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“Merry Part..” October 2012 Volume 3 • Issue 101

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October 2012 • Volume 3


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™•October 2012 • Volume 3

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Pagan Edge “Merry Part”

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October 2012 • Volume 3


Dream Weaving M

aybe you have heard this before, “death is not an ending” and truly it is not. Whether you believe in some form or afterlife, reincarnation, or simply that your form will return to the earth and be recycle into new life, death is not an ending. Death by its nature is a transformative experience it leaves all that it touches changed in some way. In this issue, our third celebration of Samhain and its meanings we meet death on its own terms and hopefully come away with a different outlook, one that helps us persevere in its presence and maybe even welcome its arrival because it lets us transcend life just as birth brings life into our personal realities.

Death is not something we can avoid, and when the time comes and it will when humans find a way to extend life then beat it in some way we should still be prepared to celebrate its existence. Not everyone can or will want to live forever and it is critical for all the lives on this planet that we do not. Please join us in the dark at the end of our journey to wish all those we love and ourselves a joyful “Merry Part”!

Bright Blessings!

Celebrating for the kids!


™•October 2012 • Volume 3

publisher speaks

Keep yOur family safer frOm fOOd pOisOning Check your steps at

dO yOu want that safe Or mediumsafe? use a fOOd thermOmeter tO maKe sure yOu COOK raw meat and pOultry tO a baCteria-Killing temperature.






October 2012 • Volume 3


Making the Divine Mind, Mine

by Sister Nariel, Magna Mater Contemplative Order of Anam Cara

Some Partings Are Not Merry At All There are many goodbyes that we say throughout the course of a lifetime. The words Merry Part seem to “fit” easier at some points than others. Sometimes, there is absolutely nothing merry about the partings that we face, particularly when we have no possibility of meeting again— at least, not in this lifetime. I debated for some time, whether I would submit an article for this particular issue of Pagan Edge. The topic is one that hits so close to home. Yet, in many ways I realized who better than me, to speak to the issues of partings? So, I

will share with you my readers, some of my most intimate thoughts on death and dying, from where I am in the journey of survival. August 25th was the fifth anniversary of having lost my eldest child, my only son, Edward. He was 18 years old. He was killed in a car accident through no fault of his own and was trapped in the car for approximately an hour as the jaws of life tore apart the car he had loved so well, to remove his body and that of a trapped friend who was airlifted in critical condition away from the scene. At

approximately 3:30 am, the police arrived at our home and with no door bell on the house, they walked around to knock on our bedroom window with flashlights to awaken us and give us the horrible news that would change our lives forever. The next days, were a blinding flash of disjointed memories that make little sense to my mind today. I don’t remember who arrived when, what we fed them, when and if I ever slept. It’s all a blur, but for a moment I was finally allowed to see my baby in a casket, as if he were asleep, and could wake at any moment. I sat beside him and

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™•October 2012 • Volume 3


By Zedral Z



Rosemary Remembrance Cookies The end of October and the first of November bring us Samhain, signifying the end – or “death” – of the old year. Samhain reminds us of many things, including those we have lost and our own mortality. That doesn’t mean it’s a sad time, per se. For many traditions, the focus is on celebrating the lives of those who have passed beyond the veil. Because the veil is so thin at this time of year, spirits of the departed are able to visit their relatives. For this reason, many people choose to honor and remember the spirits of the dead in distinctive ways. In Mexico, where El Dia de los Muertos is celebrated, ofrendas are set up with things such as photographs, personal mementos, candles, flowers, toys and candy for children, and of course, food. Food plays an prominent part in many observances of death throughout the world. I can’t think of a single culture that doesn’t have some kind of funerary tradition that involves food. The food may be something that was especially

loved by the deceased, or it could be something that is eaten only for funerals. In the United States, when someone dies, we show up at the family’s house bearing gifts of food. At Samhain, part of the ritual meal can be left outside or on the altar for the spirits. Candles help light the way. Another way of providing a meal for the dead is to invite them to the table for a Mute Supper. A Mute Supper is a meal in which the dead are honored in silence.

