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MARCH 2012



LET'S TAKE IT OUTSIDE Phillies spring training • Interview with Jon Anderson • 9 things to do with your K-9

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pring has sprung, or is about to, and it’s time to get out and enjoy the warm weather and the many activities that Delaware and the surrounding area have to offer. Want a little exercise while enjoying the outdoors? Check this issue for info on hiking, fishing, boating, golf, tennis, rock climbing, and—if you’re feeling really ambitious and are willing to train— even a half marathon. For something a little more stationary and sedentary, try catching a Phillies or Blue Rocks game. For others—especially kids—there are crafts, art, gymnastics and other fun things to do. We’ve even got a special section for your dog. Also, check out our predictions for the Phils’ record this season, then make your own prediction—you could win dinner for two. Take a look at the next few pages, choose your activities, and spring into action!


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2/23/2012 10:21:19 AM

WINNING! How many wins do YOU think the Phils will claim in the 2012 season? Here are our guesses. Now you log on to to enter your prediction for a chance to win dinner for two!

Larry Nagengast D






(valued at $100+)


mar SIN

CE 19

(contributing writer)

Jerry duPhily (publisher)


Mark Fields

(contributing writer)




Matt Amis

(contributing writer)

Robert Lhulier

FROM FINE FOOD TO FLOWERS, WE DO IT ALL. For your special day, let Janssen’s catering take care of you. From customized, full-service catering designed to fit your budget, to floral arrangements, china and linens, we can do it all.


(contributing writer)


Scott Pruden

(contributing writer)


Bob Yearick

Kevin McCabe



(O&A sales associate)

Jim Miller


(director of publications)


Shawna Sneath (art director)


You deserve the best — contact us today.

Matt Loeb

(production manager)



Marie Graham

(sales & distribution)


24 . Up Close

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2/23/2012 10:23:42 AM


Belin spends much time sun-bathing outside the Peirce du Pont house.

MOUSE W PATROL 14 cats charm guests while performing 'pest management' By Kelsey Kerrigan

ith thousands of colorful blooms that drape walls, flow from baskets, and form captivating archways in artful displays, Longwood Gardens is the perfect escape from late winter weather. Maintaining this sumptuous display of flowers and plants is a full-time job for the 1,260 staff and volunteer personnel. And while these human workers feed, water, plant, and prune, a part-time crew of 14 feline helpers are busy doing what comes naturally— catching mice—and, as a bonus, charming visitors. Since 1984, Longwood has used cats to control the mouse population that its plants and trees attract. This Rodent Task Force is part of the Integrated Pest Management Program (IPM), according to Longwood’s communications director, Patricia Evans. The Task Force traces its origins to “Mom,” a stray cat who resided at the gardens. Her litter included Pierre and Alice, the first well-known members of the cat patrol. IPM uses multiple strategies to reduce the impact of insects, diseases, weeds, and other pests that damage plants. The program includes innovative biological controls, often in conjunction with selective pesticides that carry reduced risks to the environment. The Rodent Control Task Force fits this concept perfectly because it uses cats in lieu of poison baits and other rodent control chemicals, which can pose a potential danger to plants and animals. continued on next page

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2/23/2012 1:03:24 PM


Longwood's Mouse Patrol

continued from previous page

Each cat is assigned a specific area to patrol. Evans says the cats get three meals a day, medical care, a litter box, and a warm bed to crawl into every night, all provided by the gardener in their patrol area. She says that while first-time guests often are surprised at the sight of cats roaming the grounds, the felines have become an added attraction. “Our cats are photographed just as much as our popular flowers,” says Evans. Belin, one of the older cats, is quick to catch any guest’s eye with his silky, black-and-gray-striped coat, bright orange belly, and piercing orange eyes. Belin (pronounced BEE-lin) was the maiden name of Mrs. Alice du Pont, wife of P.S. du Pont. Rescued from a dumpster at Longwood’s Terrace Restaurant in 2004, Belin was covered with grease and afraid of people. Nowadays when he’s not sun-bathing on nice days outside the Peirce du Pont house, his high-spirited nature has guests eager to snap a photograph with him. When a cat shows up on the property, or is left there, Longwood’s current cat coordinator, Susan Cartwright, contacts local shelters, checks lost and found notices and makes every effort to find a home for the cat. Unfortunately, the IPM currently has no openings. Located just off Route 1 three miles from Kennett Square, Longwood traces its heritage to the great gardens of Italy and France. It retains the dramatic charm of Peirce duPont's creation with many attractions, including 13 outdoor water lily pools and greenhouses devoted to tropical plants. By patrolling the grounds, the garden’s cats have helped to maintain duPont’s vision of maximum public appeal. “They will forever be our ambassadors for the garden,” Evans says.

28 . Up Close

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D  | O&A

2/23/2012 12:34:10 PM

Who will make





BWW Limestone


Six Paupers McLaren’s

Harry’s Savoy

Redfire Grill


James Street Tavern





Catherine Rooney’s


Dead Presidents

C.atherine Rooney’s Newark

BBC Greenville

Klondike Kate’s



Chelsea Tavern

Pouring the perfect pint of Guinness is an Art. Which bars have mastered this skill? You tell us. Vote for your favorite this month and watch which bars make it to the finals!

VOTE AT OUTANDABOUTNOW.COM For a chance to win gift certificates to area restaurants! Voting ends March 19. PLEASE DRINK RESPONSIBLY.

GUINNESS Draught Stought. ©2012 Guinness & Co. Imported by DIAGEO - Guinness USA, Norwalk, CT

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2/23/2012 12:39:11 PM


Sundays @ Home Grown Café


ome Grown Cafe is now featuring live jazz bands from 7 to 10 p.m. on Sundays. Each “Jazz Sunday” will feature a different artist or group, and performers are encouraged to bring guest musicians to create an open form session atmosphere. The Newark hotspot, renowned for its creative cuisine and hip atmosphere, has long been a supporter of the arts. The restaurant displays local artwork that rotates monthly, and features live music every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday night. Traditionally, the bands that play at Home Grown have been of the rock, blues and jam varieties, but recently owners Sasha and Eric Aber decided to expand their music offerings. “Jazz music is underrepresented in downtown Newark,” says Grant Robinson, manager at the restaurant. “Home Grown Café is an established presence in the local music scene and we feel we have a perfect venue for jazz musicians to ply their craft.” In addition to music, there will be featured drink specials and plenty of delicious, fresh, local dishes available. Visit for a list of upcoming performers. — Out & About 34 . Food & Drink

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March 2012 | O&A

2/22/12 2 16 PM

48 . Music

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March 2012 | O&A

2/23/2012 12:04:26 PM

Modern Exile

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“Adam’s and my songs come together really well,” he says. “But our songwriting varies so wildly, we’ll do whatever we feel at that time.” So far the band has released one six-song, self-titled EP. It includes tracks that are twisty and angular like “Down on Paper,” and bluesy jams like “Hard Earned Money,” which sounds a little bit like the Black Crowes. “Protest,” riff-heavy and approachable, would be at home among the Billboard modern rock charts, while “Bus Stop” sounds like a holdover track from ‘90s surf-rockers 311 and Sublime. All of which makes affixing a label to Modern Exile’s music a bit tricky. “I call us progressive jam-rock,” Smith says. “I’d add improv to that,” says Beck. “We sound different from everybody else, I guarantee it. We are so all over the map that we’re truly original.” Says Gray, his smile flattening: “We play rock music.” No matter the genre tag, Modern Exile’s songcraft and tight musical chops have earned them praise, especially from local music professionals. They often receive love from WSTW’s “Hometown Heroes” program, and their ability to navigate different styles and time signatures earns them kudos from fellow musicians. “The truth is we’ll play music that you can dance to, and we’ll play some music you can’t dance to,” Gray says. “I think we’re more of a musicians’ band. Other musicians like us.” Though they’ve occasionally been miscast--gigs at dance-friendly nightclubs don’t always go over well--Modern Exile is becoming known for their high-energy live shows. For now they’re happy experiencing everything Delaware can offer in terms of festivals, shows and contests, but they’ve set their sights on a larger pond: Philly. “A year from now we should be opening up for national acts at the TLA, at the Keswick Theater, at World Cafe Live,” Beck says. Just one more place on the map for a band that’s all over it.


