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Welcome! COME AND CANOE IN FINLAND! Our product manual is a compilation of the best canoeing routes in Finland. Finnish nature is unique and diverse. Few countries have so much to offer as Finland. Available canoeing routes cover archipelago Finland, lakeland Finland, the forests near the easter border, the Finland of tree-coered hills and villages and the finland of fells. There are both easy routes suitable for famielies and challenging ones for adventureseekers. The canoeing season begins in late spring as nature awakes and time proceeds toward the period of white nights, when the rest of Finland wakes up. Canoeists can continue into late autumn, enjoying the beautiful explosion of colours of the autumn foliage. The canoeing manual belongs to the Outdoors Finland series of product manuals, which also included cycling and hiking manuals. The General Information section has facts about Finland. The manuals have been produced by the Outdoors Finland project of the Finnish Tourist Board.

Welcome to, the canoer’s databank – internet sites are designed for nature and activity tourists, whether you prefer to cycle, hike or canoe. The websites have route descriptions and route facts (length, difficulty and estimated durations) for every route.

HIGHLIGHTS Studying wild animals Observing large predators like wolverines and bears is popular in North Karelia, Kainuu and Kuusamo. Here there are many companies that offer opportunities to watch large predators and forest birds. The courtship display of capercaillies, the nocturnal feeding of bears – experiences that you will never forget.

Maps The GT series covers all canoeing routes in Finland. National and local canoeing routes are marked on the map. The map also shows cycling and hiking routes. Contact information for tourist information services, online links. The GT series maps can be ordered online at The website is in English and Finnish. Outdoors Finland mobile application The Outdoors Finland mobile application is available for Android and iOS. It’s free! Select the route you want, download it and it will navigate you effortlessly to your destination. It also works offline! GPS –downloads From the website, you can download all routes onto your GPS device.

Our canoeing manual introduces you to canoeing areas that are beyond compare in the world. Our canoeing manual features canoeing packages offered by companies, including everything you need for memorable canoeing experiences. You can canoe any time of the day or night, on rivers, lakes and the sea! Trip Suggestions: Hidden treasures, new areas and products, which have mapped, studied and approved. These are wellknown routes in Finland that independently-minded canoeists have already been paddling along for many years.

Enjoy your canoeing trip!

Content Welcome to Outdoors Finland Maritime areas and lakes 201 Archipelago Sea Kayaking Expedition 202 Pearls of Helsinki Archipelago 203 Canoe Safari on Lake Saimaa 204 Canoe on Lake Saimaa 205 Saimaa Ringed Seal Tour 206 Paddling in Kolovesi and Linnasaari National Park 207 Canoe advenTour in Finnish wilderness 208 Wild 5 days in a canoe 209 Conquest of Bothnian Bay 210 Kayaking in the National Park of Bothnian Bay 211 Nature and Wildlife 212 Canoeing week in Fell Lappland 213 Southern Finland Canoeing Opportunities

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White nights Even in late summer, the sun only sets for a few hours and the day does not turn towards night until the autumn. As the temperature cools on a summer evening, the surface of the water calms and canoeing there is an experience that you can enjoy nowhere else. The waterways of Finland The sea, lakes and rivers. Finland has it all. Sauna Going to the sauna and swimming in natural waters are an integral part of summertime in Finland. Try it yourself and wash away the stress and fatigue of your journey in the sauna. It’s a great way to do it!

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Birds As you paddle, you will hear and see plenty of different and even rare birds. Saimaa is home to the rare osprey and, in seaside areas, you can also see the majestic sea eagle, not to mention many other species of birds. It is a real experience to listen in the evenings to the call of the black-throated loon resounding wistfully over the surface of the lake.




Come and Canoe in Finland!

Inari Lake

Pallas-Yllästunturi National park

Maritime coastal areas Uusimaa Archipelago, Archipelago National Park and the Archipelago in the Baltic Sea offers splendid settings for a canoe trip. In Bothnian Bay National Park, ever changing natural features were formed by land uplift. The Uusimaa Archipelago is located on the southern coast of Finland starting just outside Helsinki, and the Ekenäs Archipelago National Park is a beautiful part of the Uusimaa Archipelago.The Archipelago in the Baltic Sea was created by the Ice Age. Rugged rocky islets and forested islands separated by open sea are characteristic to the area. The hundreds of thousands of lakes of Finland Kolovesi, Linnansaari and Luonteri are parts of the greater Saimaa lake complex, which forms the largest lake in Finland. In Kolovesi, the scenery is dominated by cliffs rising vertically from the lake. Luonteri, Linnansaari and Haukivesi offer hundreds of islands and broad open waters for canoeists. The most endangered seal in the world, the Saimaa ringed seal, lives here together with one of the densest populations of osprey.

