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JUNE 2012




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That guy! The one who cuts people off, merges without looking, ignores yield signs, tailgates, rolls through stop signs, speeds, passes on the shoulder and runs red lights. That’s the guy police are looking for. How many of these traffic rules do you break at one time? Break three or more and it could cost you up to $300. Plus you could lose your license and have to attend driver behavior modification classes. Are you that guy? Take our quiz to find out at


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O&ACONTENTS Published each month by TSN Media, Inc. All rights reserved. Mailing & business address: 307 A Street, Wilmington, DE 19801

Publisher Gerald duPhily

Contributing Editor Bob Yearick

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Creative/Production Manager Matthew Loeb

June 2012 | Vol. 25, No. 4 |


Ain’t nothin’ like the blues. By Matt Amis Newark bands making noise. By Krista Connor Albums the O&A crew will never forget. Songs that should be banned from the airwaves. Instant celebrity has left Jessica Latshaw unchanged. By Krista Connor

35-36 MOVIES

The Intouchables is laugh-out-loud funny. By Mark Fields Must-see movies about fictional musicians. By Mark Fields

41-47 FOOD & DRINK

Food and wine festival showcases Chester County. By Scott Pruden If you can’t stand the beat, get out of the kitchen. By Robert Lhulier

Art Director Shawna Sneath

48-49 PEOPLE

Former McKean athlete Kym Lulu Fant trains to ride the Tour de France course. By Bob Yearick

52-57 MUSIC Contributing Writers Matt Amis, Margaret D. Berthiaume, Mark Fields, Pam George, Robert Lhulier, Allan McKinley, J. Burke Morrison, Larry Nagengast, Scott Pruden

Contributing Photographers Joe del Tufo, Tim Hawk, Les Kipp, Tony Kukulich, Paul Pruitt, Matt Urban Interns Krista Connor, Kelsey Kerrigan Special Projects John Holton, Kelly Loeb

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Twelve bands compete for Musikarmageddon glory. By Matt Amis WSTW’s Hometown Heroes showcases local talent. By Kelsey Kerrigan


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Del. Sports League Calendar




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The Area’s


• Pro Shop and Banquet Facilities • New Flexible Memberships Available

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SERIES & Spirits

Your favorite local chefs, their favorite dishes, paired with our favorite wines & beers…

All for a good cause. Upcoming Tastings June 6th: Red Fire Grill & Steakhouse July 11th: Bella Vista Trattoria August 1st: Chelsea Tavern

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Something For Everyone.

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The War




By Bob Yearick

A monthly column in which we attempt, however futilely, to correct some of the most common errors in English usage

Media Watch

Spark has a new editor, but the old one bowed out with a few gifts for us. To wit: • In a review of Titanic: “. . .this . . . 1997 movie, now re-released in 3D to try to eek [a recurring error; should be eke] out a little more money.” • Same review: “General rule of thumb . . .” A Department of Redundancies Dept. entry. • “The Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts is holding their [its] second annual Brews & Bowties . . .” Singular antecedent calls for singular possessive. Next month: Spark, the gift that keeps on giving. The Phillies’ lack of offense has generated some offensive grammar from the Philadelphia Inquirer: • “. . . amount of runs”—Should be number of runs, as we all know, don’t we, gang? • “Even a weak-hitting major league team is still supposed to produce runs.” The embarrassing even/still construction, a redundancy to be avoided by any professional journalist. Delete either word and make the sentence shorter, which is almost always an improvement.

Say What? Department

“Entertainment Tonight” commentator on Whitney Houston’s death: “Details, while shocking, were not surprising.” Really? You can be shocked without being surprised? Shawna Sneath, our art director, reports that she was in a grocery store recently and overheard a woman say, “It doesn’t boat well for us.” “Not sure what she was referring to,” says Shawna, “but I’m pretty sure it had nothing to do with sailing.” The term is “bode well.” (Bode, meaning foretell.)

Pronounced raaze, it’s a verb meaning to completely destroy or level a building or settlement. Not to be confused with raised, which essentially means the opposite.

Pet Peeves

Again, indulge me while I vent. Let’s expunge the ugly, made-up resultful and impactive from the language, OK? Also, let’s eschew the word referenced in such constructions as, “A recent memo referenced that credit cards cannot be used for certain expenses.” How about a simple “stated” in that sentence? And finally, to the growing list of semi-literates on various radio talk shows who think “analogy” means “analysis”: It doesn’t. It’s a comparison between two things that are similar in some respects.

Literally of the Month

WDEL commentator on reaction to the Trayvon Martin death in Sanford, Fla.: “Literally all hell has broken loose.” Now there’s a metaphysical event worth noting.

Not Your Average Reader

Reader Gary Robinson, of Newark, laments the interchanging of “median” and “average” in a mathematical context, “as if there is no difference between them.” Average is a typical amount. Median is simply a number, point or part that is in the middle. Gary gives this example: “The average of the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 15, 20 and 25 is 10; the median is 4.” He asserts that “median is useless for most situations outside of statistical analysis.”

Two Months and Counting . . .

. . . length of time Delcollo Electric has continued to run the ad that claims, “No job to small or to large.”


WORD OF THE MONTH Apposite Pronounced appezit, it’s an adjective meaning particularly appropriate: especially well suited to the circumstances. Not to be confused with opposite, which essentially means the, er, opposite.

Seen a good

(bad) one lately? Send your candidates to ryearick@

Buy The War on Words paperback on, at Ninth Street Books in Wilmington, the Hockessin Book Shelf, or on Amazon. Check out the website:

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Beer and wine courtesy of Frank’s Union Wine Mart. Out & About Magazine is a marketing partner and Sodexo is a food and beverage partner. Left image: Crying Giant, 2002. Tom Otterness (born 1952). Bronze, 173 x 132 x 78 inches. F. V. du Pont Acquisition Fund, 2004. ©Tom Otterness. Photograph by Glenn Rollo.

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J  | O&A

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10:39 AM

June is

Discover TheDCH Month

CONGRATULATIONS, POETRY WINNERS The O&A contest attracted 72 entries


And we’ve got a zillion beautiful reasons for you to join us!




onnet: 12/05/09,” by Newark resident Peter L. Richardson, bested 71 other entries in the Out & About Poetry Contest. The contest was judged by Delaware Literary Connection member e. jean lanyon. Delaware’s poet laureate from 1979 to 2001, lanyon had a hard time picking a winner. As a result, she chose eight honorable mentions. “Each has its own identity, style and merit, and deserves to be noticed,” she says. The first- , second- and third-place winners, listed below, will be published in consecutive issues of Out & About, beginning next month. CM





First Prize: Peter L. Richardson, Newark, “Sonnet: 12/05/09” Second Prize: Karen Hurley-Heyman, New Castle, “Spring Guilt” Third Prize: Nina Bennett, Newark, “Déjà vu” Honorable Mention: “Time,” by Matthew Fleming “Pedophiles at Night,” by Crystal Wright-Edwards “I Am America,” by David Christmas “Winter Devotion,” by Irene Fick “Driving Home,” by Patricia Goodman “Little Foxes, Big Beavers,” by David Kozinski “Last Morning of the Year,” by David Kozinski “Yellow,” by Richard Seeth Allan


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Discover TheDCH Month | June 2012 Calling flower children young and old who dig all things leafy — June is the month to get your gardening groove on! We’ve got something for everyone: garden tours, social events, workshops and family fun. Please join us!

Learn more at for event line-up & registration

Delaware Center for Horticulture


People and Plants • Grow With Us

302 658 6262 |

Special thanks to our Signature Event Sponsors for the City Gardens Contest People’s Choice Tour:


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10 . Out Front

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June 2012 | O&A

5/24/2012 11:17:42 AM



Bob “Bobby D” Downing (L), post-workout with Plexus Coach John Mendenhall.

RAISING FUNDS, LOSING WEIGHT Business and community leaders take on a trifecta of challenges for a good cause


ver the next three months, some 20 Wilmington area business and community leaders will take on a trio of challenges: lose weight, raise funds for a nonprofit, and bring attention to the growing problem of obesity, especially among the young. A collaboration among the Metro Wilmington Boys and Girls Clubs, Plexus Fitness and Out & About Magazine, the inaugural Boys and Girls Clubs of Delaware Weight Loss Challenge is aimed at furthering the mission of the Boys and Girls Clubs: enabling young people to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens. The challenge began with a weigh-in at Plexus Fitness in Wilmington on May 15. (Plexus Fitness at Nemours donated 90-day memberships to the participants). Beth Dugan, wellness director at the gym, says each participant received a baseline assessment that includes weight, body fat, and blood pressure measurements as well as observation on a treadmill or other exercise equipment. Each participant then embarked on a 90day effort to lead a healthier lifestyle, with a focus on exercise, nutrition and, ultimately, weight loss. Working in conjunction with a certified Plexus trainer, each participant has set a realistic, healthy weight loss and exercise plan. “We’re hoping the Weight Loss Challenge will encourage participants and others to make exercise a part of their lifestyle,” says Dugan. Participants are raising funds for the Wilmington Boys & Girls Club by recruiting sponsors who pledge money for each pound lost during the Challenge. Each participant has a giving web page on Scott Ciabattoni, a Weight Loss Challenge committee member, reports that response has been enthusiastic, and participants include several from the banking community, a Wilmington police officer, and three O&A staffers. Bobby D pushes it out “The weight loss challenge started off as a small idea and caught on quickly,” says Chris Barton, another Weight Loss Challenge committee member. “Busy people always have reasons to delay lifestyle challenges like a fitness plan. When you connect that change to a great cause like the Boys and Girls Clubs, everybody wins. We are all excited about this new effort.” Ciabattoni adds that the committee hopes to make the Challenge an annual event. Anyone wishing to sponsor one or more of the participants may go to donate/bgcweightchallenge or contact Ciabattoni at


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PARTY! June 21st • 5-7pm

Traditional Feel, Creative Tastes Welcome to Your Home in Hockessin

Tap Takeover with Saranac’s Summer Beer Series


New Summer meNu

Half-Price aPPetizerS During Happy Hour

come eNjoy our Deck for the Fireworks on the 4th of July

Serving Lunch, Dinner, Late-Night, and Sunday Brunch Open Daily 11am to 1am 7465 Lancaster Pike – Hockessin DE – 302-489-7287

1716 Marsh Rd • Wilmington • 302-691-3456 12 . O F

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J  | O&A

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That’s the message from St. Georges, where monthly jams and upcoming music fests are creating a groundswell of fan support By Matt Amis Above: Blue Horizons Premotions partners Gene Fontana, Ben Rizzo Jr., and Joe Michini, who is also The Country Store owner. Photo by Tim Hawk

14 . Up Close

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June 2012 | O&A

5/22/2012 4:43:30 PM

en Rizzo remembers the first time he teamed with Gene Fontana to host live blues music. The pair threw a Fourth of July shindig on the grounds of the Rizzo family masonry business, the same cheerful compound near New Castle where Rizzo used to attend family picnics. They assembled a modest tent, set up a beer truck, and invited a few of their favorite blues performers, like Mark Stinger & the Swarm, and Eddie Campbell. Then their block party exploded into something else completely. “Suddenly, all these people started rolling in,” Rizzo says. “Must’ve been about 300, 400 people there. My dad looked over at me and said, ‘I don’t think I made enough food.’” The two share a laugh inside St. Georges Country Store. Jerry DiAngelo is warming up his guitar a few feet away. “Turns out blues fans will travel for the blues,” Rizzo says. Rizzo and Fontana are the ultimate blues fans. Growing up together around New Castle County, they were fixtures in the region’s strong and steady blues scene. “We’d go to anything we could go to,” Rizzo says. The pair’s enthusiasm for the blues music turned into a passion, then advocacy. In 1997, Fontana formed the Diamond State Blues Society, a nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving and presenting the blues. The 700-member society produces live concert events featuring a mix of local and national touring acts out of J.B. McGinnes Pub & Grill on Basin Road in New Castle. Additionally, for the past decade, Fontana has helped organize the Wilmington Riverfront Blues Festival. This summer, the Society turns its attention to the sleepy streets of St. Georges, the unincorporated town near the C&D Canal that harbors some cool musical history, and a growing buzz. A pair of all-day Saturday music festivals—a blues fest on June 16 and a bluegrass version on July 14—will kick off their inaugural run this summer. They hope to rejuvenate the tiny town’s music legacy, and turn it into a destination for music fans. Both events will go down on the grounds of the nine-acre Commodore Center. The first annual St. Georges Blues Festival runs from noon until 8 p.m. and will feature musicians like Garry Cogdell & the Complainers, lower case blues, Johnny Neel, Dave Fields , Brandon Santini, J.P. Soars & the Red Hots, and the headliners, the Bernard Allison Group. The subsequent St. Georges Bluegrass Festival will welcome to town Acrossthetrack Bluegrass, Mark Silver & the Stonethrowers, Danny Paisley and the Southern Grass, and headliners Valerie Smith & Liberty Pike. Tickets to either event cost just $25 in advance at, or $35 at the gate. .OAAN.

6_UpClose.indd 3

“What we really want is to introduce everybody to St. Georges, Delaware,” Fontana says. That groundwork has already been laid by Joe Michini and his St. Georges Country Store, which Michini began renting with his wife Margi in 2001. Michini does a mean jambalaya and shrimp étouffée, but it’s been his turn as live music host that has put the 200-year-old country store back on the map. The spark from a few well-attended late-night jam sessions morphed into a regular slate of live music. Today, area artists and fans turn out twice monthly for “The Session”—an acoustic jam with local Delta-style bluesman Cogdell. Then there are the regular finger style swing and country jazz pickin’ sessions, and regular sets from well-regarded artists like Crabmeat Thompson, Charlie Hitman, and Michael Brook. The response has been overwhelming. “You’ve got to understand, it’s a small place,” Michini says. “We can seat about 40. But sometimes on a weekend, we have to turn away 50 to 60 people who want to get in and hear some music.” Michini’s raucous blues jams didn’t go unnoticed. The Diamond State Blues Society caught wind of the burgeoning scene in St. Georges, and was cognizant of the town’s hidden rock ‘n’ roll lineage. A small recording studio in town was for many years a hangout for local musicians, as well as a stepping stone for future big-name artists. Johnny Neel (of The Allman Brothers fame), George Thorogood, George Benson, Ted Nugent and many others called Kern Recording Studio home for a time. “It’s a little forgotten town,” says Rizzo, “but there’s a lot of musical history here.” And if Michini, Fontana and Rizzo have their way, St. Georges will live on once again as a musical hotbed. Proceeds from their summer festivals will fuel an ambitious expansion project for the Country Store. New construction, which the organizers hope will be complete by 2014, will transform the old storefront into a beacon for waterfront entertainment. The yet-unnamed club will hold about 300 people between its outdoor-indoor deck and a downstairs soundproof blues café (with permanent stage, sound and lighting set-up) and accompanying 150-seat bar. “It’s going to be the crown jewel of St. Georges,” Fontana says. “It’s all connected, us trying to resurrect the music in this town.” It’s what the Diamond State Blues Society (under its new, for-profit banner, Blues Horizon Promotions LLC) is bracing for. Fontana and Rizzo estimate the festivals could bring in a thousand or more people each to little St. Georges. And with some luck, the town will begin to attract even more businesses, residents and visitors. “Other towns nearby have made improvements and shown growth,” Fontana says. “We’re a little behind the eight-ball, but we’re slowly coming up. New Castle has its history, Middletown had its population double, and Delaware City has its waterside charm. Why can’t St. Georges become a blues town?” It would be only appropriate for St. Georges, whose history seems lifted straight out of a blues song. The original St. Georges Bridge was demolished by an out-of-control freighter in 1939. “The town kind of died with it,” Rizzo says. “St. Georges sold its town charter back to the county, and local businesses and gas stations uprooted, too.” And just like the blues, the town’s sad story can be uplifting too. “People think that the blues is slow and depressing,” Fontana says. “But the music is supposed to make you feel better. There ain’t nothing like the blues, man.”

