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DD566 14/11/2016

INSIDE THIS ISSUE FEATURES 2. EDITORS COMMENT: 2. WILL GAY RIGHTS BE TRUMPED? 3. TRAVEL: the top gay friendly destinations in the world. 6. PRISCILLA QUEEN OF THE DESERT: Meet the cast 8. PC GONE MAD!: A look at the hypocrisy of the PC brigade 16. THE PINK MYNAH FESTIVAL: This year’s event was well attended, colourful & successful 18. MISS GAY WESTERN CAPE: All the info on this glamorous sold out annual event 20. MANILA NOT JUST A TEEZ: Meet SA’s Got Talent finalist Manila von Teez 26. CHILDREN OF SAME-SEX COUPLES NO DIFFERENT: Its official - what we knew all along 27. EVERY REASON TO LISTEN TO GAY SA RADIO: 28. WINNERS: Meet Karel Vermeulen and Professor Vitit Muntarbhorn 29. CAPE TOWN PRIDE 2017 30. TAKING CARE OF YOUR HEALTH: The Movember Movement campaigns for prostate and testicular cancer awareness 33. THE CLOSET KILLS 34. FITNESS: Fitness Facility Technology - Benefits & Challenges 36. MAGIC SPORTING MOMENTS

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24 FASHION 12-15. AFRICA FASHION WEEK LONDON 2016 - Great summer looks on the catwalk



REVIEWS 38. OUT ON FILM: With Daniel Dercksen 39. MUSIC MOVES. Olly Murs - 24 hrs 40. ON STAGE: With Daniel Dercksen

Cover: Manila Von Teez photographed by Reno Horn

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FROM THE EDITOR Hi all ... Summer is finally here and the festive season is upon us. This issue covers those hectic periods of Christmas and New Year, and no sooner are they behind us, we celebrate Valentine’s Day and then Pride in Cape Town is the main event. And this Pride 2017 will build on the huge success of Pride 2016, so save the date .... Pride week runs from 24 February 2017 to 4 March, the day of the Pride party and parade!!! In this issue we have met with the leading actors in PRISCILLA, QUEEN OF THE DESERT, THE MUSICAL. This show is filled with glamour and colour and anyone who has seen the stage production overseas will vouch for its entertainment as a must see production. Get your tickets early and DON’T be disappointed. Turn to page 6 to read all about it. On the cover we have the fabulous drag entertainer, Manila von Teez, who had huge success as a finalist in South Africa’s Got Talent 2016 ... a fantastic achievement. Read all about what motivates this pint-sized dynamo on pages 20 December sees us flocking once again to party at the biggest party event of the year, MCQP. This year’s theme was launched at a Halloween Party in Cape Town and what a storm of protest followed, so much so that the organisers were forced to change the theme ... on page 8 we take a look at the hypocrisy of the PC brigade who seem bent on spoiling everyone’s fun for their own agendas, This issue is filled with fashion, featured on the catwalk at London’s Africa Fashion Week - see pages 13 - 15. There are great pictures from the Miss Gay Western Cape pageant which happened in November as well as a report-back on the very successful Pink Mynah Festival in KZN. There are a number of pages devoted to men’s health, from the Movember movement dealing with prostate and testicular cancer, keeping fit in an age of apps and mental health issues with coming out from We The Brave... OUT Africa Magazine urges all LGBTIQA‘s to support and attend Pride events – Be OUT and PROUD – whatever your reason, be it political or fun enjoy the celebrations and make your voice heard! Happy holidays, New Year, Valentine’s and most of all Happy Pride TOMMY PATTERSON - EDITOR MANAGING EDITOR: Tommy Patterson 082 562 3358 ISSN 2304-859X



merican citizens are now forced to confront the likelihood that LGBTI rights will be undermined under a Trump presidency.

But what does a Trump presidency mean for gay marriage and gay rights in general? Trump has said he would try to overturn the gay marriage Supreme Court decision. However, this would be quite the feat, but it is possible: he’d have to appoint a conservative judge to the seat left vacant by Justice Antonin Scalia, as well as more judgeships that might open up during his presidency. Then, a case would have to be brought against Obergefell v. Hodges, the decision that ruled in favour of marriage equality, and the Court would have to rule in favour of overturning marriage equality. If Trump’s administration can do all this, then gay marriage could once again potentially go back to being a state-by-state issue, and the most conservative states would almost certainly prevent gay marriage from occurring. But as with a number of other issue, Donald Trump has flip-flopped on his views on LGBTQ rights since he first contemplated a run for the presidency in 2000. Sixteen years ago, he declared that “the institution of marriage should be between a man and a woman.” Since then, Trump has continued to state that he does not believe in “non-traditional marriages,” implying that he doesn’t support LGBTQ rights in general. He definitely doesn’t agree with the Supreme Court’s 2015 to make gay marriage available across the country, as he’s stated that he believes the question should be left up to the individual states. In January, Trump said, “I wish that it was done by the state. I don’t like the way they ruled. I disagree with the Supreme Court from the standpoint they should have given the state — it should be a states’ rights issue. … This is a very surprising ruling. And I — I can see changes coming down the line, frankly. But I would have much preferred that they ruled at a state level and allowed the states to make those rulings themselves. … If I’m elected I would be very strong in putting certain judges on the bench that maybe could change thing, but they have a long way to go.”

Contributors: Daniel Dercksen, Barry Reid Published by: Patterson Publications Additional Photography: P.O. Box 397, Sea Point 8060 Simon Deiner, Tel: 021 555 1279, Fax: 086 535 5063 SDR Photography E-mail: Keith Coventry at Vernondo Boshoff Photography, outmagafrica@telkomsa.net Reno Horn, Phil Wentworth outmagazine@mweb.co.za www.outafricamagazine.com

His running mate, Pence, is also vehemently anti-gay and particularly gay marriage. But Trump has promised to protect the LGTBQ community from terrorism, this he declared during a speech after the Orlando Club shooting ... whatever that kind of promise means. Given his inflammatory statements about depriving Muslim Americans and women of their rights, you’ve got to wonder whether he’d actually keep his word on any promise to protect LGBTI individuals.

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This is why it is so important to jealously safe-guard the rights we have achieved so far and never stop the fight for equality and be vigilant against any erosion of our rights we have successfully fought for.

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San Francisco’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Pride Parade

As more & more nations grant equality to same-sex couples, here’s a list of the most progressive, inclusive and accepting destinations that open their arms to the LGBTQ traveller - so plan your trip to include the best... SAN FRANCISCO, USA Rainbow flags adorn apartment windows and bar entrances in many San Francisco neighbourhoods, with nearly every bar and business in the Castro catering to gays and lesbians. Pride Week is capped by the often-outrageous ‘Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Pride Parade’ – where half a million people party in the street on the last Sunday in June. Also in June is the longrunning queer film festival. And don’t forget the annual Folsom St., Fair for the leather and fetish community.

AMSTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS Touted as the gay and lesbian capital of Europe, partisan estimates put the proportion of gay and lesbian people in Amsterdam at 20% to 30%. Though the figures are probably exaggerated, there’s no underestimating the number of venues for gays and lesbians. There are more than 100 bars and nightclubs, gay hotels, bookshops, sport clubs, choirs and support services. Amsterdam hosts the only water-borne gay-pride parade in the world, held on the canals on the first Saturday in August.

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA Hey, in Sydney gay is the new straight. Gay and lesbian culture forms a vocal, vital, well-organised and colourful part of Sydney’s social fabric. Host of the 2002 Gay Games, Sydney also plays host to Australia’s biggest annual tourist event – the Mardi Gras (formerly the Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras). The joyfilled hedonism-meets-political-protest parade is attended by more than half a million people. Beach life also reigns here, so boys should buff up before hitting the sand.

BERLIN, GERMANY Berlin’s legendary liberalism has spawned one of the world’s biggest gay and lesbian scenes. Openly gay mayor Klaus Wowereit outed himself with the now-popular words: ‘I’m gay, and that’s a good thing’. As befits Berlin’s decentralised nature, the city has no dedicated gay ghetto although it contains a number of established scenes. Huge crowds turn out in early June for Schwul-Lesbisches Strassenfest (Gay-Lesbian Street Fair), which is basically a warm-up for Christopher Street Day later that month.

BRIGHTON, ENGLAND Perhaps it’s Brighton’s long-time association with the theatre, but for more than 100 years the city has been a gay haven. The vibrant queer community is made-up of 40,000 residents – almost a quarter of the total population. Kemptown (aka Camptown) is where it’s all at, with a rank of gay-owned bars, hotels, cafés, bookshops and saunas. There’s even a ‘Gay’s the Word’ walking tour.

Every fetish you could ever dream up can be catered for in Berlin. Germany’s wild side is on display here and Berlin proudly boasts a vibrant and inclusive gay history that dates back to the golden age of the 1920s. The districts of Schöneberg (which hosts Gay Pride), Kreuzberg and Prenzlauerberg provide a diverse range of clubs, bars and restaurants for sampling. With no ‘closing time’ in Berlin, the party never ends! Mag 3

Babylon Club’ Bangkok

For the more adventurous, get your fetish on at Easter Fetish Week, or don some leather at Folsom Europe (folsomeurope.info). PUERTO VALLARTA, MEXICO Do as the Love Boat used to, and dock in the world famous resort town of Puerto Vallarta. The gay scene here is pumping, with accommodations, tours, cruises and a variety of venues all catering to the gay market. Meet amigos in town (with cobblestone streets and red-roofed adobe-style buildings) at one of the many martini bars, strip clubs or drag shows. And strut or sloth on one of the glorious white-sand beaches. NEW YORK CITY, USA New York’s Chelsea and Greenwich Village are synonymous with gay life, possessing a thriving out-there scene. A number of quieter clubs and bars continue to flourish further uptown in Chelsea as well. Every scene, from art to fashion, is hot in New York – and the gay scene is no exception, with great galleries, bars and clubs. June sees the obligatory Gay Pride parade attracting revellers from around the world. The Stonewall riots that occurred in the late ’60s in Greenwich Village are synonymous with the birth of the modern gay-rights movement. The incredibly inclusive communities of the West Village, Chelsea and Hell’s Kitchen provide a fabulous array of gay-friendly accommodation options. Littered with significant LGBTQ landmarks such as Christopher St, the Harvey Milk School, the Lesbian Herstory Archives and, hello, Broadway and the Theater District, New York is a gay traveller’s mecca. If you’re considering getting hitched while in the Big Apple, go to cityclerk. Mag 4

Berlin, Germany

Rio, Brazil

nyc.gov/html/marriage/same_sex_ couples.shtml.

world to recognise registered same-sex partnerships. And at Denmark’s heart is the relaxed beauty of its compact cobblestoned capital, Copenhagen. Copenhagen is home to Europe’s oldest openly gay bar, Centralhjørnet, whose origins date back to the 1950s; as well as the hip and super-cool district of Vesterbro, which also happens to be the city’s red-light district. One of the most tolerant and open communities in Europe, Copenhagen’s functional yet edgy fashion scene, brilliant array of cocktail bars, excellent range of gayfriendly boutique accommodation and packed calendar of events make it the gay-friendliest place on Earth.