Bothnian Bay National Park


Higher up near the eastern border, the landscape changes. Lakes of pristine water, dark ponds and small rivers are surrounded by undulating hills and forests stretching up into the heights. Small rivers flow via little rapids through forests towards lakes. Alongside sandy forests of red-trunked pines are spruce copses covered with mossy tussocks and bright green birch woods. The beard moss hanging from the trees’ branches are a testament to the purity of the air. Here you can experience an adventure in the middle of the wilderness.


Oulu Lake


The Finland of fells – Ylläs-Pallas National Park Did you know that the air in Pallas is the cleanest in Europe? Geologically, the National Park is located between Northern Finland, Forest Lapland and Fell Lapland. Here you can see the transition area where people’s livelihood changes from farming to reindeer husbandry. Canoeing on the tranquil lakes and wild rivers of Lapland in the surroundings of the National Park is a real adventure.

Pielinen Lake Keitele Lake Kallavesi Lake

Haukivesi Lake Selkämeri National Park Päijänne Lake

Orivesi Lake

Pihlajavesi Lake Saimaa Lake

Gulf of Finland National Park


Ekenäs Archipelago Visit

Visit Archipelago National Park



Archipelago Sea Kayaking Expedition 2–5 days/1–4 nights, guided You will experience some of the pearls of the Archipelago Sea in southwestern Finland. It is the largest archipelago in the world with over 17 000 islets and islands.

Pearls of Helsinki Archipelago 95 km, 7 days/6 nights, guided You can also explore the sights of Helsinki – the capital of Finland – from the sea. Seurasaari, Suomenlinna, the Market Square are among the most famous tourist attractions of Helsinki and favourites of the locals for spending beautiful summer days.



2–5 DAYS/ 1–4 NIGHTS

Day 1: Scenery of Seurasaari, 12 km We will embark at Seurasaari, which is among the most famous sights of Helsinki, and zigzag in between the nearby islands while enjoying the sea and wind. We will go ashore at Mustasaari where an attractive summer café awaits us.


Day 2: Kayak trip to Vartiosaari Island and nature trail, 15 km Vartiosaari is one of the pearls of the Helsinki Archipelago. It only takes a short kayak trip to find ourselves in an idyllic early 20th century rural setting. We will climb out of our canoes on the north side of the island and, as we walk along the nature trail, we’ll learn about the history of the island as well as the story of more recent times. An ample packed lunch will be provided.

Novices and skilled paddlers alike; the tour is adaptable for everyone. You need no previous kayaking experience, only an urge to experience the wilderness of the archipelago.

Day 3: Centre of Helsinki and Suomenlinna (UNESCO World Heritage Site), 12 km Tervasaari is located next to the centre of Helsinki and we will kayak while admiring impressive pleasure boats along the shore of the esteemed Katajanokka residential area towards Suomenlinna. The history of the World Heritage Site – Suomenlinna – will reveal itself to us with the help of a guide. Before heading back, we will enjoy coffee or a packed lunch.

Season: 15 May – 31 Aug Group size: 4–10 persons

Aavameri Open-Air Adventures Tel. +358 50 5697088 Closest airports: Turku, Helsinki Closest port: Turku (connection to Aland Islands and to Stockholm) Train: Helsinki–Turku, 2h 10 min Express bus: Helsinki–Turku, 2h 20 min Note. You will need clothing according to the weather, a full change of clothes (in case you get wet), sunglasses, sandals or alike, a towel, swimsuit and water. Insulation layer for cold days and evenings. Rainproof jacket and trousers.


Visit /201


The trip will offer you a close acquaintance with the nature and culture of the Finnish archipelago and a unique Unesco reserve and heritage area. The expedition moves through both desolate stunning wilderness areas and through areas with living archipelago culture on the small islands. The exact launch point, route and return point are all decided according with weather forecasts and group skills. The first day we will if needed start with training basic strokes, maneuverability and efficient forward paddling before starting the trip. During the days, we will if the weather and skills allow it, paddle out towards the outer archipelago to experience the with other vessels unreachable wilderness in the shallow islet areas. We will prepare our food ourselves on outdoor kitchens and accommodate ourselves in tents on islands if you do not choose indoor accommodation.

Day 4: Suvisaaristo maze, 14 km Suvisaaristo comprises many islands, small and large, as well as islets. Suvisaaristo features the large, modern houses of Espoo’s most prestigious residential areas along with small summer houses. We will kayak through the maze of islands and go ashore on Stora Herrö Island. Day 5: Tour of Lauttasaari, 14 km Just a few decades ago, the western city districts of Helsinki were virtually uninhabited and far from the centre. We will kayak from the west along the shore line while zigzagging in between the islands towards the city district of Ruoholahti. We will navigate the Jätkäsaari Canal and continue to the Käärmeluoto islets where we will enjoy a packed lunch. Day 6: Recreational islands of Vuosaari, 13 km Several popular recreational islands are located in Eastern Helsinki, which can be accessed by a regular passenger boat service in summer. The majority of the shoreline is covered by forests and the residential areas remain partly hidden behind forests. We will kayak along the shoreline via a group of islands to Pihlajaluoto Islet and onwards to Hattusaari Island where we will enjoy a packed lunch.

