I've Seen It Myself!

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Luke 2:8–20


um! Dad! We have to go to Japan!” Mum and Dad looked at each other, eyebrows raised. When they had suggested a Christmas holiday in Japan, Shamini had seemed hesitant. Now she couldn’t wait to go! “Why the change?” Mum asked. “My friend, Jo, went skiing in Japan, and had a great time,” Shamini explained. “Japan is beautiful and fun and cool and exciting!” “And, how do you know all this?” Dad asked. “Jo told me, so it must be true!” Shamini said. Dad laughed. “I’m not doubting you, but you weren’t interested in Japan when we told you it was a nice place. So, why do you believe Jo?” “Because Jo saw it for herself,” Shamini reasoned. “Therefore, I believe her more than I believe you.” Shamini winked mischievously.


Lord Mum chuckled. “Fair enough. , I wa nt my f There’s nothing more convincing than riend to tell s how expe a personal testimony, right? That rie I hav e my li nced Jes reminds me of the devotion I read us in fe. this morning from Luke 2:17–18. The shepherds who saw baby Jesus told others about Him, and their personal testimony impacted many people who were amazed.” Dad added: “Just think what would happen if we talked about Jesus like the shepherds did. If we told our friends how we have experienced Jesus in our lives, our personal testimony could get them excited about Jesus, just like how Jo shared with you about Japan and got you excited about experiencing it yourself.” “And then more people would believe in the true miracle of Christmas—Jesus Christ!” Shamini exclaimed. Mum smiled. “Why don’t we list down a few people we can share Jesus with soon? We can pray for them and talk to them together.” —LK

tion c e l f e R u with? List some ways yo Who can you share Jesus are sh u yo uld co them. What can pray for and talk to about Jesus? life personally from your