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“Fire My Spirit” August 2011 Volume 2 • Issue 8 ™• August 2011 • Volume 2


™• August 2011 • Volume 2



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™• August 2011 • Volume 2

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August 2011 • Volume 2 5

Dream Weaving Fire My Spirit... Awesome in its effects, the power of fire can bring both comfort and fear. Often representing the triad of creation, destruction, and recreation; fire is the ultimate symbol of transmutation. It can be calming, it can be entrancing, it can be dangerous. Providing us with our basic needs of heat and light, it brings life, binds communities, and makes a house into a home. Ever consuming, it possesses the potential of destruction to our home, community, and life. As some parts of our globe experience the long days of summer, people are exhausted by combinations of heat, humidity, dehydration, insects, and full sun. Folks seek reprieve in the shade of trees, swimming in lakes, and sometimes the luxury of air conditioning. Our life-giving source which inspires most of us to play and work


™• August 2011 • Volume 2

editor speaks

and produce to our full potential has now worn us thin; in the height of our “season of fire” we relish its short and sweet existence. Meanwhile, looking forward to the turning of the wheel once more, when cooler days will soothe our parched earth and relieve our sun-soaked bodies. Whether it be a lit match, a collection of candles, a glowing fireplace, or the Sun, fire mesmorizes and ignites us. It will dance, leap, and spark. In turn, some spark leaps inside ourselves, inspiring each of us to dance and create in our own ways. We feel fire-in-the-belly and passion consumes us. Our own spirits are warmed and lit and glow for the world to see. It is no wonder fire is such an essential part to ritual and spiritual practice. Fire is often the element of summer, the fae, and sexual energy. Our writers share their experiences and meditations on these topics in this issue of PE. We hope you enjoy, feedback is always welcome. Happy reading & bright blessings,

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August 2011 • Volume 2 7

The PaganEdge

Book Review

by Faelin Wolf


by Laura Bickle, 2010, ISBN: 978-1439167656 You know I love urban paranormal fantasy books, right? Well, I’ve got a good one for you! Something a little different from the norm… not our usual vampires, werewolves, and witches! This is the first in what I hope will be a long series! Anya is an arson investigator in Detroit by day (and sometimes night). By night (and sometimes day), she also works with a team of ghost hunters/ paranormal investigators. She is what is called a Lantern—ghosts are drawn to her and she is able to help them to the other side… but she can also burn them up into nonexistence. She has a salamander protector, a fire elemental, named Sparky. In Embers, Anya is investigating some unusual arsons. In fact, these arsons look like the kind of fires she can start with Sparky—they have no traceable source. After some investigation, she learns that this mysterious arsonist might be a Lantern like her—but he is playing a dangerous

game and working a spell that will raise something nasty that could destroy the city. As a Michigander myself, I was really excited to read a book set in Detroit! But what also drew me in was that this was not your typical urban fantasy. Bickle provides some different, interesting perspectives on ghosts and elemental spirits. And I loved the idea of Sparky. Who wouldn’t want their own elemental spirit? Indulge in our Fire theme this month and pick up this book!

Encyclopedia of Spirits:

The Ultimate Guide to the Magic of Saints, Angels, Fairies, Demons, and Ghosts

by Judika Illes, 2009, ISBN: 978-0061350245

I have what I call a patron god and goddess. They have called to me and are the ones that I typically pray to or ask assistance from. From time to time, I have found it necessary to seek out other entities to ask for help. But I’ve never really thought about what Book Review continued on page 19


™• August 2011 • Volume 2

Making the Divine Mind, Mine

by Sister Nariel,

Contemplative Order of Anam Cara

Wild Fire

Most of us have watched the news recently and witnessed the great amount of destruction in the Western U.S. due to wildfires. The pictures on the evening news are of uncontained flames that threaten the landscape, humans and animals. We find ourselves in the surreal state of both fear and awe as we watch the tongues of orange and red flick about, the gray smoke curling upwards into the sky.