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL During Carnaval (February or March), thousands of expatriate Brazilian and gringo gays fly in to take part in the fun, with transvestites stealing the show at most balls. Outside Carnaval the gay scene is active, though less visible than in cities such as San Francisco and Sydney. The gay capital of Latin America is a mostly integrated scene, with the Entertainment sections of local newspapers and magazines branding establishments ‘GLS’: Gays, Lesbians and Sympathisers. PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC The beguiling bohemian city of Prague inspired Kafka to warn visitors: ‘this little mother has claws’. Its maze of medieval lanes keeps a bevy of bars catering to all fancies: from leather through to rent boy. The cradle of Czech culture, Prague also stages a gay and lesbian film festival annually in November. Despite the city’s wholesale acceptance of same-sex partnerships, there’s a segregated gay scene, and public displays of affection are generally ill advised. BANGKOK, THAILAND There’s no ‘gay movement’ as such in Bangkok, as there’s no antigay establishment to move against. Thai culture is generally accepting of male and female homosexuality; however, public displays of affection per se are mostly frowned upon. The fairly prominent scene centres on the proliferation of bars, often enlivened by high camp cabaret. COPENHAGEN, DENMARK Denmark may be the home of Lego and at the forefront of New Nordic Cuisine, but importantly it made history in 1989 by becoming the first nation in the

At 105.6m, City Hall Tower is one of the tallest buildings in Copenhagen and provides some of the best views of the cobblestoned city. In 2014, the adjoining square was named the ‘Rainbow Square’ in recognition of the quest for equal rights. NEW ZEALAND The Land of the Long White Cloud has long been lauded for its inclusive and progressive behaviour toward the LGBTQ community. In 1998 New Zealand was the first nation to adopt the label of ‘Gay/Lesbian Friendly’ when referring to businesses and accommodation – an initiative now recognised globally. The country offers a brilliant network of gayand lesbian-friendly homestays which run the length and breadth of the country from the top of the semi-tropical North Island to the depths of the glacial South. Since passing same-sex marriage laws in 2013, New Zealand has actively promoted same-sex marriage tourism to the likes of Australia and other Pacific nations where equality laws are less progressive. Gay Ski Week, part of Winter Pride, has become a perennial favourite and takes

Sitges, Spain

place in picturesque Queenstown in late July or early August (see gayskiweekqt.com). TORONTO, CANADA Toronto continues to be a beacon for the LGBTQ traveller in North America, and Canada is hands down the most advanced and progressive nation in the Americas for the gay community. Toronto’s The Village, located in Church-Wellesley, is the cultural hub of the city, bursting with galleries, theatres and gay-friendly businesses. Home to events such as Pride Week Celebrations, Pride March and Dyke March, gay sub-culture has blossomed and thrived in The Village for decades and it will soon be home to the world’s first gay-focused athletic centre at 519 Church St. Forget dressing as a skeleton or a witch, if you’re attending the Village’s fabulous Halloween Block Party, think Gwyneth Paltrow’s pink Oscar gown or Lady Gaga’s lobster hat (see churchwellesleyvillage.ca). PALM SPRINGS, USA Located approximately 100 miles east of Los Angeles, Palm Springs is a sunseeker’s paradise where the sun shines almost all year round and where the city has embraced everything gay. Palm Springs provides the LGBTQ traveller with an amazing array of outdoor

Bears on Ice, Reykjavik

activities, excellent shopping and dining, and the world’s best poolside lounging. Palm Springs also offers the largest volume of male- and female-only accommodation anywhere in the world (many of these places are clothingoptional). Pack the SPF and make the most of the sun, boys and girls! For the boys – one of the longest running clothing-optional gay resorts in Palm Springs is the ’50s-style Escape Resort (escapepalmsprings.com). For the girls, check out the Spanish colonial-inspired Casitas Laquita (casitaslaquita.com). SITGES, SPAIN The coastal city of Sitges rests approximately 35km southwest of Barcelona and is home to Spain’s first ever gay disco, which opened back in the 1980s. It’s now one of Europe’s ‘Big Four’ destinations for LGBTQ travellers. Its stretch of sandy, often clothing-optional beaches make it a favourite for the boys, but its eclectic calendar of events ensures that there’s something for the entire community. SKIATHOS & MYKONOS, GREECE Europe’s ‘Big Four’ also include Mykonos, Gran Canaria and Ibiza, all key stops on many same-sex-exclusive Mediterranean cruises. Check out cruises on gaywelcome.com Ever since Jackie Onassis started visiting the Greek island of Mykonos in the 1970s, gay men have been flocking to the island

of whitewashed houses and flower-filled courtyards, seeking out glamour and the famous Mediterranean sun. For a less hedonistic holiday, the sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and pine forested hills of Skiathos offer a relaxed and authentic experience for the LGBTQ traveller. The Elysium Hotel, an exclusively gay boutique hotel, is the perfect playground for hedonists heading to Mykonos town (elysiumhotel.com). REYKJAVIK, ICELAND The world’s northernmost capital, Reykjavik has been described as one of the friendliest places and most inclusive on Earth. In 2016, Reykjavik will host its 18th Gay Pride march (one of Europe’s oldest LGBTQ parades), and the 12th Bears on Ice event. Iceland also has some of the world’s most progressive laws. In 2006, same-sex couples were granted equal rights with their heterosexual counterparts without limitation. Wander behind waterfalls, descend into dormant volcanoes, or while away a day in one of the many geothermal lagoons – this is an adventurer’s paradise. To attend the Bears on Ice event, you’ll need to register – bearsonice.org. Lonely Planet guides are also gayfriendly, containing information on the gay and lesbian establishments you can visit on your trips. Buy our guides online at www.lonelyplanet.com

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Daniel Dercksen shares a few words with David Dennis, Daniel Buys and Phillip Schnetler, who steps into the shoes of the iconic and colourful Bernadette, Mitzi/Tick and Felicia/Adam in the highly anticipated musical Priscilla Queen of the Desert The Musical, that will add glitter to local audiences when it opens in South Africa in March 2017.


t tells the heart-warming and uplifting tale of three drag artist friends who hop aboard a battered old bus aka “Priscilla” and go off on the adventure of a life-time through the Australian Outback, to perform in Alice Springs. On the way they find friendship, love and far more than they ever dreamed of. With a dazzling array of over 500 award-winning costumes, 200 extraordinary head-dresses and a hit parade of dancefloor favourites including I Will Survive, Hot Stuff, Finally, Boogie Wonderland, Go West, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, and I Love The Nightlife, this wildly fresh and funny musical is a journey to the heart of FABULOUS! The proudly South African, exceptionally talented 28-member cast, live band, crew and creative team will give audiences a night of unforgettable performances, nostalgic music and an entertainment experience with all the sparkle to share in Priscilla’s “fabulousness”. The originally opened in Australia in 2006 and after a sellout two year run, opened on London’s West End followed by Broadway in New York. The show continues to wow audiences across the globe with recent return tours to the UK, Australia and New Zealand. It has won awards all over the world, including prestigious Olivier and Tony awards. Mag 6

The critically-acclaimed hit musical Priscilla Queen of the Desert based on the Oscar-winning hit film makes its South African premiere at Artscape, Cape Town on Tuesday, 28 March 2017 before touring to Montecasino’s Teatro from Friday, 28 April to 18 June 2017. Why do you think Priscilla fever has had such an everlasting impact worldwide – on film and now immortalised live on stage? David Dennis: Not much to laugh about just now is there – at home and abroad. However the sun still rises in the east and sometimes we just need sheer unadulterated entertainment. Daniel Buys: So many people yearn to do things they want to. To find acceptance for who they are and celebrate that.  It’s a warm hearted story centered on a very vivacious and flamboyant story. Phillip Schnetler: I believe it is because it is such a relevant topic. It is current and people don’t like to always talk about the issues addressed in the show. It is way easier rather see a show about it, than to just talk about it. Then also because the music is just AMAZING, the costumes are quite extravagant. How do you relate to your character? What do you draw from to play this role? David Dennis: With some difficulty – the heels, the hair the lashes and twice on Saturdays and Sundays!!. Inspiration, standing In the shadow of great work and learning from that – I

was struck by the integrity of Terence Stamps performance ….an astonishing transformation. Daniel Buys: I can relate to Tick/Mitzi in that I know how it feels to look for acceptance particularly as a performer. Phillip Schnetler: Well we are both born to perform. We both love the stage (even though I think Felicia likes the spotlight a little bit more more) Felicia is very witty and fun, in a way more than I am. I consider myself a little bit more of an introvert, where Felicia is super out there...I could learn so much from this character in the sense of just being me and not pretending to be something I am not. She is outspoken and maybe even a little obnoxious, She LOVES having fun, and the audience should enjoy her witty sense of humour. She is still a quite young. It gloriously celebrates the freedom of sexuality and self-expression…. David Dennis: I am all for freedom of self- sexpression and with freedom comes responsibility. Daniel Buys: Yeah people’s sexuality is still a taboo topic. Maybe less so these days but we’re still fighting for acceptance and understanding for all the different ‘colours of our rainbow’. Phillip Schnetler: I truly believe every person has the right to express themself in any way they feel comfortable with, whether you are gay, straight, bi or trans,  freedom to do what you desire is a BIG yes for me!! Tell me about who you are preparing for the role, to step into the shoes of an iconic character and wow local audiences? David Dennis: One has to start getting performance fit several months in advance, although at the moment I feel like something out of Jurassic Park, I intend to hit the boards running. Daniel Buys: I think I’ll start with trying to get into shape.  Gotta look good in those outfits. Phillip Schnetler: I have to get myself to the gym every morning  and learn how to walk in heels, (even though I used to walk in my Moms heels all the time when I was a kid) these shoes are quite different... Your favourite Priscilla moment? David Dennis: The ‘cock in a frock on a rock’ bit and the /red lizard costume with flared collar …I wondered at the time… just how far can this go. Daniel Buys: When the three ‘girls’ are refused service by a particularly unattractive woman in an outback bar.  Bernadette makes a joke about her putting a cracker up her fanny...it’s very crass but very funny! Phillip Schnetler: When Felicia lip sincs on top of the bus, dressed from head to toe in sequence, sitting on a giant silver stiletto. And in the musical my favourite moment would be the entire “Color my World” scene and song. Where they paint the bus bright Pink.

