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travel diaries by haroon elahi

stylin’ meesha shafi Issue 52

31 Aug-06 Sep, 2014


nosy desis

by sanam taseer

zara shahjahan



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Issue 52

31 Aug-06 Sep, 2014




16 Bottoms Up Nafay Durrani celebrated his birthday 20 Glamorous Damas exhibitied its jewellery in Karachi 38 Cover Shoot The Cosmo Girl by Zara Shahjahan 50 Bridelicious Featuring Ammara Khan 52 Planes, Trains & Automobiles Haroon Elahi in Spain 54 Runway To Reality How to wear your favourite designers 55 Lakme Fashion Week Rizwan Beyg, Sania Maskatiya & Zara Shahjahan in India by Sadaf Zarrar 62 Back to Pink! Pink is my favourite colour!


62 36

Publisher Arif Nizami l Publishing Editors: Samina Khan & Meher Tareen l Contributing Editor: Ali Nizami Sub Editors: Neha Puri & Natasia Khalid | Creative Director: Muhammad Asif | Marketing: Sohail Abbas 0300-4652194, Zahid Ali 0301-8479758, Muddasir Alam 0333-2282905, Zulfiqar Butt 0300-8451634, Kashif Shehzad 0321-2672501 Photographer at large: Irfan Younas | Printed at PTPRINT Press, 4- Shaarey Fatima Jinnah Lahore. Paperazzi is a project of Paper Magazine and Pakistan Today. | Contact Details:

Nahid Kardar


Sana Bhatti & Sadaf Bhatti

Ali Munir

Nooray Bhatti

Suleman Siddiqui & Zahra Bhatti tied the knot at the beautiful Badshahi mosque followed by a dinner with close family & friends. The bride and groom both wore Fahad Hussayn, while Maram & Aabroo did Zahra’s makeup.

Suleman Siddiqui & Zahra Bhatti

Imran & Aisha Kardar

Fahad Hussayn

Mirzada Asghar & Mahra Bhatti 12



Amna Kardar & Maheen Kardar Ali

The beautiful Bhatti sisters

Komal Ali & Samsara Hussain

Furqan & Bazgha Siddiqui

Nasir Mehmud

YasirYamin, & Sahar Noon Cheema, Cybil Jawad Mariam Chowdhry & Mariam Yaqoob 14



Sana & Asim Mir

Faisal & Kelly Siddiqui with their kids

Sana Siddiqui, Mrs Nisar Siddiqui & Suleman Siddiqui

bottoms up

Amal Asif

Zara, Fati, Nafay, Unzila, Sana, Fiza, Alysheh & Haya

Nafay Durrany hosted a pool party for his 23rd birthday. Some friends were seen taking a dip in the pool while some stayed out and enjoyed the barbecue.

Alina Faruque & Natasia Khalid

Shan & Seher 16


Taymur Mustafa & Azeem Paul

Saif Malik

Maryam Baig 2014

Zurain Magsi

Mahe Khurram, Fiza Furqan & Ahmed Puri

Shanze Asif

Maira Hashmi

Mahvash & Haya with a friend

Hatim Lotia & Talha Ijaz 18



Naadir Mustafa

Zara Mandviwala

Ayesha Sana


Aaminah, Mr.Zahid, Ahsan Khan & Mrs.Ruby

Damas recently held a private showcase exhibiting its jewellery at PC Karachi. PR for the event was managed by Catalyst PR.

Salima Ferasta & Sharmila Farooqi Faiza Lakhani

Saba Ansari

Yildrim Butt 20



Saadia Nawabi

Nadia Mistry with friend




T U Dawood

Ayesha & Seemi

Anita & Pinky Durrani

Frieha Altaf

Saba & Sherezad 22


Mariam & Maya Malik

Nageen Rizvi 2014

Zunaira & Sidra

Mehvesh & Samina Maleeh

Neshmai Ahmad


arts apart Grandeur Art Gallery organised a prestigious arts exhibition on the special occasion of Independence day at Grandeur Art Gallery Zamzama in Karachi. PR was handled by Catalyst PR & Marketing.

