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the Oxford

MARCH 2019

Observer Issue 86

Our Community Magazine


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Horse of the Year


Exciting times for






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Bridging the rural-urban

Georgia Allison prepares for


The Grange

the Oxford


March 2019

Welcome to our new look March issue. We are excited with the changes we are making. Firstly with the paper stock. We have amazing photographs to feature and this paper will showcase them and make sure their impact is not minimised in any way. You will also notice a new style front page, which this month, features a photo taken by one of our team Cathy Dee, who among her many skills, is a wonderful photographer. We are incredibly lucky to have our team of writers - Cathy, Jacky Kirk and Shaz Davis, who all bring their talents and areas of interest to the Observer. Our goal is that everyone will find something of interest to them, when they are reading the paper, and feel connected to our community. We have seen a number of new advertisers join us over the last few months, and we are enjoying working with them all, and appreciate the support of our business. This month we have increased our distribution area into more of Sheffield and Springfield and believe that this will benefit all of our advertisers. If you are interested in advertising with us, please contact us on advertise@oxfordobserver.co.nz, and we can talk about the different options that we can offer. We would like to thank all of our readers for your continued support of the Observer. We are grateful for the feedback we are receiving of how much the paper is enjoyed all around the wider district. Have a great March


Bruce & Emily Chapman

The Great Wide Open

Where the Crawdads Sing

One More Lie

All families are secret societies. Realms of intrigue and internal warfare, governed by their own rules…’ I will read anything that Douglas Kennedy writes, but there are a few of his novels that stand out to me, including The Moment, Leaving the World, and now The Great Wide Open has joined those favourites. The novel follows Alice and her incredibly dysfunctional, and mostly unlikeable family, from the 1960’s through decades of political turmoil, and personal trials and tragedy. We see her go through her stages of life of high school, college, overseas travel, and finding her own place in the world and how to reconcile herself to the flaws in her family.T his is one of those books that you finish, but keep thinking about for days. Such a great read.

This book is another Reese Witherspoon recommendation, which are always very popular. She has said about this book, “I can’t even express how much I love this book! I didn’t want this story to end!” A popular resident of the town Barkley Cove called Chase Andrews is discovered dead. ‘Marsh Girl’ Kya Clark is immediately suspected. Kya has grown up in the marsh, alone after her family leave one by one. The marsh she lives in is more than her home. It becomes her whole world. “Kya laid her hand upon the breathing, wet earth, and the marsh became her mother.” I loved this book that is a murder mystery, but is also so much more than that. It is beautifully written and will stay with you long after you are finished reading.

Another great book for lovers of psychological thrillers! Charlotte has been released into the community, after committing a murder when she was 10 years old. The problem is, she can’t remember it, or anything that happened around that time. She does remember her old friend Sean though, and although she is not supposed to associate with him, he finds her. As she tries to build a new life, with a new identity, a job, friends and working with her therapist, she starts to fall back into some old habits, and then starts to discover more about her past. This is so fast paced, with constant ‘reveals’ which keep the reader engaged right through. Highly recommended.

by Douglas Kennedy

by Delia Owens

by Amy Lloyd

Advertising in the Oxford Observer

The next issue of the Oxford Observer will be delivered in Early April 2019

The deadline for Advertising is Wednesday 20th March. Please contact us for any enquiries

0800 627 378 37


4,750 copies of The Oxford Observer are produced at the beginning of each month and deliverered to Oxford, Cust, Bennetts, Waddington, Sheffield, Springfield, West Eyreton, Eyrewell, Swannanoa, Fernside, Summerhill, Ashley Gorge, Okuku, Glentui, Lees Valley, Carleton, Horrellville, Springbank, View Hill. Copies are available at the Oxford, Rangiora & Darfield Libraries, Emma’s at Oxford, Cust PO Boxes & Cafes throughout the district.


Schnurrbart Design & Publishing Limited

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Pooch Play


Words & photos by Cathy Dee

Every Monday at the Oxford Market Car Park, a group of dedicated pooch parents meet up to allow the dogs to have a play date. Play is a vital part of dog life, and meeting up as a group, gives them a chance to really let loose. Rough housing in a group situation is a perfect way to ensure your best mate is getting the activity he needs. It also means a quiet tired pooch by the end of it! Dogs should be taken out for a romp at least twice every day. Like us, the exercise is great for their physical health, and it is also a vital part of their mental stimulation. Many behavioural problems occur when they are not able to get out to exercise enough. It strengthens the bond between owner and dog, and helps ensure he is keeping his basic training fresh in his mind.The benefits of walking with your dog include our own health and wellbeing. Many people report that if they didn’t have one, they would not think about going for a walk. 
Being overweight is a huge canine health risk. Not only can it increase blood pressure and lead to heart disease, but the additional fat puts pressure on the lungs so they can not expand properly. Added to these issues is the fact that a fat dog has trouble cooling down, which is exceptionally miserable for him in these hot summers! Exercise plays a big part in ensuring that your dog doesn’t become overweight. Even elderly pooches enjoy a quiet walk. They may not be able to go as far, or as fast, but the enjoyment they get out of pottering along, smelling everything they come across is undeniable. The Oxford Dog Walking group meets up on Mondays at 9.30 am, in the summer, and 10am in winter. Contact Lee Leonard 03 312 1536 if you would like to meet up with other pooch parents. COVER PHOTO by Cathy Dee

Boo leads Zoe & Abby on a romp across the park

Zoe Stalks the others!

53a MAIN STREET OXFORD HOURS Tue - Wed -Thur 10am-7pm | Fri 10am-5pm | Sat 9am-1pm | Closed Sun & Mon

The Humble Brush

The world’s most sold bamboo toothbrush with a handle made from 100% biodegradable, sustainably-grown bamboo. Quality bristles from DuPont, available for adults and kids.

Phone 312 4314

49B Main Street, Hours: Mon - Fri 8.30am - 5.30pm / Saturday 9.30am - 12.30pm

Bridging the rural-urban divide Words & photo by Shaz Davis

Genna Bird near one of the direction signs at The Grange Photo by Genna Bird When Alistair and Genna Bird moved onto their 560-hectare sheep and beef farm, four-and-a-half years ago, they knew that it would suit some sort of tourism or public involvement. In part, because The Grange on Ashley Gorge Road had belonged to the previous owner’s family since the late 1800s, and was a place where many locals came on play dates, or went out hunting, and in part, simply because of it’s natural beauty and varied terrain. As their vision has evolved they are embracing the opportunity to bridge the rural-urban divide and invite people onto their farm. “We’ve always been concerned about the rural-urban divide, and how farmers are portrayed in the media, and offering accommodation is one way to address that, as well being another income generator – another egg in the basket,” says Alistair. The couple bought a tiny home and dragged it by tractor, 2km uphill. The home was listed on Air BnB about 18 months ago. They are now in the process of building purpose-built accommodation that can comfortably accommodate four people. “Rural sector people get protective of their land, usually out of fear, but we have the mindset of wanting to share the farm,” says Genna. “It is a bit intimidating inviting people to look at our entire life, how we live, and how we operate, but we also meet cool people and make connections that we wouldn’t otherwise. “If people have a connection they respect things more. They get to respect farmers, the environment, and get to hear our side of the story as responsible farmers,” says Genna, a primary school teacher by training.

She manages a Facebook page for The Grange with updates about farming activities, often featuring her two daughters Milly and Georgia, and invites people to ask questions. There is a lot of publicity about mental health in the rural sector. When you live at your work, and you’re self-employed and could work 24/7 it is easy to get caught in your own little bubble. For us, spring can be life and death in a day, and it is very draining. Having that connection with others can make a big difference. The Grange also welcomes horse riding groups at $20 per rider. This has proved very popular due to the varied terrain, opportunity for hill work, and of course, the views. “We trialled it with a few friends, and have drawn up a map, added signs, and a hitching post at the old shepherd’s hut, which is near the waterfall”, says Genna. Individual trampers and tramping groups, at no cost, are welcome. Health and Safety is another reason that farmers are often reluctant to have people on their farms, but Genna says that the paperwork isn’t that onerous, although visitors are sometimes reluctant to sign in individually, as required

To arrange a visit to the Grange email Genna on ak.gkbird@xtra.co.nz

or contact her via The Grange’s Facebook page at


Call us TODAY

Craig ~ 027 489 5359 lia@cbco.nz Lia ~ 027 450 8496 www.cbco.nz



Lifestyler with Cathy Dee

Manda Gill of North Canterbury Chicken Rescue

Chicken Rescue Manda Gill is devoted to the rescue and rehabilitation of chickens. There are more and more being dumped or left behind at properties after sale; often in terrible condition. Around 2017, Manda decided enough was enough, and set up a large part of their property to house these unwanted birds. The North Canterbury Chicken Rescue was born. Many of the birds come to her in critical condition, like the bird pictured, who due to an untreated injury at some stage of her life, now has a massive growth on her leg. Not only is this very painful for the hen, who can not put it down to walk, but it requires some intensive care. “Every day and half, I have to bathe it in Epsom salts, scrape the dead tissue off and then rub the foot in a moisturising oil”. The hen is booked in to have the leg operated on to remove the excess tissue and the vet thinks she should have a good outcome. I had thought not many people would think of taking their hens to the vet, tending to either cull sick birds or ignore their plight. However, ironically as I was writing this, one of our own hens was attacked by our rooster and had to be rushed in to the vet. They told me they get quite a few hens brought in to them, often to be put to sleep, as the owners can’t bring themselves to do it, as the hens are part of the family. Dumping is a cruel thing to do as, domestic chickens cannot look after themselves and are helpless against dogs, ferrets and stoats. Add to that, the danger of cars, lack of feed and disease, life is short and unpleasant for dumped poultry. “Sometimes people don’t realise until it is too late that a bird is sick, but there are fairly clear indications that a hen is in pain”, says Manda. “She will separate herself from the flock and generally stop doing the normal hen stuff – pecking, eating, grooming.” Parasites such as Red Mites, Scaly Leg Mite and lice are particularly problematic, and can devastate birds if not dealt to. The rescue centre currently has around 80 hens and roosters in need of good homes. Along with a lot of ‘backyard specials’, there are some Orpington’s, Leghorns, bantams and Barnevelders. With incredible dedication and love for the bird, Manda has rehabilitated many of them through serious injury or disease. She never gives up and most of them pull through

with no ongoing issues. “Hens are full of personality. Every one is different and they all deserve a good life”.

If you find any poultry that have been dumped, or you can no longer care for your hens, please let Manda know on 027 757 8214

Further additions to our range of Empowering books

Fully Lined Cashmere Hats Two new Inspirational war time stories.

Rabbit Ponchos in an array of luxurious colours

Beautiful new range of handbags in store now !

available in-store & online

OPEN 7 DAYS | 10am-5pm 53 Main Street, Oxford

Ph: 312 3432 |www.emmasatoxford.myshopify.com for all the most up to date news and arrivals follow us on

Expansion of services for

Curle Contracting by Emily Chapman

Rob Curle, owner and founder, says that while he enjoys all aspects of the work, he is currently particularly excited about the options their new bulldozer offers their clients for earth works, including mole ploughing, with the ability to lay underground pipe up to 180mm. Yet another new addition is a 14 tonne wheeled digger, which is proving nimbler than a traditional track digger, being able to move quickly on the job site. Rob Curle had worked in the industry for 20 years, and in 2011 he and Jan started their own company Curle Contracting Ltd, based in Springfield, mainly focusing on earth works.

