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October Italian Heritage Month Kickoff Dinner Dance by Michelle DiPlacido

The Italian Heritage Month Dinner Dance Committee.

Grand Lodge Bocce Tournament by Michelle DiPlacido

Team from the Methuen Junior Lodge. The annual Grand Lodge Bocce Tour- awarded to the Methuen Lodge #902, nament was held on Sunday, September with members Marsha Kinnear, Dottie 22, 2013 at the Methuen Sons of Italy on Crisa, Bob Mele, and Mike Cuscia, and their brand new, state of the art indoor second place was won by the Billerica bocce courts. The morning began with Lodge #2268 and members Anthony coffee and pastries as Commissioner Gozzo, Paul Gozzo, Karyn Marmiani, and Larry Pellegrini explained the format Tony Marmiani. that the tournament would follow. State First and second place in the Women’s President Carmelita Bello thanked ev- division were won by the Methuen Lodge eryone for coming. A fantastic lunch # 902. The first place team players buffet was provided by the Methuen were Rosemarie Castro, Joyce Grieco, Lodge kitchen crew. Mary Early, and Gail Laviolette, and As the afternoon drew to a close, second place included Susan Pauk, the final teams played for the coveted Alice Torname, Carmela Pagnoni, and first place title. In the Junior Division, Linda Fay. the Methuen Junior Lodge took both First place in the Men’s division was first and second place. The first place also won by a Methuen team, consistteam consisted of Matthew Giannasca, ing of players Bob Hendry, Vinnie Rea, Jack Earnshaw, Joe Durkin, and Scott Lennie Saltz, and Bob Lamirande; Jackson, and the second place team second place was awarded to the Piave included Jessica Giuffrida, Samantha Fiume Lodge #1036 from Watertown and Giuffrida, Michael Buonanno, and players Luciano Camilli, Gino Salvucci, Nathan D’Amato. First place in the Mixed Division was (Continued on Page 6)

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Columbus Day Parade by Michelle DiPlacido

(L-R): Charitable and Educational Trust Chairman Angelo Rossi, Charity Commission Chairman Carol Rossi, State Orator Denise Furnari, State First Vice President Antonio Sestito, State Trustee and Parade Chairman John Savastano, State President Carmelita Bello, Sally Radomski, State Trustee Mary Ann Bello, Stan Radomski, and State Trustee Charlie DeStefano.

On Monday, October 14, 2013, the Columbus Day Parade took place on Broadway in Revere, Massachusetts. There was so much excitement and everyone was waiting patiently for the Parade to start. Greater Boston Renaissance Lodge #2614 President Dean Saluti started the parade off with 50 antique cars, including Fiats, Jaguars, Corvettes, and Cadillacs. President Saluti and his wife Margie lead the group in a green Fiat made specifically for them. State Trustee Charlie DeStefano and Angelo Rossi, Chairman of the Charitable & Educational Trust, carried the banner of the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts. State First Vice President Tony Ses-

tito, State Orator Denise Furnari, State Past Presidents Florence Ferullo Kane and Philip R. Boncore, State Trustees Mary Ann Bello, John Savastano, Richard Matlak, and Charity Commission Chairman Carol Rossi marched as a group representing the Grand Lodge. The Benefit Insurance Commission was represented by Treasurer Marjorie Cahn and Commissioner Joseph Boncore. Sally and Stan Radomski, members from the Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli Lodge #2183 marched with the Grand Lodge. Don LaHaye of the Greater Boston (Continued on Page 4)



SONS of ITALY NEWS Pamela Donnaruma, Editor Dom Campochiaro, Photographer NO. 6 - NOVEMBER / DECEMBER 2013 88TH YEAR OF PUBLICATION The Sons of Italy News (ISSN 0038-1446) is published bi-monthly by the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts, Order Sons of Italy in America, a fraternal non-profit organization with offices at 93 Concord Avenue, Belmont, MA 02478. Phone (617) 489-5234. All manuscripts, photos, art work and editorial material should be type written and mailed to: Editor, Sons of Italy News - 93 Concord Avenue, Belmont, MA 02478. Photo and copy will be returned if accompanied by a self-addressed envelope and return postage. Closing date for publication is the 10th of the previous month. Photos should be clear and sharp and people must be identified on a separate sheet. Direct all subscription correspondence, orders, change of addresses, etc., to Sons of Italy News, Subscription Dept., 93 Concord Avenue, Belmont, MA 02478. Subscription price is $2.00 per year. When changing address, please allow six weeks advance notice. Send old address (clip address from past issue) along with new address. Please include lodge name and zip code. Periodical postage paid at Boston, MA. and additional mailing offices. Postmaster, address corrections requested — send to Sons of Italy News, 93 Concord Avenue, Belmont, MA 02478. STATE COUNCIL CARMELITA BELLO State President ANTONIO SESTITO State First Vice President RONALD HILL State Second Vice President JAMES DI STEFANO Immediate Past President DENISE FURNARI State Orator MARIE JACKSON State Recording Secretary MARGARET OLIVIERI State Financial Secretary DR. JOHN CHRISTOFORO State Treasurer









