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Our Sports & Food Issue New UD Grid Coach Shows His Game Face Firefly Shines Bright Lights on Delaware Talking Craft Beer with Area Suds Sisters

FLIP OUT! Our passion for burgers inspires crazy creations

AUGUST 2013 CO M P L I M E N TA R Y VOL. 26 | NO. 6

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Everyone loves Keno Keno isn't just a game, it's a catalyst for fun. So grab some friends and play some Keno. It's a whole new party–every four minutes. See where Keno is playing in your area at delottery.com/keno

You must be 18 years old to play. Delaware Gambling Helpline: 1-888-850-8888.

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A DUI conviction follows you everywhere. It’s a criminal offense that you can’t hide from. In Delaware, expect checkpoints every week, everywhere. Learn more at DUIRealTime.com.






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personalized education. affordable tuition. Crystal Rush


B.S. in Organizational Management, 2013 | M.B.A. student

Earn an MBA that’s relevant in the marketplace. Theory meets practice in Wilmington University’s IACBE-accredited MBA programs. Students learn to analyze critical business challenges and create innovative strategic plans under the direction of faculty with real-world experience. Gain the skills you need to meet the changing demands of the global business market. WilmU programs fit your life, with flexible schedules, multiple classroom locations, and 100% online options.


Classes start every eight weeks. Apply today at wilmu.edu/MBA

1-877-456-7003 | wilmu.edu/MBA Wilmington University is a private, nonprofit institution and member of the Delaware Alliance for Nonprofit Advancement (DANA). 4 AUGUST 2013 | OUTANDABOUTNOW.COM

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Out & About Magazine Published each month by TSN Media, Inc. All rights reserved. Mailing & business address: 307 A Street, Wilmington, DE 19801

our staff Publisher Gerald duPhily • jduphily@tsnpub.com Contributing Editor Bob Yearick • ryearick@comcast.net Director of Publications Jim Hunter Miller • jmiller@tsnpub.com Director of Sales Marie Graham Poot • mgraham@tsnpub.com Creative/Production Manager Matthew Loeb • mloeb@tsnpub.com Art Director Shawna Sneath • ssneath@tsnpub.com Contributing Writers Matt Amis, Krista Connor, Ed Dwornik, Christine Facciolo, Mark Fields, Pam George, Robert Lhulier, Allan McKinley, J. Burke Morrison, John Murray, Larry Nagengast, Scott Pruden Contributing Photographers Joe del Tufo, Tim Hawk, Donnell Hill, Les Kipp, Tony Kukulich, Matt Urban Interns Sarah Coonin, Millard Adam Vaughn. Elnora Nesbitt Contributing Designer Tyler Mitchell Special Projects John Holton, Kelly Loeb

41 39 what’s inside Start


7 War On Words

41 Fat Tire Arrives


47 Spirited

11 By the Numbers

49 Beer Buzz

13 Worth Trying

Focus 19 Ready for Kick-Off New UD grid coach Dave Brock shows his game face. By Matt Amis

31 Building A Better Burger

15 Day Trippin’

LISTEN 58 Tuned In


Our passion for burgers is inspiring crazy creations. And restaurants at all levels are buying in. By Pam George

61 Musikarmageddon

27 Places for the Game

43 Suds Sisters

35 5 Questions 37 Great Veggie Burgers


38 Farmer & Chef South

Prominent women in the local craft beer industry talk favorite brews, surprises and more.

63 Film Reviews

By Krista Connor

39 Burger Battle Returns

66 Batter Up—Part II

50 Firefly Lights Up Delaware ON THE COVER: Kid Shelleen’s provided their tasty California burger for us to shoot on their deck. photo by Shawna Sneath

Images and impressions from the biggest outdoor rock concert in Delaware history. Photos by Joe del Tufo

For editorial & advertising information: 302.655.6483 • Fax 302.654.0569 Website: outandaboutnow.com Email: contact@tsnpub.com AUGUST 2013 | OutAndAbOutNow.com

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BEHIND THE WHEEL? Aggressive driving is more than just speeding. If you ignore signs, tailgate, cut people off and roll through stop signs, law enforcement is looking for you. Find out if you’re That Guy at AggressiveDrivingDE.com


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A writer/editor’s slightly snarky and relentless crusade to eliminate grammatical gaffes from our everyday communications

Compiled from the popular column in Out & About Magazine

THE WAR ON WORDS Wherein we attempt, however futilely, to correct some of the most common errors in English usage

Media Watch •From a review o the movie The Heat in (you guessed it) Spark: “She ostracizes hersel . . .” You can isolate yoursel or insulate yourself, but you cannot ostracize yourself. That is up to others. •A newscaster on WDEL and the error-prone Mike Barnicle on Morning Joe both recently told a guest, after introducing a subject: “Speak to that.” You speak to people or animals. You speak about subjects in the news. Somehow broadcasters have decided that this rather strange phrase sounds more professional than, say, “What are your thoughts on that?” Tack This One Up Tack and tact are often confused. Tack is a sailing term describing a change in course made by turning the vessel or sail. Some writers confuse this with the noun tact (diplomacy, discretion). This may be because it suggests an unrelated but similar term – “changing tactics.” For instance, “He decided to use a different tact (read: tack) to win her affections.” Department of Redundancies Dept. From another section o the aforementioned movie review: “. . . launting her accomplishments makes her a pariah on the force and her co-workers loathe working with her.” A pariah is “any person or animal that is generally despised or avoided.” Readers Write •First, a comment on the writing style employed in this column. In the June issue, I used this sentence: “The media loves it some prepositions.” In July, the word didja appeared in a boldface subhead. Both elicited emails from two different readers asking why this incorrect language had been allowed. I responded that the column is written in an informal style, so slang terms and colloquialisms occasionally appear. On relection, however, I decided that “The War on Words,” after all, is about correct use o the language, so intentional mistakes should not be allowed, even in an effort to convey either informality or humor. In the future, I will do my best to avoid using incorrect terms, and I trust, dear readers, that you will remind me i I should fail.

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By Bob Yearick

•A reader recently spotted this online headline: “Miss Connecticut Takes the Reigns.” As she begins her reign, she is iguratively taking in hand the reins to her kingdom. •Hanns Derke, o Avondale, calls to our attention the current Ford TV spot that uses the phrase “wherever your destination takes you” (Which is also, he notes, “a favorite o airline light attendants upon landing”). Says Hanns: “Your destination does not take you. Rather, it is where you are taken by whatever means (car, plane, bus, etc.) you employ.” •Frequent contributor Larry Kerchner says when he logs onto the internet he’s often greeted by a pop-up ad with the heading “Whose been arrested in Wilmington!” While discounting the idea that there’s a criminal out there named Whose, Larry points out that the word should be Who’s. •Another reader laments the many “bright people” (her words) who “cannot deal with the past tense o drink (or sink, for that matter). Invariably the (incorrect) choice is drunk (or sunk) rather than the decidedly more attractive (and correct) choice, drank (or sank).” She adds that one o the all-time misuses o the past tense is in the movie title Honey, I Shrunk the Kids. •Jane Buck sent in this promotional message in which a Bear restaurant waxed lyrical: “Aw yes (That would be Ah yes, followed by a comma) it’s fun time! July is upon us and we’re in the throws (That would be throes) o summertime.”

Seen a good (bad) one lately? Send your candidates to ryearick@comcast.net

Literally of the Month “He literally turned the advertising world upside down”– The normally impeccable Charles Osgood, host of Sunday Morning, speaking of a photographer who shot a pyramid reflected in a wine glass. Please, Charles. We expect more of you.

7/24/13 8:31 AM

eclipse bistro

taverna rustic italian






PlatinumDiningGroup.com 816 AUGUST MARCH 2013 2013 || OutAndAbOutNow.com OUTANDABOUTNOW.COM

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F.Y.I. M

Meals On Wheels begins pre-sale in August

Things you absolutely need to know

Compiled by Sarah Coonin

SEE YOU OUTSIDE New program challenges Delawareans to explore


eared toward those who think embracing nature means watching Animal Planet, the “See You Outside Challenge” is part of a summer-long initiative to promote exploration of Delaware’s natural offerings. The program, lasting from May 10 through Nov. 5, was created by Delaware Greenways and The Nature Conservancy to remind Delawareans that experiencing nature is easy and convenient. Activities such as hiking, canoeing, sightseeing and outdoor concerts were chosen specifically for people of all ages and abilities in hopes of increasing their awareness of Delaware’s natural beauty, and gaining support in protecting it. “Why sit on your couch,” says Delaware Greenways Managing Director David Hunt, “when there is so much to do right outside your front door?” Completing one or more of 40 activities and taking a photo of the sites visited qualifies participants for a drawing to win a $500 Trail Creek Outfitters gift card, among other prizes. Find registration and additional information at www.syodelaware.org.

eals On Wheels has moved its sixth annual “Stock Up For Seniors” fundraiser to October to allow guests to beat the holiday rush on premium cookware items selling for up to 80 percent off. The sale will be held at the Emile Henry Warehouse in New Castle on Thursday, Oct. 10, beginning at 5:30 p.m. for VIP private shoppers and 6:30-9 p. m. for general admission shoppers. Refreshments, desserts and healthy holiday cooking demonstrations will be provided throughout the evening. This year’s pre-sale VIP tickets will go on sale online at 10 a.m. Thursday, Aug. 1, for $100 each. General admission tickets will be on sale Monday, Aug. 5, for $25 and $30 at the door. For additional information and ticket sales, visit www.mealsonwheelsde.org.



TECHNOLOGY, ENTERTAINMENT, DESIGN Wilmington hosts second year of TEDx Talks


EDxWilmington, a local and independently organized version of the TED Conference, will bring people together for the second year to share a “TED-like experience.” The annual TED Conference, based in California, hosts discussion and presentations on three subjects: technology, entertainment and design. The TEDxWilmington event is set for Wednesday, Aug. 7, at the World Cafe Live at The Queen. It will include TEDTalk videos, 24 accomplished and innovative speakers, and group discussions. Speakers will include Emmy Award winners, bestselling authors and technologists, all with a passion for positive ideas and innovative thinking. Tickets are limited and can be purchased at www. Tedxwilmington2013.eventbrite.com. For more details, visit www. tedxwilmington.com.

ShopRite holds Rooftop Movie Series



Blood Bank hosts Happy Hour

he Under the Stars Rooftop Movie Series continues this month with a spotlight on Steven Spielberg films from the ‘80s. Sponsored by The Kenny Family Foundation, owners of ShopRite, the series is held each Tuesday night on the rooftop of ShopRite on South Walnut Street. Doors open at 7 p.m. Guests are encouraged to bring lawn chairs and blankets. The series started in July and will continue until Sept. 17. Food and drinks will be available for purchase. Tickets are $6 a person and $3 for children 12 years and under. See the Facebook page: www.facebook. com/UnderTheStarsRooftopMovies for more information.


his month donating blood could score you free beer! The Blood Bank of Delmarva will conduct a blood drive from Aug. 12 to Sept. 5 at its Wilmington Donor Center, and donors will receive an invitation to the “Pint for A Pint” Happy Hour, entitling them to a pint of Twin Lakes craft beer paid for by the Blood Bank. The Happy Hour will be held Friday, Sept. 6, at the Ernest & Scott Taproom from 5-7 p. m. For additional information, see delmarvablood.org. For appointments, call 888-8-BLOOD-8.


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7/25/13 11:37 AM

better with a cold glass of perfectly served craft What goes beer than a burger? If you started trying to think of

something, then you might want to Google the word “rhetorical”. Nobody really wants an answer, because everyone wants the excuse to eat something as decadent and delicious as one of our burger-based creations. Come give one a try at a 2SP near you.

The Two Stones Philosophy:


There’s no point without YOU.


At twostonespub.com Wilmington 302.439.3231 Newark 302.294.1890

10 AUGUST 2013 | OutAndAbOutNow.com

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7/25/13 11:38 AM


by the numbers A few burger facts for your enjoyment

75 49¢

Number of hamburgers McDonald’s sells per second around the world.


Average number of hamburgers eaten per capita by Americans each week.





Cost of a Big Mac when it was introduced in 1968.

40 Percent of all sandwiches sold that are burgers.


+ $5000 Cost of the world’s most expensive burger, the FleurBurger, sold at Fleur restaurant in Las Vegas.

= $6


$3 Craft Drafts & .50¢ Wings

The typical American child sees 20,000 junk food ads a year

2 West Market Street (Corner of Market & James Streets) | Newport, DE 302.998.6903 | jstavern.com


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7/24/13 3:16 PM

9.6.13 • 8 PM – 11 PM • $5 ENTRY FEE • $1 – $4 BEER & GLASSES OF WINE Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School of Philadelphia is back for this exciting event celebrating French Twist: Masterworks of Photography from Atget to Man Ray! Professional and amateur artists alike are invited to sketch costumed models while enjoying drinks, music, and vintage French prints. Oh là là! UPcoming EvEntS: BBQ & BLUEgRASS 8.15.13 • 6 Pm – 9 Pm • $30 – $35 • BBQ buffet, live music, and cash bar. DoggY DAYS oF SUmmER 8.16.13 • 6 Pm – 8 Pm • Free • in partnership with Delaware Humane Association.

For more information and tickets, visit delart.org

2301 Kentmere Parkway | Wilmington, DE | 302.571.9590 | delart.org Sodexo is a food and beverage partner. Image provided by Dr. Sketchy. Photograph by Maria Mack Photography.

UDforYouBusyProf_OA080013_UDforYouBusyProf_OA080013 7/23/13 1:38 PM Page 1

UD is for you.

Register now!

You need knowledge that will make a difference in the real world—and you need it fast. UD certificates deliver practical, use-it-the-next-day skills in a short time. The programs are scheduled to suit working professionals like you. And that credential on your resume couldn’t hurt. Visit www.pcs.udel.edu/certificate/, or contact us at continuing-ed@udel.edu or 302-831-7600 for a list of programs.

Power up your career! Our certificates now provide you with a leadership development e-module and customized career enrichment options.

The University of Delaware is an Equal Opportunity University.


12 AUGUST 2013 | OutAndAbOutNow.com

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7/24/13 2:28 PM


Worth Trying Random suggestions from our staff and readers

Cream of the Crop

Uniquely Greek’s O.M.G. Salsa Cheese Dip

Those on the other side of the Delaware Memorial Bridge like to boast that South Jersey is home for the best sweet corn and tomatoes. Those of us within driving distance of SIW Vegetables (better known to locals as HG’s) will beg to differ. Located along historic Route 100 just south of Chadds Ford, Pa., SIW produces 30 types of fruits and vegetables—from heirloom tomatoes to candy onions. It’s all grown across the street on HG Haskell III’s 60-acre Hill Girt Farm, land purchased by his grandfather in 1910. Many will swear HG’s sweet corn is the best they’ve ever tasted. I’m one of those believers. But don’t take my word for it, taste for yourself. SIW Vegetables is open from 10 a.m.-6 p.m., seven days a week, June— November. siw-vegetables.blogspot.com.

It might sound like the curious concoction of an experimenting 10-year-old kid. Who else would consider mixing jalapenos, cumin and tomato paste into a vinegar-based dip of feta and cream cheeses? Meet the sister-and-brother team of Jessica and Jon Gill (both adults). Right over the border in Boothwyn, Pa., the Gills have infused that kind of creative thinking into their line of Uniquely Greek spreads since 2010. In addition to being locallymade, gluten-free and hormone-free, this O.M.G. party dip is, as the name implies, worthy of a shout.

— Jerry duPhily, Publisher

—Jim Miller, Director of Publications

Café Palermo’s Gnocchi

An Easy Choice

Café Palermo, tucked away in the Home Depot Shopping Center on Miller Road. in Wilmington, serves authentic Italian food. My favorite dish there is the gnocchi with one of the homemade sauces. I usually get the Bolognese or Sorrento sauce but the Alla Principessa and vodka sauces are delicious as well. (The veal is excellent too!)

I thought I had tried every restaurant, café, and fast food eatery on Main Street in Newark until I discovered Over Easy Cafe. I’m a sucker for brunch food and what’s even better is it felt like I was eating in my very own living room. The cozy atmosphere has the look and feel of eating comfortably in your own home with a mix of couches to long tables to hammock-inspired seats. The menu is robust, with breakfast, lunch and dinner offered. Everything is made to order and delivered to your seat on a tray…now that’s easy. (215 E Main St, Newark; 525-6151)

— Sarah Coonin, UD student & O&A intern

— Kevin Varrasse, co-owner, Bachetti Brothers

Have something you think is worth trying? Send an email to Jim with your suggestion by scanning this QR code ►

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7/24/13 2:05 PM


302.652.9493 1701 Delaware Ave www.LoganHouse.com

all new lunch & dinner Menu! Kitchen is open until midnight daily!

TRY OUR NEW frozen drinks MENU LoHo is Trolley’s Only Frozen Drink Destination


Fantasy Draft Packages Available please contact info@loganhouse.com for details.