Rob and Jan Curle of Curle Contracting Limited, have expanded their business with the purchase of a 24 tonne Komatsu Bulldozer from Rossiter Contracting, and also an 18 tonne John Deere log skidder, which is the second largest John Deere skidder made.

Over the years the business has expanded from a 1 man business, to now employing 15 full time staff, 4 of whom are based in Oxford. They have yards in both Springfield and Oxford, enabling the business to work anywhere in the District, and further afield. Tony Rossiter is continuing to work with them operating the bulldozer, and Rob and Jan extend their appreciation and thanks to Tony and Cheryl for the support they have given them, and for making the transition a smooth one. All of the team at Curle Contracting love a challenge, and they will find a way to sort any situation for their customers. They enjoy the huge variety of work that they do, which can range from working on a residential driveway, to large projects such as farm conversions. Supporting their community is very important to them, and local groups and farmers know they can count on Rob and the team to turn up if they need assistance. “Of course,” says Rob, “Although the machines are great, at it’s heart the business relies on the operators; our people. We have great people, who love a challenge and take pride in delivering quality work.”

Tony Rossiter, Jan and Rob Curle of Curle Contracting at their Curle Contracting Oxford Yard

“We will continue to grow our equipment and team to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients, old and new”.


MOBILE 027 508 2240

r Hire. nsporte oot Raking. a r T y v a e ~R ators ~ H emoval n Excav val ~ Stump R e Works. to 0 3 mm it o S 1.5 p to 180 inage ~ Belt Rem e & PE u es. Shelter otection ~ DraShingle Suppli e laying of Alkathen River Pr Trailer Hire ~ r schemes - Pip r. igge Truck &ays ~ Farm wate on 14t d m w m e 0 5 iv 1 r D ys. r - up to p. Mulche s and drivewa s, full clean u le k a r s a , g Carp - loggin ozer Forestry~ Roller ~ Bulld Grader

EMAIL Rob rob@curlecontracting.co.nz Office admin@curlecontracting.co.nz

ADDRESS 5601 West Coast Road RD 1 Springfield www.curlecontracting.co.nz


wednesday - BUILD YOUR OWN PIZZA Choose any combination plus any 330ml Beer for $32

thursday - Ladies Night

Complimentary breads Platter or Pizza bread with any Bottle of wine purchased



Any Gourmet Pizza $20 Any 330ml Craft Beer $7 Any 150ml white wine $7 Red $9.50


Any Beer



Gourmet Pizza

all for

Pot of Fries



Any Gourmet Pizza $20 DELUXE $23 only}


itio nd Co y & pl s Ap


rm Te



g Playin March 16th

March 30th Oxford Show day

come along after the Oxford Show and enjoy the classic sounds of Audiochill 7pm - 8:30pm If any community clubs, groups or organisations would like to use Black Beech as a venue, it's free and we'd be more than happy to help! Just give us a call or email....blackbeechbar@gmail.com 312 3338

Monday & TUESDAY closed wednesday & thursday 4pm - 8pm friday & saturday 4pm - 10pm sunday 4pm - 8pm

Oxford Museum re-opens

Our team is growing No one knows property in the regions better than us, to know a market you need to live in it. Our provincial connection means we have the insights to bring the right people together so you get the most value out of your property. Di Moreira has been serving you in Oxford with her excellent Sales skills. We are now proud to introduce Jeska who is dedicating herself to the Oxford community who will take care of all of your property management needs. Our services mean stress free, from tenant selection to rent collection and everything in between. We’ll manage and help grow your investment. If you know of anyone looking for quality service by a team you can trust, or you have been thinking about renting your property, then call Jeska today for a confidential chat.

Landlords save yourself Time, Money and Stress Jeska King Business Development Manager/ Property Manager M 027 643 2358 jeska@pb.co.nz

Words by Jackie Kirk - Photo by Bruce Chapman An afternoon tea was held at Oxford Museum to give volunteers a look behind the scenes at the results of a recent upgrade. Allan Thompson of Oxford Historical Records Society Inc. was pleased to announce that construction work is complete, and the museum is now open to the public. The museum closed last year for the construction of a new entrance, (which is accessible from the carpark), an upgrade to the toilet facilities, and the installation of a new security surveillance system. Oxford Museum is operated by a group of volunteers, and Allan took the opportunity to thank them all for their time and effort. Paul Sharp was also thanked for making and presenting the museum with a wooden sign. After constructing a full-size flight simulator in Oxford (www. oxfordair.nz) Paul donated machinery to McIver’s Oxford Community Men’s Shed. A 1926 Harley Davidson in contrast with a Members painted the sign which 2012 Suzuki GSXR 1000 Motorcycle is now on display at the museum entrance. The closure of the museum gave committee members the opportunity to rearrange exhibits and add new displays. Motorcycle enthusiasts will be particularly interested in a meticulously restored 1926 Harley Davidson on display. This is the type of motorcycle which would have transported locals ninety years ago. A 2012 Suzuki GSXR 1000 racing motorcycle is displayed alongside the ‘golden oldie’, to show how motorcycle production has changed over eighty-six years.

The museum is currently open Sunday 11am – 4pm, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday 1pm – 3.30pm and admission is free.                                                       

Di Moreira Putting Oxford First, Local Knowledge, Proven Skill, Sales Results. Call Di today. Di Moreira | M 027 848 8020 | E di@pb.co.nz

“We were lucky to have Di as our sale consultant for selling our home. Di’s knowledge of trends, past sales and the Oxford area was paramount to the successful selling of our house. Di was great with communicating throughout the process. We thoroughly enjoyed working with her and would highly recommend her to sell your house.” Kate and Marcus Cooper


Hastings McLeod Ltd Licensed REAA 2008





A Passion for

Woodwork Words & photo by Shaz Davis

Scottish-born Nigel Wilson’s love of woodwork goes back to High School in New Zealand. “It was something I enjoyed even back then, but you were thought of as the least intelligent sort of person if you worked with your hands, so I never thought of it as a career option back then,” he says. Fast forward a few years and Nigel moved from Scotland to Canada with his Canadian girlfriend. He landed a woodworking job and immediately felt he’d found his calling. “I was lucky to learn from someone I would class as a woodwork design genius, while in Canada. The Cutting Brothers worked for millionaires and billionaires where budget was no limit, and I got to work on the most amazing projects – think houses that are more like cathedrals. But the customers we built for were awful human beings. They just wanted something bigger and better than their neighbours,” says Nigel. After 13 years in Canada, Nigel and his young family moved back to New Zealand to be with his parents on their farm at the base of Mt Thomas, and to enjoy some warmer weather and more authentic people. He set up Red Lion Workshop specialising in custom woodwork just over two years ago, and has been lucky to get just the right amount of work and weird and wonderful projects. His focus is on timber frame construction, which typically uses heavy timber jointed together and pegged with wooden dowels, which he says is the best for earthquake proofing, as it flexes and allows movement.

Nigel Wilson with some organic Ronde de Nice, a type of squash, for the Oxford Free Food Stall. Nigel also makes outdoor furniture – the bigger, clunkier kind that doesn’t blow away – and has built a few tiny houses on wheels. He says that his customers are often surprised that a solid handmade table costs about the same as mass-produced lightweight one from Mitre 10. After separating from his wife, Nigel turned to metal work art as a form of solace. “I think most artists have something they want to escape. That’s where my art comes from,” says Nigel, who welded a box of spanners into an Osprey sculpture. The price tag on the Osprey is around $3600, which would be the breakeven cost for the spanners and Nigel’s time. The Osprey and other examples of Nigel’s quirky metalwork art are currently on display at Brew Moon craft brewery in Amberley. Having established a veggie garden to feed his family, Nigel now has excess produce, that he regularly drops off at the new food exchange stall on Main Street. “I don’t have money, but I’m food rich and it is a way to give back to my community,” he says, as he readily leaps on any opportunity to explain the advantages of eating directly from garden to tabletop.

If you have custom woodwork needs, you can contact Nigel on 021 249 9729. LEFT. Nigel Wilson’s Osprey created from welded spanners.


Returns to Rangiora

Happyhire's Eats & Beats is set to return next month on Saturday 6th of April from 4pm to 9:30pm in Rangiora's Victoria Park. Like the previous years the event is gearing up to be another must see event to add to the diaries! With over 30 food vendors and gourmet markets, you can find your dinner options from all around the world, and do your artisan food shopping at the same time. Accompanying this delicious selection is a fine arrangement of music, starting out with your laid back jazz styles and moving into some more upbeat pop and classic rock, towards the end of the night. For those after a cold beverage we will have a licensed area onsite as well, featuring local Craft Beer Company The Good Drop as well as some local wine options. If you haven't been to Eats & Beats previously it is highly recommended you don't miss this year's event. It is a real spectacle as the park is beautifully detailed with professional lighting for your ambient experience. This event is organised by the Rangiora Promotions Association and brought to you in partnership with Happyhire. Rangiora Promotions is a Non-Profit organisation which delivers regular quality events in Rangiora, for the community. Eats & Beats is a one-of-a kind Food and Music Festival and is highly anticipated throughout the year. It is a great chance to catch up with friends and family, and enjoy a low cost night out, what you want to eat

for dinner! You can expect some exciting entertainment by Highly Flammable fire performers, as well as local dance group, The Northern Gypsy’s Belly Dancers. Every hour we have a different music act to enjoy, and this year the line up is even better than ever! You can find out more about Eats & Beats on the Rangiora Promotions website: www.rangiorapromotions.co.nz, or on their Facebook page. So grab a group of friends and make a night of it, while supporting local vendors and market goers at the same time!

Summer Sale

50% off all Ladies Summer Fashion



2 McMillan Street, Darfield Phone: 03 318 8734 HOURS : Monday ~ Friday 9am ~ 5pm & Saturday 9.30am ~12.30



EATS & BEATS @ Victoria Park, Rangiora Sat 6 April

4pm to 9.30pm


Fire Dancers 7pm - 9:30pm

Live Music

4pm - 9.30pm

Bayleys Bites 4pm - 9:30pm

Licensed Area 4pm - 9:30pm


4pm - 9:30pm

Horse of the Year Contender

Georgia Allison Words & photos by Cathy Dee

Georgia Allison is no stranger to the world of equine competition, having ridden her first show at the age of 4 and completed her first One Day Event at the tender age of 5. This year she will be taking 2 horses to Hawkes Bay to compete at the ‘Horse of the Year’. ‘Hokey Pokey’ (pictured), is a 9 year old Gypsy Cob (John Brodie) X Thoroughbred who will be competing in Show Hunter, Dressage and the show classes, and ‘Paintball’, a 10 year old crossbred, who will be in the show hunter and show jumping. “Jumping would have to be my favourite thing to do, but with that comes a lot of schooling”. Georgia says she puts in at least 2 hours a day during the week, all day in the weekends with most of the work being schooling and hacking out. “I don’t jump much at all, except at the competitions, unless they are young or inexperienced”. Horse of the Year encompasses many disciplines from Lead rein classes, Grand Prix dressage, show jumping, to 4 star eventing. I ask her how long it takes to ready a horse for competition like Horse of the Year, “That depends how good you want to be! Personally, I’d be putting at least a good six months into a horse before taking it, but it depends on what level you’re competing as to whether it’s more or less”. Spills usually come with the sport, but Georgia says the worst fall she has had was when a pony took fright, spun around and fell on top of her. Fortunately, she walked away relatively unscathed with just a sprained ankle to show for it. She says she’s had much worse from being kicked, while working on the ground. Riding at this level requires huge discipline and love of the sport and watching Georgia ride, you can see her dedication is really paying off. “I am a perfectionist with OCD tendencies,” she says, “I love everything to be done a certain way”. Any tips for young up and coming riders? “Practice, practice, practice! Work hard and make sure you are really confident at the level you’re doing”.  We’ll be following Georgia at Horse of the Year and wish her all the best with both horses.


