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OutlookStudent Press Features 4 “Before getting too excited, let’s take a look at the upcoming financial logistics of the upcoming years. This step, more important than it ever was before, should be one of the first steps a transfer candidate takes in the entire process.” Benedict Tagle, Student

Take these steps to ensure your college transfer is a smooth one.

Style 9 “The 1968 ‘Romeo and Juliet’ is a classic, and probably the best one. Unabridged and staying true to Shakespeare’s air, this accurate adaptation is a true masterpiece.” Marina Watts, Student

The story of lovers Romeo and Juliet has been great material for the silver screen.

Science 11 “Some foods, entitled “superfoods,” are able to do what many other pills can do and more.” Sienna Jefferies, Student

These superfoods are just a supermarket away.

Volume 46 Issue 4 September 30, 2013 Rockland Community College

Where to Find “Fantastic Beasts”: On The Big Screen Marina Watts

Editor In Chief

Potterheads, it’s finally here! After seven books, eight films, and enough passion to engulf our generation, J. K. Rowling has announced that there is a new Harry Potter film franchise. There is no more need to feel the post-Potter pain we all have experienced upon closing the cover of the seventh book, and leaving the theatre after the eighth movie’s credits came on screen. Rowling has pulled the ultimate Billy Mays move: we waited, and now there is indeed more. This is the author’s screenwriting debut. If she was able to capture the hearts and the minds of millions worldwide through novels, her screenwriting will be beyond magical. This September, Rowling has made it public that she is converting one of the textbooks used at Hogwarts into a film. “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” is going to feature a new character, Newt Scamander. This textbook

was used for the “Care of Magical Creatures” class taught at the fine wizarding institution. From the start of the book series, in “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone,” he gets mentioned briefly. Now, Rowling plans to have the film expand on the world that she

Where to Find Them’ is neither a prequel nor a sequel to the Harry Potter series, but an extension of the wizarding world,” said Rowling, in a statement. “The laws and customs of the hidden magical society will be familiar to anyone who has read the Harry Potter books or seen the

created. It is every Potter geek’s dream come true, and more. “Although it will be set in the worldwide community of witches and wizards where I was so happy for 17 years, ‘Fantastic Beasts and

films, but Newt’s story will start in New York, 70 years before Harry’s gets underway.” These films will be merely an extension of the Harry Potter series, which will bring new

characters and scenarios into play. Something fresh and exciting is just what we have been waiting for. Everything Rowling wrote about in her previous novels is going to be relevant, but the life of Newt will be explored in detail. Similar to the books, there will be a video game and merchandise being released to go along with “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.” In other news, Warner Bros. has also set up the novel Rowling has written “The Casual Vacancy,” to be adapted to television as part of this wondrous contract. The success that has come from the Harry Potter film franchise can only point to further triumph for the writer and everyone connected. J.K. Rowling had said she would only revisit the wizarding world if she had something she was really excited about. “This is it,” she says. Harry Potter aficionados like myself look forward to this next film in the making. Anyone who fell in love with the world Rowling created these past fifteen years is sure to fall in love once more with these new films.

What the SGA and SAB Do for RCC Mike Porco

Staff WRiter

Have you ever noticed the truck full of food that drives onto the campus during the daytime? Have you heard about the discount cards, the cards that grant you discounts at places like movie theaters, restaurants, and the like? Or maybe you noticed the recent volunteer fair which took place outside of the Student Union. The SGA (Student Government Association) and SAB (Student Activity Board), a co-committee of the Student Government, work together to bring a variety of services to our school and we may not all know about all of the opportunities that they are providing for us. Anyone with back-to-back evening classes knows that if you are hungry and you don’t have the time or transportation to head off campus and get a meal, then you might have a problem, as the cafeteria is not open past 3 P.M. Fortunately, the SGA has come up with a solution to the never-ending dilemma of what to eat. They have worked together with a food vendor, and now anyone looking for a meal between their classes later in the day has the option of buying food from the vendor. This food truck is on the RCC main campus between

4:30 to 7:30 P.M. Monday through Thursday, and from 8:30 A.M. untill noon on Saturday. I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say that almost every one of us students goes out to dinner or to see a movie every once in a while. I am also confident that we are all interested in saving money when we do go out. In other colleges, you will get a discounted price from

can purchase them in the Student Involvement Office, Room 3208 in the Student Union, for a price of $3. These cards will be sold with a reduced price of $1 at various SGA or SAB events. Over the semester, SAB is organizing a variety of events and at least one of these events will likely catch your eye. This list of events may change, and for the

most stores that are in the college’s town. Even if we are a community college we should get the same opportunity, right? Members of the SGA had just that in mind when they started a project to provide discount cards that can be used in many popular, and local businesses. If you are interested in any of these cards, you

complete list with their respective dates, you can inquire at the Student Involvement Office on the second floor of the Student Union. First off, there will be a Spoken Word Artist visiting the campus. If you are not familiar with the art then I highly recommend that you search for examples on YouTube. For those of you who are a little more

mysterious and may be looking to open up the doors of your subconscious, then a hypnotist is just the thing that you are looking for. Anyone out there who wants to test their knowledge in a contest against fellow students, then you might want to look into competing on Jeopardy. The event Walk With Me will be taking place on October 24. The SGA has created this walk in silence that is aimed to raise awareness of domestic violence. They are also forming a group to fund raise for Light The Night, which is aimed at finding a cure for Leukemia and Lymphoma. Later on in the semester, there will also be a toy drive and a blood drive. Everyone is welcome to come and help out by donating and helping out those in need. All of these great events that will continue to take place on our campus have been planned by the Student Activities Board. And the services such as the discount cards, and the food truck are all thanks to the Student Government Association. The SGA and SAB are constantly looking for ways to make our experience at Rockland Community College as positive and exciting as possible. If you have any questions, you can talk to the Student Involvement Office on the second floor of the Student Union.


Marina Watts & Sienna Jefferies

Editor in Chief & Staff Writer

October 1 marks the day that the Affordable Care Act (commonly referred to as “ObamaCare”) will take effect in New York, along with other states across America. The bill for the health care system was signed in March 2010, and three years later certain states will begin to ensforce it. It will allow Americans to compare health care plans and prices to see what suits their lifestyle best. There are currently 44 million Americans without health care. Now, with the expansion of Medicare, Medicaid and making things to be more cost effective, we have the potential to expand our options at an affordable cost. The Health Insurance Marketplace will ensure that Americans have a new way to obtain affordable health insurance. This benefits those who don’t have health insurance or who may want to explore other options. After filling out the Health Insurance Marketplace application, all the health plans that one is eligible for will be displayed. This application will make everyone k nowledgeable of whether or not they qualify for lower outof-pocket costs (lower payments on deductibles, copayments, co insurance). In addition, whether or not one is eligible for free or low-cost coverage through Medicaid or the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) is part of ObamaCare. Before we dive into the Afforable Health Care Act, there are some things you should take into account. PROS ·Many people who were previously uninsured will now be able to obtain low cost or free health insurance using their State’s Market Health Insurance Marketplace. ·Provides preventive and wellness services to millions of Americans without out of pocket costs. ·No one can be dropped from coverage due to sickness, illness or any medical condition ·No one can be denied or additionally charged due to treatment or sickness ·Young adults can remain on their 

September 30, 2013

parent’s health insurance plan until they are 26 years old. ·Extended Medicare to approximately 15.9 million women, men, and children below 138% of the poverty level ·Beginning in 2014, all coverage requires 10 essential health benefits and preventive services. ·Middle income Americans (those who make between 133%400% of the federal poverty level), are now able to utilize tax credits and subsidies on health insurance exchanges. Now, one is able to save up to 60% of their cost of premiums. ·Approximately 47 million women will be accessible to preventive and wellness services (women’s health services) ·Reforms to Medicare for seniors, which now eliminates the “donut hole” (coverage gap; temporary limit on what drug plans will cover a specific drug) while expanding preventive services as well as coverage options. ·Provides up to 50% in tax credits to small businesses with less than 25 full time employees w h i c h helps to el i m i n at e the cost of buying h e a l t h i nsu rance for their employees CONS · T h e expansion o f Medicaid is based off of federal and state funding; not every state has expanded Medicaid. ·In 2015, all businesses with over 50 full time employees will have to provide health coverage; some businesses have cut employee hours in response. ·Increase in insurance premiums because of insurers who must provided health services that are covered. ·Taxes will be raised on approximately 1 million individuals whose’ income exceeds $200,000. ·Everyone must obtain health insurance if not already purchased or pay a “penalty income tax which is 1% of your income tax or 95% after the first year. ·The top 2% of business and individuals in the U.S will have to pay extra taxes to compensate for the coverage of others. WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW Women and Family Coverage: Under ObamaCare, insurance companies will no longer be allowed to put a limit on

how much health care they will pay for you, regardless of what happens. Health insurers won’t be allowed to charge you more because you are a woman, which would be highly discriminatory.