• feature film • Half Price Wine • Half Price Pasta • 25% off large format bottles • Movie shown 8pm – 10pm

• $2 Tacos • $5 Quesadillas • $15 Buckets of Corona/ Corona Light/Modelo

• 50¢ Wings • $3 Hoegaarden drafts • $3 21st Watermelon Wheats • $3 312 Urban Wheat • $3 Schafly Hefeweizen • $4 Allagash White dafts • $4 Kronenberg Blancs

• $3 12oz Craft Cans • $4 16oz Craft Cans

loyalty cards

Ask your server or bartender about our loyalty dining and rewards program. 14 AUGUST 2013 | OUTANDABOUTNOW.COM

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7/24/13 8:48 AM


DAY Trippin’ This narrow little state and the surrounding areas conceal many fun, quirky and fascinating destinations. Sometimes we just have to veer off the highways to find them. That’s what Day Trippin’ is all about. Have ideas? Send them to Krista at kconnor@tsnpub.com.

traversing JIM THORPE, PA. By Krista Connor

ith a shrill wail, the Lehigh Gorge Scenic Railway train lurched from the station for an hour tour through heatdrenched coal country. Figures on the platform became a slew of khaki shorts, t-shirts and sunglasses. The clock tower and Gothic Revivalstyle churches, their gargoyles lurking openmouthed in the shadows, gave way to the Pocono Mountains, which quickly engulfed the town like images from a child’s pop-up picture book. The scene was a mash-up of sophisticated Victorian and Wild West. Blend that with the extravagant recklessness of the 1920s, and you’ve got the eclectic town of Jim Thorpe, just two hours from Wilmington. As the train rolled through the country, I heard “Darling, darling—yoo-hoo!” I glanced out of my window and a few rows back my sister, Leilah, had stuck her head out, waving and calling to me. She was impersonating the flappers who once flocked to the town, which was the country’s second-most popular tourist attraction in the early 20th century, next only to Niagara Falls,


according to the tour guide’s voice coming through the speakers. While it may no longer be a top two attraction, Jim Thorpe last year was selected by the USA Today Road Rally series as the fourth most beautiful small town in America. But back to the pop-up book. The characters were there, the tone set. Aged librarians whispered the town’s tales to me amid bookshelves and creaking spiral staircases. An old man, Jack, on the mountain outside of town selling firewood from his home, talked nonstop, and ended up giving my fellow travelers and me a tour up the hill behind his house to see the old Switch Back Trail, home to the world’s first improvised rollercoaster. Flashing a perfect white smile, a town square food vendor wearing an earring and a bandana told me about the Molly Maguires. They were a secret society of 19th century coal miners, four of whom were hanged for their supposed crimes. ►

AUGUST 2013 | OutAndAbOutNow.com

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7/24/13 8:49 AM

R i v e r T ow n s Ride & Festival Celebrating historic New Castle & Delaware City


O C T. 5

Ride & Festival

noon-5pm presented by

R iver T owns F eStival.com 16 AUGUST 2013 | OUTANDABOUTNOW.COM

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7/24/13 9:33 AM

START DAY TRIPPIN' continued from page 15

Occult shops, such as the Emporium of Curious Goods, along with eccentric oddities packed into bookstores and gift shops, left an unnamable vibe hovering over everything as I walked the winding streets. “Welcome to Jim Thorpe,” an old man on a bench said. He had presumably been lost in a book, and didn’t even look up at me when he spoke. Above town loomed the Packer mansions, homes to the founder of the Lehigh Valley Railroad and Lehigh University, Asa Packer, and his son, Harry. They were housed side-by-side and separated by a wrought iron fence. Asa’s mansion has been a museum since the 1950s, and Harry’s is a bed and breakfast that also hosts weekly Murder Mystery Weekends. Asa, who our mountain friend Jack described as “the Bill Gates of the 1870s,” was the richest man in Pennsylvania and one of the wealthiest in the country. Besides its ample history and gorgeous architecture, the area offers attractions for outdoorsy types: white water rafting, kayaking, hiking, biking and nearby Glen Onoko Falls at Lehigh Gorge State Park. All contribute to the primary industry: tourism. But as the town’s historical society recommends in a quote from Aristotle, “If you would understand anything, observe its beginning and its development.” Jim Thorpe was originally named Mauch Chunk, and founded in 1818 by early anthracite coal pioneer Josiah White. The name derived from the native Lenape term “bear mountain”—one of the mountains allegedly resembles a sleeping bear when viewed from higher ground. In the same year, White founded the Lehigh Coal & Navigation Company, and the area became a coal-mining and shipping hub, initially through intricate canal systems, and later through Packer’s railroad—the first one of significance in America. In 1827, the first of the area’s many railroads was the Switch Back, a gravity railroad that delivered coal almost nine miles downhill from a nearby town and into the Lehigh Canal. Coal, and its transportation, helped fuel the Industrial Revolution and brought massive amounts of wealth to Mauch Chunk. It allegedly enticed 13 millionaires to live in town, although proof of their names or existence cannot be found. Forty years later, after steam locomotion had taken over, the Switch Back fell into disuse, eventually becoming a major tourist attraction. For 50 cents a ride, thrill-seekers from around the country could swoop downhill at 65 miles per hour. “Imagine. Walt Whitman rode this thing, wrote poems about it,” Jack said, showing us the wooded pathway, all that’s left of the Switch Back. “Thomas Edison was on it, and they asked him if they could improve it in any way. He said, ‘No, it’s a marvel of engineering.’”

While tourists and the wealthy flocked to the area, the coal miners themselves were treated poorly. The Molly Maguires had formed a union to gain better treatment, but in 1876 some members were accused of arson, murder and other crimes, and a series of sensational arrests and hangings took place in Mauch Chunk. The most popular tale, told to me by the food vendor, is of one member, who, the night before his hanging, slapped a muddy handprint on the prison wall and said it would remain forever as a testament of his innocence. To this day, despite attempts to remove it, the supposed same handprint remains. Tours are available for the curious to take a look. By the mid-20th century, oil began to replace coal as the country’s primary fuel, but the town had already been in a “deep economic funk,” the librarian told me. “People in the ’50s were trying to find ways to resurrect it. They had a big movement to do that, and right at the same time (in 1953) the athlete and Olympic gold medalist Jim Thorpe died.” Thorpe, a Native American, had never stepped foot into Mauch Chunk, but the wife of the Oklahoman couldn’t get his state or tribe to erect a memorial in his honor, so she looked for other options. She heard about Mauch Chunk and its desperation to resurrect itself. “She approached the town, they made a deal, the town got the body, we did a memorial, and changed the name of the town,” the librarian said. It was hoped the name change would bring back tourism, but it didn’t. “And then,” she told me, “about five years ago, some of his sons decided it was wrong for him to be here, that he should be back on the reservation in Oklahoma, and they started a suit. This thing has dragged out for one reason or another. The son that started it died, other sons picked it up, and right now the judge ruled that they have a legitimate claim to the body, basically, but the town is going to fight that legally.” Another librarian added that she doesn’t think the change will take place. Other locals, like Jack, seemed indifferent to the controversy, and with a shrug agreed that the name probably won’t change. But it’s clear that no external sources, like the corpse of a worldrenowned athlete, or even million-dollar enterprises such as coal and railroads, could provide what the area so effortlessly offers, and what brought the town back to its feet a few decades ago. Just climb to the top of a secluded waterfall at Glen Onoko; gaze out at the valley from the century-old Flagstaff Ballroom yard, hundreds of feet above town, or give a jovial toast at the Molly Maguires Pub. I think you’ll know what I mean.

Author’s note: My companions and I—Leilah, her boyfriend Jimmy, our brother Nathan, and his fiancée Rebecca—camped at Mauch Chunk Lake Park, just a few minutes from town. The campground caters to the family crowd, but with its picturesque lake, hiking, friendly staff, and good vibe, it’s a cool place for all. For more info, visit www.carboncounty.com/park. AUGUST 2013 | OutAndAbOutNow.com

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7/24/13 8:54 AM

August is...

SHRIMP FEST! Delicious Shrimp Dishes & Great Deals! aLL MoNtH LoNG! For More Info & Full Menu go to: www.bluecrabGrill.com

THE JERSEY CORN PICKERS! sunday, aug. 24, 2-4pm

Every Wednesday Night

Lobster speciaL: Just $20!

• Bloody Mary Bar • $1 Oysters on the ½ Shell

322 Suburban Dr. Newark • 302.737.1100 • www.BlueCrabGrill.com



s Up



Best spor ts B ar U psta te

rehoboth beach newark 100 south main street 19930 lighthouse Plaza coastal hwy (formerly elkton road) 302.727.5946 302.731.3145 wilmington 2062 limestone road 302.999.9211

dover 680 bay road 302.346.9464

bear 1887 Pulaski hwy 302.832.3900

middletown 540 w main street 302.285.0000

buffalowildwings.com 18 AUGUST 2013 | OUTANDABOUTNOW.COM

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7/24/13 3:47 PM


Photo Mark Campbell, UD Athletics


There are high expectations for Dave Brock and his Blue Hens. The team opens pre-seaon practice on Aug. 2.


KICK-OFF In a Q&A, new UD football coach Dave Brock shows his game face By Matt Amis


n January, Dave Brock became just the fifth head football coach at the University of Delaware since the 1940s. The four who preceded him collected 485 wins and six national titles, and three of them are in the College Football Hall of Fame. Brock, whose resume includes stops at Rutgers, North Carolina, Temple, Kansas State and Boston College, seems eager to become part of that tradition. Speaking by phone in early July during his family vacation in Fire Island, N. Y., the 47-year-old Brock discussed the team he’s inherited, his coaching philosophy, and meeting the expectations of rabid UD fans. ► August 2013 | OutAndAbOutNow.com

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7/24/13 2:13 PM

ther is Warm Drinks are Cold - Come Enjoy Our 2 tory Deck!

The Deer Park Tavern


Entertainment Schedule





t wo-sto our r y deck !

Saturdays 3 - Powerl 10- Queen Green & the Drama Kings 17- Phil Billy 24- Cherry Crush 31- What Mama Said

Spark Summer Music Series • Thurs., Aug. 29

with Old Baltimore Speedway Lobster Bake Every Friday and Saturday Night after 5pm • $24.99 • While Supplies Last

Every Monday Showtime Trivia and Every Friday Epic Sound DJs! MONDAYS • ½ Price Pizza ALL DAY!

TUESDAYS ½ Price Burgers

WEDNESDAYS ½ Price Nachos & Quesadillas ALL DAY!

Sunday Brunch from 9am–2pm

THURSDAYS • ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT Wings (5pm-Close) ½ Price Burgers (11:30am-3pm)

Sunday Night CHORDUROY

Be our friend on Facebook!

Made exclusively for Deer Park and McGlynns Pub. Wednesdays only $2.50. Brewed by Twin Lakes Brewery

Check out Kate’s New Menu and the new addition, the Parlor!


KIDS EAT FREE! Kids Eat Free, All Day, Every Day...

1/2 Price Burgers, ALL DAY!


Kate’s Famous Nachos, 1/2 Price ALL DAY



All Sandwiches and Salads 1/2 Price ALL DAY!

1/2 Price Wings ALL DAY!

1/2 price appetizers from 9pm-close!

Taco Bar Happy Hour 4pm-7pm

$3 Corona, Corona Lights and Margaritas Ends August 23rd

Live Music Every Friday from 6pm-9pm

12 and under • 2 kids per adult • Through August 23rd


All Day, All Summer Long:


1/2 Price Large Salads & Sandwiches 11am-4pm Seafood Night!



Brunch 11am-2pm

1/2 Price Entrees 4pm-10pm

Steak Night with Prime Rib Specials

1/2 Price Appetizers 10pm-close

158 East Main Street | Newark, DE 19711 | 302-737-6100 | www.klondikekates.com 3. Lobster Bake and Raw Bar every Friday 20 AUGUST 2013 | OUTANDABOUTNOW.COM

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READY FOR KICK-OFF continued from page 19

How are you settling in so far? How have your first few months on the job been? DB: Everything’s been going really well. I was very pleased with spring practice. I thought it was as good as we could do with the number of guys we had out. The guys in practice did a terrific job learning the system, running around and giving us a great effort and enthusiasm. When we were off to recruit in the spring, the reception’s been unbelievable. People are really excited about the University of Delaware football program. Now we’re just into preparation for the season, and that’s going very well. You’ve had a chance to see the team in spring practice. What are your thoughts on the talent you’ve inherited? DB: I’m excited. I think we’ve got some guys who can do certain things so that we can do things on both sides of the ball. I think training camp will be much more telling. The reality is, between the newcomers and guys who didn’t practice in the spring, we’ll have somewhere between 35-45 players practice for the first time August 2. That’s a pretty significant number, and a little unusual. Those guys who didn’t practice, they had some film, they’ve played here in the past to gauge what we’re doing. But it’s good—I think we’re going to have a good club. Some fans were critical of the UD offense in the last couple of years, saying it was too predictable. You’ve been offensive coordinator at several schools. What kind of offense will you be running? DB: I’m not going to live in the past—I can’t worry about that. For us, what we’re going to try to do is make sure the right people are touching the ball the right number of times. You have a dynamic tailback in Andrew Pierce, and he’s a proven commodity, statistically and otherwise. A winner. You want to put the ball in his hands and make sure he has an opportunity to impact the game. I think we’ve got a real solid group of tight ends, and that we’ll be able to do things with multiple tight end sets that might be a little bit different. We can change that up because they’re skilled guys, and versatile. We have a solid receiving corps. I think overall we’ll be more aggressive—whatever that means. We’ll take a few more shots down the field. The thing with aggressiveness, if you don’t catch the pass, they’re just aggressive incompletions. The thing people don’t understand is aggressive play-calling is all about execution. I want the kids to play with great energy, with great passion. And one of the things I think that causes that is when they know they’re going to get their opportunities. We’re going to very much have an attack mentality on all three phases of the game. I have no doubt there will be some bumps in the road because there always are. But that’s how we’re going to train the players, and get them to believe in. I think we’ll see some dividends from it. Even though you’re inheriting a ton of talent, the team had its struggles last year. Do you feel there will be added pressure on you to turn things around? DB: You always put pressure on yourself to be successful. When you have the opportunity to get a job at the University of Delaware, you’re going to have that pressure on yourself. You can’t really ►


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FOCUS READY FOR KICK-OFF continued from previous page

worry about the outside factors. You want to win. And you want to put a great product, a great team on the field—one that the fan base, the state of Delaware, the football alums, and all the people who love Delaware football can be proud of. I don’t know if that necessarily equates to pressure. I just think that you work really hard and do your very best. Try to convince the players that this is the right way to do it. And when you win, there’s always enough credit to go around.

Celebrating 5 Years!


Crafted Food & Drink


Has Arrived... 115 E Main St Newark, DE 19711 • 302. 266.8111 www.16miletaphouse.com

You can count on one hand the number of head coaches UD has had. You’re at a school with rich history and tradition. How does it feel to be the latest in a very short list of coaches there? DB: Well, it’s humbling. The opportunity it presents is obvious: You have the chance to compete for national championships. Delaware’s won them, they’ve had great success. All the coaches in the past have done a tremendous job. You want to live up to that tradition, you want to add to it, and put a mark on the program so that the people who love this program are proud of what you do. What’s important at Delaware is doing things the right way and carrying yourself in a certain way, and I’m looking forward to it. You’ve worked with some high-profile college football programs. What attracted you to the coaching vacancy at Delaware? DB: Everything that the outside world sees as pressure and expectation, that’s what attracts a coach to a great job. You want to be in a place that competes for championships, you want to be at a place where you can recruit great players. That’s foremost. You don’t get an opportunity like Delaware often—it’s a once in a lifetime shot. Again, I was very fortunate to get it. Let’s talk more about becoming a head coach for the first time in your career. You have tons of experience on the sidelines, but how different will this be for you being the main guy? DB: It’s a learning experience. But I’ve been very fortunate to have worked with some really terrific people, going all the way back to Joseph Gardi at Hofstra, to Kyle Flood last year at Rutgers, to John Bunting at North Carolina—a ton of people who allowed


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7/24/13 9:47 AM

FOCUS me to be in meetings, who focused on the program and why decisions were made. And as a coordinator, you’re allowed to be involved in some of those decisions. So I’ve been fortunate to have that background. At the end of the day, you get a chance to steer your own ship. You set your own philosophy, and making sure the players understand exactly how they’re going to play, and why. What’s going to be allowed, what won’t be allowed. What sort of personal qualities do you possess that make you the right fit for this program? DB: I believe I’m driven. I have a very strong belief system on how things should be done, and why. I think I can recruit—not only evaluate talent, but attract it. I think I have a proven track record of doing that. And I think I’ve assembled a coaching staff that is going to make people really proud. What kind of response have you received from the fan base, the student body, the alumni? DB: I’ve been humbled by how positive the reaction has been. People have been terrific to me. I’ve obviously been on the dog and pony show here for a while, and I’ve met with the grassroots fans, the Huddle Group, who meet on a monthly basis to talk about Delaware football. I’ve met with internet message board people, and they seem terrific. Although I’m sure they can turn on you in a second. All the way up to the people who ultimately back the program financially. So I’m really excited about the response we’ve gotten.

The Area’s




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DP-18367 Aug. Out N About Golf Print Ad 4.5x7.indd 1

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7/12/13 3:16 PM

Saturday, August 3, 2013 Race Time: 8:30 am Kids In Distressed Situations Race begins at the James Street Tavern 2 S. James Street, Newport, DE Coach Brock has high expections for UD star tailback Andrew Pierce. Photo Mark Campbell, UD Athletics AUGUST 2013 | OUTANDABOUTNOW.COM

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So fresh, you’ll want…

GENO’S TOP 10 NFL PREDICTIONS Football season will be here before you know it, kids. Thankfully, we caught up with Delaware native and funny guy Geno Bisconte between comedy shows in New York City, where he now lives. So from the mouth that gets louder as the night gets longer, here are 10 bold predictions that will help guide you through that water cooler chatter until the return of Geno’s Picks online.

