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BUILDING FOR BUCHAREST One United Properties continues to execute award-winning projects which have not only made their mark on the Romanian capital, but also positively impacted communities within the city Writer: Tom Wadlow | Project Manager: Ryan Gray


country’s construction sector is a good indicator of its overall economic health. In 2008-09 the global financial crisis struck economies all over the world, and the effects of the crash are still being felt 10 years on as governments continue to cut back and investors remain wary of taking on high levels of risk. Romania, as with Europe as a whole, saw its construction sector contract following the events of a decade ago. Activity dropped steeply in the immediate aftermath, a pattern which continued for several years as the evolution of new development prospects faced many challenges. However, since 2013 the market has been recovering. According to research carried out by the European Commission, there were 89,943 enterprises and 608,715 people engaged in the broad construction sector in Romania in 2016, respective increases of 7.6 percent and 2.9 percent since 2010. In terms of building production, the period 2010 to 2016 saw activity grow by 21.4 percent, while civil engineering production increased by 9.7 percent. Profitability also strengthened, with

One United Properties is a Leading Green Developer of residential and mixed-use real estate. The company was established in 2011, although the founders have been building residences together since 2006 and have invested in real estate since 2000. It is an innovative company, dedicated to accelerating the adoption of building practices that result in energyefficient, healthier and environmentally sustainable buildings.

turnover across the construction sector growing by 19.8 percent to reach €30.6 billion in 2016. For Andrei Diaconescu and Victor Căpitanu, Managing Partners and Founders at Bucharest-based developer One United Properties (OUP), it is an exciting time to be involved in what is an ever-evolving industry. “The construction sector currently thrives on the impetus provided by this phase of the business cycle,” says Diaconescu. “The sector is still highly fragmented and as such competition is intense. However, competition also tends to be localised. Bucharest itself is a €50 billion economy, so it provides interesting opportunities across the entire specEME Outlook issue 33 | 3

ONE UNITED PROPERTIES trum of the construction industry.” Căpitanu adds: “The country and its capital are still developing at an amazing pace, notwithstanding the spectacular growth witnessed so far – Romania has not had a recession since 2009. As the economy is currently operating at full employment, supply of labour becomes a problem and it is a challenge, both for One United Properties and in fact the entire economy.” While the skills conundrum presents a headache for companies like One United, it is an issue far more desirable than the dearth of industry activity seen a decade ago. And the overall positive picture is continuing to paint itself in 2019. Construction activity in Romania increased 34.2 percent in August 2019 compared to the same month in the previous year, with July seeing a record 41 percent year on year growth in output. Regarding the value of ongoing and upcoming work, the country’s pipeline looks promising. The period 2019 to 2023 is forecast to see an average annual growth of 3.37 percent, with projects worth $25 million or more

combining to be worth $103.1 billion as of May 2019. Infrastructure and residential construction are predicted to drive the revival of the Romanian construction sector in the future, with the European Commission issuing a growth forecast at an annual rate of 3.8 percent in 2019 and 5.4 percent in 2020. One United specialises in the residential and mixed-use space. Set up in 2011 by Diaconescu and Căpitanu, the company has emerged as the leading green developer, dedicated to accelerating the adoption of building practices that result in energy-efficient, healthier and environmentally sustainable buildings. As well as operating as a real estate developer, the firm also has an in-house interior design and furniture company (multi-award-winning Lemon Interior Design), an architecture studio and engineering capabilities in the form of X Architecture & Engineering. But why did the Managing Partners decide to go into business when the going was tough for Romania’s construction industry in 2011?