• Lessons and trekking

• Over 80 well-schooled horses available or BYO • Preparation for certificates • Dressage, Show Jumping & Cross Country • Weekend courses • School holiday courses • Full livery service available “We now offer Payment Plans through Ezypay that allow you to make small regular payments for your horse riding”

Kowhai Residential School of Riding Ltd 711 Island Road, Oxford Ph: 03 312 4309 www.kowhai.co.nz RIGHT : Georgia pictured riding Hokey Pokey


Oxford Local

sparks NEW VENTURE Words by Emily Chapman

After spending 10 years in Auckland working in Senior Management in the Energy Industry, on a National basis managing large scale projects/operations, registered electricians to energy retailers, lines companies, city and town councils, Charlotte Pulley has returned to the Waimakariri where she was born and raised. She was lured home by the chance of a less frenetic lifestyle, the seasons of the South Island, and being able to be her own boss. Now based in Oxford she has purchased the Express Test and Tag franchise for Canterbury, and is enjoying a hands on role as the owner/operator, rather than working in the corporate world.

TAG ANDctricals T S TE ur Ele st T o all y from ju +GS

5 $3.9



Microwaves ~ Office equipment ~ Lamps Extension leads & power boards ~ RCD’s Vacuum cleaners ~ Electric power tools

Charlotte Pulley Franchise Owner

charlotte.p@expresstestandtag.co.nz Charlotte Pulley ~ Owner of Express Test & Tag at home in Oxford Charlotte enjoys a variety of challenges from working on big events such as the recent Night Noodle Market in Hagley Park, to the trades and services, construction, building industries, schools to smaller residential jobs such as checking microwaves, vacuum cleaners and computer equipment. The reality is that electrical faults can cause injury. By ensuring all plug-in electrical equipment and devices at home or in the workplace are safe, inspected, tested and tagged by a competent and trained person such as Charlotte, that comply with the Australian and New Zealand Standards AS3760 2010, is as easy as a no obligation free quote, and a friendly and affordable service for peace of mind. University students who have accomodation in the halls of residence are required to have all of their electrical equipment such as phone chargers, hairdryers and computer equipment tested and tagged. Charlotte also says that with the growth of online shopping, a lot of electrical appliances and equipment purchased overseas can have a requirement to be certified for use in New Zealand. For business customers, Charlotte can manage everything, making it a seamless process. Charlotte has state of the art Metrel test equipment for carrying out the testing and auditable reporting for Work and Occupational Health and Safety Regulations, and will schedule retests when required, so the worry of managing testing and tagging is taken care of. Charlotte says “I am a solutions person. There are no problems. There is always something that can be done”. She is looking forward to working with people in the area, and greater areas of Canterbury, to ensure all of their equipment is safe and meets requirements. Charlotte’s active relaxation outside the 9-5 working environment is the real passion for gardening and house renovations. Since being in Oxford and purchasing a house, a very neglected garden has been rejuvenated. The lovely comments from locals walking by, and even history on the house and area have been welcomed. It is still a work in progress, and with much more to do, so watch this space.

022 355 1433




-50 ofF %

A large variety of trees including Maples, Oaks, Crabapples, Plane trees, Ash, Liquidambar, Hornbeams Dogwoods, Flowering Cherries……….. And many more

Sunday 24th March and Sunday 31st March 10am-4pm

The Gorge Nursery 479 Ashley Gorge Road, Oxford

Phone 027 283 7279 | www.thegorgenursery.co.nz

F ro m

A the rc

es hiv

Local shows are a very popular tradition adopted by many towns in New Zealand and keenly anticipated by residents. Prizes are often donated by locals and consequently, in times of hardship, any contributions are gratefully received. The categories and prizes in the upcoming Annual Oxford Flower, Produce and Poultry Show were published in The Oxford and Cust Observer in 1895

GREAT PEOPLE + GREAT PEOPLE GREAT PEOPLE ++ GREAT PEOPLE + GREAT PEOPLE SKILLS =+= GREAT GREAT SKILLS = GREAT SKILLS GREAT SKILLS SKILLS = RESULTS! GREAT = RESULTS! GREAT RESULTS! GREAT RESULTS! Earthworks Earthworks –– for for Commercial Commercial -GREAT RESULTS! Earthworksand for Commercial Residential lifestyle blocks Earthworks – –for Commercial - -

Residential blocks Earthworks and –and forlifestyle Commercial Residential lifestyle blocks Residential and lifestyle blocks

with Jackie Kirk

Residential and lifestyle blocks

12 early potatoes First prize – a digging fork: Second prize - 1 shilling 12 pods of broad beans First prize – set of horse shoes: Second prize - 1 shilling 12 pods of peas First prize – a fat lamb: Second prize - 1 shilling 3 cabbages First prize – a pair of boots: Second prize - 1 shilling Collection of vegetables First prize – a fat lamb Collection of salad First prize – a fat lamb: Second prize - 100ft timber 6 turnips First prize – a dray-load of horse shoes: Second prize - 2 shillings & 6 pence 6 stalks of rhubarb First prize – a whip Plate of gooseberries First prize – 6 teaspoons: Second prize – 1 shilling 3 lettuces First prize – a bridle: Second prize - 1 shilling Longest radish First prize – three pence Bread First prize – a tomahawk: Second prize - 2 shillings and sixpence Butter First prize – a hat: Second prize – carpet slippers 6 carrots First prize - two gallons of beer: Second prize - 1 shilling Pair of locally made boots First prize - 10 shillings Pair of Plymouth Rocks First prize – bottle of port

✓ Driveways ✓ Site Preparation Preparation ✓ Driveways ✓ Site Entranceways ✓ Retaining Walls ✓ Driveways ✓ Site Preparation ✓ Entranceways Retaining Walls ✓ ✓ Driveways Site Preparation ✓ ✓ Driveways Site Preparation Asphalting Kerb & Channelling ✓ ✓ ✓ Entranceways ✓ ✓ Retaining Walls ✓ Asphalting Kerb & Channelling ✓ ✓ Entranceways Retaining Walls ✓ Retaining Walls ✓ ✓ ✓✓ Sewer Soak ✓ Entranceways Asphalting Kerb &Pits Channelling ✓ ✓ ✓ Kerb Sewer Soak Pits ✓ Asphalting Asphalting Kerb & Channelling & Channelling ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ Soak Sewer everything from Farm Pits Tracks & Effluent ✓And everything from Farm Tracks & Effluent ✓✓ Sewer Soak Pits Sewer Soak Pits Finishes. ✓And Ponds to Construction & Interior And everything from Farm Tracks & Effluent Ponds to Construction & Interior Finishes. And everything Tracks &Finishes. Effluent 450 & 600from PostFarm Hole Augers And everything from Farm Tracks & Effluent Ponds to Construction & Interior Ponds to Construction & Interior Finishes. Ponds to Construction & Interior Finishes.

Quality First Quality First Quality First Ph 03 313-1670 Baydon 027First 405 9910 Quality Ph 03 313-1670 Baydon 027 405 9910 Email : info@bayphil.co.nz Quality First Ph 03 Email 313-1670 Baydon 027 405 9910 1734627 : info@bayphil.co.nz 1734627 Ph 03 Email 313-1670 Baydon 027 405 9910 : info@bayphil.co.nz 1734627 Ph 03Email 313-1670 Baydon 027 4051734627 9910 : info@bayphil.co.nz

Email : info@bayphil.co.nz

Customers may have noticed that the range of products at Fresh Choice Oxford is expanding!

Oxford FreshChoice Retail Buyer Sukhvir Singh ( Sukh)

OXFORD 52 Main Street Oxford

This is something that Retail Buyer Sukhvir Singh is passionate about. Coming from previous roles in Christchurch within the New World Supermarket chain, he joined the Fresh Choice Oxford Team almost two years ago. His role is Retail Buyer, and as the name suggests, he is responsible for all aspects of ordering stock, including negotiating the best prices for customers. He says that because of the distance from Christchurch they can end up with more freight charges, which he works hard to keep as low as possible. Sukh says “If we don’t have what you want, please let us know and we can try and get it for you. We don’t want people to have to travel to get items that we can source for them”. There is a new product form at the check out that customers can fill out and Sukh will follow up. Sukh says they are introducing a ‘deal of the month’ program soon. One weekend of every month will see some sharp deals for customers so watch out for this! Another service on offer for customers is ordering for occasions such as weddings, birthday parties and any other special function. See Sukh if you would like more information about this. Sukh loves working in Oxford, and says that he comes from a similar size town in North India so it feels very homely for him. He says it is such a friendly community and he enjoys meeting customers. He finds the team at Fresh Choice great to work with, including Mike and Nicky who are always open to new opportunities and ideas.

your Local


Opening Hours Mon - Sun 7am - 9pm

Phone 03 312 4305


with Kerri Booth

There is a new word that has been added to the English Dictionary just recently (not really, but may as well have!). ‘Marie Kondo’ is the word that is being used on the street, in the pub, at the mall, over the neighbour’s fence; every place possible actually. For those of you that haven’t heard, Marie Kondo is a Japanese organizing consultant and author. She has written four books on organizing and has taken the world by storm since her series hit Netflix. There are plenty of pros and cons to what she brings to the table, but one quote she makes is ‘The space in which we live should be for the person we are becoming now, not for the person we were in the past.’ There are so many aspects to that. Walking into a wardrobe that is full of clothes that reflect who you are now, is a win on so many levels. ’It Gives Joy!’. I decided to give this Marie Kondo folding technique a go and dare I say it, it actually works. It made me think about every item I was folding, when I wear it and what I wear it with and if it deserved to be in my drawer. I encourage you to have a look at some of her techniques. I discourage you from ridding your home of pets, kids, husbands, wives because they don’t bring you ‘Joy’ 100% of the time. That could be considered taking de-cluttering to the extreme. I have items that I will never get rid of because of sentimental reasons, but they aren’t quite the person that I am now. Instead of having these hang in my everyday wardrobe where I need space, I find other places to put them. My Gran’s suitcase that used to be her father’s is sitting on the book shelf. A fur coat of the family’s has been turned into a cushion. Items that I have worn for events that I want to keep, but will never wear again are folded and stored. There is a fine line between keeping history, and being bombarded with clutter and junk, and the only person that can figure out that line is you, because the line is different for every single person. Once you figure out the line that is right for you, then you may go ahead and ‘Marie Kondo’ the stuffing out of everything.

