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William Kent He walks with you and me in sunshine and gladness on the heights From its founding in 1912, the Tamalpais Conservation Club remained closely allied with philanthropist, politician, businessman William Kent (March 29, 1864 – March 13, 1928) in their mutual goal of securing a public park on Mt. Tamalpais. Much of the land that is now Mt. Tamalpais State Park and Marin Municipal Water District land was owned by Kent at the time. Indeed, the very incident that triggered the founding of the TCC was the anger of two hikers upon seeing hunters dressing a deer on Kentowned land. Until the 1800s, many Northern California coastal valleys were covered with coast redwood trees similar to those now found in Muir Woods National Monument. The forest along Redwood Creek in today’s Muir Woods was spared from logging because it was


hard to get to. Redwood Creek contained one of the Bay Area’s last uncut stands of old-growth redwood. Congressman William Kent and his wife, Elizabeth Thacher Kent, bought 611 acres here for $45,000 in 1905. To protect the redwoods, the Kents donated half of that land to the Federal Government and, in 1908, President Theodore Roosevelt declared Muir Woods a national monument. Roosevelt suggested naming the area after Kent, but Kent wanted it named for conservationist John Muir. Upon Kent’s death in 1928, the TCC carried this tribute in its newsletter: William Kent, Friend of Man They say that William Kent died the thirteenth of March. That cannot be. He lives! His heart beats with ours in love and kindness! His spirit dwells in the cathedral trees of Muir Woods, come through the ages and saved by him for


the generations of unfolding time. It goes abroad among the preserved redwoods of Mendocino and Humboldt, and returns to watch over Steep Ravine, Kent’s last dedication to Mankind. He walks with you and me in sunshine and gladness on the heights. Such as William Kent do not die.

William Kent

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Welcome to Mount Tam Jam: A Benefit for the Mountain! Beloved by generations, Mt. Tam is a treasure of our local landscape, an ongoing source of natural beauty, fresh air and water, recreation, contemplative activity, and inspiration to the Marin County, San Francisco, and greater Bay Area communities, as it is for millions of visitors the world over. Held at the historic Mountain Theater, a 4000-seat natural amphitheater set high atop the mountain with stunning views of San Francisco Bay, Mount Tam Jam is at once a celebration of and a benefit for Mount Tamalpais State Park, a creative response to the well-publicized California State Parks budget crisis here in our own backyard. Sponsored by Tamalpais Conservation Club, now in its second century of working to preserve and protect the mountain, Mount Tam Jam will be the first major concert event on Mt. Tam’s slopes in decades. The venue also celebrates its 100th anniversary this year, as Mt. Tam celebrates its 85th anniversary as a State Park. So, why a Jam on Tam? The government funding that has in large part sustained Mt. Tam and hundreds of other State Parks for the last several decades is a thing of the past. It has become increasingly clear that direct support from creative partnerships and grassroots efforts such as ours is key to preserving the legacy of our parks, a reality just recently acknowledged by Anthony Jackson, the new Director of California State Parks. Your presence at Tam Jam will help raise funding for a broad range of sorely needed resources, from ranger and maintenance services to equipment for trail and bridge restoration and more expedient emergency and search and rescue response. In so doing, those resources will create ancillary benefit to other Marin County State Parks. Most of the work it takes to keep Mount Tam safe and seemingly untouched by the modern world tends to escape our general attention, but it is a concerted and ongoing effort, deserving of our awareness and support. Our ultimate aim is to make Mount Tam Jam an annual, sustainable revenue source, a festive event that honors the spirit of the mountain, its legacy, and its many gifts. We hope it will also serve as a template for other grassroots efforts to save and sustain State parks throughout California. So, come join us this Summer Solstice weekend for a day of great music and merriment a bit closer to the clouds and help Mt. Tam continue to nourish and inspire. All told, some good deed doing for a very special place in the neighborhood. Thanks for being here!

