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Registering your product on a PC


Ensure you are connected to the internet and insert the DVD into the drive. When the Autorun window appears, select “Run autorun.exe” OR “Run”


When the Original Technical Publications window opens, select “English (or your preferred language)”. The tabs “Terms” and “Continue” appear on the screen.


shows our terms and conditions of use. Registering this product means that you accept these Terms and Conditions.


moves you through to the DVD menu. Here, you can access many features without registering, but not the Original Technical Publications material.


Beneath the Introduction text is a tab:-

Click on the tab. Select the “ACTIVATE NOW” tab. A form appears (see below).

Fill in the form details when they appear.

The ACTIVATION CODE is on a label inside the DVD box and consists of the top line only. Type it in and press the “ACTIVATE” tab.

4. Now, check your email account. An email will arrive from LockLizard Licencing (you may need to check your Spam folder). There are two key elements to it. a) A link to download your Secure Viewer, and b) A link to download the licence. (Note: The licence will be attached). 5.

Looking at the text of your email, click on the link Downloading should then happen automatically.


Once complete, click on your PC Windows icon, select “COMPUTER”…

…and “DOWNLOADS” where you’ll find “Safeguard PDF viewer.exe”.


Double click on the program and select “RUN” when asked. Follow the onscreen instructions.


Return to the email. Click on the ”SAFEGUARD_V_LICENCE.LLV” attachment to download the licence (or click on the highlighted link “download your licence file” in the text).

When a window appears, click OK. A new message will tell you that your DVD has been successfully registered.

You can now access the entire contents of the DVD.

OTP DVD Registration Instructions - PC  

OTP DVD Registration Instructions -for PC

OTP DVD Registration Instructions - PC  

OTP DVD Registration Instructions -for PC