1) Chip Kelly hasn’t named the new starting Eagles QB yet because it’s not his call. The better the offensive line plays as a unit, the more likely the Eagles will be able to use pocket passer Nick Foles. So you can chirp at Chip Kelly for a decision all you want, but the fact is – just like last year when Andy Reid was head coach – the Eagles QB position is going to be decided by men weighing about 1000 pounds.


2) Tony Romo deserves better. Bill Callahan hasn’t been in football in over a decade and now he’ll run the Dallas offense? Maybe they should have dug up Shakespeare, because neither one has written any new plays in well over 10 years.


5:30 – 8:30 PM

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3) The Seahawks win the NFC West as long as Russell Wilson stays healthy . . . The backups in Seattle are now uber-washouts Brady Quinn and Tavaris Jackson. Much like Reggie Jackson, Tavaris should also be called Mr. October because that’s the month people most likely will be screaming for him to leave the stadium. 4) …and the Brady Quinn experiment has officially failed. The guy couldn’t get ahead of Tim Tebow in Denver and before that he was the forgotten man for three seasons in Cleveland. I’m not saying he was buried on the Browns’ depth chart, but the only people in Cleveland who saw less daylight than Quinn from 2007 to 2009 were the three women in Ariel Castro’s basement. 5) Colin Kaepernick’s attitude is going to be a problem. You know who would never be caught in another team’s headgear? Joe Flacco. But then again, unlike Colin’s 49er hat, Flacco’s says “Super Bowl Champions” on it. You won’t find those words anywhere on Kaepernick’s hat or body, which is covered in more meaningless ink than Kim Kardashian’s marriage license.

24 august 2013 | OutAndAbOutNow.com

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… a second helping


Geno is upset because he’s in his 40s and still doesn’t know how to tie a tie.

6) The Patriots walk away with the AFC East again. The Jets are collapsing; the Dolphins are rebuilding; and the Bills are so bad they play a home game every year in Toronto. Instead of Canada they should play in Saigon, Vietnam, because that’s the only other city linked to a more tragic draft.

8) The AFC West is Denver’s to lose—and they won’t. Manning the Elder will win at least a dozen games this year, courtesy of the fact that the Broncos play half a dozen of them against AFC West Division opponents KC, Oakland and San Diego, making Denver’s schedule softer than aerosol cheese. 9) It’s time to close the book on Mark Sanchez. Mark Sanchez’s only NFL legacy is the invention of the term Butt Fumble. He is so bad he’s moved to playing with his head up other people’s asses. 10) NFL players are going to continue to get arrested The difference between a regular guy and an NFL player in the Average Joe’s favor is that when “something goes off” at a strip club after midnight, it’s usually not a gun. Geno Bisconte hosts QUIIZO at Klondike Kates’s every Tuesday night starting at 9:30pm.


7) Alex Smith is not the answer in Kansas City. Unless the question was: “Do you think we can replace the colossal bust Matt Cassell with a slightly lesser one?” Alex Smith has been given more chances by the NFL than Steve Howe was by MLB. In both cases the results were the same: All either one did was blow.

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Delaware’s farm-to-table cookoff is back. FOR TICKETS AND MORE INFO VISIT

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August brings college football and intriguing Preseason NFL action back to a bar near you. Lots of excitement and lots of places from which to choose. Here’s a directory to guide you through the process…

BBC TAVERN & GRILL 4019 Kennett Pike, Greenville; 655-3785 www.bbctavernandgrill.com Number of TVs: 5 Beers on Tap: 16 Bottled Beers: 60+

BUFFALO WILD WINGS Multiple locations: Bear, Dover, Limestone Rd., Middletown, Newark, Rehoboth www.buffalowildwings.com Number of TVs: 33+ w/NFL & NCAA packages Beers on Tap: 20-24 Bottled Beers: 35 (Also features Sports Lottery at Bear, Dover, Limestone Rd., and Middletown locations)

CHELSEA TAVERN 821 N. Market St., Wilmington; 482-3333 www.chelseatavern.com Number of TVs: 2 Beers on Tap: 31 Bottled Beers: 100+

COLUMBUS INN 2216 Pennsylvania Ave., Wilmington; 571-1492 www.columbusinn.com Number of TVs: 5 & a projector screen Beers on Tap: 8 Bottled Beers: 25

DEAD PRESIDENTS 618 N. Union St., Wilmington; 652-7737 www.deadpresidentspub.com Number of TVs: 7 w/NFL Package Beers on Tap: 4 Bottled Beers: 66

DEER PARK TAVERN 108 W. Main St., Newark; 369-9414 www.deerparktavern.com Number of TVs: 25 w/NFL Package Beers on Tap: 25 Bottled Beers: 30+

ERNEST & SCOTT TAPROOM 902 N. Market St., Wilmington; 384-8113 www.earnestandscott.com Number of TVs: 9 Beers on Tap: 25 Bottled Beers: 31

EXTREME PIZZA 201 N. Market St., Wilmington; 384-8012 www.wilmington.extremepizza.com Number of TVs: 7 w/ NFL Package Beers on Tap: 7 Bottled Beers: 45

THE GREENE TURTLE 250 S. Main Street, Suite 101, Newark: 454-1592 www.thegreeneturtle.com

1616 Delaware Ave., Wilmington; 652-2255 www.catherinerooneys.com/hooligans

Number of TVs: 25 (+19 booths w/ TVs) w/ NFL Package Beers on Tap: 16 Bottled Beers: 25

Number of TVs: 25 (plus one 92” screen) w/ NFL Package Beers on Tap: 7 Bottled Beers: 40+ (Also features Sports Lottery)



21 locations in Delaware www.grottopizza.com Number of TVs: 15-25 Beers on Tap: 6-14 Bottled Beers: 16-22 AUGUST 2013 | OUTANDABOUTNOW.COM

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7/24/13 4:22 PM

FOCUS JAMES STREET TAVERN 2 S. James St., Newark; 998-6903 www.jamesstreettavern.com Number of TVs: 7 Beers on Tap: 12 Bottled Beers: 20+

KELLY’S LOGAN HOUSE 1701 Delaware Ave., Wilmington; 652-9493 www.loganhouse.com Number of TVs: 17 TVs including big screen Beers on Tap: 26 Bottled Beers: 100+

KID SHELLEEN’S 14th & Scott., Wilmington; 658-4600 www.kidshelleens.com Number of TVs: 7 Beers on Tap: 10 Bottled Beers: 30+

KLONDIKE KATE’S 158 E. Main St., Newark; 737-6100 www.klondikekates.com Number of TVs: 6 Beers on Tap: 8 Bottled Beers: 40+

MCGLYNN’S PUB Three locations: Polly Drummond, People’s Plaza, Dover www.mcglynnspub.com Number of TVs: 17 Beers on Tap: 12-32 Bottled Beers: 45-50

MEXICAN POST 3100 Naaman’s Rd., Wilmington; 478-3939 www.mexicanpost.com Number of TVs: 5 Beers on Tap: 5 Bottled Beers: 22

MIKE & NICK’S ITALIAN GRILL & SPORTS BAR 300 Lantana Dr., Hockessin; 239-9600 www.mikeandnicks.com Number of TVs: 15 including 70” (in bar) and 100” screen on patio (enclosed and heated in winter) Beers on Tap: 11 Bottled beers: 15 28 AUGUST 2013 | OUTANDABOUTNOW.COM

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7/24/13 2:10 PM

FOCUS TIMOTHY’S OF NEWARK 100 Creek View Rd., Newark; 738-9915 www.timothysofnewark.com


Number of TVs: 30 Beers on Tap: 33 Bottled Beers: 20+

TIMOTHY’S ON THE RIVERFRONT 930 Justison St., Wilmington; 429-7427 www.timothysontheriverfront.com Number of TVs: 16 Beers on Tap: 11 Bottled Beers: 22 (Also features Sports Lottery)

SKYLINE GRILL 3542 Three Little Bakers Blvd., Wilmington 525-6007 • www.skylinegrill.net Number of TVs: 11 (2 on outdoor deck) Beers on Tap: 5 Bottled Beers: 30+


STANLEY’S TAVERN 2038 Foulk Rd., Wilmington; 475-1887 www.stanleys-tavern.com Number of TVs: 32 Beers on Tap: 25 Bottled Beers: 66 (Also features Sports Lottery)

Your Pro-Football Fantasy Draft HQ! Call Now To Reserve Space!

ULYSSES GASTROPUB 1716 Marsh Road, Wilmington; 691-3456 www.ulyssesgastropub.com Number of TVs: 7 Beers on Tap: 24 Bottled Beers: 85

WASHINGTON STREET ALE HOUSE 1206 Washington St., Wilmington; 658-2537 www.wsalehouse.com Number of TVs: 6 Beers on Tap: 24 Bottled Beers: 11

You must be 21 to play. The Delaware Sports Lottery is sponsored solely by the Delaware State Lottery and is not associated with or authorized by any professional or collegiate sports organization. Delaware Gambling Helpline: 888-850-8888.


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“Delaware’s Only Burger Throw-Down. Come Find Out Who Has The Best!”

Presented By The Kenny Family Foundation

Saturday, August 24th 12 to 4pm $

50 at the door, see web site for discounts.

Location (rain or shine): Twin Lakes Brewing Company 4210 Kennett Pike Greenville, DE 19807








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EAT2 2

BUILDING A BETTER BURGER Creative variations on the basic ground chuck, bread and cheese are appearing on menus from high-end restaurants to gastro pubs By Pam George


t’s a Tuesday night in summer, a time when finding a restaurant seat is usually a safe bet. But apparently it’s still a gamble at Kid Shelleen’s in Wilmington’s Trolley Square. Diners wait for a table at the hostess stand and the patio is packed. Chef David Leo Banks is so busy placing meat patties on the grill that he can barely look up to greet a customer who calls out a “hello.” Banks says that on this night, the restaurant will go through more than 300 pounds of ground chuck. What’s the deal? Well, it seems Tuesdays are half-price burger night at Kid’s, an event that’s become a weekly habit for many customers. One of them, David St. Clair, says, “I think that Kid’s has the best burgers in Wilmington, by far.” Which is saying something, because clearly there is no shortage of burgers in Delaware. From highbrow spots like Sullivan’s to gastro pubs, seemingly every restaurant has a spin on the American staple. And more than a few are using it as a platform for some crazy creations. ► AUGUST 2013 | OUTANDABOUTNOW.COM

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7/24/13 10:09 AM




Building A Better Burger continued from page 31

Gourmet Meats, Market & Catering Quality • Price • Service Since 1934

CATERING FROM FULL-SERVICE CORPORATE EVENTS, TO BUFFET SETUPS FOR FAMILY GATHERINGS Homemade Specialties, Dinners for 2, Made-to-Order Sandwiches, Daily Soups and Deli Salads

GRILLING HEADQUARTERS Get All of Your BBQ, Picnic, and Labor Day Weekend Essentials

Example without use of logo: Delaware Today’s Best of Delaware® - Best Desserts 2009 Readers Choice Downstate


Examples of use with logo: 201




200 302.994.4467 9 | 4723 Kirkwood Hwy. Midway Plaza www.Bachettis.com | www.ChocolateWaterfall.com

Best Desserts ReadeRs ChoiCe downstate

Best Desserts ReadeRs ChoiCe downstate

Best Desserts ReadeRs ChoiCe downstate

Best Desserts ReadeRs ChoiCe downstate

Best Desserts ReadeRs ChoiCe downstate

Best Desserts ReadeRs ChoiCe downstate





$1 Off Micro Draughts 50¢ Wings and Half-Priced Nachos

The Basic Burgers in Delaware have been a big draw for decades. The Charcoal Pit, which opened in 1956, is the stuff of travel guides. Its retro building is a Route 202 landmark. Manager Frank Kurcharski, who started as a dishwasher at the “Pit” in 1969, has never grown tired of the “Pit Special,” a grilled burger topped with iceberg lettuce, tomato, onion and pickle chips. On the side: a crimped paper cup of reddish relish, made in house. It’s the place to go for a shake served with nostalgia, says burger-lover Darren Wright. Jake’s Wayback Burgers capitalized on the basic burger’s classic appeal when it opened in 1991 on Rt. 273 in Newark. The restaurant gained fame by using fresh ground beef cooked to order, not frozen patties. Today the chain has locations in 16 states, including Oregon, Indiana, and Florida. The Next Level The Deer Park Tavern eases diners into the next category. Burgers get larger, beefier and more elaborate. Diners can order the half-pound burger with their choice of toppings, including blue cheese, jalapeño, salsa, béarnaise sauce and bacon. The Newark landmark also offers a Kobe burger, topped with sautéed onions, portabella mushrooms and béarnaise sauce. Union City Grille in Wilmington’s Little Italy has been wowing customers with its Angus burger, which is topped with lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle and fries—you pick the cheese. Wright opts for Gorgonzola and bacon, and you’re likely to spot him at UCG on Mondays, when burgers are half-price at the bar. Initially a purist about maintaining an Italian-influenced menu, Dan Butler at Piccolina Toscana in Trolley Square now features the “Toscana Burger” at lunch, a juicy patty seasoned with salt, pepper, and olive oil. Toppings include bacon and mozzarella. Want American cheese? You’re out of luck. “But we have plenty of

32 August 2013 | OutAndAbOutNow.com

8_Eat.indd 4

7/24/13 3:02 PM


other cheeses or optional toppings,” says Executive Chef Robbie Jester. In restaurants with higher price points, the burger was often relegated to the tavern area. Even though it made some sense to offer a burger in the dining room at Sullivan’s Steakhouse in North Wilmington, Bill White, the general manager, was once skeptical. No longer. “We’re seeing a lot of traffic with them, especially when we moved them to the main menu,” he says. Harry’s Savoy Grill, a fine dining fixture in North Wilmington, features a burger made with beef from a Unionville Farm. It’s dressed with oven-roasted tomato-pancetta jam, romaine, and fontina cheese. Brandywine Prime Seafood & Chops, another steak spot, also builds an impressive burger—enough to win a Best of Philly award from Philadelphia Magazine. Now dubbed the Best of Philly BP Prime Burger, it boasts caramelized onions, mushrooms and jack cheese. These burgers get a boost from the quality ingredients, and if you want flavor, you often need fat. Sullivan’s, for instance, makes its eight-ounce patties with ground chuck and short rib meat. “It has a better mouth feel,” says Executive Chef Tim Baker of the cuts. The onions are caramelized in bacon fat, and it’s topped with Gruyere cheese and slathered with Dijon mustard sauce. At Cromwell’s American Tavern and Taqueria in Greenville, all five burgers are made with Angus beef, which is the base of a good burger, says owner Pat Nylon. He recalls the burger he ordered in Colorado that was appealing on the menu, but strip away the trimmings and it was just a pedestrian patty. Cromwell’s blends tavern with taqueira with the “Montchanin,” which includes green chile salsa, jalapeno peppers, jack cheese and fresh cilantro. As for the bun, you’d be hardpressed to find an upscale burger these days that’s not on brioche. Credit its firm texture, which can stand up to a stack of toppings, and its “rich, egg-y goodness,” Butler says. ►


saturDay, august 3 noon–6:00 pm Multi-Tap Event with Summer’s Best Beers Iron Hill and local brewers battle it out on the bocce court. There’s an open court, so you can play too!

620 Justison street * Wilmington, De 19801 * 302 472.2739 * ironhillbreWery.com

august 2013 | OutAndAbOutNow.com

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7/24/13 4:33 PM

EAT BUILDING A BETTER BURGER continued from page 33

FAR OUT & FANCIFUL The burger is increasingly getting tweaked to an amazing degree. For one, it’s no longer limited to regular beef. There are tuna “burgers,” bison burgers and turkey burgers. At Brandywine Prime in Chadds Ford, Chef Jason Barrowcliff mixes ground turkey meat with whole-grain mustard, spices and Worcestershire sauce and tops it with sauerkraut and house-made French dressing. Owner Dan Butler, who’s been eating out frequently since he’s building a new house, is a fan. “It was amazing,” he says of Barrowcliff’s recipe. “We liked it so much we had to get another one that same week.” Burgers of all types are keeping some interesting company. By now Ulysses American Gastropub in North Wilmington has replaced its Mile High burger—a beer-battered eight-ounce burger with Velveeta cheese, BBQ pulled pork, a fried egg and tomato-bacon jam—with the “Leopold,” an eight-ounce burger with porter cheddar cheese, Irish bacon, bangers (sausages), foie gras butter, a fried tomato and a fried egg. (Leopold Bloom is the main character in Irish author James Joyce’s book Ulysses.) The fried egg has become as common a topping as cheese. Bite into the yolk and you gain both a sauce and a boost of moisture. “The yolk melts into the burger,” says Alex Shimpeno, executive chef at Ulysses.