JAZZ SUNDAYS Every Sunday • 7-10PM

BEST CRAFT BEER SELECTION ON MAIN STREET! Follow us on Facebook for daily happenings and specials 126 EAST MAIN ST. • NEWARK | 302.266.6993 • WWW.HOMEGROWNCAFE.COM

Family Owned & Operated Since 1937


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2/23/2012 12:04:56 PM

Support your local music scene


Coming this month

Modern Exile Sat, March 24 Show 8pm

Upstairs Live at World Cafe Live at the Queen




GIGS Angelee March 10: @Half Moon Restaurant, Kennett Sq, PA March 15: @BBC, Greenville March 23: @ Rocco Italian Grill and Sports Bar, Wilmington March 24: @ McKenzies Brewhouse, Chadds Ford, PA Angela Sheik March 10: @Burlap and Bean, Newtown Square, PA

photo by Tim Hawk


odern Exile is an act that offers at lot to local original music lovers. First, they offer a fairly wide range of music from traditional Chicago-style blues to intricate jam-band-type tunes. Second, they are talented musicians: Guitarists Adam Beck and Jeff Gray juggle leads and rhythm lines with the seamlessness and ease of graceful acrobats. Third, Beck and Gray blend their vocals together in jazzy harmonies often reminiscent of Steely Dan (if that’s a band that appeals to you). In other words, there is more to Modern Exile than meets the eye at first glance… Perhaps more meets the ear at first listen, as well. A favorite among the 2011 Musikarmageddon judges, the band scored high on performance and song-writing. Their musicianship continues to improve and attract new listeners and fans.

ALSO AT WORLD CAFE LIVE THIS MONTH Every Monday Night: Groove Night Every Tuesday Night: Acoustic/Electric Open Mic Every Wednesday Night: 4W5 Blues Jam Thu 1 – The Parkington Sisters Fri 2 – Yarn Sat 3 – Dimensions & Co.’s One Year Anniversary Party with The X Brothers Thu 8 – Gable Music presents The 6 Fri 9 – Boris Garcia Sat 10 – The Nik Everett Band Sun 11 – Serafin String Quartet (noon) Sun 11 – FAWM Showcase (3pm) Sun 11 – Red Horse Thu 15 – Mallory Square

Fri 16 – The Revelations featuring Tre Williams Sat 17 – New Sweden Sun 18 – Gospel Blast 2012 Thu 22 – Soulidified: Tribute to Mary J. Blige Fri 23 – Conquer Entertainment Sat 24 – Modern Exile Sun 25 – Gable Music presents Concord High School Student and Faculty Showcase Fri 30 – The Muzaholics

World Cafe Live at the Queen • 500 N Market St, Wilmington, DE 302-994-1400 • 50 . M

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Carla and Mike P. Acoustic February 7: @Del Rose Rubber Skunk February 14: @Del Rose Café Wilmington Chorduroy Band Every Sunday @Deer Park, Newark Every Wednesday @Kelly’s Logan House Open Mic, 10pm, $1 Beers March 2: @Kildares, Manayunk, PA March10: @Sands Casino, Bethlehem, PA March 16: @Firestone, Wilmington March 17: @Kelly’s Logan House, Wilmington March 30: @Chesapeake Inn, Chesapeake, MD Home Grown Café March 2: Rory Sullivan & the Second Season’s CD Release Party March 3: Lost in Company & LBG Project March 4 Jazz Sunday featuring WOZ Gypsy Jazz March 7: Bruce Anthony March 9 Bullbuckers March 10: Chapel Street Junction March 11: Jazz Sundays with Jerome & the Townspeople March 14: Rockabilly Wednesday with Hot Toddy & the Wilmington Wastiod March 16: Dirk Quinn Band March 17: Still Moon Servants on St. Patrick’s Day March 18: Jazz Sunday March 21: Bruce Anthony March 23: Robot House March 24: Psychedelphia March 25: Jazz Sunday March 28: Rockabilly Wednesday with Hot Toddy & the Wilmington Wastiod March 30: 61 North March 31: Newark’s Annual Wine & Dine


The Honey Badgers March 4: @Newark Arts Alliance, Newark March 11: @The Queen, Wilmington Modern Exile March 24: World Cafe Live at the Queen April 27: @ The Wedge, Landenberg, PA New Sweden March 10: @Arlene’s Grocery, New York, NY March 17: @World Cafe Live at the Queen, Wilmington March 31: @Atlantic City Beer and Music Festival, Atlantic City, NJ The Paper Janes March 3: @Arden Guild Hall, Arden Revolution, I Love you March 29: @The Fire, Philadelphia, PA Rubber Skunk March 22: @ Good Bye Blue Monday, New York, NY Spokey Speaky Every Thursday @D&H Jamaican Cuisine, Newark Villains Like You March 31: @The Wedge, Landenberg, PA What Momma Said March 2: @The Final Scor March 3: @Deer Park Tavern, Newark March 16: @Moodswing March 17: @Kildare’s, Newark March 23: @JB McGinnes Pub March 31: @Catherine Rooney’s, Newark

57 O  | O&A

2/23/12 12:18 PM


SNAP SHOTS 1984’S GRAND OPENING PARTY: FEBRUARY 10 Amid a crowd of other ‘80s icon lookalikes, costume contest winners Kala Jamison (left), Michelle Grimes, Randie Rosa, and Natalie Carter celebrate their wins as aerobics instructor, Tron characters, and Rubik’s Cube, respectively.

ART IS SOCIAL AT DELAWARE ART MUSEUM: FEBRUARY 10 L: This fun couple enjoyed the event’s pirate theme.

R: Jeremy Sheiker, Zach Sheiker, Kevin Knoff, Dawn Reimschussel have an eye for fine art while saying “Aye!” to good times.


Elizabeth Chance, Paul Rizzo, and Jim Miller present a check for $3000 to Sunday Breakfast Mission (Jay Morgner accepting). The funds were raised as part of Absolut’s charitable partnership with USA Harvest nationwide. R: Ubon owner Wit Milburn (second to right) and his fiancée Jody Dickinson (right) party with Soufiane Lailani (center), John Gope Keomanikhoth (with glasses), and other party guests.

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2/23/2012 1:11:06 PM

66 . Nightlife

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March 2012 | O&A

2/23/12 10:46 AM

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PREVIEW this issue

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• Must-See Performances at 17 City Venues • Home Show Highlights Riverfront Events • ShopRite Gives Back to Community it Serves

MARCH, 2012 Vol. 3 ISSUE 9

2/23/12 10:40 AM

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2/22/12 1:44 PM

celebrating 15 years of culinary excellence

Evening With The Masters

Cellar Masters’ WineAuction

Celebrity Chefs’ Brunch

as of 2/17/2012

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2/22/12 1:41 PM




MAY 18-20



Taste over 40 incredible wines paired with cuisine from around the world!

Friday, March 30, 2012 | 7-11pm

Christiana Hilton

Indulge in an evening of fine wines paired with decadent food. The night will include Monte Carlo games, silent auction, & the sounds from Philly’s own Mama Gold.