Daniel Buys

David Dennis

Phillip Schnetler

show, but also ground breaking music. I mean, if you want to give someone a show, you should always give them some tunes to listen to. It’s amazing how they incorporated the songs into the story, to advance the storyline and not to be filling gaps in the show with random music. I promise you, you will know all the music from this show. What do you think makes musicals such an entertaining romp? David Dennis: All the backstage shenanigans. Daniel Buys: Musicals are beautiful whirlwind of emotion that explore the human condition. This particular show is an orgy of light, sound and sight. Phillip Schnetler: It combines everything people like. Dancing, singing, visual stimulation. Its an escape from reality and it combines three different forms of entertainment in one. Any comments you would like to share? David Dennis: The Guptas had nothing to do with my getting the part. I have never met a Zuma in my life. Daniel Buys: I’m excited and nervous to don my heels and frocks and can’t wait to hit the road in this bus. Phillip Schnetler: I can’t wait to meet everyone after the show. Please come and say Hi, in the foyer!! Book your seats at Computicket or  www.showtime. co.za  Hashtag - #PriscillaSA

The musical is different from the film in that you get to burst out in song and fully express your emotions? David Dennis: There are of course many great musicals in the Hollywood Film Musical genre – what distinguishes the Theatre from the Cinema is the living, heaving, sweating, rawness of live performance, the triple threat. It’s all a ‘bit of a song and dance’ really….at least that’s what I remember it to be. Daniel Buys: We’ll I’m involved in musical theatre because I love to act and sing and dance so this I’m sure will be a blast. Phillip Schnetler: I think it’s FANTASTIC!! People get to experience not only a beautiful Mag 7

PC GONE... “It doesn’t matter what people call you unless they call you pigeon pie and eat you up.” – Evelyn Waugh


he business of communicating in this day and age has gotten so complicated that even New York magazine has taken notice, questioning if maybe “political correctness” has gotten a little out of hand.

In his New York piece titled “Not a very P.C. thing to say: How the language police are perverting liberalism.” (I assume the period was included by some editor as an act of sensitivity toward fragments that “identify” as sentences), Jonathan Chait chronicles the evolution of P.C., up to and including its present absurd and venomous state. He documents how political correctness (as if anything associated with politics would have any chance of being correct anyway) has devolved into a climate of coercion. It seems that whenever anyone tries to organise an event or party catering to the LGBTI community in particular that the self-styled P.C. police galvanise in to action with their supporters searching out any comment or action that might indicate a gender, cultural or racial bias. However, I contend that we can’t allow this to happen. Liberals have had their fun inventing and imposing weird acronyms (LGBTIQA for example), catchy initials, and confusing portmanteaux for long enough. The following is a fool proof plan to counter them that will leave the LGBT community wondering who scrambled the name of a perfectly good sandwich with added garlic.

DISCOVER THE MOTIVATION This tactic is more difficult than it seems. When you first mused to yourself the innocent question “Why do these people bother being P.C.?” you probably came to some charitable conclusion like “They want to defend victims,” or “They don’t like hurting people’s feelings.” But then you read about the “progressive” students at the University of Cape Town who vandalised Rhodes’ statue in the most vulgar way by throwing human excrement over it without a thought for the poor cleaners who would be required to wash it down! (not so P.C.! - or perhaps they don’t matter in the greater scheme of things? ....). Nelson Mandela said that in order to live peacefully side by side in this great country of ours, all South Africans must be respectful of each others’ heritage. A sentiment the #Rhodesmustfall supporters are clearly oblivious to... Or the protestors who try and disrupt every Gay Pride event calling themselves - very non-P.C. - the Mad Black Lesbians, because according to their puerile minds the event is not inclusive. Yet anyone who attends gay pride anywhere in South Africa will see that there are people of all races, sexual orientations, gender identities, economic backgrounds etc. … And what about the shit storm that erupted when MCQP announced that the theme for this year’s party as a Bollywood Production … all of a sudden, Mag 8

within an hour or two the P.C. campaigners began their frenetic tirade on social media, twisting and changing the theme until it became an event that was insulting to religion, to the Indian community, to the entire continent of Asia, to black people, to poor people, to mixed race people, to women, to men, gays, whites - you name it, they went befok! - quite ridiculous, unnecessary and frankly, over-the-top idiocy. These same Mad Black Lesbians advertise events on Facebook with a specific exclusion - white people. Imagine the hysteria amongst the P.C. activists if white gay men arranged an event specifically excluding any other race. Apart from being illegal it is not acceptable and nor should their events be. But the silence from the P.C. brigade is deafening. Double standards at play, I dare say. But then we’ve all heard dozens of other stories where a person professing contrary beliefs has been bullied into submission, and you realised that P.C. coercers are controlling psychopaths with a warped sense of reality who use phrases like “social justice and cultural appropriation” Here are just a few of the ridiculous comments about the MCQP Bollywood Production theme barfed out on social media. Kyle Rogers - 31 October at 18:39 I am so glad that you picked this as a theme because it has finally exposed the Cape Town gay scene for what it really is - exclusionary and out of touch with the real world. (inserts snake emojis) Judging by little Kyle’s photograph, he’s a twink who has never organised any event for the LGBTI community, or any other for that matter. I was involved in fund raising to support the likes of Simon Nkoli who was lobbying the delegates at the constitutional talks to get gay rights included in the constitution. Those rights and freedoms which he enjoys today in the so-called “real world”. He is too young to have fought for them or to have

been discriminated against under the apartheid regime, for his sexuality, skin colour etc…how dare you! - (I was arrested at a gay club and jailed for being gay). This little twink sits back and criticises whilst enjoying what those before him achieved! Safya Omarjee - 31 October at 17:05 – So, you up and decided one day that it would be a good old jol to appropriate the sacred culture of millions of people to make some money, consume some booze and have a laugh. Another person who missed the point completely. There is nothing sacred about a Bollywood Production, well certainly not the one’s I’ve seen. They are just a huge “jol” as she puts it. How is it any different to a Hollywood production, Oscar Party, or an Irish party with leprechauns, a Chinese or Mexican party … somehow they all seem to be fine. Hypocrites! Is dressing up as an angel affront to Christian sensibilities? I don’t think so. She went on to say - You know, as a representative organization (sic) of an oppressed minority, the fact that you all would propose this upsets me even more. “Oppressed minority” – India is one of the most populous countries in the world!!! Interestingly, Jay Naidoo stated in his editorial in the Daily Maverick (10/12/2012): “While South Africa is still clinging to the remains of its image as the poster child for peaceful transition, injustices parallel to those of Apartheid continue unchecked in India. Hunger and desperation fester, while the legacy of the caste system remains as powerful as ever.” This heinous social stratification system, Safya seems to turn a blind eye to .... well I haven’t caught any of her rants in this regard on social media and what’s more,, I am reliably informed that the caste system is alive and thriving in the Indian community in South Africa! She went on to say... Imagine for a second that a straight male decided that for Halloween he’d go as “a gay” and proceeded to have a himself a lol by wearing fishnet stockings and flipping his hands around right in front of the very people he was mocking.

I ask the same thing, imagine for a second if a gay man dresses in a big wig with over-the-top make up, a frock, high heels and stockings (drag – duh!) and went to a club where there were straight women, wouldn’t he making a mockery of them and therefore shouldn’t be allowed? Can we really ban drag queens because they are not P.C.? Nah, I guess P.C.’s get it wrong… again! And her final comment - This is too far. We endure too much of this crap from white people on the regular to stomach this overt abomination. Change your theme and apologise to the Indian queer community that you clearly didn’t even consider when you wrote up this hogwash. fucksakes. – Sorry Lola she doesn’t accept you as a member of the Indian queer community! And finally she decided to get racist (not so P.C. really), whilst pretending, I’m sure, that only white people are racist. But we did agree on her last word. Warren Barley - I wish it was a joke. Ian must step down and let someone else take MCQP to where it should be. A fun night for all. This theme sucks Warren, go for it! Ian has spent the most part of his adult life working voluntarily for LGBTI causes (such as setting up the Pride Shelter), arranging LGBTI events, most recently trying to get Cape Town as a host city for the Gay Games. They have had to withdraw the bid because of lack of support from volunteers from the LGBTI community … Funny, I didn’t notice your name on the list… and by the way he might be willing to sell MCQP … so once again go for it! Mohamed Mollagee - 31 October at 16:03 - This is beyond offensive. You are explicitly reducing people through your white privileged lense (sic) with this “thousands of extras” narrative. So many joyful, colorful, (sic) silly natives eh? Indian culture is a not a fucking circus for white gay men to ruthlessly appropriate and wear as costume. Also this “dress to impress, undress to

Mag 9

express(sic)” part reeks of racist colonial-rooted chronicles. These two points are only the tip of the iceberg as to why this theme NEEDS to change #boycottmcqp2016 …. Just a bigoted rant. Oh what racism gnaws at this young person. Mo seems consumed with hate, and he looks so young. How sad. Funny that the P.C. brigade doesn’t protest outside all the Catholic churches who don’t accept LGBTI people and as the Pope recently admitted, women will never be ordained as priests …. The mind boggles at what the P.C. brigade can get up to – perhaps #popemustgo will be trending soon. And then of course there’s the likes of ISIS and we all know what their take on homosexuals is. One wonders why the P.C. peeps don’t take them on. Perhaps the ISIS reputation of throat cutting, beheading and chucking gays off buildings and so forth may be what puts the them off, after all it’s so much easier to attack a soft target . Perhaps a cause closer to home that impacts the LGBTI society more than any other, where gay women and men as well as transgender people are being viciously attacked, raped and in some cases even murdered! - far more worthwhile than worrying about a party which you are not forced to attend and which is a safe space for LGBTIQA’s. The theme for MCQP has changed to MCQP – THE MUSICAL. I suggest that all the P.C.’s who ranted and raved on Facebook get together and come as Les Miserables. (I don’t think the French will be offended).

SO WHAT EXACTLY ARE THEY AFTER? Ego. That’s what it all boils down to. If these people, the same ones who invented the trophies-for-all self-esteem movement, really cared about helping the underprivileged and oppressed, they would do that and stop being concerned about what’s in a name. Jesus ate with tax collectors and prostitutes. He didn’t fuss about re-labelling them “internal revenue excise-persons” or “sexually adventuresome companions.” But of course being P.C. isn’t really about exalting the lowly. It’s about exalting one’s own image, which is why members of the cult call so much attention to themselves going out of their way to be “sensitive,” and why they spend so much time sitting around inventing petty distinctions among races and genders, and arguing about them on social media while the people they worry about (the Indian nation in MCQP’s case) go obliviously about their business.

FIND THEIR WEAK SPOT(S) The P.C. system, according to Chait, is beginning to unravel. As tends to happen among types who live to one-up each other, there comes a point where someone cracks. “Bitter identity-­politics recriminations,” writes Chait, have been “endlessly litigating the fraught requirements of P.C. discourse.” Apparently the people who come up with such terms as “WOC” (woman of colour), “POC” (people of colour), and “WWC” (woman Mag 10

without colour) can’t keep them straight. (No offense intended if you’re gay.) They’ve created a monster they can’t control, and not taking the terminology seriously enough has led to some infighting among even the most aware political correctors. Chait provides as evidence of the P.C. culture’s downward spiral a tirade posted by a member of a private Facebook forum (organized for women of the media) after one member urged “all participants to practice higher levels of racial awareness.” Another weakness of P.C. culture is, of course, the hypocrisy inherent in its practice. Everyone, in theory, is to be accepted, respected, and encouraged to exercise free expression, though some are more free than others. Specific labels are frowned upon, and neutrality is held as the be-all-end-all. Except then there are labels, very specific ones, such as when a woman in the aforementioned forum satirised herself as a “glutenfree Jewish WWC.” We are subdivided so intensely into unique groups that no one feels included at all anymore. Michael Brendan Dougherty writes at The Week of there being “71 flavours of gender.” At what point does it become obvious that you’re trying to oppress yourself?