Neshmia Ahmad & Saira

Rubina Malkani & Naz Fancy

Cyra & Zara Manlkani 24



Mrs. Murat Onart

Murat Onart

Nadia Malik

Creative Director TONI&GUY Lahore Shammal Qureshi talks about what it’s like being Meesha Shafi’s celebrity stylist.

“Meesha has a truly multidimensional personality and she continues to inspire me with her rockstar/ relentless/noquit attitude towards life. Over the years, I have seen Meesha take on many different roles effortlessly and I have a lot of respect and admiration for her. Being a painter, a model, an awardwinning actress, a musician, a wife and now a mother of two, Meesha is truly an artist who creates magic by putting so much dedication and soul into everything she does.”

s ty l in ’ mees ha s hafi

“She puts my artistic abilities to test every time by giving me so much to work with. I have to constantly figure out how to create the right image for her that does justice to her persona as a whole.”

“We decided to do this shoot as a fun side-project, and it really put our creative abilities to the test! We paired up with Kuki to use light in a completely different way in a science lab setting to give form to the sublime concept of creating – the thing about Kuki is he makes works of art, not just photographs, and we absolutely loved the results.”

Hair & Makeup by Shammal Qureshi Photographer: Kuki’s Photography

Arjumand Bano

Sadaf Zarrar

stylish as ever in Muse. We love the metal belt!

adds a pop of cobalt blue to an all black ensemble.

Mahnam Ansar pairs a pretty pink jumpsuit with a statement jacket.

h s ' o h w

e e w s i th

Maheen Ansar looks beautiful in a pastel green mukaish sari by Guriya. We love it!

t o h

! k e e

Mariam Tareen Sethi looks effortlessly chic in Studio S.

Gauhar Bano Qureshi pairs a printed black & white jumpsuit with an orange DVF clutch.

the cosmo girl Fun and quirky, COCO by Zara Shahjahan is fashionable everyday apparel for the modern woman. Chic and flattering digital prints with simplicity in silhouettes, COCO by Zara Shahjahan addresses the need of the modern woman for trendy yet comfortable apparel. The COCO Girl is fashionable, confident and a sure head turner. 38



Photography by Nadir Firoz Khan Styling by Harshad Gadhvi Hair & Makeup by Omayr Waqar Model Magda Alice Production by Aura Mgmt 2014















nosy Desis

A survival Guide

SANAM TASEER “So how is your marriage? Any problems?” “Beta why have you become so fat? “ Desis tend to go from zero to sixty in terms of intimacy. Why make small talk when we can gossip to you about yourself. Aunties especially are guilty of asking you questions even your doctor would shy away from.

lute malarkey. Most of these well intentioned busy bodies wouldn’t offer you a bucket of pee if you caught fire. My instinct in these situations is to bite back. (In response to the why-arent-you-married query, I've said, "Your husband keeps proposing and I keep saying no.") But being snarky isn't ideal when I want to stand up for myself and hang on to my friends or get invited back to the next family eid lunch. Saying nothing and smiling acerbically is always an honorable response to an insulting question. But most Desis have skin thicker than rhino hide. In this case you are allowed to take the low road. They deserve whatever you can muster up in aid of yourselves. Sample Rude Question #1: "How much money do you make?" How to respond: If asked by a normally well mannered friend I suggest a friendship-preserving mild comeback: "Will this affect who pays for dinner?" If the query comes from a persistently aggravating aunty, shut her trap for good with "Enough to maintain my drug habit." How to ask: If you're genuinely trying to find out how much a particular job or industry pays, phrase it in this manner: "What could I expect to make as an account executive?"

Non desis are probably not like this because they have smaller families and specific social groups. Privacy is a highly valued commodity. Desis on the other hand have very large families in general, and we all live in close proximity. We have parents that stay highly involved in our lives and feel they have the right to know what is going on with everything.