For ed

The American Red Cross, a humanitarian organization led by volunteers and guided by its Congressional Charter and the Fundamental Principles of the International Red Cross Movement, will provide relief to victims of disaster and help people prevent, prepare for, and respond to emergencies. (Must be 21 or older)

For more information, please visit:

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2/22/12 3:22 PM

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March 2012 volume 3, issue 9

6 Cover Story Spring Art Stuff

Contributing Editor Bob Yearick

Art Director Shawna Sneath

Production Manager Matt Loeb

Advertising Sales Jim Hunter Miller Marie Graham

Take a look at these fresh new arts attractions happening in and around Wilmington. By Michelle Kramer-Fitzgerald

10 Profile Doing Right at ShopRite Guided by the Kenny family, the supermarket gives back to the community it serves. By Larry Nagengast

13 On the Riverfront Picture This

Project Manager Christine Serio

Contributing Writers Josephine Eccel, Carol Kipp, Michelle Kramer-Fitzgerald, Larry Nagengast, Scott Pruden Christine Serio,

Calling all photographers; March events calendar.


“in” Calendar


City Notes


Blue Rocks Season-Opening Calendar


Wilmington Renaissance News

Contributing Photographers Joe del Tufo, Tim Hawk Les Kipp, Matt Urban

ABOUT THE “IN” CAMPAIGN For editorial and advertising information: p (302) 655-6483 f (302) 654-0569

TSN Media, Inc. 307 A Street Wilmington, DE 19801

Wilmington is truly in the middle of it all, and the “in” campaign is a celebration of the accomplishments we continue to achieve as a community to make our city stronger and more attractive. From neighborhood and business development to our arts and cultural scene, the people of Wilmington are working together to support our city’s ongoing growth and prosperity.


The mission of Wilmington Magazine is to capture, through stories and images, the ongoing energy present in the city. We aim to inform readers, both inside and outside Wilmington, of the city’s residential, financial, and cultural progress while remaining entertaining and vibrant. 3

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2/22/12 4:14 PM



SAT, MARCH 3, 6:30PM


Beyond Words: The Symbolic Language of Plants

Art Salad Talks

A Taste for Art: Local Colors, Local Flavors

Melomanie’s March Performance

Greenville Country Club • 302.777.9768 201 Owls Nest Road •

Grace United Methodist Church 900 Washington St. •

Delaware Art Museum • 302.571.9590 2301 Kentmere Pkwy •

free lecture every Thursday at Noon Delaware Center for Contemporary Arts 200 S. Madison Street •





An Acoustic Evening with Jon Anderson (The Voice of Yes)

La Cage Aux Folles

Mike Birbiglia: My Girlfriend's Boyfriend

Southside Johnny and The Asbury Jukes

The Grand • 800.37.GRAND 818 N. Market St •

The Grand • 800.37.GRAND 818 N. Market St •

World Cafe Live at the Queen 500 N. Market St. •

DuPont Theatre 11th & Market Streets • 302.656.4401


TUES, MARCH 13, 7:30PM



Celebrate Spring!

Brahms and Friends, A Trio of Concerts: Concert I

WXPN welcomes Carbon Leaf

TAO: The Way of the Drum

First & Central Presbyterian Church 1101 N. Market Street •

World Cafe Live at the Queen 500 N. Market St. • 302.994.1400

The Grand • 800.37.GRAND 818 N. Market St •

FRI, MARCH 23, 7:30PM


SAT, MARCH 31, 5:30PM


OperaDelaware’s Spring Studio Series

Art is Date Night

6th Annual Muttini Mixer

The Bad Plus

Delaware Art Museum 2301 Kentmere Pkwy • 302.571.9590

benefitting Delaware Humane Association TheDCH • 1810 N. DuPont Street 302.571.8171 x 301 •

Arden Gild Hall 2126 The Highway • 302.475.3126

Brandywine Zoo 1001 North Park Drive • 302.571.77474

4 S. Poplar Street • 800.37.GRAND



find more at { }

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2/22/12 1:51 PM


• Perception/Deception: Illusion in • Dana Pyle’s Howard Pyle Contemporary Art thru September 25th Miniatures thru March 4th • Pre-Raphaelites in Print: The Age • Howard Pyle: American Master Rediscovered thru March 4th of Photomechanical Reproduction Poetry: The Art of Mary thru• Painted September 17th Page Evans March Art: 31st thru July 15th • The Storyteller’s Reimagining 302.571.9590 • 2301 Kentmere Parkway America through Illustration September 7th thru December 2012 Delaware Center for the 302.571.9590 • 2301 Kentmere Parkway

Contemporary Arts

• Erin Murray’s Municipalia March 2nd thru June 3rd Delaware Center fot the • Emily Herment New Work Contemporary Arts May 25th thru August 26th • The Elliptical• Frontiers 302.656.6466 200 South Madison Street thru September 18th Hagley Museum & Library • Gust American Eagle: Symbol of thru• The September 23rd Freedom •&200 Enterprise to Street the du 302.656.6466 South Madison Pont Family March 10th thru January 1st 302.658.2400 • 200 Hagley Road

Mezzanie Gallery The Station Gallery

• Rise of The Jou Jou Mama by Joy • Group Show: Steve Elliot, Janis Fitch & Robinson Mary Ann Weselyk March 2nd thru March 30th September 6th thru• September 30th Pike 302.654.8638 3922 Kennett 302.577.8278 • 820 North French Street


World Cafe Live at The Queen 302.994.1400 • 500 N. Market Street

Grease: Rockin’ Rydell Sing-a-Long Market Street Music Concert Series World Cafe at Queen everyLive Thursday at the 12:30 First & Central • 1101 N. Market St. 302.994.1400 • 500Church North Market Street

Miss Saigon thru March 11 New Candlelight Theatre The ONEworship Summit 2011 302.475.2313 • 2208 Millers Rd. Doubletree Hotel 700 King Street

FRIDAY, MARCH 2 ND CTC Community Series: "Cruel,

Opera Studios • 4 S. Poplar St.

Delaware Children’s Museum The Grand 800.37.GRAND 818 N. Market 302.654.2340 • 550 •Justison Street St.

302.998.2292 • 1501 Barley Mill Rd.

Auburn Yarn Heights Steamin Day

Trains, Trains, Trains! World Cafe Live at The Queen • 302.994.1400 thru September 4th Marshall Steam Museum SATURDAY, MARCH 3RD 302.239.2385 • 300 Creek Rd.

Hoots & Hellmouth

Arden Gild Hall 302.475.3126 • 2126 The Highway

Lilie Anel w/ Fusionhouse World LiveaCafe at the Shine Light onQueen The Queen

World Cafe•Live The Queen 302.994.1400 302.994.1400 500 at North Market• Street

SUNDAY, MARCH 4 SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER Twin Lakes Brewery Gospel Blast 2012 every Sun thru May 13 RD TH AND 4Tastings 3 Tours &Cafe World Live at The Queen • 302.994.1400 TH

every Wednesday and Saturday Twin Lakes Brewery TUESDAY, MARCH 6 TH

302.658.1826 • 4210 Kennett Pike Flight Club every Tues from 5-8pm Chelsea Tavern 302.482.3333 • 821 North Market Street TH

302.239.9847 • 1310 Little Baltimore Road

A Civil Affair

Delaware Center for Contemporary Arts (DCCA) SATURDAY, 4TH 302.656.6466 SEPTEMBER • 200 South Madison Street

FRIDAY, MARCH 9 TH 2011 Taiwan Film Festival various dates thru Sept 25 Boris Garcia Delaware Art Museum World Cafe Live at The Queen • 302.994.1400 302.571.9590 • 2301 Kentmere Parkway