7 DAYS/6 NIGHTS 95 KM EASY For example, a beginners’ class in kayaking or a similar skill level form a suitable background. The excursions require previous kayaking experience. Starts and ends: The excursions always end back in Helsinki the same day.

Natura Viva Kivitie 2, FI-02240 Espoo Tel. +358 10 292 4030, +358 50 376 8585 Closest airport: Helsinki Closest harbour: Helsinki (connection to Rostock, Stockholm, Tallinn and Travemünde) Local buses: Greater Helsinki has an excellent public transportation network

Day 7: From Matinlahti Bay to the open sea, 15 km We will head from the northern end of Iso Vasikkasaari Island across the boat channel around Miessaari Island towards Torra Lövö Island where we will enjoy a packed lunch while listening to the roar of the open seas. We will continue the journey to Iso Vasikkasaari Island and then head back to our starting point via the western end of Vasikkasaari Islands. Visit /202



Canoe Safari on Lake Saimaa 115 km, 8 days/7 nights, guided

Easy Canoeing on Lake Saimaa


80 km, 7 days/6 nights or 160 km,14 days/13 nights, Guided Circular tour on Saimaa Lake. Puumala’s colourful archipelago, thousands of islands and skerries as well as the rocky shores of the largest islands in Saimaa invite you to memorable waterways’ holiday!

Guided circular tour with accommodation in tents in the nature. For beginners with slightly sporty ambitions, an activity holiday of the gentle type.





115 KM

80 KM OR 160 KM



Prior canoeing experience is not a necessity.

Prior knowledge in canoeing is not necessary.

Starts and ends at: Camp Laajalahti, Puumala. Group size: 5–12 persons

Size of the group: 5 to 12 participants. Finn Active Travel +358 40 157 9490

Kolovesi Retkeily Canoe Outfitters Co. Tel. +358 40 558 9163 Closest airport: Savonlinna Train: Helsinki–Imatra 2 h 30 min Express bus: Helsinki–Imatra 4 h 45 min Local bus: Savonlinna–Puumala 1 h 30 min, Imatra–Puumala 1 h Price/person 8 days 15 days Tent rent

580 € 1050 € 35 €

Closest airport: Savonlinna Closest harbour: Helsinki Train: Helsinki–Savonlinna 336 km Express bus: Helsinki–Savonlinna 336 km

This canoe safari is for beginners with some sporting ambitions as it is a gentle activity holiday. Each evening the group will set up camp for the night and prepare dinner over an open fire or the spirit stove. Activities such as setting up the camp, collecting fire wood, picking berries and mushrooms, angling and nature watching are part of the experience as well as swimming and relaxing. There is no fixed programme, leaving plenty of room for individual activities. Accommodation is in tents in the wilderness. The participants meet up at the Laajalahti camp on Sundays at 3 p.m. and return to the site on Saturdays for genuine Finnish sauna and a barbecue dinner. End of the tour on Sunday.

Price/person 7 days 14 days Tent rent

580 € 1050 € 35 €

Each evening the group will set up the camp for the night and prepare dinner over open fire or the spirit stove. Activities such as setting up the camp, collecting fire wood, collecting berries and mushrooms, angling and animal watching are part of the experience as well as swimming and idling. There is no fixed program leaving much room for individual activities. The participants meet up in camp Laajalahti on Sundays at 3 p.m. and return on Saturdays for sauna and a barbecue. End of the tour: Sunday.


Visit /203

Visit /204



Saimaa Ringed Seal Tour 90 km, 8 days/7 nights, guided

Paddling in Kolovesi and Linnansaari National Parks


100 km, 10 days/9 nights, self-guided We explore the Finnish nature and culture heritage – a waterway that travels through thousands of years and showcases the most important nature sights in the region. Lake Saimaa is the fourth largest lake in Europe. Mere 310 Saimaa ringed seals exist in the world and only in the Lake Saimaa area.





90 KM

100 KM



Requires some experience in paddling. Season: Guaranteed departure every day 26 Jul – 2 Aug

Opas-Guide Tiina Tel. +358 (0)500 380 032 Laatumerkit: Approved official canoeing guide, British Canoe Union paddling diploma Mikkeli Region Savonlinna Travel Ltd Closest airport: Helsinki and Savonlinna Train: Helsinki–Mikkeli, 3 h Express bus: Helsinki–Mikkeli, 3 h 30 min Local buses: Mikkeli–Anttola, 40 min Price/person 1 250 € The price includes 2 night accommodation in Hotel Anttolanhovi, breakfast and dinner; 1 night accommodation, sauna and dinner in Nopola B&B, Rokansaari visitor fees, kayaks/canoes with full paddling equipment, camp and eating equipment, food pack, experienced guide services, transportation from Puumala to Anttola.