Young Adult Coverage: what is significant about ObamaCare is that it will give young adults more health care options than before. Those who are under 26 years of age will be covered, especially if they cannot get the health care coverage they need through their jobs. This will help many kids in college, along with those who recently graduated who are searching for employment. Young adults will also benefit from receiving free preventive services, such as flu shots, HIV and cancer screenings, contraceptive counseling and FDA-approved birth control. The Affordable Care Act will also cover those less than 19 years of age with preexisting conditions, something that wasn’t offered before. Senior Coverage: ObamaCare will allow seniors with Medicare to be able to see their own doctors. Insurers will also keep those with chronic illnesses from being disadvantaged by benefit limits, this way they can get the treatment they will deserve. Businesses: Before the Affordable Care Act was put into place, families we charged with an extra thousand dollars per year on insurance in order to cover those uninsured. The new health care system also makes it easier for states to specify how much certain plans will cost per state. Providers: Before ObamaCare, insurers were able to cut off payments for certain benefits and leave patients unattended in critical conditions, The new health care system will also allow you to spend more time in the exam room with your doctor, which may benefit you but can have the potential of slowing down the entire office’s system. Coverage for those with disabilities: Those with disabilities will have their

options for coverage expanded like never before. There will be no limit on how much care they will pay for you if you fall ill. Health care providers will also prevent you from being discriminated if you have a pre-existing condition starting in 2014. The Affordable I n s u r a n c e Exchange: This new feature will come into effect in 2014. It will benefit small businesses with buying insurance for their employees. Through this exchange, employers can offer their workers a range of plans without receiving a multitude of checks and payments to look after. Lower costs for monthly premiums are a feature of the AIE, and most Americans will be entitled to take part in it. It will be run by either the federal government or your own state’s government. Applications for this system will start on October first as well. According to the ObamaCare facts website, “ObamaCare’s cost is estimated at up to net cost of $1.1 trillion dollars over the next 10 years. Although ObamaCare’s net costs are in the trillions, the law actually reduces the growth in health care spending by tens of billions each year, reduces health care costs for many Americans, helps to insure tens of millions and is estimated to result in an overall net decrease of the deficit.” All the benefits that ObamaCare offers will definitely make health care more affordable and tangible than before, especially for those who struggled with finding proper coverage in the past. Each state will have the liberty to specify what works best for their market, which has the potential for it to become more cost effective. Most of the more significant changes won’t come into play until 2014. Eligibility for health coverage through the Marketplace requires that one must live in the United States, is a U.S. citizen and can’t be currently incarcerated. The Health Insurance Marketplace insurance plans are offered by private companies that cover essential health benefits. In addition, regardless of illness or medical condition, no insurance plan can deny anyone of applying if they are eligible; they cover treatments and medicinal aid needed for such illnesses and conditions. Enrollment for The Health Insurance Marketplace begins October 1, 2013 and ends March 31, 2014. Coverage will be in effect starting January 1, 2014.

September 30, 2013

Twelve Killed in D.C. Shooting

Suzanne Peguero

Managing Editor

On September 16, 12 people died at the hands of a former Navy reservist. This mass shooting caused authorities to lock down the nation’s capital, even after the gunman was killed, in a search for two other armed men seen by video cameras. Police believe the lone suspect to be the now-deceased Aaron Alexis, a 34year-old who was employed by a military subcontractor. With the suspect dead, authorities are attempting to discover a motive for this seemingly random shooting. The chaos began around 8 A.M. Shots were fired in the hallways of the Naval Sea Systems Command headquarters, a few miles from the White House and half a mile from the Capitol. Alexis is said to have driven a rental

car to the base and used his military contractor status to gain access to the building. He then proceeded to shoot an officer and one other person right outside the Sea Systems Command headquarters. When he entered the building, he walked into an atrium overlooking a group of employees eating breakfast. He then aimed and shot at said employees. Police swarmed the buliding, exchanging fire with Alexis. Police apparently shot the suspect to death, but a dozen people were killed and several others were injured before he was stopped. One employee received a gunshot directly to his temple. Upon arriving at George Washington University Hospital, the victim was pronounced dead within one minute. “This injury was not survivable by any stretch,” reporters were told by a hospital official. “The patient was dead on the way to the hospital.” Two witnesses gave a statement to WJLA-TV, saying they had heard a fire alarm go off in the

building where they worked. They then saw a man carrying a rifle, walking down the hallway while they were leaving the building. “He aimed the gun and fired our way,” Brundidge told WJLA. He said that people were frantically trying to exit of the building. “They were pushing. They were shoving. People were falling down,” he said. “As we came outside, people were climbing the wall trying to get over the wall to get out. .... It was just crazy.” A senior law officer said that Alexis was found with three weapons on his person: an AR-15 assault rifle, a shotgun and a semiautomatic pistol. Authorities are not sure if he brought all three

weapons, or if he took one or more of them from his victims. Officials said they were still looking for a motive for this shooting. They asked citizens to help by posting any pictures of Alexis in their possession to the FBI website. The FBI is not viewing this as an act of terrorism; rather, they are viewing the shooting as a criminal investigation.


Alexis had been honorably discharged from the Navy in 2011 for reasons citing misconduct. Officials did not share what the acts of misconduct were with the general public. In 2010, Alexis was arrested in Fort Worth

been frustrated with a contractor over a payment issue. Ritrovato said Alexis did not show signs of aggressive or violent behavior. He instead said that he was a “good natured guy” who “wanted to get more out of life.”

after discharging a firearm in his apartment. Alexis had apparently done this after he had confronted a neighbor about being too loud. In 2004, Alexis had run into trouble with the law for shooting the tires on another person’s vehicle, in what Alexis told detectives was an anger fueled “blackout.” A friend of Alexis’, Michael Ritrovato, said the former Navy Reservist had

Security was increased at the Pentagon, while eight schools were in a lockdown as a precaution. Air traffic in the area was suspended after the shooting but later was resumed. The headquarters for the Navy Seal center, meanwhile, is one of the largest Navy’s five-system commands. With a budget of about $30 million a year. People have called it a “very secure facility,” but this shooting is making people wonder about statements like these. A commander, on the scene the day of the shooting, said that a man asking about the shooting approached him. The two conversed for a minute, and then suddenly the man who had approached the officer was shot in the back of the head. When questioned about how he managed to get away in time without being injured, he replied, “Luck. Grace of God. Whatever you want to call it.” This shooting is a frightening reminder that no place, really, is completely safe. 