► 15 13

5/22/2012 4:45:26 PM


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5/23/2012 12:02:27 PM



By Krista Connor


ou may think of Newark as the place to go for drinks and great cuisine on a Friday or Saturday night, or perhaps as a nice college town to stroll through on a summer afternoon. But step foot into one of its bars or coffee shops, and you’ll

A groundswell of musical talent

find that it’s also a breeding ground for up-and-coming musicians. But

finds a nurturing

be warned: these aren’t just bands to absent-mindedly tap your foot

environment in the

to. Music is their passion, and they take it from the familiar streets of Newark to recording studios, national tours, East Coast music festivals,

college town

New York City, and as far away as South Africa. Here’s a look at a few of them:

A New Dakota photo by Krista Connor


6_UpClose.indd 5

A New Dakota The three members of this band describe themselves as angst-fueled, love-inspired, indie-rock-grunge with elements of blues, psychedelic rock— and plenty of distortion. “The word gritty always comes to mind,” says lead vocalist Grace Koon. “Songs have a raw, soulful feel to them.” With Koon playing electric guitar, Scott Matthews on bass, and Bryan Fitzgerald on drums, the trio has taken their music to Newark and other venues in Wilmington and Philly. They released a five-track, self-titled EP in the spring, which Koon described as a collection of songs she wrote about her life experiences—sometimes obvious, sometimes ambiguous. They are currently planning shows, making a music video, and promoting the EP, but would like to finish a full-length and eventually go on tour. With their fan base rapidly growing, add them to your “I knew about them before they were famous” list quickly, because it’s bound to happen soon. ► 17

5/22/2012 4:45:47 PM

Tobacco is a killer no matter how sweet they make it. Thereʼs no such thing as safe tobacco. Cigar smoke contains cyanide, arsenic, DDT and benzene. DELAWARE HEALTH AND SOCIAL SERVICES Division of Public Health


3_Inside.indd 3

Tobacco Prevention and Control Program

3/22/2012 5:46:15 PM

Newark Bands: Making Noise continued from page 17

The Paper Janes and Shane Palkovitz solo project Born and raised in Landenberg, Pa., guitarist and vocalist Shane Palkovitz and vocalist Jessica Latshaw grew up playing different styles of music. Latshaw has jazzy, powerhouse vocals— with a hint of rap—while Palkovitz is more of a softspoken folk artist. Despite their style differences, the duo began collaborating in 2010 and took their indie-folk-acoustic-rap to Newark and surrounding areas. They released their first album in April — Shadowb o xing— which Latshaw says has been a long time coming. “I’m excited to finally be able to hold a shrink-wrapped CD in my hand,” she says. Palkovitz says that the title Shadowboxing, like real-life shadowboxing, Share Palkovitz comes from the many hours spent in practice and preparation in secret. “Boxers spend years punching imaginary opponents in the shadows before emerging into an actual ring,” he says. But they say it has been well worth the wait. “The themes range from heartbreak to soul-searching. One moment the listener may be thoughtful, the next they may be cracking up,” Palkovitz says. When they’re not performing together as The Paper Janes— Janes being a combination of both artists’ first names—they play solo gigs. Palko performs in the Delmarva area while Latshaw hits the stage in New York City, where she currently lives. For more on the “Subway Girl,” check out the profile of her on pg. 30. Palko recently released a solo album, Songs from Pretoria, consisting of acoustic songs written during a study abroad trip to South Africa. He also released two other CDs, Pretty Good Songs Volume VII in 2009 and Going Places in 2010. Battleshy Youths and The Honey Badgers We’ll probably never know how this five-piece band of University of Delaware grads would perform in battle, but there’s nothing shy about Michael Natrin, Mitchell Ebbott, M. Andrew Johnston, Andrew Deinert, and J. Daniel Hill once they hit the stage with their folk rock. Since they began playing in 2009, they’ve performed at Mojo Main and other venues around Newark and Wilmington, along with a music festival in Bethlehem, Pa. They’ve also gotten airplay on WSTW and on Graffiti Radio. They released their debut album, Grow, last year. Now they’re trying to record their next full-length CD while dealing with the difficulty of all five band members currently living in different states.

6_UpClose.indd 7

In the meantime, front man Natrin plays acoustic guitar and sings in a duo with University of Delaware student, singer, violinist, and pianist Erin Magnin. This self-described Americana-singersongwriter-duet has been together for a little more than a year, but already they have been co-winners of WSTW’s 2011 Hometown Heroes contest, and they took first place in UD’s Battle of the Bands this spring. They’ve also recorded an EP called Booth Bay. They’re currently working on a full-length album and recording a second EP. How did they come up with their name? Well, the first time they performed together—last July—they competed for a spot in the annual Delmarva Folk Festival, held in Clayton, Del. “When they asked us what our name was, we realized that we hadn’t yet thought about it,” Natrin says. Earlier that day, they had been watching the popular “Crazy Nasty Ass Honey Badger” video of a honey badger with a comical voiceover on YouTube. With honey badgers still on their minds, they decided on the band’s name in the spur of the moment. They’ve thought about changing it to something more serious, but for now The Honey Badgers has stuck. ► The Honey Badgers photo by Krista Connor

Battleshy Youths photo by David K. Powlison.


5/24/2012 12:12:24 PM

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158 East Main Street | Newark, DE 19711 | 302-737-6100 | 3. Lobster Bake and Raw Bar every Friday





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J  | O&A

5/23/2012 1:22:10 PM

Newark Bands: Making Noise

challenges and triumphs as any other group. They say it’s difficult to schedule the six members for a time-consuming endeavor like studio recording, but they recorded a show in May at the 1984 “barcade”—bar-arcade—in Wilmington, and would like to go into the studio this fall. So keep an eye out for ’em.

continued from page 19

Mean Lady

Em McKeever “I enjoy wordplay. Very much. If it’s a funny song, I love to deal in puns, or other cleverly-placed words. If it’s a more sentimental song, I generally think of it as a poem before it’s even a song,” says solo acoustic guitarist Em McKeever, whose songs range from serious topics to horseshoe crabs to coffee. You can catch this Newark resident playing at coffee shops and other venues on Main Street or Wilmington. Her style? “It ends up being sometimes folky, sometimes classical-ish, sometimes a little punky or ragtime-ish,” she says. “However the mood strikes,

Mean Lady and Katie Dill, Sam Nobles solo projects[fulltext]=tip+toes Mean Lady is synonymous with packed venues, swaying and joyous fans, and lots of psychedelic music. It’s no wonder they’ve got such a following—just walk down Main Street and you’re likely to find singer Katie Dill and bassist-keyboardist-sampler Sam Nobles stopping every few moments to chat with friends and fans. When not mingling with the masses, they’ve been “hunkering down in the studio” working on a new full-length album—Love Now, Nobles says. Along with their drummer friend Brian Bruce, they played a variety of shows last month, including the Flora Fest, Ram Jam, MuFu Fest, and the Trocadero in Philly. Meanwhile, they’re both keeping busy as solo artists. Dill consistently writes new music, which listeners can find on the website above. Nobles plays in jazz groups, and has released solo music under the name Tip Toes, also above. Once they finish the album, Mean Lady hopes to “play out in some new places, meet some new people, and continue making new music,” Nobles says.

Butterscotch Grim Formed in Delaware less than a year ago, this all-female electronic, punk, and indie-rock band consists of vocalist April Higgins, guitarists Michaela Clark and Alex Voegele, synth-player Melissa Forsythe, bassist Miranda Brewer, and drummer Lyndsey Roberts. They are currently working on booking shows and have one planned for Friday, July 27, at the Wedge in Landenberg, Pa. While they often face condescending comments for being an allfemale band, they say they are just women playing music, and they deal with the same


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Em McKeever

whatever it takes to get my message across.” A classically-trained guitarist, she’s focusing on booking shows and finishing an EP by the end of the year. In the meantime, she’s staying busy with teaching banjo and guitar, writing songs, playing gigs, and writing music for a video game made by her friend and computer programmer David Bessent. ►

Butterscotch Grim


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CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES! The Inn has the perfect rooms to host your your celebration. Contact one of our event coordinators now.




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Made exclusively for Deer Park and McGlynns Pub. Wednesdays only $2.50. Brewed by Twin Lakes Brewery  . U C

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EVERY FRIDAY DJ Dance Party w/ Next Generation DJs Be our friend on Facebook!

302.369.9414 | 108 West Main Street, Newark J  | O&A

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Newark Bands: Making Noise continued from page 21

“Best Greenville Classic” – Delaware Today, 2010

Evangelina Guajardo photo by David Norbut

Evangelina Guajardo Singer-songwriter Evangelina Guajardo has narrowed her style down to alternative rock with world music influences, while throwing in a little punk. “I think my musical style has been constantly changing for years, because my influences are so broad,” she says. One reason for this is that she grew up listening to a variety of styles, whether she danced to Greek music with family and friends or screamed out lyrics at punk shows. And what inspires this 30-year-old from Newark? People. When listeners are brought together, genuinely enjoying the music they hear and responding to her lyrics, it makes everything in that moment make sense for her. Guajardo is currently forming a full band that she says will knock down walls of limitations that face many solo artists. She says she loves the idea of playing music all over the world, and she wants to be a touring musician and write meaningful songs. As far as albums go, she has recorded in the past and would like to do more, but says, “I’m going to wait until I’ve got a good amount of people begging for a full-length CD before I go that far.” Well, we’re begging, Evangelina. Hyssop and the Jar UD students Levi Sikes, Jenn Springer and Andrew Connell describe their sound as earthy folk music with meditative lyrics and melodies. They typically perform at local open mics and get-togethers, and though they haven’t played for any large venues yet, they’d welcome the opportunity. The band began last winter with Sikes and Springer, and has evolved into a combination of acoustic, percussion, vocals, keyboards, and, above all else, fellowship with band members and others. Maybe it’s a mix of their smiles, personalities, and great tunes that separate them from many other musicians. Or perhaps Hyssop and the Jar it’s their indifference to fame, saying that they don’t have “large dreams of becoming particularly famous or well-known.” Regardless, many people have been asking them to record an album, which they say they may do at some point. “But we don’t know where the road may take us,” Springer says. .OAAN.

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MONDAY NIGHTS 5pm-9pm Entire Wine List Half Price Glasses and Bottles TUESDAY NIGHTS 5pm-9pm 25% off Drafts & Crafts WEDNESDAY NIGHTS Authentic Mexican Cuisine $5 Patron Margaritas


Featuring Live Concert DVDs & TV Shows!


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BREWING CO. at Pietro’s Pizza Check us out on Facebook

BREWPUB & PIZZERIA producing small batch hand-crafted ales 1.5 barrels at a time


2667 Capitol Trail | Newark, DE | Meadowood Shopping Center 302.731.8200 | OPEN 11AM-1AM, 7 DAYS A WEEK!


Oyster Day All Day!

Oyster Trio With Chef ’s Toppings $5 Oyster Shooter $5 Chincoteague Raw Oysters $1 each Baked Oysters $7.99 WEDNESDAYS Clam Bake All Day $19.99 THURSDAYS All Gourmet Flat Breads $5

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M–F: 11:30am–4pm M–W: 4pm–Close Th–Sa: 4pm–1am BRUNCH Su: 4pm–9pm am pm (Across From The Grand!) Su: 10 –2

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AN ALBUM I'LL NEVER FORGET... We all have one. Maybe it was the first album you ever bought. Maybe it was the first one you played in your car, or maybe it was the one that reminds you of your first love, or being young, or getting married, or growing up. Music can become a time machine that takes us back to a special time and place. Here, from our staff and contributors, are the albums we'll never forget.

“My parents always had great music playing throughout my childhood. The receiver was one my dad built himself and the speakers were always taller than me. Although there were always a variety of artists, the album that I remember most is Stevie Wonder’s Hotter Than July. I still jam it out to this day.”

“The Grateful Dead’s American Beauty is the first to come to mind. It was my first taste of their music, and my best friend and I listened to it over and over in high school. ‘Ripple’ is one of my go-to lullabies that I sing (I use that word loosely) to my son, and it will always remind me of my early experiences as a mom.”

— Matt Loeb, Creative/Production Manager

— Marie Graham, Director of Sales & Distribution

“In 1980, K-Tel Records released a variousartists album called Wings of Sound, a full serving of platinum hits along with side dish of classic cheese. This collection spun out a fairly eclectic mix of stuff, from Journey to ABBA, Michael Jackson to Nick Lowe, Blondie to Bob Dylan. This was one of the first albums I owned as a kid, and thankfully I still have it.”

“Van Halen’s Diver Down. As a child I used to listen to Little Guitars until the record wouldn’t play anymore. It was also one of the first drum beats I tried to emulate.” — Kevin McCabe, Sales Associate

“Steve Winwood’s Back in the Highlife is hands-down the most played album of my childhood. I remember dancing to it fullheartedly around my living room without a care in the world. Why wouldn’t I? Anytime I hear ‘Higher Love,’ it brings me back and makes me smile.” — Shawna Sneath, Art Director

“The first time I heard Joan Baez and her other-worldly voice, I was mesmerized. Accompanying herself flawlessly and intricately on a 12-string guitar, she and her eponymous album took the urban folk world by storm with songs like ‘10,000 Miles’ and ‘House of the Rising Sun.’ Five decades later, that voice is as pure and true as ever.” — Bob Yearick, Editor

— Jim Miller, Director of Publications contined on page 27

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the Food Network Magazine!

Hello Sailor...

[ What are YOU doing tonight? ]

Wine Tasting WEDNESDAYS Create your own flight of wines from our extensive wine list. Three 3oz. pours for $12.

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NOW FEATURING LIVE MUSIC New to 1984: Double Dragon, Tetris, and Super Off-Road!

‘80s Era Video Games • Classic Pinball • 11 Beers on Tap • Area Craft Brews Donkey Kong - Ms. Pac-Man - Centipede Missile Command - Street Fighter II - Frogger - Punch-Out!! Joust - Tron - And More Than a Dozen More! Global Thermonuclear War 80’s Trivia every Thursday DJ ShadyLady Spinning ‘80s New Wave Every Friday Night 2511 W. 4th Street, Wilmington • 302-384-6479 •

 . U C

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FRIDAYS, SATURDAYS, & SUNDAYS Friday, June 1st (8-11pm) Mama Gold Saturday, June 16th (7-10pm) The Shaun Dougherty Trio Sunday, June 17th (noon-3pm) Jazz Brunch with E.W.O. Saturday, June 30th (7-10pm) Aly Paige Hewitt and the AlyCat Trio

302.654.4478 3801 Kennett Pike | Greenville, DE

J  | O&A

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An Album I'll Never Forget... contined from page 25

“There are many, but The Beatles’ White Album, from beginning to end, it’s like going on a journey. Each Beatle gets his chance to shine, and it is prescient in the starkness and contrast of song styles. It defines Helter Skelter, and it lulls you to sleep at the end.” -— Robert Lhulier, Contributing Writer

“White Zombie – La Sexorcisto: Devil Music, Vol. 1. It’s a little hard to believe, looking back, that my parents allowed me to march into Rainbow Records circa 1992 and walk out with a cassette tape containing White Zombie’s major label debut: a heavy metal thrasher with sleazy lyrics, sludgy bass lines and audio samples from horror (and adult) films. What 10-yearold wouldn’t love that?” -— Matt Amis, Contributing Writer

“There are many albums that rank high on the ‘never forget’ list. As a kid, I loved just about every song on Carole King’s Tapestry. But an album that as a whole stuck with me is The Cars’ first album. The songs, 1980s as they are, slide seamlessly into each other. Put it on shuffle and it just doesn’t have the same mojo.”

“Summer 1983, Western PA suburbs. Cheerleading practice is interrupted by my friend, David, his boom box and a new cassette: Prince’s 1999. We’d never heard anything like it. ‘Omigod it’s sooooooo dirrrrrty!?’ ‘Omigod he said the f-word!’ We spent the rest of the day huddled around that dual-cassette deck.”

-— Robert Lhulier, Contributing Writer

— Michelle Kramer-Fitzgerald, Contributing Writer

“Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, Elton John. Yes, I know, this dates me, but I got a lot of enjoyment out of this album when I was in high school, and I'm still fond of it. ‘Candle in the Wind,’ ‘Funeral for a Friend,’ ‘I’ve Seen That Movie Too’—all great tunes, except for ‘Bennie and the Jets!’ I just don't like that song.”

Can’t Buy A Thrill, Steely Dan. This album was released in 1973, before most of the Out & About staff was born (ouch!). My first listen came in high school, and thus began a life-long affection for the band. That Steely Dan sound…it’s not easy to describe, but you know it when you hear it. If I had to name a favorite song from this album it would be “Do It Again,” but there are at least four other songs that are a close second.