Michael Nash Executive Producer


Mt. Tam’s Legacy As Guardian of the Mountain, the Tamalpais Conservation Club has long been engaged in the mission to protect and preserve Mt. Tam, its slopes and spurs, and to help retain its wild and scenic character. The mountain and the surrounding watershed are part of a unique ecosystem, comprised of a truly world-class assembly of national, state, county and local parklands. The mountain is steeped in history, far beyond what we can cover in a few short paragraphs. Our recently published book, “To Save a Mountain: The 100 Year Battle for Mt. Tamalpais” provides an in-depth guide to its history, the people who had great impact on its protection, and the interwoven history of Marin County. It is available for sale at the festival. The roots of the name Tamalpais are not exactly known but it is suggested they can be traced back to the Coast Miwok, who inhabited these lands for at least 8,000 years. Not surprisingly, the Miwok gave special spiritual significance to the mountain. In the modern era, with the celebration of the 100th year of the Sidney B. Cushing Memorial Amphitheater, music and entertainment have shared a long history on these slopes. The theater gets its name from William Kent, who requested it be dedicated to his close friend and founder of the Mount Tamalpais & Muir Woods Railway. Its Gravity Car train became popularly known as the “Crookedest Railroad in the World.” In 1913, members of the TCC approached Kent for permission to use his land for a theatrical production, Abraham and Isaac. Mostly traveling by ferry and train from San Francisco, over 1,200 people attended the first production. In 1914, the Mountain Play Association was established. Our histories are closely tied together. Richard Festus “Dad” O’Rourke was a co-founder of both the TCC and the MPA and was their president for 17 years. Dad O’Rourke also served as the first superintendent of Muir Woods National Monument. In that same year, Kent deeded the natural amphitheater site for 25 years without cost to the MPA. Always the true visionary,


as benefactor of both the TCC and MPA, Kent proceeded with the aim of “eventually acquiring and dedicating it to the public, perpetually, or at least until it shall be included in a state or national park.” In 1933, at the height of the Great Continued on page 9 >> MOUNT TAM JAM 2013 3

THE LINEUP Galactic Galactic was formed eighteen years ago in New Orleans and cut their teeth playing the biggest party in America: Mardi Gras! They’ve been together so long they’re telepathic. But though the quintet hasn’t had a lead singer for years, neither is it purely an instrumental group. Galactic is a collaborative band with a unique format. To make the latest album, 2012’s “Carnivale Electricos,” the members of Galactic (Ben Ellman, harps and horns; Robert Mercurio, bass; Stanton Moore, drums and percussion; Jeff Raines, guitar; Rich Vogel, keyboards) drew on a diverse community of musicians. They created something like a revue; a virtual concert featuring different vocalists (primarily from New Orleans) and instrumental soloists each taking their turn in Galactic’s sonic universe. Mostly the band creates original material in collaboration with its many guests, though occasionally they rework a classic. What pulls all the diverse elements together into a coherent sound is that, one way or another, it’s all funk. Galactic is, always was, and always will be a New Orleans funk band.

CAKE “Deadpan brilliance” -The New Yorker


CAKE started out as a local band in the nineties with their first radio hit “Rock ‘N’ Roll Lifestyle,” followed by classics such as “The Distance,” “Never There,” “Short Skirt/ Long Jacket,” “Love You Madly”, “Sick of You” and many more—seven albums in all, including the #1 “Showroom of Compassion”, which was recorded in their own solar-powered studio in Sacramento. CAKE’s longevity is a result of their seamless ability to incorporate the best of several genres without resorting to shtick. The Times of London praised the band’s concert performances as “generous, witty and thoughtful shows with a rousing flourish”. Seventeen years on from their inception, CAKE is still an outsider — defiantly and proudly cutting their own path. Both their music and their way of operating in the ever-evolving marketplace are fueled by the same core principles of self-reliance, democracy, and integrity that inspired their formation. “We’re using the processes that we have always used,” explains lead singer and guitarist John McCrea, “but we’ve got different tools now. The intellectual and emotional components are consistent, but the scenario and the scale are always changing.” These values, which initially set CAKE apart from the crowded California club scene and thrusted them into the national spotlight, continue to flourish, expanding outward into new directions and roles. “It goes along with maturing as a band,” says multi-instrumentalist Vince DiFiore. “We keep on adding more to the job description.”

