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ON THE COVER Relive the famous three-day Woodstock festival of Peace, Love and Rock and Roll on the grass lawn in the Solivita Model Park on Friday, October 18th at 7pm with a 50th Anniversary Concert! Check out all the groovy details on page E2.


VILLAGE CENTER HOURS Administration: 863-427-7100 Monday-Friday 9am-5pm K&M Drugs: 863-496-7930 Monday-Friday 9am-6pm Saturday 9am-1pm and Sunday Closed Marketplace Bistro: 863-427-7150, ext. 4724 Daily 8am-8pm, Breakfast: 8am-11am Riviera Spa & Fitness Center: 863-427-7130 Monday-Thursday 6:30am-9pm Friday 6:30am-7pm, Saturday-Sunday 7am-7pm Riviera Spa Massage: 407-914-9168 Monday-Thursday 8am-8pm Friday 8am-7pm, Saturday-Sunday 9am-6pm Solivita Club After Hours Emergency Phone Number: 863-286-8779 Weekdays 5pm-8pm and Weekends 12pm-5pm Starlite Ballroom Daily 8am-11pm Stonegate Pro Shop: 863-427-7150, ext. 4710 Daily 7am-5pm

CONTACT LIST Community Manager (Association) - Rudy Bautista: 863-701-2969 or rbautista@evergreen-LM.com Club Manager - Sheri Wollschlager: 863-427-7129 or swollschlager@evergreen-LM.com Director of Safety & Security - Madalyn Colon: 863-440-7572 or madalync@vitalsecurity.com Communications - Doug Gilbert: 863-427-7137 or solivitacommunications@evergreen-LM.com Evergreen Lifestyles Management (For ALL Club & HOA Matters) 24/7: 855-490-1804 or customerservice@evergreen-LM.com Taylor Morrison Customer Care: 800-858-5933 or www.taylormorrison.com/warranty/request Activities: 863-427-7125 or SolivitaActivities@evergreen-LM.com Architectural Review: 863-427-7022 or compliance@solivitahoa.com Catering & Banquets (Stonegate Golf Club): 863-427-7150, ext. 4720 Concierge: 863-427-7100 or Fax: 863-496-4456 Floralawn (Admin Building): 863-225-9565 or floralawn.com (Submit a Work Order) Floralawn Irrigation Emergency After Hours: 863-225-9565 (Starting at 5pm all calls get routed directly to the on-call manager) K&M Drugs: 863-496-7930 or Fax: 863-496-7931

The Grille at Stonegate: 863-427-7167 Daily 8am-9pm (Breakfast: 8am-11am, Lunch: 11am-4pm and Dinner: 4pm-9pm) Bar: Mon-Sat 11am-10pm (Happy Hour 2pm-5pm) and Sun 11am-9pm (Happy Hour All Day)

Membership: 863-427-7143 or solivitamembership@evergreen-LM.com

The Palms: 863-496-1530 Amenity Center Monday-Sunday 8am-9pm Kids Pool Hours Monday-Friday 12pm-4pm Saturday & Sunday 9am-9pm Fitness Center Monday-Thursday 6:30am -9pm Friday 6:30am-7pm Saturday-Sunday 7am-7pm

Riviera Spa Massage: 407-914-9168 or info@rivieraspamassage.com

Waterfront Galleries Daily 8am-11pm

Stonegate Golf Club Directory: 863-427-7150

Welcome Center or Model Park: 863-427-7000 Monday-Saturday 9:30am -5:30pm Sunday 11am -5:30pm


Resident to Resident Resource Center: 863-236-9973 or SolivitaR2R@gmail.com Riviera Spa & Fitness Center: 863-427-7130

Security Gatehouses  Supervisor: 407-989-2417 Bella Viana Gate: 407-603-2422 Main Gate: 407-603-2399 Parkway Gate: 863-286-0329 South Gate (Marigold): 863-496-1473 Venezia Gate: 407-603-2397 West Gate (San Clemente): 863-496-1453 Solivita Sales: 863-427-7000

The Palms Amenity Center: 863-496-1530 or Fax: 863-496-0914 Violations & Compliance: 863-427-7032 Visitor/Vendor Gate Access Voice Server: 863-313-1314

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NEW NEWSLETTER SUBMISSION EMAIL ADDRESS Email submissions to reflections@evergreen-LM.com


Calendar submissions and newsletter articles are due on Tuesday, October 1st. Club insert copies are due by Tuesday, October 22nd. All inserts must be approved by Club Manager, Sheri Wollschlager (email to swollschlager@ evergreen-LM.com) or Communications Director, Doug Gilbert (email to solivitacommunications@evergreenLM.com) before they are copied.


Calendar submissions and newsletter articles are due on Friday, November 1st.