While on the one hand, Fire is destructive and indiscriminately eats everything in its pathway, it also clears the way for new growth, providing a novel chance to be reborn and to rebuild. Fire tests us. We discover in the overwhelming heat if we will break or bend. We become the flame as it exposes our innermost self and our soul’s true colors come shining through. As Fire warms the cauldrons within us, leading the way of progression through our light

centers, our first reactions may be confusion or anxiety. We ask ourselves if we have what it takes to trust in our dreams, our ambitions and our talents. Fire immobilizes these and in brandishing its true strength, Fire renders some things to ash and others to glowing coals. The glowing coals warm the cauldrons within and they begin to shift and spin. Our transformation has begun. It is in the transformational time that we must then look to the action of Fire amongst the other elements of Air, Earth and Water. By paying attention to these interactions we are provided the means to achieve balance. Fire requires an energy source, Air to feed it, and Water to contain or direct it. What is our personal energy source? What can we give from within that will allow transformation to occur? We must find our gift for the Fire and lovingly place it there. As

we kindle this inward Fire, we realize the burn can be gentle or harsh depending upon the Air that it interacts with. How can we give Air to the Fire? Our dreams, our ambitions, our talents, our words, are of Air. We bring these to the Fire of transformation expecting changes, welcoming and embracing these changes. Water keeps Fire from becoming out of control and it can channel Fire in new directions. Our emotional investment in the process allows us to take part in it with a degree of safety. What do you most wish to see transformed in your life? Are you willing to allow Fire to expose the shining soul within you? Will you allow Fire to test your metal and try your worth? As the hottest days of Summer approach, know that the elements support your endeavors towards spiritual transformation. ™•

August 2011 • Volume 2 9

Plant Vibes


by Dawn Sherwood

I just can’t contain myself !

I am a serious plant collector. Okay, so the nursery pots they are trapped in are ugly as all get out, but, I do have some of the most impressive plant collections scattered about my landscape. The sheer number of plants, the superstar roll call of variety names and the extensive range of plant categories is staggering. I know, it doesn’t seem right for a garden designer to be so lacking in actual gardens, but it’s the old cobbler’s children kind of thing…I’m too dang busy with other people’s gardens to plant my own. Well, that and the fact that I latch onto new plant varieties faster than my

depression era grandfather snatched up stray pennies from the sidewalk. And it’s not like I ever claim to have a multitude of well-planned and planted gardens, people just assume I do. Who am I to burst their bubbles of envy? When I speak of adding this or that to my herb collection, or how I have all of such-and-such nursery‘s twenty different exclusive, blue-leafed hostas, I hear “Wow! You must have the most beautiful gardens!” Gardens? I think…“Oh yes” I reply “well, I do a lot with container arrangements. It‘s a big trend right now…” Do they really need to know that I’m bucking the trend by

using black plastic nursery pots instead of Italian terra cotta? Besides, some of the nursery pots are terra cotta colored - that should count for something. Naturally my collections have ups and downs, as I have to toss out deceased plants that just couldn’t take one more summer of being overheated and cramped in a one gallon container. But hey, I figure the surviving ‘research subjects’ allow me to recommend truly low maintenance plants to my customers. Or, I just chalk it up to fate, knowing that I am meant to have some other, even better - no, not just Collecting continued on page 24


™• August 2011 • Volume 2

The Temple of You by Jenn Embers

Ignite Your Sacred Flame! form of self healing.” When the body sweats we know we have lit the sacred flame of fire which resides in all of us. As the first bead of sweat rolls off our brow and gracefully hits the yoga mat, we know we have successfully invited the fire element into our bodies.

Gabrielle Roth once said,

“Sweat is to pray, to make an offering of your innermost

self. Sweat is holy water, prayer

beads, pearls of liquid that release

your past. Sweat is an ancient and universal

Hot yoga is one and the same with the fire element. Allow fire to become one with you, as fire is sometimes referred to as the living element. Fire is perhaps one of the most ancient symbols of divinity. Yoga asks you to recognize that you are a creation of the Divine. We all have divinity within us, we must however, ignite the sacred flame in order to find it. Do you dare to journey with your body on a quest for higher consciousness through hot yoga? Hot yoga is much like regular yoga as you are still maneuvering your body through a series of stretches and poses called asanas. The Sacred Flame continued on page 23 ™•

August 2011 • Volume 2 11

r y i a e l T F a Bridgette pulled into the garage after a long day at work. She opened the door into the entryway and heard a crash, as though a dish had just fallen to the floor. She sighed and walked into the kitchen. The kitchen was unoccupied but the mess was obvious. At least three dishes had met their demise on the tile floor. A box of spaghetti had been spilled all over the central island. Every cupboard door was open. A bag of oranges was on the floor. A burner was

on, but there was nothing on top of it. She switched off the burner and wondered what the rest of the house looked like. “Kelly?” Her teenage daughter was in her room, busily flipping through her Book of Shadows. She uttered words every parent dreads to hear - “Mom, don’t worry, I can fix this.” “Fix what, Kelly?” Bridgette asked. Before the answer came, Bridgette heard a strange,

