A Christmas Letter

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John 1:1–14


very Christmas, a friend of mine writes a long letter to his wife, reviewing the events of the year, dreaming about the future, and telling her how much he loves her, and why. He also writes a letter to each of his daughters. His words of love make an unforgettable Christmas present. We could say that Jesus was the original Christmas love letter. After all, love letters are made of words and John 1:14 says Jesus was the Word made flesh. John explains the Word is a person: Jesus, the Son of God who was “with God in the beginning” (v. 2). This Word, Jesus, is the Father God’s “one and only Son,” who “became flesh and made his dwelling among us” (v. 14). Through Jesus the Word, God reveals Himself perfectly. That’s why Jesus is the original Christmas love letter—He reveals God’s heart of love to us! Do you want to find out more about Jesus, the original Christmas love letter? Read all about Jesus in the Gospel of Mark. You’ll find


Lord that God demonstrated His love , th Jesus ank You to us by sending Jesus to take the fo a Your nd revea r punishment of death on our behalf ling lo I am ve throu gh H for our sin—that’s our disobedience sorry im for m put m y sin . towards God. If we say “sorry” to y tru .I st in Jesus God for our sin, and trust in Jesus, . God forgives our sin and we can enter God’s kingdom and enjoy eternal life. This is God’s love letter to us, found in Jesus. Now, that’s better than any present waiting for you under the Christmas tree, don’t you think?

“A Christmas Letter” is excerpted and adapted from Our Daily Bread 19 December 2018 article, by Amy Boucher Pye.

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