Canoeing in the heart of Saimaa, the largest lake system in Europe, is a fantastic way to get to know the region’s lakes and archipelago. The canoe will glide silently through the water taking you close to nature – as if you were a part of nature itself – its sounds and harmony.

Visit /205

Day 1. Arrival to Anttola, Mikkeli Region You are to arrive to the Lake Saimaa region, one of the largest freshwater areas in Europe. Introduction to the equipment and area. Accommodation in Hotel Anttolanhovi. Day 2. Tour preparation and beginning our trip from Anttola harbor, 15 km Tour preparations in the beautiful Anttola Harbor. We will begin our journey to the Lake Saimaa nature. We will navigate towards the pure Lake Luonteri waters, and encounter narrow straits on our way to Nopola B&B. Day 3. Conquering Neitvuori and Lake Luonteri archipelago, 18km We continue towards the famous Neitvuori hill, one of the highest sightseeing points in South-Savo. After beautiful sceneries and a bit of hiking, we continue across the Luonteri archipelago to Karihiekka beach and camp. Day 4. Rugged nature and signs of shamanism: hiking to Uimasalo rock paintings, 16 km Karihiekka beach is thousands of years old dwelling site. Several archaeological findings have been found there during the recent years. We explore these findings by foot. Accommodation in Pistohiekka camp.

Day 1. Arrival at Hotel Oravi. The idyllic village of Oravi is situated in the middle of the labyrinthine archipelago of Lake Saimaa. Day 2. Oravi–joutenvesi, 15 km The Joutenvesi lake area is a ‘backwoods-like’ water excursion destination. The Heinävesi Water Route, one of Finland´s most beautiful boating routes, runs through the area which is characterised by a labyrinth of islands and open cliffs.

Fairly demanding as the trip requires paddling experience, map reading and navigation skills as well the ability to cope when camping. Season: 1 May – 30 Sep Group size: 2–20 persons

Day 3. Nauvunselkä–Kolovesi, 20 km Kolovesi National Park was established to protect the natural features of Lake Saimaa archipelago and the habitat of the Saimaa Ringed Seal. In the quiet wilderness of the national park you only hear the sounds of nature. Day 4. Around Kolovesi, 10–20 km The Kolovesi scenery is dominated by cliffs rising vertically from the lake, at some places up to 40 metres. Visit to the 5000 year old rock paintings left behind by ancient people who fished and hunted in the area. Day 5. Kolovesi–joutenvesi, 20–30 km depending from where the start is. Paddling in the peaceful nature and the charming archipelago scenery along the smaller lakes Pieni Kolovesi - Ruokosalmi and Ruunavesi.

Day 5. Puumala archipelago: from Pistohiekka to Rokansaari, 10 km Travelling from island to island exploring the Puumala archipelago. Lake Saimaa area has over 14.000 islands. Rokansaari is accessible only by boat or kayak, and consists of several paths, cottages and camp sites.

Day 6. joutenvesi–Haukivesi, 20 km Linnansaari National Park in the middle of Lake Haukivesi represents Finnish Lakeland at its best with its hundreds of islands and wide open waters. The most famous inhabitant of the area is the Saimaa Ringed Seal.

Day 6. Rokansaari–Veskansa villages, 16km Paddling the lakes and lagoons inside the island. From Rokansaari we continue to the nearby islands and explore them by visiting the Liehtalanniemi museum area and the Temola Wine Farm.

Day 7. Arriving at the main island Linnansaari, 12km Linnansaari Island is 40 kilometres long. There are clearly marked hiking trails, a café and a croft museum on the island. The panorama from the island’s lookout spot, Linnavuori is fabulous.

Day 7. Rokansaari–Puumala, 15km As last day begins, we pack our camp and continue by paddling to the Puumala centre. Transfer to Anttola ends our journey, and experiences are shared in dinner. Accommodation in Anttolanhovi.

Day 8. A relaxing day in Linnansaari

Day 8. Departure

Day 10. Departure

Day 9. Linnansaari–Oravi, 10 km Paddling back to the Hotel Oravi.

Visit /206

SaimaaHoliday Tel. +358 15 647 290 Closest airport: Savonlinna Train: Helsinki– avonlinna 4 h 40 min Express bus: Helsinki– Savonlinna 4 h 50 min Local bus: Savonlinna–Oravi 1 h 40 min

Price/person July June, August

249 € 228 €

The price includes a double kayak or Canadian canoe, paddling equipment, tent accommodation (7 nights) in campsites, sleeping bag, sleeping mat, cooking equipment, maps and accommodation in a shared double room (2 nights) in the Hotel Oravi, sauna and breakfast.



Canoe AdvenTour in Finnish Wilderness

Wild 5 Days in a Canoe


40 km, 6 days/5 nights, guided

99 km, 8 days/7 nights, self-guided Canoeing on unspoilt waters of the national hiking area of Hossa in East Finland. Along small rivers winding their way around eskers and through typical Finnish landscape of lakes dotted with small islands. Small rapids offer diversity to the calm waterways.