Life’s Wit by S.J. Drew

high-pitched laugh. Then the cat came tearing out of the bedroom, skittered on the tile floor, and dove down the stairs to the basement. The source of its fright was a small, sparkling orb of light about the size of a snowglobe. It was clinging to the cat’s tail laughing impishly. Bridgette took a deep breath. “Kelly, why in the name of the gods did you summon a faerie into this house?” “Well, Melissa’s coven did it a few weeks ago, and I thought

Fairy Tale continued on page 23 12

™• August 2011 • Volume 2

Lori Dake’s

Top 10 List

for Pagan Festivals

Part 2 3 of 3: Top 10 Camp Kitchen Must-Haves Parts 1and 2 were published in our June and July issues.

1: A camp kitchen, and no, I’m

not being smart. Pre-designed camp kitchens run about $80120 retail, though anyone can make one. This would include a sink, counter space for chopping veggies and cooking with a camp stove and racks for holding tools like a spatula, spices and dish drying. The idea is to have everything centralized and organized, just like at home.

2: A well-seasoned cast iron

skillet. These are the original non-stick multi-taskers, going from campfire to stovetop to oven without worry, so these can be the same ones used at home. And, because they’re tough and often last generations, no special utensils are necessary. Just be sure to keep them out of the rain and moisture, because they can rust. Do not air dry. A bonus is a touch of nutritional iron is added to whatever is cooked in it. Do NOT use soap and water

to clean cast iron; for tough jobs, boil some water inside and scrub.

3: A three to five quart cooking pot, larger for group cooking. If cast iron is chosen, do not cook anything overly acidic in it, like red sauce. Too much iron will leech into the food, giving it a tinny flavor.

4: A barbecue utensil set,

preferably stainless steel (spatula, fork, tongs, brush and grill scraper). Cooking over a grill or campfire can be dangerous work, so getting some distance is vital. Do not use anything with wood handles, for obvious reasons. At least one good utility kitchen knife and long spoon should also be included – fire retardant as well.

5: A manual can opener,

preferably one with a bottle opener attached. This is

probably the most underrated, underappreciated and undervalued camp tool, and it sucks to leave home without it.

6: A kitchen towel set. This is a

wonderfully green multi-tasker, which can be used to wipe up spills, dry dishes and hands and, if doubled up, pot holders, too. Be sure to keep them clean by hand washing and air drying them between messy uses.

7: Unbreakable service for

everyone in the group: Plate, bowl, hot/cold cup, knife, fork and spoon. This can be a mess kit or standard dining fare. Cloth napkins are a nice touch, curbing the need for paper towels.

8: Camp-grade soap, as this is

an inexpensive, mild yet hardworking multi-tasker that is also very green. It’s good for washing everything, be it dishes, clothes or hands.

Camping continued on page 19 ™•

August 2011 • Volume 2 13


2 • AIR Thought

5 • EARTH Physical World



™• August 2011 • Volume 2

1 • WATER Emotion

3 • FIRE Transformation

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Article & Photos by Tootie Marie Imagery

An Element In The Pentagram Of Manifestation

The Third of the Five Elements in the Manifestation Process This is the third in a five part series dealing with the Manifestation Process as it is made whole by the five elements -- Water, Air, Fire, Spirit, and Earth -- and how we can trace these elements along the lines of the pentagram. Each element can be seen as an important part in the process of manifestation. Just a refresher: the elements are listed here in the order in which we bring our emotions into physical being. Water is the element of Emotions; Air is the element of Thought; Fire is the element of Transformation; Sprit connects us to everything; and Earth is the element of the Physical World. The Manifestation Process is continually happening whether we are conscious of it or not. Hopefully this series of articles will make you more aware of the process of manifestation. We will also be making a deep connection with each element as we follow through this course. These articles are being written out-of-order, so to speak, so that the element being highlighted is in

accordance with the topic of discussion for the month. Our topic this month is Fire. Therefore, the third article in our series actually coincides with the third element in the Manifestation Process: Fire. The February 2011 issue of Pagan Edge contains the first article in the series, dedicated to Earth, which is the final element in the Manifestation Process. The May 2011 issue contains the second article, dedicated to Air, which is the second element in the Process. If at all possible, you should try to do this activity outside. If you are able to actually be outdoors in the bright fiery sunlight while working through this exercise, it should greatly enhance your experience during your interaction with this process. Another aspect that will deepen your connection is dressing in fiery colors. If you wish, you can adorn yourself in colors of reds, oranges, bright yellows, and/or golds. Before we begin concentrating on the Fire element, please take a few minutes or so to think of an object you have in your possession that ties

