liquor: Colour: a pale, clear, gleaming yellow. Texture: a smooth, thick texture at the start, sustained by a slight touch of astringency at the back of the mouth. Flavour: sweet. Aroma: the rich floral notes at the start evoke a beautiful bunch of flowers. This attack is sustained by hints of spice, vanilla, almond and coumarin. Lastly, fresh vegetal notes are revealed.

Origin: Darjeeling Colour: black tea Infusion time: 3’45 Water temperature: 85°C / 185°F

Aromatic profile and length in the mouth: very round and thick in the mouth. The floral and vanilla notes reinforce this tea’s sweetness and elegance. Our opinion: This tea is quite simply delicious. The high quality and beauty of the leaves reflects the supreme expertise of this garden. The extreme sweetness of this tea and its highly complex floral bouquet, sustained by notes of spices, vanilla and almond, will delight fans of first-flush Darjeelings. Ref.008A14.

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Spring teas Extract from our selection 1




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NEPAL KANYAM K01 S.F.T.G.F.O.P.1 Ref.0841A14.




Warning! All the teas presented in these pages are rare and ephemeral teas, harvested in very small quantities and available at a given moment without the guarantee of a sustained supply. Available until the batch have gone, these teas may therefore go out of stock very quickly.


In Darjeeling, the start of the year has been marked by lower volumes of tea harvested due to low temperatures and a lack of sunshine and rain. Despite this, our presence on the ground has allowed us to buy a good number of batches right at the start of the harvest, and these are among the best of this 2014 season.

MARGARET'S HOPE DJ 40 "MOONLIGHT" S.F.T.G.F.O.P.1 For the second year running, the Margaret's Hope garden has brought us a highly distinctive plucking! This is the best first-flush Darjeeling we have tasted this season. Elegant and smooth, it has all the characteristics of AV2 tea leaves, one of our favorite cultivars. This spectacular plucking has impressed us with its sweetness and its incredibly full texture. The aromatic richness and harmony of the notes make this tea a real success, not to be missed. Ref.013A14.


DARJEELING NAMRING UPPER DJ 49 “PURE AV2” S.F.T.G.F.O.P.1 An exceptional plucking from one of the highest plots in the Namring garden. It showcases the aromatic potential of AV2 tea leaves, revealing the powerful floral qualities of this precious cultivar. It has delighted us with its rich and perfectly balanced floral and vegetal notes, which merge with very sweet brioche notes. This batch stands out due to its aromatic complexity and incredible length in the mouth. A must for connoisseurs. Ref.011A14.

DARJEELING SINGBULLI DJ 23 “FLOWER” S.F.T.G.F.O.P.1 This plucking lives up to the reputation of Singbulli, one of the best gardens growing clonal tea varieties. Its delicate texture sustains a wonderful floral, vegetal bouquet. Faithful to the delicate quality of a first flush, it also has remarkable and delicious notes of tiare flower, which linger for a long time after tasting. A very well processed and unusual tea. Ref.012A14.



Discover a very elegant tea with this clonal plucking, which has an overriding freshness. The vegetal, camphorous bouquet is softened by floral, almond notes, and is sustained by a delightful astringency, leaving a fresh, lively and floral impression in the mouth.

This fifth batch, from a low-altitude garden, shows all the typical characteristics of a first-flush Darjeeling. It will delight fans with its lively, well structured profile. The floral, vegetal, zesty and camphorous notes succeed one another harmoniously and linger beautifully in the mouth. Recommended for connoisseurs!

For all fans of Nepalese teas, this wonderful plucking made up of lots of silvery buds is truly delicious. A classic composition of fruit, flowers, vanilla, camphor and spices, this batch is very well balanced with its aromatic richness and lovely powerful quality in the mouth.




NEPAL GURANSE FLOWER Discover the Guranse garden, one of the highest in the world, which produces some of the best Nepalese teas. With its aromatic complexity, full vegetal notes and underlying sweetness, the whole is a perfect balance between the flavours and the slightly astringent texture of the liquor. A beautifully delicate, subtle plucking that will delight connoisseurs.



This is a fresh, sweet plucking. A “grand cru” with lovely typical vegetal notes and, more unusually, caramel and honey, which are more characteristic of second-flush pluckings. Remarkable and delicious!

The word “bouquet” takes on real meaning with this tea: we are in the presence of delicately fragrant flowers. A superb note evokes the opening of a rose bud, which remains present throughout the tasting. Very delicate.




DARJEELING ROHINI DJ 8 “ROSE” From an excellent garden at the foot of the Himalayas, this batch from Rohini is a wonderful balance between the fresh, vegetal notes and sweeter notes of chocolate. Its delicate astringency creates a lovely lingering presence in the mouth. Try it now! Ref.009A14.