September 30, 2013

How to Choose a Transfer College

Benedict Tagle

Sports Editor

For a large number of students here, RCC is a stepping stone to a four-year

university. For those transferring to a four-year university, it is important to take a careful and measured approach in choosing where to apply and enroll. There are numerous factors that transfer candidates should look at. Some factors are case-by-case, depending heavily on each individual student. However, for the majority of students, there are a number of factors that are universal. Let’s take a look. You have applied to transfer into prestigious “College X.” You wait a few months, anxiously sitting at your computer and mailbox at decision time. Congratulations! You’ve gotten into one of the best colleges you could’ve hoped for, and it was high up on your personal list of favorite colleges. Before getting too excited, let’s take a look at the upcoming financial logistics of the upcoming years. This step -more important than it ever was beforeshould be one of the first steps a transfer candidate takes in the entire process. There are so many students in the country today that are swamped with student debt and struggling to pay back their loans. If you’ve decided that you would like to spend your future academic career at a certain university, then take a look at the school’s tuition. If you can certainly afford the tuition, then by all means, go for it! However, if you can’t, you may want to take a step back, and take a deep breath. Often, those big name universities carry bigtime price tags. Columbia University is one of the most prestigious academic institutions in the world. It doesn’t hurt that it’s in one of the greatest cities around. This Ivy League institution has had some of the biggest names in the world graduate from its campus. Its price tag is near $50,000 per year; this school year, it will cost students $49,138 to enjoy the benefits of being a Lion. That high price tag isn’t the only financial factor you have to weigh in. That $49,138 is tuition only. Don’t forget room and board, food, books, and other general living costs. Luckily, there are ways to help alleviate the financial 

burdens that don’t always include loans. Universities will help students that require aid for the financial burden. Schools such as Columbia and Harvard—big name schools with big endowments—are very generous with

helping their students. If you see that you fit the requirements of their financial aid, and will help enough that you can pay the tuition, then great! That’s one step closer to making that dream school a reality. Another important factor in applying

to colleges is the student life. What’s the point of going to prestigious “College X” if you’re going to hate literally every minute that you spend on campus? Sure, you get prestigious “College X” on your diploma. However, down the road, when at an interview with a potential employer, this may cause problems. One of the questions they decide to ask you is “Ah! College X! My Alma Mater! How was your college experience? What did you learn from there? Did you enjoy it?” You’re just going to have to force a smile, grit your teeth, and make up an answer. Hopefully, it’s good enough for your future boss, and you get the job. Instead of living with that decision for the rest of your life, make a smart choice. Take a look at the numerous factors of student life that you are likely to join. Are you interested in fraternities? Or maybe, sororities? Take a gander at the choices for the college. Many colleges make it easy in seeing which choices are available, and describing each one. Look at other clubs on campus. See if any clubs cater to your personal interests. There are often hundreds of clubs

on campus; for instance, at SUNY Stony Brook, there are approximately 350 clubs and other student organizations. Hopefully at least one, if not more, clubs cater to your interests at your potential university. Are you a big sports fan, wanting to head into every Saturday with full body paint and running your voice hoarse? If that’s one of the biggest factors that you’re looking for in a university, don’t bother applying to Columbia or any other school without any prominent sports teams. Instead, take a look at other universities such as University of Michigan, Ann Arbor or Pennsylvania State University, University Park as options. These good academic institutions have college town atmospheres, and live on their athletic teams’ successes. Are you an athlete? Take a look at the intramural sports programs of the college. The best intramural programs have different categories throughout the program, catering to every person. There are categories for the most competitive of

students, to those looking for a leisurely, athletic way to meet different people. Another factor that many people should take a look at is safety and health. If you’re going to live in a different location where you may not know anyone right off the bat, safety is important. There’s no fun in going off to a college where you’re restricted to the classroom and dorm, fearing for your safety.

If you have a specific medical condition or simply want good access to healthcare, take a look at the health system of the university. Do they offer accessible physicians? If you have a medical condition, will help be accessible? It’s also good to look at their career services and alumni network. Once you’ve graduated from the institution, you’ve got to assimilate into the fulltime working world sooner or later. It would certainly help tapping into the networks, and seeing which connections you can use. Even if you’re planning to go to graduate school, it is still an important resource to use. Look at the connections they have available for the field you’re looking into. There are a number of factors that should be looked at when applying to different four-year institutions. The process should be done carefully. Don’t apply to different schools based solely on the name and reputation on the institution. Don’t listen only to the testimonials of people you know. Don’t forget to apply to at least one institution you know you can get into. Make sure you can get your credits to transfer! Nothing hurts more than being shot down by all the institutions you’ve applied to, and having nowhere to go. College is expensive, and you should take that investment seriously. Good luck!


September 30, 2013

“Best of Both Worlds”? I Don’t Think So Suzanne Peguero

Managing Editor

Dear Miley, I’m not sure what to think anymore. When you first released the song and “We Can’t Stop” and its music video, I praised it as feminist and something that called all misogynistic males out on their bigotry. For anyone that said your music video made them uncomfortable, I snarkily replied that it was because they were perfectly fine sexualizing a woman who they never saw as a child. But then when it was a star that grew up in the public eye and could be thought of as a silly teenager, they did not want to see said star confident in her own sexuality, and using it for her own good rather than theirs. And then the VMA’s happened. To be honest, I was excited about your appearance. I was hoping you would scare every single misogynistic idiot that said

you were acting like a disgusting whore. And you did. Oh, you most certainly did. But you scared me, too. Not because you were wearing a latex-looking bustier set, or because you stuck out your tongue a lot, or that you were pretending to touch yourself with a foam finger (Madonna did something similar, and we still idolize her) but because you were doing it for profit rather than a feminist cause. Looking back on it now, you were doing the same exact thing during your music video, and I lobbied for it so badly because it could be seen as feminist and also I really liked the aesthetics. You didn’t really care so much about promoting women enjoying their own sexuality as you did shocking everyone so you would have people talking about you and you could sell a few more records. I also hated the way you made AfricanAmericans look like a commodity. They were there to be back-up dancers, something that relates to the culture

you have become so fascinated with. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with cross culturalization. But honestly, it makes me pretty angry that you think it’s all right to use African-American people and their culture as props in your music video and performances. You happily glamorize their culture without thinking about the fact that it is born out of hardships and slavery and endless racism. That it should not be taken lightly and shown in a way that could be thought of as demeaning to it (Ke$ha, I’m talking to you also). I think it’s wonderful if we interlace cultures and aren’t racist about any of them. But the way you trivialized that culture made me upset. And you performed with Robin Thicke, whose Abercrombie-gelled hair and degrading song lyrics give any feminist incessant nightmares. You sang with a man who wrote the words, “I know you want it,” which, as it happens, mirrors what many rapists say to the people

being raped. You made some disgusting gestures onstage to a man who thought it was “fun” to degrade women. This, Miley, is a very big no-no. This is an example of why rape culture is so prevalent in our society. Because you, along with Robin Thicke and his gelled hair, promoted it. You said (without saying) that it was a perfectly fine point of view, when it is, not. It is a wrong point of view that we need to get rid of if we want complete equality in the country. So please, Miley. Think about what you’re doing and how it can affect everyone watching you. Sincerely, A concerned feminist


September 30, 2013

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u o Y o D w o H Feel About .... ? l o r t n o C Gun

Marina Watts

Gun control has become a major issue over the past couple of decades. From the Columbine shooting in the nineties, to Virginia Tech, and most recently the Newtown tragedy and now the shooting in DC, they seem to happen far too often. Guns are far too accessible, as far as I am concerned. When cases go to court on incidents like these, more often than not we find that the criminal had some type of psychological issues. Because of this nuance, these “crazys” are seemingly able to use this as a “get out of jail” pass. They are able to avoid being charged as guilty, and their actions are defended through the fact that they aren’t in a stable state of mind. The fact that they were able to purchase a gun with these little difficulty is scary. There needs to be more background checks and regulations enforced at places you can acquire guns.

Suzanne Peguero

I understand that it is every American citizen’s right to own a firearm. I also understand that this situation has gotten way out of hand. Since 1982, there have been 62 mass shootings in the U.S. This is completely unacceptable. People have died for no reason other than the fact that a madman with a gun is mindlessly murdering people. In order to control this situation, the background checks should be more strict. many people can fill out a form in the store itself and then buy the gun. The government should be more involved in the purchasing of firearms. Furthermore, everyone who buys a gun should be tested psychologically. If the tests are shown that they have mental problems, then they should not be allowed to purchase the firearm. This problem has gone on far enough, and we need to find a way to make it stop.