Alukönigstahl Alukönigstahl is a supplier of the highest-quality aluminium-, steel- and plastic systems as well as components for the realisation of contemporary, energy-efficient architecture and supports sustainable building designs. The distribution of famous brands protects a qualitatively high-quality assortment which is submitted to a constant optimisation and advanced adaptation to architecture trends and construction specifications. Alukönigstahl supports its partners with extensive service competence in all phases of a building project. The enterprise disposes of advisory teams which develop new products as well as offering decisive facilities for the choice of the optimum system components for a specific building project. Alukönigstahl has operated in Romania since 1995 and cooperates closely with the most experienced partners of façades, windows and doors construction in the Romanian market. These partnerships have existed for decades and are based on mutual trust. In addition, the company is for more than 60 years the exclusive dealer with two leading system manufacturers: Schüco international KG, a world leader in aluminum and solar systems and expert for systems software, and Jansen AG, a specialist in steel profile systems. This cooperation and specific product development has helped Alukönigstahl secure its position as a leader in technology and innovation. The reference list of the company includes the most important office, residential, retail, and hotel projects all over Romania. Here there are some of the projects: Sky Towers, Orhideea Towers, Bucharest Business Gardens, The Bridge, Blue Rose Office Park, 102 The Address, Ana Tower in Bucharest, The Office, Binarium , Avantcity , Scala Center, Regina Maria Hospital in Cluj, UBC -Openville, Vox Technology Park, Issho Offices and Residence in Timisoara.

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ONE UNITED PROPERTIES “It was the effervescence of the transition period in Romania and our youth that made us believe everything was possible,” recalls Diaconescu. “We were fascinated by the tumultuous pace of transformation in our city and in the country, and as we were assisting clients of the bank where we started our career with their financing transactions, we got equally excited about entrepreneurship. “And while that bank became very successful and the largest independent Romanian investment banking boutique, we eventually settled on our passion for real estate.”

ONE FLOREASCA CITY: A LANDMARK DEVELOPMENT The duo never looked back. Indeed, One United is one of the very few residential developers which has grown during the market’s downturn period, a feat which can be attributed to its ability to identify and efficiently develop the right products for Romania’s upper and mid-upper residential segments. Its first project, One Floreasca Lake, actually predates the formal creation of the company, the land permits being granted in 2009 before construction of the first phase began in 2011.


WHAT, IN YOUR OPINION, MAKES A GOOD BUSINESS LEADER? Victor Căpitanu (left) and Andrei Diaconescu (right): “A good business leader is a visionary. They have the ability to inspire others to believe in his or her vision. A good business leader understands the world we live in and is responsible about the environment. A good business leader is a person who abides by the highest ethical and moral standards in business, and by so doing builds trust of their partners of all kinds.”

The second phase was finished in 2015, the development today standing as a residential compound with 68 apartments overlooking the water. And it is here, in the north of Bucharest, where One United’s most prestigious project to date is unfolding. Overlooking Floreasca Lake is Floreasca City, a landmark mixeduse development housing an office building (One Tower), three blocks of high-end designed apartments (One Mircea Eliade) and a renovated old Ford factory which will be transformed into a modern retail space for French multinational Auchan. 6 | EME Outlook issue 33

Building Insiders

BK TECHNIK is a Romanian company established in 2002, specialised in the provision of comprehensive services in the field of building installations (electrical, mechanical, plumbing), from their initial design stage to implementation and further to technical maintenance. We aim to understand each of our clients’ needs, so that our personalised services assist them to reach their goals. We measure our success by the satisfaction of our clients, long term partnerships, successive projects

and growing demand of our services on the market. Our competitive advantage is the expertise we have in multiple construction categories: Retail, Residential, Office, Medical, Logistic and refurbishments, followed by a consistent and cost-savings vision in maintaining the construction - technical maintenance. We have been operating in international environments and we are able to cope with the specific demands of various markets that result from cultural differences. Value engineering is a part of our service provision and is present in all project stages, ranging from design

preparation to implementation and execution, including the bid, and optimisation proposals in the case of technical maintenance. We started our partnership with ONE UNITED PROPERTIES in 2016, in one of their first projects on the market (One Herastrau Park), we have continued with One Herastrau Plaza and, now, being part of One Herastrau Towers project. We thank them for their trust, and we guarantee them our support and involvement in achieving their targets for the projects to come!



Mr. Vlad Niculescu – Technical and Operational Manager Mr. Cristian Gherghinoiu – Finance Manager

Calea Floreasca nr. 169 (IPA building), et. 2, cam. 2, sector 1, 014459 Bucharest Romania T +40 21 315 56 22 | F +40 21 315 56 25 | E


BUILT ON PARTNERSHIPS Developments such as those taking place in Floreasca rely not only on the expertise and execution ability of One United as a developer, but also the company’s expansive network of contractors and suppliers. Recognising the value of these relationships, Diaconescu says: “Just as we would like our partners to trust and rely on us, it is of utmost importance that we too are able to trust and rely on our suppliers in order to be successful. “Trust built over years of partnership and long-lasting relationships are key to our establishing of business relations. We tend to be very loyal to our suppliers and we believe in longterm relationships.”