Beautiful lakes and a wild river in the heart of the Wild Taiga. There are beavers, bears, lynxes, wolves, wolverines and Finnish caribous living the area. Picnics by the fire, a night in the wilderness and the many stories of the area make this paddling tour special.





99 KM

40 KM



Tour is suitable for paddlers with some earlier experience. Season: 1 Jun – 30 Sep Group size: min 2 persons

Upitrek ltd Tel. +358 (0) 40 733 9262

Closest airport: Kajaani Train: Helsinki–Kajaani 6 h 20 min Express bus: Helsinki–Kajaani 9 h 30 min Local buses: Kajaani–Suomussalmi 1 h 50 min Price/person 270 € The price includes accommodation on first and last night at Karhunkainalo camp site, canoe (2 persons), paddles, life vests, storage barrels, information package (incl. map, route description, etc.), transfer to start and from end point, lake side sauna at Karhunkainalo camp site on day 1 and sauna on day 7. Tour equipment for two persons (camp cooker and fuel, crockery and cutlery, water canister, 2-person tent, 2 mattresses, 2 sleeping bags with liner) can be rented at extra cost of 100 €.

Day 1. Arrival to Hossa visitor centre, Suomussalmi You will be welcomed and receive first introductions to the equipment. Accommodation will be in tents at the Karhunkainalo camp site next to the visitor centre where the sauna will be heated up. Day 2. Canoeing Peranganjoki–Iso-Kukkuri After loading your canoes you are ready to start the first day along the Peranganjoki River, You will spend the night in an open wilderness hut at the shore of the Iso-Kukkuri Lake. Day 3. Canoeing Iso-Kukkuri–Lounatkoski–jatkonjärvi Crossing various lakes and passing several easy to moderate rapids. You pass the Lounatkoski rapids which hold some log floating relics. Opportunity to explore the historical buildings and relics. Accommodation in tents at the camp site of Jatkonjärvi. Day 4. Hiking around jatkonvaara hill Relax your arms and explore the area on foot. When climbing to the top of Jatkonvaara hill you can savour the landscape from another perspective. Try some catching of fish as Hossa is commonly known as Fishermen’s paradise. Night at Jatkonjärvi camp site. Day 5. Canoeing jatkonjärvi–Keihälampi–Hossa–Kuikankoski Return to the civilisation for a day. At noon you can stop at the Keihälampi launching point from where it is only a short way to the Hossa visitor centre. After passing the village of Hossa you follow the river down to the shelter at the Kuikankoski rapids. Day 6. Canoeing Hossajoki–Tormuanjärvi Lake Back to the untouched nature along the river of Hossajoki. Here you will find total peace and silence only interrupted by the sound of wood grouse and thrush. You might also spot reindeer in the forests. Accommodation at the Tormuanjärvi Lake in a shelter or tents. Day 7. Canoeing Tormuanjärvi–Kylmäjärvi–juntusranta The route leads you once more through unspoilt wilderness before entering the waters of Lake Kylmäjärvi. Landing at the village of Juntusranta and transfer back to the Hossa visitor centre. Day 8. Departure


Visit /207

Requires some experience in paddling, good physical condition and ability to manage also in bad weather conditions.

Season: 1 Jun – 8 Jul, preferably starting on Sunday Group size: 4–12 persons

Day 1. Arrival in lakeside hotel Kalevala in Kuhmo. Day 2. Harakkasaari Island, 4 km Basics of canoeing on the waters of Lake Lammasjärvi. We paddle from the hotel shore to Harakkasaari Island for coffee by an open fire. Day 3. Lake jämäsjärvi, 8 km A day trip on Lake Jämäsjärvi, in the midst of tall, untouched woods. Option to hike up to Jämäsvaara hill to admire the beautiful view. We will have a break by an open fire at a tiny fisherman’s cabin on a small island. Day 4. Beaver’s lodge, 6 km Paddling on a small wilderness lake and on a small stream. The target is a gigantic beaver’s lodge. We will also view the dams the beaver has built and his feeding trails. Paddling here is an adventure – beaver is very active in building the dams and renovating the old ones. Day 5. Wilderness on a river jongunjoki, xx km Overnight adventure down the river at a leisurely pace, enjoying the nature and peacefulness. The route goes through several easy but exiting mini-rapids. The most difficult one, Aittokoski rapid is optional. Camping, the cooking is done together by the fire.