Benedict Tagle

According to the Second Amendment of the country’s Constitution, we are allowed the right to have guns. That’s all fine by me. However, with the recent events of gun-related deaths and the increased attention of the media on guns, let’s take another look.While I believe that every citizen of the country should be allowed to have their firearms, there should be a form of restriction that will help prevent future tragic events. For instance, if a person has shown to be violent in the past, there should be a constraint. In addition, another suggestion that I would make is psychological health. If a person is tested, and shown to be mentally unstable, a restriction should be placed. In the news, numerous gun crimes have been committed, and a number of the shooters were shown to have mental problems. We need to work together on a compromise for safety.

Style & Entertainment

DVD Review: Iron Man 3

Marina Watts

Editor In Chief

The final movie in the “Iron Man” saga has recently been released on BluRay. Action-packed, this movie provided a substantial amount of closure for many Iron Man fans. For the die-hard fans of Stan Lee’s comic book character, the third film was a much needed follow-up to the disappointment of “Iron Man 2.” It could have been better as far as a film goes. However, as far as a superhero film goes, “Iron Man 3” met the unwritten code of what a superhero movie should have—lots of action, a damsel in distress, and a villain with a kick-ass evil scheme. Robert Downey Jr. and Gwyneth Paltrow return, as Tony Stark and Pepper Potts. New faces join the cast such as Ben Kingsley, who plays the Osama Bin Laden-esque villain, the Mandarin (who is just about as frightening after the fruit he is named after), along with Guy Pearce as Aldrich Killian, a brilliant man looking to seduce Potts by means of his technological breakthrough. “Iron Man 3” focuses on Stark’s relationship with Potts throughout the movie more than either of the other films have. It is clear that Stark loves Potts more than anything, but his obsession with his suits and technology create a barrier for him to show his true passion for the most

important person to him. Outside the walls of their California home, the Mandarin threatens society as he has built up a new army of super-humans. He terrorizes everyone, adding more on the agenda for Stark as he sorts out the world and his world. The amount of explosions and action

movie throughout, as the brilliant tinkerer uses the power of money to do what he wants. His sarcastic wit makes us think Tony Stark is selfish, but you cannot help but love him. The focus on Tony Stark is drawn from the first half of “Iron Man,” as though to probe further into Stark. Audience members learn more about him,

sequences will keep audience members on the watch, as everything flies through the air. I was particularly impressed with the special effects in a few scenes. The juxtaposition of the story and the strokes of excitement was excellent, not too much of either one. Tony Stark’s ego managed to fill the

and the back story of a superhero is one of the most important things about them. At one point, he loses everything. His home, his girl, his technology and even his Iron Man suit—all gone. The struggle is real for Stark, as his cleverness becomes the ultimate superpower. We even get a chance to study Stark on

September 30, 2013

a more personal level as film-goers. The silver screen becomes the fishbowl of Tony Stark’s crumbling world. Looking in, we get to see him attempt to piece back together various aspects of his life that make him Tony Stark. As far as I’m concerned, nothing compares with the first Iron Man movie. The second one was quite the letdown. “Iron Man 3” had just enough in it to make it a substantial follow-up to its predecessor. Director Shane Black reflects on the how-to’s of the final film in a trilogy. “Truthfully, the way to go about doing a part three, if you’re ever in that position, as I’m lucky enough to be, is to find a way that the first two weren’t done yet. You have to find a way to make sure that the story that’s emerging is still ongoing and, by the time you’ve finished three, will be something resembling the culmination of a trilogy.” He says, “It’s about, ‘How has the story not yet been completely told?,’ and I think we’re getting there. I think we’ve really found ways to make this feel organic and new…and that’s what I’m happy about.” Although “Iron Man 3” seemingly offers a lot of closure, it isn’t the end for Robert Downey Jr. as this superhero. He will reprise this role once more in the next “Avengers” film, and there is indeed a chance that an “Iron Man 4” could be right around the corner! So see “Iron Man 3,” as it is more adequate than its predecessor (but that’s not saying much).

This “Hangover” Just Isn’t Worth It Marina Watts

Editor In Chief

The third-and hopefully final-move of the “Hangover” saga was released Memorial Day weekend, and soon is coming to a Best Buy near you on DVD and Blu-Ray. Movie-goers had flocked to theatres to see the highly anticipated letdown. “Hangover Part Three” is only worth your time if you show up to the theater drunk; then maybe the poor attempts at humor will be worth your time and money. Maybe. “Hangover Part Three” reprises the roles of the infamous Wolf Pack: Phil (Bradley Cooper), Stu (Ed Helms), Alan (Zach Galifanakis) and Doug (Justin Bartha). “Part Three” also brings back roles from the previous films, such as Mr. Chow (Ken Jeong), Sid (Jeffrey Tambor) and Jade (Heather Graham), along with bringing John Goodman and Melissa McCarthy into the cast. The story line of the film revolves around Alan, as we find out that his 8

eccentric nature is the result of him having mental issues. Stu, Phil and Doug propose taking him to a sanatorium in Arizona after staging an intervention. On the way, they get kidnapped by Marshall (Goodman) who demands for the kidnapping of Chow, who stole millions of dollars from him. It

full of purpose. There is no drug induced tirade, no alcohol-influenced episode gone wrong. At least in the sequel to “The Hangover” Alan drugged the Wolf Pack again. In this film, it is more of a wild goose chase dragged out too long. I found myself constantly checking my watch,

becomes the Wolf Pack’s mission to take care of this all. If they don’t, Doug (who is held hostage once more) will be killed. Confusing plot line, I know. The most important thing is missing though; the little nuance that makes the title of the film

waiting for the hour and forty minutes of pure torture to be over. “Hangover Part Three” takes the oncepeculiar and lovable Alan Garner and turns him into an obnoxious, merciless simpleton. He becomes self-destructive

in his actions. After seeing this film, my perception of his behavior changed from viewing him as simply being an artsy character just looking to live life, into a psychologically troubled middleaged man. His disposition becomes more troubled and frustrated even, as opposed to just quirky and downright strange. The combination of a weak plotline, turning the eccentric Alan into a jerk and enough laughs to get you through the night makes “Hangover Part Three” highly disappointing. A film that leaves you lost and questioning what the motives of the characters are is not worth watching. I remember how big a deal the original “Hangover” movie made in 2009. Everyone f locked to theaters to see it, and it immediately was immersed into the pop culture. Movie-goers adored the crude humor, and it still gets quoted to this day. Even though “The Hangover” made such an impact on ticket sales and movie fans alike, and the sequel to it was tolerable comparatively speaking- “Hangover Part III” was an absolute nightmare.

September 30, 2013

Style & Entertainment

Resurrecting “Romeo and Juliet”

Marina Watts

Editor in Cheif

After only three years, a new film adaptation of Shakespeare’s tragic play of star crossed lovers is returning to theatres. The story is timeless. Two feuding families from Verona experience reconciliation that is only achievable through the deaths of their own children. Mixed with complications, miscommunication, and classic lines, this play is one of the scripts with the highest rate to be turned into films. In the past, there have been countless film adaptations of this play. Here are some of the past adaptations that have stood out compared to others: Romeo and Juliet, 1936: This multi-Oscar nominated film was directed by George Cukor in 1936. It had only become a true consideration after seeing how successful Warners’ adaptation of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” was. The film features the talents of Leslie Howard as Romeo and Norma Shearer as Juliet, and also featured John Barrymore as Mercutio. The film received nominations for Best Picture,

Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor and Best Art Direction. Producer Irving Thalberg’s stated intention was “to make the production what Shakespeare would have wanted had he possessed the facilities of cinema.” Elaborate research on Verona and Shakespeare’s time was done to make sure this film would avoid being anachronistic. Overall, the film received indifferent feedback. Although not too many people disliked this adaptation, many people didn’t love it. Cukor even said in an interview 24 years after the film was made that if he could go back in time to change any film, this one would be it. Romeo and Juliet, 1968: This 1968 film directed by Franco Zeffirelli is a classic, and probably the best one. Unabridged and staying true to Shakespeare’s air, this accurate adaptation is a true masterpiece.