place(s) of the ancestors. This setting should be at the head of the table. Place a white candle in the middle of the table. Before the ritual, gather the living guests around the table. Light the white candle and (silently) invite the Divine (however you see it). Mentally cast a circle if you are more comfortable

For a mute supper, begin by dressing the table in black. The tablecloth, plates, napkins, glasses, and utensils should all be black. You may also cover the chairs with black fabric or shroud them with some artificial cobwebs. Black votive candles mark the

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October 2012 • Volume 3



™•October 2012 • Volume 3

Finding The Edge Samhain Treats

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October 2012 • Volume 3 11

Craft Corner

October is when many of us come into our own when it comes to crafts. However, it can still be a challenge to come up with ideas for decorating your space with any of the multiple themes that can be used to express Samhain/Halloween. So this month we are going to give you some ideas that you can follow up on depending on your tastes. Have fun creating!


Luminaries are one of the staples of decoration for any of the fall holidays because they lend themselves to the longer nights while providing decorative markers to help friends and family navigate. The lit candles also give those less than welcome spirits a reason to pass you by. Easily made, they can reflect charm and whimsy with easy. To find out how to make the pictured Luminaries try these links: or 12

™•October 2012 • Volume 3

SamHain Craft Round up Nevermore Wreath

If you’re like us here at PE you never miss a chance to “goth” things up a bit this time of year and this craft project really can help set the tone for the rest of your decoration efforts by incorporating Ravens, which some know as the shepherds of spirits to the other side. This project is bit more involved but if treated right it can be one that is used a number of years. Also the material costs can be under $5 US. For the tutorial please go here: http://www.katydidandkid. com/2010/09/nevermore-halloween-wreath-tutorial.html

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Ba la

by S.J. Drew


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Life’s Wit

a im


a Ra

r zo

Dara was at the farmer’s market finishing up her weekly grocery shopping trip when she noticed a booth that had quite a crowd. Curious, she walked up to it and soon understood the draw. There was a litter of kittens in a cardboard box.

“Oh, he’s so cute,” Dara said, putting her hand in the box. He laid his head in her hand and started to purr.

“Free to a good home,” the farmer said. There was an orange kitten that headbutted every hand that got near him.

Dara withdrew her hand and wiped it off on her jeans. “Oh, I wish I could take you home,” she said to the kitten, “but I can’t afford the pet deposit or

“Yeah, he’s a friendly little guy.” The kitten sneezed. “He might have a cold or something.”

the extra twenty-five bucks for the rent.” Reluctantly, she left the orange kitten behind. She was about half-way home and at a four-way stop when she saw an orange cat by the side of the road. She pulled over and went to look at the cat. The cat was not injured, but his face and nose were covered with mucus and he was having great difficulty breathing.


October 2012 • Volume 3 13

Continued from 12

Cookie Cutter Salt Dough Shapes If your Samhain plans include kids this craft is one of those time honored rites of passage for the whee ones. Simple to make (depending on your stock of cookie cutters) this craft allows everyone to shine both creatively and spiritually. When doing crafts with kids it is always fun to have one or two tales to connect the holiday with the project. If you don’t remember how to make the dough from your childhood here is your link: creatures.shtml

Custom PHoto Canvas Samhain unlike some other holidays of the year has become one of personal creativity. We owe this in part to popular culture and in part to the connection to other worldly things that we all feel as we enter the dark time. One of the great things you can do that can be incorporated into décor, ritual, ancestor altar, etc. is custom one of a kind transfer images using a laser printed image and stretched canvas. As you can see with the example image above this craft does not have many steps but does require some patience. We say give it a go you may find you have a new fun and maybe


™•October 2012 • Volume 3

creepy way to express your Samhain “spirit”.