from Carmelita Bello

My dear Sisters and Brothers: Our Italian heritage gives us so many wonderful customs and celebrations. Each region and paese of Italy has its own unique traditions that were brought to the United States. During the Christmas season, I look forward to sharing these customs with my young relatives and friends. When I was growing up in Worcester we lived on the first floor of a three-decker house, and my aunt and grandmother lived on the second floor. Two three-decker houses filled with aunts, uncles, and cousins stood six houses down the street. We would all get together and share in the Christmas Eve feast with shrimp, smelts, squid, eel, bacala, spaghetti with anchovy, garlic, oil, and pine nuts. Following dinner we would go home and prepare to attend midnight mass. We would get to the church early enough to hear the choir sing Christmas carols, and just before twelve o’clock the sounds of “Tu Scendi Dalle Stelle” would

start to play, the choir would sing, and the priest holding the baby Jesus, followed by the attendants, would process around the church and lay the figurine in the manger. The older I get the dearer those memories are to me. These traditions connect me to my loved ones that are no longer here, they connect me to my Italian-American community, they connect me to my faith. Keeping these traditions and all the wonderful Italian celebrations alive is one of the most important aspects of the Sons of Italy. As we move forward as an organization, the Grand Lodge is committed to developing and offering opportunities for our members, their families, and the general public to experience what it means to be a part of our community. In November, the State Council, Benefit Insurance Commission, and Chairmen of Permanent Commissions met to discuss how we maintain our organization’s vitality and connection to our communi-

ties. Ideas were shared and discussed, and many good suggestions were offered. Our challenge now is to translate those ideas into actions. As a group, we want to offer a variety of events across the geographic jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge, and use social media to reach and connect with a wider audience. Over the next few months we will roll out programs that meet this challenge. Over the last six months I have truly enjoyed going to various lodge meetings and functions and talking with members as the State President. I appreciate the kind thoughts and words, the suggestions, and even the admonishments, but most of all I appreciate you: my Brothers and Sisters. I wish you, your family, and your friends a happy and healthy Christmas and New Year. Boun Natale e felice anno nuovo!

Cari Fratelli e Sorelle Il nostro retaggio italiano ci offre tanti magnifici usi e celebrazioni meravigliose. Ogni Regione, e paesi, italiani hanno le proprie, uniche tradizioni che gli immigrant portarono con loro negli Stati Uniti. Durante le feste natalizie mi viene l’ansia di condividere questi usi coi miei giovani parenti ed amici. Quando ero piccola, in Worcester, abitavamo al primo piano di una casa a tre piani, mentre mia zia e la nonna abitavano al second piano. Due palazzine, ciascuna a tre piani, erano occupate da zie, zii, che vivevano in sei palazzine, giu’ nella strada. Ci riunivamo tutti insieme per vesteggiare la vigilia di Natale, mangiando gamberi, tipo di sarde, calamari, anguille, baccala’ e spaghetti con acciughe, olio e pignoli. Dopo la cena andavamo a casa per prepararci di andare alla Messa di mezzanotte, ma molto presto per ascoltare gli inni natalizi dal coro, e poi quello famoso, “Tu scendi dalle Stelle”. Mentre il coro intonava il célèbre inno, il prete , seguito dagli assistenti portava il piccolo Bambino Gesu’, in procesione, verso il Presepe dove posava il piccolo Gesu’ nel suo posto. Nel mentre mi aumentano gli anni mi ricordo delle memorie del passato, sempre piu’ care. Queste tradizioni mi fanno sentire molto vicina ai miei cari, anche se non sono piu’ in questo mondo, ed anche alla comunita’ italo Americana, come pure alla mia fede. Mantenere vive queste tradizioni e le magnifiche tradizioni italiane e’ uno dei fattori important che ci legano ai Figli d’Italia. Nel mentre ci muoviamo verso il future, con la nos-