Activities Ticket Sale Info .............................................. Insert Page E1 Events You Do Not Want to Miss .............................. Insert Page E2 Future Events ..................................................................... Insert Page E3 Monthly Calendar (back of Activities Events) ........................ Insert


To better serve our Solivita residents, please note that the phone numbers for the three gates below have been changed. The old numbers will remain active through October 30th, but after that time, please use the following numbers - Bella Viana Gate: 407-603-2422; Venezia Gate: 407-603-2397; and Main Gate: 407-603-2399.



Our thoughts are with the family and friends of the resident who recently passed away.

Reflections |  October 2019 |


Solivita reserves the right to refuse advertisement and does not guarantee any work or claims made by advertisers. Advertisement in Reflections does not constitute an endorsement or approval of goods or services by Solivita. Residents receive 50% off the 1/8 page ad at the one-month rate ($115). The resident rate is $57.50 for the 1/8 page ad only. As a reminder, only one discount is issued per household. To download the contract and make payment, please visit SolivitaAdvertising.com. For more information on advertising your business in Reflections, please contact the Advertising Administrator, Amanda Wright, at 813501-7220, SolivitaAdvertising@Evergreen-LM.com, or visit the website at SolivitaAdvertising.com.

QUESTIONS OR COMMENTS? Do you have a suggestion for Reflections, Channel 732, or SolivitaHOA.com? Email inquiries or comments to Doug Gilbert at solivitacommunications@evergreen-LM.com or stop by the Communications Office.


[ Department ] Articles

We are SUNsational! By Jana Malik Director of Activities

The 2019 Florida Festival and Events Association awarded Solivita Lifestyles with a 1st Place honor for our entry highlighting the Solivita Rays of Service Volunteer Program! Two of Evergreen Lifestyles Management’s Florida Communities took 2nd and 3rd in other categories. Event Planners for large festivals, events, fairs and municipalities submit items from their event such as an event poster, ticket, brochure, website, social media/radio/TV ad, T-shirt, photo, etc. I was thrilled and proud to accept the award for our volunteer program, the Solivita community, Evergreen Lifestyles Management and the entire Solivita Team.

Club and Neighborhood Holiday Ornaments

The holidays will sneak up faster than you think. As mentioned earlier this year, the Christmas Tree located on the grassy knoll outside the Ballroom will be transformed into a Solivita Community Christmas Tree adorned with hand painted and decorated medium sized ornaments optionally designed by Solivita Clubs and Neighborhood groups. Activities will sell ornaments for $5 each in silver and gold and proceeds will be donated to the XL 106.7 Baby DJ Program (Evergreen Lifestyles Management’s selected charity this year). Outsourced decorators will hang and take down the ornaments, after which the club is to either store it or design another ornament next year. To purchase an ornament, one per club and neighborhood, stop by the Activities office. Decorated ornaments are to be brought to the Activities office between November 5th-8th ONLY.

2019 Golf Cart Rally Winners

Solivita Volunteer Log Sheets Deadline It’s time to turn in your Solivita Volunteer Log Sheets to the Activities Office by Friday, October 4th. Hours from March 1, 2019 until September 30th are being accepted. Thank you to all the Solivita volunteers; we can’t do what we do without your help!

Routes created by Kaylee Febles and Natasha Arbeleaz, Solivita Activities. Photos taken by Joe Thomas and Activities. A new record of 90 teams raced to the finish line in this year’s Golf Cart Rally on Saturday, August 17th. We would like to thank the 12 volunteers that helped to make this event a great success! The 300 participants had a blast playing hopscotch, doing a sensory game, putting a Solivita puzzle together, participating in an Easter Egg Hunt and more. After scoring every single sheet, the winners are….

Important Notices for All on the Day of the Oktoberfest Street Party Event on Friday, October 11th • Village Drive will close to

vehicle traffic from the Ballroom to the Pro Shop roundabout from 4pm-10pm. • All restaurants and the Village Center facilities will be open during normal operating hours.


Team Doc + Dar

Continued on page 5

Reflections |  October 2019 |

[ Department] Articles

Route 1 Winners • 1st Place – Team Doc + Dar: Darlene and Dennis Rininger • 2nd Place – Team Solivita Angels: Denean Hellebuyck, Edie Stauffer, Diane Smith and Peggy Biwer • 3rd Place – Team Clueless: Stacey Stuck, Tina Stuck, Irene Duncan, Marie McCarty • Turtle Place – Team Lovers Not Fighters: Sherry Eubanks and Cathie Bachelor

Route 2 Winners • 1st Place – Team to Infinity and Beyond!: Lori Gates, Annika Gates, Andrew Johnson • 2nd Place – Team Blue Streak: Leo and Elaine Mills, Nancy Harvey, Joseph Gallina • 3rd Place – Team Fantastic Four: Shirley Newton, Imani Francis, Ayanna Francis, Temica Francis • Turtle Place – Team Palm Tree Drive Radicals: Ken Plank, Neeltje Plank, Richard and Josefina Morin

Team Blue Streak Team Solivita Angels

Team Fantastic Four Team Clueless

Team Lovers Not Fighters

Team Palm Tree Drive Radicals

We are all SUNsational in the “Life in the Sun” we call Solivita! Let’s Keep the Party Going! Team to Infinity and Beyond

Reflections |  October 2019 |

Jana Malik 863-427-7125 jmalik@evergreen-LM.com


[ Department ] Articles

License Plate Recognition Tips & Guest Passes By Vickie Kellogg Membership Coordinator When driving up to the gates, you will soon see a white line across the roadway. It is important to wait behind the line if there is a vehicle in front of you.