A the rc

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F ro m

Second hand

with Jackie Kirk

The Forest Inn David Fisher owned and operated Oxford’s second public house, the Forest Inn. David and his brother Joseph, both policemen, sailed from England to Australia in 1852, hoping to make their fortunes in the goldrush. Joseph settled in Australia, and David continued his voyage to New Zealand. In 1859 David’s wife, Agnes, and their four children, boarded the Strathallen in England and sailed to New Zealand to reunite with David. The family settled in Oxford where David found work as a bush worker, until another goldrush enticed him away from home. In May 1861, gold was discovered in Gabriel’s Gully, Otago. Four months later there were six thousand gold diggers camped in the area. The following year, the nearby town of Lawrence had a population of over eleven thousand, more than double the number of people living in Dunedin at the time. David returned from Otago to open his public house on the corner of Main Street and Perth Street in 1863. Due to a shortage of municipal buildings, pubs were often used as meeting places for the community. A meeting to set up the Oxford Jockey Club was held at the Forest Inn in June 1875 and The Oxford Lodge of Oddfellows opened in one of the rooms in 1876. The Forest Inn was also the venue for a number of inquests. In 1869 an inspection, which was

reported in the local newspaper, found the premises to be ‘badly ventilated, the bedrooms ill-furnished, no sheets on the beds, and only one counterpane in use in all the public rooms, while a supply of bedroom utensils was required and the rooms also required papering’. Thea public house was refused a license. At the hearing it was reported that Mr Fisher ‘thanked the Bench for refusing his license in an ironical manner, was committed for contempt, and subsequently, upon being asked to apologise for his conduct, and stating he did not see anything to apologise for, was ordered to be locked up for twentyfour hours’. In the 1870s the name of the public house was changed to the Terminus Hotel and after a number of different licensees, John Fisher, David Fisher’s son, took over the pub in 1882 and ran it for eight years. A number of other licensees operated the Terminus Hotel until it closed in 1903.

Support and enjoy your local Market

Every Sunday 9am - 12pm

Main Street, Oxford

EFT Ava POS ilabl e



You’ll Find it all at the Oxford Farmers Market

Follow us on Facebook to keep up to date with upcoming events Email: info@oxfordfarmersmarket.co.nz



• Septic & Waste Water Servicing • Grease Trap Servicing • Water Tank Cleaning • Drain Unblocking • Culvert Clearing • Vacuum Trucks • CCTV Inspections


0800 HYDROVAC 03 366 9187



Garden Club Winner a Labour of Love Words & photos by Emily Chapman People often wonder where Shirley Cummins gets the time to work on her beautiful garden, which is the winner of the OB&I League Cup Garden award, as she works long hours with her husband in their business, but she loves to come home from work and spend a few hours working outside. Shirley says “I can go outside and spend time in the garden and forget all about work”. She normally has a day off on Friday and if the weather isn’t great for gardening she finds it very frustrating. Shirley and her husband Jim have been in their current home in Oxford for nearly 4 years, over which time they have built up their garden from scratch. Shirley is the gardener, and when she has an idea, it is her husband Jim who does any building work required. Her garden is full of statues and garden art that have been gifts from family and friends over the years. Shirley is always looking at what she can do and changes things up every year. She said this year some things haven’t done so well as there was so much rain earlier in the season. It is a peaceful and serene space with something interesting everywhere you look.

Fresh, real milk direct to you at the farm dispenser Real Milk from our happy, free-range, grass-fed cows...

Self Service

OPEN 7 DAYS 7am - 9pm 56 Ashley Gorge Road, Oxford 2km off the Main Street

Phone 027 630 2230

Real milk. For a naturally better life. www.facebook.com/CavanFarmFreshMilk

Need a Pre-school ?

Oxford Early Learning Centre Monday to Friday 8.30am - 3.30pm

Nursery for 6 months onwards Interactive area for 2-3 year olds School readiness classroom for 4-6 year olds Great teacher/child ratios with passionate staff Community focused team supporting our families/whanau for over 29 years

166 High Street | Ph: 03 312 4757 (Behind Baptist Church)


Local & Annie Smith Licensee Salesperson M 027 202 8155 E annie.smith@raywhite.com Licensed (REAA 2008)

Community Resource Standing in Your Corner



for your Real Estate Needs. 50 Main Street, Oxford T 03 424 1414


Lorinda Harrington Registered Financial Advisor M 027 242 3211 E Lorinda@thebroker.co.nz THEBROKER.co.nz

Free Service Specialising in 1st Home buyers

Principal / Tumuaki update by Mike Hart Nau mai, haere mai, welcome.

The first term is well underway. It has been pleasing to see our students and their classes getting down to the business of learning. It was great to see those participating and competing in this Year’s annual swimming sports. We have held two events, one for years 9-13 and the other this week for the Years 5-8 students. From here some students will be selected to represent our school in the zone competition and we wish them well.A brief building redevelopment update: The first step in the design of our major redevelopment, which will see most of our current school buildings replaced, is to develop an education brief. This document explains how we function as a school and how the community utilise our school. This high-level information assists the architectural firm drawing up the initial concept design. At the end of last year, we were able, through the Board of Trustees, to consult with staff, students and the community around our newly developed strategic plan and at the same time, we received quality feedback on our environment. This feeds back into our education brief. Our goal is to have completed the Education Brief by the end of the first term. This will then allow the architect to engage with the project. We will keep you posted as we progress. Ms Varcoe joins our team as Deputy Principal

Welcome to Sharyn Varcoe

Kia ora, My name is Sharyn Varcoe and I’m looking forward to serving the community as I take on the appointment of Deputy Principal Years 7-13 at Oxford Area School. My own educational journey started out on the Taieri plains south of Dunedin for both my primary & secondary schooling, before attending Otago University for study towards a Bachelor of Science with a major in Psychology. After spending time away from formal education while my family was young, I completed a post-graduate diploma of teaching and learning through Canterbury University in the early 2000s. Since then I have been employed at Riccarton High School, a co-educational state school of about 1000 students in the west of Christchurch. In my time there I have been fortunate to hold many positions including Head of Biology, Head of Science and more recently acting Deputy Principal: Junior School.I passionately believe in supporting others to be lifelong learners and have been involved in the executive of the Biology Educators’ Association of New Zealand (BEANZ) since 2013. This “by teachers, for teachers” organisation was made a network of expertise by the ministry of education early in 2018, which means we can better provide professional learning opportunities and resources for both new and experienced teachers to support their work with our young people.Lastly, at the end of 2018, I had the good fortune to attend Oxpo and see for myself the innovation that is Fusion. It was a pleasure to listen to engaged young people explain the thinking and creativity behind their models, the culmination of many hours of hard work. I am excited to be joining Oxford Area School and look forward to working with all our young people and meeting you in the near future. Ngā mihi nui

Welcome to Ross Marwick Mr Marwick joins our Team to teach Art and Photography in the Art department Ross comes to us from Ao Tawhiti Unlimited Discovery and has a wealth of experience teaching photography, art and language. He has a passion for Art ( especially New Zealand Art) and in his spare time loves to travel and breeds thoroughbred horses on a small farm in Oxford.

52 Bay Road Oxford

Ngā mihi, Mike Hart Tumuaki / Principal

Welcome to Nura Gilpin Mrs Gilpin joins our Team teaching English and History while Miss Johansson is on maternity leave. My teaching career began in 2003. Over the years I have taught in the Canterbury region in various schools, and in England. I am married with two young children and live on a lifestyle block in Okuku. I am happiest reading, spending time in my garden, and hanging out with my family. I relish working with young people in my capacity as a teacher and am excited about personalising learning for them. I look forward to joining Oxford Area School and working in the community.

Welcome to Jesse Moore Mr Moore joins our team as Head of Department Performing Arts Kia ora koutou, I’m Jesse Moore and I’m super excited to be coming aboard the Oxford Area School team. Oxford is a special place for me. This is my hometown where I grew up, going through Oxford Area School for my primary and secondary schooling. It was during these years here that I discovered my love of the performing arts and I plan to instil the joy and fulfilment that the arts give me into my future students.My time before teaching at O.A.S. included the three years of youth work (in O.A.S.), itinerant music teaching as well as furthering myself in other tertiary study. In my spare time I enjoy jamming and making music whenever I can, watching movies and dissecting the music/plots/characters, and catching up with friends and family. I’m looking forward to starting my time teaching at O.A.S. and being a part of this amazing community of Oxford, in a new capacity.

03 312 4197


Homestays needed

2019 OAS Student Leadership Team Ellie Tizzard ~ Hi, my name is Ellie Tizzard and I am Head Girl for 2019. I have always been someone who is heavily involved in school events and sports teams, and having been at Oxford Area School for all of my school life, I have had my fair share of awesome opportunities presented to me by the school. I am really keen to bring the junior and senior school closer together, and to keep the great community feeling we have, in the coming year. It is important that the Student Leadership team sets a good example for the rest of the school, and are positive and involved in the community. I am really excited to be a part of such a great leadership team, and be able to give back to a school that has given me so many opportunities. After school, I plan to study Criminal Justice at the University of Canterbury, and later become a police detective. Rebecca Jones~ Hello, I’m Bex! I have been at Oxford since Year 8. I love getting involved in everything at the school especially sports days and cultural activities. I love Oxford’s close-knit community and school, as I think it is a huge advantage to everyone. I’m really excited to be a part of the 2019 student leadership team, and be given the chance to make a difference at OAS. I hope that our leadership team will be one that everyone can be proud of, and that we will inspire a lot more positivity and involvement from students throughout the whole school. Damon Galbraith~Hi I’m Damon Galbraith. I’ve been at Oxford Area School for 9 years. I like the real sense of community that Oxford area school provides. This year I would like to focus on bringing the whole school into more events between the older and younger students. Kitty ten Hove~Hi, I’m Kitty ten Hove and I am one of the deputy head students in the 2019 senior leadership team. I’ve been at Oxford Area School since Year 7, and have loved every moment. I’ve been involved in several areas of the school but mostly the performing arts. This year I am really looking forward to being able to help push the recycling ideas some of our teachers have started up, and continue to help reduce waste in the school. Amanda Kilgour~ Hi I’m Amanda Kilgour I am a part of the student leadership team. I have been at this school since year zero and I can’t wait to be a part of the group of people I have always looked up to. I am excited to work with the other student leaders and the teachers to try improve the school. Hayden Rowe~ Hi I’m Hayden Rowe. I am excited to be part of the 2019 leadership team for Oxford Area School. I enjoy motorbiking, hunting and the outdoors. I have attended Oxford Area School my whole schooling life.