Arden Gild Hall • 302.475.3126

302.994.1400 • 500 Market Street THURSDAY, MARCH 22 ND

Classic Albums Live: Sgt. Pepper's

THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER Lonely Hearts Club Band 8TH The Grand • 800.37.GRAND

Soulidified: A Tribute to Mary J. Blige

World Cafe Live at The Queen • 302.994.1400 SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 17TH


Rod Kim &Under Meanthe Lady: Getbenefiting Inspired Evening Stars byServiam The Beatles Girls Academy

World Cafe Live The Queen • 302.651.9700 World Live Cafe at at the Queen 302.994.1400 • 500 North Market Street

Peanut Butter & Jams welcomes Bari Koral Family Rock Band

TH World Cafe Live at The Queen 9 • 302.994.1400 FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER

Robin & Linda Williams Band for Kid’s Music baby Together grand • 800.37.GRAND

Monarch Migration Celebration Open DSOHouse presents: Struggles & Glories thru March 24th DuPont Enviornmental Education Center The Grand • 800.37.GRAND 302.656.1490 • 1400 Delmarva Lane

Gretchen Hupfel Symposium 2012: SUPERstructure DCCA • 302.656.6466 Musikarmaggedon: The Final Battle The Grand The Wedding Singer thru May 20 New Candlelight Theatre 800.37.GRAND • 818 North Market Street 302.475.2313 • 2208 Millers Rd.

Benefit for the Light up the Queen Foundation THSweden featuring Allgood, Angel Band &11 New SUNDAY, MARCH World Live Cafe at the Queen Canadian Brass 302.994.1400 • 500 Market Street The Grand • 800.37.GRAND

SATURDAY, MARCH 24TH Zumbathon Fundrasier benifiting Opera Marathon Delaware Drawing VIII Delaware College of Art & Design Opera Studios 302.622.8000 600 N. Market 302.442.7809 • 4• S. Poplar St. St.

Red Horse Art on the World CafeTown Live at The Queen • 302.994.1400

Majore Trio

Various Locations Buses leave at String 5:45 PM from the DCCA Serafin Quartet World Cafe •Live The Queen • 302.994.1400 302.576.2135 200atSouth Madison Street

Arts at Trinity • 1108 N. Adams St. TH SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 18

Opening Day Woodside Creamery Slaying theFarm Dragon by Michael Ching


302.239.9847 • 1310 Little Baltimore Rd. Music Read-through Opera Studios Out & About Scavenger Hunt 302.442.7809 • 4 S. Poplar Sreet IN Wilmington presented by Wilmington Jaycees

When you’re done browsing, join us for live music at theHappy RiverfrontHour Blues Festival, this month’s& official Yoga Session Craft Beer Tasting other Tues thru May 22 after-party spot for Artevery on the Town! World Cafe Live at The Queen • 302.994.1400 ADD ADDRESS HERE!

benefitting Junior Achievement

Various Locations • 302.655.5288

The Magic School Bus LIVE: The Climate Challenge SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 10TH

Victorian Lecture Series PeanutMuseum Butter & Jams welcomes Rockwood The Diggity Dudes 302.762.2075 • 610 Shipley Road

The Grand • 800.37.GRAND

World Cafe Live at The Queen • 302.994.1400

Young Executives’ Breakfast Alo Brasil w/ Geoff World Live CafeSawyer at the Queen

Joe Baione Jazz Quintet



SUNDAY, MARCH 25TH Candlelight Comedy Club 302.475.2313 • 2208 Millers Road

Koresh Dance Company

302.656.1490 • 1400 Delmarva Lane Winterthur 800.448.3883 • 5105 Kennett Pike

The Grand • 800.37.GRAND


WXPN welcomes Carbon Leaf

Sunday Studio Series

Delaware Art Museum • 302.571.9590


One Step Away Kickoff/Fundraiser

2011 Festival feat. Tre Williams ThePolish Revelations

World Cafe Live at The Queen • 302.994.1400 thru Sept 17 Riverfront Wilmington SATURDAY, MARCH 17TH 302.594.1400

Film Brothers Movie Co-Op WEDNESDAY, MARCH 205 North Market Street


The Wailers

World Cafe Live at The Queen • 302.994.1400

SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 24TH Arts in Recovery Month Rally TH THURSDAY, Rodney Square MARCH 29

Brett Valliant: Pipe Organ POPS

Dickinson Theatre Organ Society WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 14TH 302.995.5630 • 1801 Milltown Road

11th & North Cello FuryMarket Street New Candlelight Theatre 302.475.2313 • 2208 Millers Rd.

Golden Pheasants Fall Blast Golden Pheasants Hagley Museum and LibraryFundraiser

Geocaching Bruce Anthony 101

Brandywine Creek State Park Bellevue Noontime• Concert Series 302.577.3534 41 Adams Dam Rd. 302.761.6965 • Bellevue State Park

Hagley Museum & Library 302.658.2400 • 200 Hagley Road 302.658.2400 • 200 Hagley Rd

The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band

Shawn Colvin

SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 25TH World Cafe Live at The Queen • 302.994.1400

The Grand • 800.37.GRAND

Reel Talk

St. Patty's Day New Sweden, documentary on Gov. Jackw/ Markell benefitting the Villains Like You Jewish Family Services of DE & XVSK World Cafe Live at The Queen • 302.994.1400 World Live Cafe at the Queen 302.944.1400 • 500 Market Street TH


FRIDAY, MARCH 30 TH Harry’s Fall Bridal Fair Harry’s Savoy Grill and Ballroom Martha Munizzi 302.475.3000 2020 Naaman’s Road The Grand ••800.37.GRAND

The Muzaholics

WEDNESDAY, 28TH World Cafe Live atSEPTEMBER The Queen • 302.994.1400


Delaware Center forW. Contemporary 410.908.0059 • 1100 10th Street Arts 302.656.6466 • 200 South Madison Street

SATURDAY, MARCH 31ST Fall Family Cruise

An Intimate Evening NoaErin Mckeown with

DuPont Enviornmental Education Center Danny Kalb 302.656.1490 1400 World Cafe •Live at Delmarva The QueenLane • 302.994.1400

The Grand • 800.37.GRAND World Live Cafe at the Queen 302.994.1400• 500 Market Street TH


Hagley's Dollar Days

Grilled Cheese & Craft Beer Tasting World The LifeCafe Live at The Queen • 302.994.1400 thru Oct 1 Lord of Drama the Dance Wilmington Leauge thru March 25 DuPont Theatre 302.764.1172 • 10 W Lea Blvd Streets 302.656.4401 • 11th & Market

find findmore moreatat{ {} }

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World Live Cafe at the Queen

Wilmington GreenvilleWestern CountryRailroad Club 302.762.1132 • 201Newport-Gap Owls Nest Road 302.998.1930 • 2201 Pike

World Cafe Live at The Queen • 302.994.1400

Ravi Coltrane Quartet

SATURDAY, 3RD Tatnall's LairdSEPTEMBER Performing Arts Center

The Horse Flies

Rhett Miller WXPN welcomes The Psychedelic Furs w/ The Cafe Spring World Live Standards at The Queen • 302.994.1400

Hockessin Flyer Train Ridebenefiting Beethoven in Blue Jeans & September 24thSchool of Delaware The Music

Garden Architecture andBarrel Build Your Own Rain Dupont Environmental Education Center Water Features

Shape Robots Gaelic Storm



University & Whist Club • 302.658.5125 302.994.1400 • 500 Market Street

ND FRIDAY, Calm SEPTEMBER & Neglected” thru2March 3

Woodside Farm Annual Arts and Crafts Show


TH FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 302.658.2400 • 200 Hagley Rd 30

Rainbow Chorale of Delaware’s David Wilcox and Susan Werner Spring Concert World Live Cafe at The Queen The Music School of Delaware 888.512.5093 • 4101 Washington St. 302.994.1400 • 500 Market Street




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three-month series of intimate performances, including: Lush Life: a Tribute to Billy Strayhorn on Sunday, April 22; Latin singer-songwriter Suzzette Ortiz on Friday, May 4; and “A Night at the Loft” with Darnell Miller & Friends on Friday, June 1—musical variety born of the artists’ informal jam sessions. Tickets for all three shows are $15. Call CCAC at 652.0101 for more details and to purchase tickets.