WildsPiira Tel. +358 (0)400 219 197 Closest airport: Kajaani Train: Helsinki–Kajaani 6 h 20 min Express bus: Helsinki–Kajaani 9 h 30 min Local buses: Kajaani–Kuhmo 1 h 40 min Price/person 880 € The price includes accommodation in shared double room (4), 1 night in tent, full board. Guide. Canadian tandem canoes and equipment: paddles, life jackets, helmets (for the river tour) and watertight barrels for gear. Tents, sleeping bags, cooking equipment and other common gear needed for the camping outdoors. Transfers for the tours to/from Kuhmo. Single supplement

120 €

Day 6. Canoeing back and departure from Kuhmo Last day together starts with coffee and tea made by the fire. We then pack our tents and paddle down the river, having one more break on the river side. Visit /208



Conquest of the Bothnian Bay 60 km, 5 days/4 nights, guided

Kayaking in the National Parks of the Bothnian Bay


100 km, 5 days/4 nights, guided The maritime towns of Kalajoki and Raahe are located on the coast of the Bothnian Bay in Western Finland. Both towns, with their archipelagos, boast a variety of natural landscapes and a rich historical and cultural past connected to the fishing, seal hunting and maritime industries.

This tour is kayaking as its purest! We are kayaking for five days in the area of the Haparanda and Bothnian Bay archipelago, in two different National Parks. Kayaking conditions are ideal but also challenging. The area is uninhabited, with unique scenery and seal skerries.





60 KM

100 KM


DEMANDING Prior experience of paddling is a must.

Prior experience of paddling is not necessary, but paddlers must have adequate physical condition for this exercise.

Season: 15 May – 15 Sep Group size: 2–10 persons, recommended for couples and people who like outdoor activities and the nature.

femEmare Ltd Tel. +358 (0)40 7226 401 Closest airport: Kokkola (Kruunupyy) or Oulu Closest harbour: Turku (with connections to the Aland Islands and to Stockholm) and Vaasa (with a connection to Umeå in Sweden) Train: Helsinki–Kokkola, 5 h 30 min Express bus: Helsinki–Kokkola, 9 h Price/person 760 € The price includes accommodation (4 nights), meals in the program and a guide. Price does not include: Transportation to and from the airport, between the hotel and harbour in Kalajoki or transport between Kalajoki and Raahe. Transportation can be arranged for you, the price depending on the size of the group.


Visit /209

Day 1. Kalajoki, 15 km Arrival at Kalajoki. Kalajoki is renowned for its long stretch of sunny sand dunes. A short introduction to kayaks and paddling will be followed by paddling to the archipelago. In the evening, we will arrive at Lepänen Island, where we’ll stay overnight in a hut or a tent. Dinner and sauna are both available. Day 2. Kalajoki, 15 km Paddling back to the starting point using a different route. An overnight stay at a spa hotel in the Kalajoki area (spa services are included in the price). In the evening you will have time to explore the area. There is a wide range of restaurants serving dinners from steaks to fish. Day 3. Kalajoki and Raahe, 15 km During the day we’ll explore Stand Up paddle boarding (SUP) at the Surf Centre on the beach. After a drive to the Paddling Centre at Pikkulahti in Raahe, we’ll paddle to Iso-Kraaseli Island. Sea pilots used to be stationed on this island and we’ll stay overnight in their former residence. Day 4. Raahe, 15 km In the morning, we’ll head out for a paddling tour in the archipelago. After the lunch at the pilot house, we’ll take a kayak ride back to Pikkulahti Bay. Depending on your flight schedule, you’ll either depart or stay in Raahe. Raahe is a small town with plenty of charming old and small wooden houses. Please note that the timetable of the first and last day depends on the flight schedule. Note. When coming on this tour, you should provide your own outdoor gear; comfortable shoes, as well as wind- and waterproof gear are recommended. The weather conditions can change a lot depending on the month. More information is available from package provider who will also need information about your level of paddling experience.

The area is barren but beautiful. The islands’ shores are shallow, and the larger islands are covered in heath and low growing woodlands. Baltic herring fishermen and seal hunters used to set their base camps on the islands and as, a reminder of the past, you can still see some old wooden churches, light houses, sea pilots’ bases and fishermen’s huts on the islands. The tour is always tailor-made according to the wishes and skills of the guests, subject to prevailing weather conditions. Bothnian Bay National Park (Finland): The largest island is the island of Selkä-sarvi, which also has the oldest fishing base of the area. Selkä-sarvi island is rocky and junipers grow on its shores where sheep graze. A forest grows in the centre of the island. There is also a one kilometre long nature trail and a wilderness hut for visitors. On the northern side of the island of Vähä-Huituri a steep sandy beach rises from the sea and turns to heath land on the top of the island. Some of the plants are very rare, thus protected plants can be found on the island. IsoHuituri is a place well worth stopping for. Haparanda National Park (Sweden): The island of Sanskär is best known for its long beaches. However, it also enjoys diverse landscapes with craggy pine tree woods, flowering meadows, dry junipers heaths and lush birch groves. The island of Skomakare (Shoemaker’s Island) has an abundance of berries and mushrooms Torne-Fyrö is one the most popular islands to visit due to its fine beaches. The most remote island is Malören, which used be an old fishermen’s base camp and still has a small fishermen’s church, light house and the sea pilots’ base. Kukkolankoski rapids are situated in the Torne River, the largest free-flowing river in Europe in which whitefish and salmon spawn. Accommodation is situated in a traditional village by the Torne River. In Kukkolankoski you may wish to try shooting the rapids or rafting. Note. You need to provide your own outdoor gear, sleeping back, and towel. You have to be in good physical condition and have gained some prior experience of paddling. Visit /210