— Mark Fields, Contributing Writer

— Jerry duPhily, Publisher


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Fitness Drinks to Fit Your Lifestyle June 18 - 23 Choose your own ingredients at our

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LIMESTONE | 2052 Limestone Rd | Wilmington, DE 19808 | P. 302.996.WINE ( Limestone Shopping Center next to Buffalo Wild Wings and Wawa) NEWPORT | 2 West Market St | Newport, DE 19804 | P. 302.998.6903 (Next to James Street Tavern in Newport on Rt. 4)

 . U C

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J  | O&A

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We all have songs we think should be banned from the airwaves. Here are a few of ours (Nickelback songs excluded).


"'Everybody Wang Chung Tonight'—or, more accurately, anything by Wang Chung. Bands that feel the need to insert their name into songs completely annoy me."

"'Highway to Hell,' ACDC. I don't like road-raging drivers, the boss, or even my mom yelling at me, why would I want a heavy metal rocker screaming in my ear?"

"'Ebony and Ivory' by Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder. Hey, I’m all for racial harmony, but this cloying abomination set back race relations 50 years and earned a spot on many experts’ lists of 10 worst songs ever."

—Mark Fields

— Bob Yearick

--Michelle Kramer-Fitzgerald

“Toby Keith, ‘Red Solo Cup.' I would rather spend an eternity looping Justin Bieber tracks than listening to anything resembling modern country music. The clichés that pervade country music—dogs, trucks, casual alcoholism, redneck pride—wouldn’t be so heinous if they didn’t actually exist on every single song.” — Matt Amis

— Kevin McCabe "'Beautiful Day' by U2. I can’t explain it— it just makes me want to punch things." — Matt Loeb "'Werewolves of London' by Warren Zevon. Picturing a guy howling like a wolf in a studio somewhere just makes me uncomfortable. If he’s trying to channel a big, bad wolf it’s not working."

"Anything Anything from the Dave Matthews Band.. It’s like a rake on a chalkboard for me."

— Shawna Sneath

— Robert Lhulier

"An artist who’s produced as many quality songs as Elton John is bound to drop some stinkers. But 'Crocodile Rock' is so bad, it’s almost maddening. It’s the type of song you’d imagine the authorities playing when they are trying to lure out criminals or cult members during a siege."

“I’m hesitant to say never, but you’re not likely to see me listening to anything by Justin Bieber. There’s just something creepy about him despite the angelic aura. Thankfully, I don’t have daughters and therefore have avoided forced listenership.” — Pam George


6_UpClose.indd 17

"You You won't find any song in the top 10 downloads on iTunes in my collection collection. Especially if the word 'featuring' is listed with the artist."

— Jim Miller

"'Fly Like an Eagle' by Steve Miller Band. I detest their entire catalog, but this song in particular drives me crazy. The music is cheesy and the lyrics are just not good." — Marie Graham 29

5/23/2012 1:10:16 PM

n a Sunday afternoon, Jessica Latshaw is in the kitchen of her show on Fox News and an interview on “Elvis Duran and the childhood home in Landenberg, Pa., kneading dough and Morning Show,” among others. rummaging through cabinets. As she prepares to bake bread Latshaw returned to her home territory to record the hit for the family dinner, her parents and sister occasionally drift song in Newark, with the help of her brother, Josh, of the band in, unloading grocery bags or talking with each another. It’s an Boysetsfire, and other friends and family. Days later the song was average day at the Latshaw house. on iTunes and reached number 13 on iTunes Singer Songwriter But Latshaw’s life has been anything but average since January, Top 100 Chart. when she transitioned from a New York woman on the subway one But that was five months ago. What has this musician, singermoment to a viral obsession the next. songwriter-rapper been up to since then? In case you missed the articles, television appearances, and Well, she now has a publicist and a manager—and not just thousands of social media posts, here’s a recap of that fateful any manager. He’s Mark Adelman, who is based in Los Angeles winter evening: and has worked with artists such as Jennifer Lopez, Kenny On Tuesday, January 3, Latshaw finished some grocery Rogers, Megadeth, and Tori Amos. Latshaw is also “talking with a shopping and stood waiting for the A-train. Her ukulele, which company” whose name she is “going to leave out,” about recording she had only recently learned to play, was strapped to her back. an album. She does reveal that the company is heavily involved in She planned to strum it quietly during the ride to her apartment. the music business. A couple of guys In the meantime, with conga drums she has been focusing walked up to her, and on her music by one of them asked for playing more solo her phone number. gigs in New York City, She declined, but said where she has lived off he could give her his and on the past few number if he wanted. years (She currently While he searched lives in Queens). for a pen, Latshaw’s When commuting train arrived and he back to Pennsylvania convinced his friends to visit family and to jump on with her. play shows, she’s been The guy, known as performing at packed Quoom, sat down with venues in Wilmington Negative events as well as positive—like a viral his congas and initiated and Newark, including a mini jam session with the Grand Opera YouTube video—have left Landenberg's "Subway Girl" Latshaw as the subway House, The Queen, the Jessica Latshaw unchanged began to move. Wilmington Flower Minutes later, Market, Homegrown Text and photo by Krista Connor she was singing what Café, and more. would soon be an Latshaw also is part of international hit—her a rising folk duo called original song, “Ain’t My the Paper Janes, with Friend.” Quoom’s friend began to act as an emcee, shouting out singer-songwriter-guitarist Shane Palkovitz, who recently released phrases such as, “Only in New York City—unrehearsed, they don’t an EP called Shadowboxing. They make frequent appearances in even know each other!” the Wilmington and Newark areas. This dirty-blonde beauty with a jean jacket, leggings, and hair Latshaw’s fame has spread beyond American shores. On pulled back into pig tails surprised nearby passengers when she June 1 she returned from a week-long trip to England, where she transitioned from a catchy chorus to a full-on rap. By the end, performed at Sage Music Gateshead in Newcastle. applause filled the subway car. While she loves the opportunities the video provided, she says During the impromptu performance, passenger Matthew now what she mostly wants is to record her own full-length album. Schwartz pulled out his smartphone and recorded it. That evening, She would like to work closely with a producer and create the he uploaded the video to YouTube. album with songs that interconnect and form a thought-out whole. “The rest is, as they say, history,” Latshaw later wrote on her “I don’t wanna record a bunch of songs, put ‘em on one CD, blog, “This Life in Writing.” and call it an album,” she says. “I have tons of songs, but choosing But it was only the beginning. Over the next few days, she what songs to go together in an album is like choosing what words had more than a thousand new Facebook friends and fans from to put in a sentence to explain the idea that you have, you know?” all over the world. Within a week, the video had more than one She thinks an album is definitely her next step, especially million hits. Bloggers, reviewers, websites like, and because she feels “pregnant” with the need to create one. It will news sources like The Huffington Post wrote about her. She landed focus on segments of the past two years of her life, when she went a televised performance on the “Good Day New York” morning through a bad breakup. She wrote many songs stemming from ►

30 . Up Close

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June 2012 | O&A

5/22/2012 5:01:03 PM

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5/22/2012 5:01:33 PM

BAR & GRILLE Chester County’s Premier Listening Room & Concert Venue





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6/22 7/6 7/14 7/28 9/8

| | | | |

Alfie Moss & the Dexter Koonce Project JUDE Peter Mulvey Jennifer Evans Francis Dunnery

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TUESDAYS for $10.95


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Underground Sensation continued from page 31

that experience, in which she felt brokenness—but eventually found herself. She came through the bad time, and now she’s enjoying the good times, and she feels she’s the same person—unchanged by either the negative or positive events in her life. Latshaw’s mother, Lynn, agrees. During that dark time in her daughter’s life, Lynn was concerned that Jessica would grow cold. “But my fears evaporated as I've seen her continue to be her optimistic, caring, and loving self,” Lynn says. She says that as a girl, Jessica was extremely shy. She would write and sing her own songs—but to her animals: cats, dogs, chickens, goats, and the occasional cow. And she never wanted to leave her mom’s side. “When she was eight years old,” says Lynn, “I decided she needed to do something, and I came up with three choices: she could learn to horseback ride, she could learn to swim, or she could take dance lessons.” Seems she was uncomfortable around horses and water, so that left dance classes, which Latshaw grew to love. “I'll never forget her first performance in her green gypsy dress and her tambourine,” Lynn recalls. “She couldn't stop smiling throughout the performance. It was obvious Jess loved to perform. And that love has just grown since then.” And now, as a tall, smiling woman, Latshaw is fully confident in her gifts. She doesn’t think it’s crazy that people respond to her music, although the way she was discovered certainly was crazy. Not only do people love her music, but she says many who read her daily blog connect with her genuineness. Dozens of fans from around the world write to her, especially about relationship issues. And of course, there are the semi-stalkers. “It’s like a little therapy session,” she laughs, but says she cares about all of these people. She just needs to find a safe balance, since things quickly transition to “Hey, let’s hang out” on their end. Although her recent experiences may not have changed her personality, Latshaw says they have changed the course of her life. She initially moved to New York to do theater, and she toured with A Chorus Line. But after that, it was hard to get a theater job. “But at the same time, if I had gotten a job,” she says, “then on a Tuesday night at 9 p.m. I wouldn’t have been on the subway.” And as if singing, performing, dancing, and acting aren’t enough, Latshaw says she also wants to write memoir-style books, in a manner similar to her blog posts. In fact, she has already written one book, but she can’t publish it right now— too personal, she says. So for now she’s focused on music and an album. In the future: possibly squeezing in more Broadway shows and book-writing. And ultimately, no matter what, not letting circumstances change her, no matter where life may lead. “Worlds will rise and fall around you, but if you’re trying to ride those waves emotionally, life’s gonna be really confusing and precarious,” Latshaw says. “I’m really excited that there are opportunities in my life more now than ever, but there are no guarantees. So I have to know who I am—whether I have thousands of friend requests on Facebook and people wanting to interview me—or not.” The Paper Janes will be performing at Shady Grove Music Festival in Arden on Saturday, June 9. Search “The Paper Janes” or “Jessica Latshaw (Official Music Page)” on Facebook for updates and more info.


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An American Classic

Save the Date!

TRÖEGS BEER DINNER TUESDAY, JUNE 12TH • 6PM $45 for 5 Beers / 5 Courses Tickets available online at

Watch the Phillies Here on 8 HDTVs!

$7 Wings and Draft $7 Burger and Draft $7 Cheesesteak and Draft During All Phillies Games

22 Bottled Beers 12 Drafts Live Music Wed–Sat Now Open to ALL Ages!

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5/23/2012 1:14:29 PM

Come try our 24 Draft Beers at McGlynns in Polly Drummond! Cantwell’s Tavern NOW OPEN in Odessa, DE! 302-376-0600

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Catch all  . U C of the NFL Games Here! 6_UpClose.indd 22

J  | OA

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HUMOR Don’t let subtitles keep you from seeing this French comedy with a heart By Mark Fields


he Intouchables, an unlikely French buddy comedy, is one of those films that can restore the faith of screening-weary film critics. The movie manages to simultaneously surprise and reassure its audience with a familiar yet fresh story and inspired casting of its two leads. Philippe (François Cluzet), a wealthy Parisian sophisticate, becomes a quadriplegic as a result of a parasailing accident. Confined to his bed or in a motorized wheelchair he controls with his mouth, he receives constant care from a coterie of staff while trying to preserve a life of cultural and intellectual pursuits. On a whim, he hires Driss (Omar Sy), a young African émigré living in the projects, to be his personal attendant. Driss has no training, no patience, no restraint, and no filter system. But he does have an irrepressible sense of humor and a fundamental decency that emerge as the two grow to know one another.

6_Movies.indd 1

At this point, you may be thinking that this movie sounds noble, ponderous and boring. Quite the opposite. The Intouchables is intentionally and consistently laugh-out-loud funny—no, make that hysterical. And by finding the humor within the tragic and bringing these two unlikely characters together as friends, it becomes a light-hearted yet profound exploration of the power of human connection. Sy, whose prior claim to fame had been a hit French TV comedy show, Omar et Fred, has a mesmerizing screen presence. Strikingly handsome, affable yet intense, and entirely without pretension, he holds the screen in a way that defies easy comparison. Imagine the loopy charm of Will Smith, amplified by 10 and in French. Cluzet (Tell No One), in a much more subdued role, nonetheless holds his own, offsetting Sy’s intensity with an insouciant appeal. The combination of these two gifted performers/personalities is captivating. ►


5/23/2012 9:13:05 AM

Wheelchair Humor

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Based on a true story, The Intouchables is written and directed by two young French filmmakers, Olivier Nakache and Eric Toledano. The direction of the film is straightforward and unassuming. Having crafted a clever, moving script and casted it so well, they wisely chose to keep themselves out of the way. The Intouchables has already been released in France, where it has become that country’s second highest grossing film ever. Sy won the 2012 Cesar (French Oscar) for his performance. The movie has been a phenomenon in Europe, but the unconventional approach to its story may make it a harder sell in the U.S., where audiences seem allergic to anything with subtitles. Take my advice: don’t miss a chance to see this film.

DARK SHADOWS Tim Burton and Johnny Depp have collaborated on their eighth movie project by resurrecting the Gothic afternoon soap opera of the 1970s. Part homage and part send-up, this new Dark Shadows re-imagines Barnabas Collins as a 17th-century gentleman vampire dropped into the cultural miasma of ‘70s America. Burton, Depp, and a stellar (if underused) cast— Michelle Pfeiffer, Helena Bonham Carter, Eva Green, and Chloe Grace Moretz – have great fun blending the gore with the goofy, but beyond that, neither they nor the film have much on their minds. Although it’s always a joy to see Depp sink his teeth (sorry) into an off beat role, this Technicolor remake still leaves one a little cold.

The Intouchables Dark Shadows

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I’m Not with the Band By Mark Fields


lease put these movies about fictional musicians on your playlist in celebration of this issue dedicated to music, and also in anticipation of the release of Tom Cruise’s Broadway-to-screen transfer, Rock of Ages, on June 15.

CRAZY HEART (2009) Jeff Bridges evokes the weary travails of the itinerant musician with his lived-in portrayal of Bad Blake, a fading country singer facing the consequences of his dysfunctional life. The May-December romance between Bridges and Maggie Gyllenhaal’s character borders on the creepy, but the concert and backstage scenes hum with bittersweet truth. THAT THING YOU DO (1996) Produced by Tom Hanks, this trifle of a movie about an insubstantial group of boy vocalists never transcends its cliché-ridden script, though several performances (Liv Tyler, Tom Everett Scott, Steve Zahn) are engaging. THE ROSE (1979) Bette Midler mesmerizes as a selfdestructive 1960s rock singer (supposedly loosely inspired by the life of Janis Joplin). The badly-dated film still produced the powerful pop rock title ballad. ALMOST FAMOUS (2000) Kate Hudson is buoyant as ubergroupie Penny Lane (and sadly she’s never since re-captured that same appeal). A 15-year-old reporter, on assignment for Rolling Stone, tags along on tour with the up-and-coming band Stillwater. Philip Seymour Hoffman has a stellar cameo as the real rock critic Lester Bangs. THE FABULOUS BAKER BOYS (1989) Jeff Bridges (again) and brother Beau are a twin pianist act relegated to playing hotel lounges. The boys’ new singer, played by Michelle Pfeiffer, re-energizes the act but puts the brothers in awkward competition for her affection. Pfeiffer’s sizzling rendition of “Makin’ Whoopee” has her memorably rolling on a grand piano in a skin-tight, fire-red dress. Fabulous indeed. A MIGHTY WIND (2003) and THIS IS SPINAL TAP (1984). No list of musician movies would be complete without this double feature of pricelessly funny mockumentaries. Christopher Guest directed A Mighty Wind, which documents a concert reuniting various folk musicians of the 1960s. The incredible cast, which improvised much of the dialogue, includes Guest, Michael McKean, Harry Shearer, Jane Lynch, Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara. Many of the same comic actors appeared earlier in the granddaddy of the subgenre, This is Spinal Tap Tap, directed Rob Reiner. It’s impossible to choose the funniest sequence in the film since there are so many, many of them. My personal favorites are the fiasco of the miniature Stonehenge set piece and the tour of Nigel’s guitars. Crank it up to 11! J  | O&A

5/23/2012 9:14:32 AM

June 9, 2012, 12 pm to 6 pm The Myrick Conservation Center Enjoy the best of the Brandywine Valley Area! Fifteen local wineries, local cheeses, honey and other foods, craft artisans, live music, auctions and more!