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“One Floreasca City is probably the largest mixed-use project under construction in the City of Bucharest at the moment,” comments Capitanu. “The development enjoys iconic architectural design, with three residential towers and one office tower. The structure of the building itself is one of a kind in Romania and we look forward to the completion date when our project will again become part of Bucharest’s skyline. “Both the office tower and the residential towers have received green pre-certifications – the office is LEED Platinum v4 pre-certified and the residential towers are pre-certified by the Romanian Green Building Council.” One Tower will provide 24,000 square metres of office spaces, all AAA class endowed with the latest technologies. Every floor will comprise a 1,450-square-metre surface and benefit from natural light and an efficient compartmentalisation of space. The sustainable theme continues in the land surrounding the buildings – the entire complex will span 2.8 hectares, with around a third of this being designated as green space. Diaconescu adds: “We have taken great care in creating an ecosystem that cares for the community. We will be improving the road infrastructure surrounding the project by expanding the main roads, creating additional accesses, and in general rejuvenating a part of the city that has otherwise been neglected for too many years.”

AWARD-WINNING The scheme is also being recognised internationally. At the International Property Awards Gala held on October 24 at the Royal Lancaster Hotel in London, One United received four distinctions relating to its Floreasca City development. As well as winning the Mixed-use Development Romania Award, the project also scooped the Best Sustainable Residential Development Romania 5 Stars Award.

Baumit Baumit is one of Europe’s biggest construction materials producers with a dedicated target of improving interior living conditions and energy efficency. Indoor air quality becomes more and more important. And building materials have a significant impact on quality. That is why Baumit launched the project “HealthyLiving” to learn about the impact of materials on the well-being and health of its inhabitants. The method of construction and quality of used materials have a principal impact on human health and quality of living and all this has been carefully researched at our Viva Research Park, Europe’s largest research facility for comparative building material studies. Its main objective is to accurately measure and evaluate the impact of different construction materials on living comfort. An important role in ensuring comfortable living and a healthy climate in the house is played by thermal insulation. Good insulation ensures a balanced interior climate and improves the overall living comfort. An uninsulated brick house needs 2.5 times more energy in comparison to an insulated one. In other words, in an insulated house you need only 40 percent of the actual energy costs. Baumit Open System ensures a highly permeable thermal insulation system, optimal indoor climate for a comfortable living. In regards to interiors, the company’s lime-based plaster Baumit Klima significantly helps to regulate the interior air humidity, and reduces the level of occurrence of organisms harmful to our health. This all depends on the material’s capability to absorb residual humidity, and return it in case of insufficient humidity.


KONE Romania OPENNING A DOOR TO THE HOME OF THE FUTURE The KONE Residential Flow solution brings new levels of convenience for home owners, residents, and also facility managers by using mobile and cloud technologies to connect building doors, elevators, information channels, and intercom systems via an easy-to-use smartphone application. This new solution is designed to solve the exact same everyday challenges that the survey respondents indicated they were facing. The solution is available for both new and existing buildings, and covers access control, visitor management, and information provision. There are three different packages available: KONE Access, which controls building doors and automatically calls an elevator to take the user to their home floor, eliminating the need to carry or use physical keys. KONE Visit, which includes a connected intercom system that allows residents to greet visitors and grant them access using their smartphone.

The remaining two accolades focus on the residential element of the scheme, One Mircea Eliade. Made up of 247 apartments across the three towers, residents will not only enjoy a contemporary home, but also stunning views, a concept food hall, restaurants, and gym with a pool. On receiving the awards, Beatrice Dumitrașcu, VP Residential Sales at One United Properties, commented: “Since the very first real estate projects developed under One United Properties brand, our company has come up with unique, modern concepts designed to change the face of Bucharest – buildings that are suitable 10 | EME Outlook issue 33

for any western metropolis and which, at the same time, respect high standards of quality and sustainability. “That is why in past years we have been extremely pleased to notice that among the many awards our company has received, those for sustainable projects play an important part. And now, to be in London together with the most important European players in the field is for sure a great honour and a recognition of our daily efforts and involvement. “We are happy and grateful to have received the five-star awards at the International Property Awards Gala and, on behalf of the entire team, I can