It is the closest film to the play that we have. Zeffirelli is also known for his adaptation of Shakespeare’s “Taming of the Shrew.” Leonard Whiting and Olivia Hussey starred as the young lovers, and it made an impression at the Academy Awards. The film won Oscars for Best Cinematog raphy and Best Costume Design, and also received nominations for Best Director and Best Picture. This film is definitely the best adaptation to check out if you are too lazy to read and are looking for something accurate to the play. It is a complete feast for the eyes. West Side Story, 1961: This play tells the tale of Tony, a “Jet” and native New Yorker, who falls in love with a Puerto Rican lady, Maria. Their love ensues, and they cannot be together because of cultural difference. Set in the West side of Manhattan, the two social groups are unable to coexist

peacefully, as gang fights erupt and the plot follows the events our two lovers of Verona become entangled in. Filled with music, dance, and passion beyond the norm, “West Side Story” is an effective adaptation. The storyline stays the same, as two opposing forces can’t be together without pleasing everyone else. The film adaptation of the play came out in 1961 starring Natalie Wood as Maria and Richard Beymer as Tony. Even though the dialogue isn’t early Modern English, the dramatic changes of incorporating song and dance turn this piece into an entirely different animal. Romeo + Juliet, 1996: This 1996 film was aiming to please the “MTV generation.” The only reason this film is mentioned on this list is because it stood out in such a horrific way. Baz Luhrmann took this classic Shakespeare play and tore it apart with his modernization. Taking place in contemporary Verona Beach, Florida, this

version does very little to foster the spirit of Shakespeare’s time. The film tore apart Mercutio, one of the key players, and everything else going on distracted from the beautiful language. Gang fights isn’t what we think when Shakespeare comes to mind, and unfornatelty Luhrmann makes this so. However, we do need to give credit where credit is due. Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes played the pair of lovers, and their performance would have been enough to appreciate without all the dumb show Luhrmann creates in the background. Gnomeo and Juliet, 2011: One cannot set their expectations high for a Disney version of a Shakespeare film. If you are looking for an accurate adaptation, here is not where you would find it. Especially 3-D animated ones with talking lawn decorations. In this adaptation, two neighbors, Mr. Montague and Ms. Capulet absolutely

hate each other. Their hate spreads to their garden gnomes, as the opposing yards dislike each other. This 2011 film is cute, but it is no more than dumb show. The cast includes the talents of Emily Blunt, James McAvoy, Michael Caine and Maggie Smith. Filled with the musical talents of Sir Elton John, this film is lighthearted and very whimsical. The last thing you should do is take this film seriously, as the ending has been altered along with significant plot details. These notable adaptations have taken Shakespeare’s tragedy into many different directions. Though the story is still the same, the environment in which the players interact varies. We go from Shakespeare’s time in Verona, Italy to Verona Beach in the 1990’s and even to front lawns with garden décor. In this latest adaptation, director Carlo Carlei sets the scene in Renaissance era Verona. However, this film is unlike any other that has been done in the past. The language used isn’t the same as what Shakespeare has written. The story line stays constant, but that’s about it. This is controversial because the film may lose meaning overall. It will go from Many critics believe that this film has the potential to be unsuccessful. However, it can go really well. By maintaining the plotline and incorporating tasteful contemporary elements, the play may have a successful adaptation. This will be something for critics (such as myself) will have to look into. We can only hope that Carlei does this screened-play justice. This is the first time he is taking on the silver screen in over 20 years. The cast includes Hailee Steinfeld and Douglas Booth as the infamous pair, along with Paul Giamatti as Friar Lawrence. As we await its release on October 11, we should mentally prepare ourselves for a modest attempt at Shakespeare, for “there has never been a tale of more woe, than that of Juliet and her Romeo.”

Science & Health

September 30, 2013

The BLT: Turn This Delicious Delicacy into a Dip and garlic mixture and allow to cool. In a large bowl, mix together sour cream, mayonnaise, chopped leeks, reserving some for the garnish, diced tomatoes, salt and pepper. Once bacon and onion/garlic mixtures are cool enough to handle, crumble the bacon and add both to the tomato/leek mixture,

Valissa Hicks

Contributing Writer

Ingredients: 3- 4 medium tomatoes, chopped 1 lb. bacon, cooked and crumbled *See note below*

8 oz. container sour cream 2 cups mayonnaise *See note below* 3 leeks, chopped 1 garlic clove, finely minced ½ cup onion, diced finely Crackers/chips/pumpernickel bread Salt and pepper Directions:

In a sauté pan over medium-high heat, cook bacon until crispy and set aside. Reserving 1 tbsp. bacon fat, sauté onion until translucent, 8 to 10

minutes (add a pinch of sugar to bring out the f lavor of the onion). Add garlic to onion and sauté until fragrant, another minute or two. Remove onion

reserving some bacon for the garnish as well. Allow f lavors to blend for at least one hour before serving. *Note: You can replace bacon with a leaner turkey-bacon or Canadian bacon and replace mayonnaise with plain Greek Yogurt to make a healthier BLT dip.

Master Cleanse: The Way to Purify Your Body Danish L. Mendonca

Contributing Writer

When looking to detox, sweating doesn’t completely do the trick. It is also necessary to have the inside of your body kept clean. Hence you see people eating a lot of fruits, vegetables, organic nuts, etc. To keep ourselves healthy and clean, we have to get rid of a major element called “Toxins.” First of all what is a Toxin? A toxin is a chemical or poison that is known to have harmful effects on


the body. Toxins can come from food, water, chemicals used to grow or prepare food, and even from the air that we breathe. Our bodies process those toxins through organs like the liver and the kidneys and eliminate them in the form of sweat, urine, and feces. To minimize the time spent in trying to take these toxins out of your body, we all have our own crazy little methods. But there’s a really helpful drink that has come by quite some time ago. And b e l i e v e it or not, it’s being practiced by celebrities too. It’s called the Master Cleanse. What this product does is clean the inside of you, effectively eliminating those toxins and keeping you feeling healthy. And it is a very good dietary supplement. Why should I actively ‘detox’ my body? The basic idea behind a “detox diet” or regimen is that the modern world puts so much stress on our bodies as we are exposed to a large number of

toxins on a daily basis, and the natural detoxification mechanisms taking place in our bodies cannot keep up the detox demands. Therefore, “active detox” is a good idea. “Detoxing” refers to taking extra measures to ensure that your body properly removes any toxin build-up, and the negative effects it has in your body. (Another way to do so is by getting a deep tissue massage. Physical manipulation can remove a mercury atom from a body cell, causing it to f loat freely about the lymphatic system and bloodstream. But we all know how much that can cost us.) Ingredients: ·8 oz. of Water ·Maple Syrup ·Honey (or any sweetener) ·Lots of Freshly Squeezed Lemon ·Cayenne Pepper (to your liking)

Directions: Mix all ingredients until blended perfectly. Suggested Use: Once a week.

Science & Health

September 30, 2013

Six Superfoods Everyone Should Consume These foods have been scientifically proven to lower cholesterol and blood sugar as well as reduce the risk of cancers, heart disease and diabetes Sienna Jefferies

Staff Writer

While it may not be possible to have Superman’s “super” speed or flight abilities, one may be able to have some “super” quality of their own-“super” health. The consumption of pills to lower cholesterol, blood glucose levels ad blood pressure may not be necessary depending on one’s medical and dietary needs. Some so called superfoods are able to do what many others pills can do and more but naturally, based off of their vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and nutrients (hence the name “superfood”). Here are six superfoods that are beneficial and essential in promoting a healthy diet and optimal health. Goji berries/ Wolf berries: G o j i berries, also known as wolf berries, o r ig i n at e d f r o m China. For generations, as far back in Chinese history as the Tang d y n a s t y, m a n y healers of China used goji berries for medicinal purposes in order to promote longevity and increase health. Goji berries are a great source of vitamins A and B. They have been proven to improve eyesight, increase metabolic activity, boost immunity, lower cholesterol and blood glucose levels, as well as promote endurance, happiness and calmness. Goji berries, like many other berries, (strawberries, blue berries, raspberries) are powerful with their antioxidant and phytonutrient content. Melinda Ratini, DO, MS, a contributing writer for WebMD, notes that “antioxidants minimize damage from free radicals that injure cells and damage DNA. When a cell’s DNA changes, the cell grows abnormally. Antioxidants can take away the destructive power of free radicals.”

