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Hi Key Clubbers!

So far throughout my term as District Editor, I have been nothing but amazed by everything your clubs have been able to accomplish. Throughout the past year and a half, you have all shown so much passion for service. You all inspire me so much with your dedication to this organization and I am so thankful to be able to serve all of the amazing Key Clubs all across Pennsylvania!


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District Editor

Libby Gianvito (814) 952-3169

My term so far has been I am so incredibly proud of all the absolutely incredible. I am hard work I have seen you all put so thankful for the towards Key Club. I cannot wait to opportunities I have been see everything we will accomplish given, including traveling together for the rest of the year and to Orlando to attend how you are all going to make the International Convention world a better place. I also always and being able to meet the love chatting with you guys, so please Pennsylvania District never hesitate to reach out to me! Board (in person!) at our Keep doing AMAZING things! annual trainer. I have been staying busy with updating Yours in service, our social media and website, working within Libby Gianvito my committee assignments, and, of I N P T E course, putting together OUC E K S T H The Fall Keystonian. E !


Can you find the other five Pinky the Flamingos hidden throughout?



Hello fellow Key Clubbers! I hope the start of your school year is going well. As the schoolwork starts to pile up please never forget your duties as a Key Clubber. I know sometimes it can be hard to manage everything but my advice is to invest in a planner! It has helped me so much with my organization between school, clubs, and sports.

This year will still be different than normal due to COVID, however, keep trying your best at everything no matter if it is in person or online. As a District we will keep you informed about any events whether they be in person or online so please keep looking at all of the social media. Personally I have been working on the tracker which will be up on the website and I have been working on my necessary newsletters. I hope all of you are also working hard, keep it up!

District Secretary-Treasurer

ALexa Karlowicz (570) 690-9636

My amazingPennsylvania District, I am constantly impressed by My recent time as Governor what I am seeing come from has been nothing short of you all. The resilience this amazing. After a summer of District shows in times of getting to better my repair and re-establishing leadership at the Summer from a hard year over the Leadership Conference in pandemic amazes me. Please Orlando and Leadership continue to serve your homes, Convention in schools, and communities to Indianapolis, I came home the best of your abilities! more charged than ever before. Our Board meeting was highly successful over the summer. District Governor

Preston Martz (814) 249-5046

I am now gearing up for The time to District Convention the fall! Our is fast approaching! I hope to Pennsylvania District see myself and the rest of the Fall Rally is coming up District continuing to serve! I next month, and I hope love seeing the work done by to see you all there! our 10,000 Key Clubbers within Additionally, our this state. Our stories all vary; District Fall Board however, we all have a common Meeting is very soon, so shared love for the work we I am excited to virtually accomplish. Please reach out to re-unite with the me anytime - I would LOVE to District Board. hear from you :) Yours in service,

Martrz MYPreston SOCIALS

MY SOCIALS @prestonmartz22 @prestonmartz

Save the Date!

Fall Rally will be taking place Tuesday, November 9th at 4:00 PM via Zoom. This is a free event that all Key Club members are welcome to join. Attend fun sessions, listen to amazing

guest speakers, and meet other Key Clubbers from all over Pennsylvania!

Be sure to keep your eye out on our website and social media for more information about this event and its registration. We hope to see you there!


Cara Munksgard

Sanjana Jacob

Grace Tadajweski

Alexa Karlowicz

Savannah Welder

MEET IP SALMA! We have some AMAZING Hey Pennsylvania District! plans for this year. Last year, Key Club I am Salma Eldeeb and it is my International piloted a new pleasure to serve as the 2021-2022 program focused on global Key Club International president. I leadership, called the am extremely excited for the coming Global Leadership months and am honored to work Certificate (or GLC). It’s with servant leaders like you! Last year was uncharted territory for our completely free and open to any Key Clubber. The full organization, with many clubs being program will be released virtual, hybrid, or unable to meet. soon, with a total of 39 But that did not stop us from modules. That’s not all! serving our communities and This year, the International making an impact! I-Board passed a proposal regarding the Youth Opportunities Fund grant, and it was approved by Kiwanis International. So now, for the first time ever… There will be TWO application cycles for the Youth Opportunities Fund.

Be on the lookout for another virtual rally, similar to our Global Engagement Rally last year. This will be an opportunity to listen to keynote speakers, meet the board, and learn more about our organization. Keep an eye out for more information as the date nears.

This is a year filled with so many new possibilities and I am so excited for this journey with you all. If you ever wonder what the International Board is up to or need an update on Key Club, just visit, our Key Club social media pages (@keyclubint), or reach out to me directly! Thank you for your dedication to this organization. Go change the world!