Starts and ends at: Tornio Season: 1 Jun – 15 Sep Group size: 2–8 persons

femEmare Tel. +358 (0)40 7226 401 Closest airport: Oulu Closest harbour: Turku (connection to Aland Islands and to Stockholm) and Vaasa (connection to Umeå, Sweden) Train: Helsinki–Kemi, 10 h 20 min ExpressBus: Helsinki–Tornio, 12 h 25 min Local buses: Tornio

Price/person 670 € The price includes accommodation (3 nights in tents or wilderness huts and last night in a cottage), meals and guide. All meals are made in the wilderness from backpack supplies and cooked on the fire, camp stove or in the wilderness hut except for the final night’s more refined and substantial dinner. A holiday for the true outdoor type! Supplements/person: Kayak with equipment Transport (return) between Raahe or Oulu and Tornio

70 € 50 €



Nature and Wildlife

Canoeing Week in Fell Lapland

77 km, canoeing, 7 days/6 nights, self-guided

115 km, 8 days/7 nights, guided

Situated on the shore of the beautiful Jokijärvi, Saija Lodge is a perfect place to start canoeing. For individual tours Saija Lodge has maps available with detailed tour descriptions and information about flora and fauna as well as historical places along the trails.

Canoeing on the tranquil lakes and wild rivers of Lapland in the surroundings of Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park. Paddling on peaceful crystal clear water lakes surrounded by majestic fells and a river journey on the wild River Ounasjoki, the longest unharnessed river in Finland.






77 KM

115 KM


INTERMEDIATE Tour suitable for paddlers with some earlier experiences.

The rivers with rapids are rocky, but with normal water level the waterway is good to go.

Group size: 6–12 persons Season: weeks 24-36

Day 1. Arrival in Kittilä. Transfer from Kittilä Airport to Jerishovi Lodge on the Jerisjärvi Lake, introduction to the program. Day 1. Arrival in Saija Lodge, Taivalkoski Saija’s famous Finnish homemade food will be served for you.

Saija Lodge Tel. +358 (0)8 847 511 Fax +358 (0)8 847 515 Closest airport: Oulu Train: Helsinki–Oulu 7 h 15 min Express bus: Helsinki–Oulu 9 h 45 min Local bus: Oulu–Taivalkoski 2 h 5 min Price/person 635 € The price includes accommodation in shared double room with own sauna (6), full board (packed lunches on the trips), 1 canoe (2 pers.) with full equipment, detailed route description, transfer to starting point/from ending point on days 3 and 6. Single supplement

214 €

Day 2. jokijärvi Lake, 4–12 km This easy trail leads you to some historical places around the lake Jokijärvi. On the lake and this part of the river there are no strong currents and the lake is quite shallow. Day 3. Quiet River, 13 km This is a canoe route on an easy floating part of the river Murhijoki with a light current. Because of the quiet character of the river, it’s an excellent place to spot water birds, and wider parts of the river are filled with “Ulpukka” and “Lumme”, yellow and white water lilies. Day 4. A free day An opportunity to join one of guided hiking or biking tours or explore the surroundings on your own. You can enjoy a traditional smoke sauna on the shore of the lake Jokijärvi and plunge into the lake to cool down. Day 5. Tyräjärvi, 25 km A round trip along the small river to Tyräjärvi, one of the bigger lakes in Taivalkoski. Along the narrow, shallow river there are some historical fireplaces, and on the shore of the lake places of interest as well as a bird watching tower. Day 6. Conquering rapids, 27 km A slightly more demanding part of the river Iijoki. The tour leads you all the way to the village of Taivalkoski. Along the way you get the chance to conquer a few rapids of the first and second category. Day 7. Departure


Visit /211

Day 2. Trip to Keimiöniemi, 10 km Paddling on Jerisjärvi Lake, a lake abundant in fish. A visit to the historic and idyllic Fishermens’ huts of Keimiöniemi, where we hear traditions of those old huts which are still in active use.

Feel The Nature Treks Tel. +358 (0) 9 4241 4750

Day 3. jerishovi - Rauhala, 15 km Paddling tour towards the small village of Rauhala. The canoeing route beneath the fells is through a chain of small islands. There will be a campfire lunch break on the shore of Jerisjärvi Lake.