you to Fire, the element of transformation. Recognizing our fiery passions and desires bring changes, look for an appropriate object that represents a time of change in your life, or an object that represents change in general. A special candle, candle holder, or lantern will work very well. Burning special incense or herbs is another option that can be done. If you are able, light your candle or other chosen representation for Fire. Keep it near you throughout the exercise. Make yourself comfortable. Relax. Ground and center yourself. In your mind’s eye, you will concentrate strongly on the Fire element in order to manifest its energy and power. By doing this, you are producing links and channels for the energy to move through. Fire: the element of transformation. This is where changes occur, brought about by our own beliefs, desires, and passions. It is the element of harmonious change and growth. The power of your will and intention fuels creativity, and brings changes that

Manifestation continued on page 25 ™•

August 2011 • Volume 2 15

Original Photography by Nina Pak ©2011

The Hephaestian Forge

Keeping the Edge

by Mya Om

Chaos is the score upon which reality is written. – Henry Miller (author, Tropic of Cancer) In Greek mythology, Hephaestus, the God of fire, is the only God of the pantheon to be disfigured. He was ridiculed by the other Gods for his imperfections. 1 In mythology, he was rejected by his mother Hera, who threw him out

16 16

™• August 2011 • Volume 2

of Olympus and he was rejected by Aphrodite, his wife, in favor of Ares, God of war. 2 However, Hephaestus, despite his physical limitations used his skills and considerable intellect to punish those who rejected him. 3 According to

...the witch takes the chaotic, disorganized, and seemingly random world and through an application of will weaves the tapestry of her life. myth, he used Hera’s vanity against her, using his forge to fashion a beautiful golden throne for her. Once Hera sat on the throne, she was caught and unable to escape, until Hephaestus released her. 4 Still, Hephaestus, was kind to those who did not reject him; for them he created objects of great power and beauty. 5 He taught humans the arts of blacksmithing and metal working, and he created for Zeus the golden mechanical dog that he gifted to King Minos of Crete. 6

and imagination. To will, which corresponds with the element of fire and represents creative force of the working. To dare, which corresponds with the element of water and represents the importance of having the courage to take action. Finally, to keep silent, which corresponds with the element of earth and reminds us of two things, first that “power shared is power lost,” and second that the doubts of others provide another barrier the witch must then work to overcome. 7

Hephaestus, symbolizes the dichotomous nature of fire as an unforgiving flame to those who misuse it, and as a protective life giving force to those who use its gifts wisely. An untended fire can quickly burn out of control, spreading chaotically to devour all those in its path, even its creator. Whereas, a well tended fire burns with a steady flame, providing its creator with warmth, security, and an avenue from which to create. The difference between the two outcomes is an application of will – in the first instance, we see Hephaestus as a reactive force, acting with hot fury after he has been acted on. In the second instance, we see Hephaestus as a proactive force, choosing to act with deliberation to teach and provide objects of use and beauty.

In the witches’ pyramid, the will is described as the desire which gives the work its impetus. 8 In essence this represents the development of mental discipline and an acknowledgement of personal power and responsibility. This is why some witches will conclude a spell with the phrase “as I will so mote it be.” If looked at through the lens of creation, the will is the heart of any working. It provides the essential creative spark needed to empower the act. Here, like Hephaestus, the witch has the choice of being reactive or proactive in the application of her own will. Reactivity means waiting until external forces have acted on the witch and only then acting to shape the world around her as she wills. Whereas proactively means taking action first to shape the world around her as she wills.

Janet and Stewart Farrar discuss the concept of the witches’ pyramid, as one of the essential elements of modern witchcraft. There are four corners or pillars to the pyramid to correspond to one of the four elements. To know, which corresponds with the element of air and represents the importance of knowledge

By being proactive, the witch takes the chaotic, disorganized, and seemingly random world and through an application of will weaves the tapestry of her life. She does this because she is not content to be a passive participant in the journey of her life. To that end the witch Forge continued on page 26 ™•

August 2011 • Volume 2 17

ire F

From the Elders Corner by Lucille M Rose

a meditation

South faerie sun bonfires passion transmutation playfulness vitality healing transformation 18 18

