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931 S. Semoran Blvd., Suite 214 | Winter Park, FL 32792 | 407-628-1086 |

Since 1972, Hara Management, Inc. has provided comprehensive management, marketing, and investment services in the real estate industry. GUIDANCE WITH INTEGRITY Our mission is to implement the policies of the Board of Directors and administer the services, programs, and operations of the Community Association. We are proud to provide information, training, and guidance to the Board of Directors. Our highlyskilled, extensively educated, and experienced team is dedicated to bringing value to every property and

Association we manage. The CAM is the “go-to” person for the Board of Directors, so we ensure their abilities, skills, and personality are carefully matched with the needs of the Association. We provide comprehensive support and develop a unique plan to respond to the specific requirements of the Association. In short, our goal is to make the Board’s job easier.

MANAGEMENT SERVICES Our services are customized to meet the needs of each Association with a “hands-on” approach, designed to focus on areas that will enrich the communities in which we serve. Every member of our team is dedicated to performing our services with a high level of professionalism while maintaining communication with the Board of Directors to ensure responsiveness and accountability. Hara Management’s objective is to provide exceptional service every day that exceeds each Association’s expectations. You can rely on us to deliver the essential tools necessary to effectively manage your Association.

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Property Inspections Management Reports Supervise Contractors Organize Meetings

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Maintain Official Records Insurance Administration Negotiate Contracts Membership Mailings

OUR MANAGEMENT PORTFOLIO Homeowners Associations Condominium Associations Apartment Communities Office Buildings Single-Family Residences

FINANCIAL REPORTING Financial reports are essential to Association management. We not only generate these reports for the Board of Directors, but we also analyze these reports and prepare strategic budgets. Our team will create an action plan to establish procedures that produce cost-cutting measures and forecast essential expenditures. We provide extensive examination of practices to

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identify potential areas for improvement. Additionally, we are here to problem solve any challenges faced by the Association, as well as potential unforeseen issues. The financial statements will be on time each month, precise, and easy to understand. Let us take the burden off your shoulders.

Balance Sheet • Account Reconciliation Profit & Loss Statement • Delinquency and Prepaid Reports General Ledger • Customized Reports (as needed) Check Register

ACCOUNTS PAYABLE With professionalism you can depend on, invoices will be processed and all disbursement of funds will be accurately handled with precision and the highest standards of fiscal responsibility. Hara Management is diligent when hiring contractors and utilizing vendors. We understand the dangers

• Fiscal Responsibility - Weekly Invoice Processing - Payment Disbursement

of working with vendors who do not properly maintain current insurance and applicable licenses. The Association can be rest assured we have standard procedures that are in place to keep vendors accountable and safeguard the Association from fines, suits, or penalties.

• Vendor Accountability - Up to Date Insurance - Applicable Licenses

ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE It is Hara Management’s responsibility to ensure that the Board of Directors has accurate and up to date reports for accounts receivable. It represents money owed to the Association and therefore vital to its operations. We will strategize with the Board on ways to improve the process for

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collection of delinquent accounts and increase the rate of recovered debts. We strive to make the accounts receivable practices seamless. Our team will stay on top of procedures to ensure continuous cash flow into the Association. Hara Management Inc. is the company you can lean on and trust for all your Association needs.

Follow the Board of Directors’ Collection Resolution for current and past accounts Charge owner assessments according to budget schedule Apply late fees and/or interest according to Association’s Governing Documents Post monthly assessments and other monies due to the Association

931 S. Semoran Blvd., Suite 214 Winter Park, FL 32792 407-628-1086

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A brochure for Hara Management located in Winter Park, FL.

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