Speaking of eggs, Deer Park married two trends—creative burgers and locavore cuisine—with its recently introduced “Farmhouse” burger: dry-aged Angus beef from Herman’s Meat Market in Newark, topped with a fried egg from Bayberry Farms in Middletown, Kennett Square mushrooms, Vermont Cabot cheddar, and applewood-smoked bacon. “It’s going like crazy,” says Jeremy Hughes, director of hospitality for the Ashby Hospitality Group, which owns the restaurant. At Cantwell’s Tavern, another restaurant in the group’s collection, the breakfast burger has egg, scrapple and cheese. “It sells well,” Hughes says. In addition to its own themed burgers, Kid Shelleen’s lets diners get creative; they can put together their own burger with a host of toppings. Co-owner Xavier Teixido is fond of brie, bibb lettuce, Grey Poupon and mushrooms. Shimpeno thinks the burger trend has yet to peak, and attendees at the Wilmington Burger Battle on Aug. 24 can witness the innovative creations for themselves. (See story, page 39.) For chefs, the basic burger—meat, bread and possibly cheese—is “a canvas,” says Shimpeno, who plans to make “Bambi” burgers with venison for the contest. “You simply build off of that.”


thank you!

NORTH WilmiNgTON • 302.475.3000


Banquet Hall upstate Editor’s Choice


Restaurant in North Wilmington Readers’ Choice



BEST burger upstate Editor’s Choice


rIVerfroNt wIlmINgtoN



Seafood ReStauRant upState Editor’s Choice

Pick up the July issue of Delaware Today for all of our “Best of” awards!

w w w . H A R R Y S H O S P I T A L I T Y G R O U P. c O m 34 AUGUST 2013 | OUTANDABOUTNOW.COM

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7/24/13 10:13 AM

EAT2 2

A NIGHT OUT IN SPAIN As Olé Tapas gets set to celebrate its fifth annivearsary, owner Manuel Aguinaga talks Spanish cuisine By Krista Connor


anuel Aguinaga, owner of Olé Tapas Lounge & Restaurant and Café Olé, both in Newark, moved from Ecuador, earned a business degree and pursued a culinary career in Delaware after he

realized there weren’t many establishments in the First State that offered authentic Spanish cuisine. Aguinaga believed that a restaurant centered on tapas—Spanish

appetizers and snacks—would prove popular. The bite-sized food allows guests to enjoy and share fine Spanish cuisine while focusing mainly on interaction and conversation. His instincts proved correct. Olé Tapas, opened in 2008, was so successful that Aguinaga was able to open Café Olé last year. Next month, Olé Tapas’ fifth anniversary celebration will include an “Olé Goes to Barcelona” wine dinner, complete with a cochinillo—a whole roasted suckling pig. O&A recently talked with Aguinaga about tapas misconceptions and the dining experience at his restaurants. What’s the most common misconception guests have about tapas? MA: Shortly after Olé opened, we hosted a bachelor party that misinterpreted a “tapas” bar for a “topless” bar. After the initial disappointment had vanished, the gentlemen were quite pleased with our food and service. A common misunderstanding relates to the type of food we serve. Occasionally someone will walk in and ask if we have fish tacos or what enchiladas are available. After clarifying the Spanish nature of the restaurant, we can usually get them to stay to try—and enjoy!—something new and unique.

Tapas had a flare in popularity a few years ago that seems to be going strong. Why do you think that is? MA: I credit the rising popularity of tapasstyle dining to the experience itself. Tapas promote sharing, which induces conversation over a variety of delectable foods. The idea of sampling several different dishes rather than being confined to an individualized entrée is also novel and enjoyable to many diners. How does the dining experience at Olé Tapas differ from other area restaurants? MA: We strive to produce a truly authentic experience for our guests. From the food and drinks we make to the friendly service

we provide, our aim is to deliver a cultural experience reminiscent of a night out in Spain. A knowledgeable, friendly and teamoriented staff is at the forefront of our professional service and culinary intuition. Which menu item best represents what you aim to accomplish at Olé Tapas? MA: With such a wide variety of choices, it’s difficult to pick a specific tapa that epitomizes the Olé experience. Our pièce de résistance would have to be our renowned paellas, filled with saffron-infused rice, organic veggies and various meats and seafood, prepared according to the diner’s preference. Another mouthwatering entrée is the Parrillada Argentina. Overflowing with flank steak, chicken breast, pork loin, three types of chorizo and roasted veggies, this dish is heavenly to any meat lover. Popular tapa selections include our stewed lentejas (lentils), garlic-sautéed gambas (shrimp), and tasty albondigas (lamb meatballs). You recently opened a second restaurant on Main Street in Newark. How is that location different from the original? MA: At Cafe Olé, our goal is to serve Americanized tapas catered to the university community. Expedited preparation and service allow for a relaxed dining experience that still holds true to the Spanish ideal. When you aren’t working, where do you enjoy dining out? MA: I enjoy any restaurant that is familyfriendly and provides a pleasant atmosphere. A personal favorite is Alma de Cuba in Philadelphia. Don’t miss the Ceviche Festival from July 26 to Aug. 4, when traditional ceviches, including shrimp, scallops, lobster, crab and more will be served at both restaurants. Next month also kicks off the “Passport Promotion”: From August through December, loyal customers will receive points for each visit to Olé and Café Olé. AUGUST 2013 | OUTANDABOUTNOW.COM

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7/24/13 4:17 PM





2013, 2012, 2011, 2010 2009, 2008 & 2007

BURGERS! Love burgers? Love a challenge? Then these giant creations should satisfy your taste buds— and your appetite.

2038 Foulk Road • Wilmington, dE 19810 (302) 475.1887 • WWW.StanlEyS-tavERn.com NJ-0000599471

The Triple Triple Burger from Jake’s Wayback Burgers is a classic. It contains nine—count ‘em, nine!—patties, nine pieces of American cheese, lettuce and tomato, all for $14.99. Jake’s Wayback Burgers, which originated in Newark in 1991 at its Rt. 273 location, has expanded to more than 69 restaurants across the country, including four on the West Coast. Are you up for The King Feast of all Burgers? That’s what 2 Fat Guys call their $13.99 burger. Served at the 2 Fat Guys American Grills in Hockessin and Greenville, it consists of one full pound of beef split between a Kaiser roll, with lettuce, tomato, red onions, pickles, American cheese and Jack cheese. At Chelsea Tavern on North Market Street they make a burger with the daunting name of The Dirty. And no wonder. Here are the ingredients: a beerbattered beef patty; crispy scrapple; fried egg; American cheese; Chelsea “secret sauce”—all on a fresh-baked brioche. This special breakfast burger is $15. —O&A


8_Eat.indd 8

7/24/13 4:23 PM




VEGETARIANS, REJOICE! Check these veggie versions of the American classic


hings are looking up for vegetarians when it comes to burger eating. A few years ago, I was lucky to find a restaurant that had a pre-made patty in its freezer to heat up. These days, though, it seems more restaurants are crafting their own veggie recipes, and they are both better-tasting and better for you— at last! Here are three of my favorite places to grab the veggie equivalent of the classic American burger:

LET US CATER TO YOU. From dinner parties to office get-togethers to weddings, let Janssen’s make your event special. We offer full-service

ULYSSES GASTROPUB This delicious veggie version is housemade with jerk spiced brown rice and black beans. It’s topped with mozzarella cheese and avocado. It’s so good that the carnivorous must enjoy it too, because there’s an option on the menu to add smoked bacon for $1.

catering, event planning, party rentals, floral arrangements, and more. Contact our catering director today at (302) 654-9941 x3.


HARRY’S AT THE RIVERFRONT MARKET This char-grilled black bean burger is taken to a new level when topped with sriachi aioli and fresh pico de gallo. A flavor explosion! IRON HILL This takes on a Southwestern flare. It’s made with black beans, mushrooms, sweet potatoes, red and green bell peppers, corn, tomato, pepper jack and green chile aioli on a soft bun. Pairs well with a Riverfront IPA, but what doesn’t? —Shawna Sneath AUGUST 2013 | OUTANDABOUTNOW.COM

8_Eat.indd 9


7/24/13 4:26 PM



The Farmer & The Chef South From the field to the kitchen





he Farmer & The Chef South is a charitable event hosted by the March of Dimes that celebrates healthy eating and the use of local, farm-fresh ingredients. From the field to the kitchen, local chefs and local farmers work side by side to craft delicious, healthy food. The event aims to foster stronger relationships between communities and local farmers, promoting Delaware’s local agricultural industry. Those in attendance can expect to sample creations from all 13 farmers and 13 chefs involved in this year’s event, which is scheduled for Thursday, Aug. 29, at the Baywood Greens in Long Neck. Tickets are $40 in advance and $50 at the door. For more information and tickets visit thefarmerandthechef.com. —O&A


CherryTreeGroup.Com 38 AUGUST 2013 | OUTANDABOUTNOW.COM

8_Eat.indd 10

7/24/13 10:22 AM


EAT2 2

BATTLE ROYALE: A few scenes from last year’s premier event. Photos Alessandra Nicole

BATTLING BURGERS IN WILMINGTON More than 20 restaurants meet to settle the beef


he battle rages on as some of Delaware’s top restaurants turn up the heat and fire up the grill for the second annual Wilmington Burger Battle. This year’s throw-down is scheduled for high noon Saturday, Aug. 24, at the Twin Lakes Brewing Company in Greenville. The competition offers restaurants the opportunity to fight for grill master glory and bragging rights for the best hamburger in show. Between 20 and 30 restaurants enter the culinary arena, but only a handful will emerge from the carnage. The battle is also a charitable event presented by the Kenny Family Foundation and benefits the Ministry of Caring’s Emmanuel Dining Room, which offers free and nutritious meals to those in need in Wilmington and New Castle. The 2012 skirmish brought together more than 15 local restaurants, attracted 400 spectators, and raised about $4,000 to help feed the hungry in Delaware. This year the Kenny Family Foundation is hoping to double that figure. The 20-plus participating eateries will compete head-tohead for Best Burger, Best Alternative Burger, and the People’s Choice Burger. Judging will be in the hands of well-known Delaware personalities as well as attendees, who, in addition to sampling the award-winning hamburgers, can expect to indulge in beer tastings and live music. Some of Delaware’s favorite restaurants are scheduled to participate, including 2 Fat Guys, Union City Grille, Catherine

Rooney’s, Ernest & Scott Taproom, Home Grown Café, Restaurant 55 and more. Matthew Curtis, chef and owner of Union City Grille, is the co-founder of the Wilmington Burger Battle. He originally envisioned it as a small backyard-style cookout, but the event quickly took on a life of its own and grew into a full-blown contest. In addition to founding the event, Curtis also steps into the ring as a competitor. “It was fun,” he says. “It was enjoyable to see everything that you spent all those hours working on culminating into an event that turned out to be a huge success.” He says the Wilmington Burger Battle brings a lot of notoriety to Delaware restaurants. “We had Philadelphia talking about us,” he says. “There is a burger club in Philadelphia that came down last year and they had really high marks for our event. For a market like Philadelphia to be talking about Wilmington, Delaware, in such a positive light is pretty neat.” Whether you’re hungry for competition or just plain hungry, the Wilmington Burger Battle is sure to leave you fully satisfied. For more info and tickets visit wilmingtonburgerbattle.com.

—Adam Vaughn AUGUST 2013 | OutAndAbOutNow.com

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7/24/13 4:21 PM

Never Trust A Skinny Chef!

3801 Kennett Pike • Greenville, DE 19807 Behind M&T Bank • 302-543-4053 Hockessin • 701 Ace Memorial Dr. • Hockessin, DE 19707 • RT 41 at DE & PA Border • 302-235-0333


NFL Football Game Specials

$5.00 Buffalo Wings $7.00 Food Specials $2.50 Coors Light Pints, Coors Light Bottles $3.00 Blue Moon Drafts $4.00 Tall Captain Morgan Drinks 302 738 9915 • 100 Creekview Rd. Newark • timothysofnewark.com |

Visit our website for Nightly Dinner Specials


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7/24/13 10:25 AM


DELAWARE WELCOMES THIRD LARGEST CRAFT BREWER Colorado’s New Belgium styles will be here mid-month By Allan McKinley


ou’ve probably heard the name. Now you’ll get to know the beer. Colorado’s New Belgium Brewing, the nation’s third largest craft brewery by sales volume, is officially entering the Delaware market. Select styles will be available in stores and bars by mid August. New Belgium, widely known for its Fat Tire ale, was an early pioneer of Belgian-style craft beers in America. Inspired by a beerfueled cycling trip through Belgium in 1989, owners Jeff Lebesch and Kim Jordan have since become a force in the craft beer industry. Their Belgian styles receive regular praise as being close approximations of authentic Abbey ale. The brewery will launch Delaware operations by focusing on select 22-oz. bottles, with plans for expanding into traditional bottles, cans and draft beers thereafter. The launch makes Delaware the brewery’s 33rd state of distribution. New Belgium hopes to land in all 50 states by 2018. “We’re excited to be coming to Delaware,” says Brian Krueger, sales co-pilot for New Belgium. “Delaware’s known for having a great beer scene, and we hope to be a part of that.” Despite its size and overall popularity in the American craft brewing scene, the brewery has been relatively slow to solidify its East Coast presence. It’s also distributing in nearby Maryland, with an eye toward Pennsylvania and the remaining East Coast. “It’s kind of a big deal that they’re just now coming to Delaware,” says John Leyh, Craft and Specialty Brand development manager for

NKS Distributors, the company that will handle Delaware distribution. “We’ve had them on our radar for several years now as something we’ve wanted to pursue. “ Customers have been routinely asking for New Belgium at area bars and restaurants for many years, according to Leyh. “Stores are very excited about this,” he says. “People know this brand very well. If you wanted to get your hands on it though, you had to go to another state. Now it will be much more accessible.” New Belgium has deliberately focused on small, incremental—but sustainable—growth. Similarly sized breweries such as Sierra Nevada and Stone have been established in the Mid-Atlantic area for several years. “We’ve tried to focus on patient, balanced growth,” Krueger says. “The last thing we want is to open a new market without the capacity to fulfill that market.” New Belgium is now poised to enter a phase of aggressive growth, with plans to bring a new production facility online in 2015 in Asheville, N.C. The company will begin offering some of its core styles—Fat Tire, Ranger IPA, Rampant Imperial IPA and Trippel—as well as its highly rated Lips of Faith series. “Delaware fits in perfectly with where we’re trying to go on the East Coast,” Krueger says. “We think this is a great move, and we can’t wait to get started.”


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7/24/13 10:17 AM

We are proud to have

The First Growler Bar in the First State “Delaware’s Premier Source For Wine, Spirits, and Beer Since 1936”

Established 1936

New kegs tapped daily and rotating all the time

Great selection of local, rare, and draft-only brews! FF 10% O Fills


er Growl Nights Friday 4-7 pm

for our Text Message Alerts and be the first to know which keg we’re tapping! 522 Philadelphia Pike Wilmington • 302.764.0377 • PecosLiquors.com

DeLAWARe’S BeST hOTSPOT IS ALSO your special event headquarters!

Skyline ½ Horz

OVER 5,000+ Sq. Ft. of Function Space • Unrivaled Service Customized & Flexible Packages • Good Food, Great Prices Covered Deck, Two Gorgeous Bars, and our NEW Downstairs Banquet Space!

...coming soon!


Let us Create the PerfeCt setting for any oCCasion! CaLL or e-MaiL us today! 302.525.6007 • theskylinegrill@gmail.com

Find us at Facebook.com/SkylineGrillPikeCreek • 3542 Three Little Bakers Blvd. Wilmington • OPEN: Tues - Sat, 4pm - 1am 42


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7/24/13 2:54 PM


Anna Lewis,


Pub Two Stones

SUDS SISTERS Prominent women in the local craft beer industry talk favorite brews, surprises and more By Krista Connor


eer for him, wine for her” is a heavilymarketed cliché that is rapidly dissolving. The craft beer movement has attracted a growing number of female craft brewers, drinkers, brewery owners, lab staff, marketers and sales personnel. But what may come as a surprise in a still maleinfluenced industry is that for centuries, women were at the forefront of brewing beer and running taverns, whether in Europe during the Medieval ages or as far back as ancient Mesopotamia, Egypt and Peru, to name a few. In fact, in Greek culture, beer was viewed as effeminate, and wine was “a man’s drink.” Women brewers traditionally held the title of “brewster” and “alewife,” while “brewer” was reserved for the small number of beer-brewing men. But by around 1600, brewing became a commercial enterprise, and men began dominating the industry. In Delaware, during the 1800s and 1900s, several female “brewsters” took over their husbands’ breweries after their deaths. Among them were Johanna Stoeckle of Joseph Stoeckle Brewing Company, Mary Schaefer of Schaefer Weiss Beer Brewery, and Magdelena Eisenmenger of Bavarian Brewery, according to John Medkeff, an expert on Delaware’s brewing history. O&A recently talked with women in the local craft beer industry to get their take on a movement that began just a little more than three decades ago. ►

Jessica Doyen, assis tant brewer, Twin Lakes Brewin g Company

More flavor, more options, more drinkers. —Jessica Doyen

Lindsey Timberman, co-founder of the website Delaware Hop Scene: Delaware Craft Beer News Source


8_Drink.indd 3


7/25/13 12:00 PM

We Welcome Our New Chef Alex Shimpeno from Victory Brewing! – Launching Our New Menu August 5th –

Victory Brewing Company • Wednesday, August 14 Voted BREWERY OF THE YEAR — 2013 Philly Beer Scene Awards

Happy Hour 3 to 6 pm weekdays $1 off drafts and $4 house wines


1/2 priced bottles of wine and large format beers with any entrée

Join Us at Twin Lakes Brewery • Saturday, August 25 for 1716 Marsh Road, Wilmington • 302-691-3456 • ulyssesgastropub.com


Live Music

Every Wednesday Night at The Inn 2216 Pennsylvania Avenue Wilmington, DE 302-571-1492 ColumbusInn.com


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7/24/13 2:49 PM

DRINK SUDS SISTERS continued from page 43

Why have craft beers attracted more women drinkers? Anna Lewis, bartender, Two Stones Pub: I think more women are simply being exposed to craft beer and are realizing that the limitless styles and flavors appeal to all palates. Also, beer guts are sexy on everyone! Jessica Doyen, assistant brewer, Twin Lakes Brewing Company: It’s definitely more readily available in liquor stores, with so many craft breweries popping up. For me, it’s all about the flavor. It’s fun to go shopping and seek out stuff you’ve never tried. Most of my friends are all beer snobs and do the same thing. More flavor, more options, more drinkers. Lindsey Timberman, co-founder of the website Delaware Hop Scene: Delaware Craft Beer News Source: Many of them may have been influenced by their significant other to try it, but the breweries are doing an absolutely amazing job of keeping them on as a fan once they venture into craft beer. I think breweries like Dogfish and Southern Tier, for instance, are attracting more women with their unique use of ingredients and flavors. I also think the introduction of beer and cheese or chocolate tastings and beer dinners are helping more women wade through the beers that they love and the beers they may not. I’ve heard so many times, “Oh, I don’t like beer,” but with so many different styles, there’s bound to be one for everyone. Many women I know who were always into wine or spirits are really giving beer a chance and finding the style that works for them and running with it. As a female who has loved craft beer for about as long as I’ve legally been able to drink, it is absolutely awesome to see the increase of women at beer events and beer bars over the last several years.