™• August 2011 • Volume 2

This meditation can be read to you by another person or recorded and played when you have a few minutes. You can either sit or lie down. When you are comfortable, close your eyes. Breathe in, hold for a second, then exhale slowly counting one-two-three. Repeat and then take a deep, cleansing breath and exhale quickly and deeply. Feel your body starting to relax…relax…relax… You are ready to proceed with the meditation. You are attending a Midsummer event. You can feel the excitement in all the people around you. You see an old weathered wooden table not too far from where you are standing. You walk over to the table, which contains

several small jars of cool white milk and a small pile of shiny copper pennies. You pick up one jar of milk and several pennies. You notice a meadow in the distance filled with wild plants, knee high grasses and green male ferns. You decide to visit the meadow. You hear the swish swish from the plants as they brush against your pants as you walk. You see the green leaves of wild sarsaparilla and you can almost taste the root beer like flavor of the roots. The delicate yellow blossoms of St. John’s wort can be infused into an oil for healing. There is a hummingbird pollinating one of the many scarlet red cardinal flowers. The root of the short blue chicory plant is a substitute for coffee. The Meditation continued on page 27

Book Review continued from page 8

that means, until I picked up Encyclopedia of Spirits. After reading just the beginning of this massive volume, I understand what I’ve been doing so much better… and I know how to improve my appeals in the future. A brief definition/explanation before we jump in: Illes defines “spirits” as gods, goddesses, ghosts, angels, fae entities, and nature spirits, just to name a few. The bulk of Encyclopedia of Spirits is just that—an encyclopedia that lists different spirits, their attributes, their stories, legends, or mythologies, their preferences, what to do for them and what not to do, and the spirits they don’t get along with. This information is indispensible to anyone who is looking for assistance for a particular issue, wants to make a specific request, or feels drawn to a particular spirit. But what is equally as helpful is the beginning of the book. Illes defines spirits and details their history in interacting with humans. She then provides step-by-step guidelines for how, when, and why to work with spirits. The final section before the encyclopedia begins offers definitions of commonly used words in working with spirits—things like tools (altars and incense) and practices (chants). This is certainly not a book that you will just sit down and read through, but I think it is a valuable tool that will be used over and over again. I appreciated Illes’s writing style and her persuasive arguments for why we would want to believe in and work with spirits. She also provides a realistic approach in that she warns of the dangers of working with some spirits and especially if you don’t fulfill your end of the bargain. This seems like a book that every Pagan would want to have in their library—I know it’s going in mine!

Camping continued from page 13

9: Food, which goes

without saying. Plan a menu well before leaving, including every meal and snacks, and plan by perishable to non. Remember, a cooler replenished with melting ice in the hot sun will be serving as a refrigerator. Freeze as many perishables as possible to help them last the fest longer.

10: Homemade ice. Blocks of ice melt much slower than cubes, and it’s certainly less expensive. Fill up used containers with water and freeze them at home, preferably into blocks for making the best use of space. (Old food containers are great for this.) Fill no more than three quarters full to give space for expansion.

Lori’s list is much longer than this, so be sure to check out her new book, A Guide to Pagan Camping: Festival Tips, Tricks and Trappings, found everywhere online and at many Pagan booksellers. Lori Dake is a lifelong camping and music enthusiast who loves to combine the two whenever possible. She has traveled to almost every edge of North America the old-fashioned way, and she is always up for pitching a tent and living simply among like-minded, spiritual individuals. ™•

August 2011 • Volume 2 19

Keeping A Dream Journal

Illustration by Ankolie


™• August 2011 • Volume 2

the Urban Shaman

by Michelle “Crowskin” Bond A dream journal doesn’t need to be a difficult chore or a complicated endeavor. It doesn’t need to be fancy or well written - it simply has to be functional: a small book you can keep at your bedside. Find a proper notebook you can keep on a bedside table or tucked under your bed. A small book with a pen already holstered at its side is the best option. You want it large enough to grab and yet scribble without it being awkward or heavy. When you get more practice learning how to remember your dreams, you may wish to switch to a larger, fancier book. For those just starting out, anything will do. There are various ways of recording your dreams, but the easiest and most effective tends to be a process of “shorthand scripting” first. This means before you even try to write concise sentences of what you remember, create a short-form list of associative words. Why? This actually will save you frustration later as the dream state makes recall of dreams fade quickly at first. Even though you may have the whole dream playing in your mind like a movie, by the time you’ve written down the first act, the final parts of the movie may have been forgotten. By writing a quick list, you

are giving yourself memory triggers. Let’s try an example. Let’s say you had a dream where you were flying to Peru. It was a long and interesting flight, birds were at your side. You were amazed at the landscape and were looking at pyramids. One of the pyramids was star-shaped and on top of it was a coyote. The coyote called out to you and told you some important message then disappeared. You woke up. Now, you start writing the details at the front of the dream but by the time you get to the details about the coyote, you forgot what he said... this is the point most people go “Arrggh!” in frustration. Learn to use quick notes first: flying, peru, pyramid, star, coyote, message, and “Insert what you remember from the message”. You can now start writing out the dream in detail and will have the list of important words to jog your memory. It is a memory trigger - a fun little skill you can use to ‘hack’ your brain and make remembering easier. Although some dreams will be stubborn and always float away too quickly, this method of remembering is easy to learn and does help improve the majority of recollections.