This dry Himalayan fruit resembles a reddish-orange raisin with a slightly salty taste. Studies have conveyed that people who take blood thinners, diabetic and or blood pressure drugs should avoid consuming goji berries. Ratini explains, “There may be some possible herb-drug

interactions with goji berries. If you take warfarin (a blood thinner), you may want to avoid goji berries. Goji berries may also interact with diabetes and blood pressure drugs.” Notwithstanding, when goji berries are consumed in moderation they are very beneficial for health purposes. They can be purchased dry and raw to be eaten alone, or put into cereal, trail mix, smoothies yogurts, or juice from your nearest health food store. Acai berries: Acai berries, the exotic fruit of South and Central America, has been named by some including Dr. Nicholas Perricone, as one of the most “powerful foods in the world.” Acai berries are filled with anthocyanins and flavonoids, powerful antioxidants that combat and/or reduce

the risk of premature aging, heart disease and cancer. Kimball Johnson, MD, a contributing writer for WebMD, posits that “Anthocyanins and flavonoids are powerful antioxidants that help defend the body against life’s stressors.” This reddish-purple Amazon fruit comes from acai palm trees located in Central and South America. Those allergic to pollen should not eat acai berries; otherwise, they have been proven to be essential to any diet. Acai berries can be purchased fresh, frozen or as a juice from your local supermarket and/or health food store and used within cereal, smoothies, yogurt and/or eaten alone. Low fat/fat free plain yogurt: Low fat and fat free plain yogurt is not only low in fat content, but also contains active cultures that can improve or maintain a healthy digestive system. Stephanie Rodgers, writer for Back to Earth says that, “among the most wellknown cultures is Lactobacillus acidophilus, which passes through the stomach and populates the intestines, helping the body fight off infection.” In addition, low fat/ fat free plain yogurt has a higher calcium, protein and potassium level than many other common dairy products. Yogurt can be used for smoothies, baking recipes and even as vegetable dip. For nutritional purposes regarding glucose levels, it’s best to purchase non-flavored yogurt and add a minute amount of sweetness (honey,

brown sugar or fruit) if desired. Broccoli: This miniature tree-like vegetable has an abundance of Vitamin C, folic acid and Vitamin A. In this way, broccoli helps to strengthen the immune system, improve reproductive health help and protect keels from free radicals (as mentioned previously).Broccoli is also loaded with vitamin K, which assist heavily in maintenance of strong bones as well as regulating blood clotting. Some studies have correlated broccoli to helping prevent the risk of certain cancers. Rogers states that “Just half a cup of broccoli per day is also said to help prevent a number of cancers, particularly cancers of the lung, colon, rectum and stomach.” Broccoli can be purchased raw, stir fried, steamed, grilled or roasted from your local supermarket. Wild Salmon: Wild salmon contains an abundance of omega-3 fatty acid which helps reduce the risk of heart attacks and maintain a healthy heart. Wild salmon is also known for its low caloric value, as well as its vast amount of protein, iron, and Vitamin D which helps to provide healthy hair, bones, and skin. Salmon is most beneficial when consumed twice a week; too much salmon at once may be harmful because of the mercury content. However, many believe that the advantages of wild salmon outweigh the disadvantages. Elisa Zied, MS, RD, author of “Feed Your Family Right,” presumes

that “benefits of eating salmon or other fatty fish twice weekly far outweigh any risks.” Salmon can be purchased raw from your local supermarket. Nuts: Although nuts may have a high fat content, they are considered an essential super food to incorporate for all diets because of their high levels of protein, fiber, heart healthy fats and antioxidants. Nuts contain high levels of arginine, an amino acid responsible for reducing cholesterol levels. Dr. Perricone states, “nuts contain powerful antioxidants and antiinflammatories and like so many other

diseases, heart disease is an inflammatory condition.” The polyunsaturated omega3 and omega-6 varieties within nuts

helps to lower blood cholesterol while Vitamin E (notably rich within almonds) helps prevents the buildup of harmful fats within the arteries. Nuts can be consumed to reduce blood pressure due to their high levels of calcium, magnesium and potassium. When eating in moderation (and without allergies), nuts can be very useful in lowering cholesterol, the risk of heart disease and even weight. Joy Bauer, NS, RD, a “Today Show” nutritionist, notes, “All nuts are healthful in small doses, and studies show they can help lower cholesterol levels and promote weight loss.” Nuts can be purchased from your local supermarket alone, in a trail mix or cereal. Beans and Lentils: Beans and lentils have a low fat and sodium content, yet are high in carbohydrates, omega-6’s (soy beans have omega-3’s) and protein. On the glycemic scale, beans rank very low. In this way, beans are very beneficial for an antidiabetes diet. Beans are filled with insoluble fiber, which aids in lowering cholesterol as well as soluble fiber which helps the body dispose of wastes. The fiber content with beans also helps in promot i ng the feeling of being full and not over eating. U.S. dietary g u ideli nes suggests consuming a b o u t three cups of beans each week. Lentils also contain a high level of insoluble fiber which helps reduce cholesterol. Lentils are low in caloric value, high iron levels and Vitamin B content. The magnesium and folate found in lentils not only help to maintain heart health but also enhance the flow of blood, nutrients and oxygen throughout the body. Lentils can be purchased dry, while beans can be purchased dry, canned, or frozen from your local supermarket. Super foods can be tasteful and an inexpensive way to improve and/or maintain good health; they’re just a supermarket away. No one may be able to have Superman’s abilities, but will his health and immunity suffice? 11


September 30, 2013

Transform Into a Teen With These Apps! Marina Watts

Editor in Chief

Like any college kid looking for a kick of energy, I head to Starbucks for a coffee to keep me going throughout the day. Every time I go, I can’t help but laugh at the girls standing by the pick-up station waiting for their tall mocha-caramel Frappuccino so they can Instagram a picture with it, hash-tagging it as “flawless” or “love.” Dressed in UGG boots, yoga pants and adorning freshly manicured hands, these young girls live off of these caffeinated beverages, Channing Tatum films and One Direction’s latest album. Their main hangs are the mall, their rooms (covered with boy-band posters) and of course, Starbucks. These are the stereotypical young girls. If you are looking to transform into a stereotypical teen girl, don’t fret! With the assistance of an iPhone (covered in an animal print case, of course) and a little internet connection, you can download these apps to help you get in the full mindset! TWITTER. The ultimate challenge for anyone whose sentences are laced with the words “like,” “totally,” and “OH MY GOD” is to articulate their thoughts within

140 characters. Tweeting has become a common verb; few people misinterpret this action for making bird noises. Twitter connects you to celebrities, so you can see their status updates throughout

the day. There are also many fangirl accounts to follow, for those of you who need pictures of Ryan Gosling to get you 12

through the day. If you aren’t sure what you want to tweet about, following the @ commonwhitegrl account can give you some pointers on how to complain about needing new shoes, or praising Zac Efron for merely existing.

into Steven Spielberg. Now, we can record anything and everything. Now, if you want to show your followers you and your friends singing to Miley Cyrus’s latest song, you can Vine it! Walking down the street and it’s snowing? Pretty, but a

then? The common teenager has the same food groups as we do, plus Starbucks coffee. A staple in their diet, they come in by the boatloads to these shops to get their daily fill of whip cream and coffee deliciousness. This app serves as an