As warmer weather brings renewal and an air of freshness, so too does this spring’s Arts season in and around Wilmington. It’s going to get busy and there’s so much to enjoy, but here are a few things to get you started…

Brandywine Baroque Every spring, Brandywine Baroque presents a weekend of music at its distinctive Barn at Flintwoods venue, but with a little something “extra.” This mini-concert series is performed by the exquisite collection of lovingly restored antique harpsichords in the Flint Collection. This season’s series— running Friday, May 18, through Sunday, May 20—will feature performances by Brandywine Baroque Artistic Director Karen Flint as well as internationally renowned musicians Davitt Moroney and the Parisian artist Béatrice Martin.

By Michelle Kramer-Fitzgerald

The Arts at Trinity The newest Arts series in town has given us an impressive lineup thus far (e.g., November’s Angel band appearance)and it continues into 2012 with the Serafin String Quartet performance on Saturday, April 21. Free concerts from noted artists? Count me in!


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Christina Cultural Arts Center CCAC continues its focus on presenting an array of live music performances. Its biggest concert is part of the Clifford Brown Year-Round Jazz Series partnership, which includes the City of Wilmington and the Grand. Jazz saxophone virtuoso Grace Kelly appears on Sunday, May 6, at 4 p.m. in CCAC’s Clifford Brown Performance Space. Tickets are $25-45. The music continues with a

City Theater Company If it’s possible, CTC gets even edgier this spring as it presents the Delaware premiere of the musical Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson (music and lyrics by Michael Friedman; book by Alex Timber). See what happens when America’s seventh president is reinvented as a rock god hell-bent on creating a government for the people, by the people—and how well that works out. The company is the first to produce this irreverent, loud, political, punk rock history lesson outside of the Broadway production. The muscial runs Friday, April 27, through Saturday, May 12, at The Black Box at OperaDelaware. Directed by Michael Gray with music direction by Joe Trainor.

MARCH 2012

2/22/12 4:15 PM

Delaware Center for Contemporary Arts The fun kicks off at Midnight in Wilmington: A 1920s Art Salon! The Fitzgeralds (not I and my hubby, but F. Scott and Zelda) have returned from a fabulous trip to Gay Paree and have invited their Avant garde artist friends to meet Wilmington’s forward thinkers. Join a night of Prohibition-era fashion, art, music and dancing. Come as your favorite ‘20s artist, writer or personality and enjoy ”la vie boheme” Wilmington style. The party, on Saturday, April 28, encourages costumes and features live music with E. Shawn Quaissaunee and creative cocktails. Special under age 35 “Zelda & F. Scott” tickets are $35 until April 25; DCCA member tickets are $50; DCCA future member tickets are $60; the higher-level “Gatsby” ticket is $125 and includes premium parking, open bar and one admission to the photo booth. This fundraiser benefits DCCA’s exhibition and education programs and a portion of ticket sales benefits AIDS Delaware.

DuPont Theatre The DuPont Theatre, “Delaware’s Broadway Experience,” is bouncing into spring with the musical and comedic fun of the three-time Tony Award–

winning La Cage Aux Folles. The production runs Tuesday, March 6, through Sunday, March 11, and stars George Hamilton and Christopher Sieber. The theater’s season continues with Metropolis on Friday, April 13, through Sunday, April 15. It’s a glimpse into a fantastic future of flying cars, TV phones and evil robots with a story of passion, greed, and cool gadgets. And don’t miss the return of TLC’s “Cake Boss” himself, Buddy Valastro, in a one-night appearance on Saturday, March 17 (shows at 3 and 7:30 p.m.) Delaware College of Art & Design Saturday, March 24, from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., DCAD’s Toni and Stuart B. Young Gallery will be transformed into a 5,000-square-foot studio for its Sixth Annual Drawing Marathon. Artists of every skill level are invited to work alongside each other, have fun, sharpen skills, and enjoy the studio experience through figure drawing. Come for an hour or stay for all 12. Bring your own drawing/painting supplies, please.

Delaware Art Museum In the midst of the museum’s 100th anniversary celebration, tickets for the popular Concerts on Kentmere are still extraordinarily hard to come by—and with good reason. Pyxis Piano Quartet—Meredith Amado, violin; Hiroko Yamazaki, piano; Amy Leonard, viola, and Jie Jin, cello—is the Ensemble in Residence that knocks the socks off fans throughout the series. Although the Thursday, April 12, concert is already sold out, you might still snag tickets to the Friday, April 13, performance with guest violinist Wanchi Huang. If you do, count yourself among the lucky who will enjoy sonatas and quintets of Schubert, Prokofieff, Dvorak and some truly amazing musicality!

Delaware Symphony Orchestra DSO’s Family Pops Concert offers an awe-inspiring journey through space featuring Gustav Holst’s most famous work, The Planets, on Friday and Saturday, April 27 and 28. The magic of the stars is brought to life through high resolution videos and images from NASA set to the music of The Planets by Holst and narrated by a special guest. In the first half of the performance, enjoy favorite melodies from the movies with help from the Wilmington Children’s Chorus. This amazing performance has sold out across the country, including Tanglewood and the Hollywood Bowl. –continued on page 10

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Amelia White, Brett Ryan Stewart & Rory Sullivan (April 20, Upstairs at the Queen) and Universal Funk Order (April 27, Mojo Main).

Delaware Theatre Company DTC’s next production, Crowns (by Regina Taylor; adapted from the book by Michael Cunningham and Craig Marberry), is as vibrant and fun as the fashion at the heart of its story. A young woman moves to the South and is given a lesson in “hat-titude” in this toetapping musical. From feathered hats to flowered hats, pillboxes to turbans, to hats for work and hats for church, there is a hat for every occasion, and a cultural and historical significance to all of them. This soul-stirring performance celebrates the handing down of culture from one generation to the next. Show runs Wednesday, April 11, through Sunday, April 29. Why not get into the spirit and show off your own “hattitude”—wear your favorite chapeau to the show!

Gable Music Ventures Gable’s and its founders, Jeremy Hebbel and Gail Dillman, have made a huge impact on the local music scene, introducing exceptional local talent and national artists to us in new venues and new collaborative mixes. I couldn’t be more excited about their efforts. Check out their showcase series “The 6” at Film Bros Movie Co-Op & the Queen as well as upcoming shows featuring . PERFORMING ARTS

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The Grand Opera House The Grand has put together one of its most varied seasons. It kicks off with a Thursday, April 12, adults-only improv comedy puppet show, Stuffed and Unstrung, from The Jim Henson Company (think R-rated Sesame Street) and a Monday, April 16, return engagement from the always-hilarious David Sedaris. On Sunday, April 22, the Grand welcomes two original stars of the Tony Award and Pulitzer Prize– winning musical Rent in their first tour together. Adam Pascal and Anthony Rapp showcase their amazing voices, charisma and chemistry in a pop-rock concert that includes not only songs from Rent but backstage stories as well.

