Presents for Jesus

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US S E J R O F S T N E S PRE ay Verse of the D d worshiped

n an They bowed dow ened their op ey him. Then th esented him with treasures and pr kincense and gifts of gold, fran 2:11 myrrh. —Matthew


Matthew 2:1–12


t was Christmas morning. Melissa was excited about opening her Christmas presents. Grabbing the largest one, she tore open the paper wrappings. Mum and Dad had given her a farm set, complete with a barn, hay, and animals. Mum asked, “Melissa, today is Jesus’ birthday. What presents will you give to Him?” Melissa looked at Mum. Reluctantly, she said, “I can share the farm set with Jesus.” Mum decided to tell Melissa about the birthday presents Jesus received. “After Jesus was born, wise men came to visit Him. These wise men were powerful people who were advisers to the king of another country. Travelling thousands of miles, they were led to Jesus by a star. Very happy to see Him, they bowed down and worshipped Him. Do you know what presents the wise men gave Jesus?”



Pra yer Lord Melissa shook her head, so Mum ,I w you m ant to g continued: “The wise men gave Him ive y comm heart. I gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh.” it to f You as Sa ollowing “What strange gifts!” Melissa vior and exclaimed. Lord . Mum said, “Gold is the precious metal that is normally given to kings. Frankincense is used in the worship of God. And myrrh is used to prepare the dead for the funeral. With these gifts, the wise men were telling us that Jesus is King, Jesus is God, and Jesus is Savior who will die to save us from our sins.” “Wow! In that case, my farm set won’t be a good present for Jesus. I’d need to give him something more valuable, just like the wise men did!” Melissa mused. Mum smiled. “Why don’t we give Jesus the most valuable thing we have? Our hearts—our commitment to follow Him as Savior and Lord.” —SKT

tion c e l f e R Lord? low Jesus as Savior and What does it mean to fol u yo do dif ferently because Name three things you’d follow Him.