Sample Rude Question #2: "Are you pregnant?"

Some people see our eastern confessional culture as softer than the rigid personal boundaries of the west. I don't. The standard defense when you accuse most Pinocchios of being gossipy and intrusive is that these questions are ‘out of concern’. That is abso-

How to ask: Don't. The only people who have a legitimate reason for asking this question are doctors, your personal trainer, and the woman at the Etihad counter.




How to respond: You're not expecting, and if you truly despise some old bat for pointing out your little pouch I suggest "Yes. I’m due around the same time you are." If you just want to give her a little slap on the wrist, try "I'm not. It's a tumor in my belly, but thanks for asking." And if you're feeling merciful, you can just smile and say "Not for a while."

If all else fails, reach for the smart phone. Why do I have an only child…I’ll tell you right after I take this call.

classy to the core 46





ishat Hotel Lahore, Pakistan’s first Parisianthemed boutique hotel is an absolute treat. The moment you walk in, you are engulfed by its understated glamour. In a city full of ostentatious hotels, Nishat stands out with its grey sandstone walls, funky mirror’s with text and rustic chandelier’s that are nothing short of art installations. Unlike other hotels, the entrance is fuss free (a huge plus point) and the staff, extremely polite. It is clear that they have been trained in the art of hospitality. The hotel’s squareshaped lobby has a stunning black and white marble floor and attention to detail in every corner, from the statement flower arrangements to the quirky photograph by Izdeyar Setna that hangs next to the reception. The decor is eclectic, yet in perfect harmony. Nishat is the perfect sanctuary in a bustling city like Lahore where you can relax and unwind in the comfort of a beautiful room, decorated to perfection. From the wooden floors to the leather sofas, Venetian mirrors to marble consoles, from the stunning rugs to the urns- the rooms are very chic and elegant with all the amenities

a guest can want. The beds are extremely comfortable and even the toiletries are worth a mention. The hotel boasts two restaurants. The Cube is located next to the lobby and gets its name from the huge cubical chandelier. The menu comprises of Continental and Thai food. We prefer the Thai. Again the service is superb and it’s non-smoking. A floor above this is the Pizzeria offering wood-fired, thin crust pizzas. The atmosphere is more casual with a gorgeous tiled floor, brick walls, big chairs and televisions. Apart from the restaurants the hotel has a health centre, pool and has recently, much to our delight, opened the Robert Alexander Salon and Spa with fantastic in-house stylists. The salon is also the flagship facility for Kérastase products in Pakistan. With four spa rooms for women and two for men, the salon is the ultimate city escape. Nishat Hotel is classy to the core and leaps and bounds ahead any other hotel in Pakistan. We love it! 2014






Wedding reception





bridelici o us bridelici o us bridelici o us bridelici o us

bridelic bridelici o us

ammara khan Being a bride is possibly one of the most difficult processes one goes through! We plan our wedding day and what we will wear years before the actual wedding. Meticulous planning goes into each look from the colour combinations and embellishment of the outfits to the jewellery, hair and makeup. Here we feature some of our favourite brides and show you what they wore to their special days. Find out what they have to say!

bridelici o us

bridelici o us

bridelici o us

m e h n di

I love colour and knew I wanted to wear something bright on my mehndi. I saw this orange Shantanu Nikhil lehnga at an exhibition in Lahore and fell in love with it. I wanted to keep my look simple and so I opted to skip the makeup and since I’m not a fan of henna I skipped that too. I didn’t want to look like a bride on the mehndi, so I just wore simple earrings and a teeka.

re co m m en da ti o n I wo u ld s u gges t a bride to be s ho u ld th in k abo u t w h at s u its h er pers o nal ity an d dress accordin gly . T h e o u tfit s ho u ld co m p l iment y o u ins tead of o verpow erin g y o u . M os t im portantly relax an d enj o y y o urs elf .