Want more Info? Scan the QR code, or Call us at 610.444.3842 47

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801 S College Ave, Newark DE

FOURTH OF JULY OUTDOO Centerspread_june12.indd 2

5/23/2012 9:15:56 AM

We will be raffling off a Bud Light Music Festival Cruise after the Fireworks. Come early to be eligible to win! Come party with us all day and all night starting at noon! Best place to watch the fireworks! DJ’s inside and outside Bud Light Girls and giveaways

TDOOR TENT PARTY! Centerspread_june12.indd 3

5/23/2012 9:16:16 AM

DSL is dedicated in memory of Richard Embry Downing Jr. and Sr. and their legacy of friendship, fun, and love.


emorial Day is in the books and Summer is (basically) here! We will be seeing many of our DSLawareans travel to Delaware’s beaches for weekends full of antics and fun. To add to the Summer fun, DSL has partnered up with Red Frog Events for two HUGE events... Warrior Dash PA and The Firefly Music Festival. We will be putting together special gatherings for both. DSL will be proudly represented at the Warrior Dash PA at the Poconos Raceway. It wouldn’t be summer without all your favorite DSL games and leagues, so remember to register for summer sports, open now! And remember, DSLawareans... party responsibly and arrive alive.

Announcements • June 2nd is The 4th Annual Best Buddies Kickball Tournament • June 12th & 13th are DSL & DSLsocial night at The St. Anthony’s Italian Festival— Meet at The Antonian • July 29th is the WIFFLE® Ball Tournament at XFINITY Live! Presented by Philadelphia Sport & Social Club & Delaware Sports League


• Want to play for FREE and make some Milk $ on the side? DSL is looking for more refs for all sports this summer! Oh, and Happy Birthday to the greatest person ever on June 12—Rob Cotter! Join us for the “Games After the Games” presented by


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MAY 2008 | O&A XX

5/23/2012 9:17:58 AM


Food & Wine Festival highlights regional vintages and cuisine By Scott Pruden


t seems like a Dionysian dream—a day spent among green rolling hills while sampling some of the best wine and food the region has to offer. It’s no fantasy, though, because that’s exactly what patrons can expect on Saturday, June 9, at the Brandywine Food & Wine Festival. Organized by the Brandywine Valley Wine Trail, the event will feature the product of regional wineries


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—both those who are members of the Wine Trail and others—as well as an array of food and craft vendors, all set in the verdant countryside of Chester County. In the search for the ideal setting, the Brandywine Valley Authority’s 314-acre Myrick Conservation Center in West Chester offered just the surroundings the event needed, says Karen Cline, administrator for the Brandywine Valley Wine Trail. ► 41

5/22/2012 4:11:39 PM


BachettiBros. Gourmet Meats, Market & Catering Since 1934

CATERING FROM FULL-SERVICE CORPORATE EVENTS, TO BUFFET SETUPS FOR FAMILY GATHERINGS Homemade Specialties, Dinners for 2, Made-to-Order Sandwiches, Daily Soups and Deli Salads

FOR YOUR GRILL, FOR YOUR PICNIC, FOR YOUR PARTY! Whether you are looking for the Freshest Meats for your BBQ or Top Catering for your next event, Bachetti’s is the place!

Example without use of logo: Delaware Today’s Best of Delaware® - Best Desserts 2009 Readers Choice Downstate Examples of use with logo:

200 302.994.4467 9 | 4723 Kirkwood Hwy. Midway Plaza |



Best Desserts ReadeRs ChoiCe downstate

Best Desserts ReadeRs ChoiCe downstate

Best Desserts ReadeRs ChoiCe downstate

Best Desserts ReadeRs ChoiCe downstate

Best Desserts ReadeRs ChoiCe downstate

Best Desserts ReadeRs ChoiCe downstate

Belgian Beer Dinner Monday, June 25 • 6pm 5-Course Belgian Beer Dinner for $50 Vegan and Vegetarian Options Available Reservations Required

42 . F  D

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A Chester County Feast

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“We wanted to do something a little more rural to invite people to come out and spend a day in the country,” she says. “Our wineries are all about land conservation and we wanted people to come out to see that the results of conservation can be really nice.” Inspiration for the festival came from events the Wine Trail has organized for several years at individual wineries, during which a number of visitors have suggested a single event that includes more than one winery. “So that sort of drove the decision and we said, ‘Let’s do the event and have it in one place,’” says Cline. As the name suggests, the festival emphasizes wine and food and their inseparable connection. Besides presenting tastings of their various vintages, the 14 participating wineries have provided bottles to be used in various seminars. With the $10 advance admission ($15 the day of the event), festivalgoers will receive 10 tastings, one souvenir wine glass, a temporary tattoo and the chance to win gifts in drawings throughout the day. Chef Jonathan Amann of Amani’s Restaurant, a Downingtown, Pa., BYOB that emphasizes fresh, seasonal, locally-sourced cuisine, will do cooking demonstrations and discuss pairing wine and food at 1 p.m. At 4:30, Pike Creek Coffee Roastery will present its “Coffee 101” course, which offers the consumer tips on barista skills. Regional wine aficionado and Pennsylvania wine advocate Victor “Vino Vic” Ykoruk will be another of the expert presenters, comparing local chardonnays as well as reds made from chambourcin grapes, a French/American hybrid popular on the East Coast. “There are many winemakers in the state that choose to grow [champourcin] and work well with this grape because it really deals with Pennsylvania weather very well,” says Ykoruk. “It’s turning out to be a popular grape.” Unlike many wine experts, Ykoruk describes himself as taking a “blue collar” approach to wine criticism. “I strip it down and speak to just a few general points for the relatively casual but interested wine drinker,” he says. “When it comes to my reviews, I’m all about quality vs. price ratio.”

J  | O&A

5/22/2012 4:13:06 PM

On the food front, Amani’s and Pike Creek Coffee Roastery will have booths, as will Triple Fresh Market, Jimmy’s BBQ, Dia Doce Gourmet Cupcakes, Scooped Ice Cream, Bridge Street Chocolate, The Mushroom Cap, Taste of Olive and Forno Inferno brick oven pizza. “With the food vendors, we thought about people who would have a variety of offerings,” Cline says. “If you’re not a fan of hummus from one booth, you can go do some tastings and have some Dia Doce cupcakes.” Also on deck are a regionally based artisan cheese maker and local bee keepers, complete with their own observation hives and plenty of samples of locally made honey. There also will be a charity auction, with proceeds benefitting the Chester County SPCA. To complete the Dionysian vibe, two bands will perform throughout the day at the Myrick Center’s amphitheater—Amy Ash and the Volcanoes, of Lancaster, and Wilmington’s Big Package Band. Both groups bring high energy and performing chops to the event. Amy Ash and the Volcanoes have made a name for themselves on the Lancaster scene with top-flight musicianship, a unique take on rock and soul favorites, and Ash’s strong vocals. Their set runs from noon to 3 p.m. The Big Package Band is a 10-piece powerhouse party band that describes itself as “high energy funk and dangerous dance music.” Vocalist Steve Miller leads a tight rhythm section and five-piece horn section for maximum party flavor. Their set runs from 3 to 6 p.m. It all adds up to a great day of food, wine and music, Cline says. “What we’re trying to do is make people aware that there’s some really great stuff in the area,” she says. “We’re just trying to do lots of local things to really get people interested.” The Brandywine Food & Wine Festival, noon-6 p.m. at the Myrick Conservation Center, 1712-1799 Unionville Wawaset Road, West Chester, Pa., 19382; (610) 4443842;


Keratin Treatment $150

Bikini Waxing $25 • Brazilian Waxing $35

Call the salon for more June specials

1240 Old Lancaster Pike, Hockessin, DE 19707 | 302.234.9144 |

Hair • Nails • Massage • Makeup • Waxing • Boutique



s y a d s r u Th

ar & Deck B s ir a t s p U r u e Music On O 5 -7 pm


June 7 Element K


m • Happy Hou

6 -9 p Every Thursday

June 21 Steam Roller Picnic





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5/22/2012 4:14:24 PM


ALWAYS IN PLAY JUNE HAPPY HOUR SPECIALS MONDAY – FRIDAY • 4PM – 7PM 10% off cigars $2 off draft beer $3 domestic bottled beer $4 imported bottled beer $5 house wines by the glass $5 specialty martinis Plus, half-priced bar menu during Happy Hour on Mondays and Tuesdays

Located on the grounds of Delaware Park Casino and Racetrack. 777 Delaware Park Blvd. | Wilmington, DE 19804 Just up the road, I-95 DE Exit 4B


DP-14724 June Out_About at the Rail ad 4.5x7.indd 1

5/18/12 3:22 PM

Buy 5 yards of mulch and get the 6th yard FREE!

DOUBLE GROUND MULCH - TRIPLE GROUND MULCH - PLAYGROUND MULCH Log Splitter Rental Available DECORATIVE STONE - TOP SOIL - FIREWOOD Fade Resistant Red, Black & Brown Mulches Now Available We recycle your waste. Call Robert L. Gallo 302.325.2257 Route 9 - River Rd (next to Del City Oil Refinery; behind Tri-Supply)

OUTDOOR STORAGE: Boats, RVs, Construction Equipment etc. 44 . F  D

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J  | O&A

5/23/2012 1:25:15 PM



If you can’t stand the beat, get out of the kitchen By Robert Lhulier


t’s said that the color red is supposed to stimulate the appetite. Bright dining room lights are supposed to make you eat faster. Textures and appearance are critical to your eating mood, especially if you’ve ever eaten sushi. Restaurants pay thousands of dollars to install sound-dampening panels to ensure that when the restaurant is filled, it doesn’t sound like the Super Bowl. But what about the effect of music on your eating habits?


6_FoodDrink.indd 5

The speed of music played during a meal directly affects the pace of eating, and thus the rate or ease of digestion. Studies have shown a mild increase in the rate at which people eat when there is spirited music versus gentle classical. And louder, more aggressive music works the opposite way, reducing the number of bites and leaving the eater with an irritated, uneasy feeling. This trade secret has long been in the quiver for many an unscrupulous and savvy restaurateur looking to turn ►


5/24/2012 10:11:21 AM

Soul Food

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The Truth behind rose Thursday, June 21 • 6:30pm 3 Courses of Food Paired with 5 Wines • $49 per guest

June 7–June 9 • Open Seating for Dinner 5 Wines From Around the World Paired with 4 Courses of Food • $59 per guest

115 E Main St • Newark • 302.266.8111 •

PATIO DINING • 34 BEERS ON TAP All-You-Can-Eat Snow Crab Legs! Free Happy Hour Buffet Thursdays and Fridays 5pm-7pm


watch your favorite team at Timothy’s! 302 738 9915 • 100 Creekview Rd. Newark •

Visit our website for Nightly Dinner Specials 46 . F  D

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tables quickly. And if you’re the last table of the night and suddenly notice the music shut off, that’s your cue to hit the road, Jack. There are obvious arguments for music in restaurants, most of them common sense. Music provides an ambient noise that makes people feel more relaxed without being self-conscious of others listening in. Music also is a useful fog for that sensitive discussion between acquaintances, attorneys or, perhaps, would-be cheaters. Music in a major key is more melodic to the ear and relaxing than minor, or dissonant tones. For example, Jack Johnson good, The Cure bad. In a public dining room, melodic rhymes relieve diner tension; Bustah Rhymes causes it. This same aural psychology is applied in casinos. A cacophony of slot machine clatter would drive anyone mad after 10 minutes, but in a harmonic loop of arpeggios, the bings and bongs of winning machines become hypnotic. Music is personal and subjective. Whether you’re preparing a meal or eating one, we play what makes us feel good. It motivates. Home cooks and line cooks rarely share the same playlists, of this you can be sure, but both hook in and stir it up to their own personal soundtrack. A little bossa nova, Coltrane or café accordion can relax the soul when putting together a leisurely Sunday supper for the family. Alternately, a gritty grill cook breathes a little easier when the occasional f-bomb or axe solo grinds out of the IPod dock. Music also is a cheap and accessible pressure valve. Not every professional kitchen, however, condones music. Even in my own first kitchen, I wanted complete focus. As much of an audiophile as I considered myself, I wasn’t willing to let details slide if someone was off in a Pink Floyd fantasy. But one afternoon while prepping for a party, I was alone and threw on some Rolling Stones to get me over the hump. When the cooks arrived, they smiled, put on aprons and quietly went to work. I’m pretty sure the food was some of the best we ever put out. From that moment on, I’ve always shared the stereo with my cooks. Here’s an example where music may have actually helped improve the quality of food of an establishment: One of the hottest and most revered restaurants in the world is Eleven Madison Park in New York City. In 2006, when a critic reviewed the restaurant, though her comments were favorable, she lamented that the kitchen

J  | O&A

5/23/2012 1:29:48 PM

could use “a bit more Miles Davis.” Without fully understanding what she meant, the line resonated with the chef and manager. So, Swiss-born chef Daniel Humm read as many articles as he could find about Miles, and came up with a list of the words most commonly used to describe him. The list included: cool, collaborative, fresh, vibrant, endless reinvention and spontaneous, to name a few. Today, the sounds of his quartet and quintet are piped into the kitchen as well as the dining room. And a reverent black-and-white framed photo of the trumpet master hangs in the Spartan kitchen. Last month Humm was named Best Chef in the U. S. by the James Beard Foundation, and Eleven Madison Park was on the list of top 10 restaurants in the world, with three Michelin Stars and four from the New York Times. Now that’s cool. Music can affect mood, even if you’re not aware of it. When the Shoprite at the waterfront opened a few years back, I queued up like everyone else to see what modern marvels awaited the culinarily curious. Much to my surprise, I first noticed not the shiny floors and pyramids of produce, but the music that was playing. There was a smart playlist of ‘80s tunes from slightly off the beaten path. It added a spring to my step and made me take note of the age of other shoppers, mostly under 40, also tapping their toes. Grocery shopping cool? It could happen. I get it. We all have to shop, so any little nugget of newness can be a tipping point for customers looking to break up the monotony. “When I met you in the res-tau-rant, You could tell I was no debutante!” Robert Lhulier is the executive chef at the University & Whist Club and author of the food blog

Spend a day in the country at the Brandywine Food & Wine Festival! Enjoy local wine, food and crafts, watch chef demonstrations, attend wine seminars, take part in an auction, and enjoy live music throughout the day.