Presented by


What’s one thing you’ve learned or been surprised by in the craft beer industry?

Jessica Doyen: Everyone wants to do it, and so many people are home brewers. I had no idea. Almost half of my friends home brew, but it never hit me that they are not the only ones. Lindsey Timberman: One of the coolest things I’ve learned in the craft beer industry is how friendly and how almost like a family it is. Getting to know a lot of brewers and craft-beer related business owners, it’s been very cool to hear how they all really help each other out. I’ve heard some pretty neat stories, and ones that I know in many other industries just wouldn’t happen.

Why have you chosen to work in the beer industry? Jessica Doyen: I have a dream job. After all, the reward is beer.

Anna Lewis: I have a true passion for craft beer. I love expanding my knowledge about beer and being able to try all the new brews is also a perk. The beer industry goes hand in hand with food, and pairing sweet and savory foods with the appropriate beer is both intriguing and enjoyable. Pairing the right beer with a dish can truly enhance the flavor of the dish and the overall experience.

One craft beer we all have to try?

Jessica Doyen: Something refreshing like our Route 52 Pilsner. I love the beer we make. I’ll [also] go with one I’ve been diggin’ lately—Sixpoint Righteous Ale. I’ve also been really into New Belgium Ranger IPA. Oh, the hoppy goodness! Anna Lewis: The first beer that jumps into my mind is the series of fresh hopped IPAs Stone Brewing Co. [based in Escondido, Calif.] is putting out called “Enjoy By.” Each batch has a bestby date on it to ensure the beer is consumed at its peak freshness. Each one I have tried has been mouth-wateringly delicious, satisfying my inner hophead.

Wines presented by Moore Brothers Wine Company, Ryan’s Wine & Spirits, and The Wine & Spirit Co. of Greenville


Wine & Beer Tasting Hors d‘oeuvres Live Music Silent Auction



Sunday September 22 12 - 4 p.m. Advance tickets $55, or save $25 when you buy 6! Tickets available at delmnh.org or 302-658-9111.

4840 Kennett Pike, Wilmington, DE 19807 AUGUST 2013 | OUTANDABOUTNOW.COM

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7/24/13 4:36 PM

IN THE BIZ NIGHTS! WEDNESDAYS, THURSDAYS, FRIDAYS AND SATURDAYS WHEN YOUR SHIFT IS DONE – COME CLOSE OUR BAR! • SPECIALS 10PM-1AM $3 Svedka Drinks, $3 Miller Lite Drafts, $4 Negro Medela & Medela Especiale Drafts $4 Grand Marnier, Pitcher Margaritas $19.99, ½ Price Nachos

TUESDAY TACO NIGHT $2 Tacos & Pitcher Margaritas $17 Bar only Wednesdays: Ladies Night! ½ Price Margaritas & Sangria at the Bar Only 9pm-1am Tequila Thursdays Tequila Tastings

Come Cool Off at the Mexican Post!

HAPPY HOUR Monday thru Friday from 4 - 7pm OPEN FOR LUNCH Mon-Fri at 11am and Sat & Sun at Noon


NEW LUNCH SPECIALS Mon-Fri from 11am-3pm

302.47 8. 39 39 | 3 10 0 Naama n’s Road | Wi l m i n gton , D E | M exi c an Pos t.com | f ace book .com / M ex . Po s t

Catch all of the NFL Games Here!


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Spirited Our monthly wine or spirits recommendation from an area pro

From Rory Conway, Managing Partner at BBC Tavern and Grill



hen you think of a summer cocktail, you think of something light, refreshing, cold and delicious. One of the most popular cocktails at the BBC Tavern and Grill this summer is the “Sparkling Mint Vodka Lemonade.” It starts with Ketel One Citroen Vodka, which in my opinion is the best citrus vodka on the market. It’s slowly infused with natural citrus essence to give it a zesty, distinctive flavor that is subtle to the palate and different from the other citrus vodkas. It finishes with a distinct, sweet, honey-citrus flavor that lingers gently on the tongue. Ketel One also combines old-world style with new-world distilling, which is one of the many reasons the brand is so appealing. We then add St. Germaine Elderflower Liqueur, freshly squeezed lemon juice muddled with fresh mint, and simple syrup. It’s shaken with ice, topped off with club soda and garnished with a mint sprig and lemon wedge. The fresh ingredients our staff put into this concoction are the key to its invigorating taste, and our customers at BBC have raved about this simple yet elegant libation. Give it a try. The Sparkling Mint Vodka Lemonade will chill you out all summer long!

Live Music Every Saturday From 5-9pm 8/3 • The Mixx Unplugged 8/10 • Rick Fusco 8/17 • The Mixx Unplugged 8/24 • Rick Fusco 8/31 • Keli Vale $2 Yuengling Pints and $3 Dark and Stormys patio only

Sunday Brunch 10am-2pm $4 4 Make Your Own Bloody Mary Bar

Banquet Room Available For Your Specials Event! SPARKLING MINT VODKA LEMONADE 2 parts Ketel One Citroen Vodka 1 part St. Germaine Elderflower Liqueur 1 whole lemon freshly squeezed 2 parts simple syrup Splash of club soda Lemon wedge and mint sprig

302.376.0600 109 Main Street, Odessa, DE 19730 Mon: Closed • Tues - Thurs: 11:30am-10pm Fri-Sat:11:30am-11pm • Sun: 10am-9pm

www.cantwells-tavern.com AUGUST 2013 | OUTANDABOUTNOW.COM

8_Drink.indd 7


7/24/13 4:45 PM

302.384.8113 • ErnestAndScott.com 902 N. Market St., Wilmington, DE 19801

9 BiG hDtV’S 21 Draft craftS

302.482.3333 • ChelseaTavern.com 821 N. Market St., Wilmington, DE 19801

3 BiG hDtV’S 31 craft DraftS

football at aDjuSt Your ernest & chelsea Line-up DurinG on market street! SunDaY Brunch! open sundays during the nfl season!

Watch Your team on DirectV SunDaY ticket!

both venues are perfect spaces for fantasty drafts!

come visit both restaurants at the throw down! August 24th , 12pm Visit the WBB WeB site for tickets & i nformAtion:



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7/24/13 11:23 AM


Beer Buzz KRESTON Our monthly craft or import beer recommendation from an area pro




Celebrating 80 Years

Check Out Our State-of-the-Art

GROWLER STaTiOn! Bus Trip on Saturday, Aug. 3 to Fordham & Old Dominon Brewery for...


From Ben Muse, operating partner at Two Stones Pub



f you’ve ever seen me drinking a beer—and chances are you have— it’s a good bet that it’s Brooklyn Sorachi Ace. Hands-down one of my favorites. Hot day? It’s crisp and insanely refreshing. At Two Stones, eating the seared yellowfin tuna? (You should be). There’s nothing better to pair it with. The bright citrus and lemongrass flavors from the beer are the perfect complement to the somen noodle salad, pickled ginger, soy glaze and wasabi aioli. Likewise, it’s just big enough to stand up to meaty tuna. Heading to a pool party? Bring along a few bottles and—BAM —now you’re the most popular person there. It’s a Saison named after an awesome, sort-of-obscure Japanese hop that a lot of brewers—including Mikkeller, Allagash, Iron Hill, Elysian and Sixpoint—are starting to use. Brooklyn introduced me to this hop and they are still using it better than everyone else. Sorachi Ace (the beer) was originally part of the Brooklyn Brewmasters’ Series, a line of one-time offerings that show off the brewery’s creativity. Well, the beer was too awesome to be released only once and they started offering corked and caged bottles of it year-round. Then they finally released it on tap. After that happened, it’s been rare that we don’t have it on our draft lists. Do yourself a favor and grab a bottle or two this weekend. Better yet, stop in to Two Stones and have a few glasses. I’ll probably be doing the same.

From 1-4pm. Contact Stores For More Info.

We Took Our Barrel of Knob Creek (Single Barrel) And Added Dominion’s Double D IPA In It To Age!

JOIN US WHEN WE TAP & TASTE! DOWnLOaD THE BEER WiZaRD aPP! Find Out Which 12 Beers We Have on Tap At Our New State-of-the-Art Growler Station!

TWO LOCATIONS MIDDLETOWN 448 E. Main Street Middletown, DE 19709 Tel: (302) 376-6123

WILMINGTON 904 Concord Avenue Wilmington, DE 19802 Tel: (302) 652-3792


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7/25/13 12:06 PM




or the weekend of June 21-23, Dover’s population nearly doubled as 65,000 fans flocked to Dover Downs for Firefly Music Festival’s sophomore year at The Woodlands. Red Hot Chili Peppers, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, and Vampire Weekend were some of the 72 artists to take the stage.


8_Listen.indd 2

7/24/13 2:21 PM



Firefly was such a success that Red Frog Events, the Chicagobased company behind Firefly, and Dover International Speedway reached a 10-year agreement granting Red Frog exclusive rights to The Woodlands as a music venue. Next summer, Firefly will be back from June 20-22. Check fireflyfestival.com for announcements and updates.

Photos: Joe del Tufo AUGUST 2013 | OUTANDABOUTNOW.COM

8_Listen.indd 3


7/25/13 11:59 AM



3 6

2 4




8_Listen.indd 4

7/24/13 10:52 AM


1: Passion Pit 2: Public Enemy 3: Ellie Goulding 4: Red Hot Chili Peppers 5: Ben Harper


6: Jim James 7: Calvin Harris 8: Alabama Shakes 9: Yeah Yeah Yeahs 10: Tom Petty

Photos: Joe del Tufo

11: Screaming fans reach out for Alex Ebert of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. 12: Dragonette 13: 72 bands - spread out on four stages - and a crowd of 65,000 took over The Woodlands during Firefly 2013.

10 11


9 13

8_Listen.indd 5

7/24/13 10:53 AM


8_Listen.indd 6

7/24/13 11:01 AM




We Run/Walk for

The Cindy Foundation

Sophie duPhily, Logan Tydryszewski, Meghan Cobb, and C.J. Lowe. photo Joe del Tufo


Ovarian Cancer Research

4th Annual

5K Run/Walk

Four teenagers share impressions of their first music festival

(USTAF Certified Race)

Wednesday September 4, 2013


hink back to your first music festival. OK, now, hold that smile and if you are a parent consider your response to this question: Dad, Mom, I really want to go to Firefly. Ple-e-e-e-a-s-s-e! Still smiling? So it was not until after weeks of deliberation, negotiation and no small dose of consternation, that four sets of parents agreed to reward their recent high school graduates with VIP tickets to the biggest music event in Delaware history—Firefly. Not a bad score for your first music festival. Ground rules were laid, a one-day visit (no overnight) was the compromise, and a final warning was issued: YouTube sees everything! Following is what my daughter (Sophie duPhily) and her three good friends (Meghan Cobb, Logan Tydryszewski and C.J. Lowe) saw—and heard—at Firefly 2013.

—Jerry duPhily


CJ: A man holding and talking to a blow-up dinosaur like it was a person. Logan: I was sitting down listening to the Avett Brothers and I saw these two people start to make out in the middle of Firefly, and I just got up and ran away. Meghan: A life-size cardboard cut-out of Queen Elizabeth.


Sophie: “I dragged this passed out girl out of the crowd and I think she is having a seizure.” Meghan: “Can Firefly last all summer?” Logan: All the fans singing for their bands that they loved. ►

Wilmington Riverfront 5:00pm Registration 6:30pm Run/Walk Start $20.00 Registration Fee (by 9/4/13) $25.00 Registration (on 9/4/13)

Pre- Registration www.races2run.com all proceeds to benefit Memorial Sloan-Kettering Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation Helen F. Graham Cancer Center Special Needs Fund

For More Information or for

Sponsorship Opportunities contact BUDFREEL@aol.com or call Buddy at 302-984-2423

AUGUST 2013 | OutAndAbOutNow.com

8_Listen.indd 7


7/24/13 11:02 AM

Greetings Earthlings

An Invitation to Journey Beyond the Edge!

Call to Artists

FIREFLIES continued from previous page


CJ: When I was interviewed by Vice Magazine. Sophie: Even though I’m not a huge Red Hot Chili Peppers fan, seeing the ridiculous amount of people in the crowd at night was a crazy experience. Logan: When Django Django started to play Default I freaked out and started going crazy. It was the first song I heard all day that I was looking forward to. Meghan: Dancing with thousands of people to Calvin Harris.


CJ: All of the traffic and after you parked the walk to just get to the festival. Sophie: Traffic Logan: Traffic Meghan: All the walking!



Wilmington October 30 - November 3

fringewilmingtonde.com Photograph by Joe del Tufo

Performance Art / Visual Art / Film Applications at fringewilmingtonde.com Deadline: September 30, 2013

CJ: It would have to be Calvin Harris, because their performance was nothing that I would have ever expected—it was energetic. Sophie: The Joy Formidable was the best show I saw. It was on one of the smaller stages, but I really like their songs and they did an awesome job of getting the crowd excited. Logan: The Joy Formidable because they had great energy on stage and just sounded amazing. She also reminded me of my sixth grade teacher, Ms. Maloney. Meghan: Calvin Harris. Awesome lighting and unbelievable music that had everyone going crazy.


Sophie: It was the best at night! They had this illuminated part of the forest with all these funny light fixtures and neon umbrellas hanging from the trees. tV Ca




AUGUST 2013 | OutAndAbOutNow.com

8_Listen.indd 8

7/24/13 11:04 AM



Logan: There were people everywhere and you felt like you were in a huge forest that was nowhere near civilization. Meghan: Amazing atmosphere! Everyone was in a great mood. Everyone was enjoying and totally living in the moment of Firefly.




CJ: Don’t freak out if you see something strange, because you are going to see something strange. Meghan: Wear shoes that you are willing to get muddy and possibly ruined. Be prepared for the VERY large crowd and losing track of your friends. Cell reception is not good so have a meeting spot if your group gets split up. And drink lots of water. It was super hot out this year and I assume it will be next year. And don’t forget sunscreen! Some people got fried...but I’m sure they would say it was worth it.


August Specials 4:30pm – 10pm MONDAYS Wine & Small Plates Night


CJ: Yes, and I am planning on it. Sophie: Yesssss (hint to the publisher). Logan: Ooohh yeah, I’m planning on buying three-day tickets now. Meghan: Of course! And for all three days, not just one.

½ off Bottles of Wine Small Plates Available on All Entrees

TUESDAYS & WEDNESDAYS Prime Rib Night • $16.95

with Player Rewards Card

THURSDAYS Shrimp Night


• $19.95

Jumbo Shrimp Prepared Three Ways– Crab-Stuffed, Coconut Breaded & Scampi

CJ: It was all-around awesome! Sophie: Don’t get the burrito bowl. It was awful. Logan: If everybody else is dancing, you 777 Delaware Park Blvd. | Wilmington, DE 19804 should be too. 800.41.SLOTS | delawarepark.com Meghan: I loved how everyone was in a Just up the road, I-95 DE Exit 4B great mood; I don’t think I saw a single frown. Thousands of people were dancing and singing together! It was awesome to be part of, even if we were only there for a day. But I definitely recommend if you are going to go, go for allDP-18368 Aug. Out-N-About FoodNBev Ad 4.5x7.indd 2 three days to get the full experience.


Video Lottery Agent for the Delaware Lottery. All games are Lottery games controlled by the Delaware Lottery. You must be 21 to play. Play responsibly. If you or someone you know has a gambling problem, call the Delaware Council on Gambling Problems Helpline at 888-850-8888. www.dcgp.org

7/16/13 4:09 PM

Something For Everyone.