bridelici o us

bridelici o us

bridelici o us


icious! bridelici o us

bridelici o us

bridelici o us


bridelici o us

As a designer I wanted to make my own bridal outfit. I only had two months to make it as I was too busy making other orders. I got a beautiful chunri dupatta from Seemi Jamote and paired it with a rich blue brocade lehnga. I wore an antique gold set with a polki necklace. I like very soft and natural makeup so Madiha did it in literally twenty minutes.

bridelici o us

v al i m a

For the valima I made myself a peachy pink ensemble in a sleek silhouette with very special baddla work and lots of swarovski crystals. I wanted to make sure I looked like myself, hence the natural makeup by Ashi at Nabilas.I paired the outfit with diamonds.

bridelici o us

bridelici o us

bridelici o us

bridelici o us

travel diaries

travel diaries

travel diaries

travel diaries

travel diaries


travel diaries

haroon elahi spain

planes, trains & automobiles

Travelling is great fun! You get to explore a new place meet new people and get wiser! We want to know more and will share with you exciting travel stories from a few special people in our new section, planes, trains & automobiles! Tell us about your favourite or one of your favourite destination spots. Where did you choose to go and why? The single most favorite international destination of mine is Barcelona. I was lucky enough to be travelling to Tenerife which is a sleepy Spanish island territory located in the Atlantic Ocean. As luck would have it, the route to Tenerife happened to be via Barcelona. I opted to arrive in Barcelona three days earlier so I could kick back and relax. All of the friends who were also scheduled to go to Tennerife opted to arrive three days earlier with me so we all got a chance to spend quality time together in Barcelona before the wedding. To be honest, I was thinking that Tenerife would be somewhere in the Mediterranean Sea as most of the islands happen to be there. Once I landed in Barcelona, I realized that it is actually a 3 hour flight to Tenerife and it is off the coast of Morocco, meaning significantly further than I had thought. This realization fuelled my sense of excitement and enthusiasm for the trip further. Barcelona is a city that truly never sleeps. One aspect of that statement is that Spain is unique that it chooses to have its clock wired to the Central European

travel diaries

Time ( i.e Berlin ) and not with the Western European Standard Time (i.e London). This awkward choice of time sets Spain an hour apart from its natural daylight zone hence the country sleeps later than say Portugal or Britain. For those who enjoy to have later nights and fun evenings out, Barcelona becomes a natural destination for more eventful evenings. The visit to Tenerife was breath taking as the aeroplane descended from the clear blue skies of the Atlantic onto a lush green island with mountains and hills. To be honest, this was the first time a member of our family was landing anywhere inside the Atlantic Ocean and it felt special to landing on an island in such a remote place. The visit for the wedding was spending , and I’ll explain more on the great events later in this interview. Who did you travel with? I left Lahore with my luggage. You could say I was travelling with my luggage. I did not arrive in Barcelona with my luggage. The Emirates Carrier misplaced the luggage and cited a 48 hour delay in the arrival of the baggage. Luckily, a substan-

travel diaries

travel diaries

travel diaries

travel diaries

travel diaries

travel diaries

Where did you stay? I stayed at the W Hotel. It is a colossal steel and glass structure overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. The second you enter the hotel the atmosphere transforms into a festive, jolly and uplifting mood. It seems everyone is there to solely have a good time. The assistants at the desk speak fluent English and are incredibly friendly. The rooms have floor to ceiling glass walls overlooking the sea. Just make sure you get a good room when you do decide to stay at the W Hotel. In Tenerife, I stayed at the Albama Golf Country Resort Hilton. It is a sprawling complex of giant reception halls, dinning halls, restaurants, swimming pools and a grand open air courtyard overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and the African continent. It is one of the most breath taking hotels I have seen in my life. It is a truly luxurious hotel.