DARJEELING MILLIKTHONG DJ 15 S.F.T.G.F.O.P.1 This batch comes from one of the biggest gardens in Darjeeling. This subtle plucking has wonderful floral, almond and fruit notes that are very long and harmonious in the mouth. The tasting finishes with a very fresh impression and a touch of aniseed. This tea is all about the vegetal notes!

NEPAL KANYAM K01 S.F.T.G.F.O.P.1 We love this tea from a new garden for its fresh, harmonious and complex qualities. Its silky texture and delicate astringency make this an ideal introduction to Nepalese spring teas. Ref.0841A14.




This lively, vigorous tea fits the profile of first-flush Darjeelings with its vegetal, almond, fruit and vanilla notes. Delicious and approachable.

This particularly vegetal plucking leaves a deliciously fresh and long-lasting impression in the mouth. This tea would be perfect for everyday drinking.



NEPAL HIMALAYAN SHANGRI-LA S.F.T.G.F.O.P.1 A Nepalese tea with floral and vegetal notes that leave a deliciously smooth sensation in the mouth. Perfect for those who may be put off by the astringency of spring pluckings. Ref.0845A14.

Our selection of Grands Crus is renewed and extended in line with our travels and discoveries. In order to find out about our arrivals as soon as possible, we invite you to register for our newsletter on our website,

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Cast-iron teapots The cast-iron teapot is an icon of Japan, crafted using time-honoured skills. This precious and personal object often accompanies its owner throughout his or her life. The growth in cast-iron vessels used to prepare tea dates back to the 17th century in Japan. At the time, the objects used were braziers and large kettles that could hold several litres of water. At the end of the 19th century, Westerners discovered these kettles and changed their usage by brewing the tea directly in them. The cast-iron teapot became an object in its own right.

Over the centuries, many artists have become known for their beautiful cast-iron teapots. Today, a number of designers continue this line, combining tradition and modernity, like Hisanori Masuda, who has exhibited some of his teapots at MoMA in New York. His designs are contemporary, elegant and functional, like the Natsume and Hikime teapots.

Today, the production of cast-iron teapots in Japan remains artisanal: each foundry has its own fabrication secrets. Making a cast-iron teapot is a long process that requires great attention to detail. First, the craftsman creates different clay moulds into which the molten iron is poured. Each mould represents a different part of the teapot. For high quality teapots, a mould is used just once and is then destroyed. The craftsman forges the handle of the teapot directly in the flames. The teapot is then placed in a coal-fired kiln, which gives it a beautiful black colour. The final stage is the pigmentation, creating a delicate patina unique to that object.

Inspired by Japanese Zen gardens, the patterns on this Sekitei teapot recall the famous stone gardens of Kyoto. Pink Sekitei Teapot 0,65L (22oz) Ref.M235D.

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Discover the Natsume teapot by Japanese designer Hisanori Masuda, in indigo blue. Blue Natsume Teapot Available in two sizes: 0,6L (20.3oz) Ref.M225D. 0,9L (30.4oz) Ref.M226D.

Discover our selection of Japanese cast-iron teapots in our shops or on our website at

Each cast-iron teapot starts with the convergence of the precise gesture of the craftsman and the molten metal.

Here is some advice to keep your teapot in beautiful condition. • Place the teapot on a stand or mat because cast iron can leave marks. • After use, rinse out the teapot with hot water and dry while it is still warm using a soft cloth. • Leave the inside of the teapot to dry completely with the lid off, then store once fully dry. • Avoid letting the teapot come into contact with detergents, fats, humidity or direct heat sources.

Shopping & new items Refillable tea bag selection boxes To keep or to give: discover our two new tea bag selection boxes! Each box contains a wide choice of eight flavored or single-origin teas, to satisfy all tastes. The boxes contain 48 muslin tea bags as well as a booklet of tasting notes, to help you get the most pleasure out of your tea drinking.

Tea in muslins: Long Jing, Margaret’s Hope, Sencha Ariake, Grand Yunnan Impérial, Thé du Hammam, Thé des Songes, Vive le thé !, Roiboos des Lords.

Ref. DCC02.

Flavored tea in muslins: Blue of London, Vive le thé !, Thé des Amants, Thé du Hammam, Thé des Moines, Thé des Songes, Thé des Alizés, Rooibos des Vahinés.

Ref. DCC01.

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Serving suggestion

Washi paper canisters

New tea canisters

In-store and at, discover the collection of Washi canisters chosen by Palais des Thés’ Facebook fans.



XL green canister 200-250g (7-8.8oz) 120g 4.2oz

150g 5.3oz

80g 2.8oz

A particularly large canister. The practical way to store your favourite teas. Ref. V419.