IGNORE IT AND IT WILL GO AWAY In the PC. environment, the squeaky wheel gets the oil, or, to put it more accurately, the most “offended” and hysterical person gets to bully everyone else into silence. And it doesn’t matter if they’re truly offended or not. They’ll pervert reality to fit their agenda. Heck, these people will even get offended on behalf of others. We’ve established that the language war (the ones the politically correct wage) is a conflict with no casualties, save the bruised pride of the progressive elite. They enjoy being outraged about an easy cause that makes them look noble while not requiring them to get their hands dirty. They excel at being warriors when nothing’s at stake. You can yell, “You’re racist!” ‘til the cows come home, then go back to your yoga class in your feel-good Prius with your organic, Made in China reusable bag and call it a day. Those of us opposed to P.C. culture have to contend with a whole group of people the left has convinced are “victims,” but on our side is a whole group of people who are tired of being afraid to speak, who find keeping up with all the inclusive language exhausting, who realise the ridiculousness of forcing equality in a world where “life’s not fair,” and who don’t have time to care. “Political correctness,” writes Chait, “is a style of politics in which the more radical members of the left attempt to regulate political discourse by defining opposing views as bigoted and illegitimate.” But what if we simply refuse to participate in this language and culture? The worst that will happen is some liberals will disapprove, which is also the best thing. Let them call us names. Let them throw a tantrum until they realize it has no effect. If all else fails we can all retreat to various religious communities and take a vow of silence, lest we unconsciously react to reality. Sourced from RARE POLITICS original article by Teresa Mull


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www.schmidhauser.co.za Mag 11

MEME BETE had some stunning wearable beachwear with stylish bags for beach accessories

Mag 12


Photography: Simon Diener Photography www.sdr.co.za


Mag 13

NIPO SKIN featured brightly patterned African prints for casual everyday wear

Mag 14

Photography: Simon Diener Photography www.sdr.co.za

Onomen also showed their range of casual wear featuring African prints

Mag 15


Mr Pink Mynah 2016 Andre Brahim, Director of the Gay & Lesbian Network, Anthony Waldhausen and Ms Pink Mynah 2016 Sphesihle Memela.


he Pink Mynah Festival 2016 was a huge success! The festival, which was organised by the Gay & Lesbian Network ran from 22-29 October, was split into various events which included an arts & film festival, a cheese & wine evening, the Pink Mynah Pageant and the Pink Picnic. The film screening was held at the KZN Museum and had the premiere screening of ‘This is my Rose’- a story of love, betrayal, romance and secrets. The aim of the Rose films is to use visuals or digital stories to share the intriguing indigenous knowledge on Gender Identity and Sexuality in the African context, and to sensitize the community at large with such issues and challenges. The exhibition also had some photos from the #MyRight2B photo competition which focuses on the positive stories of the local Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex (LGBTI) community. Not forgetting the struggles that this community faces every day, there was also a Hate Crimes exhibition. Another highlight of the exhibition was the work of internationally renowned American photographer, Michael Ashby. Ashby’s ‘Alternative’, is a collection of portraits that have been shot using ambrotype, a 160-year-old form of “alternative photography.” The Cheese & Wine evening was held at the Aha Imperial Hotel and was really a great event in terms of fundraising for the Gay & Lesbian Network. There were four members of staff who were actioned to the highest bidder for a lunch date. There was live

entertainment and great wine from Holden Manz. This wine can still be ordered through the Gay & Lesbian Network. The Pink Mynah Pageant was also held at the Aha Imperial Hotel and people from all walks of life entered the Pageant. It was a very close call this week, but the judges decided on the winners after considering all the different categories- namely casual wear, formal wear, a talent section and a question and answer session, the winners were announced. The winner of Mr Pink Mynah 2016 is Andre Brahim, and the winner of Ms Pink Mynah 2016 is Sphesihle Memela. The Pink Mynah Parade, affectionately known as ‘Pietermaritzburg’s Pride’ was filled with colour as the LGBTI and allies marched from Market Square to the YMCA. The afternoon as jam packed with entertainment from the likes of Kwesta, Klutch Kollective, Joocy, DJ Le Soul and many more! The raffle for the limited edition Pride Shoes was done by Qadasi & Maqhinga, and the lucky winner is Mogotsi Lettage. The Gay & Lesbian Network would like to thank everyone who supported the event and a huge thank you to the Department of Arts and Culture for their generous sponsorship. The Network would also like to thank all the artists, performers, all the people behind the scenes and to everyone who attended. This year’s Pink Mynah Festival has been the best one yet and we are looking forward to next year! The Pink Mynah Street Parade was a big splash of colour!

Mag 16

Entrance to “the Playground” - R40

Mag 17

Miss Gay Western T Cape 2016

Miss Gay Western Cape moved back this year to where it all began, the Joseph Stone Auditorium, to crown their eighth queen. he pageant follows a specific format every year as follows; Entrants from all over the Western Cape are encouraged to enter via Social Media and other platforms. They are well informed of the requirements and subject themselves to the following categories, Pre Judging – One on one discussions with judges; Ghost Judge – Time schedules to rehearsals and events, appearance at rehearsal and behaviour; Swim Wear – a bather of their choice; Theme Wear – a costume that depicts their interpretation of the Theme for the year; and Evening Wear – an evening gown of their choice. Tickets to the event were sold out 2 days in advance and those lucky to get their tickets in time were not disappointed. This year the theme was “Honouring our Heroes” and the contestants did not hold back on their creativity! The MC for the evening, Nathan Kayster, was on point and had the crowd in stitches! Performances this year saw the recently crowned Runner Up of SA’s Got Talent, Manila von Teez, do a much appreciated mash up of her semi final and final performances from the competition. Cape Town Diva, Janice, did not disappoint and had the crowd singing along, her voice resonating powerfully throughout the theatre, with two dancers to compliment her performance. Former winner and member of 3D, the beautiful Kat Gilardi, took to the Stage with her husband, Errol Stroebel, MC Nathan Kayster and good friend Lance Adams to exquisitely deliver a Diana Ross classic. The collaboration was perfect and the audience showed their appreciation. Next up was Drag Supergroup 3D, with a noteworthy cameo performance from the fierce Kitty de la Renza. The girls were on fire and deservedly had the crowd cheering for more. Finally, and also gracing the stage, was X Factor Winners, Four, who were extremely entertaining and had the crowd at the tip of their fingers, especially with their beautiful harmonies! Ultimately, the evening was all about the Finalists. Representing from Paarl, to Elands Bay, to Mitchell’s Plain, they competition was extremely tough and a winner hard to select. The finalists were outstanding, the effort they had put in had audience members chanting their names, raising placards high, and shouting for more. They did not disappoint at all and should be extremely proud of themselves. Judges on the night included the likes of Coenie Kukkuk and previous Miss South Africa finalist, Deidre de Wet and others. Both Coenie and Deidre were highly complementary towards the event. Awards given were as follows: Miss Gay Humanitarian (selected by previous winners of this Title) and Best Dressed – Laylah Zokufa Khan, Miss Personality (selected by the finalists) – Chloe Barbie Fortune and Miss Body Beautiful – Emogen Moore. The top 5 were then placed as follows; 4th Runner-Up – Dayana Lima, 3rd Runner-Up – Chloe Barbie Fortune, 2nd Princess – Emogen Moore, 1st Princess – Laylah Zokufa Khan and then finally, the Queen – Belinda Qaqamba Fassie.

Miss Gay Western Cape 2016 – Belinda Qaqamba Fassie. Mag 18

Belinda Qaqamba Fassie, from Elands Bay, is a well-deserved winner, who was at a loss for words, a culmination of both excitement and relief. Her mother joined her for a photo opportunity, once again proving how valuable the support and love of our family in whatever we do, is so vital. Belinda joins a group of fierce queens, and no doubt, will make her mark on our community! We wish her all the best for her year of reign and the support and love from us all.

Dayana Lima

Laylah Zokufa Khan

Tiana La Vida

2nd Princess – Emogen Moore, 1st Princess – Laylah Zokufa Khan and then finally, the Queen – Belinda Qaqamba Fassie.

Emogen Moore

Chloe Barbie Fortune

Mag 19

Reno Horn Photographer


One of Cape Town and now South Africa’s best and most wellknown drag performers is Manila Von Teez. A well-known performer in Cape Town, her recent success as a participant in South Africa’s Got Talent has made her a household name to thousands of people all over the country. OUT magazine met with Manila to find out a bit more about her ….


ne is used to our drag queens standing seven feet tall with huge wigs and heels, and voices that either shatter glass or boom so loud that one has to pretend they not even there, so I was pleasantly surprised at how small and petite, gently spoken, and wonderfully wellmannered Manila is. Born into a large family, Veon Wentzel was educated in the Western Cape, hailing from Elsie’s River just outside Cape Town Central. From an early age he was aware that he was different to other boys, for one he was more creative. He remained in the “closet” throughout his schooling deciding to come out once he was at college, where he was studying Fashion Design. Today Veon has his own business –Haus of Vjorn, where he designs and produces couture gowns rather than every day, ready-to-wear outfits. In fact, he has made quite a name for himself in the fashion world, particularly with drag performers, and he designs and makes all the magnificent dresses and outfits worn by his alter-ego, Manila Von Teez. I asked Veon about his experience with coming out and he replied that once he’d come to terms with his sexuality himself there was no longer any reason to hide it, so he came out first to friends and then his family, where the news wasn’t welcomed initially and as a result he moved out of his mom’s house and moved in with friends. Since then however, his family have grown to accept his lifestyle and today his family are a great source of support. “It was a great relief to come out”, and his advice for other young people who are wrestling with coming out issues is “If you are old enough to make your own decisions and old enough to decide what you want to do in life, then there is no point in living your life for someone else. You have to be comfortable with who you are – you can’t expect people to accept you, if you haven’t accepted yourself.” When did you first try drag? It was never my intention to do it. I preferred the manly gay boy image but friends were doing it and eventually persuaded me to try it … the rest is history. I entered a few pageants and won Miss Cape Town Pride (2014), Miss Black Pride (2012), Miss Pink Loerie (twice!) and Miss Gay Cape Peninsula (2013).” But pageants were a passing phase, Manila’s heart was set on the stage, “I love performing and see myself being more involved in the theatre as time moves on.” He sees himself learning the various different aspects of the entertainment industry and hopes to be an actor, singer or even a rapper later in his journey. Right now Manila is what he is all about, “I didn’t want to do the kind of drag that I grew up with, as the likes of the amazingly talented Evita Bezuidenhout, or when Mark Lottering performs as Aunty Merle. I wanted to be a great, all encompassing drag entertainer, covering from serious issues to comedy moments.” What made you decide to enter the South Africa’s Got Talent Show? I had been toying with the idea for well over a year and