Closest airport: Kittilä Train: Helsinki–Kolari 11 h 25 min Express bus: Helsinki–Rovaniemi 13 h 25 min Local bus: Rovaniemi–Kolari 2 h 20 min

Day 4. Trip to äkäsjärvi Lake, 15 km Paddling to the other end of the Jerisjärvi Lake. A short walk over a small strip of land to the beautiful Äkäsjärvi Lake, one of the biggest lakes in the region. The varied scenery, islands and long fjord-like bay invite us to explore the lake further. Day 5. Canoeing Hetta village – Ketomella, 25 km Heading to the Lappish village of Hetta, located on the shores of Ounasjärvi Lake, a source of the Ounasjoki River. The river journey starts slowly on peaceful, flowing waters leading then towards faster wild waters. Day 6. Ketomella–Raattama, 20 km Paddling on Ounasjoki to the small Reindeer Village of Raattama. Accommodation in a holiday cabin.

Price/person 895 € The price includes accommodation (7) in a shared room (hut with sleeping bag, cottage with linen) with full board, bus transportation, luggage transportation, transfer from/to Kittilä airport, a guide, Indian canoes, each for 2 persons, a life-jacket and paddles.

Day 7. Raattama–Tepasto, 30 km The last river paddling day, through wild waters towards Tepasto village. The fast-flowing river brings us our journey’s end in no time at all. Transfer back to Jerishovi Lodge. Day 8. Departure Transfer to Kittilä airport. Visit /212


Southern Finland offers a multitude of canoeing opportunities unparalleled in their diversity. The adorable

coastal area with its labyrinthine archipelago as well as the marvellous lakes and rivers are all within your reach, a short distance away from the pulsing capital. The waters will provide you with unforgettable experiences from the early spring to the late autumn. Finnish nature and the changing seasons offer a great setting for canoe trips. The amount of light varies, and the wonder of the nightless sum-

mer night can be experienced on water. Our canoeing section introduces you to canoe routes and areas with canoeing services: equipment rental companies, canoeing centres and companies offering guided activities. Our canoeing section also features canoeing packages offered by companies, including everything you need for a memorable canoeing experience. You can paddle a canoe at any time of the day or night, on rivers, lakes and the sea!

Canoeing routes and areas

7. Lake Saimaa is Finland’s largest lake and Europe’s fourth-largest natural

River canoeing

freshwater lake. The busy cities of

1. The Siuntionjoki River provides a

Imatra and Lappeenranta are located


great setting for a canoe day trip near

on the eastern shore of the lake. The

Helsinki. The river flows gently to the

waters of Lake Saimaa and the Kymijoki

sea, and anchored along the way are

River are connected by the Väliväylä

nature and culture buoys.

route. The Vääntäjä Farm,


2. The Tainonvirta River starts from

8. Lakes Vanajavesi, Katumajärvi


Hartola and flows through the village of Sysmä, towards the Päijänne National


Park. The total distance is about 40 km. Maahisen Muki ja Mela,

opportunity for day trips. Lake Vanaja glimmers blue around the city of Hämeenlinna, enabling canoe trips right


and Alajärvi in Häme Region offer the

from the city centre. Fenix Adventures,

3. For centuries, the Mustijoki River has been an important waterway from


the coast to the inland. The river flows

Sea canoeing 9. Located in Western Uusimaa, the

through a quintessential Finnish forest

Ekenäs Archipelago National Park

and countryside landscape. Seikkailu-

extends from the open sea to the inner


archipelago. The national park covers three out of the four archipelago

4. The Kymi river begins from the lake

zones: the inner and outer archipelago

Päijänne, flows through the provinces

and the open sea. Kola Kayaking,

of Päijänne Tavastia, Uusimaa and

Kymenlaakso and discharges into the


Gulf of Finland. Formerly river was


10. In the metropolitan area there is

extensively used for log floating. The

a canoeing area with numerous rocky

canoeing route starts from the village

islets and islands. There are recrea-

of Inkeroinen and is suitable for all skill

tional areas with services, interesting

levels. SouthEast 135,

historical destinations, and uninhab-

ited, wind-beaten desert islets. Sambakayaks,


Lake canoeing 5. The Repovesi National Park is a

11. The Eastern Gulf of Finland Na-

fairly barren woodland area embel-

tional Park is famed for its rich birdlife

lished with forests, rugged cliffs and


dozens of lakes and ponds. Re-

and military history. You can reach




several islands by a scheduled boat service from Hamina and Kotka cities. SouthEast 135, 6. The largest lake in the region of Uusimaa, Lake Lohjajärvi is connected to the Lake Hiidenjärvi. The lakes are suitable for canoeists of all skill levels.



There are also several fine hiking routes. Kisakallio Sports,

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Canoeing Product Manual  

COME AND CANOE IN FINLAND! Our product manual is a compilation of the best canoeing routes in Finland. Finnish nature is unique and diverse....

Canoeing Product Manual  

COME AND CANOE IN FINLAND! Our product manual is a compilation of the best canoeing routes in Finland. Finnish nature is unique and diverse....