Oxford Area School are looking for suitable homes in the township, or on the school bus route, to place our incoming International Students. We require the home to be a safe and warm environment, with a welcoming, kind, caring and active family, preferably with children at our school. There is an option to host students for short term, up to two weeks or long term for the school year. We are particularly looking for 6mth or 1 yr house stays for 2019/2020 and short stays 1 or 2 weeks. Students must have their own room with a place to study.   Police vetting of hosts is mandatory.  A generous weekly payment will be made.   We may pay extra for homestays that have horses to ride. We do our best to match the students’ hobbies, interests and personalities to that of the host family. If you are interested or have any questions please contact: International Accommodation Coordinator and Administrator Lynley McDougall Ph 027 248 2177

Board of Trustees update (by Matt Riley) Kia ora koutou katoa.   We hope everyone has settled nicely into the 2019 school year, especially all our new students, staff, families who have joined us this year at Oxford Area School and those of you that are new to the Oxford community. As a Board, we are here to work both with you and for everyone within our school community. Our role is not the day to day running of the school but more specifically the Board’s job is to see that everything that needs to be done gets done - legally, ethically, and as well as possible in the best interests of its students. We aim to work with the local community to make sure that the school or kura works in a way that is appropriate for the students, families and the wider community that it serves.  We create a Strategic Plan (or long term plan) and monitor its progress along with student progress and achievement, Property, administration, finance and governance all fall under the Board’s guidance. As Board Chairperson I am more than happy to talk to anyone relating to governance matters of our school. To contact me please email me at boardchair@oxford.school.nz or phone 0274548778.   Our other current Board of Trustees for 2019 are: Deputy Chairperson: Mr Justin Taylor;
Parent Trustees:
Mr Andrew Stokes,
Mrs Louise Courtney,
Mrs Katrina Graydon, Principal; Mr Mike Hart,
Staff Trustee; Mrs Lesley Inch,
Student Trustee; Hayden Rowe,
Board Secretary; Mrs Heather McLachlan Ngā mihi Matt Riley (BOT Chairperson)



OHelping xford Night Patrol keeping the community Safe by Shaz Davis Members of the Oxford Night Patrol play a role in deterring crime in Oxford, by patrolling the wider area on Friday and Saturday evenings. With a current roster of about 40, members venture out at night, in pairs, for a couple of hours about once or twice in six months. The night patrols started about 25 years ago. “At the time we had a rogue person who lived on High Street. He would go to the supermarket, let himself in, and help himself,” says patrol co-ordinator Kevin Felstead. “The community knew who it was, but they couldn’t prove it.”The night patrols began, with police support, on Friday and Saturday nights, which was when this person was most active. Community volunteers would sit outside his home, or outside the supermarket. While this eventually encouraged the person to leave town, the patrols have continued on Friday and Saturday nights, and they have occasionally assisted with additional patrols, at police request, when there are one-off events in, or near Oxford. “As a group, we decided that volunteers would use their own cars, and they are reimbursed $20 in petrol vouchers, which is currently covered by funding from the Community Organisation Grants Scheme”, says Kevin. We’ve also never felt the need to join the Community Patrols Association. The patrol times are left up to the individual members and could be anywhere between 10pm and 2am and patrols are usually for about two hours. The routes are also flexible and can include Ashley Gorge, the golf course, a drive around the Hospital area, and around the township. Some pairs also include Cust in their patrols. Police also leave a note of the latest known party locations or trouble spots for patrol. Volunteers note down anything suspicious, including the registration numbers of cars parked in unusual places, and can call 111 or the police officer on duty in an emergency.“We are largely a deterrent, so it’s hard to really know how much good we do. But, we have had one success story,” says Kevin. “On this occasion the volunteers were parked near the big tree and were able to note down the time and registration number of a car that sped down Main Street.

BATHROOM & Kitchen Alterations Complete Job Management Full Package Deals with all trades included Give us a call today ! * FREE QUOTES *

The next day police were able to tie this in with a Darfield robbery that had occurred 20 minutes earlier, and the burglars were apprehended.”

Residents interested in helping out with night patrols are welcome to contact Kevin on k-m-felstead@xtra.co.nz or 027 4394 603, or to look out for a notice of the Oxford Night Patrol AGM which is expected to be mid-to-late March and pop by then to find out more.


Old gas pumps / petrol bowsers, porcelain / enamel signs & oil / petrol memorabilia. ph. Chris 027 516 0669

NEW LINE DANCE CLASS Starting 11th March at Pearson Park Pavilion, Oxford Monday mornings 9.30-11.30

Suitable for absolute beginners to those wanting to get back into dancing.

Drop your children at school and come on in. Exercise to variety of music, pop, country, Old & New.

First timers please ring first Jenny 03 3124 896 or cell 0274 452 285

2171 Clintons Road www.theoaksofdarfield.co.nz

Michael Mayo

Painter & Decorator

Apprenticeship trained tradesman. All types of painting and decorating. Waterblasting. Certified lead paint removealist. Dulux certified airless sprayer. Plastering.

All work guaranteed, Top quality products used.

* 35 years experience *


0800 764 846


021 898 380

Please phone Michael on 027 665 4654 or email mmayo1963@gmail.com


The pool at View Hill School has reopened following a refurbishment carried out over the holiday period by parents and community members. The Principal, Bu Windsor said “ In 2017, when we had to close our pool due to structural safety and system failures, the community was quite upset. However they soon rallied, with fundraising through balls, quiz nights and auctions. Now that someone has taken the bull by the horns and seen this project through, we’re delighted to be swimming again this summer.” Steve Macaulay, a parent at the school, spearheaded the operation. He galvanised staff from his business (Oxford Ag Services) and other parents to rebuild the changing rooms and clean and paint the pool. Quentin Stagg from Oxford Business ‘Mighty Staggz’, who specialise in pools and spas, supplied the state-of-the-art pump, filtration system and heat pump, and donated his time for the installation. On the first day of school, there was great excitement among the children when a large Fonterra tanker rolled into the grounds and fitted a pipe from the tanker into the pool. Eyes widened and more than one small child asked ‘Are they going to fill our pool with milk?” As the fresh water splashed in, the squeals of delight rang out, and

have continued each day since. The community will continue to fundraise for a cover and shade sails to extend the swimming season. For now, it’s great to be able to offer swimming lessons again. With a bit of determination and the backing of the community, View Hill School has become another example of ‘The little school that could’.


fine chop maize with shredlage processor FOR ANY ENQUIRIES CONTACT

silage manager - adam 027 374 6357


managing director - STEVE 021 825 552


St Peter Chanel Catholic Parish Sacred Heart Church, Oxford

ENQUIRIES: Waimakariri Parish Ph: 03 313 6285


Sunday Service & Children’s Church


166 High Street SENIOR PASTORS Greg & Joy Morris ASSOCIATE PASTORS Iain & Beth Froud CHILDRENS PASTOR Tamar Hylands

Phone 03 312 4499

www.oxfordbaptistchurch.org.nz email: office@oxfordbaptist.org.nz


Years 9 to 13 at 7.30pm on Fridays at the Auditorium.

ICONZ ADVENTURE FOR BOYS & GIRLS Years 4 to 6 Girls Monday night: 6.30pm - 8pm Years 4 to 6 Boys Tuesday night: 6.30pm - 8pm Years 7 to 8 Girls Monday night 6.30pm - 8pm Years 7 to 9 Boys Wednesday 6.30pm - 8pm

EVENING MASS Every 1st & 3rd Wednesday of the month at 7pm




Sharing Christ in our Fellowship and Community

~ 3rd March - Communion Service ~ ~ 10th March - Service ~ ~ 17th March ~

~ Harvest Thanksgiving Service ~ (with Salvation Army Service at 6.00pm)

~ 24th March - Service ~ ~ 31st March - Service ~


021 024 19237

320 Kiri Kiri Road | Burnt Hill | Oxford | North Canterbury


Marina Vermaat 64 High Street Oxford 7430

03 312 4731

027 311 1140

Physio Direct

Rural Physio at YOUR doorstep • Work & Sports • Surgical Rehabilitation related Injuries • Neck & Back • Muscle & Joint Pain Pain • ACC Accredited • Massage

For an appointment call

0800 55 55 123 1 Redwood Place, Oxford


We offer Food parcels for individuals and families who are going through a difficult time. We are always here to help anyone in need..

03 312 4294


Open Monday - Friday 8.30am to 3.30pm for ages 6 months to 5yrs.


Eftpos & Oxipay repayment option available



Every 2nd & 4th Wednesday(s) in the Church Lounge, 10am - 12 noon.

by Appointment only

ALL WELCOME | Call Josie 022 089 8331

Held every 2nd Monday at 7.30pm Oxford Church Centre

Mondays 10am - Open Sessions for all ages


Debbie Hawkins

Advanced Facials, Peels & Skin Treatments. Waxing, Eyelash & Brow Emphasis

Small Prayer & Reflection Groups


Tuesdays at the Oxford Baptist Church, 10.15am - 12.30pm & 1.00pm - 3.00pm.

The Oxford House of Beauty

For Beautifully Handcrafted Books Tessa Warburton BOOKBINDER • Restoration • Repair • Private Tuition

Phone: 03 312 4399/027 419 6311 Email: tessawarburton@gmail.com

Angel Cats Boarding Cattery & Pet Supplies (ukmax on Trade Me)

52 Church Street, Oxford

Phone 312 1452 & 0210 424367 Email: angelcats@xtra.co.nz

www.angelcats.biz Hours: 8am-11am & 4pm-6pm

Phone: 03 312 5744 Mob: 027 457 4431 Email: Theresa@coolcats.nz “Time spent with cats is never wasted” 1891 South Eyre Rd

‘FOOD TOGETHER’ Fruit & Vege Co-op Tuesdays at Oxford Baptist Church. 10.15am -12.30pm Tuesday Community Lunch. 12.30pm - 1.30pm Fresh Produce Weekly



Four bedroom family home for RENT $480/wk. Burnett Street - within walking distance to the park, swimming pool, main street or school. No dogs sorry. Available from early March. Ph 027 2852882

STATIONHOUSE CAFE “Dining with a view” Lunch, brunch, morning or afternoon tea

Moana, Lake Brunner Ph: 03 738 0158

CUST BOWLING CLUB Club days Saturday, Tuesday, and Thursday at 1.30pm. Come along and have a go, ph: 312 5892. CUST CRAFT GROUP Meets every 1st & 3rd Tuesday 10am-2pm at the Cust Community Centre. New members always welcome. for details phone Beth 03 312 3191 or phone /text Ricki 021 264 6536 CUST | OXFORD ST JOHN Cadet Group and Ambulance Supporters Scheme Committee, ph: 3125839 or 3125538. CUST TOY LIBRARY Indoor and outdoor toys to borrow. Open Sat 10-11.30am & Mon 9.30-10.30am at Cust Community Centre. DARFIELD LINE DANCERS Every Wednesday - 6:00pm - 8:30pm $7 per night Darfield Rec Centre. Beginner & Improver classes. Two left feet OK. Great fun. Contact Jenny 03 312 4896 or 0274 452 285 ISRAELI FOLK DANCING Every Thursday in Oxford. Easy, enjoyable, suits all levels of fitness. Enquiries to Colleen, ph: 03 928 3733 or 027 428 5824 OXFORD SENIOR CITIZENS Meeting on the 2nd Wednesday of the month 1:30pm at the OWMC. PH Carol on 3123019

New members welcome to help promote the Oxford area

NEW TO OXFORD? Join us for coffee/tea and a chat at Cafe 51 on Main Street,10am every 1st and 3rd Monday of the month. OXFORD ALPINE TAEKWONDO Classes - Mondays & Wednesdays Oxford GP Hall Juniors: 5:30pm – 6:30pm Seniors: 6:00pm – 7:30pm Phone Matt 027 432 4249 or email info@OxfordTaekwondo.club First three classes are free. OXFORD BIRD RESCUE Raptor rehabilitation specialists at 77 Sales Road , Oxford ph: 021 292 7861 OXFORD COMMUNITY GARDENS Meets every Thursday 10am beside the Men’s Shed, Pearson Park. All welcome, ph: 312 1536. OXFORD COMMUNITY MEN’S SHED The Oval, Pearson Park. Tuesday 7pm 9pm Men and Women, Thursday 10am - 12.30 Men only, Thursday 7pm - 9pm Men only, Saturday 10am - 2pm OXFORD CYCLE GROUP Meets at Oxford Farmers Market carpark every Monday morning at 9.30, for a casual ride about 1 1/2 hours, then coffee. Ph Mary on 03 313 3259. OXFORD MUSEUM

Open every Sunday:11am-4pm, Friday: 1-3.30pm, Wednesday & Saturday: 1-3.30pm. Main St, Oxford.