June 9th, 12pm-6pm

3,000 Wines — 1,500 Beers — 1,000 Liquors Yuengling Lager........................................24pk Loose bottles, 16.99 each Yuengling Lager............................................24pk Loose cans, 15.99 each Grey Goose.................................................750ml any variety, 27.99 each Svedka Vodka.............................................................1.75 ltr, 19.99 each Kendall Jackson Chardonnay.........................................750ml,10.97 each



needed and NO LIMITS! IT WILL BE WORTH YOUR TRIP – WE PROMISE! Mon – Thurs • 9am-9:30pm | Fri – Sat • 9am-11pm | Sun • 12pm-8pm 727 ACE MEMORIAL DRIVE | WELLINGTON PLAZA (Next to Okura & 2 Fat Guys) HOCKESSIN, DE | 302 235 5848 | HOCKESSINLIQUORS.COM


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5/23/2012 2:01:54 PM

BUSY BODY Mother, business executive, entrepreneur, former McKean athlete Kym Lulu Fant trains to ride the Tour de France course By Bob Yearick photo by Robertson/VeloDramatic

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5/22/2012 4:24:23 PM



ote to Wikipedia: Please update your definition of “multi-tasking.” Insert a picture of Kymberli Fant with this text: Mother of a two-year-old son, Axl; co-owner with husband Glenn of two bicycle shops in their hometown of Santa Rosa, Calif.; Pacific Northwest regional director for Bayer Pharmaceuticals, and—oh, yes— training 20 hours a week to ride the Tour de France course, along with five other women. That last task is the latest in a lifetime of athletic challenges the former Kymberli Lulu has tackled with almost obsessive zeal since her days at McKean High School, where she broke several track records, played soccer, came in third in the state diving championships and, as a senior, was named the school’s 1993 Female Athlete of the Year. An ACL injury cut short her athletic career in college—at Florida State University and the University of North Carolina, Wilmington—but she threw her limitless energy into the rock climbing and sailing clubs, becoming proficient at those activities. After graduation, she used her earnings from a waitressing job to vacation in San Diego, fell in love with the Pacific Ocean and the environment, and decided to make California her home. The West Coast offered Fant a variety of extreme activities that met her need to test body and mind. She started with triathlons, then realized she really didn’t like swimming and took up expedition adventure racing, a team competition lasting several days and involving two or more activities, including orienteering, paddling, climbing, running and mountain biking. While competing in adventure races in several states as well as Mexico, she continued to pursue her true love—mountain biking. In 2004 she found time to qualify for the solo mountain biking world championships, and last month she participated in an eight-hour mountain bike race. But riding all 3,479 kilometers of this year’s Tour de France will be the ultimate challenge. The project has been organized and is sponsored by Rêve (pronounced rev, it’s French for dream), a company designed to deliver the ultimate road cycling experience. Rêve has organized two previous rides, but those were teams of men. This will be the first all-female team to tackle the route. The 37-year-old Fant and her five teammates will be riding on behalf of the Bikes Belong Foundation, with a goal of raising $60,000. According to Kate Powlison, communications coordinator for the foundation, “Bikes Belong’s mission is to put more people on bicycles more often. In pursuit of that goal, female bicyclists are particularly important. The number of women bicycling is a good indication of the accessibility and safety of our favorite



6_People.indd 3

mode of transportation and recreation. By living out a grand tour dream, our team hopes to inspire many more women to take to the road.” The six women fly to France on June 26 and begin riding the Tour de France course on June 30 – one day ahead of the actual race. They’ll continue riding while maintaining that one day differential until July 21, with two days of rest. Fant recently spent a few days meeting and training with her teammates, who range in age from 27 to 40, in Portland, Ore. “We all got along great,” she says. “I’m so glad I liked them, because it would be a disaster otherwise. I’m sure we’ll form some relationships for a lifetime through this.” All told, the women—all amateur bikers—will spend 65 days training for the ride. Fant has been getting up at 6 a.m. to put in two to four hours on the road each day, and her weekends usually include two 100-mile rides. With a nutritionist who worked with Lance Armstrong advising her, she consumes between 4,000 and 5,000 calories a day, but she’s burning up almost all of that (weekend rides use about 3500 calories). And, she says, “I’m always hungry. It’s getting to be borderline annoying. I have a huge dinner, then I’m hungry again before I go to bed so I usually have a whey protein shake. I still wake up starving. I’m just a calorie-burning machine right now.” With her balanced diet and exercise program, Fant’s weight hasn’t changed. She’s still 5 ft., 5 ins. and 120 pounds. But she has added muscle and become incredibly lean. Her body fat is a mind-boggling 9 percent—down from her normal 12, which is also absurdly low, especially for a woman. Fant’s longest previous competitive ride was 10 days, but she’s confident she can handle the extreme demands the ride will make on both her mind and body. She says her only fears are “cramping, getting injured, or getting sick.” She’s hoping her husband and son can join her somewhere around the midpoint of the ride “It would be too hard for me to do it without seeing my son,” she says. Come the holidays, she’s hoping for a few days of family vacation to recharge her Energizer-Bunny-like batteries. Fant’s mother and stepfather, Sheryl and Geoff Rogers, are Wilmington residents, while her father, Michael Lulu, lives in Washington state. The Rogerses plan to be there when Kym and her team cross the finish line on the ChampsÉlysées. Contributions to her cause can be made at her fundraising page: The team will carry GPS’s, enabling family and friends to follow them atêve-grand-tour-team.


5/22/2012 4:25:02 PM

Family owned since 1898 • at the Heart of Trolley Square


FIND VIENNA As heard on WXPN Saturday, June 30

302-658-ALES More info on page 52



The Whiskies (9pm) vs. Echo Mission (10:30pm)

14 Schroeder (9pm) vs. Glim Dropper (10:30pm) 21 Galaxy 13 (9pm) vs. The Jolly What! (10:30pm) 28 The Honey Badgers (9pm) The Hold-Up (10:30pm)



Eric Jennings of Geisha Hit Squad


Lyric Drive & Friends


Bos Taurus


Still Moon Servants Snake Mountain


Find Vienna

302-658-9070 50 . P

6_People.indd 4

1701 Del. Ave. Wilmington

Logan J  | O&A

5/24/2012 11:30:23 AM

The Brandywiners PresenTs:



Longwood Gardens Open Air Theater

(ticket includes all day admission to Longwood Gardens)

July 26, 27, 28; 8:30pm August 2,3,4; 8:30pm

800.338.6965 Click: Call:


6_People.indd 5


5/24/2012 11:58:37 AM




usikarmageddon, the region’s preeminent battle of the bands competition, kicks off its sixth year later this month at Kelly’s Logan House in Wilmington. The 12 bands—voted into the field via online poll—will be paired off in head-to-head competition during two 45-minute sets. A combination of audience votes and judges’ scorecards will determine the winners. Past winners include Deadbeatz Inc. in 2011, New Sweden in 2010, American Buffalo in 2009, and Josten Swingline in 2008. The groups—which vary musically from indie folk to funkmetal—will get their first crack at one another during the initial round at the Logan House on consecutive Thursdays: June 7, 14, 21, and 28, and July 12 and 19. Winners from the First Round will advance to the semi-final rounds, to be held on Aug. 2, 9, and 16. Three semi-finalists and one judge-selected wildcard band will face off at the Musikarmageddon Finals at the Baby Grand on Saturday, Sept. 22. It’s all an effort to boost the profile of local, original musicians. All participating bands receive a professional recording of their first-round performance, courtesy of 23rd Century Audio, Lighting & Video. Grand prizes include a future headlining date at the Baby Grand, an article in Out & About Magazine, and their name inscribed on the legendary Axe of Musikarmageddon. More prizes will be announced as the competition gets into full swing. The competition is presented by a partnership of Out & About, Miller Lite, Kelly’s Logan House, and The Grand Opera House. Local music has never been more epic. Visit Musikarmageddon. com for details and updates. In the meantime, meet the bands: Newark’s Devolver recently spent time in the recording studio with Grammy-nominated sound engineer David Ivory, reconciling to tape the five-piece band’s many musical influences. “We come from all different backgrounds and genres,” says vocalist Ryan Langshaw. “I would say what we have now is catchy hard rock. If you like the Foo Fighters, Seether, or Sick Puppies . . .” A single, “Stay,” is out now, with a full-length, old-school infused album in the works. Dan Jalil’s whiskey-soaked, Jim Morrisson-inspired growl gives Newark’s Echo Mission its soulful, blues-rock spine. Jalil, 52. Music

6_Music.indd 2

For 12 local bands, all that stands in the way of fame, prizes, and rock ‘n’ roll glory is each other

By Matt Amis

who formed the band in 2011, has peppered its brief history with dynamic, evocative songwriting, plus the occasional back-flip during a live performance. They appear regularly at Mojo 13 and JB McGinnes. Musikarmageddon mainstays Galaxy 13 are back in action with their signature brand of college-radio-inspired power pop. The Wilmington trio, led by frontman Chris James, advanced to the semi-finals of last year’s contest. The band also has made appearances at the Delaware Music Festival, the Delaware Marathon, and First Night. Taking its name from a harebrained con man’s grift, Glim Dropper is made up of vocalist Dan Kauffman, guitarist Ben Geise, and drummer Rob Schnell. The band’s sound stretches seamlessly from tuneful, guitar-driven power-pop in the vein of Ted Leo, to funkier, jam band fare. Prior to forming The Hold-Up, frontman Jason Webb was a solo acoustic performer frequenting open-mic nights at Mojo 13. “One night, [open-mic emcee] Devin Zito came up to me and said, ‘You need to get a band, man.’” So Webb did, recruiting Zito in the process, and the resulting mashup of dirty blues and classic rock was an instant success. “Mark Rogers of WSTW described us as a mix of rock and blues, performed with the sensibility of punk. I think he nailed it,” Webb says. Before anyone asks—yes, the The Honey Badgers take their name from the ubiquitous and hilarious YouTube sensation. But unlike the titular badger, “Our music is very caring,” says Michael Natrin. “Lots of love songs and songs about problems in the world.” The folksy duo—whose other half is singer/multi-instrumentalist Erin Magnen—met as undergrads at the University of Delaware. Mark Degliobizzi wants The Jolly What! to go out with a bang. The lead singer of the Pike Creek-based indie rock outfit is ready to explore new sounds, and calls the band’s upcoming album, Surviving Super Volcano, their last. “I’m looking for a point of closure with this project,” says Degliobizzi. The Jolly What!, named after a rare 1960s compilation album, cite local groups the Spinto Band and the Sky Drops as influences. Their sound? “A mix of watercolor paint and grain alcohol, amplified,” Degliobizzi deadpans. “We’re a metal band,” explains Colton Cilento of The Last Valorians, “but we don’t have a screamer. Our guy can actually sing.” It’s an important distinction to make, Cilento says, “because I wanted people to come to our shows.” The Valorians don’t stray far from the hard-rock strains of Breaking Benjamin and Avenged ► June 2012 | O&A

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Echo Mission

Galaxy 13

Glim Dropper

The Hold Up

The Honey Badgers

The Jolly What!

The Last Valorians 47

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AL FRESCO! ENJOY on our patio

Voted Best Burger upstate

54 . M

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CHARCOAL HOUSE & SALOON 1801 West 14th street • Wilmington, De 302.658.4600 •

J  | O&A

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Musikarmageddon is on! continued from page 53

Sevenfold—but they probably party a lot harder. “We’ve stopped shows mid-song to make everyone in the crowd chug a beer,” Cilento says. Cheers! North Wilmington’s Mallory Square draw strength from the warm shoals of Key West, Fla., the band’s go-to retreat spot. “There’s just a really good energy there,” says drummer Kevin McCabe. The veteran jam band fuses funk, reggae and classic rock into its catalog, and once shared a stage with the incomparable G Love. Newark’s dream-pop mavens, schroeder, reunited in 2011 following a 14-year hiatus. The band—led by Larry DiMaio, Nick DiMaria, Michael Bolan, and Brian Erskine—tips its cap to ‘90s British shoegaze heroes like Ride and Pale Saints, while tunes like “Heavenly” evoke the Cure. Down and dirty blues-rock (think Queens of the Stone Age or the Black Keys) define Newark’s The Whiskies. Singer/guitarist Mark Bramble, bassist Sean Dabicki, and drummer Greg Schuler each adds a morsel of mayhem to the mix when the band formed in 2011. “The first thing we decided was to keep drama out of it,” Bramble says. “Keep it fun and enjoy ourselves. If we have a good time, the people around us will have a good time.” Xtra Alltra has been performing its unique brand of funkinfused jam rock for less than a year, since former Apex Watson guitarist Mike Zatwarnytsky moved back to Delaware from Greensboro, N. C. But where Apex Watson’s soulful stride made it a longtime local fave, Xtra Alltra chooses to plumb the darker, weirder recesses of rock. “We have one song called ‘Mining Gold for Aliens’ that’s about the evils of technology,” Zatwarnytsky says. “Weird stuff.”

Mallory Square


Open 7 Days A Week!

Join Us Outdoors on the Patio for


The Whiskies




Private Dining Room Available for Special Events 302.658.6626 | Xtra Alltra 53

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Support your local music scene


Coming this month

US Rails

With John Faye Sat, June 30 Show 9pm






Upstairs Live at World Cafe Live at the Queen


ere’s a show that’s calling out to longtime regional music fans. Sharing the stage will be several mainstays of the area scene —including Ben Arnold, Matt Muir, and opener John Faye—as well as Scott Bricklin, who certainly left his mark on Philadelphia in the ‘80s and ‘90s before moving to France. The night starts with a solo set of catchy pop tunes from Faye, the voice of Ike and former frontman of The Caufields. With US Rails, look for the night to detour into more folk and southern rock territories. Joining the talents of Arnold, Muir, and Bricklin are singer/songwriter Joseph Parsons, another popular Philly performer who moved to Europe, and Tom Gillam, an Austin music pro who hosts his own radio show on KNBT-FM called “Tom Gillam’s Power Hour.” There’s something to the songs on the band’s newly released Southern Canon that evokes ensemble successes like the Traveling Wilburys and CSNY, where the focus is on the whole kit and caboodle of voices, textures, and harmonies, rather than one lead. Considering that much of US Rails has Philly roots, there’s an element of surprise to hear these talents collaborate in a genre that both challenges them and elicits a sense of discovery.

ALSO AT WORLD CAFE LIVE THIS MONTH Mondays June 4, 11, and 18: Jazz on My Mind Game Night: Quizzo at The Queen kicks off on June 25 and every Monday night to follow! Every Tuesday Night: Acoustic/Electric Open Mic Every Wednesday Night: 4W5 Blues Jam (except June 20) Fri 1 – Sunshine Superman w/Ethan Pierce Sat 2 – Lili Anel, E.B. Hawkins & Jordyn Gatti Thu 7 – Songwriters in the Round with Lizanne Knott, Michael Logen, Jesse Terry Fri 8 – Erick Baker and Jill Andrews (of the Everybodyfields) Sat 9 – VIA with The Wicked End, Cyrenic, and Dead Center Thu 14 – SuiteFranchon Presents: Peace, Love & Poetry

Sat 16 – Open Mic Night for IVA’s Young Artists Wed 20 – Ben Sollee Thu 21 – Holy Ghost Tent Revival with XVSK Fri 22 – Finbar Furey Sat 23 – Aztec Two-Step: 40th Anniversary Show Thurs 28 – Cliff Hillis Fri 29 – Minas Sat 30 – WXPN welcomes US Rails w/John Faye

Bullbuckers June 1 @ World Cafe Live at the Queen June 7 @ Philadelphia Beer Block Party June 9 @ Shady Grove Music Festival, Arden June 10 @ The Mann Center, Philadelphia June 16 @ Sunset Grille, West OceanSkunk City, MD Rubber June 23 @ Deer Park Tavern June 30 @ Dogfish Head Pub, Rehoboth

I Am Lightning June 2 @ The Word Cafe Live at the Queen

Hippocampus June 16 @ Deer Park Tavern June 22 @ The Princeton, Avalon, NJ

Revolution, I Love You June 16 @ The Legendary Dobbs, Philadelphia

Homegrown Café June 1 – Mad Sweet Pangs June 2 – Ben Louis June 3 – E. Shawn Qaissaumee Trio une 6 – Bruce Anthony June 8 – Alfred James Band June 9 – The Hold Up June 10 – Gerald Cahvis June 13 – Hot Toddy & The Wilmington Wastoids June 15 – Quimby Mountain Band June 16 – Unity Reggae Band June 17 – Jazz Sunday with Professor Dew June 20 – Bruce Anthony June 22 – Stackabones June 23 – Modern Exile June 24 – Jerome & The Towns People June 27 – Hot Toddy & The Wilmington Wastoids June 29 – 61 North

Kids These Days June 2 @ The Roots Pinic, Penns Landing, Philadelphia New Sweden June 30 @ The Note, West Chester, PA

Spokey Speaky Every Thursday, June 1- 30 @D&H Jamaican Cuisine, Newark, 6-9pm June 10 @ The Mann Center, Philadelphia Spontaneous Underground June 9 @ Shady Grove Music Festival, Arden Villains Like You June 30 @ The Note, West Chester, PA

World Cafe Live at the Queen • 500 N Market St, Wilmington, DE 302-994-1400 • 56 . M

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57 O  | O&A

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or nearly 16 years, WSTW’s Hometown Heroes has been providing local bands and musicians a chance to showcase their talents —live. Airing every Sunday from 8 to 10 p.m. on 93.7 FM and hosted by Mark Rogers, the show not only plays tunes, but provides information on where the musicians will perform, how to get their music, and how to contact them. Hometown Heroes can Angela Sheik be a real boost to a musician’s career. Just ask Angela Sheik, named Artist of the Year as well as Best Female Artist for the show’s 6th Annual Hometown Homey Awards last February. Homey nominations are submitted by listeners, and winners are chosen by a panel of past winners and others in the local music scene. Sheik says both awards came as a surprise, since she was not pursuing votes. An electro-acoustic musician, she blends the soulful, feminine vibe of Billie Holiday with the innovative spirit of Imogen Heap. Her music often bridges the gap between a traditional singer-songwriter and an electronic innovator. Sheik’s business card now proudly proclaims both of the WSTW awards, and she says these credentials have proved to be real attentiongetters. Her advice to aspiring artists: “Join the musician community as soon as possible.” She admits that she kept to herself during the first three or four years of her career, a decision she regrets. Sheik notes that good vibes continuously flow from the local community of musicians, who offer advice and such perks as car pools to various open mic nights. But the major mover and shaker, she says, is Rogers. He gives countless hours for minimum pay, attending hundreds of concerts in an attempt to find that new voice or musician. “Mark is a true asset,” she says. If you missed Hometown Heroes, no problem. WSTW has a Facebook page and podcasts of every Sunday show for its listeners. Just visit for daily updates on performances as well as for podcasts. Local music has never had a better showcase. — Kelsey Kerrigan .OAAN.