8_Listen.indd 9


7/24/13 11:05 AM

TUNED IN What’s happening in the local music scene? Email kconnor@tsnpub.com with ideas and they could be added to our list.


ast summer, The Brandywine Folk Festival made a quiet entrance into the festival world, but this year host group Brandywine Folk Collective expects up to 2,000 people a day to flock to the woods of Anson B. Nixon Park in Kennett Square. More than 30 international and national acts will perform from Friday to Sunday, Aug. 23 to 25. Those acts include Good Old War, Secret Sisters and Pearl and the Beard, along with Delaware bands such as Mean Lady, Travel Songs and Robot House. The Brandywine Folk Collective, a group of friends from the bands I am Love, The Pretty Dittys and Kit Colt, formed a year ago as the first festival came together. These West Chester musicians say they were brainstorming a way to spread the beauty and wealth of folk music when folk legend Paleface came to town, whereupon the forming collective invited Paleface and area bands to play a day-long festival. From there, they say, the BFC has grown to include many other musicians and benefit events throughout the year. Last year’s festival helped pay tuition for a young Haitian child’s schooling, and this year proceeds will benefit Southeastern Pennsylvania Autism Resource Center. “The BFC is all about community building and raising awareness for local non-profits who are doing great things for the community in our area and beyond,” says Joshua Christopher of I am Love. Pre-sale tickets are $25 for one day and $65 for the full event, and are available day-of for $35 and $75. Kids ages 12 and under get in for free. Vendors, beer gardens, games and activities for kids are planned. For more information and more on how to get involved, visit brandywinefolkfestival.com. — Krista Connor


8_Listen.indd 10

7/24/13 2:19 PM


UPSTAIRS IN AUGUST Students perform during the ”In the Spotlight” competition Photo Nancy JL Powel

YOUTH JAZZ BAND CONTINUES STATE’S LEGACY Non-profit seeks to enrich students’ lives through music

Rockabilly Rumble • Sunday Aug 11 All day indoor/outdoor music festival that combines rockabilly, swing, ska and burlesque.

Every Wednesday Night (Except 8/14): 4W5 Blues Jam

Thu 1 – Homebrew Happy Hour with Entertainment by Beth Goldwater (4pm); Blazing Hot Thursdays at The Queen with Sin City (8pm) Fri 2 – Aniya with Sounds of Summer Sat 3 – Universal Funk Order with Travel Songs and Royal Noise Tues 6 – A Night of Soul, Funk, and Hip-Hop with Kuf Knotz, Brian Owens, and More!


ince its formation in 2004, the Wilmington Youth Jazz Band has developed some serious chops. The non-profit has presented annual concerts and performed at such prestigious venues as The Grand Opera House, the Clifford Brown Jazz Festival and The Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. On June 2, the band’s jazz ensemble won first place in the “In the Spotlight” competition at The Grand, beating out 22 other acts. The WYJB seeks to educate and enrich students through jazz music. The program aims to expand the influence of jazz throughout the community while continuing the legacy of Delaware jazz greats such as Robert Boysie Lowery, Clifford Brown and many others. The WYJB was conceived by Fostina Dixon-Kilgoe in partnership with her alma mater, the Berklee College of Music. Aided by a grant from Berklee, the program brings together some of Wilmington’s best musicians between the ages of 10 and 25. They are given hands-on instruction from experienced musicians. In addition, the students work with the Berklee PULSE Music Method, an online curriculum designed to provide instruction in a fun and engaging way. Dixon-Kilgoe, executive director of the band, says the program not only furthers the students’ musical education, it also helps them develop into successful adults. “The participants get a full program of music and character development,” she says. “Since the beginning of this program, 100 percent of our children have gone to college or have chosen to serve our country in the military.” Dixon-Kilgoe says the recent victory at the “In the Spotlight” competition was very exciting for the youth and has inspired the band to perform even better. She hopes the community— particularly community leaders—will take greater notice of the band and offer support. For more information about the Wilmington Youth Jazz Band and upcoming performances, visit wyjb.org. — Adam Vaughn

Thu 8 – 16 Mile Tap Takeover with Entertainment by The Sin Brothers (4pm); Blazing Hot Thursdays at The Queen with Nancy Micciulla (8pm) Fri 9 – Best Kept Soul Sat 10 – KISS Idol (2pm); Holly Williams with Anderson East (8pm) Wed 14 – Jayme Stone Thu 15 – Homebrew Happy Hour with Entertainment by Dawn Hiatt (4pm); Blazing Hot Thursdays at The Queen with Brixton Saint (w/ Suburban Sensi) Fri 16 – Mallory Square Sat 17 – Gable Music Ventures’ August Singer Songwriter Showcase Tues 20 – Hot Breakfast! With George Woods and Todd Chappelle Thu 22 – Weyerbacher Tap Takeover with Entertainment by Jason Ager (4pm); G Calvin Weston’s Treasures of the Spirit (8pm) Fri 23 – What’s In The Box w/Barrelhouse Blues Band Sat 24 – Minas Revisits Getz/Gilberto

Tue 27 – Grilled Cheese and Craft Beer Tasting

World Cafe Live at the Queen 500 N Market St, Wilmington, DE 302-994-1400 WorldCafeLive.com AUGUST 2013 | OUTANDABOUTNOW.COM

8_Listen.indd 11


7/24/13 2:20 PM

former owner Chris Avino announced in April he was packing up and moving west. Stay tuned for more!


Think Outside...

The Taste. The Vibe. South Beach.

Best in Outdoor Dining

Follow us on



On the Summit North Marina at Lums Pond 3006 Summit Harbour Place Bear, DE 19701 302.365.6490



8_Listen.indd 12

7/24/13 11:15 AM


Old Baltimore Speedway scored enough audience support to win a Semi-Final date on August 8.

MUSIKARMAGEDDON: UPDATES FROM THE BATTLEFIELD With six bands eliminated, the surviving six face off this month By Krista Connor


he first rounds of Musikarmageddon at Kelly’s Logan House wrapped up in July, leaving six of the original 12 bands ready for August’s semi-finals. Each band played a 45-minute set, then received a 50/50 combination of votes from fans and judges. The kick-off battle on June 6 marked at least two firsts in the event’s seven-year history: James Hearne of the band The Way Home, the competition’s first solo artist, beat RKVC, the first duo to participate in Musikarmageddon. Hearne says the win was gratifying. “I try to present as

full a show as I can with only my two hands and my voice, and I certainly didn’t expect to advance, especially against such worthy adversaries as RKVC,” he says. Despite torrential downpours, June 13 was one of the most-attended nights so far, with Kind of Creatures defeating WaveRadio, who Kind of Creatures members describe as “worthy opponents.” Vocalist and guitarist Grace Vonderkuhn says of the show, “It felt good to win, but the best part was seeing people support local music.” ►


8_Listen.indd 13

XX 61

7/24/13 5:17 PM

MUSIKARMAGEDDON continued from page 61

16th Annual Kennett Brewfest

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 5 Over 90 regional brewers

T I C K E T S $ 4 5 a n d aVa I L a B L E aT K E n n E T T B R E W F E S T.C O M


State Line Liquors Family owned & operated Since 1937


Special Events and Tastings Visit us on the web for details

Gourmet Food & Cheeses

RANKED #7 Best Beer Retailer 2008 ratebeer.com

Offering the areas largest variety of seasonal beers.

1610 ELKTON RD, Route 279 . ELKTON, MD OUTSIDE MD. (800) 446-WINE, IN MARYLAND (410) 398-3838

Although Splashing Pearls received more nominations this year than any other band, they were defeated by New Shields on June 20. On June 27, Glim Dropper— last year’s Wild Card band that made it to finals—beat Evangelina & The Boys. The winners, who are releasing a CD this fall, were new to the Wilmington scene last year. “That made this year all the more special to us, because so many new friends that we’ve made since we started playing music in Wilmington showed up to support us,” says Glim Dropper vocalist and bassist Dan Kauffman. “We cannot stress enough what a unique and welcoming community Wilmington is for musicians.” Judges’ scores were close, but fan support secured Old Baltimore Speedway’s victory over Sylvan Wolfe on July 11. “What’s great about this competition,” says Adam Beck of OBS, “it brings together the bands and fans to discover each other’s music. To help build the scene. To keep it alive.” Universal Funk Order won July 18, beating Xtra Alltra by the slight margin of five points. This month, the six semi-finalists will face off two per night at the Logan House on three consecutive Thursdays: New Shields (9 p.m.) vs. Glim Dropper (10:30 p.m.) on Aug. 1, James Hearne (9 p.m.) vs. Old Baltimore Speedway (10:30 p.m.) on Aug. 8, and Kind of Creatures (9 p.m.) vs. Universal Funk Order (10:30 p.m.) on Aug 15. The final showdown will be at the baby grand on Saturday, Sept. 7.

Open 7 days a week


8_Listen.indd 14

7/24/13 5:18 PM


I’m So Excited!


STARS µµµµµ

Late Summer Indie RELIEF Blue Jasmine, I’m So Excited: alternatives to mindless blockbusters


t’s the heart of summer, and the mainstream fare from Hollywood consists primarily of computer effects spectacles, raunchy comedies, YA fantasies, and animated family films. What is a thoughtful adult moviegoer to do? Well, we can pick the latest features from celebrated directors Woody Allen and Pedro Almodovar. One satisfies far more than the other. Woody Allen’s impressive and often-delightful body of work includes a fair share of potentially frustrating but ultimately endearing characters. Think of Alvy Singer (Allen himself) in Annie Hall, Maria Elena (Penelope Cruz) in Vicky Cristina Barcelona, or even Gil (Owen Wilson) in Midnight in Paris. But in recent years, Allen has featured more and more movie protagonists who lack the charming part of the equation and are just flat-out annoying -- or worse yet, entirely unsympathetic. Larry David’s Boris

By Mark Fields

was certainly one of them in Whatever Works, but a new level of aggravation can be found with the title character in Blue Jasmine. Cate Blanchett plays a way-downon-her-luck former socialite reduced to staying on her blue-collar sister’s sofa bed while she tries to find her feet, both economically and emotionally. But Jasmine French, prosaically born Jeannette, is such an unrelentingly selfish, callous and deluded character that the audience struggles to sympathize with her plight. A pill-popping, booze-swilling depressive (hence the blue of the title), Jasmine seems incapable of genuine connection with other humans. She is enthralled by the shallow, consumerist life she no longer can enjoy and blind to her self-inflicted wounds. Blanchett has always been an accomplished and compelling performer, but even her skills can’t create any

lasting rapport between the viewer and this vacuous character. The result is occasionally funny in an awkward sort of way, but is more often just dismaying for the audience to be forced to spend so much time focused on a character unworthy of that attention. The rest of Allen’s cast – Alec Baldwin, Sally Hawkins, Bobby Cannavale, Peter Sarsgaard and a surprising Andrew Dice Clay – are solid, but their characters are just broadly-drawn devices to evoke particular interactions with Blanchett’s Jasmine. In typical Allen fashion, the script is literate and brisk, and there are some visual dynamics contrasting Jasmine’s swanky past (revealed through flashbacks) with her low-rent present. But Allen has always been a no-frills director, so absent an appealing central character with an interesting story, there is little else to recommend this strange, off-putting film. By contrast, Spanish director Pedro Almodovar’s new movie, I’m So Excited! (Los Amantes Pasanjeros), is awash in color and energy…and sex. Anyone seeing this film based on recent Almodovar’s work – Volver, Talk to Her, All About My Mother – will likely be taken aback by this campy, lascivious throwback to Almodovar’s early work, such as Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown and Labyrinth of Passion. It’s a raucous, entertaining break from a summer of big explosions and tense conflicts. ► AUGUST 2013 | OutAndAbOutNow.com

8_Watch.indd 1


7/24/13 2:17 PM

It’s Back... NiNe Holes, NiNe Pubs, aNd ToNs of fuN! saTurday, sePT. 14TH, MaiN sTreeT NeWarK

To Register & for More Info go to: NewarkPubPutt.com

Mini-Golfing at the Best Pubs On Main Street!

Oktoberfest Blue Jean Ball

Presented by Join us for an Oktoberfest Celebration featuring a German Small Plate menu prepared by Iron Hill Brewery’s team of chefs and students from The Culinary School at the Food Bank of Delaware!

Saturday, October 5 7pm-11pm Food Bank of Delaware, 14 Garfield Way, Newark

Purchase your tickets at www.fbdbluejeanball.org Music by


8_Watch.indd 2

7/24/13 11:22 AM

2 WATCH LATE SUMMER INDIE BLUES continued from page 63


The movie is set almost entirely in the business class section of a Spanish plane en route to Mexico City. An odd assortment of characters are traveling together – a corrupt businessman, a sexy madam/dominatrix, a suave but mysterious security consultant, a newlywed couple and an outlandish trio of gay flight attendants. The plane has experienced some technical difficulty, and the attendants use misdirection, drugs and alcohol, and disco cabaret to distract the passengers from the impending peril. Almodovar opens the film with a disclaimer that the story bears no relation to reality, and certainly the plot and character relationships would be implausible otherwise. But the intention is pure fun, from the outrageous personalities to the candy-colored cinematography to the loopy musical score. The spirited cast – after opening with a couple of cameos from Almodovar stalwarts and now international stars Antonio Banderas and Penelope Cruz – includes other Spanish actors familiar from the director’s past films: Cecilia Roth, Lola Duenas and Javier Camara. Some European critics have seen a veiled allegory about the Spanish economy and politics in the story, but I remain doubtful. Whether or not it’s there, American audiences, at least those without delicate sensibilities, can appreciate I’m So Excited! for its free-wheeling sexuality (which plays as comical rather than tawdry) and for the antics of its cast. I’m So Excited! is not a great film, but it is great fun.

Blue Jasmine


STARS 


8_Watch.indd 3


7/24/13 11:24 AM


WIN TICKETS! You Could Be One of the First to See ELYSIUM on IMAX!

Take the O&A Sci-Fi Film Challenge at OutAndAboutNow.com for a Chance to Win a Pair of Tickets to the ELYSIUM Premiere at Penn Cinema, Thursday, Aug. 8



More MVP Movies about the Boys (and Girls) of Summer By Mark Fields

Moneyball (2011)

w w w. p e n n c i n e m a . c o m | f

Brad Pitt, Jonah Hill and Philip Seymour Hoffman star in this story about the Oakland A’s Billy Beane and his analytical approach to building a winning major league baseball team. The film, drawn from a true story, focuses much more on the management suites and locker rooms than on the field, but still captures the distinct flavor of the game and its well-known fascination with statistics. Nominated for six Academy Awards, Moneyball went 0 for 6 on Oscar Night.


8_Watch.indd 4

7/25/13 11:39 AM


WATCH 3rd Annual


Beer Week NOVEMBER 2-9 The Natural (1984) Barry Levinson (Diner) directed this mythical take on baseball and the charmed/ cursed life of Roy Hobbs (Robert Redford), a player with unusual gifts for playing the game and also for attracting dangerous women. An adaptation of Bernard Malamud’s 1952 baseball novel of the same name, the film is an unrepentant love poem to the game. Beautifully photographed by Caleb Deschanel (Zooey and Emily’s dad), with a haunting score by Randy Newman.

Major League (1989)

It will be hopping! WilmingtonBeerWeek.com

This raucous comedy features a hapless Cleveland Indians team with a conniving new owner who deliberately stacks the roster with losers and hacks to break her iron-clad lease. The team of misfits rallies to win to spite her. A cast of all-stars (Tom Berenger, Wesley Snipes, Rene Russo) commit whole-heartedly to the nonsense. Charlie Sheen plays an unpredictable pitcher presciently nicknamed “Wild Thing.”

Eight Men Out (1988) A Who’s Who of Hollywood character actors—John Cusack, Christopher Lloyd, John Mahoney, David Strathairn and Charlie Sheen—evoke the story of the 1919 Chicago White Sox who accepted bribes to throw the World Series. Cusack as Buck Weaver and D.B. Sweeney as Shoeless Joe Jackson shine in director John Sayles’ elegiac film.

Bad News Bears (1976) Walter Matthau plays a down-on-his-luck former ball player resigned to coaching a no-talent Little League team. Representing the team’s best chance of avenging their loss to their nemesis is a pitching phenom whose only drawback is that she is a girl (Tatum O’Neal). The chemistry between the veteran and rookie actors redeems a predictable story arc that should be more dated than it is.

Field of Dreams (1989) Shoeless Joe Jackson—this time in the form of Ray Liotta—shows up again in this baseball-themed fable of redemption and reconciliation. Kevin Costner plays Ray Kinsella, an Iowa farmer who hears voices in his cornfield that lead him on a quest to build a baseball diamond fit for the eternal. Also starring James Earl Jones, Amy Madigan and the stately Burt Lancaster. The script has more corn than Ray’s field, but somehow the film captures the hearts of viewers—if they can “go the distance.”


8_Watch.indd 5


7/24/13 5:13 PM

GET – EXTREME about –


For Every Game!

On 7 HD TVs! Great food & Drink Specials


$~ ¢ã¨nĂ&#x;n

Full Grooming Services eAÄ‘[AĂ&#x;n Call today to make your appointment Q´AĂ&#x;e™­Â? ãÇA

Monday-Friday After 5pm, and All Day Saturday & Sunday At Corner of 2nd & Market!


$ 2$- $ 0! / ôŽ "nÄ? /´Aeb ¢ã¨nĂ&#x;nb ŽsÄ—Ăź

Check Schedule for Details

Ă´Ä—ĂźÂ˜ÂŽÂŽs˜çsçç Ä?Ä?Ä?Ă?e´Â?ò´Ă‡Â™AĂ?[´¨

302-384-8012 201 North Market Street, Wilmington

319 New Road, Elsmere, DE 19805 • 302-998-PUPS




8_Watch.indd 6

7/24/13 5:09 PM

2 PLAY 2


2. 4.