Divine Mind Continued from Page 8

I sang him the same song I always had sung him to sleep with. It was the last time that I ever sang it. Over the course of the next three days there were so many decisions to be made and my mind was nowhere in sight. Looking back, I wonder if I made the right decisions. Were his clothes the ones he would have wanted? Was cremation the way it should have been done? Should we have had a plot to go to later— with a headstone and flowers? Was taking his ashes home to New Mexico to be scattered in the San Juan River the best tribute, the one he would have wanted and appreciated the most? Those moments of wondering and questioning can be like a plague. There are few things that can prepare us for the loss of a loved one and nothing that can prepare you for the loss of a child. It’s out of the order of things and woefully wrong. Yet, I know that I am not alone in this. Every day throughout the world, sisters and brothers must say goodbye and mothers and fathers must face the wreckage of their lives following the death of a child.

There is nothing merry about it. As the days pass into weeks, weeks into months, months into years—you discover that the old adage “time heals all things” is a lie where it comes to this. Time doesn’t heal this pain and no, it never gets better. You learn to breathe again, you force yourself to grocery shop and take part in family events, and little by little you regain simple functions. But the best way to distill for others what the loss of a child is like is to say that you walk about with a mortal sword wound through the chest and yet—you are unable to die. It is a pain you live with until you no longer live. Many people find it difficult to know what to say to a parent who has lost a child. For many, the fear of child loss is so big that confronting the reality in friends and family is impossible and they may choose to stay away. Others, feel that the “cheer up and think happy thoughts” spiel will have a positive effect so they deliver it with a few hand pats on the back and then wonder why their friend remains so distant from them.

It’s really nothing personal. It’s not that we don’t appreciate the efforts. It’s not even that we don’t understand that you don’t understand what to say or do. It’s just that some partings are absolutely not merry at all. Don’t run away from us. Don’t high tail it from the same shopping aisle and hope that we didn’t see you. Don’t feel embarrassed if you don’t know what to say and the best you can think of is a hug and a slow rolling tear. Believe me that hug and that tear, may mean more than you ever know. Having a hand to hold in the cereal aisle that is full of echoes can be the difference between if we ever tackle the grocery shopping again. We know that the situation is hard for you. We miss our child and we miss you, too. There is likely nothing that we wouldn’t give to roll the clock back to a time when things were simpler, happier. But the lots were cast, and this life is what we are left with. It is hard. It’s hard on all of us. It’s not merry at all. But please… please, just don’t give up.


October 2012 • Volume 3 17

T: 7 in

Make sure your family has a plan in case of an emergency. Fill out these cards, and give one to each member of your family to make sure they know who to call and where to meet in case of an emergency. For more information on how to make a family emergency plan, go to

✁ Family Emergency Plan

Family Emergency Plan











Family Emergency Plan

Family Emergency Plan












Family Emergency Plan

Family Emergency Plan











™•October 2012 • Volume 3

T: 10 in

The Pagan Edge

Book Review by Faelin Wolf

The Jedi Path: A Manual for Students of the Force

by Daniel Wallace, 2010 ISBN: 9781452102276

This book is fiction and part of the Star Wars mythos, but I also can see a bit of nonfiction in it. Any fan, follower, or devotee to the Star Wars world should read it. The Jedi Path is the book given to those who are first entering Jedi training. It provides an introduction to the Jedi Code and the history of the order. It provides details and guidelines for the training and expectations of the Jedi in each aspect of his or her training: as an Initiate, a Padawan, and a Jedi Knight. The book also offers brief introductions into many areas of knowledge, such as alien lifeforms and cultures and intergalactic geography. The many roles that Jedi fulfill are also discussed. A unique aspect of this book is that is holds notations and comments from many prominent Jedi, including Master Yoda, Count Dooku, ObiWan Kenobi, Anakin and Luke Skywalker, and Darth Sidious. They offer comments on the training and

knowledge that is offered to the Initiates and Padawans. I found this book very interesting. While you can glean much from the Star Wars movies about the Jedi philosophy, it is never clearly defined as it is in this book. The comments from past Jedi add depth and raise interesting questions, yet also hint at other stories in the Star Wars universe.