considered trying out last year, but friends as well as myself, felt that the time wasn’t right. We live in a conservative country and I wasn’t sure how the public would react.” After seeing Shenay in Idols, Manila was emboldened and with just 15 minutes left before auditions closed he tried out for SA’s Got Talent.” I take it you were an instant hit! “Not at all. It was so nerve-racking at the pre judging and I was cut off in the middle of the act, but then I was called back to audition in front of the Judges and audience at the Baxter, I had everyone screaming “Golden Buzzer, Golden Buzzer” That is when I realised that the journey was real and had started …. And what a fabulous journey it’s been!” Have people been negative regarding the lipsynching? Yes there have been a few, but lip-syncing is a talent! One learns every word as well as every note, just as a singer would, and that’s just part of it. Then there’s the dancing at the same time, the costumes and and and…” So you mentioned that you make your own outfits, who does your choreography and your incredible make up? The make-up I do myself and regarding choreography, I am very involved in it, after all I have to be comfortable with what I am doing, but I have great help and input from Craig Johnson, Junaide Abrahams, Tylor Spelman and Nathanian Jacobs. They are all very talented choreographers whose help and advice is treasured.” So what was it like getting in to the finals of SA’s Got Talent? “I was blown away. It was nerve-racking of course, hugely exciting, but also to get so far and not win, you can’t help but feel a little down. The experience however I will treasure for the rest of my life, it was wonderful.” Has it opened doors for you? Not instantly. Well not financially (hahaha). My social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram have seen massive traction, and I am grateful for that. It has made me well-known throughout the country, so hopefully it will lead to bigger and better things. But of course it wasn’t only the SA’s Got Talent experience. I was asked to do a music video with The Kiffness before the Talent Show and that was also so well received as well as being great to do. So I have them to thank as well. So far this whole year has been a roller-coaster ride, both professionally and emotionally. It’s been the most FABULOUS year, and I want to thank every single person for all the love and positive energy. … Please check out www.manilavonteez.co.za and for bookings email info@manilavonteez.co.za Mag 21




Mag 22


Not for Sale to Persons Under the Age of 18. Drink Responsibly.

GLITTEREST CAPE TOWN Photo’s Phil Wentworth

Mag 24 Mag 22

2016 2016

Presale R400 R400 || Door Door R500 | VIP R900(Open Presale R900(OpenBar) Bar)

MOUSSA MOUSSA Available at: Crew Bar or www.quicket.co.za

CHILDREN OF SAMESEX COUPLES ARE NO DIFFERENT In a recent study published in October this year at the University of Kentucky, USA it has been established that there are no differences noted over time for children of gay, lesbian, adoptive parents.


ne expert at the university has focused her academic career studying the effects and outcomes of children adopted by same-sex couples. It is believed her’s is the first study that has followed children adopted by lesbian, gay and heterosexual parents from early to middle childhood. Asking the question, do children that live in homes where both the parents are of the same sex grow up in, live ‘normally and healthy lives’? Children of homosexual and transgendered parents, according to this study DO very well, and in many instances do even better than children that are brought up in socalled ‘normal’ families or heterosexual families (man/women) As more and more lesbian and gay adults adopt children, controversies continue regarding comparative parenting skills and the impact on the children. For nearly a decade, University of Kentucky assistant professor of psychology Rachel H. Farr has studied different aspects of family life among heterosexual, gay and lesbian parents and their adopted children. Her newest findings were published online in October 2016 by the Developmental Psychology journal. Farr’s most recent research results provides further support that children adopted by lesbian and gay parents are welladjusted, not only in early childhood, but across time into middle childhood. Her study focused on a longitudinal follow-up of nearly 100 adoptive families with school-age children as they matured from early to middle childhood. Parents appeared to be capable in their parenting roles and satisfied in their couple relationships over time, with no differences by family type. “To the best of my knowledge,” said Farr, “this is the first study that has followed children adopted by lesbian, gay, and Mag 26

heterosexual parents over time from early to middle childhood. Longitudinal research (like this) offers insight into what factors may be the best or strongest predictors of children’s development, over and above information that can be gathered at only one time point. “Regardless of parental sexual orientation, children (in the study) had fewer behaviour problems over time when their adoptive parents indicated experiencing less parenting stress. Higher family functioning when children were school-age was predicted by lower parenting stress and fewer child behaviour problems when children were preschool-age. Thus, in these adoptive families diverse in parental sexual orientation, as has been found in many other family types, family processes emerged as more important than family structure to longitudinal child outcomes and family functioning.” Repeatedly, her research noted “no differences among (heterosexual and same-sex parent) family types” in myriad characteristics like behaviour problems, stress levels, couple relationships, family functionality, relationship adjustments over time, and other factors. “These results, which support many positive outcomes among adoptive families headed by lesbian, gay or heterosexual parents over time, may be informative to legal, policy and practice realms,” said Farr. Since research indicates that at least 65,500 adopted children, over 4 percent of all adopted children in the United States, have sexual minority parents, “the findings may also help to move public debate forward about parenting and child outcomes across a diversity of family forms,” she added. A number of people commented on the article, one David Boccabella said “Unfortunately you will find that those children that do have problems are being victimised for having same

sex parents.” to which Steven Patrick replied that it is “No different than being victimised for having freckles, being overweight, acne, or myriad other things that people find to victimise others, kids can be cruel and will find something if they wish, it is how parents help their children to deal with these situations and having confidence in themselves and respect for themselves and others that matters, regardless of gender. We should consider that it is a poor reflection on the parents and peers of those committing the victimisation rather than that of lgbt parents.” But Aimee Lewis from Caerphilly in Wales says that this is not the case where her daughter is concerned, “My daughter’s classmates are jealous that she has more than one mother (lol), and she’s one of the most popular students in her class.” These are isolated instances and we need to get a broader picture from same-sex parents on how to deal with the issues of children, particularly those that get to the very tender ages of their early teens when conformity is important to them. I am quite sure that those in their late teens deal with the situation as being no different to their friends who are from broken homes, single parent homes or situations where they were not raised by either parent but grandparents or other family members. One must bear in mind that children are incredibly resilient and what matters most are stability, love, care etc.- all those emotions which make the child know they are loved, wanted, secure and respected. If there are any same-sex parents or children of a same-sex couple who would like to share their story, please contact us...



ear ye! Hear Ye all you faboosh divas, buxom bears, outrageous otters, crafty cubs, wily wolves, cuddly chubs, lipstick lesbians, provocative pups, brazen bulls, tasty twinks, gym bunnies, boy-babes, juicy jocks, titillating twunks, butch dykes, gym rats, and absolutely everyone else that falls into the LGBTI spectrum, but doesn’t like labels. Its official! Gay SA Radio has listeners in over 136 countries, and that list keeps growing. Quite a number of those countries are notorious for their anti-LGBTI laws and it’s good to know that we are reaching our oppressed brothers and sisters, in a bid to bring some much needed gay culture their way. Some of the countries streaming us are USA, UK, Netherlands, Iraq, Latvia, Malawi, Kenya, Nigeria, Botswana, Namibia, Uganda, Peru, Jamaica, Japan, Belarus, and even panphobic old Saudi Arabia! Most people will ask: “What is the frequency?”, and the short answer is there isn’t one for the following reasons: 1. Digital migration is years behind and the spectrum is full, so we cannot get a license; 2. Even if we were to get one, it is very expensive to pay for the license and rent transmitters; and 3. We would only be able to reach a small part of the country. Therefore internet radio is the way to go. We stand amazed at the growth and the wide reach of our humble efforts through the internet thus far. But the question still stands; are you listening yet? If not, why not? In this age of constant technological change it’s no surprise that many people are still unsure of how to access and download apps on to their mobile devices. And data usage is yet another mystifying topic that leaves some with a somewhat nauseating fear of out-of-control month end cellular bills. Gay SA Radio has done the math and broken it down so you don’t have to fret. Let’s start with an average data bundle price. 500 MB from Vodacom costs R 99. That works out to 20 cents per MB. You can do a lot with 500 MB. In order to get the best out of it, you must manage your data wisely. Typically, browsing Facebook on your phone will use about 38 MB per hour. So your Facebook session for that hour will cost you about R8. Downloading one song takes up about 4 MB and will cost you almost a rand. Listening to Gay SA Radio on your phone will use about 10 MB per hour. That means that an entire hour of constantly streaming Gay SA Radio will only cost you two rand! That’s definitely a cost effective solution to keeping yourself thoroughly and gaily entertained. Now that we’ve slayed the cost demon, we should mention to you that listening when connected to a Wi-Fi-hotspot can have you listening for free. This happens because when you are connected to a Wi-Fi-hotspot, you are no longer using your own data. There are many free Wi-Fi-hotspots around the country, such as at most McDonald’s restaurants and other coffee shops around the country. Always look out for signage that says “Free Wi-Fi available here”. If you are in Tshwane, you can now also connect to a network of absolutely free Wi-Fi Hotspots as well. Just visit www.tshwane.gov.za for a comprehensive list of venues offering free Wi-Fi.

Story Source: Materials provided by University of Kentucky. Original written by Gail Hairston. Journal Reference: Rachel H. Farr. Does Parental Sexual Orientation Matter? A Longitudinal Follow-Up of Adoptive Families With School-Age Children.. Developmental Psychology, 2016; DOI: 10.1037/ dev0000228

So you’re finally ready to download the Gay SA Radio app to your mobile device. Whether you own an Apple, Android or even a Blackberry device you simply go to your online marketplace, search for ‘Gay SA Radio’ and download it. You can also find it on our website www.gaysaradio.co.za/ways-to-listen. And for those of you who prefer to listen directly on your lap top or home PC, we have a live stream link on our website that will bring the beaulah magic of Gay SA Radio direct to you. Just go to www.gaysaradio.co.za and click on ‘Listen Now’ or use the direct link http://gaysaradio.ndstream.net Mag 27




he South African Small Business Awards recognises the tireless journey, hard work, outstanding achievements and vision of Small Business and Entrepreneurial Success. It is a celebration of the most outstanding businesses and the exceptional business people behind these successful and growing businesses! The 2016 South African Small Business Awards were announced on 10 November at Montecasino in Fourways, Johannesburg. Hosted by the National Small Business Chamber (NSBC) and proudly sponsored by FNB, Adams and Adams, DHL and World Famous Events, the awards pay tribute to the unique contribution small businesses make to the South African economy. One of this years top 20 winners was Karl De Leau Natural Skincare – Karel Vermeulen whose Lubrimaxxx product is well known to the gay community who he supports through advertising in the gay media as well as being involved through sponsorships of Cape Town’s main LGBTI events. All of the knowledge and skill Karel Vermeulen brings to Karl De Leau Natural Skincare are self-taught. He developed, created and registered Karl de LEau Natural Skincare™ and Lubrimaxxx™ Personal Lubricant out of the kitchen in his flat. From these humble beginnings, in the last two years the company has distributed more than 19 million units country wide with no negative comebacks. As a long time supporter of OUT Africa Magazine we take this opportunity to congratulate Karel and wish him more success in the future.


outh Africa has voted to uphold the recent creation of an LGBTI watchdog by the UN Human Rights Council.