1. The Strand Salon & Spa in Wilmington won Pizza By Elizabeths’ “Evening of Glamour” on June 10. Styled as Betty Boop, Emma D. Orr took the stage to accept the award on the salon’s behalf. Photo Jim Miller



2. Bob Kreston and Jeff Kreston of Kreston Wine & Sprits welcomed Sam Calagione of Dogfish Head Brew to their Wilmington location on July 17 to launch their new growler station. The line of customers went around the store. Photo Jim Miller 3. Bringing more fun and glamour to Pizza By Elizabeths were Jennifer Daws, Amanda Ortega, Lindsay Burns (as Betty Grable), Sam Davis, Adriane Carlantonio of Spice Salon & Makeup Studio. Photo Jim Miller 4. Tryphaena and Derek Alexander were two of the guest bartenders at the CTC Summer Lovin’ Guest Bartending event at The Nomad. Photo Jim Miller 5. City Theater Company supporters Betsy Krasley, Gabrielle Reichert and Katie O’Dell stopped by the event for a few cocktails. Photo Jim Miller AUGUST 2013 | OUTANDABOUTNOW.COM

8_Play.indd 1


7/25/13 12:09 PM


Colorful Approach Creative Visions Factory is sprucing up the city...and changing lives in the process

this issue

8_Wilmington_Cover.indd 1

• Blues Legends Return • Hot Riverfront Events • August ‘IN’ Calendar

AUGUST 2013 Vol. 5 ISSUE 2

7/24/13 4:04 PM

8_Wilmington_Inside.indd 6

7/25/13 11:44 AM

Produced by

all rights reserved

TSN Publishing, Inc. President Gerald duPhily

Contributing Editor Bob Yearick

Art Director Shawna Sneath

Production Manager Matt Loeb

Advertising Sales Jim Hunter Miller Marie Graham

Contributing Writers Barb Bullock, Krista Connor, Josephine Eccel, Christine Facciolo, Michelle Kramer-Fitzgerald, Larry Nagengast, Scott Pruden

Contributing Photographers Joe del Tufo, Tim Hawk Les Kipp, Matt Urban

August 2013 volume 5, issue 2

4 Cover Story

Painting—And Healing How a team from the Creative Vision Factory produced the Kalmar Nyckel Shipyard mural is as inspiring as the work of art itself.

7 The Arts

Bringing Legends to Town Through a partnership with Diamond State Blues Society, Wilmington has become a destination for blues giants every August.

10 On the Riverfront August is Sizzling From baseball to concerts to August Quarterly, this month is red-hot on the Riverfront.

Departments 2

“in” Calendar


Riverfront Map & Attractions


Downtown News

ON THE COVER: Kenneth Carley helps to paint the Kalmar Nyckel Mural with other members of the Creative Visions Factory. Photo by Joe del Tufo For editorial and advertising information: p (302) 655-6483 f (302) 654-0569

TSN Media, Inc. 307 A Street Wilmington, DE 19801


Wilmington is truly in the middle of it all, and the “in” campaign is a celebration of the accomplishments we continue to achieve as a community to make our city stronger and more attractive. From neighborhood and business development to our arts and cultural scene, the people of Wilmington are working together to support our city’s ongoing growth and prosperity.


The mission of Wilmington Magazine is to capture, through stories and images, the ongoing energy present in the city. We aim to inform readers, both inside and outside Wilmington, of the city’s residential, financial, and cultural progress while remaining entertaining and vibrant. 1

8_Wilmington_Inside.indd 3

7/24/13 12:08 PM










Water's Extreme Journey

Winterthur Farmstand

Riverfront Blues Festival

Forever Plaid

Delaware Museum of Natural History 4840 Kennett Pike • 302.658.9111 bitly.com/15fvmnm

Winterthur Museum, Garden & Library 5105 Kennett Pike • 800.448.3883 bitly.com/1aHASG1

Tubman-Garrett Riverfront Park 80 Rosa Parks Drive • 302.425.4890 bitly.com/13FQEeV

New Candlelight Theatre 2208 Millers Rd. • 302.475.2313 bitly.com/1aHAQ0Z





Hot Jam 2013

Sommerkonzert: Youth Chamber Orchestra of Fulda, Germany

Sun. Summer Concert Series: Ron Cole & the Jazzmobiles


Chris White Gallery at Shipley Artist Lofts 701 Shipley Street • 302.932.0738 bitly.com/15fvmDG

benefitting School of Rock 484 Century Blvd. • 302.656.ROCK bitly.com/1aHAQ12

St. Helena Parish • 602 Philadelphia Pike 302.764.0325 • bitly.com/15fvp2x

H. Fletcher Brown Park 14th & Market Streets • 302.576.3810 bitly.com/1aHASGf




THUR, AUG 15 & FRI, AUG 16, 8PM

Justin Hayward (Of The Moody Blues)

Bike and Hike

Rockabilly Rumble

Hagley Museum and Library 200 Hagley Rd. • 302.658.2400 bitly.com/15fvmDI

World Cafe Live at the Queen 500 North Market Street • 302.994.1400 bitly.com/15fvmDK

Lisa Lampanelli-Skinny Bitch: NOT A Stand-Up Comedy Baby Grand • 818 N. Market Street 302.658.7897 • bitly.com/1aHAQhk




Back to the Future: Under the Stars Rooftop Movie

World Cafe Live at the Queen 500 North Market Street • 302.994.1400 bit.ly/19Vx1zv


Doggy Days of Summer


Annual Pawpaw Folk Fest

Delaware Art Museum 2301 Kentmere Parkway • 302.571.9590 bitly.com/13FQGn8

The Grand Opera House 818 N Market Street • 302.658.7897 bitly.com/1aHASWy

Blue Ball Barn 1914 West Park Drive • 302.577.1164 bitly.com/19Vx1PU

8_Wilmington_Inside.indd 4

ShopRite Rooftop • 501 S. Walnut Street 302.225.6900 • bit.ly/1aHAQhp

7/23/13 1:05 PM

ART IS IN Delaware Art Museum

Art on the Town


Various Locations Buses leave 5:45pm from the DCCA, making the last return at approx. 8:30pm 302.576.2135 • 200 S. Madison Street

Tristan Prettyman

World Cafe Live at The Queen 500 N. Market St. • 302.994.1400

Aniya • World Cafe Live at The Queen 500 N. Market St. • 302.994.1400

The Goonies

ShopRite Rooftop 501 S. Walnut Street • 302.225.6900

ALIVE Afterparty w/ Sylvan Wolfe Nomad Bar 905 N. Orange St. • 302.655.8800



Jayme Stone

World Cafe Live at The Queen 500 N. Market St. • 302.994.1400

Bank of America’s Museums on Us Delaware Museum of Natural History 4840 Kennett Pike • 302.658.9111

• Jeffrey Long & Kevin Bielicki’s Connections and Investigations August 2 - August 31 302.658.6262 • 1810 N. DuPont St.


Introduction to Outdoor Rock Climbing & Aug 10 • Alapocas Run State Park

The Splashing Pearls Live at the Cool Springs Farmers Market

1914 West Park Drive • 302.577.1164

Delaware Children’s Museum

10th & Van Buren Streets • 302.658.4171 x18

Bluegrass Jams 1-5pm every Saturday

• Playing with the Phillies Aug 2 - Aug 31 302.654.2340 • 550 Justison Street

KISS Jam 11

Woodside Farm Creamery 1310 Little Baltimore Rd. • 302.239.9847

Delaware Museum of Natural History

World Cafe Live at The Queen 500 N. Market St. • 302.994.1400

Universal Funk Order

• Delaware Photographic Society’s “Hydro-Inspired” Exhibit thru Sept 2 302.658.9111 • 4840 Kennett Pike

Blazing Hot Thurs: Brixton Saint

World Cafe Live at The Queen 500 N. Market St. • 302.994.1400

World Cafe Live at The Queen 500 N. Market St. • 302.994.1400

Splintered Sunlight • WCL at The Queen 500 N. Market St. • 302.994.1400

The Station Gallery

SATURDAY, AUGUST 17TH Fireworks Nights w/ the Wilmington


Blue Rocks & Aug 31 • Frawley Stadium 801 Shipyard Drive • 302.777.5772

Steamin' Days


Marshall Steam Museum 3000 Creek Road • 302.239.2385

Common Destinations: Maps in the American Experience thru Jan 4


Summer Concert Series 6:30pm every

Winterthur Museum, Garden & Library 5105 Kennett Pike • 800.448.3883

ShopRite Rooftop 501 S. Walnut Street • 302.225.6900

Thursday & Sunday thru August 25 • Bellevue State Park • 800 Carr Road • 302.761.6963

Hot Breakfast!


World Cafe Live at The Queen 500 N. Market St. • 302.994.1400

Summer Concert Series 6:30pm every Monday thru August 12 • Rockford Tower Tower Drive • 302.222.7436

Let’s Dance daily thru Aug 8

Delaware Children's Museum 550 Justison Street • 302.654.2340

World Cafe Live at The Queen 500 N. Market St. • 302.994.1400

2301 Kentmere Parkway • 302.571.9590

Delaware Center For Horticulture

Delaware Children's Museum 550 Justison Street • 302.654.2340

Holly Williams

Art is Tasty • Delaware Art Museum

• 2013 Members’ Juried Group Exhibition: Broad Spectrum thru Oct 6 • Erin Endicott’s Healing Sutras

DCM Gym daily thru Aug 31

World Cafe Live at The Queen 500 N. Market St. • 302.994.1400

Delaware Art Museum 2301 Kentmere Parkway • 302.571.9590

Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts

• Summer Group Show thru August 31 302.654.8638 • 3922 Kennett Pike


Glory of Stories 10:30am every Friday

• Recognition: Artists of the Delaware Foundation for Visual Arts July 21 - October 14 • Imagined Places: The Art of Alexi Natchev thru August 4 • French Twist: Masterworks of Photography from Atget to Man Ray thru September 15 302.571.9590 • 2301 Kentmere Pkwy

thru August 4 • School 33 Art Center (group exhibition) From Joy to Terror thru October 20 • Wei-Tu Chen's Monocartoon thru September 5 302.656.6466 • 200 South Madison Street




THURSDAY, AUGUST 22 ND AlyCat The Splashing Live at Pearls the Cool Live Springs at the Cool Springs Farmers Market Farmers Market


Terrific Tuesdays ages 3-10 drop-off

Open Studio daily thru Aug 31

10th & Van Buren Streets • 302.658.4171 x18

program 10am-3pm thru Aug 27 Winterthur Museum, Garden & Library 5105 Kennett Pike • 800.448.3883

Delaware Children's Museum 550 Justison Street • 302.654.2340

G. Calvin Weston’s Treasures of the

Spirit • WCL at The Queen 500 N. Market St. • 302.994.1400

$19.13 Lunch Menu thru Aug 31 Green Room at the Hotel du Pont 11th & Market Streets • 302.594.3154

Children’s Book Readings

Centennial Afternoon Tea 3pm daily Green Room at the Hotel du Pont 11th & Market Streets • 302.594.3154

Delaware Avenue Farmers Market

$5 Fridays After 5pm every Friday

Flight Club every Tuesday 5:30-7:30

Chelsea Tavern • 821 N. Market Street

Elvis Cruise benefitting Children Are People Too • Riverboat Queen - Wilm. Riverfront 700 Justison Street • 302.444.7624

Buckwheat Zydeco

Wilmington Burger Battle

Woodside Farm Creamery 1310 Little Baltimore Rd. • 302.239.9847

World Cafe Live at The Queen 500 N. Market St. • 302.994.1400

Big Skull Live at the Cool Springs Farmers Market • 10th & Van Buren Summer Concert Series 6:30pm every

Thursday & Sunday thru August 25 • Bellevue State Park • 800 Carr Road • 302.761.6963

Twin Lakes Brewery 4210 Kennett Pike • 302.658.1826


Honey, I Shrunk the Kids

ShopRite Rooftop 501 S. Walnut Street • 302.225.6900

Sunday Studio Series • Delaware Art Museum • 2301 Kentmere Pkwy • 302.571.9590


Musikarmageddon 2013 Thurs thru Aug 15 Kelly’s Logan House • 302.652.9493


Ballroom Thieves Live at the Cool Springs Farmers Market

Beta Hi-Fi Emerging Music Fest

thru Aug 31 World Cafe Live at The Queen 500 N. Market St. • 302.994.1400

10th & Van Buren Streets • 302.658.4171 x18

Citizen Cope • WCL at The Queen 500 N. Market St. • 302.994.1400

Blazing Hot Thurs: Nancy Micciulla


World Cafe Live at The Queen 500 N. Market St. • 302.994.1400

Blazing Hot Thursdays: Sin City World Cafe Live at The Queen 500 N. Market St. • 302.994.1400

Victoria The Splashing Spaeth Pearls Live at Live theatCool the Cool Springs Springs Farmers Farmers Market Market

Steve Kimock Feat. Bernie Worrell

10th & Van Buren Streets • 302.658.4171 x18

World Cafe Live at The Queen 500 N. Market St. • 302.994.1400

WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 2 ND Downtown Wilmington Farmers Market 10am-2pm Wednesdays


every Tuesday 4-7:30pm • 1727 Delaware Ave.

Delaware Children's Museum 550 Justison Street • 302.654.2340

Streets • 302.658.4171 x18

The Machine performs Pink Floyd

World Cafe Live at The Queen 500 N. Market St. • 302.994.1400



Rodney Square • 10th & Market Streets

Clay Date• Delaware Art Museum 2301 Kentmere Pkwy • 302.571.9590

Best Kept Soul • WCL at The Queen 500 N. Market St. • 302.994.1400

find more at { inWilmingtonDE.com }

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7/23/13 1:03 PM


Michael Kalmbach, CVF executive director

Painting–And Healing How a team from the Creative Vision Factory produced the Kalmar Nyckel Shipyard mural is as inspiring as the work of art itself By Larry Nagengast Photos by Joe del Tufo 4 . Cover Package

8_WilmCoverPackage.indd 2

July 2013

7/24/13 11:54 AM


cross the street from the Kalmar Nyckel Shipyard, on the wall of a former warehouse once marred by graffiti, a new mural tells the story of Wilmington’s Seventh Street Peninsula, from the landing of the Swedes on the original Kalmar Nyckel in 1638 through the construction of the replica of the iconic tall ship that makes its home there today. The mural, some 20 feet high and more than 200 feet long, offers glimpses of remarkable stories—the legacy of Swedish and Dutch settlers, the Lenni Lenape tribe, the Underground Railroad, the city’s prominence in shipbuilding and manufacturing railroad cars, and the days when traveling to New Jersey required taking a ferry, not crossing a bridge. “These are inspiring stories, stories that aren’t all well-known,” says Samuel Heed, director of education for the Kalmar Nyckel Foundation, which acquired the warehouse late last year and commissioned the $22,000 mural shortly thereafter. Equally inspiring is the story of how the mural came to be, the work of a fledgling art center called the Creative Vision Factory, whose role is to help individuals with mental health problems and recovering alcohol and substance abusers regain the social and work skills required to be productive members of the community. The 10-member team, all enrolled in the Creative Vision Factory (CVF) program, plus three designers and a handful of volunteers, spent six weeks working on the mural, wrapping up their work in late June. “It brought the people together and it was a cool way to get to know the neighborhood,” says designer Anne Yoncha, a Brandywine High School and University of Delaware graduate who also has volunteered with Philadelphia’s Mural Arts Program. “The act of painting the mural created the gratification, the vindication of their labor. That’s really important for someone who is working, and in recovery — having that encouragement, that daily pat on the back,” says Michael Kalmbach, 33, CVF executive director and himself a recovering addict who has been clean for 11 years.