The gate arm can only open for one car at-a-time. Once the first car has passed, the gate arm will start to descend. If the camera has already read your plate and if you are following closely behind another car, the arm will not go back up until the vehicle is reversed so the camera can read the plate again.

Gate Protocol

1. Proceed past the white line only if the arm is down, or descending when you approach the gate. 2. If there is a vehicle in front of you, wait at the white line for the arm to start to descend before proceeding.

The best way to make sure the gate will open is to wait behind the white line if there is a car in front of you. Once the arm starts to descend, you may proceed. No need to wait for the arm to be completely down. Your vehicle is also at risk of damage if the arm comes down on top of your car because you didn’t wait your turn. We have replicated this problem several times with the camera techs following a security vehicle. After the test, I looked at the cameras and found that cars following closely behind others will cause this issue making it seem like the camera did not read the plate. It actually does read the plate, but unless the arm is descending it will not go up – or stay up. Another issue we seem to be having are cars speeding up to the gates. The cameras work best when the car isn’t speeding past the camera. Please slow down a little and give the camera time to read the plate.

Changes to the Procedure to Purchase Visitor Passes

We have some great news! We have a new computer program in place for Visitor Passes that will make this process much easier. On the Membership Gate website, register -- ALL -- of your visitors (including children 18 years and under) and there will be no need to be with your visitors when they purchase


passes. This includes residents not in Solivita when there are visitors in your home!

New Procedure

1. Add all visitors, including minors, to your access list on the Membership Gate website. This will authorize the purchase of Visitor Passes without the owner/resident being present. 2. Visitors will continue to purchase passes at either The Palms or Riviera Spa & Fitness Center (RSF). 3. A FitWell team member will assist with registering the visitor(s) using an iPad. 4. The last name or address of the owner/resident will be used to search for the registered visitor. 5. If the visitor is on the access list, they will be able to complete the Informed Consent form directly on the iPad. 6. Adults obtaining Visitor Passes will sign the form on the iPad for themselves. Any minors that are purchasing passes with them, will be added to their record. Once signed, the form is automatically filed in the owner/resident’s record. 7. It isn’t necessary for the entire party to be present when purchasing Visitor Passes, but all ADULT visitors must sign the Informed Consent form to be issued a pass. Additionally, EVERYONE in the party, including minors (three years and older), must have a pass in their possession when using Club facilities. 8. Visitors NOT on the Membership Gate website will be required to have an owner/resident present to purchase Visitor Passes.

Please contact Solivita Membership if you have not registered on the Gate website by emailing us at SolivitaMembership@ Evergreen-LM.com or call 863-866-8690.

Vickie Kellogg 863-427-7143 vkellogg@evergreen-LM.com

Reflections |  October 2019 |

Reflections |  October 2019 |


[ Department ] Articles

World of Fitness & Wellness By Jamar Edge Director of Fitness & Wellness

Annual Health Fair

Please don’t forget to mark your calendars for the 2019 Annual Health Fair. The event will be held on Wednesday, October 23rd from 9am–12pm. Again, we look to “up the ante” and bring in more vendors and offer a variety of products and services for our homeowners. We have reached out to over 150 different individuals, businesses, and vendors in the health industry. Once again, this will be a themed event, so wear your best or, as I prefer, scariest Halloween costume.

FitWell Fast Track

Several of you have taken advantage of the Fast Track program as we continue to see interest increase. If you are unfamiliar with this program, we encourage you to stop by and inquire with Zena or Jonathan. Fast Track is a great way of having a fitness program customized just for you. For those of you who love a little healthy competition, consider the “Partner Up” option of the program. Jamar Edge 863-496-3522 jedge@evergreen-LM.com


By Tinisha Ramos Compliance Coordinator (Architectural) We have some great news to share! We have added another option to submit Architectural Review Applications. You can now submit virtually on our SolivitaHOA.com website. We have listed the detailed instructions below for your convenience. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Steps to Submit ARC Online

1. Log in to your www.SolivitaHOA.com account. 2. Click on the HOA Icon located on the top right side of the website. 3. Scroll down and click on the Compliance Icon. 4. Scroll down the page until you see the fillable Application for Architectural Review Committee. Proceed to fill out the online form, digitally sign, attach required documentation (pictures, survey, proposals from the vendor, etc.) and click “Submit” when completed. 5. Once we receive the online Architectural Review Application you will receive a confirmation via an email that you cannot reply to (Do Not Reply email). Tinisha Ramos 863-427-7022 compliance@solivitahoa.com

Yard of the Month Our extraordinary judges chose 521 Catania Lane as the winning Yard for this month. Steve Isaacs and Carol Berube do an outstanding job maintaining their yard and it is always a joy to drive by and see what is blooming. Their yard was on the viewing list during the Green Thumbs annual Yard of the Month visit. Congratulations to Carol and Steve!