In September, the council appointed Vitit Muntarbhorn, an international law professor, as the UN Independent Expert to address violence and discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. African countries at the UN then proposed a General Assembly resolution to suspend the expert to allow for more time for consultations. In response, a number of Latin American nations put forward an amendment to remove the proposal to suspend the expert. On Monday, the amendment was successfully adopted by 84 to 77, with 17 abstentions, in the General Assembly’s human rights committee. Botswana’s representative, on behalf of the African Group, said before the vote that the terms “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” were not enshrined in international law, and that the independent expert mandate lacked the required specificity to be carried out fairly. Despite fears that South Africa would support the Africa Group in the standoff, the country stuck to its human rights obligations and voted against other African nations in favour of the amendment. The representative of South Africa explained that his position was a principled one based on the country’s constitution. The issue at hand was a sensitive one, he said. After years of painful struggle, black and white, “straight and not straight”, South Africa had come together to bury discrimination once and for all. South Africa would fight discrimination everywhere, every time, he asserted. Source: Mambaonline




THE ONE & ONLY. Specialists in a unique range & the Largest Selection of Gay DVD’s, Toys, Aphrodisiacs, Stimulants & More... CHOOSE ANY DVD’s FOR ONLY R100 (excluding those at R350) *****UNBEATABLE PRICES***** THE TOWER MASTER SERIES Mag 28


TEL/FAX; 011483 1919 ELBOW GREASE CELL: 076 390 4069 K CREME & MOI LUBE





Sat 25 Feb - Pool Party & Mr / Miss Pride 2017 Sun 26 Feb - Church Service / Beach Picnic / Pride Show @ Zero21 Mon 27 Feb - Book Evening


Fri 24 Feb - Pink Party @ Venues


AFRICA 157 - 896 NPO outreachafrica@telkomsa.net

Tue 28 Feb - Movie Night / Workshop Wed 01 Mar - Pride Karaoke @ Amsterdam Bar Thur 02 Mar - Diva’s Extravaganza @ Crew Bar Fri 03 Mar - “Women’s Space” Party @ Beaulah’s

Mag 29

TAKING CARE OF YOUR HEALTH Movember, the hairiest month of the year has just passed, marked here and around the globe for the past 13 years in 21 countries, Movember sees Mo Bros and Mo Sistas (as they are affectionately known) raise funds and awareness around the often ignored issues of men’s health. SA Surfer, Heather Clark and her father support Movember


hile Movember may be all about men’s health, Mo Sistas can sign up and support their fathers, brothers, sons and husbands.

Legendary Mo Sista Heather Clark, once ranked among the top three women surfers in the world and with multiple championships under her belt, was a Movember Ambassador. “I have always thought Movember was just a ‘guy’ thing and when my close friend explained it all to me I was really excited to know that women are getting involved and I am always willing to support the awareness of cancer,” she said. Clark had seen the effect of cancer on both her parents. “I shaved my head for breast cancer awareness for my mom. For my dad who has prostate cancer... I can’t grow a moustache but I will definitely throw away my razor for November and support Movember,” says Clark. Clark encourages women to play a role in the health of their male loved ones. “Give them support and positivity and encourage the checkups and never to lose faith. To men I say keep smiling; a positive attitude has more power than any illness.” “Prostate and testicular cancer, poor mental health and physical inactivity are some of the biggest health issues facing men today,” says Garron Gsell, chief executive and founder of the Men’s Foundation, which drives Movember in South Africa. In South Africa, there are 23 suicides daily, with over 200 attempts per day. Globally, 510,000 men die from suicide each Mag 30

year. That’s one every minute. On average five South African men will die from prostate cancer every day and one in 29 men has a risk of testicular cancer. “It’s simple. We want men to live happier, healthier, longer lives. Our fathers, partners, brothers and friends are facing this health crisis and it’s not being talked about. We can’t afford to stay silent. We need to talk about it. We need to act. We want men to talk when things get tough,” Gsell explains. Through Movember’s year-round awareness and education programmes, they encourage men to become more aware of their health, talk more with their friends and be more physically active, improving their health and well-being. “Early detection is the most important factor in treating big issues. Know your family history and if you notice something isn’t feeling right, don’t put it off and hope it goes away. Annual health checks are vital, along with a monthly testicular self-examination which can help make you aware of your body and able to note any changes,”Gsell says. Don’t get left out of what has become the biggest men’s health movement of our time. Help change the face of men’s health. Grow a Mo. Support a Bro. Commit to MOVE or hold and attend an event. Sign up for free at movember.com. For more info, download the Movember app on your mobile device. Follow Movember on social media: @MovemberRSA on Twitter or facebook/MovemberSouthAfrica.

DECEMBER diary Friday 2nd Leather Night Free entrance with leather gear · Friday 9th Long Schlong Night Free entrance for 20cm + · Thursday 13th Full Moon – Celebrate hedonism with free libation wine · Thursday 15th Human Rights Day Party Cum Celebrate your rights · Friday 23th Public Pigz Night Be a pig on the bar counter for an entrance refund · Sunday 25th XXXmass Party - Make Santa Cum · Friday 30th Fire Crotch Night – Free Entrance with Red Pubes · Saturday 31st New Years Party - Free bubbly at midnight JANUARY diary Friday 6th Leather Night Free entrance with leather gear · Friday 13th Long Schlong Night Free entrance for 20cm + · Thursday 12th Full Moon – Celebrate hedonism with free libation wine · Friday 20th Fetish Night – Indulge your fantasies · Friday 27th Public Pigz Night Be a pig on the bar counter for an entrance refund FEBRUARY diary Friday 3rd Leather Night Free entrance with leather gear · Friday 10th Long Schlong Night Free entrance for 20cm + · Saturday 11th Full Moon – Celebrate hedonism with free libation wine · Tuesday 14th Valentine’s Day – cum be everyone’s Valentine · Friday 17th Fetish Night – Indulge your fantasies · Friday 24th Public Pigz Night Be a pig on the bar counter for an entrance refund

Also, Mondays: Daddies & Toy Boys - R30 entrance between 6 & 9 for under 20s and over 50s Thursdays: Student Night. Free entrance 6-9, R30 thereafter with student card.

Mag 35

EVH PINK AWARDS EvH Pink Awards are returning for the 5th annual event, which will take place on Saturday, 4th February 2017 at Black Pearl, in Lansdown. glamour, entertainment and as usual our program will include important messages regarding issues faced by the LGBTI+ community. These are not my awards, but they’re for each and every one out there, so I would really like everyone to participate and to be proud of being part of this great initiative.” Tickets cost only R300 per person which includes a 3 course dinner and seats are limited. To reserve your tickets, send an email to: ticketsales@evhempire.co.za or contact 078 515 9645 (also available on WhatsApp). There are various payment options available and you can even lay-by tickets. Should you have any enquiries or wish to become a sponsor, please contact Enigma von Hamburg at evhpinkawards@ evhempire.co.za 2016 NOMINATION CATEGORIES 1. Community Builder / Humanitarian of the Year This award pays recognition to an individual that has made an ineradicable contribution in the LGBTIQA+ or larger community. This individual is an agent of change who epitomizes community upliftment, social development and actively engaged in promoting human welfare. 2. LGBTIQA+ Human Right Defender / Activist of the year award - dedicated to an individual who advocates for LGBTIQA+ rights and who walks the extra mile in generating robust dialogue in educating the community around the rule of law. This person takes paramount importance in the protection and defense of human rights and dedicates his/her life in ensuring the prevalence of human rights. 3. LGBTIQA+ Organisation of the Year - Organisation which has made a huge impact or difference within the LGBTI and wider community throughout the year. 4. LGBTIQA+ Academic of the year - This award promotes advanced research in queer studies as a form of activism and advocacy. These are pioneers who conduct research in order to inform, develop and promote a sense of consciousness and discourse with regard to queer issues.


he awards are all about appreciating, celebrating and giving recognition to our LGBTQA+ brothers, sisters and their supporters who have dedicated their time, expertise and resources in the advancement of LGBTI rights and the wider LGBTI community. “As the LGBTI community, we face an unprecedented series of attacks on our constitutional rights. The continuous slaying of members of the LGBTI community is a threat to our country’s founding democratic principles that guarantee dignity and freedom for all. It is therefore incumbent on all of us as members of the LGBTI community to continually fight homophobia where-ever it occurs and dedicate ourselves to the greater human rights agenda,” said Enigma She added that “The black tie event is aimed at bringing Mag 32

5. ‘Persona’ Extraordinaire of the Year - A person (‘persona’) who is excelling in what she/he does. Someone who is a step further from the ordinary. 6. Sports Personality of the Year - Individuals who have inspired and achieved within their respective sport fields. 7. Couple of the Year - This is a couple that demonstrates an examplinary and admirable code of unity in all times. People who showcases the significance and essence of love in all its manifestations. 8.Fag Hag of the Year - This person dedicates all of their energy into the relationships they have with their gay friends. They are seen at almost every LGBTQA+ event/occasion and truly supports our LGBTQA+ community. 9.Live Entertainer of the Year - An entertainer we love to listen to or see perform on and off stage, who continues to contribute positively to our LGBTQA+ community.

10.Socialite of the Year 11.Drama Queen 12. Drag Queen - Cabaret Artist of the Year 13.Photographer of the Year 14.Most influential event of the Year 15.Pageant of the Year 16.LGBTI Venue of the Year 17.LGBTI Student Society of the Year 18.New comer of the Year 19.LGBTI Parent (mom/dad) of the Year 20.Make-Up Artist of the Year 21.LBGTIQA Corporate supporter of the Year 22.LGBTI Performance or Moment of the year 23.Hairstylist of the Year 24.Best Styled Fashionista of the Year 25.Hunk of the Year 26.Media Award of the Year HOW DO I NOMINATE SOMEONE OR MYSELF? STEP 1: View our 2016 nomination categories and read the nomination guidelines (this can be found on our Facebook Page EvH Pink Awards – alternatively requested via email, evhpinkawards@ gmail.com) STEP 2:  Send us a motivation via email evhpinkawards@gmail.com or the EvH Pink Awards Facebook Page messenger. This motivation may include a video, photographs, newspaper articles etc. If possible, please include both the nominator and nominee’s contact details. STEP 3:  EvH Pink Awards admin, will send an acknowledgement message/email within 3-5 working day. VERY IMPORTANT: Closing date for all nomination entries is on Monday, 19th December 2016. The successful nominee’s will be announcing on the Facebook Page: EvH Pink Awards the last week in 2016 and shortly-after public voting will commence.