Why bother writing down nonsense dreams or nightmares? The answer is very simply, “Because you dreamed it.” Just because the dream appears to make no sense, or it felt like a horrible nightmare, it is still worth putting down. You might be surprised by what you can learn from them. It’s all work of your own mind; most of the time it has a reason for being in your head. This is the same principle of reoccurring nightmares. If you find out what is causing the nightmare, you can alter and overcome the nightmare. But to do that, you need to pay attention and acknowledge the message your mind is trying to give you. Not all our dreams are going to be extensions of our magickal journey. Some dreams are - as Freud suggested - just dreams. “Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.” This is fact. A law of averages. It’s just the way things are. Just because there is no deep spiritual meaning or visitation from a loved one, etc, does not make the dream simply unimportant. Every dream comes to us for a reason. Our mind is trying to work out subconcious problems and issues. It’s like watching a mindless boring soap opera Journal continued on page 22 ™•

August 2011 • Volume 2 21

Journal continued from page 21

and yet something one of the characters said somehow clicked with you or answered a problem that was completely unrelated. Sometimes that’s just how dreams work. How does astral travel in dreams work? When we dream we are in a deep altered state. Sometimes this means we are just meant to listen to our subconscious and dreams are just dreams, visualizations, and various problems that need to work themselves out. However, sometimes we can


™• August 2011 • Volume 2

train ourselves to slip outside our bodies at night and do work on other layers. This is dreamwalking. Many things can be accomplished on a dreamwalk. Healing, visiting, learning it is all open to possibilities. However, until you really start practicing, it’s very hard to sort out what is just a dream - and what is actual travel. Although there are many tips and tricks for learning the difference the best key is being lucid. When you are “awake” in the dream you have far more control and things will become far clearer.

If you also pay attention to the dream itself, usually there are signs. Look for symbols and feelings that are completely strange to you. Remember, the natural dreaming world is one we know. It is familiar at the very core. When things outside our familiar bubbles happen in dreams, they are sometimes helped along by an outside source - or perhaps we ourselves are outside our normal dreaming levels. Pay close attention.

Sacred Flame continued from page 11

only difference is the room temperature and humidity which varies between 85 degrees to 122 degrees and 40% to 60% humidity. The temperature allows the practitioner to safely sweat out toxins while arriving deeper into asanas. The studio is heated in order to induce sweat and warm the muscles. The theory is that warm muscles can stretch further and reduce the risk of injury. Hot yoga has been said to burn more calories due to the body’s effort to stay cool while exercising. The heat of the studio allows capillaries to become dilated, thus distributing oxygen more effectively to muscles, organs and glands. Hot yoga forces you to focus on your breath as your body fights to stay cool. Breath connects the body to the mind and allows the yogi to connect with the inner sacred flame of his or her higher self. The benefits of hot yoga are endless. Hot yoga is an advocate for flexibility; it can improve one’s range of motion and prevent injury at the same time. It can promote weight loss and

maintenance by increasing oxidation of fat cells. Stress weakens the immune system, this is a proven fact. Hot yoga encourages stress reduction, thus strengthening the immune system. Exercise such as hot yoga has been proven to improve

your mood dramatically. It stimulates various brain chemicals that have you feeling happy and relaxed as you end class and roll up your mat. Exercise, in general is a highly efficient way to prevent chronic diseases like heart disease and osteoporosis. Hot yoga promotes us to focus on our heart and lungs thus allowing them to work better and give us more fiery energy. Exercise can also improve your sleeping patterns, and aid in

more restful sleep. Hot yoga can also put the spark back into your sex life. As you find your place in the yoga studio, roll out your mat and sit in the lotus position before class begins. Close your eyes and focus on what the fire element represents to you and to your spirituality. It represents energy, passion, love, and inspiration. Honor your practice by allowing it to increase your energy spiritually, physically and mentally. Allow your practice to promote love and passion in your life. Gain insight and inspiration through your asanas and the beads of sweat gently hitting your mat below. Give it a try; what do you have to lose? One class has the power to change your life forever. Take a hot yoga class and ignite your fire. Go out into the world and spread your passion and inspire others. Buddha once said, “Just as a candle cannot burn without fire, men cannot live without a spiritual life.”