Reflections |  October 2019 |

[ Department] Articles

18th Annual

Hosted by the Fall Arts & Crafts Festival Committee and Solivita Activities

Saturday, November 2nd 10am-4pm Village Center Rain or Shine

Fund Drive to Benefit Local Food Pantry

Strollin g Enter ta inment: Living S t and Stil atue t Walke r

Steel Drums Rock Solid Band New Dimensions High School Jazz Band

l Festiva y ter a E d o Fo he Bistro in t ut dab o Rou n

The Village Center will be closed to vehicle traffic from 7am-5pm, except to festival vendors. Reflections |  October 2019 |

120 Arts and Crafts Vendors

Parisian Wine & Beer Garden Featuring a French Mime



Free Kidz Zone Kids Crafts, Temporary Tattoos, Popcorn, Dance and Karate Performances, Big Drawing Board and Giant Jenga

Model R ai lroad Club Modu la r Display

Photos by Linda Domchik, Irene Stecher & Joe Thomas


[ Solivita University ]

Co-Sponsored by the Solivita University Committee and Activities No studying, tests or exams are given, just enlightening topics to keep your mind energized. All classes are 90 minutes long and require pre-registration, unless otherwise noted. Solivita University classes are also listed in a calendar on SolivitaHOA.com under Calendars and Maps and then choose Activities Events and Solivita University Classes. The October courses are available for registration now. For more information, to register or purchase annual passes by cash, check or credit card, please visit the Activities Office or call 863-427-7125.

Great Decisions Discussions Discussion Previews - FREE

Each year the Foreign Policy Association produces a study guide with eight of the most critical global issues facing America. Great Decisions is an annual ticketed pass offering eight discussions that meet monthly JanuaryMay and September-November. The discussion of the month is conducted by moderator Thomas Gallagher, PhD that takes place on a Wednesday afternoon and/or a Tuesday morning. Everyone is welcome to sample what the Great Decisions discussions are like. See dates listed below and join us.

2019 Great Decision Discussions Annual Pass Great Decisions (GD) is America’s largest discussion program on world affairs moderated by Thomas Gallagher, PhD. The 2019 GD Annual Pass is $35 (or $40 for two sharing a book). October Discussion: The United States and Mexico: Partnership Tested on Tuesday, October 8th at 11am in the Gator Room and Wednesday, October 23rd at 4pm in The Palms November Discussion: State of the State Department and Diplomacy on Tuesday, November 5th at 11am in the Gator Room and Wednesday, November 20th at 4pm in The Palms

2020 Great Decision Discussion Book PreOrder - DISCOUNT The 2020 GD Annual Pass cost will be $32 (or $37 for two sharing a book) in the month of October ONLY and $39 (or $44 for two sharing a book) after that.

| 10 |

2019 Art and Literary Lecture Annual Pass - REDUCED PRICE

This pass will allow residents admittance to any of the 4 Art and Literary Lectures scheduled in 2019 for $10 per person. If you choose not to purchase an Annual Pass and want to attend a lecture, admission is $5 per lecture at the door. Art and Literary passes are for Art and Literature Lectures only and are non-refundable.

Art Lecture: The Museum of Arts & Science

Tuesday, October 22nd Ballroom • 1pm Tuition: 2019 Art and Literary Lecture Pass or $5 at the door Lecturer: Jan Clanton, Art Historian Class Description: This museum is a hidden treasure right in our own backyard. Cici and Hyatt Brown kicks off our series with pictures of old Florida. Next Art Lecture: November 12th

Literary Lecture: What Unites Us – Reflections on Patriotism by Dan Rather Monday, October 28th Gator Room • 4pm Tuition: 2019 Art and Literary Lecture Pass or $5 at the door Professor: Thomas Gallagher, PhD is a Solivita resident who has taught both literature and law during his career. He currently teaches at Valencia College. Class Description: Dan Rather has always

Reflections |  October 2019 |

[ Solivita University] stood out as sentimental about our country. He readily admits it: “Like so many, I love my country and its people. I do so with a sentimentality that may seem anachronistic in today’s more jaded world.” Whatever you conclude about Rather after reading this book you will and must conclude that he is authentic. He is the real deal. Next Literary Lecture: November 18th - Rufus Who by Kester Bradford

History of the Decades Through Film: 1900-1930s

Thursdays, October 3rd, 10th and 17th The Palms • 1pm Tuition: $20 per student Professor: Dr. Richard Goldsmith was an award-winning teacher as well as a high school administrator for over 40 years. During his career, he taught AP United States History, AP European History, Cambridge University Sociology, and AP Dr. Richard Goldsmith Capstone (critical thinking and college research paper writing). His passion and knowledge of history will substantially add to this course. Course Description: Early film history reflected the major social and political issues of the Progressive Era in many perspectives: birth control, child labor, divorce, immigration, political corruption, poverty, prisons, prostitution, and women’s suffrage. We will explore how film captured the times in ways that were realistic and straightforward; while adding humor or sentimentality to the many social issues of the day. This course will examine how twentieth century films contained insights into social class, ethnicity, gender, and captured the look and mood of the period. Films express ideas and moral values. They construct cultural myths and help to shape our view of history. We will view multiple film clips to visualize their place and impact on the decades.