KONE Information, which facility managers can use to send relevant building-related information direct to residents’ smartphones, or to info screens in the elevators or lobby. WHY CHOOSE THE KONE SMART PEOPLE FLOW CONSULTING? • Professional support during renovation and new building design • Your building becomes more functional, easier to navigate, and adaptable for the future • An improved user experience that considers the latest building trends • Smart planning and monitoring thoughtout building’s life cycle


KONE vision is to make cities better place to live. KONE is a global leader in the elevator and escalator industry. We offer innovative and sustainable new equipment solutions, ensure the safety and availability of equipment in operation and offer modernization solutions for aging equipment. The company has been founded in Finland in 1910. It has over 57 000 employees and over 450 000 customers all over the world. On August 2008 KONE Corporation has founded its own company in Romania named KONE ASCENSORUL. We are proud to have excellent solutions that can improve the feeling of smooth, comfortable, enjoyable, reliable and safe People Flow. The team of KONE ASCENSORUL is constantly developing as we offer innovative solutions, answering the customer needs.

reliable. Our vision is to deliver the best People Flow® experience, by providing Ease, Effectiveness and Experiences to users and customers over the full life-cycle of the buildings. Our strategy guides us towards our vision.”

Keeping your building moving.

“Every day, around 200,000 people move into cities across the globe. At KONE, our mission is to improve the flow of urban life. We understand People Flow in and between buildings, and we aim to make people’s journeys safe, convenient and

Property owners and developers are under increasing pressure to ensure that tenants can move around buildings as quickly and comfortably as possible while simultaneously providing improved security and access control. KONE’s comprehensive and flexible People Flow Intelligence solutions are designed to meet these demands. They are based on industry-leading technology that can be adapted according to your changing needs, which enables efficient building management, and adds real value to your property. KONE People Flow Intelligence comprises solutions for access and destination control, as well as information communication and equipment monitoring.



• • • •

• • • •

Smooth people flow and improved security Easy to adapt Simplified planning, installation, and operation Freedom of choice

Information and advertisements Rapid information channel Improved passenger guidance Stylish design matches KONE signalization equipment



• Easy remote monitoring, configuration, and management of elevators and escalators • Accurate real-time data available instantly • Comprehensive reporting, including archiving of performance data • Remote shutdown of equipment enables energy savings

• • • •

KONE ASCENSORUL S.A. 9-11 Fabrica de Chibrituri street, floor 2-3, disctrict 5 RO-050182 Bucharest, Romania

Tel. +4021 311 4601, +4021 311 4602 Fax +4021 311 4603

Industry-leading traffic handling performance Increased comfort and convenience User-friendly and attractive user interfaces Smooth, non-disruptive modernization

ONE UNITED PROPERTIES say they represent an international appreciation of our work.” X Architecture & Engineering was also recognised at the ceremony in London. Not only did it receive the Mixed-use Architecture Romania Award Winner for One Floreasca City, the One United division also took home the Residential High-rise Architecture Romania Award for One Herăstrău Park. The latter is a high-end residential compound with two 52-metre-high towers and 106 apartments, totalling 28,000 square metres of space, all within two to three minutes’ walking distance to Herăstrău Park and only steps from Floreasca Lake. Along with One Floreasca City and One Floreasca Lake, it is among several regeneration schemes helping to revitalise the entire Floreasca part of Bucharest. One of the most beautiful and old areas in Bucharest, it has been the subject of many redevelopments,

including green zones and the marketplace. Completing the group-wide success in the UK capital was Lemon Interior Design, which won three awards for its work on Private Residence One, Lake Loft and Skyline projects. Another landmark recognition came in 2018, when One United Properties was awarded Residential Developer of the Year at the Europa Property SEE Awards. “We are proud that our work is recognised independently by such visible awards like Residential Developer of the Year,” says Căpitanu. “But equally important to us is the streak of awards – every single one of our properties has been recognised for achievement in one or many forms. This keeps us motivated to continuously improve ourselves and ensure we deliver outstanding quality and value to our clients, to our city and the communities in which we work.”