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PiratePubCrawl_june12.indd 1

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Saturday, July 28, 2–8pm


Special Menus Tailored to Over 40 Featured Brews

2010 Downtown Delaware Awards Winner :

Best Retail Event!

Hops & Shops Sidewalk Sale Unique Beers Creative Cuisine Live Music Sidewalk Performers

for more details visit: $2 BUD, BUD LIGHT




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5/24/2012 9:59:08 AM


Discover the DCH 30th annual City Gardens Contest highlights month-long celebration

Complete Schedule and Line-Up of Performers page 9 ALSO INSIDE: Finalists of Riverfront Photo Contest page 12

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JUNE 2012 Vol. 3 ISSUE 12

5/23/2012 2:46:15 PM


We Bring Classic Lofts to you One and two bedrooms/two baths… Magnificently restored, energy-efficient, sun-filled… Detailed craftsmanship defines these historic lofts... …offering an urban living experience rarely found today.

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the recently renovated lofts at 400 Market Street are a must-see: custom glass windows, solid-surface counter tops, stainless-steel appliances, custom lighting, wood flooring, large closets, pocket doors, sunny interiors, high ceilings (some with the original tin tiles), plus beautifully detailed trim and molding. Relish living in the LOMA District where you can enjoy live music, entertainment, restaurants, plenty of family friendly places, and other small town conveniences.

For more informantions contact Linday McCoy 302-543-7565 0r 302-377-6444 •

PreservationInitiatives_june12.indd 1

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Produced by

all rights reserved

TSN Publishing, Inc. President Gerald duPhily

June 2012 volume 3, issue 12

6 Cover Story Garden Party

Contributing Editor Bob Yearick

Art Director Shawna Sneath

Production Manager Matt Loeb

Advertising Sales Jim Hunter Miller Marie Graham

Delaware Center for Horticulture’s City Gardens Contest celebrates 30th anniversary and you’re invited. By Elynsey Price

9 Feature

All That Jazz Clifford Brown Jazz Festival returns to Rodney Square June 18-23 with more than 14 acts over six days.

14 Riverfront Picture This

Project Manager Christine Serio

Contributing Writers Josephine Eccel, Carol Kipp, Michelle Kramer-Fitzgerald, Larry Nagengast, Scott Pruden, Christine Serio

Contributing Photographers Joe del Tufo, Tim Hawk Les Kipp, Matt Urban

Riverfront photo contest is down to the final four. O&A readers will select the winner.

Departments 4

“in” Calendar


On the Riverfront


City Notes


Wilmington Renaissance News

On the cover: A Crown of Thorns (euphorbia millii) photographed at the Delaware Center for Horticulture brightens up this month’s cover. Photo by Shawna Sneath

ABOUT THE “IN” CAMPAIGN For editorial and advertising information: p (302) 655-6483 f (302) 654-0569

TSN Media, Inc. 307 A Street Wilmington, DE 19801

Wilmington is truly in the middle of it all, and the “in” campaign is a celebration of the accomplishments we continue to achieve as a community to make our city stronger and more attractive. From neighborhood and business development to our arts and cultural scene, the people of Wilmington are working together to support our city’s ongoing growth and prosperity.


The mission of Wilmington Magazine is to capture, through stories and images, the ongoing energy present in the city. We aim to inform readers, both inside and outside Wilmington, of the city’s residential, financial, and cultural progress while remaining entertaining and vibrant. 1

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LET US CATER TO YOU. From dinner parties to office get-togethers to weddings, let Janssen’s make your event special. We offer full-service catering, event planning, party rentals, floral arrangements, and more. Contact our catering director today at (302) 654-9941 x3.


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5/23/12 9:17 AM


often hear, “Summertime in Wilmo is sooooo slow.” I am June 2, at Aldersgate Church. This group, noted for performance here to dispel the “summertime=downtime” myth by offering of both classically revered and modern-day compositions, proudly you great live music options to kick off the first month of presents the Delaware Premiere of Bob Chilcott’s Requiem (A summer. requiem is, essentially, a mass for the dead; although this particular Arts and business are mixing quite well in Wilmo. work has been called “…not music for mourning…more a piece Nowhere are there better examples than the live music about meditation and reflection.”) To round out this landmark gracing the establishments of Extreme Pizza (201 N. Market St.) performance, they’ll include solo vocalists from New York, Maryland and The Nomad (905 N. Orange St.). Extreme Pizza, in partnership and Pennsylvania as well as a small orchestra. Tickets are $10-$20; with Gable Music Ventures, visit delawarevalleychorale. hosts a range of live and local/ org to purchase. regional/sometimes national Two weekends in June acts on Friday evenings. Now, host a festival of music. they’ve expanded the tunes The Delaware Chamber with Open Mic Thursdays for Music Festival, led by noted acoustic, bands, and hip-hop. Delawarean/violinist Barbara The Nomad—which I’ve Govatos, takes place in The heard called the “coolest bar Music School of Delaware in Wilmo” more than a few (4101 Washington St.) June times—brings in live music 15, 17, 22 and 24. Now in its of nearly every genre as well, 27th year, festival highlights including regional faves E. include works by Beethoven Shawn Qaissaunee & Sharon and Mozart and a World Sable, The Joe Trainor Trio Premiere for violin and piano and Noelle Picara. Newest on by composer Vivian Fung. It’s the block is the sleek expansion a great, informal way to hear By Michelle Kramer-Fitzgerald of LoMa Coffee (239 N. amazing artists and learn a Market St.), where a small, bit about classic works by the informal stage has already masters. On Sunday, June 17, welcomed acoustic sets from one of my favorite musicians, Hot Breakfast!, Rachel Shain, Keith Hartman and more. I’ve also arts advocate and all-around fun person—pianist Julie Nishimura— noticed the Chris White Gallery at Shipley Artist Lofts is quickly will perform a Mozart Piano Trio. Tickets can be purchased by becoming another hotspot for live music. calling 442-0572; visit for complete festival details. Speaking of Shipley Lofts: Musician/songwriter and Shipley Back-tracking to the previous genre, Shady Grove Music resident Darnell Miller began holding informal jam sessions in Fest—called Delaware’s premier music festival for local and original his loft last year. The music derived from those meet-ups will be music—jumps off Saturday, June 9, in Arden. With eight bands featured in the “Friday Live” concerts of Christina Cultural Arts of rockabilly, folk, jazz and punk, including AlyCat, Spontaneous Center (705 N. Market St.). Darnell and special guests, including Underground, Still Moon Servants and the Bullbuckers, it’s a Angela Sheik, bring a unique blend of acoustic worship, country and family-friendly festival that none of you should miss. And don’t world rhythms to CCAC Friday, June 1, with “A Night at the Loft.” dawdle—tickets will go fast ($15 in advance, $20 at the gate; kids Tickets are only $15; get them at the door or by calling 652-0101. under 12 are free). Get ‘em at If you have a penchant for the classical art form, join me for Last, but certainly not least, four words: Clifford. Brown. Jazz. two June dates not to be missed. First, the 50+ choristers of the Festival (June 13-18). Go there. Delaware Valley Chorale lift up their collective voices on Saturday, And, keep your ears open and ready for a live, musical summer!



6_Wilmington_Arts.indd 1

5/24/12 2:52 PM


TUESDAY, JUNE 5TH Flight Club Tuesdays 5:30pm-7:30pm Chelsea Tavern • 821 North Market Street

Alejandro Escovedo & the Sensitive Boys World Cafe Live at the Queen • 302.994.1400

Holy Trinity Greek Festival

Peace, Love & Poetry

• JAMM-O Comic-style art thru June 29 302.932.0738 • 701 Shipley Street

Mezzanine Gallery

• Paintings by Tara Funk Grim June 1 - June 29 302.577.8278 • 820 N. French St.

The Station Gallery

• Lynne Lockhart & Kirk McBride June 1 - June 30 302.654.8638 • 3922 Kennett Pike

every Tues 7-9pm • World Cafe Live at The Queen

Blue Rocks vs. Winston-Salem Dash

500 North Market Street • 302.994.1400

thru June 17th • Frawley Stadium


New Candlelight Theatre Comedy Club 2208 Millers Road • 302.475.2313

4W5 Blues Jam every Wednesday 7-9pm

World Cafe Live at the Queen • 302.994.1400


Epicurean Delights: Farm to Table Dinner • Green Room at the Hotel du Pont

Deadly Beloved: A Murder Mystery New Candlelight Theatre • 302.475.2313

11th & Market Streets • 302.594.3154


Lunchtime Concert Series

every other Wednesday at Noon Bellevue State Park • 302.761.6965

Earth from Space thru Sept. 10 Delaware Museum of Natural History 4840 Kennett Pike • 302.658.9111

Yoga in the Garden The DCH • 302.658.6262

Various Locations Buses WEDNESDAY, MAY 2

leave ND 5:45pm

from the DCCA, making the last return at approx. 8:30pm 302.576.2135 • 200 S. Madison Street

Johnny K and the JK Rockets

Opera Studios • 4 S. Poplar Street

Riverfront Wilmington • 302.383.1946

Father’s Day Brunch

Nature Explorers Club: Amazing

Wild About Dads! • Brandywine Zoo

Blue Rocks vs. Frederick Keys

Caveman • Arden Gild Hall

Amphibians • Brandywine Creek State Park 41 Adams Dam Road • 302.577.3534

thru June 3rd • Frawley Stadium 801 Shipyard Drive • 302.888.2015 2126 The Highway • 302.475.3126

2208 Millers Road • 302.475.2313


Art is Social • Delaware Art Museum

Third World • World Cafe Live at the Queen

Growing Green Thumb Kids

World Cafe Live at the Queen • 302.994.1400

World Cafe Live at the Queen • 302.994.1400

Meet the Artist: Nina Katchadourian Delaware Art Museum • 302.571.9590


Just Drag: A Summer Masquerade New Candlelight Theatre • 302.475.2313

The Botany of Beer

Lili Anel, E.B. Hawkins & Jordyn Gatti World Cafe Live at the Queen • 302.994.1400

I Am Heresy w/ Blackheart Ace


The DCH • 302.658.6262

Hagley’s Creek Kids: The Natural World 298 Buck Road East • 302.658.2400


Spaceboy Clothing • 302.225.9781


An Introduction to the Night Sky

Moms Let Loose and Sunday, June 10th New Candlelight Theatre • 302.475.2313

Claire Mann & Aaron Jones

Blue Ball Barn • 1914 W. Park Dr. • 302.456.3242

Bellevue State Park • 302.761.6963


Peanut Butter & Jams welcomes We Kids Rock Band

Full Moon Hike • Bellevue State Park 800 Carr Road • 302.761.6965

Blue Rocks vs. Lynchburg Hillcats

World Cafe Live at the Queen • 302.994.1400

thru June 30th • Frawley Stadium


2208 Millers Road • 302.475.2313


Naturalist-Guided Canoe Trip

Minas • World Cafe Live at The Queen 500 N Market Street • 302.994.1400

Brandywine Creek State Park • 302.577.3534

Mary Page Evans: Force of Nature

Blue Rocks vs. Carolina Mudcats

Aztec Two-Step: 40th Anniversary

Tric Town presents JC Brooks & the Uptown Sound

Fire Company Appreciation Day

World Cafe Live at the Queen • 302.994.1400

World Cafe Live at the Queen • 302.994.1400


The DCH • 302.658.6262


The Blackwell Solution presents Jazz on My Mind every Monday at 8pm

Finbar Furey

thru June 10 • One Greenville Crossing

500 N. Market Street • 302.994.1400


Delaware Chinese Festival thru June 24 Chinese American Community Center 1313 Little Baltimore Road • 302.239.0432

2301 Kentmere Pkwy • 302.571.9590

DFVA Greenville Summer Art Show

every Sun and Thurs at 6:30pm thru Aug 26th Bellevue State Park • 302.761.6965

Summer Solstice Labyrinth Walk

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 18TH Delaware Art Museum • 302.571.9590


I Am Lightning • Spaceboy Clothing 617 N. Market Street • 302.225.9781

Summer Concert Series

Ben Sollee • World Cafe Live at the Queen 500 North Market Street • 302.994.1400

World Cafe Live at the Queen • 302.994.1400

705 N. Market Street • 302.652.0101

Delaware Art Museum • 302.571.9590

1101 North Park Drive • 302.571.7747


Southern Culture on the Skids

Night at the Loft w/ Darnell Miller

June Blues • New Candlelight Theatre

Green Room at the Hotel du Pont 11th & Market Streets • 302.594.3154

Progressive Dinner & Private Gardens Tour The DCH • 302.658.6262

An Evening of Cabaret w/ A Broad’s Way • New Candlelight Theatre

Woodside Farm Creamery 1310 Little Baltimore Rd. • 302.239.9847


Kitchen Moments Cooking Demonstrations every Thursday

Green Room at the Hotel du Pont 11th & Market Streets • 302.594.3154

Sikar Lounge • 1624 Delaware Avenue

Wilmington City Gardens People’s Choice Tour • The DCH • 302.658.6262

Bootless Artworks presents Star Wars: A New Musical Hope thru June 17

on the Riverboat Queen every Thurs & Fri 7pm thru July 27

Hookah Vibe every Friday at 7pm

New Candlelight Theatre • 302.475.2313


All-You-Can-Eat Crab Cruises



Blue Rocks vs. Salem Red Sox

The Chris Robinson Brotherhood

thru June 13th • Frawley Stadium

World Cafe Live at the Queen • 302.994.1400

An Intimate Evening: Lindsey Buckingham World Cafe Live at the Queen • 302.994.1400

John Edward • Doubletree Hotel 800.432.7250 • 700 North King Street

Make Your Own Rain Barrel

Red, White & Zoo! and July 1st Brandywine Zoo • 302.571.7747

The DCH • 302.658.6262


thru June 7th • Frawley Stadium

Garden Party & Open House

Delaware Center for Horticulture (TheDCH) 1810 N. DuPont Street • 302.658.6262

find more at { }

6_Wilmington_Inside.indd 4


Unlabeled: Acoustic/Electric Open Mic

FRIDAY, JUNE 1ST Art on the Town

World Cafe Live at the Queen • 302.994.1400

thru June 9th • 808 North Broom Street

Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts

• Contraption thru June 23 • Entropy opens June 8 • Functioning Systems opens June 1st • Under Construction: Part One thru June 2 Part Two: thru June 10 302.656.6466 • 200 South Madison Street



Wilmington Pirate Festival

River Walk & Wine

Tubman-Garrett Riverfront Park 80 Rosa Parks Drive • 302.429.7447

DuPont Environmental Education Center 1400 Delmarva Lane • 302.656.1490




5/23/12 9:24 AM









DCM Speedway

Discover TheDCH Month

The 6

k. d. lang

Delaware Children’s Museum 550 Justison Street • 302.654.2340

Discover TheDCH w/ 14 Events in 30 days! 1810 North Dupont St. • 302.658.6262

Singer/Songwriter Showcase • Shipley Lofts 701 Shipley Street • 302.932.0738

The Grand Opera House 818 N Market Street • 302.658.7897





Born This Way Showcase

2012 Shady Grove Music Festival

The 2012 Man & Woman of the Year Grand Finale

Arden Shady Grove • 2126 The Highway 302.475.3126 •

Barclays • 125 South West Street 302.661.7300x28 •





St. Anthony's Italian Festival

Delaware Chamber Music Festival

Jack Hubley's Wild Neighbors

Meet the Artist: Mary Page Evans

Music School of Delaware • 302.762.1132 4101 Washington St. •

Mt. Cuba Center • 3120 Barley Mill Rd. 302.239.4244 •

Delaware Art Museum • 302.571.9590 2301 Kentmere Pkwy •





Grace Potter and the Nocturnals

DuPont Clifford Brown Jazz Festival

I Henry IV

100 Works for 100 Years

World Cafe Live at the Queen • 302.994.1400 500 N. Market St. •

Rodney Square • 11th & N. Market Streets 302.576.2139 •

The Field Theatre in Arden 2310 Woodland Lane • 302.475.3126

Delaware Art Museum 2301 Kentmere Pkwy • 302.571.9590

Arden Gild Hall 2126 The Highway • 302.475.3126

901 N Dupont St • 302.421.2790

Wilmo a Go-Go Car Show Poppycock Tattoo 115 West 8th Street • 302.543.7973


6_Wilmington_Inside.indd 5

5/23/12 9:19 AM

2011 Landscape Garden Category, 1st-place tie — Richard Franta

2011 Landscape Garden Category, 1st-place tie — Herman Boyd

YOU BE THE JUDGE! For its 30th anniversary, the Delaware Center for Horticulture invites the public to pick the winners in the City Gardens Contest By Elynsey Price