What is Economics? Background of the Science and Principal Players

Thursdays, October 10th, 17th and 24th Gator Room • 3pm Tuition: $20 per student Professor: Thomas Gallagher, PhD is a Solivita resident who has taught both literature and law during his career. He currently teaches at Valencia College. Course Description: We will define “Economics” and its meaning in today’s World. We will meet the Principal Thomas Theorists: John Stuart Mill, Adam Gallagher Smith, David Ricardo, Jean Say, Thomas Malthus, Arthur Okum, Paul Samuelson, Karl Marx, Alfred Marshall, John Maynard Keynes and Milton Friedman. We will define what their theories are and how these theories effect economics, markets, nations and individuals today.

Further Cases of Interest in Constitutional Law

Fridays, October 11th, 18th and 25th Gator Room • 11am Tuition: $20 per student Professor: Thomas Gallagher, PhD is a Solivita resident who has taught both literature and law during his career. He currently teaches at Valencia College. Course Description: Cases in U.S. Constitutional Law that have a significant influence on American life will be discussed. The Continued on page 12

Reflections |  October 2019 |

| 11 |

[ Solivita University ] Continued from pages 10-11 backgrounds of these cases and the results of these Decisions will be examined. • Home Depot U.S.A. Inc. v. Jackson • United States v. Davis et. al. • Flowers v. Mississippi • Virginia House of Delegates et. al. v. Golden Bethune-Hill et. al. • Quarles v. United States • Mont v. United States • Rucho et. al. v. Common Cause et. al. • Review of Roe v. Wade

Whirlwind Bridge

Saturdays, October 12th, 19th and 26th • Gator Room • 1pm-4pm LIMITED SPACE Tuition: $20 per student, plus $10 for the book to be paid at the first class Instructor: Donna McIlwain is a retired elementary teacher living here in Solivita. She is a Bronze Life Master with ACBL and in 2013 became a certified bridge teacher. She has taught beginner and intermediate level bridge since then. In the summer of 2018 she went to the bridge nationals and took seminars to teach Whirlwind Bridge. Donna enjoys helping people learn this game that is good for your mind, is social, and fun to play. Course Description: Whirlwind Bridge is designed to introduce the mechanics, scoring and basic bidding of bridge to potential

| 12 |

bridge players and students. The goal is to provide a fun, quick and stress-free introduction to the game’s basic concepts in three two-hour classes. Typical Students Include: • Those who had never played bridge or taken lessons. • Players from “college days” who never had formal instruction, or have had a long absence from the game • Students who have taken beginning bridge classes but feel they need a refresher to cement the basics.

History of Russian Revolution

Tuesdays, October 15th, 22nd and 29th Gator Room • 1pm Tuition:$20 per student Professor: Dr. Richard Goldsmith was an award-winning teacher as well as a high school administrator for over 40 years. During his career, he taught AP United States History, AP European History, Cambridge University Sociology, and AP Capstone (critical thinking and college research paper writing). His passion and knowledge of history will substantially add to this course. Course Description: The Russian Revolution of 1917 was one of the most explosive political events of the 20th century. The violent revolution marked the end of the Romanov Dynasty (Czar Nicholas) and centuries of Russian Imperial rule. Take this journey back in time to “witness” through documentary film footage, still photographs and narration, this remarkable time in Russian History and its impact on Western Civilization.

Jerusalem Jones and the Dead Sea Scrolls

Fridays, October 25th, November 1st and 8th The Palms • 10:30am Tuition: $20 per student Professor: Dr. Ken “Jerusalem Jones” Hanson has been mesmerizing audiences for years. From Mediterranean lands to Hawaii, and places in between, Ken’s electrifying, witty, and “out of the box” speaking style has made him a frequent commentator on the History Channel Dr. Ken Hanson (“Banned from the Bible” and “Ancient Aliens”). A master of multi-media presentation, Ken regularly

Reflections |  October 2019 |

[ Solivita University] slips into character, to drive home his inspiring and entertaining messages. A natural storyteller, Dr. Hanson has, through his books, articles, and media appearances, made a rich treasure of ancient texts accessible to everyone. Course Description: Long ago, pieces of leather, inscribed by learned sages, were rolled into scrolls, to be read and studied only by a select few. For reasons unknown, they were hidden in mountainous desert caves. On a fateful day in 1947, an Arab lad was searching for his lost goat, he stumbled upon what was

to become the most important archaeological find of the 20th century – ancient parchments, depicting the life and hopes of an unknown Judean sect. Follow the adventure saga of Dr. Ken Hanson, as he recounts his odyssey from Chicago, as a wide-eyed undergraduate, to Jerusalem, as an inspired scholar, seeking out the mysteries of the 2,000-year-old Dead Sea Scrolls. Changing costume on stage, he morphs into a host of characters, to bring the Scrolls to life.