Presbyterian Church on Rodney Square) presents as wide-ranging a lineup as any large-scale venue could offer. From the Electrum Duo of flute & percussion to classic works by Brahms to Braziliantinged jazz and blues, the signature Thursday Noontime Concerts are sure to offer your favorite sound. Best of all, you get this musical world tour for only $3 a trip -- one of the best Arts bargains around.

Mélomanie The ensemble noted for its “provocative pairings of early and contemporary works” doesn’t disappoint in their Saturday, April 14, concert, performing the World Premiere of Delaware composer Jennifer Margaret Barker’s Dumgoyne. The piece is homage to the composer’s Scottish roots, and—just for fun—if you wear a kilt to the concert, you get in for free! The performance also includes works of Baroque masters Telemann and Marais as well as modern works from composer Mark Hagerty. This ensemble is the perfect entrée for those who want to experience classical music in a more interactive, informal way. Embrace your inner Scotsman and don a kilt!

Market Street Music From Thursday, March 29, through Thursday, April 19, MSM (whose concerts are housed at First & Central MARCH 2012

2/22/12 4:17 PM

the life she left behind? The story is as beautiful and stirring as the opera and jazz it combines. Performances Sunday, May 6, Friday, May 11, and Saturday, May 12, at The Grand Opera House with a pre-performance lecture one hour before curtain.

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The Music School Delaware For almost 90 years, the music school has been part of the Delaware Arts landscape, offering music education and entertainment for everyone. On Saturday, March 10, the school will host its annual FUN-draiser, Beethoven in Blue Jeans, at Greenville Country Club. But this is no stuffy affair. Not only can you wear jeans to this benefit, it’s mandatory. So break out your favorite pair of Levi’s and sip and socialize at the bourbon-tasting station; show off your moves to the live music of bluegrass, jazz and a DJ; and open your wallet for some fantastic auction packages. You may even catch Beethoven himself roaming about in a pair of dungarees.

OperaDelaware The “American folk-opera” Porgy and Bess (George Gershwin, Ira Gershwin, and DuBose and Dorothy Heyward) winds up OperaDelaware’s 2011-2012 season. When Bess is left to beg for shelter in the wake of a murder, Porgy is the only one to open his door. Will Bess stay with Porgy or give in and return to

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World Café Live at the Queen WCLQ continues its diverse musical invasion of the Wilmington landscape with a great and varied lineup this spring. The expansive schedule includes the Tuesday “Unlabeled” Acoustic/Electric Open Mic Nights and Wednesday 4W5 Blues Jams; and offbeat events like the sixsession Happy Hour Yoga & Craft Beer Tasting running from March through May. There are also noted national acts like Wednesday, March 21’s ‘80s-laden nostalgia Psychedelic Furs; Thursday, March 29’s performance by Grammywinning singer-songwriter Shawn Colvin (“Sunny Came Home,” “Fill Me Up”); Thursday, April 12’s concert from The Malone Brothers; and a Saturday, April 21 appearance by Jeffrey Gaines.

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DOING RIGHT at ShopRite B Guided by the Kenny

family, the supermarket gives back to the Delaware community it serves By Larry Nagengast

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ernie Kenny’s first job, about 60 years ago in Elizabeth, N.J., was as a “cart boy”—you know, the kid who rounds up stray carts in the supermarket parking lot and arranges them by the door. “He grew up poor. He dropped out of school. He hates to see people who feel like they’re stuck,” his daughter Melissa says. That’s why, she says, when Bernie is out in the parking lot at the ShopRite Supermarket on the Wilmington Riverfront, she has heard him tell some of the new hires, “I was a cart guy once. Work hard. Maybe you can own your own supermarket someday.” Yes, Bernie Kenny, the 74-year-old CEO of Delaware Supermarkets Inc., owns the ShopRite on the Riverfront as well as four others—in Brandywine Hundred, Bear, Stanton and Newark. After a career spent primarily with Pathmark as a store manager and corporate executive, Kenny bought the Stanton and Brandywine ShopRites in January 1995. “Pathmark had changes in leadership, and started running things differently,” Melissa Kenny explains. “He wanted to get back to what the business was like when he started, to cater to the community he was working in.” Wakefern, the cooperative to which ShopRite belongs, recruited Kenny and encouraged him to buy the two stores, says Dan Tanzer, marketing director of Delaware Supermarkets Inc. (DSI). Under Bernie’s direction, DSI acquired the Newark market and built the new Riverfront and Bear markets. In the next few years, ShopRite could add as many as five more markets in Delaware,

2/22/12 4:18 PM

Chris, Melissa, and Bernie Kenny at the grand opening of ShopRite in Bear. Photo by Brad Glazier

according to Melissa, a spokesperson for the family business. Her brother Chris is the company’s vice president and chief operating officer, as well as his father’s heir apparent. “It can occur. It should occur, at a pace of a store every 18 months,” Chris says. “It could be accelerated by an acquisition, or delayed by unavailability of sites.” The Kenny family is looking not only to increase its footprint in northern New Castle County but also to take its first steps below the C&D Canal. Areas being scouted, Chris says, include Hockessin/ Pike Creek, Glasgow, Middletown, Dover and Rehoboth. While such growth would obviously be good for the family business, it would likely also be good for the people of Delaware, because the Kennys are committed to community service. “They donate to Easter Seals, Goodwill, Junior Achievement, the Mancus Foundation, Special Olympics, the Food Bank of Delaware and I’m sure many others,” says Julie Miro Wenger, executive director of the Delaware Food Industry Council. The council is an umbrella group of supermarkets and food retailers started by a group that included Rich Kenny, Bernie’s brother, former partner, and the company’s consultant for finance and government relations. The “many others,” according to Tanzer and Melissa Kenny, include Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, the Salvation Army, St. Anthony’s Community Center, the Latin American Community Center, the Jewish Community Center, the Ronald McDonald House of Delaware, the Kalmar Nyckel Foundation and the Little Sisters of the Poor.

“When you ask for something, they always say yes,” says Carrie Gray, managing director of the Wilmington Renaissance Corporation. She is most impressed with the Kennys commitment to the Food Bank, “providing for the most needy folks in the community. They’re not here just for the bottom line. They see there’s more to running a business than just making a profit.” Ronni Cohen, executive director of the Delaware Financial Literacy Institute, which offers free classes on financial topics through the Delaware Money School, shares Gray’s enthusiasm for ShopRite and the Kenny family. Both Rich Kenny and Chris Kenny have served on the DFLI board. “Rich and Chris both added a lot of financial expertise and Chris (who is also a lawyer) helped with legal issues as well,” Cohen says. Whenever her organization needs food or supplies for its special events, she says she can count on ShopRite and the Kennys. But the greatest Kenny/ShopRite contribution to the community might be the training program they have started at the Goodwill Industries site on Lea Boulevard in northeast Wilmington. Started in 2006, the program features a scaled-down ShopRite layout, complete with shelving and cash registers. In the four-week program, 10 to 16 trainees learn the basics of ShopRite’s operations and pick up the skills needed to be a cashier at the supermarket. “We also spend time teaching the ‘soft skills’—getting to work on time, good customer service, working as a team,” says Colleen Marrone, chief mission officer for Goodwill of Delaware and Delaware County Inc. Learning those skills is important because many of the ShopRite trainees have what Marrone calls “a barrier to employment.” For example, she explains, they could be single mothers, dropouts, people who have been out of the workforce for extended periods, ex-offenders. “They’re one of the few employers in the state who are open to considering someone with that (criminal) background,” she says. Since 2006, ShopRite has hired 429 men and women who have completed the training program, Marrone says. Goodwill calls these positions “entry-level jobs with growth potential,” and Marrone says some of the graduates have advanced at ShopRite to work in the bakery, the pharmacy, the deli, in loss prevention, at the courtesy desk and even as cashier supervisors. Marrone said that CARF, an accreditation agency that evaluates job-training programs and health-care services, visited Goodwill in December and rated the operation an “exemplary program” and asked Goodwill to write up a description so it can be shared as a model with other organizations that CARF evaluates. In addition to making a strong effort to hire local residents at their markets—each one employs about 200, Tanzer says —ShopRite is involved in other community partnerships. For example, Melissa Kenny says, about three tons of waste each month — unsold produce trimmings, bakery items, and fat and bone from meat and seafood — goes to the Peninsula Composting Center in Wilmington. And city residents who participate in Wilmington’s Recycle Bank program can earn discount certificates to use at ShopRite. “None of our competitors are headquartered in Delaware, so they’re not local like us,” Melissa Kenny says. “Our dollars stay here, and we give back to the people who live here.” To ensure that the giving back continues, the Kennys established the Kenny Family Foundation in 2008 to promote social welfare and assist the needy in and around Wilmington. In January, the foundation hired Heather Hook, who previously coordinated volunteers for the Light Up the Queen Foundation, as executive director. Working closely with so many organizations is important because “the people we affect, they’re our customers,” Chris Kenny says. “It’s a win-win for the community and for our business. It’s just the right thing to do.”