FRIENDS OF THE OXFORD HOSPITAL COMMITEE are holding the next meeting on the 4th March at 1:30pm

OXFORD DOGS WALKING GROUP Meets 9:30am Mondays at the big tree parking area beside the Service Centre. Contact Lee Leonard on 312 1536. OXFORD LINE DANCING 4:30pm - at the Oxford Club. Every Thursday at 160 High Street. No Partner needed! Great Exercise, good Music, Excellent company. Other classes Tuesday & Thursday. Come and enjoy the Fun! Enquiries contact Vicky 027 388 8929 or gvhamilton@gmail.com OXFORD SPINNING GROUP Meets 10am-2pm alternate Wednesdays and one Monday/month. Social woolcrafting group, beginners welcome, ph: 312 3345 OXFORD SQUASH CLUB Have Fun! Get Fit! For all ages, casual or competition. Club nights Wednesdays, 6pm, ph: Shelley 0279201738 OXFORD WEDNESDAY WALKERS & TRAMPERS. Walks from 3 hours to day tramps. Over bush, farmland and roads - 9:15am Start

ph: Anne on 03 312 4375 or 027 298 7750.

OXFORD WOMEN’S FORUM Meets on the first Thursday of every second month, March-Nov with guest speakers, ph: Margaret on 03 312 4478. SCOTTISH COUNTRY DANCING Great exercise. No partners required. Tuesdays, ph: Judi on 312 4291. WAIMAKARIRI BRIDGE CLUB Meets every Thursday 7.30pm at the Waimakariri Golf Club rooms. YUMMY MUMMY’S OXFORD A group that helps families with new babies with meals/baking. Volunteers always appreciated, ph: Amanda on 027 490 7052.

rt rba

Design &


OXFORD PROMOTIONS ACTION COMMITTEE Inc Meets Third Monday of each Month February-November 7pm at Oxford Club Meeting Room


Come along for a chat and morning tea at the St James-on-the-Cust hall every 4th Monday 10-11.30am. All ages welcome, ph Sandra on 03 310 2074.

OXFORD CRAFT MARKET 1st Sunday of every month except January 10m - 2pm Oxford Town Hall


CAKE DECORATING FONDANT MODELING CLUB Learn the art of cake decorating - any experience welcome Ph Patsy 021 022 01656

JP SIGNING CENTRE Oxford Library every Thursday. If you have any documents that need to be signed by a JP, there is a JP signing Centre at the Oxford Library every Thursday 11am until 1pm. Free session. Appointment not necessary. Just call in.


AGAPE DANCE ACADEMY Beautiful ballet, fun Jazz & Contemporary and Tap Dance for 3yrs to Adult in Oxford. Phone Miss Belinda: 021 049 1315 or Facebook: Agape Dance Academy NZ




te Power ConcALLreCONCRETE

Crafting Companions


By Emily Chapman

DARYL POWER 027 230 9401 concretepower@scorch.co.nz . Driveways, Patios & Paths . Bridges & Culverts . Floors and Foundations . Sheds & Buildings . Dairy Sheds,Herd homes . Silage pits & effluent ponds . Retaining walls & landscaping . Swimming pools & ponds . Excavation and cartage . Precast concrete . Insulated panels . Placing & finishing

For 9 years Cust Craft Group members have been meeting twice a month to work on their crafts including embroidery, patchwork, crochet and much more. The group was started by Margaret Austin, who is the owner of Away With the Fairys shop on the main street of Cust. The group is aimed at bringing together like minded women for a creative and social time. Group member Ricki Sullivan says “Many women living in the country don’t have close neighbours, so it is important for them to have a way of connecting with others”. The group welcomes members from all over the district, and in fact has members who travel out from Christchurch to attend. Everyone brings their own projects to work on, but at times they work on joint projects. One of the projects they work on is to make crochet blankets for Operation Cover Up, which sends

NEED A PLUMBER Call us now for fast friendly service Get your problems sorted out quick smart - on time!! Local family Plumbing Business

Phone for a

FREE quote now

T 03 312 1280 | M 021 898 380 E eliteplumbingchch@gmail.com

items through Missions without Borders, to Eastern Europe, many of these items going to orphanages. Every few years they hold a display of work that is open to the public. This is a fundraiser, and they will nominate a community group to support, from the money raised. This display will be held later in the year so watch out for this! The group meets on the 1st & 3rd Tuesdays of the month from, 10am-2pm at the Cust Community Centre. A cost to attend of $3.00 covers rent of the building.Ricki says “Anyone is welcome to come. We are all just doing our own thing, and are not specialists so don’t be intimidated”. She says the days are very flexible, people can come for as long as they like, and the group is extremely welcoming to anyone who joins.

For Sale

Cust 49 Leslies Road





Hidden gem in Cust sited on 4 ha... If you have been waiting for a lifestyle property, one you can add the finishing touches and make your own by completing what our vendor has begun, then look no further! This solid brick home was designed with the much-loved fur and feathered family in mind. Cottage-style kitchen overlooking a picturesque countryside, accessorised with chandeliers, elegant bathroom fittings and plenty of storage throughout. View online @ harcourtsfourseasons.co.nz/RG8667

An active part of your community. Your local advantage! Jessica Murphy

313 6158 | 027 948 3000

jessica.murphy@harcourts.co.nz 15 Good Street, Rangiora Your home for local property

Four Seasons Realty 2017 Ltd | Licensed Agent REAA 2008

Four Seasons Realty



160 High Street Oxford | Phone 312 4411 | www.oxfordclub.co.nz

EST - 1887

Members, Guests and Affiliates welcome

CLUB HOURS BAR & BOTTLESTORE Open from 11am every day


Sun - Thu 5:00pm - 8:00pm Fri & Sat 5:00 - 9:00pm


Fri - Sat - Sun from 5:30pm

‘Live Band 30th March from 7.30pm’ RD C






en s e r P

Top off a great Oxford Show Day at the home of hospitality and entertainment..

Ctrl-Alt-Rock will rock the Oxford Club with a Sizzling Musical Repertoire and a vibrant interactive live show. Come along to the Club and make a night of, it dine out first at Oscars Place our revamped Bistro making a name for itself for Yummy Scrummy Food at great prices. Then enjoy our latest great game show at 7pm...Play Your Cards Right before dancing the Night Away with Crtl-Alt-Rock.

Oscar’s Place

“Oxford Club Restaurant” A massive thank you to everyone who has come down and tempted their taste buds with our new Oscar’s Place menu. It’s fantastic to see everyone back down supporting us again and hearing all the awesome comments about our yummy food. We have something for everyone from Garlic Bread and Dippers to Blue Cod and Roast Vege Medley and scrummy Sticky Date pudding or Chocolate Trilogy cheesecake! Don’t forget to checkout our Blackboard for this week’s Roasts and specials. Bookings are filling up fast so ring and book your table now.

What’s On at Oxford Club

"Play Your Cards Right” Fun Fun Fun For All!

Raffles Every Wednesday, Friday & Saturday from 6pm Happy Hour Every Wednesday & Saturday Lucky Member Door Draw Every Monday & Wednesday Saturday’s 7pm ** Play Your Cards Right **

Each Saturday night in March you can come along and try & "Play Your Cards Right" or just pop in for a super laugh a minute, audience participation filled, fun evening at the Oxford Club Your Social Hub. Saturday 30th March While you are at the club pick up a copy of our 2019 CTRL- ALT - DELETE from 7.30pm Entertainment Calendar which is chock full of super LIKE us on Facebook happenings for your enjoyment during the year, It will be Nice To See You, Nice To See You. as we have an exciting year of entertainment planned



If you are thinking about becoming a member, come on down and check us out. It’s easy to become a member, just sign up at the bar. Discounts for Juniors & Seniors

LOTS of sections to join – Cards, Claybirds, Darts, Fishing, Golf, Indoor Bowls, Outdoor Bowls, Pool, Racing, Travel & Vintage.

Awareness Week 4 - 10 March

Future Villagers – Showcasing the resources of Playcentre through play.
 Today’s children are tomorrow’s adults. We are a village and children are our future.That’s the focus of the 2019 campaign for Playcentre Awareness Week (4-10 March) as they head into a new year of fostering our nation’s children. With 425 Playcentres nationwide, New Zealand’s favourite early childhood service provider is keen to welcome new families into their ‘village’ and demonstrate the wide range of activities and resources each centre has. Playcentre provides a safe, caring, and community environment for children aged 0 – 6, with each centre catering to the specifics needs of their local community.“Rather than just tell you what resources Playcentre has to offer, we thought it would be better for you to see those resources in action. Playcentre welcomes you and your family and invites you to meet




Phone: 312 1360

Mob:021 254 5261 E m a i l : r. j . e d w a r d s @ x t r a . c o . n z

Let us take the stress out of your travel We offer: • airport transfers - early morning/late evening 24/7 • door to door pick up & drop off service • seating for up to 7 passengers • the cheapest rates in North Canterbury

new friends and explore our village” says Playcentre spokesperson Claire Gullidge. Please visit the new Playcentre website at playcentre.org.nz to see our future villagers painting, sculpting, teaching, and gardening. Or better yet come visit your local centre during this open week (4 – 10 March). If you cannot make a visit during Playcentre Awareness Week, feel welcome to visit any time. New members are always welcome.  
 Oxford Playcentre is open Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday 9:00am-12:00pm
Located at the west end of Main Street (beside Challenge Service Station), we are a thriving community of parents and children aged 0-6. Currently open Tuesday to Thursday mornings, we are also taking registrations for Term 2, Friday mornings, for babies and infants (up to age 2) for new enrolments. New to Oxford or to parenthood, or just haven’t found your “village” yet? Come visit us for a cuppa and some messy play. We’d love to have you over to our place!