The R2R Resource Center is Here for You! Workshop: Volunteer Opportunities Outside of Solivita

Thursday, October 3rd • 10am • Ballroom Representatives from a wide range of local organizations will take part. You can learn about their mission, what jobs are available for volunteers and what they are looking for in terms of commitment. You can meet one-on-one with these groups and sign up to volunteer or just to receive more information.

Workshop: Our Furry Companions (the Resource Center in conjunction with PALS – Pets Are Loved in Solivita)

Thursday, October 31st • 10am • Ballroom We will explore how our pets fit into the Solivita lifestyle and various medical issues that every pet owner needs to know. Even if you are not a pet owner, you’ll want to attend to hear about local resources and wild animals from an expert on local wildlife. Stay tuned for information about our November workshop, which will be full of great ideas for “Holiday Events, Shows and Fun Things to Do.” All R2R Workshops are free to Solivita residents, but advance registration is requested. Please reserve your spot by calling 863-236-9973 or email SolivitaR2R@gmail.com.

Reflections |  October 2019 |

Solivita HOA Website

Have you been looking for us on the Solivita HOA website? Visit SolivitaHOA.com. Click on “GET CONNECTED” then click the “R2R RESOURCE CENTER” icon. There you will find: • Upcoming Workshops • Past Workshops (includes handouts and useful information from the workshops) • Medical Equipment Loaner Program • Useful Information We have just added a guide to using the SunRail app. You can download and print any of the documents...and keep up with what’s happening at the Resource Center.

Kid’s Corner

There are many bedtime storybooks for your grandkids who are staying for a “sleepover” at your house during their visits. You can borrow the books at the R2R office. Office hours are 9am-5pm, Monday through Friday. R2R Resource Center 863-236-9973 SolivitaR2R@gmail.com

| 13 |

[ Department ] Articles

November 7th-11th


alute Our Veterans Weekend is designed to celebrate Veterans and their families. We raise money for a select charity to help improve the lives of the many selfless men and women who bravely served our Nation. This year all proceeds will benefit Fairways For Warriors. The Golf Tournament Registration is now open at the Activities office. Forms are also available on SolivitaHOA.com under Lifestyles > Lifestyles & Fitness Forms. All ticketed and registration events can be purchased in the Activities Office except from 9am-10:30am on Tuesday, October 1st, we will be at the Main Ticket Sales in the Ballroom. **Refunds or Solivita Letters of Credit will not be accepted or given for any of the events.**

Golf Tournament at Stonegate Golf Club, Oaks Course

Saturday, November 9th · Shotgun Start at 8:30am · Registration: 7am-8am $65 per Stonegate Golf Club Member OR $260 for a foursome $90 per single non-Stonegate Golf Club Member OR $360 for a foursome Raffle Prizes, Mulligans and much more! Golf Entry Includes: Continental Breakfast, Green and Cart Fee, Range Balls Before Play, On Course Special Events, Longest Drive, Closest to the Pin, Goody Bag, Lunch and awards to follow! Registration deadline is November 1st. Please contact Solivita Activities at 863-427-7125 or solivitaactivities@evergreen-LM.com for more information. Guests of all ages welcome.


Our Patriot Sponsor, Art’s Golf Cars, Inc., will be donating one BRAND NEW GOLF CART to the The Closest to the Pin winner!

| 14 |

Reflections |  October 2019 |

[ Department] Articles

Movie Nights

Thursday, October 31st at 7pm: Welcome to Marwen Thursday, November 7th at 7pm: SGT. Will Gardner The Veterans Club of Solivita will have popcorn and lemonade available for donation at both Movie Nights. Adult guests welcome. Welcome to Marwen is Rated PG-13, a Biography/Comedy/Drama, and 1 hr 56 min. SGT. Will Gardner is Not Rated, an Action/Adventure/Drama, and 2 hrs 5 mins. The Ballroom doors open at 6:15pm.

Young Guns Show - A Tribute to the Superstars of Country Music Sunday, November 10th at 7:30pm in the Ballroom

International touring country rock band, YOUNG GUNS, featuring award winning entertainer, recording artist and lead singer, Eric Sage; talented electric fiddle/violinist Melissa Barrison; and vocalist Melody Ebner presents A Tribute to the Superstars of Country Music. This is one of the hottest country music shows in the world. The band tears up the stage with songs from iconic country artists - old and new. The group plays songs from bands like Florida Georgia Line, Charlie Daniels Band, Rascal Flatts, Garth Brooks, Jason Aldean, Tim McGraw, Big & Rich, Dierks Bently, George Strait, Blake Shelton, Johnny Cash, and many more. The show starts at 7:30pm. Ballroom doors open 20 minutes before the show begins. $20 per person. Adult guests welcome.