August 2011 • Volume 2 23

Collecting continued from page 10 better, but the most bestus there ever was - version of a plant that I already own twenty other versions of. Hmm, now that I think of it, who are these sadistic people who keep breeding or discovering all these new or improved plants for me to lust after anyway? Is it really any wonder that I can’t keep up with planting, considering that they introduce hostas, hemerocallis and heucheras more frequently than the flavor of the week? If Dairy Queen introduced their temptations at such a rate they’d be sued for reckless endangerment! How many shades of apricot/ orange/peach/coral/amber/


™• August 2011 • Volume 2

terra cotta/melon/salmon are there in the genus Heuchera? And don’t even get me started on those stealthy catalog nurseries, with their sadistic timing, sending out collections of glossy plant pics and lush descriptors in our dreariest, most garden desperate days of winter. All those white edged hostas look sooo unique and desirable… Ooh, and aren’t those ones with white stripes down the middle just special too? Are they using photo shop to embed subliminal messages of “buy me, I’m different” into those stripes? Who has time for planting when there’s so much shopping and buying to be done?

This conspiracy of perfect plant purveyor-ism is obviously international, but there are serious perpetrators of plant pushing right here my local area, who serve to keep me hooked and looking for that next chartreuse foliage rush. Of course, in the end, I really do like to support the local economy and I guess funding the world travels of plant hunters could be considered charitable; after all, they might bring back a cancer fighting miracle plant along with those purple/ burgundy/plum/bronze/ wine/maroon/bordeaux heucheras.

Manifestation continued from page 15 sometimes grow into more than we imagined possible. Take your time as you go through the following steps, allowing what you see to develop at its own pace. In your mind, visualize the heat of the mid-day summer Sun. Feel the warmth on your skin; picture the reddish glow coming through your closed eyelids. It is hot. Your senses are heightened. Picture flames of Fire. They cleanse… transform… and consume. Let the Fire within you become one with these flames. Your Fire within combines with candle flame… hear th fire… bonfire… starlight… lightning… sunlight. Your Fire is enriched with the bright light of the life-giving Spirit. As you make this connection, you feel filled with the lifespirit… filled with sexuality… filled with vital energy. You are aware of the electricity within each of your nerves, as sparks leap from nerve-ending to nerve-ending. You feel the blaze within your cells, as food burns to release energy.

This active Fire feeds your passion… your spontaneity… your will… your courage… your creativity. It offers opportunities for growth… expansion… self-expression… and rebirth. Give thanks to Fire for its vital active energy. It is the ever-present element of transformation… creativity… purification… and passion. Give thanks as Fire uses its strength when the Sun reaches the peak of its power to warm the soil and the seeds within to create abundant growth. Give thanks to Fire as it helps you to focus your intentions. Now, fix your attention on the “Fire object” you have had near you this entire time. With all the vibrant energy and active vitality you currently have going on, take time to remember why this was the object you chose to represent Fire. What makes it special? How does this object tie you to Fire? How does it represent transformation? How does it represent harmonious change and growth? Empower your “Fire object” with the energy you feel flowing through the links and channels created

from your deep connection with Fire. In working through the exercise above, you have reinforced your awareness of the association you and the objects around you have with Fire. This also raises your consciousness of Fire as an important element in the Manifestation Process. You have an active part in the process. Celebrate Fire: remember to show your love for and give thanks to Fire. It brings transformation, which can be creative or destructive, sometimes beyond our control. Pay attention to your will and intentions. Be spontaneous… be creative… be courageous… be passionate!

References: Kindred, G. (2001). Sacred Celebrations: A Sourcebook. Gothic Image Publications Starhawk (1989). The Spiral Dance: A Rebirth of the Ancient Religion of the Great Goddess. HarperCollins Publishers

Look for the next article in this series in the November issue: WATER — An Element in the Pentagram of Manifestation