• chaque boîte est déclinée en trois formats : 80g, 120g et 150g


• la présence d’un double couvercle

6 permet une conservation optimale • les sélections de motifs sont inédites et éphémères et se renouvellent 2 fois par an pour un effet collection.

5 4 1

Blooming cherry

80 g Ref. V153A. 120 g Ref. V153B. 150 g Ref. V153C. 4

Blue lagoon

80 g Ref. V154A. 120 g Ref. V154B. 150 g Ref. V154C.


Maple leaves


80 g Ref. V155A. 120 g Ref. V155B. 150 g Ref.V155C. 5

Pink blossoms’ rain

80 g Ref. V157A. 120 g Ref. V157B. 150 g Ref. V157C.

Green canister with plug in lid 100-150g (3.5-5.3oz)

Pink mosaic

80 g Ref. V156A. 120 g Ref. V156B. 150 g Ref. V156C. 6

This canister has a plug-in lid that seals out the air and stores tea in the ideal conditions. Ref. V418.

Needlework cherry blossoms

80 g Ref. V158A. 120 g Ref. V158B. 150 g Ref. V158C.

Tea miniatures Our tea miniatures come in sets of four canisters, each containing 30g (1.06oz) of whole-leaf tea. They’re an ideal introduction to a specific type of tea, or to let you enjoy different teas throughout the day!

Japanese green teas

A day in teas

Earl Grey teas

Sencha Ariake, Genmaicha, Tamaryokucha Impérial and 25g (0.9oz) of Bancha Hojicha.

Big Ben, Pu Erh Impérial, Vive le thé and Thé des Songes.

Thé des Lords, Rooibos des Lords, Blue of London and Green of London.

Ref. DBM05.

Ref. DBM07.

Ref. DBM06.

Gardens Our new collection of infusions created by Palais des Thés is available now, in-store and online at Les Jardins are blends made exclusively with seasonal fruits and herbs.

Tropical garden

Secret garden

Mango, pineapple, papaya and peach.

Spearmint, lemongrass and yellow fruits.



Hanging garden

Fruit garden

Apple, hibiscus, bergamot, mango and flowers.

Goji berries, red fruits, date and kiwi.



For more information, visit our stores and website at

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Your summer offer: “My tea, my life” beach kit

To enjoy drinking tea all summer, discover our “My tea, my life” beach kit. This kit in lively, upbeat, holiday colours, contains: • a selection box of 16 tea bags for making iced tea • a “My tea, my life” insulated flask • a Robert le Héros shopper • a Robert le Héros pareo sarong.

“My tea, my life” beach kit Ref. OB1VAD.

18 •

The shopper and pareo are exclusive designs by

for Palais des Thés.

The Théophile card The Théophile card gives you access to a number of benefits, available on our website, mail-order purchases and in Palais des Thés stores:

- enjoy a 10% discount on all purchases for one year (except books: maximum legal discount of 5% applies), - take advantage of preferential rates for a number of special offers and receive exclusive gifts, - receive our Bruits de Palais newsletter, giving you a sneak preview into new teas and keeping you up-to-date with the latest tea-related news… By spending €80 on loose tea in the year, you automatically renew the benefits of your card for the following year. Important: each time you visit the shop, remember to present your Théophile Card so that your purchases can be recorded. For your orders on the Internet, register your card in your customer account. For your orders by post, write your card number on your order form. The Théophile Card cannot be used in the United States.

Our shops

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LUXEMBOURG 6 rue Chimay - L-1333 - Luxembourg

Mail Order Department

François-Xavier Delmas’ blog:

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Refillable selection box of muslin tea bags Whole leaf For this attractive selection box, which opens like a book, Palais des Thés has chosen eight teas in muslin bags from among its single-source teas and scented blends. To ensure the tea remains in optimum condition, each muslin bag is protected by an individual freshness pack that preserves the rich aromas of the tea leaves. This selection box contains 48 muslin tea bags – six of each of the following eight varieties: Long Jing, Margaret’s Hope, Sencha Ariake, Grand Yunnan Impérial, Thé du Hammam, Thé des Songes, Vive le thé !, Roiboos des Lords. Ref. DCC02.

Photo credits: Palais des Thés photographic background: François-Xavier Delmas. Except: Philip and Karen Smith p1 ; Trinette Reed p2, p3, Frédéric Lucano p2, p4, p9, p15 ; Kenyon Manchego : p2, p4, p6, p8, p12, p14, p17, p18 ; Charly Pouplin : p2, p7, p8, p11, p12, p16, p17, p20 ; Patricia Kettenhofen p7 ; Marc Brunet p12 — Design: A&Mcreative — Bruits de Palais is printed on paper from sustainably managed forests. It is certified as being whitened whith a chlorine-free bleach. 100% vegetal inks.


Bruits de Palais N°64 - UK  

Iced teas, organic teas, spring teas

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