tra organizzazione, la Grande Loggia e’ impegnata a pianificare, ed anche offrire opportunita’ ai nostril membri, le loro famiglie, ed il pubblico in generale, e fare esperienza con tutto cio’ chef a parte della nostra comunita’ Nel mese di novembre, il Consiglio Statale, la Commissione Benefica d’ Assicurazione ed I Presidenti delle Commissioni Permanenti, si sono riuniti per discutere come mantenere viva la nostra organizzazione e come tenerla in contatto con le comunita’. Delle idée vennero condivise e discusse; molti suggerimenti vennero offerti La sfida per noi e’ tradurre queste idée in atti pratici. Come gruppo vorremmo fare una gamma di eventi nell’ambito della nostra

giurisdizione, e servirci della stampa sociale per pervenire e connettare con un pubblico piu’ vasto. Nei prossimi mesi presenteremo I programmi che rispondono alla sfida. Nei sei mesi scorsi ho davvero goduto delle visite alle varie riunioni locali delle logge, andando alle feste pure, discutendo coi membri, nella mia veste di Presidente. Apprezzo le gentili vedute, i suggerimenti, ed anche ad alcuni avvertimdnti. Ma soprettutto apprezzo voi tutti, Fratelli e Sorelle. Auguro a tutti voi, alla vostra famiglia ed ai vostri amici un felice, e pieno di salute, Natale ed un Anno Nuovo.

Fraternally, Carmelita Bello





Fraternamente Carmelita Bello


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The Gift that Lasts a Lifetime (note: Because of positive response to the original, the Benefit Insurance Commission is rerunning this article originally printed in the July/August issue of the Sons of Italy News)

Christmas is here and we are all thinking about gifts for our children and grandchildren. Instead of an electronic device or a video game, think about a financial gift that will last a lifetime. While there are many options for providing financial gifts, and hopefully some financial wisdom to our children and grandchildren, one that is often overlooked is permanent life insurance. Though it is often overlooked, life insurance may just be the single most important gift we can give to them. Here is why: 1. Permanent life insurance offers a lifetime of financial security and ensures that the child will be able to maintain their insurance coverage no matter what their health status may be as they grow into adulthood. Some policies offer the advantage of allowing the insured to increase their coverage no matter what their health is. 2. The cash values of a permanent life insurance policy will grow tax deferred for the life of the child or as long as the policy is in force. 3. The child will have access to the growing cash value through policy loans without having to pay taxes or penalties on the withdrawn cash, as long as the insurance stays in force. Whether it is a first car, a down payment on a first home or a wedding, the cash is available to the child. No other financial instrument offers this advantage. 4. The cash values may be used toward college expenses but will not be counted as assets for financial aid evaluations (under current law), unlike the money they might have in a 529 plan. A gift of permanent life insurance is relatively affordable because premiums for children are substantially lower than those for an adult. And there is a great deal of flexibility in structuring the premiums for a life insurance policy so that you can ensure the policy is completely paid up before it is transferred to your child or grandchild.

AN EXAMPLE OF THE “GIFT THAT LASTS A LIFETIME” In a recent situation we were asked to prepare an illustration of a life insurance policy for a 15 year old child. The individual requesting the illustration asked to have the policy fully paid after ten years of premiums so that the policy could be transferred to the child upon reaching the age of 25 and no further premiums would have to be paid by the child. The individual requesting this illustration indicated they would be willing to pay $2,000 a year for ten years. The results as shown below indicate just how powerful this life insurance “gift” would be for this young person: AGE AT ISSUE: 15 YEARS Guaranteed Age

Cash Value

Death Benefit

20 25 35 70

$6,260 $17,506 $24,462 $71,531

$115,033 $115,933 $115,933 $115,933

Current Dividend Scale (expected outcomes) Cash Value Death Benefit

$6,472 $18,424 $27,697 $92,465

$117,595 $122,048 $131,285 $149,883

As this illustration shows, by the age of 25, when this policy is transferred to the ownership of the child, the cash value is almost equal to the $20,000 in premiums that have been paid up to that point. The cash values continue to grow for the life of the child with no further premiums having to be paid. Just as importantly, this individual is covered for life with a significant amount of life insurance no matter what their health might be. As you can see from this illustration, for a relatively low investment this gift truly lasts a lifetime, and gets better with each passing year. Even the most conservative of the examples, the “Guaranteed” example, is a worthwhile gift, and it is highly likely that actual results will significantly surpass the “Guaranteed” numbers. There are literally hundreds of possibilities of life insurance policies that can be customized to fit your budget.