Schindler Romania Schindler manufactures, installs, services and modernises elevators, escalators and moving walks for almost every type of building requirement worldwide. The company specialises in the latesttechnology engineering, as well as mechanical and microprocessor technology products designed and rigorously tested for safety, comfort, efficiency and reliability. Inspired by the vision of being the best service provider in the industry for its customers, Schindler will continue in the future to develop highly innovative and user-friendly mobility solutions and to deliver these to the world market. Schindler products can be found in many well-known buildings throughout the globe, including office buildings, airports, shopping centres/ retail establishments and specialty buildings. Schindler moves more than one billion people a day. And not just vertically – the company connects people in many ways, contributing to mobility in the urban world and making everyday life easier. With its products and services, Schindler shapes the way people live today – and will live in the future. Schindler‘s sustainability strategy focuses on six areas chosen to generate the greatest possible impact.

Can We Elevate You?

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Schindler Ahead Smart Urban Mobility Increasing urbanization requires reliable, secure and efficient mobility solutions. With digitization, urban mobility becomes smart. The Internet of Things Artificial Intelligence and personalized apps change the way we live and move. Schindler moves over one billion people every day. With the introduction of Schindler Ahead, equipment reliability, uptime, and safety will significantly be improved and there will be an all-new superior passenger experience. At Schindler we power digital urban mobility.

Connecting the dots.

Digital solution.

Imagine a platform where all involved parties are connected and necessary information is shared in realtime. Schindler Ahead connects equipment, customers and passengers with Schindler’s Contact Centers and technicians via its digital closed-loop platform. Connecting the dots on the Schindler Ahead platform, customers and passengers will benefit from enhanced uptime, deeper insights and superior convenience.

Cube Machine intelligence

App Store Instant access

With the CUBE your equipment becomes smart and connected. Relevant machine data like door movement or lifecycle utilization are collected, pre-analyzed and transmitted to the Cloud Platform. And more, the CUBE runs apps, streams multimedia content and even handles emergency voice calls with the highest level of Cyber Security.

A variety of apps for customers and passengers. Available today. Access relevant information in real-time, gain comprehensive insights or experience improved comfort and convenience. On your smartphone or via Internet Portal. Personalized and customizable to your needs.

Cloud Platform Real-time insights

Future Readiness Over-the-air (OTA) updates

Our Cloud Platform is the engine for Big Data analytics and Artificial Intelligence. In combination with the leading GE Predix solution we gain powerful insights through advanced analytics and machine learning. Data turn into actionable outcome like Predictive Maintenance.

Urban mobility is a journey. Make use of Schindler Ahead’s powerful solutions today and be ready for the latest innovations. Overthe-air (OTA) updates from the App Store to the CUBE allow you to always stay up to date without having a service technician to come on-site. So you can benefit from Schindler’s continuous investment in enhancing and shaping smart urban mobility solutions.

Schindler Ahead. Made for today. Ready for the future.


Tel: 021-3367058


Fax: 021-3373659

ONE UNITED PROPERTIES SUSTAINABILITY AT HEART As Capitanu states, the ongoing string of recognition for every project is no coincidence. It is testament to the working practices of One United and its dedicated team of knowledgeable people who are determined to deliver projects on time and on budget, and to exceed client expectation. Indeed, for Diaconescu, there are two further aspects that set the company apart from its competitors. “First, our brand has over time become synonymous to building outstanding projects in unique locations,” he explains. “Our buildings have positively impacted the local community, and some have already become part of Bucharest’s skyline. In a way we are proud to think of ourselves as creators of landmarks.”

Second is an unwavering commitment to deliver sustainable and environmentally responsible developments. “We have realised very early that we have an obligation to care for our environment,” Diaconescu continues. “This is why every single one of our buildings is certified by the Romanian Green Building Council, a process that not only looks at the finished product, but at the entire chain of events which culminates in the finished product, from suppliers of materials, to how it is put into construction. “Recently our office development One Tower, part of One Floreasca City, was pre-certified LEED Platinum v4, which is the strictest environmental standard in the industry. We believe this environmental commitment is an important factor in why our projects