October 2012 • Volume 3 19

Life’s Wit Continued from Page 8 “I wonder if it can even eat?” she thought, listening to it wheeze. There was no collar or tag on the cat. She felt so sorry for it she went back to her car and pulled an old towel out of her trunk, carefully wrapped up the cat, and put it on the passenger seat. The cat stayed calm. She took him to the only animal hospital in the area of her small, rural university. “Excuse me,” she said, carrying the cat inside. “Can you please help this cat? He’s very sick.” The young woman behind the desk looked at Dara and the cat. “We can have the doctor look at him, but he’s so sick it’s probably going to cost at least three hundred dollars, probably a lot more.” “What?” she blurted. “I don’t

have that kind of money. Can’t you get him to a shelter or something?” “The shelter can’t take care of sick animals, ma’am,” the woman said sadly. “We can give him to the animal warden, but he’ll probably just get put down.” Dara started to cry. She so badly wanted to help the cat, but she had no money to spare and no one close by to help her out. “I’m sorry, ma’am, we just don’t have the resources to help stray animals. Do you want me to call the animal warden?” Dara nodded wordlessly and sat down in one of the three chairs in the waiting room and petted the orange cat. “He hasn’t even scratched or bit me,” she thought. “I can’t take him. I just don’t have the money.”

The animal warden arrived in about ten minutes. He saw Dara’s bloodshot eyes and took the cat from her. “I’m sorry, ma’am, but understand if you had left him, he probably would have died in a few days anyway from suffocation, starvation, or dehydration. This is kinder.” “I suppose,” she sniffled. “He’s a good cat.” “I’m sure he is,” the warden said, and put the cat in his truck and drove off. “It’s not fair,” Dara thought. “I’m sure he started out his life just like that orange kitten I saw this morning.” That night, she did some research to figure out what charities she could work with to try to prevent more sad stories like the orange cat.

“Cating-Catang” Our design team at Refraction Design & Creative Services composed the custom graphic for our Life’s Wit column this month. This image is copyright Pagan Edge but may be available to our readers and fans soon through products in our online store. Let us know where you would like to see this image... on a coffee cup? postcards? bookbag? Check out our facebook page and let us know!


™•October 2012 • Volume 3

Finding the Edge Back Page..

Veils Edge Ritual Kit


Fancy Feather Black Witch Hat $13.19


October 2012 • Volume 3 21

The Pagan Edge

Book Review by Faelin Wolf

Death Most Definite

by Trent Jamieson, 2010 ISBN: 9780316078009

You know I’m a sucker for books about death personified! Here’s the latest I found—with a really interesting take on the business of death. Steven de Selby is a Psychopomp, or Pomp for short. Pomps make death easier—they guide souls to the Underworld and One Tree. They also stop Stirrers from coming back to inhabit dead bodies on this plane. Pomping runs in families and Steve’s family has been in the business for hundreds of years. Nearly his whole family are Pomps, except for a few Black Sheep, like his cousin Tim, who is also one of his best friends. Steve knows something isn’t right when a dead woman appears to him and warns him to run. His next sign is when he is shot at by a fellow Pomp. He concludes that the world is going crazy when the dead woman turns out to be another Pomp and returns to warn him that something is wrong with the company. It seems that there is a regional Schism in the works— where someone is trying to take over the Australian Region, which means all the current Pomps must die. And suddenly, Steve is in the middle of it and quickly becoming the only Pomp alive.


™•October 2012 • Volume 3

This is a really fast-paced, action filled book. Never a dull moment! I liked that it kept me guessing and that new challenges faced Steven at every corner. Jamieson weaves quite a mystery with plenty of twists and surprises. The way the business of death is set up is also really fascinating. I am excited to read the next book.