THE CLOSET KILLS ‘Anglican Church votes against blessings for same-sex couples’. ‘Members of anti-gay pastor’s church try to enter SA’. ‘Less than a third of home affairs officials are willing to marry same-sex couples’. ‘Dismay at indefinite postponement of Jon Qwelane hate speech case’.


hese are only some of the print and online newspaper headlines that have appeared over the past few months, which Nina Morris Lee, Head of Marketing at the Anova Health Institute, says can have a potentially life-threatening impact on those Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ) community members who are still ‘in the closet’. With October marking International Coming Out Month, which aimed to celebrate being LGBTQ, promote awareness of LGBTQ issues and support those who have yet to ‘come out’, she explains: “Headlines like these make LGBTQ members afraid to ‘come out’ for fear of being subjected to homophobia from their friends, families and communities. Not only do they then remain silent hostages to their secret for the rest of their lives, but fear of stigmatisation related to their sexual behaviour is a major deterrent to testing, increasing their likelihood of engaging in risky sexual behaviour and, in turn, the danger of HIV acquisition and transmission.” The ‘WETHEBRAVE.co.za’ sexual health campaign, spearheaded by the Anova Health Institute and funded by the Elton John AIDS Foundation, encourages gay, bisexual men and other men who have sex with men (MSM) to be brave enough to make healthy sexual choices regardless of whether they are in the closet or out. These include having the courage to insist on using a condom and to get tested regularly to know their HIV status. The campaign links to Health4Men’s clinical services in the public sector and to independent clinicians in the private sector, ensuring that MSM can access testing as well as medical care within a supportive, non-judgemental environment. Another important aspect of the WETHEBRAVE.co.za campaign has been telling the brave stories of several high profile campaign champions, many of which have centred around coming out. “We believe that by sharing these inspirational stories, it highlights the bravery inherent to the MSM community and encourages those who need support to find theirs,” adds Morris Lee.

The successful nominee’s & winners are selected by a panel consisting of members of the LGBTI community with fair and diverse representation that reflects a balance of interests, influences and expertise. Adjudicators will base their decisions on how well each nominee reflects the essence of each category for which they are nominated.

“While it is important that the media report on what is happening in our country, we would like to see more positive stories related to the LGBTQ community being published. This could influence the public’s perception of this population plus create a conducive environment for more people to come out,” concludes Morris Lee.

If you have questions, or need assistance please do not hesitate to contact Enigma, weekdays during office hours on 078 515 9645 (also available on WhatsApp) or send an email evhpinkawards@evhempire.co.za

To read the inspirational, brave stories as well as positive news from within the LGBTQ community, visit http://www.wethebrave.co.za. Mag 33


by Shirley Archer, JD, MA

Mag 34


itness professionals cannot afford to ignore technology’s impact on client relationships. Activity trackers, apps and other fitness and health monitoring devices are growing more popular by the day. Indeed, the American College of Sports Medicine reports that wearable technology is the top fitness trend of 2016 (Thompson 2015).

community-building tools

Experts agree that consumers are adopting fitness technology faster than trainers, facilities and equipment manufacturers are. “Most clubs now have the idea that their members, clients and prospects are becoming more tech-savvy, regardless of demographics,” observes Tony Nicholson, MBA, director of virtual, wearable tech and wellness initiatives at Anytime Fitness®. “The challenge some clubs are facing is that they’re ‘late to the party’: They don’t have the resources or interest to adopt or adapt, or they simply don’t see the trend that’s directly in front of them.”

fosters easy communication of facility programs and promotions

Experts agree that some fitness professionals fear that technology may replace their services, which makes these pros hesitant to accept new devices and software. But that does not change the fact that clients are rapidly adopting fitness technology. This obliges personal trainers, gym managers and studio owners to figure out how to integrate clients’ high-tech habits into their in-facility experiences.

Closed-circuit, proprietary solutions (which allow users to record their fitness data on specific equipment, and which prevent sharing with other devices and apps) can be costly and may not appeal to users who want to “own” their fitness experience.

Fitness facility managers can do a lot to embrace consumer tastes and enhance their locations’ technology ecosystems. Options include closed proprietary systems, mobile apps, networking and networked equipment—and combinations of these. Technology options include mobile apps, networking, networked equipment, proprietary systems and combinations of tools, all of which can affect the members’ experience and enable data collection. Benefits provides branding, communication, management and

permits tech-friendly billing and scheduling allows members to use their favourite apps and devices in the facility

enables data collection on equipment usage and member activity— to meet member needs more accurately and to customise training programs encourages friendly competitions and challenges that build community Challenges

Data is valuable to facility managers only if they analyse it and apply it to measurable objectives. Data collection raises privacy and security issues, so facilities need to adopt policies regarding how data will be protected. Technology is a tool. Facilities need to decide what tools best promote their own brand and create the best member experience. Clients’ growing affection for apps and devices leaves fitness facilities little choice but to embrace fitness technology. Reference Thompson, W.R. 2015. (Worldwide survey of fitness trends for 2016) 10th anniversary edition

Mag 35

Beach Volleyball




t seems that sport, the falsely-assumed domain of straight testosterone packed men, for some time now has been undermined by their penchant for hugging and kissing in celebration of their sport. Gone is the macho-bravado that straight men used to display, instead we see our sports heroes getting more affectionate and intimate. As far as I remember this homo-erotic behaviour was first a feature of the “beautiful” yet homophobic game of football, and over the years major league players of the sport have been hugging, kissing, groping and grabbing each other in the most passionate and erotic ways. Pecking away at this macho culture has seen this behaviour spill over in to almost every other sport and major sporting events. The various World Cups and the Olympic Games offer a seeming endless parade of intimate same-sexual, one-on-one hot action, and let’s be honest, is there a better way to celebrate anything in life than by grabbing someone sweaty and snogging their face off in front of thousands of fans? Russian athletes Kseniya Ryzhova and Tatyana Firova shared a kiss on the winners’ podium at Luzhniki stadium in Moscow

Mag 36

For those who love sport here are some of homo-erotic moments between sporting greats who hugged and kissed to their fans’ delight... The Manchester United players Paul Scholes and Gary Neville share a kiss as they celebrate Scholes winning goal

Heidi Villa, right, of Denmark hugs teammate Lea Thiim as she celebrates winning gold at indoor rowing during the Invictus Games

Volunteer Marjorie Enya (R) and rugby player Isadora Cerullo of Brazil kiss after proposing Canada’s Gavin Schmitt (L) embraces Canada’s Tyler Sanders after they won the men’s qualifying volleyball match between the USA and Canada Marc Lopez of Spain and Rafael Nadal of Spain celebrate victory in their men’s doubles semifinal. South Africa’s Tim Agaba (right) embraces South Africa’s Kwagga Smith after victory in the mens rugby sevens bronze medal match between Japan and South Africa.

Gregorio Paltrinieri of Italy celebrates winning gold with Gabriele Detti of Italy, who won bronze in the Men’s 1500m Freestyle Final

Moises Duque of Brazil and Carlin Isles of the United States embrace after the Men’s Placing 9-12, Match in rugby

Jack Laugher, left, and Chris Mears of Great Britain celebrate winning the Men’s Diving Synchronized 3m Springboard Final. Mag 37



ou don’t have to travel far to see the world’s best opera and ballet. There’s a wonderful new season from the Met Opera Live in HD and Russia’s Bolshoi Ballet screened at Cinema Nouveau.

For more information on these productions visit www.writingstudio.co.za

Richard Strauss’s Der Rosenkavalier (10 June) features the dream cast of Renée Fleming as the Marschallin and Elīna Garanča as Octavian star in Strauss’s grandest opera. In his new production, Robert Carsen, the director behind the Met’s recent Falstaff, places the action at the end of the Habsburg Empire, underscoring the opera’s subtext of class and conflict against a rich backdrop of gilt and red damask, in a staging that also stars Günther Groissböck as Baron Ochs. Sebastian Weigle conducts the sparklingly perfect score.

From Dec 3 you can experience Nina Stemme as Isolde in a new production of Wagner’s Tristan und Isolde, conducted by Sir Simon Rattle. Her Tristan is tenor Stuart Skelton. The staging, by Mariusz Treliński is a co-production with the Festival Hall Baden-Baden, Teatr Wielki – Polish National Opera, and China National Centre for the Performing Arts (NCPA) Beijing. Finnish composer Kaija Saariaho’s breakthrough opera L’Amour de Loin (From 7 January) enjoys its Metropolitan Opera premiere in a dazzling new production by Robert Lepage, Eric Owens is the knight on a quest of love and Susanna Phillips is his lover on the other side of the sea. Conductor Susanna Mälkki makes her Met debut. The legendary Plácido Domingo brings another new baritone role to the Met under the baton of his longtime collaborator James Levine in Verdi’s Nabucco (From 4 February). Liudmyla Monastyrska is Abigaille, and Jamie Barton is the heroic Fenena. The success of his third opera, a stirring drama about the fall of ancient Jerusalem at the hands of Nebuchadnezzar (Nabucco), catapulted Verdi to international fame. When Diana Damrau and Vittorio Grigolo starred opposite each other in Manon at the Met in 2015, the New York Times said, “the temperature rises nearly to boiling every time Damrau and Grigolo are on stage together.” Now they’re back as opera’s classic lovers, in Gounod’s lush Shakespeare adaptation of Shakespeare’s Roméo et Juliette (from 11 February). The production, by director Bartlett Sher, has already won acclaim during runs at Salzburg and La Scala. Gianandrea Noseda conducts the sumptuous score. Kristine Opolais stars in the role that helped launch her international career, the mythical Rusalka, who sings the haunting “Song to the Moon” in Antonin Dvorak’s Rusalka (from 25 March), Brandon Jovanovich, Jamie Barton, Mag 38

Warner’s moving production, starring Anna Netrebko and Dmitri Hvorostovsky as Tatiana and Onegin. Alexey Dolgov sings the role of Lenski, and Robin Ticciati conducts.