THE LINEUP Taj Mahal Trio Composer, multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and Grammy winner Taj Mahal is one of the most prominent and influential figures in late 20th century blues and roots music. Though his career began more than four decades ago with American blues, he has broadened his artistic scope over the years to include music representing virtually every corner of the world – West Africa, the Caribbean, Latin America, Europe, the Hawaiian islands and so much more. What ties it all together is his insatiable interest in musical discovery. Over the years, his passion and curiosity have led him around the world, and the resulting global perspective is reflected in his music today. Taj’s most recent release is a 15-CD deluxe box set titled Taj Mahal – The Complete Columbia Albums Collection. Taj continues to tour tirelessly throughout the U.S., Europe, Australia, New Zealand and beyond.

Photo: Tom Dellinger

Danny Click & The Hell Yeahs Photo: Jay Blakesberg

Mike Farris & The Roseland Rhythm Revue “Farris surrounds himself with a heavenly soundtrack that slides effortlessly between Stax soul, New Orleans gospel and shuffling Southern blues, all of it punctuated with Farris’ smoldering vocals and clear message of redemption.” - Harp Magazine Mike Farris may be best known as lead vocalist and writer for acclaimed ‘90s rock band, The Screamin’ Cheetah Wheelies, but it was only after he pursued his own musical direction in the early 2000’s that he found his calling. Taking a path that intertwines rock, blues and gospel has allowed him to rediscover and reinterpret traditional Black Gospel music and add his own mix of Stax influenced blue-eyed soul. In 2008, Mike Farris won the prestigious Americana Music Award for Best New & Emerging Artist as well as a Dove Award in 2009 for the Best Traditional Gospel album of the year for SHOUT! Live. Festival appearances that year at Hardly Strictly Bluegrass, Telluride Bluegrass, Strawberry Festival, ACL Festival, Bonnaroo and many, many more solidified the impact of the live music experience that is Mike Farris & The Roseland Rhythm Revue. His astonishing energy and sheer talent always leaves the audience wanting more.

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Austinite Danny Click and his band The Hell Yeahs!, featuring a round-robin roster of top-shelf musicians including Bonnie Hayes on keyboards, have played more than 200 sold-out shows over the past two years. In the San Francisco Bay Area, where Click now resides, he’s built a large and passionate fan base that includes musical greats Carlos Santana and Elvin Bishop, both of whom have joined him on stage for impromptu jams. Click’s latest CD, Life Is A Good Place, was released in April 2011 and spent over 12 consecutive months on country, pop, and Americana radio charts. Click’s sound is a refreshing return to smart, sassy blues-inflected country rock. Think Tom Petty crossed with Wilco, spiced with the southern tradition of Lucinda Williams and John Hiatt. Add to that Click’s searing guitar, reminiscent of Stevie Ray and David Lindley, and you’ve got a winning mix. Click’s newest single, Baptize Me Over Elvis Presley’s Grave, hit radio on May 1. Fasten your seatbelts.

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Tam Jam Village


&YQMPSFt%JTDPWFSt1BSUJDJQBUF Mount Tam Village brings together each of the major land management agencies in Marin County along with several key local conservation and environmental organizations under one stunning setting 2000 feet above the Bay. The Village is more than just a place to pick up a brochure or do a quick meet and greet. It is an educational and volunteer outreach effort to raise awareness of Marin’s cultural legacy, the stewardship of its natural resources, the people who make it happen, and the ongoing challenges they face in so doing. By engaging you, the community, as participants in the process, we create greater potential for meeting and surmounting those challenges. It is our hope and desire that you will see this as a different kind of music festival, one that encourages you to seek out new opportunities to participle in caring for the Earth. It is everyday people actively putting their love and passion into what matters to them who are and have always been the backbone of protecting this unique ecosystem. We encourage you to spend time in the Village and consider what you can do to get actively involved!


