Pipo Tafel
Cologne, DE

The creation of connections is my purpose in life. My mission is to craft conscious processes, deliver unique results and move people with them. "Creation" connects and allows feelings of fascination, joy and flow by heart - they bring us in connection and interaction with the world around us through our senses. As a creative thinker and maker within the diverse world of multimedia, I move like a fish in the water when it comes to the question which tools to use to get stunning results - uniting different elements within processes is natural to me as cooking is to a chef. A provoking strive for new creations as a driving element combined with an emphasis of innately and academically trained aesthetic education results in my infinite endeavour to create new things and allows me to produce unknown results from known ingredients. If it makes sense to the creation the disciplines of choice for my creations are as diverse as you can discover in my portfolio.

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