INSTAGRAM. With Instagram, you can photograph your overpriced coffee, a picture of you and your cat, or a sunset with cotton-candy clouds. Let the world know you just got a pumpkin spice latte, even though you are probably going back for another within the next day. Having a good time with your g i rl f r ie nd s? Better post that on Instagram, so we can all see how much fun you are having making cupcakes and dancing around your kitchen. Your cat got stuck between your bed and the wall? No problem. Throw a sepia filter on that, to create an artsy shot of your trapped feline companion. Anyone can become a professional photographer with the help of this app. When in doubt, go #nofilter. PINTEREST. Keep track of what you want, wherever you go. Countless hours are spent on this app, as you can window shop in a more organized fashion. Whether it is a new scarf for the fall, chocolate brown moccasins, or that iPhone case that is in the shape of a cat, Pinterest will assist you in being an active shopper, wherever you go. Not only will this app help you with your shopping, it often features cool ideas for baking, cooking, room décor, etc. This can come in handy if you ever want to change the way your room looks, or make cupcakes with Ryan Gosling’s face on them. Imagination is made easy (and lazy) with the assistance of this app. VINE. This cinematic app can turn anyone

single photo won’t work your experience to its full potential? No problem! Record it! Because we all don’t know what snow looks like! Little nuances can be captured and posted for all to see with

assister to their feeding schedule while they are on the prowl for glittery UGG moccasins. However, we should give credit where credit is due. These apps are

this awesome app. This app also allows for stop-go recording, this way you don’t need to continually record for six seconds. But be careful, as I said, you only have six seconds. A little dose of common white

truly revolutionary. Twitter, if used correctly, can transform your own realm of communication. The amazing pictures that can be posted with the help of a filter and a focus through the use of Instagram

girl motion pictures can go a long way! STARBUCKS. Without this app, how else would we know when the seasonal caffeinated drinks of the biggest coffee franchise come back? Starbucks shops are everywhere. They are sprinkled all over the country, and the world. In New York City, they are literally on every street corner, which is perfect for the New Yorker inside all of us. Although they are slightly overpriced, you do get what you pay for. They are strong and bold. Laced with caffeine, it is my ideal pick-me-up. The app offers stellar promos, and who can’t complain with a free cup of coffee every now and

are breathtaking. Vine takes film making to the next level, challenging people to make a clip worth watching within the time constraints. If you practically live at Starbucks and buy their coffee more than you breathe air, you should have the franchise’s app to get awesome discounts and promotions. Pinterest can and will help you with shopping for gifts in the comfort of your own armchair. Even if you cannot stand the stereotype that these apps foster, check them out. Have some fun throwing a filter on your new shoes, or tweeting the Baldwins to see what they are up to. I promise, you won’t be judged.


September 30, 2013

Mike Porco

Staff Writer

On September 20, a new batch of iPhones hit the stores. If you are thinking about buying one, there are a few pieces of information that you may need to know. Instead of one kind of new iPhone, Apple has decided to release one higher end model of the iPhone,the 5S, and one much cheaper and more colorful, the 5C. There are many similarities but the few differences are very big ones. So here’s the information to help you decide.

The similarities start off with their size and weight. Although the 5C is slightly taller and heavier, there is barely any noticeable difference. Both phones are now available for AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, and (finally) TMobile! It took Apple way too long to bring the iPhones to T-Mobile. Both phones have an 1136 by 640 pixel retina display. This means that you won’t be able to see individual pixels with your eyes alone. This is also nothing new for Apple phones. You will also be able to record videos at 30 FPS and in 1080p HD. It’s pretty good for a smartphone. Nonetheless, it is still nothing special. The new phones will both have up to 250 hours of standby time, up to 10 hours of video, up to 10 hours of talk time on 3G, and up to 40 hours of audio playback. However, these numbers seem a little too big and the battery levels never last that long. Hence the words “up to.” But all in all, the battery life of this phone is enough to last a full day. For those looking for a good phone at a decent price, the iPhone 5C was

made for you. It comes with the option of 16GB of storage for $99, or 32GB for $199. The specifications of both options remain the same other than the slightly larger storage space in the 32GB version. You are also given the option of color. They all have a black front but you have the options of white, pink, yellow, blue, or green sides and backs. The processor is an A6 chip, which is the same version as the previous iPhone 5. Other than that, the iPhone 5c and 5S are the same. In the end, this is for the people who are anxious to be up-to-date with the latest Apple products.

For any tech nerd who wants to have the best phone possible and who understands the cost, the 5S is more likely to be your pick. With its A7 chip processor and 64bit architecture and an M7 motion co-processor, this phone is already sounding pretty high tech. The 5S comes with the options of 16GB for $199, 32GB for $299, and 64GB for $399. It’s pretty expensive, but any true Apple fan-boy will argue that the phones with larger memory space are worth the extra cost. You also have the choice of color. You have

the option of “Space Gray” which is the former black iPhone with gray sides and back cover. There is “Gold,” which is the old white phone with gold sides and back cover. And “Silver” which is also the white phone with silver sides and back cover. On all colors and varieties, the iPhone 5S also has what Apple calls “True Tone Flash.” This is basically a fancy LED light used for taking pictures. The new camera will have slow-motion video recording. A fun setting to work with, but not too useful in day to day activities. The new camera will also have improved video stabilization. This will stop the playback from looking like the camera is shaking with the hands of

the recorder. The big improvement of this phone is that it will have a fingerprint identity sensor. Yes, this is exactly what it sounds like. The home button will have a fingerprint scanner so that nobody can use your phone when you don’t want them to. This can be argued to be unnecessary, but this can be very useful If your phone is stolen. The new batch of iPhones will have many new features. The iPhone 5S gives you higher quality tech, and the iPhone 5C will give you a cheaper price for a phone that is still pretty good, but not the newest bit of tech. In the end it all depends on what you are looking for in a phone.


September 30, 2013

Benedict Tagle

Sports Editor

America’s favorite game has come back! With the National Football League enjoying high ratings and fan satisfaction, football has emerged as more popular than basketball and America’s passtime, baseball. This season sets up to be even better than ever, with all the intriguing headlines at the beginning of the season. Quarterbacks are dominating the headlines, from veterans to young players basking in the limelight. Tim Tebow starts off the year without an NFL team to call home, as he was cut from the New England Patriots prior to the beginning of the season. Despite his successful run in Denver that sparked Tebow-mania across the country, he has yet to secure a starting role in the NFL. The future looks bleak for Tebow as suitors for his talents appear to be few. Even the Canadian Football League appears unwilling to include Tebow on a squad. With reports around the NFL suggesting Tebow does not wish to change position from quarterback, this NFL season will be a long one for the former Florida great. With their initial season as starting quarterback completed, three young gunners look poised to continue their early success in the league. Andrew Luck, Robert

The NFL At A Glance Griffin III, and Russell Wilson are all high picks in fantasy football leagues across the league. Why? Their eye-popping success and statistics last season as rookies and first-time starters have turned heads across the league from fans to high-up executives in league offices. Andrew Luck led the Indianapolis Colts on an awe-inspiring run from League-worst

of multiple players on the defensive front have placed Indianapolis in good position for the upcoming season. Luck leading another game winning drug against the Oakland Raiders during opening week of this 2013 season hopefully points to more success for the former Stanford Cardinal. Robert Griffin III was in highlight reels every week last season. The Heisman-

to the playoffs, leading multiple gamewinning drives throughout the season. With top-class wide receiver Reggie Wayne leading the way in the receiving corps for the Colts, the team looks poised for another deep run. Luck’s maturation and the addition

winning Baylor product was a human highlight reel with his quick feet and powerful arm. Coming off a serious knee injury and major reconstructive surgery, Redskins fans hold their breath for the upcoming season. Having had the help


of the famous Dr. James Andrews, RGIII hopes to have an Adrian Peterson-esque comeback this year from ACL damage. Despite a little bit of controversial banter between the quarterback and head coach Mike Shanahan, Griffin looks to be ready for another highlight-filled season. Luckily for Redskins fans, Kirk Cousins looks more than ready to fill in as the field general if Griffin goes down. Russell Wilson did not receive the same hype as Luck or Griffin heading into the draft, but by the end of the season, he was sharing the same type of attention as both of them. Taking the starting job away from favorite Matt Flynn, he took the League by storm from the opening snap of the season. With quick feet and astute decision making, he led the Seattle Seahawks towards the top of the NFC. Seahawks are expecting more of the same from Wilson, and an even deeper push into the postseason. With the addition of weapons such as Percy Harvin, Wilson looks more than ready to lead the Seahawks against the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC West. The three sophomore quarterbacks and Tebow are off to an intriguing season this year. They are all looking for validation as real-deal players and not as one-time flukes. The quarterback headlines, in addition to many others, make for a very interesting 2013 NFL season.