Katarina Dalayman, and Eric Owens complete the all-star cast, and Mark Elder conducts. In Verdi’s La Traviata (08 April), Sonya Yoncheva sings one of opera’s most beloved heroines, the tragic courtesan Violetta, a role in which she triumphed on the Met stage in 2015, opposite Michael Fabiano as Alfredo, and Thomas Hampson as his father, Germont. Carmen Giannattasio sings later performances of the title role opposite Atalla Ayan, with the great Plácido Domingo as Germont. Nicola Luisotti conducts. Mozart’s first operatic masterpiece Idomeneo (24 April) returns to the Met in the classic Jean-Pierre Ponnelle production, conducted by Music Director Emeritus James Levine. The superb ensemble includes Matthew Polenzani as the king; mezzo-soprano Alice Coote in the trouser role of his noble son Idamante; soprano Nadine Sierra as Ilia; and soprano Elza van den Heever as the volatile Elettra, who loves Idamante to the bounds of madness. Tchaikovsky’s setting of Pushkin’s timeless Eugene Onegin (20 May is presented on the Met stage in Deborah

There are 5 screenings of Russia’s Bolshoi Ballet at Cinema Nouveau to look forward to, the story of The Nutcracker(From 17 December) - re-interpreted and restaged by Yuri Grigorovich. Swan Lake (18 February 2017), is a ballet of ultimate beauty and a score of uncontested perfection with prima ballerina, Svetlana Zakharova, taking on the dual role of the white swan, Odette, and her dark rival, Odile. Set to the score of the composer of winter wonderlands, the Bolshoi dancers take us on a dream-like journey through this classic fairy tale The Sleeping Beauty (10 March), The Bolshoi’s sumptuous staging with its luxurious sets and costumes gives life to Perrault’s fairy tale unlike any other. In the bold new production of A Contemporary Evening (21 April), the Bolshoi takes on a daunting challenge in Hans Van Manen’s Frank Bridge Variations, Sol León and Paul Lightfoot’s Short Time Together as well as Alexei Ratmansky’s Russian Seasons. The Bolshoi production of A Hero of our Time (12 May) takes us on three separate narratives recounting his heartbreaking betrayals. At The Fugard Theatre’s Bioscope in Cape Town you can also see screenings of The National Theatre Live productions of The Deep Blue Sea (4 January), Threepenny Opera (29 January) and No Man’s Land (19 March), The Royal Shakespeare Company’s Cymbaline (5 February) and King Lear (12 February), and the Salzburg Festival Opera’s staging of Il Trovatore (15 January) and Fidelio (5 March).



Thanks to Lewis Corner

or Olly Murs fans finally we have the long awaited release of his fifth album in six years, called 24 HRS.

Since proclaiming that he had Never Been Better on his last album, Olly’s personal life fell apart a bit. The turmoil has produced his most personal album yet - but does all the heartache live up to the sprightly attitude we’ve come to expect from him? Here’s a track-by-track review. ‘YOU DON’T KNOW LOVE’ We’ve spent most of the summer in the company of this shimmering pop banger, as the angry side of Olly’s break-up is somewhat settled by the skyrocketing chorus. As far as introductions go, this sets both the pace and tone of 24 Hrs. ‘YEARS & YEARS’ Much like its namesake suggests, this is an expansive mid-tempo ode to everlasting love. It’s big, it’s soppy, “You signed your name on my heart saying you were here,” Olly sings on the chorus, which is lifted up by strings while pacey beats whizz by underneath with echoed bells ring in the distance. It’s all very dramatic, but we reckon this’ll quickly secure itself a place as a fan favourite. ‘GROW UP’ Olly’s exes might want to cover their ears now as he gives his former flames a bit of a grilling on this guitar-led ditty. But beneath that singalong chorus, there’s plenty of bite. “You ain’t as cool as you used to be / Closer to the mirror than you are to me.” Ouch, Oliver Stanley Murs! UNPREDICTABLE’ Relationship troubles are at the forefront of this number, but you’d never guess over the bouncy production with hints of funk guitar and a striding beat. “We don’t know which way it’s going to go,” Olly admits on the chorus, before some of those light tropical synth lines warm up the uncertainty. ‘BACK AROUND’ He may be a heartbroken man, but he’s also very reasonable. “I know I said I never, but I know I let you down,” It sounds even better over the stomping production, which centres around a walloping big chorus ready for an arena outing. Complete with buoyant guitar and piano and, yet again, an earworm melody that digs in deep, Olly has found himself with one stonker of an anthem. ‘DEEPER’ This has loads of things that we’ve never heard on an Olly Murs track before. An uncredited female vocalist takes charge on

the chorus, and it all comes together for a proper throw-your-hands-in-the-air explosion of pop brilliance.


If Olly isn’t wallowing in his heartache, he’s taking the action back into the bedroom. This track is pure sexual ‘24 HRS’ tension between him and his lady, where The title track is quite possibly the most no words are required to know what down we’ve heard the usually chirpy Olly really needs to go down. Over some more Murs on a track. It’s bathed in a dark, of those electronic squiggles and an electronic atmosphere as he contemplates upbeat chorus, of course. being dumped. “Thanks for finally letting me know that you’re letting me go,” he ‘BETTER THAN ME’ sings in falsetto as the twilight production In ‘Better Than Me’ as the star tries to reflects his muggy headspace after staying convince his ex that no-one can love up for 24 hours. her as much as he did. It’s a time-old sentiment brought up to date here with ‘PRIVATE’ crashing beats, haunting glitches, and Who’d have thought Olly Murs was a whopping chorus full of pleas and against public displays of affection? passion. That’s essentially what this whole song is about. MNEK is on board here to give ‘FLAWS’ the overall song some electro R&B-pop The stripped-back ballad is left for the smoothness, and the chorus is as playful emotional finale as Olly struggles to move as they come. on from the girlfriend who broke his heart. Accompanied by a simple piano ‘LOVE YOU MORE’ line, his soulful tone is given space to Olly’s heart is taking another battering shine without the curly electronics that on this boyband-esque ode to the darkest weave throughout most of the record. hours of his failed relationship. “If you “On the surface I’m all smiles / But I’m could see me now from the inside out / only living half a lie,” Olly admits on the You’d see the wreckage of a man trying heart-rending number, that leaves the to find a way out,” he confesses over the collection on a sombre note and wanting strident beat. But the overall feel of the to give him a big old hug. song is quietly epic.

Mag 39

ON STAGE AT THE THEATRE WITH DANIEL DERCKSEN CAPE TOWN Cathy Specific, the quintessential trolley dolly, the country’s favourite flight attendant and undoubtedly South Africa’s first lady of flying, is on in Cathy and The Trolley Dollies (3 – 31 Dec) at Gate 69.

Alistair Izobell brings Kaapse Jol to the Baxter Theatre (Until 14 Jan) and celebrates the dynamic cosmopolitan city that he calls home, pulsating with a heartbeat that is filled with the unique rhythms inherent to the Mother City and funnyman Nik Rabinowitz has just turned 40 and is on the verge of a midlife crisis in Fortyfied (6 Dec - 14 Jan) At Artscape you can see the cracking new production of Annie (2 Dec to 8 Jan) and the Cape Town City Ballet’s Peter Pan & Tinkerbell (16 Dec to 8 Jan) Six multi-talented performers hit the Kalk Bay Theatre’s intimate stage to mesmerize you in Au Revoir (until Dec 31). It’s a cirque-comedy dance extravaganza that will stimulate the senses. Hints of burlesque, a little steampunk, sensual acrobatics, quirky dance bits, outrageous physical comedy and dynamic vocals. It’s a carnival smorgasbord for adults. Escape reality for a night and enjoy this unique concoction of fun. In Alan Committie’s all-new stand-up show at Theatre on The Bay, Laughing Matters (6 Dec – 14 Jan) he unpacks the importance of seeing the funny side of everything … why? Because laughing matters. And ultimately, everything is a laughing matter!

JOBURG The grand-scale, smash hit, all South African production of West Side Story Mag 40

Photo: Loucas Polydorou

At The Fugard Theatre the vibrant musical District Six – Kanala (until 31 January) celebrates the vibrant musical culture that was to be found in the streets, halls, hotels, clubs and bioscopes of 1960’s District Six, Joshua Harmon’s “blisteringly funny” Bad Jews (until 31 Dec) explores how postHolocaust Jewish generations live with the legacy of the Shoah (Holocaust), and Florian Zeller’s The Mother (translated from French to English by Christopher Hampton) (7 Feb – 4 Mar) stars AnnaMart van der Merwe.

Steven Jubber plays Riff - West Side Story is on at the Mandela Theatre (Joburg Theatre) (24 Jan - 05 Mar) Reprising their roles as Tony, Maria and Bernardo respectively, will be Fleur du Cap Theatre Award winners Jonathan Roxmouth, Lynelle Kenned, and Christopher Jaftha as Bernardo. London-based actress and opera singer Filipa van Eck will perform the role of Maria once a week. Bianca le Grange returns to reprise her role of Anita. The Jets gang is led once again by Fleur du Cap nominee Stephen Jubber as Riff, backed by a superb cast that includes Daniel Buys and Grant Almirall. At The Joburg Theatre its pantomime season with Robin Hood And The Babes In The Wood (Until 30 Dec)

DURBAN The Playhouse Company’s The Sound Of Music (until 30 Dec) is directed by award-winning theatre legend Ralph Lawson, with choreography by Sean Bovim, with Craig Urbani as Captain von Trapp, and Lynelle Kenned as Maria.

NATIONWIDE Take a break and escape to the Karoo! At The Showroom Theatre in Prince Albert Daniele Pascal’s Nostalgia, a tribute to

Find out what’s happening at a theatre near you and visit www.writingstudio.co.za

Marlene Dietrich (Dec 3 at 8pm) is a musical journey into the life of one of the greatest entertainers of the Golden age. Ray Dylan (Dec 8 at 8pm) is firmly established as one of South Africa’s favourite voices and his newest album, “Reg hier in die middel” – with heartfelt lyrics, fresh melodies and captivating rhythms – reaffirms why! Jesse Glegg (Dec 10 at 8pm) spent the first six years of his life on tour with his father, iconic South African singer Johnny Clegg. André Swieger’s Déjà Vu (Dec 17 at 8pm) recalls the songs of his favourite singer-songwriters who inspired him to become a musician. Multifaceted artist Nicholis Louw, and Brendan Peyper team up on Dec 18 at 8pm and Tailor (Dec 31 at 8pm) is a force to be reckoned with, her diverse voice will take you through an emotional yet happy journey which will leave you inspired. Tailor is famous for her energy as live act. The magical musical Joseph And The Amazing Techicolor Dreamcoat enjoys its return-season at the Montecasino Theatre until 29 January, and will be on at Theatre on The Bay from 16 February – 8 April) Get ready for the musical journey of your life! The critically-acclaimed hit musical Priscilla Queen of the Desert based on the Oscar-winning hit film makes its South African premiere at Artscape, Cape Town on Tuesday, 28 March 2017 and runs until 23 April before touring to Montecasino’s Teatro from Friday, 28 April to 18 June 2017. The proudly South African, exceptionally talented 28-member cast, live band, crew and creative team will give audiences a night of unforgettable performances, nostalgic music and an entertainment experience with all the sparkle to share in Priscilla’s “fabulousness”. The principal roles will be played by stellar stage, screen and television performers including David Dennis who has achieved prominence in leading roles from classical to contemporary and musical theatre to film and television over the past three decades (Pirates of Penzance, Starlight Classics and movies 10000BC, Winnie and Zambezia); Daniel Buys (Jersey Boys, West Side Story, Saturday Night Fever); Phillip Schnetler (Saturday Night Fever, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz) and veteran actor, James Borthwick (Sunset Boulevard, Evita and over 200 other productions).

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Out mag issue 29  

Quarterly magazine for the LGBTI community in South Africa. Published in Cape Town the magazine is distributed in all the country's major ce...

Out mag issue 29  

Quarterly magazine for the LGBTI community in South Africa. Published in Cape Town the magazine is distributed in all the country's major ce...