Candle Cats, 2011

Sunset, 2009

Blacksmith, 2008 Photos © Tootie Marie Imagery ™•

August 2011 • Volume 2 25

Forge continued from page 17

operates very much within the elemental realm of fire, like Hephaestus, forging the tempered blade of her chosen path. But if the will fails, then the blade will shatter — destroyed at the first clash of steel. By being reactive, the witch reshapes the tapestry of her life. She takes the forces already in place and capitalizes on them twisting them through the use of her will to work in her favor. Here the witch is also acting within the elemental realm of fire by consuming and then reforming the world around her. Again here, if the will fails, then so too does the witch as she is consumed by the flames she tried to harness and direct. It is the choice of the witch to be reactive or proactive. What is important to take away from this is not how the witch should act, rather that when she acts she acts with an unshakable will.. Like Hephaestus, it is important to learn to act with single-minded purpose in pursuit of our goals despite doubt, betrayal and opposition from those who fail to see or recognize the value of what is below the surface. It is true that you may not be the smartest, best educated or most beautiful person on this planet – but that


™• August 2011 • Volume 2

does not mean that you are somehow lesser than those who have the things you lack – unless you make yourself lesser. Hephaestus, despite being lame and disfigured, did not accept the limitations that others imposed on him. Instead, he used what he had been given with forethought, deliberation and intent, turning adversity into success and banishment into opportunity. If you will yourself to be more, then you are more. Through the will we use the gift of imagination to shape and change our world. Imagination is the voice of daring. If there is anything Godlike about God it is that. He dared to imagine everything. – Henry Miller

C. Scott Littleton, Gods, Goddesses and Mythology Vol 1. 1., Marshall Cavendish Corp. (2005) pg 645 2 Littleton pg 646. 3 Littleton pg 646-7 4 Littleton pg 645-6 5 Littleton pg 646 6 Littleton pg 646 7 Janet and Stewart Farrar, The Witches’ Way, Phoenix Publishing (1986) 8 Janet and Stewart Farrar, The Witches’ Way, Phoenix Publishing (1986) 1

Meditation continued from page 18

tiny feathery white flowers of the yarrow are valued for their styptic properties. Ahead of you is an area that seems odd. No flowers, ferns, or plants are visible. As you get closer to this area you see only short soft green grass. You walk faster… faster... faster. You feel an excitement bubbling within your body. Your entire body is tingling. You know you have found a faerie ring. The faerie ring is about nine feet across. The perimeter is composed of colorful blossoms, tall wild grasses and ferns. You ask the faeries for permission to enter their circle. The plants start to move, swaying from side to side. They seem to be telling you to move forward into the ring. You enter the ring and kneel in the center on the short soft green grass. You place the warm pennies on the ground in front of you. You slowly and carefully pour the cool white milk on to the ground next to the pennies. You sit down and allow all your senses to open to the faeries. The faeries appear, flitting here and there, laughing, giggling, and whispering. You feel a light gentle touch from delicate wings. One of the faeries has settled on your right shoulder and whispers something in your ear. You thank the faerie for allowing you into their

circle and honoring you with their presence. You walk back to the gathering. You hear the laugher of children as they play. You smell the aroma of the various foods on a long table. Your mouth begins to water when you see a glass gallon jar filled with peppermint sun tea. You turn to the south and see a circle made up of large stones. Someone is making preparations for the sacred fire. Everyone is walking towards the circle of stones. It is midday and time for the sacred fire to be lit. You hear someone strike a match and the smell of sulfur tickles your nose. You see wispy tendrils of smoke when the match is touched to tiny dry twigs. Within seconds the yellow and red flames are reaching up and out between the larger pieces of firewood. The red, yellow and blue flames of the fire reach higher and higher towards the blue sky, as it becomes hotter and hotter. You can feel the heat of the roaring fire on your face and bare arms. You can feel tiny beads of sweat accumulate on your forehead. You see your bare skin changing to a deep pink color from the heat. You step back slightly when sparks shoot out from the

fire onto the ground in front of you. The large pieces of wood have been transformed into hot red embers and ash. You stare into the core of the fire and notice a faint image. The image is beginning to take shape. The more you concentrate and focus on the image, the clearer and more defined the image becomes. The image is now very clear. You know what you are seeing. The image is giving you a message. You understand the message. You feel the transformation deep within you. The gifts you thought you lost were only in a dormant stage…. waiting… waiting… waiting… to be rediscovered. Your creativity and passion in life has been restored. You glance back at the meadow. You see the tiny feathery white yarrow flowers. You see the short blue chicory blossoms when the taller plants move. You see the scarlet red cardinal flowers. You see the yellow flowers of the St. John’s wort. You see the green leaves of wild sarsaparilla. Breathe in, hold for a second, then exhale slowly counting one-two-three. Breathe in, hold it for a second, then exhale slowly counting onetwo-three. Take a deep cleansing breath and exhale quickly and deeply. ™•

August 2011 • Volume 2 27

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