So, when you are wondering whether you should give your grandchild an iPhone or a new video game for their birthday, give some thought to a permanent life insurance policy. They may not have as much fun with a life insurance policy, but they will grow ever more thankful the older they get. MAKE SURE TO GET PROFESSIONAL ADVICE Gifting strategies are complex and require the expertise of seasoned financial advisors. There are other options for transferring assets to children and grandchildren, such as outright gifts, 529 plans, custodial accounts, trusts, joint savings accounts, and others. The advantages and disadvantages of these strategies should be considered by your financial advisor and any decision you make should be made in the context of your overall estate planning strategy. We do not recommend you go to your life insurance agent to purchase a policy until you have had a professional look at your overall situation. Through the partnership that the Benefit Insurance Commission has with Highland Financial Group, OSIAMA members have access to the financial expertise necessary to make the correct gifting strategy decisions. There is no charge for a consultation. Contact the Highland Financial Group at 781-890-7630 and ask for Luke Sotir to schedule a consultation. As a special service for OSIAMA members, Highland Financial Group will send representatives to meet with any group of three or more couples or individuals who are interested in learning more about gifting strategies for their children or grandchildren. In these discussions you will learn about alternative gifting strategies, their advantages and disadvantages, and you will be given actual illustrations that you and your friends request. Highland will conduct a brief phone interview to get the relevant information for the illustrations.

Beneffit Insurance Co ommiss sion in pa artnership with h

Hig ghland Financia F al Group p

Dedica ated Professionalls of Highla and Financial Gro oup

OFFERING A FULL F LINE OF O PRODUC CTS AND SERVICES TO OSIAMA MEMBERS Financia al Planning • Non n-fee Needs An nalysis • Perrsonal Financiall Plans • Perrsonal Financiall Plans w/Estate e Planning es Annuitie erm Care Insura ance Disabilitty and Long-Te Education Plan nning Individual Retirement/E ee Benefit Plan ns and 401k Implementation Employe

Life Insu urance Fixed-Income In nvestments • Insuran nce Policy Reviews • Annual Renewable Te erm M Mutual Funds T – 10-, 15- & 20-Year • Level Term E • Whole Life Employee Finan ncial Planning and Seminars • Univerrsal Life • Variable Universal Life e E ed Universal Life e Executive Bene efit and Deferre ed • Indexe • Studen nt Protector Poliicies* C Compensation Plans P • Child Protector P Policie es* • Simpliffied Issue Policiies up to $50,00 00 Business Su uccession Plan nning and age 80 - No medica al exam required d and Financial Risk Analys sis

Contact Highland d Financial Group at 781-890-76 7 630and ask k for Luke Sotir S for a cconfidentia al consultation

*Available Exclu usively Through the Benefit Insurance Com mmission


Columbus Day



(Continued from Page 1)

Renaissance Lodge drove State President Carmelita Bello in style in a white Jaguar. Immediate Past President James DiStefano, State Recording Secretary Marie Jackson, and Kim DiStefano, member of the Regina Margherita Di Savoia Mixed Lodge #1094 were driven by Richard DeVito Jr., Richard DeVito Sr., and Garry Narbedian, all members of the Greater Boston Renaissance Lodge. We thank them for the courtesy. State Second Vice President Ron Hill and his wife Ann rode in their truck, with a display encouraging onlookers to “Join the Sons of Italy”. We appreciate the time and effort Ron took to arrange for the display sign.

Winthrop Mixed Lodge #2057 displayed a beautiful float representing Italy and wine making, supported by Lodge President Joseph Boncore, float creator Fred Martino, and members of the Winthrop Mixed Lodge. We appreciate your work and talent it took to make this float. A special thank you to Dean Saluti for the delicious pizza and soda before the parade and the great collation following. Chairman of the Columbus Day Parade and DJ John Savastano played great Italian music for all those in the audience along Broadway. Thank you John for all your dedication and tedious work to make this event a success.

Winthrop Mixed Lodge #2057 marched in the parade with their Italy and wine making themed float.

State Trustee and Parade Chairman John Savastano and State President Carmelita Bello.

(L-R): Charitable and Educational Trust Chairman Angelo Rossi, State Immediate Past President James DiStefano, Ann Hill, State Second Vice President Ron Hill, State Trustee and Parade Chairman John Savastano, and State Trustee Charlie DeStefano.

Charitable and Educational Trust Chairman Angelo Rossi, Ann Hill, State Second Vice President Ron Hill, and State Trustee and Parade Chairman John Savastano in front of the “Join the Sons of Italy” sign. (L-R): State Second Vice President Ron Hill, State Immediate Past President James DiStefano, Don LaHaye, State President Carmelita Bello, State Trustee Mary Ann Bello, and State First Vice President Antonio Sestito.