ROMANIAN GREEN BUILDING COUNCIL: KEY OBJECTIVES To promote market transformation and facilitate the implementation of the next generation of high-performing green constructions, the Romania Green Building Council:​​ • Facilitates the availability of the most up to date and highest quality training to create the necessary pool of national green building experts;​​ • Supports the development of appropriate regulatory conditions that promote sustainable constructions while ensuring attractive returns on investment;​​ • Develops and implements a national green building standards and certification system;​​ • Supports the development of best in class in-country green construction in an effort to position Romania as a sustainable construction leader in the region;​ • Builds an inclusive organisation by facilitating collaboration between all relevant players in order to eliminate systemic barriers and promote a truly sustainable built environment;​ • Promotes domestic, regional and international collaboration to share knowledge and encourage innovation;​ • Researches, compiles and disseminates best practices for the region and encourages their adoption and implementation.

KESZ KÉSZ – OVER THREE DECADES OF EXPERIENCE KÉSZ is one of Central and Eastern Europe’s leading construction companies, with a successful history of business development and construction expertise of 36 years. The Group’s tagline is “We build on knowledge” and this is because they see knowledge as the most important driver and cohesion force of their existence and success. Due to the market independence that KÉSZ Group has achieved over the years, its own resources, its broad portfolio of services and its successful international expansion, the company takes pride in its outstanding success and dynamic growth in competitive market conditions. KÉSZ guide every business venture by core values: knowledge – stability – motivation – complexity – innovation – versatility.

KÉSZ CONSTRUCTII ROMANIA – QUALITY, CREDIBILITY AND TRANSPARENCY The spirit and knowledge of KÉSZ have helped the expansion of its business outside domestic borders, with subsidiaries across Europe in Serbia, Romania, Russia, Ukraine and Germany. Its portfolio encompasses countless large scale projects in Romania, some of its most innovative being Nymphaea Aquapark in Oradea, the Kaercher Factory in Curtea de Arges, Penny Logistic Centre in Bacau and One Herăstrău Park, Trade Center Oradea, Galeriile Comerciale Aurora Retail Park Oradea, Systronics Arad, and ONE Charles de Gaulle Bucuresti. The company’s first investment to date in Romania is Hexagon Office development in Cluj Napoca, a state-of–the-art and innovative class “A” office building that offers to its occupiers 21.601 sqm GLA. KÉSZ Constructii Romania promises an experience of quality.

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WE BUILD ON KNOWLEDGE Engineering & Technologies

400495 Cluj Napoca, Calea Turzii nr. 178K T: 0040-364-080100 | 0040-264-443269 E:


Grohe Grohe is proud to stand as a reliable partner for One United, and we are keen to offer strong solutions to all of our customers, who we treat as partners. “Just as we would like our partners to trust and rely on us, it is of utmost importance that we too are able to trust and rely on our suppliers in order to be successful. Trust built over years of partnership and longlasting relationships are key to our establishing of business relations. We tend to be very loyal to our suppliers and we believe in long-term relationships.” - Andrei Diaconescu, Managing Partner and Founder, One United Properties

have won more recognition than the projects of any other competitor.” Diaconescu eludes to collaboration with the Romanian Green Building Council, an organisation which One United has proactively been a longtime supporter of. Set up in 2008, it was the first of its kind in south-eastern Europe and operates with a mandate to promote a transformation toward an efficient and competitive marketplace for green technologies, expertise, and materials to create the next generation of high-performance green buildings. Essential tasks to date have been to disseminate relevant information, provide training, set standards and introduce certification for green building, while also advocating appropriate regulatory conditions. “We have realised very early on that we simply have to care about the environment, and we want our legacy to include setting the standard amongst Romanian builders for a responsible 16 | EME Outlook issue 33

and considerate construction industry,” Capitanu adds. “One United was among the first in the industry in Romania to join the Council and embrace a green philosophy, as we want our business partners to be inspired by our actions and be proud of associating themselves with partners that care for the environment. “We also want to give comfort to our clients that the place they will end up calling home has been built in a responsible manner, and it ensures their

children will enjoy as rich an environment as we did when growing up.”

BUILDING FOR THE FUTURE Future generations also form the heart of the company’s District One initiative. This programme represents a new focus designed to reach a broader segment of clients, chiefly expanding the company’s client base to younger professionals living in the Romanian capital city.


