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Top 5 Tips To Winning The Painting Job

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1. First Impressions 2. Turn Up When You Say You Will 3. Promptness With Quote 4. Follow Up 5. Take Notes On Client

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First Impressions First impressions are important, keep a clean shirt and deodorant in your car so if you have been working all day you will look neat and tidy and don’t smell when you meet the client at their home. (If you give them the impressions of professionalism they will be more inclined to accept your quote than if you turn up looking like a painter that doesn’t care about themselves or the work they produce. Remember they are relying on you to make their property look as good as it possibly can).

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Turn up when you say you will Turn up and do the quote when you say you will. If you are running late to an appointment call the potential client and let them know. (How many times have we heard people complain about tradesman or sat around waiting for them ourselves.)

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Promptness With Quote 1. Be prompt with your quote. If you can give the potential client a quote on the spot or a rough idea of what it is going to cost that can be a big advantage. If you’re not confident enough to do that and want to go away and think about it make sure you get the quote to them within a 48 hour period. (If you do your quote on the spot you can instantly get feedback as to how you compare to the others that are quoting on the job. It also gives the client the opportunity to say HOW SOON CAN YOU START).

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Follow Up Follow up, after 5-7 days of the client receiving the quote call them and see if they have any questions, or if they would be happy to go ahead with your quotation. Some clients will ask if you can sharpen your pencil and drop the price to help them. We suggest don’t be too quick to drop your price. If they call you then advise them that you will go and have a look at the price and see what you can do. (In most cases if they have called you then they will accept your quote anyway and if you hold firm to your price and explain to them that you don’t want to have to cut corners to do the job they will respect you for that.) However if you have called them, (as per Item 5) then you may have to think on your feet and make a minor adjustment because you have all the details in front of you. We still recommend that you try to hold fast and explain as above.

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Take Notes On Client Take notes of the client so when you contact them you can ask questions. (People love to talk about themselves and if you show an interest it will help you win the job)

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Top 5 Tips To Winning The Painting Job  
Top 5 Tips To Winning The Painting Job  

This is Home Painters Info's Top 5 Tips To Winning The Painting Job