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doing that. From this point on, there should be no talking. Dim the lights or extinguish them all together. Light the black candles from the white candle, going in a clockwise motion. The host/ess should serve the plates of the dead first. Food may just be passed around the table, allowing guests to serve

Rosemary Remembrance Cookies • • • • • • • •

1 ½ cups softened butter 2 cups sugar 4 eggs 1 tsp. vaniila 5 c all-purpose flour 2 tsp. baking powder 1 tsp. salt 2 Tbsp chopped fresh rosemary

In a large bowl, cream together the butter and sugar until fluffy. Beat in eggs and vaniila. Mix in the rosemary. Stir in the flour, baking powder, and salt. Cover and chill the dough for at least an hour. Preheat the oven to 400 F. Roll out the dough onto a floured surface ¼ inch thick.

themselves. Before guests begin to eat, join hands around the table. Silently welcome your ancestors to join you. Leave the table silently after the meal. Ancestor candles may be left at the table, carried to the altar, or taken home for a personal ritual later. Leave the spirit candle to burn out. Finally, bury the food from the ancestors’ plates later.

Cut into shapes with seasonal cookie cutters, or use gingerbread men and women-shaped cutters so the cookies resemble people.

Report for the PNC! PNC-News Wants YOU

Are you a Pagan with an interest in your community? Do you have an interest in how Paganism interacts with the rest of the world? Do you wish you had even more quality news sources on Pagan religions?

You can BE that change!

Pagan Newswire Collective is looking for volunteer reporters. If you don’t have a bureau near you and you wish to start one, contact Managing Editor Cara Schulz at: schulzcaral@gmail. com.

On your own? You’re not alone!

Even if you do not have a local bureau, there is still a place for willing and active reporters in the PNC. If you would like to work as a national or international stringer, contact Executive Editor Diana Rajchel at: You do NOT need to have a journalism

Place cookies 1 inch apart on or mass communications degree to join the collective, just be willing to learn. ungreased cookie sheets. For for information see:

Bake 6-8 minutes. Cool on wire http://pagannewswirecollective. com/ racks.

Their shapes may allow them to be incorporated into ritual, divination, or storytelling. Serve Rosemary Remembrance Cookies away from the table.


October 2012 • Volume 3 23

Continued from Page 10 practices, especially the bands from the Southeastern United States like the Cherokee of North Carolina, the Seminole of Florida, the Creek and Chickasaw. We also added elements of esoteric wisdom of Judeo-Christianity, some of the folklore or paganism of

paths. There are differences as well; one of the most important is that Hoodoo is a multicultural collection of folkloric beliefs, not a religion. For example, Hoodoo lacks the specific set of rules found in the Wiccan Rede. Still, there are lessons to be learned by all, from the ways Hoodoo addresses spirit. We know the undesired separation and absence caused by death often brings sadness. Malicious spirits that lurk about, what we call ‘hants’ who are conjured or appear as a specific threat to us is a most unwelcomed occurrence. As we celebrate plan and seek out creative assistance during birthing and weddings, so too should we

European immigrants, particularly those from Ireland, Germany and Hungary since we have shared urban neighborhoods. Bits and pieces of Asian culture encountered through trade and even a smidgen of Islam; after all much of Africa was shaped by Moslems well before we were enslaved. The type of eclecticism inherent to Hoodoo is one of its more attractive features. People of various cultures and faiths have felt at home with the collection of practices called Hoodoo since it is inclusive. Clearly there are numerous commonalities with the earth-based spirituality found in Wicca, Witchcraft, Santeria, Lucumi, Candomble and Vodou, Ifa and numerous other 24

™•October 2012 • Volume 3

Funerals bring families and old friends together

organize and empower ourselves for the certainty of death. Addressing death, preparing for it and anticipating it may seem dark, yet it is clear that from the moment we are born we also begin to die. Those who linger in limbo between life and death or are deemed “terminally ill” also require spiritual assistance. Our ancestors constantly thirst for acknowledgement and inclusion, after all without them, we would not exist. Funerals bring families and old friends together. There is darkness; blackness physically manifested by our clothing and flow of tears yet there is also the light, laughter, joy and wonder

of reflecting on life, memoires and the ultimate mystery called death. Following are some of the ways Hoodoo acknowledges the spiritual realm that may be useful as you maneuver the dark passage.

can be quickly forgotten that not all entities are undesired. Hoodoos strive for balance and do not just smudge to clear but also engage in drawing spirits. Conjuring is a practice widely employed in hoodoo to attract or draw energy, entities and various spirits to aid magickal work, healing or rituals. Lodestones and magnetic sand have a great deal of drawing power as do specific herbs like Orris Root powder called Queen Elizabeth Root, pure Rose oil called Attar of Roses, Lemon Grass, Patchouli, Vetiver and Lucky Hand root.

