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Engineering and the Security Shift Supervisor of alarms. Issue and maintain record of handheld two-way radios for each shift. Maintain a 24-hour log of activities. File all security related forms, logs and reports. Upon notification of an emergency, initiate emergency response procedures. Call a Code Green when the emergency has been resolved.

Patrol/ Rover • The Security Patrol Officer or Patrol/Rover are responsible to tour community. • The Rover operates under the direction of the Board of Directors of the Bellalago/IOB HOA via the Management Company. • They are to monitor and/or note and report any suspicious or unusual activity. • They are to check the pool – inspect the pool as well as verify guest passes as needed. • Assistance - Provide “assistance only” in crashes, health, or criminal activities to Law Enforcement and Fire/Rescue Officials. • Light Poles - Look for nonfunctioning street lights, obtain the address and light pole numbers, and report that information to Duke Energy or KUA for repair. • Parking Violations – Check for overnight street parking violations or vehicles parked in the grass, blocking sidewalks or parked on a sidewalk or at the Amenity Centers or any HOA common area between the hours of 12am and 5am without proper authorization. • School Zone – the Rover is to set up cones around the crosswalk area of the backside of the Bellalago Academy at the crosswalk for resident children walking to school. It is NOT the Rovers job to conduct traffic control. Only monitor this area. The Rover does look for the “drop off/ pick up pass” and if they do not see it, they do document the vehicle description and tag to turn in to the HOA for further monitoring. If you see the Security vehicle driving the opposite direction during the times of the school zone loading or unloading, they have permission to do so as they are mentioned previous – operating under direct authority of the Bellalago/IOB HOA and Management Company to complete a task required for their contract with the HOA.

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Bellalago Beacon | Jan/Feb 2019  

Bellalago Beacon | Jan/Feb 2019