Check out:


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1. Amtrak Station 2. Opera Delaware Studios/City Theater Co. 3. Wilmington Youth Rowing Assn., WYRA.ORG 4. Tubman-Garrett Riverfront Park 5. Residences at Christina Landing 6. Asnan Sushi Bar & Asian Cuisine, ASNANRESTAURANTS.COM 7. Harry’s Seafood Grill / Riverfront Market, HARRYS-SAVOY.COM 8. Delaware Theatre Co., DELAWARETHEATRE.ORG 9. FireStone Roasting House, FIRESTONERIVERFRONT.COM 10. Cosi at the Barclays Crescent Building, GETCOSI.COM

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11. Hare Pavilion/Riverwalk 12. AAA Mid-Atlantic Travel Center, AAAMIDATLANTIC.COM 13. Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts, THEDCCA.ORG 14. Justison Landing, Currie Hair, Skin & Nails, CURRIEDAYSPA.COM Veritas Wine & Spirits, VERITASWINESHOP.COM 15. Kooma, KOOMASUSHI.COM CrossFit Riverfront, CFRIVERFRONT.COM 16. Delaware Children’s Museum, DELAWARECHILDRENSMUSEUM.ORG

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26 24 23





17 19

21 16 28




17. Joe’s Crab Shack, JOESCRABSHACK.COM 18. Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant, IRONHILLBREWERY.COM 19. Public Docks 20. Big Fish Grill, BIGFISHRIVERFRONT.COM 21. Frawley Stadium, BLUEROCKS.COM Delaware Sports Museum & Hall of Fame 22. Chase Center on the Riverfront, CENTERONTHERIVERFRONT.COM 23. Dravo Plaza & Dock 24. Shipyard Center Planet Fitness, PLANETFITNESS.COM

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25. Timothy’s Restaurant, TIMOTHYSONTHERIVERFRONT.COM Molly’s Old Fashioned Ice Cream, MOLLYSICECREAM.COM Ubon Thai Restaurant 26. Wilmington Rowing Center, WILMINGTONROWING.ORG 27. Russell W. Peterson Urban Wildlife Refuge/ DuPont Environmental Education Center, DUPONTEEC.ORG 28. DART Park-n-Ride Lot

Photo by Dick Dubroff of Final Focus Photography

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he Riverfront Development Corporation of Delaware (RDC) invites you to submit your images to the 2012 Riverfront Wilmington Photo Contest. A panel of judges will select four top finalists and a public voting process will determine a grand prize winner.


PHOTO CONTEST For Rules or Terms and Conditions visit:

The RDC is looking for both scenic photos and photos that include people enjoying activities and places along the Christina Riverfront in Wilmington, Delaware. Entries may be submitted from January 9, 2012 through April 16, 2012. The four finalists will have their photos printed in the June issue of Out & About Magazine. The grand prize winner will be announced during the last week of June 2012 and will have his/her photo, along with a brief article, printed in the July 2012 issue of Out & About Magazine.

Spring Delaware Home Show March 3- 10am-6pm March 4- 11am-4pm Presented by: The Home Builders Association of Delaware. $5 per person, kids under 12 are FREE. Seminars, exhibits, giveaways, and more. Come check out the latest in home trends! Chase Center

Youth Program presents Charlotte’s Web March 10- 11am and 2pm March 11- 1pm and 4pm EB White’s beloved classic will be presented by OperaDelaware’s Youth Opera Program. Ticket prices are $10 for adults and $5 for children. Tickets are available at Opera Delaware

Cruel, Calm & Neglected March 2-3 8pm The CTC Community Series featuring the works of David Robson. $20 general admission, $30 VIP includes complimentary drinks, choice seating and CTC cast-signed program. City Theater Company

International Gem and Jewelry Show March 16- 12pm-6pm March 17- 10am-6pm March 18- 11am-5pm $8 per person good for all 3 days of the show. Features one-of-a-kind jewelry creations, exotic gems, beads, pearls, exquisite fine jewelry, estate collections and much more. People of all ages will find deep discounts and an amazing variety of beautiful jewelry to compliment this winters fashions. We offer convenience, selection and value, all in one place. Children under 8 not permitted. Chase Center

DSWA Household Hazardous Waste Collection Event March 3 8am-4pm Frawley Stadium American Girl Fashion Show March 10- 10am, 2pm and 6pm March 11- 12pm and 4pm $35 per person includes a meal, American Girl goodie bag for children, program book for adults and door prizes. Benefits Ronald McDonald House of Delaware. Chase Center

Second Annual Delaware Chili Run March 24 Registration begins at 8:30am Race starts at 10:30am A Run.Eat.Run 2 miler benefitting Boy Scouts of America. Dravo Plaza

Greenberg’s Train & Toy Show March 24-25 10am-4pm $7 per person for good both days, kids under 12 are free. Over 300+ tables of trains for sale, operation model train displays, Riding Train for Kids and Adults, Interactive r/c racetrack for kids, free workshops and demos, hourly door prize giveaways and more! Chase Center Catholic Charities Annual Tribute Dinner March 28 Please join Bishop W Francis Malooly in honoring PATRICK HARKER Reception to begin at 5pm Dinner and Award Ceremony to follow All process benefit Catholic Charities programs Tickets are $185 each. Sponsorship and advertising opportunities are available by contacting Catholic Charities at 302-655-9624, ext. 222, or by emailing CommunityRelations@ Chase Center 2nd Up On Your Feet 5K March 31 Registration begins at 8am Race begins at 9am Benefits Sojourners Place. Dravo Plaza

14 . Life on the Riverfront

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CITY NOTES Citi Cards Opens Offices in Downtown Citi Cards is now a downtown Wilmington resident in the Brandywine Building on 10th Street, bringing 145 employees to the new location and promising to grow the number to 260 before year’s end. The location, at the center of Wilmington, includes employees from Citi Branded Cards and Citi Retail Services. In July 2011, the Delaware Economic Development Office awarded Citi a $3 million grant from the Delaware Strategic Fund to support the expansion. The city of Wilmington awarded Citi $390,000 in low-interest loans that will convert into a grant if the company employs 155 people through 2016. Citi will also receive a fiveyear exemption from the city’s head tax, a $15 monthly tax on each employee. Any business that moves into Wilmington with 50 or more jobs is eligible for the head-tax exemption. “Wilmington, which is our state’s center of commerce, is proud of its partnership with the state in supporting new and expanding businesses,” said Mayor James Baker. “When businesses look to Wilmington, they see a welcoming environment that is not just appealing to its investors, but also to its employees. By investing in companies like Citi, Wilmington is ensuring its continued growth and prosperity by helping to create new jobs and attract new residents.” For more information, visit