The NFL Headcase Benedict Tagle

Sports Editor

In recent years, the NFL’s policy on head-related injuries has come under heavy scrutiny. Not only restricted to internal review, there have been talks of the federal government being involved with the proceedings. It’s no secret that football is a dangerous sport. Of the major professional sports in the country, the NFL has the shortest average career length. Apart from the large influx of talent that enters the “league” each year, another major factor in the short career lengths is injury. Knee injuries, hamstring injuries, and other significant types are extremely common in the league. However, there is one type of injury found in football that is much more common than in other sports. Unfortunately, it is the most dangerous of injuries as well. In all of football, the most dangerous injuries are head-related. From Pop Warner to the NFL, head-related injuries can happen at any moment. Add in the nature of the typical football player in the NFL, and now there’s a serious problem. Football players are extremely strong, fast, and physical. In tackles, extreme amounts of force are exerted

onto the body. With numerous players aiming for the head, the danger of playing professional football in the NFL is increased dramatically. Head-related injuries are not only career-threatening injuries, but life-threatening injuries as well. There are numerous studies being done investigating the effects of head-related injuries on the lives of players after their career is over. With recent events such as Junior Seau committing suicide, many former players have been asking for compensation for the dangers the league put them in during their former playing days. In recent years, the league has made many changes to the rules and equipment to better protect the players from head injury. For instance, aiming for the head in tackles is heavily punished. If a player suffers a concussion during the game, new precautions are taken. Improvements have also been made to the helmet. However, former players did not have the luxury of advanced technology and safer rules. The equipment was inferior, and the playing style more prone to serious head trauma. Add in the culture of football—a

very macho lifestyle was expected. All this adds up to serious consequences later in the player’s life. The conditions of yesteryear are apparent in the testimonials given by the players. M a n y players lied about having concussionl i k e symptoms because of the football culture. T h e r e have been numerous legal battles between the NFL and

former players about the dangers the league put them in during their former playing years. They have expressed concern over the high risk of head-related trauma they were subject to. Recently, the NFL came up with a proposed $765 million concussion settlement. The league agreed to pay $765 million and legal fees to more than 4,500 former players. There have been recent reports suggesting the league would leave out players that died before 2006, leaving many players’ families out of compensation. For an industry that makes billions each year, $765 million over 20 years could be easily paid.



The Road to Rio: World Cup

Benedict Tagle

Sports Editor

On July 29, 2011, Jurgen Klinsmann took over the position of head coach of the U.S. Men’s National Soccer Team, replacing Bob Bradley. In the first games as coach, the team had a rough start. Of the first six games with Klinsmann at the helm, the national team only won once, with four losses and one draw. Over the past two years, Klinsmann took the team and transformed it, leading it to its strongest position ever. Reflected in the recent results, the national team has experienced great success. In 2013 alone, of the 19 matches played so far, the team has won 14 times. The other five games resulted in three losses and two draws. The pinnacle of their success under Klinsmann reached a new high when the team qualified for the 2014 World Cup, to be held in Brazil. In the third round of the CONCACAF qualifying, the team won its group, going 4-1-1 in its six games. With the strong showing of the team in the third round,

the team had momentum headed into the fourth round, being played from February through October of this year. Luckily for fans, they won’t be biting their nails in anxiety on October 15, the final day of matches. The team had another strong string of matches under

The national team claimed a spot in the World Cup next year on September 10, beating our neighbors to the south, with the final score of 2-0. Coming off the heels of a 3-1 loss to Costa Rica on September 6, some observers were concerned with the chances of the American team of

Klinsmann during this round, punching their ticket to Brazil earlier this month. The team is leading the qualifying, having gone 5-1-2 so far in its matches.

winning the game against Mexico. Although “El Tri” were on a cold streak, the history between the two teams caused angst in American supporters, because

September 30, 2013

they believed the Mexican team would be motivated by the rivalry. However, the national team put any fears of its supporters to rest. The United States won handily over “El Tri” in Columbus, Ohio, with a score of 2-0. The energetic crowd celebrated as the team clinched a spot in the World Cup. The Mexican team looks to be in danger of qualifying, being pushed to fifth place in the standings. The performances of the Mexican team are troubling for its supporters, as the Mexican team is normally qualified at this point in the calendar. The recent performance of the national team has been recognized worldwide. Having ranked as low as 36 in the world last year, the team is steadily climbing up the ladder. The team now has climbed up to 13 in the latest FIFA rankings, ahead of a number of prominent teams. The team is now the highest ranking team in all of CONCACAF, aptly reflected by the current qualifying standings. The team is ranked above teams such as England, Switzerland, and Russia. The team is in very good form, and the momentum looks to be carrying into Brazil next year if they continue at this pace.

Mayweather Sweeter Than Canelo Benedict Tagle

Sports Editor

Fine wine, great cheese; there are some things that simply get better with time. The perfection that comes along with aging seems to apply to Floyd Mayweather. In his latest fight against Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez,

he fought like a man much younger than 36 years old. Álvarez was Mayweather’s most competitive challenger in recent years. Álvarez was heading into the big bout with an unbeaten record, and had handily defeated some of his recent opponents. Álvarez was young, only 23 years old, and hungry. Add in the fact that he’s naturally bigger than Mayweather, and now there is a serious challenge. For the first time in recent memory, Mayweather’s perfect record was in serious danger of being tarnished. The serious nature of Álvarez’s challenge to Mayweather’s reign was apparent. This was one of the biggest fights 16

in recent years, and the bout between the two was the most anticipated fight of the year. The excitement surrounding the fight was apparent, with numerous celebrities heading to Las Vegas to catch the fight. Heidi Klum, Magic Johnson, Charles Barkley, Jack Nicholson, and other big names were ringside, alongside a sellout crowd of 16,746 at the MGM Grand. Despite having a disadvantage in weight, Mayweather appeared to be very comfortable in the ring with the bigger man. He used his speed and mobility to score the majority decision win over Álvarez. Once the fight was done, the cumulative total in punches reflected the relative ease Mayweather enjoyed in winning the fight. In total punches, Álvarez landed 117, but Mayweather landed over 100 more, with a total of 232 punches connecting. Official numbers had Álvarez’s connected jabs at 44, and Mayweather at an overwhelming 139. In the number of power punches connected, the hard-hitting Mexican landed 73, while Mayweather was able to connect with 93 haymakers. The punch total reflected in the scorecards following the completion of the 12 rounds. The judges scored the fight in a majority decision win for Mayweather, bumping his record up to 45-0. Álvarez lost his first fight as a professional, and his record is now 42-1-1. Judge Craig Metcalfe scored the fight 117-111 in favor

of Mayweather, and fellow judge Dave Moretti had a similar decision at 116-112 in favor of the American. Judge C.J. Ross, the third judge of the panel, turned in a questionable scorecard, deciding the fight as a tie at 114-114. As this was not the only questionable decision Ross has made in recent fights, she was heavily criticized for this outcome. She faced similar controversy following the Manny Pacquiao loss to Timothy Bradley last year in June. With her most recent score being questioned, Ross announced

$150 million in revenue. The fight sold 2.2 million pay-per-view buys. Add into the total foreign sales, merchandise sales, and other sources of revenue, the fight will even earn more. What’s the next challenge for Mayweather? The winner of the upcoming fight between Amir Khan and Devon Alexander is a possibility, although it isn’t exactly mouth-watering. For his upcoming fight in May, the most exciting matchup for Mayweather would be world junior-welterweight champion Danny

she was to take an “indefinite leave.” With the fight against Álvarez, the two men shattered previous money records. The fight was the highest-grossing payper-view fight of all time, reflecting the anticipation surrounding the fight, with

Garcia. Garcia was on the same card, and beat Lucas Matthyse in impressive fashion. If it does happen to be Garcia, it will be another hyped fight, with two undefeated champions going head-tohead.

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