Yours in service,

Salma Eldeeb

2021-2022 INTERNATIONAL BOARD Salma Eldeeb Melanie Kim Aliya Ali Ava Chae Emily Leonard Anton McDonald Ellie Nusbaum Lena Oswald

Internatinal President International Vice President New Jersey, Texas-Oklahoma, Rocky Mountain New England-Bermuda, Montana, Alabama Pacific Northwest, Bahamas, New York Ohio, Wisconsin-Upper Michigan, Jamaica Missouri-Arkansas, Utah-Idaho, Indiana Pennsylvania, Kentucky-Tennesee, Nebraska-Iowa

Natasha Shrestha

Southwest, Kansas, Minnesota-Dakotas

Cheyenne Stewart

California-Nevadah-Hawaiis KIWIN'S, Eastern Canada, Michigan

Subashree Venkatasubramanian Kathy Ye Sana Yooseph

Carribean-Atlantic, Georgia, Louisiana-Mississippi-West Tennesee Capital, West Virginia, Florida Illinois-Eastern Iowa, California-Nevadah-Hawaii, Carolinas

MEET IT LENA! Hey Pennsylvania! I’m Lena Oswald, and I have the honor of being your International Trustee this year! I’ll be serving you along with the Kentucky-Tennessee District and the NebraskaIowa District. Make sure to follow @kennsylvaniwa on Instagram for updates on sistrict and international happenings!

As an International Trustee I also serve on International committees. This year I have the opportunity to serve as co-chair for the International Programs and Partners Committee! Our committee has been hard at work, planning events like Suicide Prevention Week with Erika’s Lighthouse and Key Club Week, preparing for the Youth Opportunities Fund applications to start rolling in (apply today!), compiling Lieutenant Governor Training resources to update our international materials, and proposing an exciting new international partnership!

It’s no secret that last year was tough for Key Club. Now that schools and clubs are meeting more in person, it’s time for Key Club to make a comeback. That’s where the international Homecoming campaign comes in. Key Club International is working with Kiwanis International and Circle K International to welcome the clubs that were unable to meet during the pandemic back home! You can find information and resources about the Homecoming Campaign on Giving clubs that personal touch to welcome them back is a great way to rebuild our membership!

It is an incredible privilege to be your trustee this year. Feel free to reach out at any time! My email address is Keep up the amazing work!

Yours in service,

Lena Oswald


Mr. Bob Orlando

Mr. Kevin Thomas

Administrator Finance Advisor

Mrs. Cathy Szymanski

Zone 1

Ms. Tessa Rhinehart

Zone 1

Mr. John Mazurowski

Zone 2

Mr. Ryan Hartman

Zone 3

Mr. Matt Alexander

Zone 4

Ms. Morgan Coolbaugh

Zone 5

Mrs. Becca Sanker

Zone 6

Mr. Rick Sanker

Zone 6

Mr. Howard Cohen

Zone 7


Jeslyn Wu

Division 20 LTG

PA Kiwanis is dedicated to early childhood development, and that’s why they’re printing guides called… “Every day I learn through play!” … intended to aid families in teaching their children during early stages of life. Available in English and Spanish, these pamphlets are distributed to families across PA!

Front cover of the "Every Day I Learn Through Play" learning guide:

What are they and how are they intended to help little kids

in pre-school and early education centers? The pamphlet is an activity guide for birth to age 2 designed to develop skill using everyday routines, everyday interactions and playtime.Without a quality early childhood education, not only will many kids struggle in school and fail to graduate, but they will likely make bad life decisions that lead to crime, teen pregnancy, and dependence on government programs.The programs supported should successfully meet this goal: to help break the cycle of poverty by addressing the developmental needs, health needs and early education/learning of children from low-income or noincome families. Investments in quality early learning opportunities for young children yield impressive returns on investment and are more effective than remediation attempts later in life.

Where do you come in? We need funding and ways to promote YSY to print/distribute early childhood education pamphlets to low income families in PA! Host club fundraisers throughout the year to contribute to the cause. Below are some ideas on ways to do so: - Hold a bake sale or car wash - Hold a virtual or in-person gala (talent show, tournaments, etc.) - Outreach to businesses for help in fundraising - Ask for donations during school events

EARLY LEARNING GUIDE INFO Incentives for recognition will be given out at DCON to the top 10 clubs in each class (Gold, Silver, Bronze that are grouped by the size of each club) that fundraised the most money. The incentives include a certificate and an Instagram shoutout on the PA Key Club page.

Since beginning the distribuation of them, Kiwanis has passed out over 293,900 guides to households all across Pennsylvania at no cost to the families receiving them. These learning guides have reached 58 out of the 67 counties in Pennsylvania.

Every Day I Learn Through Play!


Gabby Rainey

Division 6 LTG

I hope everyone is having a great start off their school year! Key Clubs around the state have started recruiting members and getting Key Clubs out there. Lots of Key clubs have been participating in activities fairs, making posters, starting or updating social media and having more consistent meetings. As your club starts coming up with ideas for service projects again here are some projects that clubs are already doing. Use these ideas to get started and work as a club (especially officers) to know what are the restrictions in your area. Be flexible and don’t give up as you work to better the community around you.