travel diaries

Suggest places for a perfect night out. For the lively I would recommend to visit Sutton or the lounge sky lounge on top of the W Hotel. For the less enthusiastic on noise, I would recommend visiting the Harlem Jazz Club in Barcelona. What can you do over there to relax and unwind? I believe in spa’s. And I have never been to a better spa in than the one located in Tenerife at the resort I mentioned. It is one of the best spa’s in the world. You should really consider going to Tenerife. You can see wild dolphins and whales in the sea. The natural beauty is unrivalled and the isolation the island gives you from the rest of the world is simply superb. It is one of the most distant, relaxed, closed yet developed with amenities locations one can go to in the world for a complete package to relax and chill out. Finally, any tips? European cities in general are becoming unsafe but Spain in particular has rising levels of crime driven by one of the highest unemployment rates in the world. We here in Pakistan think we have serious problems but they exist everywhere. Do not carry excessive amounts of currency with you at one time and there is absolutely no need to wear excessively expensive things as it could attract attention. You should however be fine if you are in a group of 4 or more people.

travel diaries

travel diaries


Suggest some amazing restaurants there? In Barcelona my favorite restaurant is Can Solé. It is a century-old restaurant celebrating this year its 110 anniversary. Being one of the classics in the city of

Tell us about the sights no one should miss out on In Barcelona the best place to visit is Guidi’s Park. It is a sprawling green park over several hundred acres in the art of Barcelona. Over here, several works of art of Guidi are in display. He built an elaborate system of caves and artwork on it. He made fantastic porcelain ceilings in the park inside one of the rooms and the overall theme for the park he had a major design impact on makes it’s a unique and cultural experience.

travel diaries

I was joined by a truly assorted mix of global friends from half a dozen countries in Barcelona. It was great to unwind and relax after so many years with faces one had not seen for so long since graduating from England.

Barcelona, it has an excellent gastronomic offer based on traditional Spanish Mediterranean style seafood cuisine while incorporating at the same time new trends in their daily suggestions but preserving the flavors. Since its opening in 1903 it has remained over time and it has established a loyal clientele. Can Solé pleasantly surprises for its history, its warmth and especially the quality of its cuisine. The restaurant maintains the spirit of the early days: vintage floor tiles, white marble tables, a counter from the old time. The blue walls capture the spirit of the Sea that influences Spanish culture so much and which honors the Mediterranean cuisine style, and the photos hanging on them keep in memory those celebrities who have visited the place. In Tenerife, I cannot recommend any restaurents as all the dinner and lunch functions rotated inside the resort. I can recommend to visit the resort for a relaxing sun touched vacation.

travel diaries

tial amount of people that day lost their luggage on the Dubai – Barcelona flight. I did become a bit worried and as a result decided to dedicate my first day to buying a new wardrobe. I got to visit a very special store by the name of Barcelona Nautica Surfers Club. I got to purchase all the beach related items I needed there. For the more formal suits, one of my Spanish friends took me to a specialty tailor who had a perfect suit for me which just needed basic alteration.

run way to reality

runway to reality

Jania Bhatti looks effortlessly stylish in this printed Sania Maskatiya dress. Paired down accessories & a hint of green make her the clear winner here.

jania bhatti in sania maskatiya

ayesha omar in ĂŠlan run way to reality

aamina sheikh in shehla chatoor

Rubiya succeeds in her attempt replicate Ali Xeeshan’s runway like the deep red lipstick but definitely looks better on the

to look. We the hat runway.

rubiya chaudhry in ali xeeshan run way to reality

run way to reality

Ayesha Omer pairs this stunning Elan skirt with a tucked in white printed top, for a summer update. The barely-there makeup & the loose curls complete her look!

Aamina Sheikh looks uber glamorous in a black & gold Shehla Chatoor gown. She keeps it simple with a gold necklace & a high bun and does it better than the look seen on the runway.

run way to reality

run way to reality

run way to reality

run way to reality

run way to reality

run way to reality

lakme fashion Week 2014 by sadaf zarar The Lakme India Fashion Week, one of the biggest events on the Indian Fashion Calendar kicked off on the 20th of August. This year, Hello! Pakistan in collaboration with Popxo. com presented 4 Pakistani designers who had been shortlisted and invited by the Lakme India Fashion Week organizers. The designer mix as unlikely as it seemed on the face of it represented a cross section of our fashion industry mixing the old and new and modern with traditional.