2011 Container Garden Category, 1st place — Wendy and Michael Simione

6 . DCH

6_Wilmington_DCH.indd 2

2011 Flower Garden Category, 1st place — Becky McLaughlin

June 2012

5/23/12 1:31 PM


ach summer for three decades, the Delaware Center for Horticulture (TheDCH) has sponsored the Wilmington City Gardens Contest. Free to enter and showcasing the work of proud gardeners from every neighborhood in the City, this friendly competition has cultivated urban greening and inspired civic pride among thousands of residents. Historically the gardens in the contest were evaluated by teams of volunteer judges. In celebration of the 30th anniversary this year, the judging is being opened to the public. Voting will be online for the newly-christened “Wilmington City Gardens People’s Choice Tour.” The City Gardens Contest began as a small neighborhood competition in South Wilmington. It grew to encompass gardens of every size in 17 categories, and gardeners of every age and experience in every nook and cranny throughout the city. Over the years more than 6,000 individuals have participated, either as entrants or as judges. “Gardening is contagious,” says Angela Kaiser, a former judge and resident of the Cool Spring Tilton Park neighborhood. “One of my favorite things about judging the City Gardens Contest is experiencing a little bit of paradise in areas of the City that otherwise don’t have any. So I’m excited that this year we’re opening up the gardens for everyone to see.” On the weekend of June 16-17 the public is invited to tour more than 50 private gardens in Wilmington. This tour offers a convenient way to get new ideas and ask questions of the people who created these urban oases. Gardens on the tour include small to big, simple to quite grand, as well as gardens that feature flowers, containers, water features, landscaping, vegetables and wildlife habitat. Tickets come with a printed map of all of the gardens. The tour is self-guided and the City is divided into four quadrants. Tour

2011 New Garden Category, 1st place — Matthew S. Weinert

attendees can drive or bike to as many gardens as they want from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. each day. They can then vote on TheDCH website to select their favorite garden within each quadrant. An awards ceremony will be held in September. “I think the new format is exciting,” says Betsey Ney, a long-time judge. “I also love the way the contest encourages City residents to beautify their neighborhoods and contribute to the quality of life for both the gardeners and the surrounding community. It will be great for everyone to have the opportunity to see the wonderful things that people are doing in the City.” Many of the gardens are created by homeowners, but some are the creations of renters, businesses and schools. Fire houses, homeless shelters, churches and other local groups also have also entered winning green spaces. Friendship House won an award last year, the first time it entered the contest. “We started our flower garden project for the women in our transitional housing program,” says Marcy Perkins, director of Women’s Ministry at Friendship House. “Being awarded a prize was icing on the cake. Our goal was to give the women an area of beauty to relax in at the end of their busy days. It has grown and blossomed with the help of many volunteers.” The Wilmington City Gardens People’s Choice Tour is the marquee event during Discover TheDCH Month. June at TheDCH features multiple garden tours, social events, educational workshops and family activities. The June lineup includes two other events celebrating the 30th anniversary of the City Gardens Contest: a photography exhibit in TheDCH Gallery of winning gardens from past years, and a Progressive Dinner & Private Gardens Tour of some of Wilmington’s most impressive gardens. “Everything we’ve planned is about celebrating what is going on within Wilmington, and letting the public see what gardeners and TheDCH have been doing for thirty years,” says Marcia Stephenson, TheDCH’s Special Events and Volunteer coordinator. “We invite tour participants to explore the City and discover hidden gems, perhaps in neighborhoods they’ve never set foot in before. If you go on this tour, we guarantee that you’ll be inspired.” Tickets for the tour are $10. To order, and for more information, go to

2011 Greenest Block Category, 1st-place tie — Fay Voshell; 1000 block North Monroe St. (tied with Tammie Rochelle, 1000 Block Kirk Ave.)

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Discover THE DCH What’s happening at the Delaware Center for Horticulture

Art Show Opening & Reception FRIDAY, June 1, 5:30 - 9:00 PM FREE & open to the public Celebrating 30 years of the Wilmington City Gardens Contest. Images of past winners on exhibit in the Gallery through end of June. Trolley Bazaar FRIDAY, June 1, 5:30 - 9:00 PM FREE & open to the public A one-night show of folk art, fine art and crafts. Garden Party & Open House MONDAY, June 4, 5:30 - 8:00 PM FREE & open to the public Enjoy a spring evening strolling through TheDCH gardens in Trolley Square with food from Sprout Gourmet, and wine tasting from Moore Brothers. Stretch Your Plant Budget TUESDAY, June 5, 6:30 - 7:30 PM Members/$15, Non-members/$20 Get the most bang for the buck in your garden through easy propagation. Learn which shrubs and perennials divide easily and how to do root cuttings of annuals. Taught by horticulturist and notorious cheapskate Andrew Olson. Includes cuttings to take home. 8 . DCH

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Garden Gems of Swarthmore TUESDAY, June 5, 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM Members/$75, Non-members/$85 Visit three spectacular private gardens in Swarthmore and tour Scott Arboretum with the curator. You will be welcomed to Hedgleigh Spring by author Charles Cresson; plantsmen’s paradise by Jeff Jabco and Joe Henderson; and Bevidere, Scott Arboretum curator Andrew Bunting’s garden. Transportation and lunch included. Space is limited. Yoga in the Garden WEDNESDAYS, June 6, 13, 20 & 27 Adult class First Session 5:30 to 6:30 PM Second Session 6:45 to 7:45 PM $40/member, $50/non-member (four-class series) Experience the beauty and tranquility of TheDCH Gardens while learning basic yoga poses and breathing techniques in this four-week series. Open to all skill levels. Wear comfortable clothing. Bring water and mat. Led by certified instructor Alice Davis. Classes held outside, weather permitting.

Progressive Dinner & Private Gardens Tour THURSDAY, June 7, 5:30 - 8:30 PM (RAIN DATE June 12) Members/$75, Non-members/$100 Celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the City Gardens Contest by visiting some of the best gardens in Wilmington while enjoying a delicious meal. Wine tasting from Deerfield Fine Wines, cheese from Taste Artisanal Market, main course from Sprout Gourmet, and desserts from Desserts by Dana. Growing Green Thumb Kids FRIDAY, June 8, 4:00 - 5:00 PM Members/$4, Non-members/$8 per child (parents free) A fun, educational workshop for parents with children ages 3 to 10 (older siblings welcome). Each child will learn about leaf shapes and paint a leaf mold to take home. Botany of Beer SATURDAY, June 9, 3:00 - 5:00 PM Members/$40, Non-members/$50 An afternoon of tasting, learning and talking about beer. We’ll cover the process of making beer and its botanical components, as well as styles of beer, what glasses to use and why the shape matters. Cost includes hearty, delicious snacks to accompany the beverages sponsored by Scratch Magoo’s and Veritas Wine and Spirits. Make Your Own Rain Barrel MONDAY, June 11, 7:00 - 8:30 PM Members/$45, Non-members/$55 No need to spend hundreds of dollars on a store-bought rain barrel when you can create one yourself ! We’ll show you how. All materials included in the registration fee. Must pre-register by June 6. TheDCH Game Night at the Wilmington Blue Rocks Thursday, June 14, Start time 7:05 PM Members/$7, Non-members/$10 Bring the family to Frawley Stadium for a fun evening celebrating two of America’s favorite pastimes: baseball and gardening! Win prizes by answering plant trivia questions and cheer on the Blue Rocks as they support trees in Wilmington with every run. Contact Joe Fargnoli to request TheDCH game night discounted tickets at 302.472.5701 or

June 2012

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Monday–Friday, 12–1:30PM. Willingtown Square at the Historical Society:


505 N. Market

SCHEDULE Monday, June 18: 6PM Monty Alexander 8PM All-Star Celebration of Lionel Hampton featuring Jason Marsalis, Kevin Mahogany, Candido, Robin Eubanks & Russell Gunn Tuesday, June 19: 6PM Claudio Roditi Septet 8PM Randy Weston’s African Rhythms Wednesday, June 20: 6PM Steve Wilson with Strings 8PM Christian McBride Big Band Thursday, June 21: 5PM Winston Byrd Quintet 8:30PM Ernie Watts Quintet


Monday–Friday 12–1:30PM. The Grand Opera House: 818 N. Market

Wednesday 12-1 PM.

Friday, June 22: 6PM Valerie Capers 7:30 PM TBA 9PM Jane Monheit with special guest Mark O’Connor

Monday: HB: The W.E.S. Group Willingtown: Sharon Sable with Shawn Qaissaunee

Saturday, June 23: 11AM-11:45AM: Warren Oree & The Arpeggio Jazz Ensemble Trio Presents Jazz for Young Audiences at Delaware Children’s Museum. Free with purchase of admission to DCM. 3PM Aaron Walker & Spiritual Rhythms 5PM “All These Miles”: The Arpeggio Jazz Ensemble plays the music of Miles Davis 7PM Hiromi: The Trio Project with Anthony Jackson & Simon Phillips 9PM Dee Dee Bridgewater

ityfest, Inc., in partnership with JazzReach Performing Arts & Education Association, Inc. (, is developing an all-original, live multi-media educational program for young audiences. The program will be tailored to promote the music, life and legacy of trumpeter, bandleader, and Wilmington native Clifford Brown. Established in 1994, JazzReach is a nationally recognized New York City-based 501(c) (3) not-forprofit organization dedicated to the promotion, performance, creation and teaching of jazz music. In response to the overwhelming need for supplementary arts programming, JazzReach has developed a unique and diverse repertoire of substantive, high quality

Tuesday: HB: Radam Schwartz with Paul Galonsky Willingtown: Tony Smith Wednesday: HB: Allyson Taylor Willingtown: Rob Swanson’s Terra Soul Project The Grand: Vox Prandium Thursday: HB: Ms. Pat and Somethin’ Different Willingtown: Aniya Friday: HB: Soul Fuego Willingtown: Spontaneous Underground

live educational programs for young audiences that are especially tailored to elucidate the art form and complement a broad range of students’ everyday classroom curriculum. The Clifford Brown Arts Education Program will debut in Wilmington with six performances (four student and two general public performances) scheduled over three days. The program will feature: • Live scripted narration • Live performance of repertoire closely associated with Mr. Brown by JazzReach’s Metta Quintet • Video projections featuring classic archival footage and images and/or animation


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Christian McBride

Claudio Roditi

Dee Dee Bridgewater

Jason Marsalis

Aaron Walker

Ernie Watts

Jane Monheit

2012 DUPONT CLIFFORD BROWN JAZ Aaron Walker and Spiritual Rhythms Born and raised in Memphis, this drummer, percussionist, composer, and bandleader can’t get enough of jazz music. In addition to his current band, Spiritual Rhythms, Walker has performed, toured, and recorded with a variety of jazz artists including Abbey Lincoln, George Colligan, and Suzzette Ortiz. All-Star Celebration of Lionel Hampton featuring Jason Marsalis, Kevin Mahogany, Candido, Robin Eubanks & Russell Gunn The Lionel Hampton Celebration is a collective that celebrates the music of an American icon, Lionel Hampton. The band features conga legend Candido and trombone master Robin Eubanks, vocalist Kevin Mahogany, 2010 NEA Jazz Master, Jason Marsalis and Grammy nominee Russell Gunn. Claudio Roditi “Master musician” is the phrase that may come to mind when thinking about Brazilian trumpet player, recording artist, and music teacher Claudio Roditi. This 66-year-old has 10 . DUPONT CLIFFORD BROWN JAZZ FESTIVAL

6_Wilmington_CoverPackage.indd 2

been studying music since age six; from there, he has gone on to travel, record 20 critically acclaimed albums, and perform with a variety of bands and artists. Christian McBride Philadelphia-born bassist, composer, arranger, educator, curator, and administrator, Christian McBride has remained one of the most influential jazz musicians for the past 20 years—which is saying a lot, since he isn’t yet 40 years old. He has worked in a variety of genres, including R&B, pop, rock, hip-hop, and even a little opera. Dee Dee Bridgewater Denise Eileen Garrett, or “Dee Dee,” was exposed to jazz while growing up in Michigan, thanks to her father, who played and taught jazz music. As she grew up, she formed jazz bands and began touring, and eventually met her husband, Cecil Bridgewater, also a jazz musician. She has won prestigious awards such as the 1976 Grammy for “Best Musical Show Album,” and now spends her time touring around the country.

Ernie Watts Watts was just a teenager when he picked up a saxophone for the first time. But 50 years later, he has become a two-time Grammy Award winner, a featured artist in over 500 albums, and a recording studio founder for Flying Dolphin Records in 2004. Hiromi Japan-born keyboardist and composer, Hiromi Uehara debuted in 2003 with her first album, Another Mind. With her creative energy and sophisticated sound, she instantly caught the attention of listeners around the world. Since then, she has recorded five more albums, all of which won awards, such as the Guinness Jazz Festival’s Rising Star Award. Jane Monheit This Long Island, N.Y, native began singing professionally when she was in high school. She has released seven albums and was a featured performer at the nationally televised Christmas at the White House. Monheit appeared as a guest on television shows such as The View and The Today Show. She spends most of the year on tour with her band, consisting of JUNE 2012

5/23/12 2:12 PM

Mark O’Connor


Valerie Capers

Randy Weston

The Arpeggio Jazz Ensemble

Winston Byrd

Steve Wilson

WN JAZZ FESTIVAL PERFORMER BIOS pianist Michael Kanan, bassist Neal Miner, and Rick Montalbano on drums. Mark O’Connor At the age of 13, O’Connor won the prestigious “Grand Masters Fiddle Championships” in Nashville, competing against musicians of all ages. His childhood awards set the stage for his adulthood, when he won two Grammy Awards. His music tends to cross genres—a mix of composing, arranging, and recording folk, classical, and jazz music. Monty Alexander For the past 50 years, pianist Monty Alexander has embraced a mix of American jazz and music from his home country, Jamaica. When he was a teenager his family moved to America, where he caught the eye of a New York City club owner while playing with an orchestra. Since then, he has performed and worked with many artists, including Frank Sinatra, recorded over 70 albums, and currently tours around the world.

Randy Weston African Rhythms This pianist and composer has been one of the leading innovators and visionaries of the jazz genre for the past 60 years. His style embraces the rhythmic heritage of Africa while blending specialized jazz techniques. Steve Wilson This saxophone, flute, and clarinet player from Virginia has won critical acclaim as a bandleader. He’s been featured on more than 100 recordings of celebrated artists, such as Chick Corea and Geoge Duke. He currently co-leads a trio with pianist Renee Rosnes and bassist Peter Washington when he isn’t touring with the Grammy-winning Maria Schneider Orchestra, Christian McBride & Inside Straight, and more. Valerie Capers Hailing from the Bronx, Dr. Valerie Capers obtained her bachelor’s and master’s at The Juilliard School of Music. She went on to teach music at several colleges and universities around the country, where she won awards such as

the National Endowment for the Arts for her outstanding teaching and performing. The Arpeggio Jazz Ensemble Every member of this group is a composer, which lends to a versatile sound that appeals to a variety of audiences. The band has performed internationally, including Brazil, Bermuda, Europe, and the Dominican Republic. Their nine CDs, including the most recent, Man Bites Dog, vary from soft and melodic to energetic. Winston Byrd Instead of going to college when he graduated from high school in 1991, this trumpet player decided to dedicate himself to a life of jazz music. As a well-rounded performer, he can play a variety of musical styles, including classical and pop. He recently put together an 18-piece big jazz band in Los Angeles, with compositions from popular musicians such as Frank Foster, Thad Jones, and Alan Broadbent, to name a few.