Bargain Basement Bridal Gowns The Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition (DBCC) wants to help ladies find designer bridal gowns for a great price. DBCC will present a Designer Bridal Gown Sale on the weekend of March 2- 4 at the Sheraton Wilmington South Hotel on Airport Road. The event will feature more than 850 donated bridal gowns for sale at drastically discounted prices as well as other bridal accessories, with proceeds benefiting DBCC’s programs and services in Delaware and surrounding communities. “DBCC’s Designer Bridal Gown Sale is truly a community effort,” says Vicky Cooke, DBCC’s executive director. “Designers, bridal shops and brides from across the country have donated wedding gowns to raise money for the fight against breast cancer.” The gowns will be priced from $100 and up. The sale will also include couture and exclusive designer wedding gowns valued at up to $20,000, which will be sold at a fraction of their original retail prices. Gowns are of assorted styles and range from sizes 2 to 32. “The Delaware community support is phenomenal,” Cooke said. “From the new Sheraton donating its space to Pettinaro Management, LLC donating storage space for the gowns, to the Wilmington Blue Rocks staff helping to unload the gowns, to hundreds of volunteers, many hands have helped make this sale a reality. We know that weddings can be very expensive and

with this event brides will be able to save money on their gowns and fight breast cancer at the same time.” For more information, visit or call 866-312DBCC, ext. 10. New Residence in Quaker Hill Now Open Wilmington Mayor James Baker and Director of Real Estate and Housing Tim Crawl-Bey joined United Cerebral Palsy of Delaware, Inc. (UCP) and Independent Resources, Inc. (IRI) in Wilmington’s Quaker Hill neighborhood as they recently unveiled Garrett House. The house is Delaware’s newest housing option for people with physical disabilities. With seven units, Garrett House provides independent, residential apartments for adults with physical disabilities who meet federal income guidelines. Located at 609 Washington St., Garrett House was once the home of Ellwood Garrett, son of renowned Wilmington abolitionist Thomas Garrett. Built in 1848, the original structure had fallen into extreme disrepair by 2001, when it was acquired by the City. In 2005, Independent Resources, Inc., a Delaware agency that assists persons with disabilities, partnered with UCP to find a suitable location to establish a low-income residence for individuals with physical challenges. The City donated the building and the property to UCP, which became the project’s lead agency in April of 2008. 15

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2/22/12 4:22 PM

City Notes continued from previous page

DCAD Expands in Downtown

3_Wilmington_CityNotesWRC.indd 2

Because Garrett House is located in Quaker Hill, one of the City’s historic districts, renovation work had to meet standards designed to preserve as much of the building’s historical features as possible. New construction also had to be approved by the City’s Design Review and Preservation Commission to ensure that it was in character with the rest of the building and the neighborhood. Completed in December of 2011, the building features an elevator and wide interior doors. Each of the seven apartments has its own washing machine and dryer. Five of the apartments are one-bedroom units, and two have two bedrooms. “The Garrett House project is a win/ win solution for the entire Wilmington community,” said Mayor Baker. “Not only has UCP breathed new life into an historic building, but the project has added to the rich diversity of the neighborhood with the addition of seven new residents who I am proud to welcome to the City.” Capital funding for Garrett House came from a grant from the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). To ensure compliance with HUD requirements, UCP transferred the property to Garrett House, Inc.—an independent 501(c)(3) organization. Additional funding was provided by the City of Wilmington, the Delaware State Housing Authority, the Delaware Division of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC), New Castle County, JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America, First State Community Loan Fund, Delmarva Power, the Longwood Foundation, and Crystal Trust. “Garrett House is truly a labor of love,” said Crawl-Bey. “In my five years as director of Real Estate and Housing, there are few projects that I am more proud to be associated with. RE&H staff and UCP are to be commended for keeping this project alive, when many times it appeared in critical condition. This preservation of a historic structure and the provision of quality, affordable rental housing for the disabled is something of which we can be proud.” For information about Garrett House and UCP, contact UCP Executive Director Bill McCool at 764-2400.

2/22/12 4:22 PM

Centennial Campaign Underway On a winter evening in early 1912, a group of Delawareans gathered in Louisa d’A. duPont’s living room. Some were artists, others were entrepreneurs and businessmen and women of Wilmington. All were good friends of Howard Pyle. That evening, in celebration of the artist’s life and work, these Pyle supporters created what would become the Delaware Art Museum. Today—100 years later—the Delaware Art Museum is honoring the Museum’s founding and Pyle’s continuing legacy with a $10 million Centennial fundraising campaign. Fueled by $6 million in pledges and donations, including three generous $1 million gifts, the Centennial Campaign is the first major fundraising effort since the Museum’s 2005 renovation. The major gifts have given initial momentum to the campaign, but Danielle Rice, the Museum’s executive director, is counting on gifts from the Museum’s many loyal donors and community members. “This Museum was founded by community members who were passionate about connecting the public with art, and we need financial support to keep that mission alive,” Rice said. “Large gifts are important, but the small gifts are often the most meaningful. They come from ordinary people who are connected to the Museum and care deeply about our programs, exhibitions, and educational services.” The Centennial Campaign will raise funds to focus on four important areas of need: leadership in education, economic vitality through exhibitions, access to art through technology, and a sustainable future Donations are accepted online at www. or can be mailed to Delaware Art Museum, 2301 Kentmere Parkway, Wilmington, DE 19806. Questions should be directed to Susan M. Zellner, director of development

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re you looking for a way to keep the fun going on Art Loop nights (this month’s is Friday, March 2)? Wilmington Renaissance Corporation (WRC) has just the answer for you. We’re launching the “Make It a Night” program in conjunction with the Mayor’s Office of Culture Affair’s Art on the Town event. The free event offers artist receptions and exhibits, opening in various venues throughout Wilmington. Now Art Loopers can “Make It a Night” by bringing their Art Loop Magazines to participating night spots in Downtown and Trolley Square. At the restaurants, bars and nightlife locations, the magazines can be presented in return for a great deal or discount. The program is a win-win situation for participants—individuals get to keep their night going with special deals and discounts and businesses have a new way of attracting more customers. The “Make It a Night” program will be available during all Art on the Town evenings, which take place the first Friday of the month. For a full list of participating “Make It a Night” spots, visit www.downtownwilmington. com and for more information about the Art Loop, visit The new program isn’t the only way to you can stay “in the know” and receive great deals. WRC also has a special, monthly e-newsletter called the Downtown INsider. Each month, the e-newsletter includes special offers, information and deals from the restaurants and merchants in Downtown. It’s a great way to stay up on all the new places to shop, eat and drink while keeping up on some great deals as well. To receive the free newsletter, visit If you are a business in Downtown and interested in participating, call Leona Capron at 425-5500. Another way to stay up on all happenings in the City of Wilmington, find some hot deals and see all the exciting arts and entertainment happenings in Wilmington: Go to the one-stop shop website—

Every month we feature a few of the staff’s favorite things that are happening in the city. Our favorites for March include: 1. A Passport Program for In Kids was just created. Check it out at 2. “Make It a Night” launches this month. 3. World Cafe Live at The Queen has two nights of free music in Upstairs Live with the Acoustic Jam on Tuesday evenings and the 4W5 Blues Jam on Wednesday nights. 4. Dimensions & Co. on the 200 block of Market Street now offers a new line of clothing for young professionals. 3_Wilmington_CityNotesWRC.indd 3

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