Dinner & Young Guns Show

Sunday, November 10th at 5:30pm in Mosaics This ticket is an all-in-one dinner, show and 10 minute early QuickPass entrance show seating. Chef’s buffet dinner includes corn chowder soup and cheddar biscuits; sliced smoked prime rib; fried catfish; baked potato bar; southern style green beans with bacon and onions; and banana cream parfait for dessert. A cash bar and self-serve coffee, iced tea, and water station will be available. Dinner is in Mosaics at 5:30pm, QuickPass seating in the Ballroom at 7pm, and the show begins at 7:30pm. $47 per person. Residents only.

Veterans Day Memorial Service & Breakfast Monday, November 11th at 9am in Freedom Park

Sponsored by Stonegate Golf Catering. Veterans Day will begin with a wonderful ceremony presented by the Veterans Club of Solivita at 9am. After the ceremony, stay with us to enjoy breakfast right in Freedom Park. The breakfast buffet menu includes: egg and cheddar cheese quiche; bacon; hash browns; croissant and self-serve coffee, orange juice, apple juice and water for $10. Located by Freedom Park Pickleball Courts. Must purchase breakfast tickets in advance, as tickets will not be sold at the door. Guest of all ages are welcome.

All proceeds will benefit

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Have a Spooktacular October! By Shelley Destefano Community Concierge

Is there something eerie in the air? I can sense it, see it and hear it; but I cannot touch it because it is too fast. It is not under my bed nor in the closet, but it is lurking by the window. Is it watching my every move? Does it want to pop in for tea time? I can see it and it is red, or, is it that it has red eyes? Not sure yet. Oh, my goodness!! It just flew at me and is staring at me through the glass. What a beautiful red Cardinal! It saw it’s shadow in my window and thought it saw another bird. Oh well, I suppose that enough feathers were ruffled, so let us move on to important dates and ideas of things to do in October!

Important Dates in October • • • •

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month Columbus Day on Monday, October 14th National Boss Day on Wednesday, October 16th Halloween on Thursday, October 31st

Ideas of Things to do in October

Lake Wales History Museum Have you been to the Lake Wales History Museum? Being that the parking and admission is free, you should check it out! The museum is located at 325 S. Scenic Highway, Lake Wales, Florida 33853 and is open Tuesday through Saturday from 9am-5pm. If the fact that it is free wasn’t a good enough reason for you to visit the museum, how about a free festival at the museum? The 44th Annual Pioneer Days Festival will be held at the Lake Wales History Museum on Saturday, October 26th and Sunday, October 27th from 9am-5pm. You can expect live entertainment, vendors, family activities, food, historical demonstrations and you will also find out who the “Pioneer of the Year” will be. Please visit lakewalesfl.gov/782/PioneerDays-Festival for more information.

Celebration Oktoberfest Celebration Town Center will be celebrating Oktoberfest on Friday, October 18th and Saturday, October 19th. Please visit celebrationtowncenter.com for more information. Halloween Events Are you wondering how you want to celebrate Halloween? There are a lot of options in the area, including Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party (disneyworld.disney.go.com) for young children at the Magic Kingdom; Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights for adults and older teenagers (halloweenhorrornights.com); Old Town’s annual Haunted House that’s open Wednesday through Sunday at 6pm, with a $15 entrance fee (mortemmanor.com); or enjoy a not-so-spooky live show, a dance party, meet friendly Halloween mermaids, and trick-or-treating for candy and goodies throughout the park at SeaWorld’s Halloween Spooktacular, which includes park admission (seaworld.com/orlando/events/ halloween-spooktacular). Meet a Mermaid at SeaWorld

Maybe you would like to enjoy the outdoors with a pumpkin patch and corn maze at Harvest Holler Corn Maze (harvestholler.com). Perhaps you feel like you would like to experience rolling UP a hill instead of down in your vehicle at Spook Hill in Lake Wales. Legends abound regarding this landmark, known as a magnetic hill, anti-gravity location or simply a “gravity hill.” A car, placed in neutral, will appear to roll uphill! Do you know what else has red eyes? Just kidding...enough of that. I’m not trying to get a ghoulish reputation. We will only speak of things we can gobble up next month! Community Concierge 863-427-7100 sdestefano@evergreen-LM.com

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October in Solivita

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By Brad Thompson Branch Manager, Floralawn Last month, we officially said goodbye to summer and kicked off the fall. This month we’ll start enjoying some cooler weather. At Solivita, our landscaping crews are still busy with maintenance duties and lawn care. The fourth granular fertilizer application of the year is underway, as well as another community-wide herbicide treatment. The third sod replacement list and the third plant replacement list will be complete soon. (We do the replacement lists by zone. Don’t know what zone you’re in? Give us a call at 863-225-9565.)