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Depression, the Civilian Conservation Corps, created by President Franklin D. Roosevelt under the Works Progress Administration, began construction on this 4,000 seat serpentine stone amphitheater. The Kent estate transferred the land to the state park as a gift in 1936. Mt. Tam’s history mirrored that of the nation’s in its own way. During the Cold War, there was a fully operational U.S Air Force base on West Peak, a short hike from the Mountain Theater. At its height, nuclear tipped missiles were kept at the ready in case of attack. In fact, they were almost erroneously launched on two occasions. At the other end of the social spectrum, the amphitheater hosted its first rock concert in October 1966, featuring anti-war activist Joan Baez, future Bread & Roses founder Mimi Fariña, the Quicksilver Messenger Service, and a relatively new local band, the Grateful Dead. In June of 1967, at the height of the Summer of Love, the two-day Fantasy Fair and Magic Mountain Music Festival took place at the Mountain Theater. Held a week before the much heralded Monterey Pop Festival, it is historically considered the first true outdoor rock festival. Its lineup included The Doors, Jefferson Airplane, The Byrds, and nearly 20 other acts. The cost was $2.00 and the proceeds benefited the Hunters Point Child Care Center in San Francisco. A decade later, the mountain bike was born and bred on the slopes of Mt. Tam, at once an invention and inception of a movement that became part and parcel of daily life in Marin County and around the world. The seeds of Mount Tam Jam started out in late 2011 as a brief, informal conversation with a member of California State Parks staff. It grew from a simple suggestion that the Tamalpais Conservation Club consider a modest celebration on the mountain to honor our 100th anniversary in 2012.

So how the heck does a centuryold conservation organization get into the music festival business? Recognizing the TCC’s long history of helping to protect Mt. Tam, our board began a discussion revolving around fund raising to support vital long-term park operations. We approached this with a deep respect for the mountain and its history. Though this is far removed from our traditional “comfort zone,” the TCC board took a huge step in voting to provide the necessary seed funding and to accept financial responsibility. After receiving an enthusiastic heads up from State Parks, the next step was to find someone who knew how to put together a music festival. We approached Dawn Holliday, the promoter behind the extremely successful Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival in San Francisco, as well as popular music venues Slim’s and the Great American Music Hall about producing the festival. Dawn suggested we contact a local Mill Valley music producer, manager, playwright, and musician, Michael Nash. She said he would “get it.” He got it. Michael was immediately taken with the idea of putting on a music festival atop Mt Tam to help preserve and protect the park. It is his personal love and respect for these lands that are his driving force. The public often tends to judge music events on the artists’ performances, but there equally talented people working behind the scene to make it all happen. In this case, we cannot adequately express our gratitude for the time, effort, expertise, and many sleepless nights Michael has put into this for over a year. He is carrying the majority of the weight. Without Michael and the incredible crew and talent he has assembled, none of this would be happening! Efforts like this take an entire team of people. In our case, the core of our first-year grassroots team is composed of just three of us for a project that could easily keep a dozen staff people busy full time. TCC

membership director and Tam Jam Associate Producer, Danielle Duran, whom we affectionately dubbed “Queen of Spreadsheets,” is our third leg. Dani has given freely and substantively of her time, all the while teaching a class and planning her fall wedding. She deserves a huge debt of gratitude for helping to navigate all the necessary permits and paperwork that is required to make this happen. We want to acknowledge others on our team who have been instrumental in helping this vision take shape – production manager, Ryan Smith; operations director, Eliote Durham; website guru, Jon Luini; publicist, Leah Matanky; box office manager Andrew Naravage; merch manager, Kristen

Staley; and ace team of art director, Arlene Owseichik and artist, Frank Wiedemann. We also want to thank Mountain Play Association Executive Director Sara Pearson and Associate Producer Eileen Grady, for their help and assistance. Not least of all, we thank the Mt. Tamalpais State Park rangers for their help and support for these many months. Finally to you, our festival audience and participants, we want to express our deep appreciation for your support of this historic and worthy cause. We hope you will have a great time and be deeply touched by the beauty and majesty of this very special place loved by so many.

Larry Minikes Executive Director MOUNT TAM JAM 2013 9

One Marin... M a n y Vo i ce s

Co m i n g Soon!



TTY RELAY SERVICE Please dial the 711 Telecommunications Relay Service for assistance.

DROP OFF & ACCESSIBLE PARKING A drop off area will be provided at the entrace to the Mountain Theater. Volunteers will be on hand to provide assistance to mobility impaired patrons. Accessible parking will be provided at the Rock Springs Parking Lot in close proximity to the amphitheater. Please call 415-451-1952 to secure a parking reservation in this area.

SEATING PLATFORM FOR PATRONS IN WHEELCHAIRS RESERVATIONS REQUIRED Our wheelchair platform can seat up to 8 wheelchairs with 1 companion per chair. Seating on the platform is by reservation only. Reservations are made at the discretion of the staff and on a first come, first serve basis. Reservations are necessary for this special section and must be made in advance of the performance day. Please call the office at 415-451-1912 for this service.


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