We are: • locally owned & operated • an ACC Accredited Provider • NZ Transport Agency Certified Time + Travel + Mileage + Convenience = Best Rates in North Canterbury

“cheaper than taking your own car”

post + timber supplies

// Engineered to perform under all conditions Made with the best & toughest materials Lean-to, gable, american barn, or your own design Easy to read, engineer certified & council compliant shed plans Quality construction guaranteed South Island wide delivery

0800 887 474


Special rates on bundle lots of posts & pack lots of timber

// For all your building supplies Timber Hardware Paints Fencing products Fixings & Fixtures Landscaping materials Site delivery

03 318 7474

Engineered to perform under all conditions


Art Gallery Exhibitions Gift Shop Workshop

Arts in Oxford Gallery News

Our next exhibition is a group show featuring paintings by Gavin Chai, Philip Beadle, Quilliam Collister, and sculptures by Nigel Wilson. Our new small gallery showcases historic works by Roddy Kidd - his Shearers in the Shed series - and two new landscape paintings.

Character Study:

the figure in action & inaction 9 March - 14 April 2019

Wall Frame Puzzle (detail), by Gavin Chai, Oil on Linen, 2017.

Roddy Kidd Shearers in the Shed & Other Works 9 - 27 March Shearers Series (detail) by Roddy Kidd Courtesy of John Manuel

Young Artists Club workshops start again on Saturday mornings. 6 April 15 June, 10.30am - 12.30pm. $5 per session. Contact the gallery for details. Please book as places limited. Years 8 - 11. Self Directed Life Drawing at Arts in Oxford Gallery on four consecutive Tuesday evenings, from 7 pm to 9 pm, starting 19 March with the last one on 9 April. Contact the gallery for more information and to book. Limited spaces.


Do you like meeting visitors, are interested in the arts or working collectively? Can you spare 3 hours per week, per fortnight, or per month? If Yes, to all or some of the above, our non-profit art gallery needs more helpers and would love to hear from you.

Arts in Oxford

Art Gallery Exhibitions Gift Shop Workshop A non-profit Charitable Trust run by volunteers Supported by: Rata Foundation and Waimakariri District Council

72 Main St, Oxford 03 312 1639 https://artsinoxford.com

Council Update With Wendy Doody

Oxford Community Trust

Waimakariri Councillor

March 2019

STREET LIGHTS Council recently engaged Mainpower to upgrade the existing High Pressure Sodium street lights. With the observatory located on Bay Road, Oxford was chosen as the first township to convert to LED to take advantage of the reduced spill lighting that LED lights offer. This work will be completed by 2021, and will be paid by the minor lighting upgrades which is budgeted $10,000 each year and the bonus for upgrading to LED Land Transport NZ will pay a subsidy of 85% for “Like for Like”. Some streets will require additional poles and this will come from the Minor Improvement Category that has a 51% subsidy. The first street to be completed in 2018/19 year is High Street and additional 6 Luminaires will be required to make this street compliant. Rimu Place Reserve Footbridge: Raise the lips on both entry points to allow wheeled access and reduce trip hazard and paint the iron work and support posts (including securing) any posts. This work is likely to be done in Autumn/early Winter. OVERHAUL AT OHOKA DOMAIN Contract has been approved for the comprehensive redevelopment of the Ohoka Domain. Council staff developed this plan for the new domain in partnership with the local community and users of the domain, over a number of months. Work will begin with contractors upgrading the Whites Road entry to the domain, before moving on to extend the main car park, and then installing matting to stabilise the grass in surrounding areas. By mid-March, construction of the new playground area will start, and then the existing horse paddock fencing will be removed, with new footpaths installed throughout the domain. From the end of April through to June, contractors will be working to install a new BBQ area, picnic tables and benches across the domain. Go online and view the design www.waimakariri.govt.nz/your-council/ news-and-information/2019/02/overhaul-at-ohoka-domain SWIMMING POOLS As part of our commitment to Pool/Safe standards, we require all children under 5 to be within arm’s reach of an adult, with a ratio of 2 children under 5 to each supervising caregiver. Further to this children between 5 – 8 years also need a caregiver actively supervising them. We offer discounts for caregivers entering with pre-schooler and family groups, so it may not cost as much as you think. ROADING This is the time of year when road sealing and pre-seal repairs take place. There are a few reseal sites that will still have surplus loose chip on the new surface for a few days after the reseal, which will allow the chip-seal to bind and settle better during the hot temperatures currently being experienced. Regards Wendy Doody

“Bringing the community together...”

OXBOX YOUTH SKATE ~ SCOOTER TRIP to Timaru Friday 8th & Saturday 9th March Year 7 and above Cost $50.00 includes meals Staying at Timaru Top 10 Camping Ground Any Questions or to book please phone Julia 03 312 3006 or 021 995 942

Meetups for people who are vision impaired.If you would like to get together with others who are vision impaired for coffee and a chat please contact Ted Dring on 312 4887 Thank you to Mike and Nicky Rutherford from FreshChoice Oxford for their donation to help the Food Bank. Their support is much appreciated to enable us to continue the work we do. We would like to acknowledge OPAC who have a gym membership that we are able to give to community members to use. This has been well used and appreciated by all who have had access to it.

Thank you to our Fab five Funders.... • NZ Lottery Grant Board • The Rata Foundation • United Way • Waimakariri District Council • Community Organisation Grant Scheme

Oxford Community Trust

is responsive to the physical, social, emotional,and financial needs of individuals, families and groups of people within the community of Oxford and Districts.

Got a community activity that brings people together? Call the Oxford Community Trust to list your activity here...

(03) 312 3006

37 Main St, Oxford 9.00am - 3.00pm Mon - Fri

Key Messages from Oxford and Surrounding Areas Health Services Development Group (OSHSDG) The Oxford and Surrounding area Health Services Development Group (OSHSDG) provides oversight to health service improvement and sustainability initiatives in Oxford and its surrounding region. The group has the mandate to review current service activities for the Oxford, and surrounding population, with the intention of identifying areas and recommending where improvements can be made in the appropriate use of resources, improved patient outcomes, and/or service levels. KEY MESSAGES • The recommendations in the Model of Care will be presented to the CDHB Board in February 2019 • The Group is making progress on the implementation plan for the recommendations in the Model of Care. Initial workshops to address common care plans and sustainable transport have been held, and further workshops are being scheduled to address the proposed observation service, rural restorative rehabilitation service and mental health services. • The OSHSDG will combine efforts with their Hurunui counterpart, the Hurunui Health Services Development Group, to develop protocols and clinical criteria for a local observation service. By combining efforts, we will ensure consistency in service across rural Canterbury. • The group are beginning to plan for a Civil Defence exercise to be held 27 July 2019. • We are developing a transportation pamphlet and online information regarding transportation options for people to travel into Christchurch or Rangiora for services AGAPE DANCE ACADEMY Beautiful ballet, fun Jazz & Contemporary and Tap Dance for 3yrs to Adult in Oxford. Phone Miss Belinda: 021 049 1315 or Facebook: Agape Dance Academy NZ BOWEN THERAPY Gentle bodywork for any age and any condition. Nutritional tonics and stress management can be used to aid the healing process. Ring your professional practitioner, Johanna Lettink on 312 1316.

BETTER BOOKKEEPING I’ll take care of your bookkeeping, so you can focus on your business. Phone Tara 027 370 2885

Oxford Butchery

Farm Fresh Flavour Fresh to your Plate

Retail Quality Meat & Smallgoods Award Winning Old Fashioned Dry-cured Bacon & Ham. From Paddock to Freezer - we can homekill & process your stock ready for the freezer.

FRIDAY NIGHT SPECIAL Burgers, Fries, and Beer $20. Lots of choices. Dine in or takeaway. Breakfast and lunch available Tuesday to Sunday at Route 72, Cust. Ph: 312 5595 or visit: www.route72.co.nz. LEATHER & FASHION HANDBAGS and wallets, possum/merino NZ gifts, jewellery, art and homewares. Route 72 Cafe Bar Emporium, Cust. Ph: 312 5595. MANUKA HONEY and other New Zealand-made skincare ranges for men and women. Homeopathic remedies for the whole family. Also Kings Seeds. Route 72 Cafe Bar Emporium, Cust. Ph: 312 5595. Email: route72@clear.net.nz.

YES, IN OXFORD 100’s of products for the

Handyman or Handywoman Potting Mix, Yates Sprays, Yates Seeds, Seed Potatoes, & Products Garden Tools • LPG Refills Fencing Requirements • Power Tools Nuts, Bolts & Nails • Lawn Mower Parts


4th Generation Family Butchers

44 Main Street - Oxford

Ph 03 312 4205 | A/H : Ph Shane 03 312 4709 MPI APPROVED

- Prostate Cancer what to look out for… Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in New Zealand men, with 3000 new cases each year and more than 600 deaths. Some of these cancers are slow growing and will never cause problems, whilst others are fast growing and cause serious symptoms or death. If caught early, prostate cancer can be managed well and is usually curable. Prostate cancer should be discussed with your GP around the age of 50 years, or 40 years if a brother or father has prostate cancer. The prostate is a small walnut shaped gland surrounding the bladder opening and produces some seminal fluid. From the age of 50, the prostate gland often increases in size. This can cause problems when men urinate. ~Prostate Cancer Symptoms~ Urinating more often. Trouble starting or stopping flow. Up at night urinating. The above symptoms are not always caused by prostate cancer, although it is important to get them checked out straight away. Lower back, hips or rib pain may be present if the cancer has spread outside the prostate gland. Prostate checks usually involve a blood test called a Prostate-specific antigen (PSA) and a digital rectal examination (DRE). Although, a PSA blood test detects both cancer and non-cancerous conditions. Additionally, some prostate cancers are slow growing and may not affect a man’s quality of life or cause early death. The prostate gland makes PSA which is found in the flood. High levels of PSA can be caused by: infection of the prostate, an enlarged prostate or prostate Cancer. Most men with a high PSA level will not have prostate cancer. However, your overall risk of prostate cancer is increased if the PSA is elevated. Oxford Community Health Centre

“Primary Health for the Community” Under the Governance of the Oxford Health Charitable Trust

Phone (03) 312 4195 24hr Medical Service

(Please Note: No LPG refills on Saturdays)

telephone operates 24 hours / 7 days per week

Ph: 03 312 4521

extended hours Monday & Tuesday from 7:30am - 7:00pm and Wednesday | Thursday & Friday 7:30am - 5:00pm


Hauora tuatahi mo te iwi whanua

Bookings essential

Oxford Butchery Ltd

Oxford Community Health Centre

82 HIGH STREET, OXFORD Email: admin@womersleys.co.nz

39 Park Avenue Oxford


EMERGENCY SERVICES Here for Life with Oxford Constable Mitch Alatalo

with Area St John Station Manager Matt Ohs

with Oxford Chief Fire Officer Trevor Ealam

I should start with introducing myself. My name is Mitchel Alatalo. I have been a Police Constable for eleven years and have a real passion for rural Policing. I am a husband and a father. I have been working now in Oxford for nine months and in that time, I have gotten to the know the Oxford and surrounding area and community. I have enjoyed working and getting to know many of the members of the community, and look forward to getting to know a lot more in the time to come.

January was a busy month for the Oxford Ambulance Team with 43 incidents in the unit’s response area. Workload continues to be varied, involving a variety of incidents from assisting people to mobilise after they have fallen, to collapse and cardiac arrest.

The start of the year has been busy for the Brigade with eleven calls for January. There were four vegetation fires, two of these were serious and took a long time to extinguish properly and involved other brigades. There were three car fires, two private alarm activations which were false alarms, one rubbish fire and one to assist a member of the public.