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1 4








1. Amtrak Station 2. Opera Delaware Studios/City Theater Co. 3. Wilmington Youth Rowing Assn., WYRA.ORG 4. Tubman-Garrett Riverfront Park 5. Residences at Christina Landing 6. Asnan Sushi Bar & Asian Cuisine, ASNANRESTAURANTS.COM 7. Harry’s Seafood Grill / Riverfront Market, HARRYS-SAVOY.COM 8. Delaware Theatre Co., DELAWARETHEATRE.ORG 9. FireStone Roasting House, FIRESTONERIVERFRONT.COM 10. Cosi at the Barclays Crescent Building, GETCOSI.COM

6_Wilmington_Riverfront.indd 2


11. Hare Pavilion/Riverwalk 12. AAA Mid-Atlantic Travel Center, AAAMIDATLANTIC.COM 13. Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts, THEDCCA.ORG 14. Justison Landing, Currie Hair, Skin & Nails, CURRIEDAYSPA.COM Veritas Wine & Spirits, VERITASWINESHOP.COM 15. Kooma, KOOMASUSHI.COM CrossFit Riverfront, CFRIVERFRONT.COM 16. Delaware Children’s Museum, DELAWARECHILDRENSMUSEUM.ORG

5/23/12 9:38 AM



26 24 23





17 19

21 16 28




17. Joe’s Crab Shack, JOESCRABSHACK.COM 18. Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant, IRONHILLBREWERY.COM 19. Public Docks 20. Big Fish Grill, BIGFISHRIVERFRONT.COM 21. Frawley Stadium, BLUEROCKS.COM Delaware Sports Museum & Hall of Fame 22. Chase Center on the Riverfront, CENTERONTHERIVERFRONT.COM 23. Dravo Plaza & Dock 24. Shipyard Center Planet Fitness, PLANETFITNESS.COM

6_Wilmington_Riverfront.indd 3

25. Timothy’s Restaurant, TIMOTHYSONTHERIVERFRONT.COM Molly’s Old Fashioned Ice Cream, MOLLYSICECREAM.COM Ubon Thai Restaurant 26. Wilmington Rowing Center, WILMINGTONROWING.ORG 27. Russell W. Peterson Urban Wildlife Refuge/ DuPont Environmental Education Center, DUPONTEEC.ORG 28. DART Park-n-Ride Lot

Photo by Dick Dubroff of Final Focus Photography

5/23/2012 9:54:35 AM

Katie Reynolds — Wilmington Skyline at Sunset

Nick Vinson — The Kalmar Nyckle Heading Home

PHOTO CONTEST FINALISTS RIVERFRONT EVENTS Blue Rocks Vs. Frederick Keys June 1-3 Frawley Stadium visit for more information on game times and promotions. Family Canoeing in the Marsh Saturday, June 2, 10:30-12:30am Canoe in the Russell W. Peterson Urban Wildlife Refuge with the whole family. Look out for wading Great Blue Herons, diving Osprey and swimming turtles. Bring a lunch to enjoy on the water. DuPont Environmental Education Center 8th Annual Riverfront Camaro Show Sunday, June 3 An auto show dedicated exclusively to the Chevrolet Camaro and its sister model, the Pontiac Firebird. The event is open to all Camaros and Firebirds including stock, modified, pro street, race cars and even daily drivers. Spectator admission is free. cfm?club=dvrcc Dravo Plaza 14 . Life on the Riverfront

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Blue Rocks Vs. Carolina Mudcats June 4-7 Frawley Stadium visit for more information on game times and promotions.

3rd Annual Beat MPS 5K Run/Walk Sunday, June 10 Registration begins at 7:45am Race begins at 8:30am Dravo Plaza

Meet Mr. Turtle Tuesday, June 5, 10:30-11:30am Meet turtles up close and personal! Examine their shell, count their scutes, listen to a turtle story and eat a terrapin snack. Take a walk on the boardwalk to look where turtles live in the marsh. Parent participation required (no extra fee). DuPont Environmental Education Center

Blue Rocks Vs. Salem Red Sox June 11-13 Frawley Stadium visit for more information on game times and promotions.

Parents Night Out! Friday, June 8, 6:30-8:30pm Let mom and dad loose to have dinner along Wilmington’s Riverfront while you stay at DEEC and have all the fun with games, a scavenger hunt and an evening hike. Dinner provided. Parents receive a coupon for Timothy’s Riverfront Grill. DuPont Environmental Education Center 20th Annual Arthur J. Turner Jr. Scholarship 5K Saturday, June 9 Regsitration begins at7:30am Race begins at 8:45am Dravo Plaza

Riverwalk & Wine Tuesday, June 12 Enjoy an interpretive walk of the Wilmington Riverfront’s cultural and natural history with Sally O’Byrne, author of Wilmington’s Waterfront, Delaware Nature Society board member and Delmarva Ornithological Society president. Finish at Veritas Wine. DuPont Environmental Education Center Blue Rocks Vs. Winston-Salem Dash June 14-17 Frawley Stadium visit for more information on game times and promotions.

5/23/12 9:39 AM


Joanne Moretti — Fall Park

Jennifer Reed — In Light

In January, the Riverfront Development Corporation of Delaware (RDC) announced the details to its 2012 Riverfront Wilmington Photo Contest. Ranging in theme from riverfront celebrations to inspiring skylines, more than 100 entries were submitted. As promised, our judges narrowed the competition down to their Top Four picks. Now it’s your turn…Go to to vote for your favorite Wilmington Riverfront photo. The winning photographer will be featured in the July issue of Out & About Magazine. Voting deadline: Friday, June 15.

Summer Showers Saturday, June 16 10-11:30am Boom, crash, bang! Discover the science of thunderstorms. Create rainbows and mimic the sound of a summer shower with your own rain stick designed from natural materials. DuPont Environmental Education Center Your Artistic Nature Monday - Friday, June 18-22, 8:30-3:00pm What better place to cultivate your creativity than Wilmington’s freshwater tidal marsh? Learn from a professional author and illustrator how to translate your love of nature into works of art. Sketch your observations in nature journals, take photos from the River Taxi, build a sculpture from found objects, and visit the Delaware Center for Contemporary Art. Finish the week setting up your own art exhibit to show off to family and friends. DuPont Environmental Education Center Canoeing the Christina River Saturday, June 23, 1:30-5:30pm Ride the Tide on the Christina at the height of summer splendor. Ride with the tide upstream, exploring wilderness in the

6_Wilmington_Riverfront.indd 5

midst of suburbia. When the tide turns, we will turn with it following the curves of the natural stream, noting some of the historic changes made by man and seeing how nature has reclaimed it. DuPont Environmental Education Center Miles for Children 5K Run/Walk Saturday, June 23 Registration begins at 8:00am Race begins at 9:00am Joes Crab Shack Duck, Duck, Goose Sunday, June 24, 3-5pm Wetlands are home to variety of waterfowl. Learn about the ducks and geese that live here, take a walk to search for favorite waterfowl habitats. Meet a pair of live Mallard ducks and enjoy a flight demonstration in our indoor “duck lab.” DuPont Environmental Education Center

Blue Rocks Vs. Lynchburg Hillcats June 28-30 Frawley Stadium visit for more information on game times and promotions. Wilmington Pirate Festival Saturday and Sunday, June 29-30 Tubman-Garrett Riverfront Park All-You-Can-Eat Crab Cruises Every Thursday starting at 7pm, and Every Friday starting at 7pm. Looking for something fun and exciting to do this summer in the Wilmington Area? Then come see us for a unique experience right here on the Wilmington Riverfront. This summer we will be running more all-you can-eat crab cruises. Riverboat Queen

Walk for Lupus Now Delaware 2K or 4K Walk Sunday, June 24 Registration begins at7:30am Walk begins at 8:30am Dravo Plaza

5/23/12 9:39 AM


Traditional Event, New Twist The traditional St. Anthony of Padua’s Italian Festival, set for June 10 through June 17, will introduce some changes this year. In addition to live Italian and contemporary music, authentic Italian food, rides, games, and more, the festival will highlight Sicily with a Sicilian Garden and an Il Mercato (market) featuring items that are sold in the shops of Sicily. Also this year, the 10th annual Gala Concert will feature a variety of celebrated artists, talented musicians, and stirring works. The concert will begin at 3 p.m. on Sunday, June 10, in St. Anthony of Padua Church. It will include the debut of St. Anthony’s new pipe organ, custom-built for the church. Noted organist Paul Fleckenstein will demonstrate the capabilities of this impressive instrument for concert attendees. The food is one of the biggest draws to the week-long event, and 2012 will be no exception. The Antonian Surfside café will get an overhaul and will become the Little Italy Riviera, with Ryan German of Caffe Gelato partnering for a new menu of Italian favorites and seafood specialties. The area will also have nightly entertainment, including beer tastings and Quizzo. For more information about the festival, visit

New Urban Farm Apprentice Joins DCH Linda Evans has been named The Delaware Center for Horticulture’s (TheDCH) new Farm Apprentice at the Urban Farm in Wilmington’s 11th Street Bridge Neighborhood. Evans, a New Castle native who lives in Wilmington with her young son, attended Delaware Technical Community College and is a recent graduate of the TheDCH’s Return to Work horticultural skills training program for ex-offenders. While training, she helped plant 450 trees to advance a community

6_Wilmington_CityNotesWRC.indd 2

initiative to reforest the City of Wilmington, and emerged as a natural leader. “With her incredible work ethic, commitment to TheDCH, and her experience last year, she was clearly the best candidate,” says Tara Tracy, TheDCH’s urban agriculture manager. Evans joins Tracy and urban farmer Alice Goodfellow Davis, as well as a committed core of volunteers at the Urban Farm, established at the corner of 12th and Brandywine streets. The project was created to empower residents to grow their way out of the “food desert” problem many urban communities face, and

to build a sense of community by working together to produce fresh vegetables and fruits. “Linda had a ‘can-do’ work attitude as the Urban Farm intern during the 2011 growing season,” says Davis. “Her problem-solving abilities made the farm more efficient and productive. We look forward to great things in 2012.” “I am excited about farming in Wilmington, and having my son and others taste the fresh vegetables that I grow, especially green beans, which are one of my favorites,” says Evans. TheDCH cultivates greener communities statewide through horticulture, education and conservation. Founded in 1977, TheDCH’s Trolley Square headquarters includes public gardens, an art gallery, lecture hall, atrium, and greenhouse. For more information, visit Family Fun Kickoff Part of Cabot Community Tour On Saturday, June 16, the Wilmington Family Fun Kickoff will be held in TubmanGarrett Park on the Riverfront from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. The event is part of the 2012 Cabot Community Tour, which began in Miami and includes eight major stops along the East Coast throughout the next few months. The 2012 Community Tour was created to “celebrate those who give their hearts, time and skills to strengthen communities.” The Wilmington event, which is free and open to the public, will showcase local community and nonprofit organizations. Proceeds from vendor fees will benefit the Food Bank of Delaware. The AARP will be on hand to collect non-perishable food items for the Food Bank. Each person who donates an item will be entered to win a special prize. For more information, visit communitytour. coop or Rodney Square Gets A Makeover One of Downtown Wilmington’s most recognizable and prominent locations, Rodney Square, is in the midst of a multi-phase makeover. After nearly four years of planning, the first phase of a landscape improvement project began in early May. First proposed in November of 2008, the project is a collaboration between the City, the Delaware Center for Horticulture and the Delaware Department of Transportation (DelDOT), with financial support from a host of public and private sources. According to Wilmington Mayor James M. Baker, the impetus for the project was the need to replace the trees surrounding the park. “Rodney Square is the City’s premier open space,” says Baker. “Thousands of people walk through or around the square every day. As part of our efforts to properly maintain the

5/23/12 9:40 AM

space so that people continue to enjoy its shade and beauty, we needed to find a solution to a uniquely urban problem--how to grow healthy trees in a small, impervious area.” The multi-faceted project includes replacing the sickly trees surrounding the square; upgrading the sidewalk, curbs, and curb ramps around the park; installing new pedestrian crosswalks and decorative lighting fixtures; and mitigating storm water runoff, which introduces pollutants to the park’s soil. Phase One of the project, estimated to cost $1 million, will address the 10th Street and King Street boundaries of the park. It’s scheduled for completion in mid-November. A start date and estimated cost has not yet been determined for Phase Two, which will address the 11th Street side of the square. The Market Street side of Rodney Square was renovated 10 years ago. Mayor Baker found a solution by turning to TheDCH—the Wilmington-based organization that has worked with the City on many other horticultural projects and agreed to manage the Rodney Square landscape improvement project. According to Pam Sapko, executive director of TheDCH, the current trees were planted in the early to mid-1990s and have not thrived due to insufficient soil volume and soil compaction. “In order to replace the trees, we needed to identify a way to renovate the surrounding hardscape and retrofit the existing design to incorporate the greatest soil volume possible,” says Sapko. “Rodney Square’s new landscape design and under-the-sidewalk structural engineering to prevent soil compaction will result in fewer trees, but ultimately larger and healthier trees for this community park in downtown Wilmington.” The bulk of the project’s cost, $800,000, was provided through federal funds; the remaining $200,000 in matching funds was provided by the City of Wilmington ($50,000), the Garden Club of Wilmington ($30,000), and Transportation Enhancement funds from the following Delaware legislators: Sen. Robert I. Marshall, District 3 ($25,000); Rep. Dennis P. Williams, District 10 ($25,000); Rep. Gerald Brady, District 4 ($20,000); Rep. James Johnson, District 16 ($15,000), Rep. John L. Mitchell, District 13 ($15,000), and Rep. Stephanie T. Bolden, District 2 ($20,000). Finally, Mayor Baker thanked DuPont, M&T Bank, and Bank of America for donating $3,000 each to pay for the new trees. For more information, visit

Wilmington Renaissance Corporation •

WRC News T

his month the festival season kicks into high gear, and Wilmington is at the center of it all. The fun kicks off with the Holy Trinity Greek Festival from Tuesday to Saturday, June 5-9,

from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. each day. The grounds surrounding Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church at

9th and Broom streets will quickly become a feast for the senses. Traditional Greek music, dancing and food are the main attractions, with children’s activities and Greek vendors also in the mix. For lunch, a free shuttle service will be available from 9th and Market streets Tuesday through Friday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. For those who can’t dine-in for lunch, the festival offers a new service of curbside pick-up from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. every day. For more information, visit greekfestival. The cultural celebrations continue with St. Anthony’s Italian Festival from Sunday, June 10, to Sunday, June 17. The area surrounding St. Anthony of Padua Church becomes a taste of Italy with authentic food, music and experiences straight from the native land of many of those who live in Little Italy. For 2012, the festival’s cultural focus is Sicily—Italy’s island paradise. Some of the food cafes will get makeovers to offer new specialties designed to tempt the taste buds. Of course there is plenty of fun for the kids, with amusement rides and games on the midway. For more details, visit A new event joins the Wilmington scene this year—the Wilmington Family Fun Kickoff. It takes place in Tubman-Garrett Park on the Riverfront on Saturday, June 16, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. The free event will include live entertainment, a Passport to the Outdoors Prize Packet giveaway, children’s activities, a sports zone and more. The event is part of Cabot Cheese’s 2012 Community Tour, which celebrates communities from Miami, up the East Coast, closely following the route of the East Coast Greenway and culminating in Portland, Maine. For more information, visit The Delaware Center for Horticulture is growing more than just plants and flowers. This year marks the 30th Anniversary of the City Gardens Contest and, to celebrate, the contest will include a tour of some of the most interesting, creative and stunning gardens in the city. Gardeners from all over Wilmington will share flower gardens, water features, potted gardens, vegetables, outdoor artwork and more. There is no cost to have a garden on the tour, but tour-goers must purchase $10 tickets. Tour dates are Saturday, June 16, and Sunday, June 18, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. For more information, visit The DuPont Clifford Brown Jazz Festival returns to Rodney Square this year from June 18 to June 23. The event celebrating live jazz music typically draws nearly 40,000 people to the downtown. The live entertainment is free. Attendees are encouraged to bring chairs or blankets to relax and enjoy the smooth jazz sounds on the square. Food and drink vendors are also on hand for refreshment. For more information, visit Another return event this summer is Wilmington Beer Week, when restaurants of Wilmington shine a spotlight on that favorite summer beverage—beer. This year’s shenanigans will be held for one week, beginning July 14. The week will feature special dinner pairings, with chef creations and craft beers, a city-wide happy hour, dinners and receptions with brewers and more. For more information and details, visit

Every month we feature a few of the staff’s favorite things that are happening in the city. Our favorites for June include: 1. Spaceboy Clothing on the 600 Block of Market Street not only has fun, unique t-shirts, but can also do custom designs. 2. Photographers Luigi Ciuffetelli and Scott Hewitt opened their studio on an upper floor of 605 N. Market St. 3. Scott’s in the Community Service Building is a perfect spot to grab a quick breakfast or lunch. 4. Designs by Keiko on Orange Street features women’s clothing and accessories. 6_Wilmington_CityNotesWRC.indd 3

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Out & About Magazine - June 2012 - Annual Music Issue  

Since 1988, Out & About has informed our audience of entertainment options in Greater Wilmington through a monthly variety magazine. Today,...

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