CVF, established two years ago as part of the state’s agreement with the U.S. Department of Justice to improve the number of programs for Delawareans with mental illnesses, is an “open art studio,” an unstructured drop-in program where the mentally ill, substance abusers, the homeless — actually anyone at all — can walk in, have a free cup of coffee, learn about art, develop their skills, and enjoy a welcoming environment. “A place like Creative Vision Factory is almost an alternative treatment,” says Rosanne Faust, an assistant director at the state Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health. “It’s great for people who don’t respond to the normal treatment by social workers.” “I don’t know why, but art is attractive to many people who have mental conditions,” says Kevin Ann Huckshorn, the division director. At CVF, there are no real rules, no attendance requirements, no curriculum that participants are required to complete, Kalmbach says. “It’s open to anybody who wants to use it whenever they want to use it.” And that’s what has made the program attractive enough to have 214 members as of early July, with about 20 people dropping in daily and perhaps 50 showing up at least twice a week, he says. Artistic people like the freedom the program offers, he says, and mentions a former teacher who had been routed into an art therapy rehabilitation program after suffering a stroke and being diagnosed with depression. In that program, the woman was directed to work on specific projects for limited periods of time, but could never concentrate on what she enjoyed. “When she comes here, she gets to work on her landscapes, on her paintings,” Kalmbach says. “At the other place, she felt that she was treated like a child.” In a program like CVF, Huckshorn says, “you’re building trust, you’re building communication, you’re building friendship. The community’s not scary.” With 33 members having participated in a dozen exhibitions in the studio at 617 Shipley St. in the past year, CVF success stories are numerous. ►


8_WilmCoverPackage.indd 3

7/24/13 11:54 AM

Painting – and Healing continued from page 5

One of the best is artist Knicoma Frederick, who a couple of years ago was showing his work “in barber shops and at the McDonald’s on Fourth Street,” Kalmbach says. Frederick recently received a $3,000 emerging artist award from the state Division of the Arts, and sold four pieces for a total of $1,050 at the Fleisher/Ollman Gallery in Philadelphia. He will participate this fall in a show at the Biggs Museum in Dover and will have a solo exhibition in February in the Carvel State Office Building in Wilmington. “Knicoma is the most prolific artist that I’ve ever been around,” Kalmbach says. “He completed 12 books last year, each containing over 110 original drawings. He’s a machine.” Then there’s William Slowik, 50, a painter, sculptor and former teacher who has been diagnosed with schizophrenia and has battled mental illness for more than 30 years. He now serves as director of education at CVF, guiding program participants with their projects and helping them build their portfolios. He played a key role in the mural project, serving as a foreman, organizing the painters and guiding their work. “With mental illness, people are fearful of being examined and analyzed within a work setting,” Slowik says. “Here, all the people have some sort of problem, so that is never an issue. It seems like it is a perfect fit for me.” As he tries to help others rebuild their lives, Slowik is rebuilding his own. With Kalmbach’s encouragement, he recently applied successfully for admission to Shipley Lofts, whose units provide artists with a combination of living and studio space. Former marathon runner Michael Solomon, 47, was homeless and suffering from depression and anxiety a year and a half ago when he learned about CVF. After doing some sketches for Kalmbach, he left to take a volunteer position at a homeless shelter in St. Louis, something that would provide a roof over his head. When Kalmbach called and told him about the Kalmar Nyckel mural project, he happily returned to Wilmington. “Mike said he had something big for me, but I didn’t think it was anything big like this,” he says, extending his arms as he looks at the mural. Kalmbach, Solomon says, “has helped me become more independent, become a more productive member of society… and make some history, too.” Solomon is selling some of his paintings now, getting $250 for one, he says with pride. Asked what kind of art he does, he defers to his mentor. “It’s kind of representational expressionist,” Kalmbach says. “Representational expressionist,” Solomon repeats, the words rolling off his tongue. “I’ll never remember that.” Guiding CVF comes naturally to Kalmbach, whose early exposure to addictions included being a 7-year-old passenger when his mother crashed her car while driving under the influence. His familiarity with both abuse and recovery couldn’t prevent his own fall, and he wound up in rehab during his senior year in college. Brought up in the spirit of Alcoholics

Anonymous, whose members don’t speak publicly of their condition, Kalmbach is slowly coming around to talking about his past, as those with mental illness have long been encouraged to do. Alcohol and drugs, “anything that was available,” brought him down, and his mother’s stern message—“Get your ass back to school. If you spend your time in the library and in class, you’re not going to see those people”— helped bring him back up. Huckshorn and Faust, the mental health professionals, are pleased with CVF’s progress and expect its successes to continue while it receives state funds for two more years and seeks grants to become a free-standing nonprofit organization.

“The act of painting the mural created the gratification, the vindication of their labor. That’s really important for someone who is working, and in recovery.” — Michael Kalmbach, CVF executive director “They are a very visible part of the city,” Faust says. Projects like the Kalmar Nyckel mural, Huckshorn adds, “are the icing on the cake.” Kalmbach has more of the same in mind. He’s scouting walls downtown and in West Center City, looking for future mural sites. And it doesn’t have to be something as elaborate as a mural, he adds, noting that just painting the exterior of aging buildings freshens up a neighborhood and puts people to work. “Work is a great addiction to have,” Kalmbach says. “When you get people making something, there’s less time for them to be doing something else.” The Kalmar Nyckel Mural Team The Creative Vision Factory’s mural crew includes three designers, Anne Yoncha, Kevin Scott and Carl Bailey, and two foremen, Michael Solomon and William Slowik. The painters are Ken Carley, Scott Elliott, Kelly Lolley, Garrett Wadsworth, Joshua James, Charles Lloyd, Eric Carpenter and Neaka Hargrove. Most are “mental health consumers,” says Kalmbach, CVF executive director. Five volunteers also helped out: David Heitur, Jessi Taylor, Eunice LaFate, Jeff Long and Harry Long.

6 . Cover Package

8_WilmCoverPackage.indd 4

7/24/13 11:55 AM

James Cotton and his band, which recently released an album, are the Friday headliners. Photo By Christopher Durst

Bringing Legends to Town Twenty acts to perform at 16th Riverfront Blues Festival By Sarah Coonin


ooking for one of the best blues festivals on the East Coast? Then you’re in luck. From Aug. 2-4, the Wilmington Riverfront will be the site of the 16th annual Riverfront Blues Festival. “The location, the hotels, the after parties,” says Gene Fontana, director of the Diamond State Blues Society (DSBS), “it’s all right there. People can’t stop talking about it.” Twenty blues bands will perform on two stages throughout the three-day fest. Food and drink will be available, and there will be two big after parties open to the public. Formed in 1997 to support and preserve blues music, the DSBS holds events and concerts year-round. Earlier this summer, the DSBS held the second annual blues festival in St. George’s. Fontana says concertgoers view the St. George’s festival as a warm-up for the Riverfront event, anticipating more people, bands and excitement. Last year, Fontana was worried that Wilmington’s new administration could bring budget cuts that would end the festival. Fortunately, he says, that wasn’t the case. “It didn’t affect us at all. They want to keep everything the way it’s been and we’re rolling forward as a team.” For the DSBS, choosing the festival lineup is of the utmost importance each year. Fontana says he looks for bands that will attract large crowds, that repeatedly perform well, and ­— if possible ­— are legendary. He discovered this year’s Saturday night headliner — Rod Piazza & The Mighty Flyers Reunion Band ­— on the annual Legendary

Rhythm and Blues Cruise, which happens every February and October in different locations. “I saw them and thought, ‘Wow, with all their former members there, I’ve got to get this together,’” says Fontana. The band started with only Piazza in the mid-1960s when the blues were making a comeback. Then he met his wife, Honey, who is the pianist, and the Mighty Flyers Reunion Band was formed. Piazza & The Mighty Flyers have been performing for more than 40 years and are recognized as one of the best and most distinctive blues bands. Other standout performances will include Friday’s headliner, The James Cotton Band, which recently released a new album, and Sunday’s headliner, Elvin Bishop. This year’s after-parties will be held at the Sheraton Suites Wilmington Ballroom starting at 10:30 on Friday and Saturday nights. Li’l Ronnie and the Grand Dukes and Doña Oxford will host the late-night festivities, which will include live music from that day’s lineup. “All the artists come together and they jam,” says Fontana. “To witness it is really a treat.” Tickets are available at riverfrontbluesfest.com in a three-day package for $50, and as individual day passes for $20 on Friday and $25 on Saturday and Sunday. Ticket prices at the gate increase by $5. Additional information can be found at diamondstateblues.com.


8_Wilmington_RFBluesFest.indd 1

7/24/13 11:55 AM




2 1 4








1. Amtrak Station 2. Opera Delaware Studios/City Theater Co. 3. Wilmington Youth Rowing Assn., WYRA.ORG 4. Tubman-Garrett Riverfront Park 5. Residences at Christina Landing 6. Harry’s Seafood Grill / Riverfront Market, HARRYS-SAVOY.COM 7. Delaware Theatre Co., DELAWARETHEATRE.ORG 8. FireStone Roasting House, FIRESTONERIVERFRONT.COM 9. Cosi at the Barclays Crescent Building, GETCOSI.COM 10. Hare Pavilion/Riverwalk

8_Wilmington_Riverfront.indd 2


11. AAA Mid-Atlantic Travel Center, AAAMIDATLANTIC.COM 12. Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts, THEDCCA.ORG 13. Justison Landing, Currie Hair, Skin & Nails, CURRIEDAYSPA.COM Veritas Wine & Spirits, VERITASWINESHOP.COM 14. Kooma, KOOMASUSHI.COM 15. Delaware Children’s Museum, DELAWARECHILDRENSMUSEUM.ORG 16. Joe’s Crab Shack, JOESCRABSHACK.COM 17. Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant, IRONHILLBREWERY.COM

7/24/13 11:56 AM




23 22





16 18

20 15 29






RIVERFRONT BLUES FESTIVAL August 2-4 Tubman-Garret Riverfront Park

$5 FRIDAYS AFTER 5 5-8pm Delaware Children’s Museum

18. Public Docks 19. Big Fish Grill, BIGFISHRIVERFRONT.COM 20. Frawley Stadium, BLUEROCKS.COM Delaware Sports Museum & Hall of Fame 21. Chase Center on the Riverfront, CENTERONTHERIVERFRONT.COM 22. Dravo Plaza & Dock 23. Shipyard Center Planet Fitness, PLANETFITNESS.COM 24. Timothy’s Restaurant, TIMOTHYSONTHERIVERFRONT.COM

SHIPYARD CONCERT SERIES Thursdays in August Dravo Plaza

Molly’s Old Fashioned Ice Cream, MOLLYSICECREAM.COM Ubon Thai Restaurant 25. Wilmington Rowing Center, WILMINGTONROWING.ORG 26. Russell W. Peterson Urban Wildlife Refuge/ DuPont Environmental Education Center, DUPONTEEC.ORG 27 DART Park-n-Ride Lot 28. Penn Cinema Riverfront IMAX, PENNCINEMARIVERFRONT.COM 29: CrossFit Riverfront, CFRIVERFRONT.COM Photo by Dick Dubroff of Final Focus Photography

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Shipyard Summer Concert featuring Karen Rodriguez Latin Jazz Ensemble August 1, 7:00 pm riverfrontwilm.com Dravo Plaza Riverfront Blues Festival August 2, 5:00 pm The Riverfront Blues Festival is a 3 day, outdoor music festival held on the Wilmington Riverfront. riverfrontbluefest.com Tubman-Garrett Riverfront Park Introductory Nature Photography I August 3, 10:00 am Learn the fundamentals of nature photography including the basic functions of digital cameras and photo composition. Bring your own camera or use one of ours. Session includes classroom instruction as well as practical application in the Refuge Capture photos of DEEC’s diverse visitors including Great Blue Herons, Ospreys, and turtles. End with a review and discussion of photos taken during the session. duponteec.org DuPont Environmental Education Center Riverfront Blues Festival August 3-4, 11:00 am riverfrontbluefest.com Tubman-Garrett Riverfront Park KK’s 5K Run/Walk August 5, 7:30 am Registration begins at 7:30am races2run.com Dravo Plaza Don’t Just Stand There 5K August 7, 5:00 pm 5pm registration/6:30pm race races2run.com Dravo Plaza Nature’s Rainbow of Color August 8, 10:00 am Discover the colors of the rainbow hidden around the marsh in plain sight! Find red-winged blackbirds, golden tick-seed sunflowers, and cabbage white butterflies to win a treat. Create a colorful, seedy snack for both you and marsh animals to enjoy. duponteec.org DuPont Environmental Education Center Shipyard Summer Concert featuring Sean Reilly August 8, 7:00 pm riverfrontwilm.com Dravo Plaza 10

8_Wilmington_Riverfront.indd 4

Parents Night Out August 9, 6:30 pm Set mom and dad loose to have dinner along Wilmington’s Riverfront while you stay at DEEC and have all the fun with games, a scavenger hunt and an evening hike. Dinner provided. Parents receive a coupon for Timothy’s Riverfront Grill. duponteec,org DuPont Environmental Education Center Kayaking the River and Marsh August 10, 1:30 pm Kayak along the Christina River and through the marshes’ winding channels in search of wildlife including Great Blue Herons and American Beaver. No experience necessary and equipment provided. duponteec.org DuPont Environmental Education Center Shipyard Summer Concert featuring the Barbone Street Band August 15, 7:00 pm riverfrontwilm.com Dravo Plaza Introductory Nature Photography II August 17, 10:00 am This course is more in-depth than Nature Photography I and will cover DLSR camera settings, functions such as f-stops and exposure and geared towards allowing participants to use settings beyond Auto. Session includes classroom instruction as well as practical application in the refuge. Capture subjects such as herons, hawks and reptiles. End with a review and discussion of photos taken during the session. duponteec,org DuPont Environmental Education Center $2 Night at Delaware Children’s Museum August 21, 5:00 pm Visit the Museum in the evening hours for just $2 per person. Enjoy all the hands-on exhibits together, discover your inner engineer at the “DCM Block Party,” and join us in the Delaware College Investment Plan Studio D gallery where you can “bake” with pom-poms. At 6pm, join us for “Science About the Stories” as we read Eric Carle’s book, The Tiny Seed, about a traveling seed that eventually grows into a beautiful flower. Following the story, kids can explore seeds in different activity learning stations! “Science About the Stories” is funded, in part, by The PNC Foundation. delawarechildrensmuseum.org Delaware Children’s Museum Canoeing by Moonlight (Ages 8+) August 21, 6:30 pm The tide is right and the moon is full, so explore the marsh by moonlight! Leave DEEC in the daylight and paddle through the marsh to find animals active at dusk. Enjoy the sunset from a remote, seldom visited section of the refuge and return to DEEC by the light of the full moon. duponteec.org DuPont Environmental Education Center

Shipyard Summer Concert featuring Elizabeth Knecht August 22, 7:00 pm riverfrontwilm.com Dravo Plaza August Quarterly August 24, 12:00 pm Parade, Youth Cultural Day, citywide Sunday Service, Gospel Explosion and afternoon festival celebrating religious freedom since 1814. Tubman-Garrett Riverfront Park August Quarterly August 25, 12:00 pm Tubman-Garrett Riverfront Park Shipyard Summer Concert featuring Urband Legend August 29, 7:00 pm riverfrontwilm.com Dravo Plaza

ONGOING EVENTS Family Nights on the River Taxi Tuesdays and Thursdays Bring the kids for ice cream on the river taxi! Board at the Dravo Dock near the Shipyard to enjoy a ride on the river. You’ll also receive a coupon for Molly’s Ice Cream + Deli after your ride. Reserve your spot today! 302-425-4890 x 109 CRAFT BEER FRIDAYS ON THE RIVER TAXI Fridays Through August - 7pm Enjoy a craft beer tasting on the Christina River. Perfect for happy hour or an afterdinner drink! Reservations are required. Must be 21 years of age or older. $15 per person. Reserve your spot today! 302-425-4890 x 109 Wednesdays on the Water Enjoy a wine tasting on the river! Board at the Dravo Dock near the Shipyard for a one-hour cruise with hand selected wines. This unique outing is perfect for happy hour or an after-dinner drink! Must be 21 or older. Reserve your spot today! 302-425-4890 x 109 Riverboat Queen Crab Cruises Thursdays and Fridays Come see us for a unique experience right here on the Wilmington Riverfront. All you can eat Crab Cruises on the Riverboat Queen! Reservations are required and space will be limited reserve your spot now! RiverboatQueen.com

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WRC News


Staff Picks

Every month we highlight a few happenings in the City. Our favorites for August: Riverfront Blues Festival at Tubman-Garrett Riverfront Park, Friday, Aug. 2, through Sunday, Aug. 4 Save these dates! The event will feature The James Cotton Band, Rod Piazza & the Mighty Flyers, and Elvin Bishop, with many more acts throughout the weekend. More information: ci.wilmington.de.us. Rockabilly Rumble presented by Gable Music Ventures and World Cafe Live at the Queen, Sunday Aug. 11 Rockabilly Rumble is Gable Music Ventures and World Cafe Live at the Queen’s first collaborative music festival on Market Street. The rain-or-shine event will offer fun for the whole family, including food trucks, delicious barbecue, local clothing, vinyl records and a beer garden. Swing and roots music will lead into late-night burlesque and more! More information: queentickets.worldcafelive.com. Doggy Days of Summer at Delaware Art Museum, Friday, Aug. 16 In partnership with the Delaware Humane Association, this poochinspired event includes doggy portraits by animal artist and caricaturist Sam Mylin in the Copeland Sculpture Garden at the Delaware Art Museum. Treats will be available for all our four-legged friends and drinks for their owners. Rain/heat date: Aug. 23. More information: inwilmingtonde.com.

TOTO at the Grand Opera House, Friday, Aug. 16 Grammy Award-winning band TOTO has been setting standards in the music industry for decades, and 2013 will mark the 35th anniversary of their eponymous debut album. Since forming in Los Angeles in 1977, the band has had a legendary career that includes17 albums and sales totaling more than 35 million copies worldwide. They have recorded numerous chart-topping hits, including “Africa,” “Hold The Line,” “Rosanna,” “I Won’t Hold You Back” and “I’ll Be Over You.” More information: thegrandwilmington.org. Beta hi-fi Emerging Music Festival 2013 presented by World Cafe Live at the Queen, Tuesday, Aug. 27, through Saturday, Aug. 31 Join us at World Cafe Live at the Queen for a free weeklong music festival featuring some of the Wilmington region’s cream of the crop. With more than 25 performances throughout the week, beta hi-fi serves as a showcase for industry professionals and for fans looking to discover new artists. Saturday night’s show will feature the week’s best performers chosen by a panel of expert judges. More information: queentickets.worldcafelive.com. — Barb Bullock

SEPTEMBER 28, 2013 Wilmington Riverfront Rehoboth Beach Grove Park Check in 9am / Walk 10am 3 1 Register 2 Get Sponsors Walk! AIDSWalkDelaware.org 302.652.6776




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7/24/13 3:00 PM