The Perfect Gift

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Isaiah 9:6–7


rowing up in a non-Christian family, we didn’t celebrate Christmas. But when I was young, my siblings and I, together with a few neighborhood kids, decided to have a Christmas gift exchange. I don’t know where we got the idea from—maybe it was all the TV shows we’d been watching. We put our names into a bag, and each of us picked the name of someone to buy a present for. Some of us were happy with the gifts we received, some of us less so; but we were all glad to have received presents. We didn’t realize the perfect gift had been promised to us many years ago when the prophet Isaiah foretold, “For to us a child is born, to us a son is given” (Isaiah 9:6). And on the first Christmas day, God fulfilled His promise! God gave His Son, Jesus Christ, to meet our deepest need—to save us from our sins. When I was a teenager, I heard about this gift and accepted Jesus as my Savior.


Pra yer Lord I remember celebrating my first , th send ank You Christmas as a believer in Christ. ing Y f our S or Jesus Christmas became special because I o n C from hrist to s finally understood its meaning—it’s ave m my s ins b on th y dyi e e cro a celebration of God’s perfect gift, ng ss fo r me Jesus Christ. I realized that God is . not a mystical force out there; He is a personal God who loves all people—big or small, young and old. And this personal God expressed His love for me by sending Jesus to take the punishment for sin on my behalf, dying on the cross for me. Have you accepted the gift of Jesus Christ? He is the one who gave Christmas its name and true meaning. Don’t miss this gift! —CPF

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