In the end, three of the four designers ended up presenting with Faiza Samee not making it to India last minute. The general expectation from these designers was extremely high. The good news is they all stuck to their trademark aesthetics, were these the most memorable of the shows at Lakme India Fashion Week? Perhaps not, but all three put their strongest foot forward and have surely paved way for more to follow in the seasons to come.

RIZWAN rizwan beyg

Rizwan Beyg, one of the veterans of the Pakistan Fashion industry, has always been the flag bearer of ‘tradition’. While speaking once at the Asian Bridal Show in Delhi, where Rizwandisplayed his work some years back. He explained, “I did not wish to shock. Nudity is not the culture I’ve inherited. I believe in tradition”. Continuing to find inspiration in culture, Rizwan Beyg has been focused on ‘truck art’. His past two collections at PFDC SunsilkFashion Week have literally taken truck art motifs and slapped them onto clothes bags and accessories creating a whirlpool of neon colours reminiscent of perhaps a flower child hitching hiking through Pakistan. Flared trousers, Gypsy Skirts, Wide Belts, Bikini Tops and Platform heels… While it’s refreshing to see that a designer can still choose to be whimsical and fun at such a big fashion platform, it is always on the borderline of appearing ‘gimmicky’. Such literal translation of truck art was at first refreshing but it is yet to be seen how Beyg will evolve this inspiration in collections to come.



sania maskatiya

For Lakme India Fashion Week, Sania Maskatiya did whatSania Maskatiya does best. An imaginative layering of pattern on pattern mixing bold graphic prints with delicate Japanese inspired sceneries and motifs, she presented 13 looks all paired with trousers for the ‘Sakura’ collection. The youngest of the lot, is a graduate of Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture with a coveted degree in textile design.Sania Maskatiya is one of the few distinctly directional brands that have come out of Pakistan recently. Using pure fabrics,Sania creates versatility in every outfit by combining intricately designed prints, cut and draped in a range of silhouettes. The Sakura collection is described by Sania Maskatiya as drawing from the grace of cherry blossom and the stark romance of the japenese landscape, tea houses, turtles and treasure chests. It is commendable how the designer has drawn inspiration onto the prints and stayed true to her own aesthetic rather than reproducing the kimono or something else more obvious that may have been expected.


zara shahjahan

Zara Shahjahan has been fascinated with florals for a few years. There have been hints of these in almost all the collections presented since 2012 but her trademark vintage floral print made its first major mark at PFDC Loreal Bridal Week last year when she presented ‘True Love’. These prints had also appeared in Zara’s Eid collection earlier that year. Even though her jungle florals from ‘Love Bug’ collection at the PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week this year generated a lot of interest, for Lakme India Fashion Week Zara went back to her signature‘vintage florals’. The colour palette for the collection was muted pastels. Mint, dusty pink primarily mixed with shimmer and shine created a weightless magical feel to the presentation and was an ethereal tribute to femininity. Even though the soft hues were expected when Zara earlier announced she was going back to this print,her choice of fabrics was clearly much more bold mixing sheers, print, laces and more. Her experimentation with silhouettes was diverse and covered a range of eastern and western cuts within the 13 looks presented for the show.

back to pink! Sara Raazee

Nasiba Khar

Mehreen Arshad

Shehrbano Taseer Momina Sibtain

think pink!