I am happy to announce that Aaron Campbell has been successful in his endeavours to promote and has accepted a Sergeant’s role based in Rangiora. I am sure you would all agree with me, Aaron was a great asset to the community of Oxford and the surrounding area, I wish him all the best for his future endeavours, I know I have some rather large shoes to try and fill. Which brings me to my next announcement. There has recently been two Oxford positions advertised for the Oxford area, which is exciting news. Over the last month the community on a whole has been ticking along quite well, or as far as I have heard through official reporting avenues the community seems to be doing well. For Police, information is key. Reporting through proper channels is key. If incidents are not reported then resources cannot be put to effective use. So, if there is one thing I can ask, if you see something, do something, report it! If you are not sure, call 111. You will still be put in touch with the appropriate service, or 03 363 7400 for non emergency incidents. There have been a number of both dwelling and rural burglaries in the area. Of note, being a few stock thefts. So please be vigilant and if something looks suspicious please report it. So let’s have a great time and enjoy the rest of the warm weather, and if you see myself and Aden about the town, come and introduce yourself. We are both very approachable people. Thank you for your time. Until next month. Be safe, feel safe.

Key points to remember: • Call 111 for an ambulance as soon as possible. All collapsed patients should be carefully assessed to decide what emergency care is necessary. The ‘DRSABCD’ of resuscitation is the method used for the assessment. • Dangers check for any danger to you, the patient, or bystanders and make the area safe. • Response check for response by asking a simple question and grasp/squeeze the shoulders. • Send for help; call for an ambulance (dial 111) or send someone else to call. • Airway; open the airway by tilting the head back, lifting the chin, clear the mouth and check for breathing. • Bleeding is controlled by putting pressure on the wound with your hand and/or medical dressing. • CPR; perform chest compressions and breaths if the person is not responding or breathing. Push hard and fast on the chest. Chest compressions are the most important part of CPR. If for any reason you cannot give breaths to a patient, you should still perform chest compressions. Once CPR is started, continue until the ambulance arrives and the paramedics advise you what to do. • Defib (AED); apply an AED (Automated Electronic Defibrillator) if available. There are a number of AED’s available for the community to use in the Oxford Ambulance response area. These can be found at the following locations • Available 24 hours a day: • The Lees Valley community hall - outside on the wall. • Coopers Creek Hall - outside on the wall. • Cust Service Station - outside on the wall. • West Eyreton Hall - in the hall entrance foyer (currently not working due to vandalism) • Oxford community library - outside on the wall

This Months message is; The country side is very dry now. Please think about what you are doing. For example, if you have to mow the. road side etc, do it when there is a dew or consider leaving it until the next rain.

St Johns continued..... Available during business hours • Ashley George Holiday Park - in the office • Oxford Working Men’s Club - inside the club • Oxford Fresh Choice super market - inside the entrance foyer •

If CPR is required continue until: • The patient recovers. • The ambulance officers take over. • A medical professional advises you to stop. • You are unable to continue, usually due to exhaustion We are continually recruiting ambulance officers, if you would like information, call the Oxford station on 033123516. The ambulance station is not manned 24 hours a day. For medical emergencies or medical advice please call 111.




RON EALAM BUILDER for all your Building


the Plastic Welding

New Homes Additions & Alterations Farm Buildings Concrete Laying Painting & Paper hanging

Experienced Builder


021 1805 103 | james@ncpw.nz | www.ncpw.co.nz

027 242 4907

Brian Norton

Craftsman Builder - Over 25 Years Experience Ph 021 880037 or 03 312 4911 AH


Maintenance Plumbing • New Housing • Bathroom Alterations Logfires • Hot Water Cylinders • Spouting & Flashings Pump Replacement & Repair

Fast, Friendly Service, All Work Guaranteed

Architectural & Residential Builds - Farm Buildings - Own Build at 184 High Street


Call Rebecca on 027 313 2270 Email: rtil@xtra.co.nz


Offering initial, routine & final inspections on tenanted houses, taking the hassle out for you!

Automotive Plastic repairs Fibreglass repairs Car Bumpers - Headlights Interior Trims & Modifications Motorbike Fairing - Kids Toys Campervans Anything Plastic

Aaron McCartney • Free Ph: 0508 44EVER • Ph: 03 310 2137 A/H: 027 3669 091 • Email: plumber_27@yahoo.co.nz


GN Plumbing and Drainage Ltd



Come and talk to the real experts

• Sales, servicing and repair of all major brands of computers • • Networking, etc. for home, farm and business • • Drop into our workshop or call us for a home/site visit • We won’t baffle you with science, just plain simple honest advice 216 High Street, Rangiora

Monday-Friday 9am-5.30pm, Sat 10am-2pm

Email: rangiora@ipc.co.nz

Ph: 03 312 4476 Mob: 027 4969 256 Septic Tanks, Grease Traps, Dairy Sumps, Blocked Drains Maintenance Reports Email: speechly@xtra.co.nz

Ph: 03 313 4567


High Country Canvas Specialists in Canvas Manufacturing

New Work & Repairs Welcome. Don’t Pack & Store It All Away Get your Repairs Done Now & avoid the Spring Rush! Darrin Lord 03 312 5025 or 027 238 1624

For Needs Forall allyour yourElectrical Electrical Wiring Needs New NewHousing Housing&&Alterations Alterations Sheds, Sheds,Barns Barns&&Farm Farm Maintenance Maintenance Lights, Lights,Plugs Plugs&& Spas Spas Phones Phones 027243 2436696 6696 027 FreeQuotes Quotes Free 3124990 4990 CompetitiveRates Rates Competitive 312



Difficult trees a Speciality Full commercial Insurance Over 35 Years experience

Difficult trees a Specialty Full commercial Insurance Over 35 Years experience

Felling . Pruning . Topping . Shaping . Milling For free quotes and prompt service, call us today

Brian Clark 027 616 0192 lumberjackarboristservices@gmail.com

One stop shop for your home and property maintenance.

Al - Mows starts giving you your life back.


Call me today to discuss all your hedge & tree trimming needs...

Nick McDonald

Ph: 027 206 1149 or 3125 313

• Shelterbelt & Hedge Tree Trimming • Large Farms, Orchards, & Lifestyle Blocks • Locally Owned & Operated • Servicing North Canterbury • Full Insurance Cover • Comprehensive Health & Safety Systems • Power Line Clearance Operator

Don’t know where to start or how to do it?

Gardens & Lawns doing their own thing - not your thing?

Property and / or House Maintenance falling behind?

No time for life on a lifestyle block?

CALL IN THE EXPERT No job too big or small - Regular maintenance or one off work.

Call Al Today!

0212 499 495 |


Graham & Kim Ph: 03 312 4788

2016 LTD

Rubbish Collection Services





Shelley’s Glass and Glazing Got a Broken Glass window ?

Insurance work . Pet Doors . Mirrors . Retro fits Single / Double Glazing . Glass Showers . Fire Glass

Call your local Glazier Mark 03 312 3253 or 027 242 6368

35 years in the Glass Industry Operating in Oxford, Darfield, Rolleston, West Melton & surrounding areas

K&N Roofing Roof Repairs Water Blasting & Moss Treatment Roof Painting Gutter Cleaning & Replacement Repointing 027 516 6609 Free Quotes 10+ years Experience Kandnroofing@hotmail.com

Farm & Lifestyle Block Fencing Post & Rail - Postdriving - Stock Yards - Dairy Conversions

email: info@ruralfencing.co.nz www.ruralfencing.co.nz

Dave: 310 2320 / 021 101 5731

Driveways & Patios | Foundations & Slabs | Feedlot & Silage pads Agricultural effluent storage systems | New Homes & Rural Buildings Siteworks - Hole Boring - Shingle supplies | Compactor Hire



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Ph: FRAZER 021 027 78535

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engineering projects • Machinery Repairs • Welding • Lathe Work • Design Long-shape, dark background version • Crane Work • Hydraulic Hose Service

100’s of products plus a full range of Motor Oils & pipe fittings

COLOURS: ‘Womersley’s’=PMS 2695 Boarder around orange=PMS 2695 Orange=PMS Orange 021 ‘Engineered for you’=PMS 2695 on white background, white on dark background

NOTES: ‘Engineered for you!’ is a key element of this logo and must accompany the all aspects of this branding Variations of the above specifications should be consulted with the designer

Call us on 03 312 4521

Always leave ‘free-space’ around the entire logo when applying the logo to shapes, sign/advert spaces as shown Free-space is approximately 25% of the entire sign/advert shape. This allows the reader’s eye to focus more clearly onto the logo and all of it’s elements

Open Mon – Fri 7.00am til 5.30pm Saturday 9.00am til 1.00pm for hardware sales only

Logo designed by Paradox Strategic Management T: (03) 312 5563, M: (021) 243 5559, E: advice@ThinkFormChange.com

82 High Street, Oxford Email: admin@womersleys.co.nz

www.womersleys.co.nz GET READY FOR WINTER with Firewood from....

Darryl Peter


Darryl Peter Firewood

Firewood Phone | 03 310 3091 Mobile | 027 689 5203 Email dpf105@gmail .com

Tidy Fast and Reliable Service

Your Solution to Blocked Gutters.


Our Gutter vacuuming service will remove all debris, mud and water from your gutters, valleys and downpipes.



It Sucks gutters clean using a powerful wet & dry vacuum system Please email,phone or Text Mike McCulloch for a free quote

Phone (03)310 7331 or 022 428 1582

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Godfrey Pest Management Limited


We Strive To Be The Best ~ Canterbury Owned & Operated •Domestic & Commercial Weekly Cleaning •Builder’s Cleans •Rental & Moving House Cleans •Walls, Ceilings and Ovens •Domestic & Commercial Windows

Registered Chemical Applicator R1550

Contact WAYNE GODFREY P: 027 232 6791 E: wayne@godfrey.net.nz

Ph: Wayne 021 0227 0006 Email: waynescleaningservices@xtra.co.nz




Cultivation services provided with more than 10 cultivators including, ploughs, disc, levelling, tyne and roller style machines ranging in size from 3 - 6 metres.


Providing end to end services in baling of hay, straw and balage with tube and individual wrapping of all bale shapes including rounds, medium, 4x3 and quadrant square bales.

HARVESTING A full grain harvest service is provided from paddock to silo.


Drilling services for both direct and cultivated ground are carried out with 10 seed drills from tyne, triple disc, cultivation combination drills, broadcast seeders and precision seeders for maize and fodder beet. Seed drills raise in width from 3 - 6 metres with fertiliser application available.


Fine chop silage service from paddock to pit, including grass, direct cut cereal and maize.


Catering for our own trucking needs with silage, baling and grain harvest, rural flat deck and bulk transport.

&OtherFARM MAINTENANCE services provided are muck spreading, pivot rut filling, post driving, and tele handler with multi purpose grab.



JAKE VARGO 021 466 713 AARON ROSS 021 766 384


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The Oxford Observer March 2019  

The Oxford Observer (North Canterbury NZ). A community magazine.

The Oxford Observer March 2019  

The Oxford Observer (North Canterbury NZ). A community magazine.