Altars - These can be simple or as elaborate as desired. Altars are a collection of objects with personal, magikal or spiritual significance set up to conjure, remember, invoke or draw energy. Hoodoo remembrance altars contain photographs, symbolic charged stones or crystals, graveyard dirt, candles, incense, candy, fruit, flowers and sweet water. Crossroads - The crossroads are a sacred place where not only two Binding - Ephemera from the roads intersect but also the world graveyard is used for binding of humans and spirits. Oaths are and tying down the spirits or to taken at the crossroads as well as employ their energy. One of the magickal work being performed most popular binding tools is there. Invocations are made coffin nails. Last touched objects to crossroad orisha, gods and are considered potent and are goddesses as well, like Eshu Elegba typically buried with the deceased since that is his natural space. It or placed near the burial site. is interesting to note further that People who use spirits to negative the crossroads represent the four ends are also sometimes bound. I corners of the universe and the have heard of photographs being nexus of energy from the four buried, put in the freezer or sent directions. out to sea as a banishment and containment rite. Libations - pouring liquids with special significance on the earth, Clearing - Chants, incantations, at the gravesite or on altar objects herbs like rosemary, sage, dragon’s is a way of paying homage to the blood, juniper, mugwort, and ancestors and spirits. Liquids cedar; salts or resins such as include spirits such as bay rum, myrrh, frankincense; are burned gin, beer and vodka. Old fashioned ceremoniously to clear the home colognes like Florida water and of hants and other troublesome Kananga water (which is a specific spirits or negative vibrations. treatment for mourning and grief ). Special powders like gopher’s Hydrosols, commonly called dust, uncrossing and stay away floral waters or sweet water, like powder also play an important lavender, rose or orange blossom role in clearing work. water; honey, saltwater or tears.

planting of specific types of trees and other symbolic plants, spiritual baths containing herbs and sometimes minerals, metal and stones; communal gatherings for soul food, songs and personal reflection. Signs - paying attention to the signs and signals can help divine future events including death. Typically in Hoodoo careful attention is paid to the way candles burn, movements and sounds of animals especially cats and birds, as well as the symbolism within dreams. Death, dying, grief and its attending depression and depletion are processes without an easy solution. Using elements of Hoodoo can help you come to terms with the inevitable. Hoodoo conjuration keeps you in touch with the spirit realm affording opportunities to glimpse and interact with spirits of nature, the ancestors and the great beyond.

Conjuring - In the day when Rituals - include incense burning, smudging has become popular it mineral and herbal floor washes,


October 2012 • Volume 3 25

Pagan Edge Books for Wisdom


The Triumph of the Moon: by Ronald Hutton $16.49

Pagan Polyamory: Becoming a Tribe of Hearts by Raven Kaldera $17.43

Essential Asatru: Walking the Path of Norse... by Diana L. Paxson $10.36

The Pagan Clergy's Guide for Counseling, Cr... by Kevin Gardner $15.59

Exploring the Northern Tradition: by Galina Krasskova $10.19

The Study of Witchcraft: by Deborah Lipp $11.01

Growing Up Pagan: by Raine Hill $13.58

Futhark: A Handbook of Rune Magic by Edred Thorsson $11.53

Pagan Spain by Richard Wright $20.00

Earthly Bodies, Magical Selves: by Sarah M. Pike $28.95

™•September 2012 • Volume 3

New Age and Neopagan Religions in America by Sarah M. Pike $28.00

Passages Handfasting: by Rev. Dr. Kendra Vaughan Hovey $10.07

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October 2012 "Merry Part.."  

Annuall Samhain issues. This month we take a look at death and dieing, Samhain Crafts, and some cool items for the holiday.

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