Nadia Khan Seher Tareen

Jania Bhatti

Mahnam Waqar

Zainab Gardezi




Nadira Omer Khalid

Aamina Sheikh

Sanam Saeed

Alyzeh Rahim

Ainy Jaffri

Deena Rahman

Iqraa Mansha Zainab Shaukat

Nur & Sana

Elie Saab

powder p in k is th e it h ue th is s eas o n 2014



what’s happening! Your weekly entertainment guide plus all the upcoming events and much much more! Paperazzi gives you the latest scoop!

coke studio season 7! Pakistan’s most anticipated music platform – Coke Studio is set to return with a brand new season this September. This season welcomes Bilal Maqsood and Faisal Kapadia of the band STRINGS as show producers who bring forth a brand new season of live performances with a diverse line up of pop, rock, folk and sufi artists within a different sound, accompanied by guest musicians/ instrumentalists from across Pakistan. We can’t wait!


Omar Jamil, Alyzeh Rahim & Zoe Khan celebrate their birthdays this week. Here’s to wishing them a great one!

brandcentral is back Brand Central is back with a bang. It is the first multi-brand online store to launch an iPhone/iPad application for faster, quicker access to online shopping complete with trend alerts and new stock updates! For more details and updates check

i heart karachi! Karachi based production house SOC Films is set to launch a series of short documentaries titled ‘I Heart Karachi’. The documentary series consists of 5 short movies, each highlighting the profile of a Karachi citizen belonging to a high-risk profession. The series celebrates the efforts of these individuals who work in some of the most violence-prone areas of Karachi yet actively respond to violent extremism through positive


action. The exclusive screening will be held at

This action packed movie Into the Storm is now in theatres! 64



the Nueplex Cinemas in Karachi this week!

31 Aug to 06 Sep


Our fab astrologer Zahid Haider, styles up your stars.Find out what’s in store for you this week!

For your in-depth weekly forecast call 0322-757-5219 E-mail:





Someone needs some attention on Monday — someone you adore, someone who deserves all the attention the world has to offer — but they might be too shy to ask for it. Regard them and they’ll smile for days. Tuesday and Wednesday, you have little attention for anyone. In fact, you can barely keep your eyes open, and you feel like you’re walking through molasses. You don’t come into your own this week until Thursday and Friday. Suddenly you’re leading a charge of pals in a game that entails following the leader. Saturday and Sunday, use your friends to help you get something you want. Success is there for the taking.

The way to get motivated about a new fitness routine is to get someone else to do it with you — a friend you’re comfortable being sweaty in front of. Play tennis on Monday or, if you’re feeling ambitious, go for a long jog. Exercise keeps you thinking clearly. On Tuesday and Wednesday, you’re going to need as much exercise as possible! They are strange, passionate days. By Thursday and Friday, as much as you might want to wind down the workweek (or school week) doing something social, being on your own will be more rewarding. Same goes for the weekend.

Put all of your energy — and you have tons to spare on Monday — toward another person. If they’re a romantic partner, lucky you. You two are like peas in a pod: You fit nicely together. Tuesday and Wednesday are slower, murkier days. You’re in an observational mood. But Thursday and Friday, get in on the action again. If you feel like taking an impulsive road trip with this person and you have the time to do it, well, what’s holding you back? Saturday and Sunday are less purely enjoyable. Something’s going on below the surface and you can’t quite put your finger on it.




Domestic life is the source of heartache on Monday. None of your projects around the house are panning out the way you wanted them to. You and you-know-who see things differently. Frustrating! Tuesday and Wednesday, the emotional intensity extends to your work life, leaving you indecisive and unable to think clearly about the particulars of a financial transaction. Put it off for now. Thursday and Friday, do something that only you would find fun: Go to a movie that no one else in their right mind would see, or take the car through a car wash just for kicks. Then, this weekend, chill.

You blurt out an idea without even thinking about it on Monday, and suddenly everyone’s acting like you’re Albert Einstein. You’re brilliant! You’ve solved the world’s biggest mystery! Not quite. But it’s exciting to be so loved and respected. Tuesday and Wednesday, you see through the surface of a social interaction to what’s really going on, and you can’t help but share your theories with a trusted pal. A burning-hot romance is in the stars on Thursday and Friday — maybe it’s new, or maybe you’ve been dating this person for a while, but suddenly the intensity jumps up a few notches. Spend the weekend together.