COMPLETE BATHROOM SOLUTION Discover the new Essence range

Amber Technologies has developed in the 20 years of activity a different offer on the Romanian market, based on quality, efficiency and a personalized relationship with our clients. We are responsible and friendly towards the environment, we think green and ecological, therefore we propose every time equipment of the latest generation that comply with the required efficiency and pollution norms. For products and services of the highest quality in the field of heating and air conditioning for use: • Residential • Industrial • Commercial • Office buildings • Hotels • Restaurants • Museums • Banks

The best from the beginning. Together for 20 years. Tel: 004.021.310.10.10 Mob: 004.0744.481.874 Email:

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One Verdi Park

TWO NEW PROJECTS FOR 2020 > ONE VERDI PARK To be built on the Barbu Văcărescu Boulevard in Bucharest, One Verdi Park is a multifunctional development that will consist of two 75-metre towers (one office and one residential) with commercial space at ground level. Capitanu adds: “With the latest trend for revitalising former industrial platforms of Bucharest, we also noticed the tenants’ concern for improving the quality of the working environment. Thus, we developed the concept of One Verdi Park, which is part of the company’s strategy to develop multifunctional projects.”

> ONE COTROCENI PARK Set to sprawl over 5.8 hectares, One Cotroceni Park aims to offer a new dimension to the work-live-shop concept in Bucharest. Around 10 percent of the space will be occupied by retail outlets, while the site will cater to 10,000 workers and residents. Located on Progresului

18 | EME Outlook issue 33

Street, opposite the future Academia Militară metro station, and in the immediate vicinity of such land marks as Cotroceni Palace (the Residence of the President of Romania), Botanical Gardens, the Military Academy and the Bucharest Polytechnical University, One Cotroceni Park promises to revitalise a former industrial area in the middle of the city and will be the largest city rejuvenation project in Bucharest. The project is unique in many respects vis-à-vis other office projects built in Bucharest. First, at around 80,000 square metres GLA (BOMA) it is the largest single-asset, Grade A office building in Bucharest. Second, floorplates are as large as 8,000-plus square metres GLA (combined for the two buildings), which makes them the largest floor plates in the city, a distinct advantage for our tenants who can locate entire teams in one vibrant workplace together. Third, “your park in your office” – large terraces within some of the floors, offer ample green working space for the employees. Fourth, the building will be LEED and WELL certified, demonstrating OUP’s commitment to care for the environment and for the people working in our properties. Construction is set to begin in 2020.



One Cotroceni Park

Bucureşti Sectorul 1, Str. VERBINELOR, Nr. 1-3 Email:

For Diaconescu, this is not only a way to serve a wider portion of the local community, but also to help diversify and ultimately futureproof the business for years to come. “We have identified a structural deficit of quality residential offering in Bucharest, and also a rising affluent young earners group, which we would like to care for,” he says. “Preferences for choosing locations have changed significantly with the new generations, and while it used to be true that a family has one home for one or two generations, now we see families owning and living in two to three homes during a generation.

“The combination of structural deficit for quality homes combined with the emergence of a highly affluent segment has led to us coming in with a new offering for our customers.” Appealing to a younger demographic will form an important part of One United Properties’s strategy as it moves towards the end of 2019, a year which has seen it hand over landmark developments in the form of One Herăstrău Plaza and One Charles de Gaulle. The latter is just two minutes from Herăstrău Park, made up of 33 dwellings across two buildings certified by the Romanian Green Building Council

and recognised by the European Commission as a good practice model. Outlining the company’s plans for 2020, Capitanu concludes the conversation in confident fashion. “We look forward to entering 2020 with exciting new plans and a new phase for our company,” he says. “We look forward to starting construction at our new mixed-use project One Verdi Park and our flagship office project One Cotroceni Park. Our existing projects are moving ahead as planned and we eagerly anticipate our completion dates – ensuring timely and quality completions are just as important priorities for us as our new projects.”

ONE UNITED PROPERTIES Tel: +40 31 225 10 00 +40 726 000 02

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ONE UNITED PROPERTIES Bd. Dacia nr. 56 Bucharest 020061 Romania Tel: +40 31 225 10 00/+40 726 000 026 PRODUCED BY EME OUTLOOK MAGAZINE

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One United Properties business brochure - EME Outlook - Issue 33

One United Properties  

One United Properties business brochure - EME Outlook - Issue 33