A lot of clubs are reintroducing Key Club to kids who may not have heard about it last year or are new. Some clubs are having introductory meetings and small outside clean up projects. Consider cleaning up a park or public space in your community before the weather gets cold. It is also a great idea to put up flyers in your school or community, send emails to the student body, write an announcement if your school has a platform like that, or participate in an activities fair (if your school has one). I hope these ideas help your club start off to a great year and good luck Key Clubbers!

If you have a club Instagram account, tag us @pakeyclub so we can see what your clubs are up to!


Jessica Leonard

Division 4 LTG

I know you’ve heard of Key Club and Kiwanis, but have you heard of K-Kids and Builders Club? These clubs are essentially like Key Club and Kiwanis, except they are for students in elementary and middle schools. K-Kids is the largest service organization for elementary school students, with more than 36,000 members worldwide. The first KKids club was chartered in 2000. Today, there are more than 1,200 clubs worldwide. Community-based KKids clubs also can be established at churches, libraries, YMCAs, lodges or similar facilities. The K-Kids motto is “We build.”

Builders Club is the largest service organization for middle school and junior high students, with more than 45,000 members worldwide. Builders Club is the largest service organization for middle school and junior high students, with more than 45,000 members worldwide. Members learn to work together and develop leadership skills as they serve their school and community. In partnership with UNICEF and March of Dimes, the clubs are able to expand their outreach to babies and children of the world. The Builders Club motto is “Building Leaders.”

Starting one or both of these clubs in your school district would be great for kids to understand how great and fulfilling it is to serve your community. I would give them leadership skills and show them different way to give back to their community for the rest of their life. Starting one of these clubs would set your kids up for brighter and better futures that would grow flourishing communities! If you have any questions, please contact your Lieutenant Governor or your local Kiwanis advisor.

2021-2022 PA DISTRICT BOARD Preston Martz Alexa Karlowicz Libby Gianvito Cara Munksgard Shuban Tiwari Amsu Yallalacheruvu Jessica Leonard Savannah Welder Gabby Rainey Alexis Hartland Jacob Craig Cassandra Zart Valerie Naylor Emily Dunn Stephanie Lewis Grace Tadajweski Nikki Dewald Sanjana Jacob Josh Kim Jeslyn Wu

District Governor District Secretary-Treasurer District Editor Division 1 Division 2 Division 3 Division 4 Division 5 Division 6 Division 7 Division 8 Division 9 Division 10 Division 11 Division 12 Division 14 Division 17 Division 18 Division 19 Division 20


Jacob Craig

Division 8 LTG

WHAT IS CIRCLE K? What are some of your plans for when you go off to college? Do you plan on joining new clubs or activities playing sports yet still want to be active and engaged in community service while learning valuable leadership skills? Well don’t worry! If you enjoyed the time in high school and want to find a similar activity to join in college, why not join Circle K?

Circle K is the largest student-led collegiate service organization with thousands of members on hundreds of college campuses around the world. As the collegiate branch of the Kiwanis International family, Circle K is committed to developing leaders through offering service and fellowship. Make sure to check if your college campus has a Circle K club in the fall and if they don’t, try to start one!

MEET IT LENA Written by:

Shuban Tiwari

Division 2 LTG

What is the International Board? Are you interested in how Key Club delegates leadership to students? Are you interested in having a bigger part in Key Club? Then the international board might be the right place for you. The international board consists of Key Club members at the highest level. There is an international president, vice president, and everyone else on the international board is an international trustee who manages 3 states/districts. These trustees operate at a high level to make sure that all three districts are working efficiently.

What is a Sistrict?

Our sistrict, Kennsylvaniwa, includes Trustee Lena and Governors Dalton (KY-TN), Sivani (NE-IA), and Preston (PA)

Sometimes, a trustee will conjoin three states together and create a “sistrict.” Our resident trustee, Lena Oswald has opted to conjoin her three states. As a result, Pennsylvania is now part of a sistrict with Kentucky-Tennessee and Nebraska-Iowa. Lena is currently planning out the Homecoming Campaign for our respective districts.

What is the Homecoming Campaign? After facing so many difficulties because of the COVID19 Pandemic, Key Club International has launched the Homecoming Campaign. There are two main goals of this campaign: recruit new members in active clubs, and help clubs that were struggling last year and need help restarting. They hope that with this campaign, Key Club can regain its traction as the top club in the United States.

All in all...

The key club trustee position is one with a lot of power, work, and delegation. Our resident trustee, Lena Oswald will have a lot on her plate for the next month with the Homecoming Campaign, and it goes without saying that the work that she’s doing is revitalizing Key Club’s position after the pandemic.



Committee Jacob Craig Libby Gianvito Jessica Leonard

Gabby Rainey Shuban Tiwari Jeslyn Wu


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