Make a big splash on Monday. Show up wearing a dressy shirt with an image of a whale on it, or get a new haircut, maybe even a Mohawk. It’s okay to go for a look that’s totally bizarre. Your friends will flip — in a good way. Tuesday and Wednesday, however, your energy should be focused on intellectual matters (rather than fashion). Delve deeply into a subject that fascinates you. Thursday and Friday, you’d love to rush through work and get things done — you’re obsessed with efficiency — but you’re much better off taking a passive role and going with the flow. Saturday and Sunday are romantic. Yippee!

Things just don’t get better than Monday. Romance is the order of the day, and someone is set to flirt with you in an unspeakably adorable way. It thrills you. It puts a spring in your step. Tuesday and Wednesday are more money-focused — material possessions, bank accounts and bills all figure strongly — but Thursday and Friday return you to the very happy territory of feelings, ideas and friends. You feel more balanced than you have in a long time. That is, except at home. In the domestic sphere, everything falls out of whack on Saturday. Weird. Stick around the house this weekend.

You’re a snail on Monday, and you’re hanging out under your shell. It’s not that you’re unhappy; you just don’t feel like making any decisions. You’re feeling shy. Besides, it’s a lot cooler under your shell than in the blazing-hot sun. Tuesday sees you emerging a bit, rubbing your eyes. You might say something funny in passing that has friends busting up for hours. Wednesday is a great day. Thursday and Friday, with your spirits up and your confidence fully restored, you find yourself the life of a party. This weekend, you have some business to attend to.



A short, funny note to someone you barely know — but have always felt you wanted to know better — may be the start of an incredible new friendship. Monday is about connection. It’s about putting yourself out there. Tuesday and Wednesday, you feel emotionally exposed, but in a way that’s healthy, natural and good. Then, on Thursday, you have something of a breakthrough — suddenly you feel like a cloud. Better yet, you feel invincible. Thursday evening and Friday should be spent with groups of people who value what you value. You’ll have so much fun. This weekend, the fun is in sleeping.

You’re standing at a crossroads on Monday. Well, it’s more of a cross of paths than roads, and there are many to choose from. The best guidance is going to come from that place in your chest. (So if your heart and head are at odds, go with your heart.) Tuesday and Wednesday, someone on another path might tempt you with where they’re headed and want you to follow them, but the timing is wrong. Don’t get involved in anything you’re unsure of. Thursday and Friday, be alert. Luck comes to those who are ready for it. This weekend is a breeze.





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People keep coming to you for answers on Monday. It’s like you’re on a quiz show or something. The truth is, they just want an excuse to talk to you. They love you, you know. Tuesday and Wednesday, much as you love everyone right back, all you want to do is be alone. It’s not because you’re mad or gloomy; it’s just that you’re in a dreamy space and you don’t want to have to explain yourself to anyone. And that’s perfectly understandable. But Thursday and Friday, someone grabs you by the arm and pulls you into a social situation. Lo and behold, you have an incredible time. Saturday and Sunday, save your pennies.

The start of the week is the start of the rest of your life — and your approach on Monday is rightfully optimistic. Pour your energy into new projects. It’s okay if you haven’t hammered out all the details. Let them come into focus in time. Tuesday and Wednesday, a few friends might want to jump on the bandwagon. Obviously, the more the merrier. Thursday and Friday, you feel pangs of doubt: Can you do so many things at once? And is this really what you want? But you have the discipline to persevere, and you’ll be glad you did. This weekend, you’ll already start to see results.








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PakistanToday Paperazzi issue 52 Aug 31st  

Weekly magazine of Pakistan Today. Published every Sunday, Paperazzi performs a roundup of the weeks latest events & reviews in Arts, Entert...

PakistanToday Paperazzi issue 52 Aug 31st  

Weekly magazine of Pakistan Today. Published every Sunday, Paperazzi performs a roundup of the weeks latest events & reviews in Arts, Entert...