Changes to Mowing Schedule and Irrigation

We turned off Solivita’s irrigation in late May since summertime brings us plenty of regular rainfall. Now that summer rains have tapered off, we’ll be turning on the irrigation system again. Watch out for the sprinklers. Turfgrass growth will slow soon. We’re mowing weekly this month, but on October 30th, we’ll shift to the bi-weekly mowing schedule.

Pruning of Fakahatchee Grasses

Toward the end of this month, we’ll begin pruning native grass clumps throughout Solivita. You’ll see our crews at work on the Fakahatchee grass—those big mounds in the center median of Solivita Boulevard and also in various locations in the common areas. Fakahatchee grass in residential areas will also get pruned.

to watch out for, especially in the fall. When grass is wet for prolonged periods, it becomes susceptible to this disease. Fall mornings with low fog, overcast days, and cool nights keep moisture on the grass and encourage the fungus. The first sign that an area of turf may have brown patch fungus disease is when it turns yellow. The yellow grass turns brown and spreads out in a circular shape. Sometimes a few green blades are visible in the middle of the patch. We watch Solivita’s turf grass closely for brown patch fungus because of the organism’s affinity for St. Augustine—the type of grass that grows throughout the whole community. (It also affects Bermuda, Bahia, Centipede, and other turfgrasses.) We treat it aggressively with fungicide. If you have any questions or comments, give us a call at 863225-9565 or stop by our Floralawn office in the Admin Building in the Village. My October Coffee Talk is set for October 25th at 9am in Mosaics. Come hang out with me for a little while; bring your questions. Enjoy the cooler days!

Monitoring Turf for Fall Fungus

Brown patch fungus disease is a turfgrass threat that we have

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Chef’s Corner

By Chef Curtis Hillard CEC, CPC Executive Chef, Stonegate Golf Club

Did You Know….

A truffle is the fruiting body of a subterranean ascomycete fungus, predominantly one of the many species of the genus Tuber. Truffles are ectomycorrhizal fungi and are therefore usually found in close association with tree roots. Spore dispersal is accomplished through fungivores - animals that eat fungi. These fungi have significant ecological roles in nutrient cycling and drought tolerance. Edible truffles are held in high esteem in French, Italian, Ottoman, Middle Eastern and Spanish cuisine, as well as in international haute cuisine. Truffles are cultivated agriculturally and are also harvested from natural habitats.

Recipe of the Month Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Poppers INGREDIENTS • 1 (8-oz) block cream cheese, softened • 1 1/2 cup shredded Pepper Jack cheese

• • • • •

1 tbsp dry ranch dressing seasoning 1 clove garlic, minced Kosher salt and freshly cracked black pepper 12 jalapeños 12 slices bacon, halved

DIRECTIONS 1. Preheat oven to 400°. In a large bowl, combine cream cheese, Pepper Jack, ranch seasoning and garlic. Season with salt and pepper. 2. Halve jalapeños lengthwise, then use a spoon to remove seeds and veins. Fill with cheese mixture and wrap each with a halved slice of bacon. 3. Place on a baking sheet and bake until bacon is crispy and peppers are tender - about 25 minutes. Curtis Hillard 863-427-7150, ext. 4717 chef@stonegategolf.com

Breast Cancer Awareness

Submitted By Sue Quattrochi Relay For Life Event Lead October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and pink is everywhere! Throughout this month you’ll see pink ribbons, hats, T-shirts, and miscellaneous items displaying awareness of breast cancer. Show Solivita cares by wearing PINK! It shows support for generations of family and friends who have battled this disease. Everyone is at risk! Awareness is the most powerful weapon we have to ensure that this disease is found early. Ladies make sure you get your yearly mammogram! Our 3rd Annual “BRAS FOR A CAUSE” will be on display throughout the month of October in the Riviera Spa lobby until the 23rd and then in the Ballroom lobby. These creative “one-of-a-kind” bras will make you smile or even “ha-ha” a little. They are decorated by residents and clubs all telling a story about the importance of getting a mammogram. The American Cancer Society’s National Mammography Day is October 20th. Raise AWARENESS about the importance of EARLY DETECTION. For more information about Relay For Life or to volunteer, contact Susie Q. at 407-7296850 or susieq429@gmail.com.

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PINK RIBBON Author Unknown I wear a Pink Ribbon as a symbol for all who suffer the pain of breast cancer... For those who have died And for those left behind, And for those who grieve. I wear a Pink Ribbon as a symbol For hope, For a cure, For courage. I wear a Pink Ribbon as a symbol for the survivors. I wear a Pink Ribbon as a symbol for breast cancer awareness. Because it touches my heart and because I care... I wear a Pink Ribbon!

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Solivita Reflections | October 2019 Limited Version