Winthrop Mixed Lodge #2057 members Marylou and Michael Abbatessa holding the Lodge banner in front of their float.

On Saturday, October 12, the Benefit Insurance Commission, OSIA Comunita, and Watertown Lodges hosted a Medicare Workshop. Guest speakers Luke Sotir from Highland Financial Group and Salvatore Sassone, an expert on Medicare health plans, spoke to attendees about Long Term Care insurance and Medicare

plans to supplement Medicare parts A and B. The workshop was well received, and produced immediate benefits for at least one attendee who discovered his glucose test strips, which he had been paying $100 a month for, are covered under Medicare part B. On November 7, Attorney Kathleen Moncata delivered

an Elder Law seminar to the Worcester Lodge #168. Members appreciated the presentation from the seasoned attorney. Any Lodge interested in hosting a similar Medicare workshop, or in hosting Kathleen Moncata for a 30-minute seminar on Elder Law, should contact David Covucci at 978-855-9111.



Recipes from the

Homeland by Vita Orlando Sinopoli COPYRIGHT, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

CASSATTEDI “ka-sa-ted-dee” A Sicilian Christmas Ricotta Cheese Turnover 1 pound container ricotta cheese 2 cups flour 1 tablespoon orange rind 3/4 cups water 1 tablespoons red wine 1/4 cup shortening or margarine

1/2 teaspoon sugar Pinch of salt Pinch of cinnamon (optional) 2 cups cooking oil Additional granulated sugar 10-inch Teflon skillet

Place ricotta cheese in a colander to drain. Put flour in ten-inch bowl. Cut in shortening with knife and fork. Add sugar and salt. Mix while adding water slowly. Before using all water, work red wine into mixture. (Wine causes dough to bubble when fried). Continue mixing dough until it holds together and all flour is used. Knead dough to a smooth consistency. Separate into three portions. Roll each into a long piece. Cut roll into smaller portions approximately one-inch thick. Place in bowl and cover. Transfer drained ricotta into bowl. Add orange rind, cinnamon and mix thoroughly by hand. With rolling pin, roll each piece of dough into paper-thin rounds. Place a tablespoon of ricotta in center of dough. Fold over (like turnovers). Press lightly around filling to allow inside air to escape. Then seal edges with crinkled pastry cutter or press edge with fork. Set aside on pastry cloth or a flour-dusted tablecloth. Makes about twenty-four Cassattedi. Pour enough oil in a ten-inch Teflon skillet to cover bottom. Prick top of 6 Cassattedi at a time (with a pin) before placing in hot oil top down. When frying, turn each one with spatula until golden brown on both sides. When any ricotta or fluid escapes into the hot oil, the liquid will splatter and burn. Remove Cassattedi from oil. Clean skillet. Add and heat new oil and continue frying remaining Cassattedi. Place fried Cassattedi in a serving platter layered with granulated sugar. Sprinkle additional sugar on each one. Serve hot or cooled. Leftover Cassattedi must be refrigerated. NOTE: While I fry my Cassattedi each year with my daughters, my mind wanders back to the many times I stood with my cousins at Zia Marianna’s black Glenwood stove on Charter Street. We waited patiently to sprinkle granulated sugar over our favorite Christmas treats. Then we served them to the relatives who gathered at the round kitchen table where we later enjoyed our Christmas Eve supper.

Vita can be reached at

1st Generation Italian-American

Vita Orlando Sinopoli Shares with us a delightful recollection of her memories as a child growing up in Boston’s “Little Italy” and a collection of Italian family recipes from the homeland.


An Open Letter to All Filial Lodges: Your Lodge Needs to be Online by Adriana Guida Dear Lodge Presidents and Members: When the average person is looking for information about a business, organization, or event, they look to the internet and expect to be able to find information easily and quickly. This is the reality of our time: if a person cannot find your Lodge on the internet, they will move on to a different organization without a second thought. As our Order moves into the 21st century, so too must the methods we use to communicate with our local communities and prospective new members. The best way to reach the largest number of people is by making sure your Lodge is accessible to prospective members by placing information at their fingertips. The best part? It’s possible to do this for free. There are three steps that your Lodge should take right now in order to bring yourself up-todate in the digital age, and I am willing to help you get them done. Create a Website The very first thing a person searches for when they are interested in an organization is a website. If your Lodge has a website that is easy to read and provides answers to common questions, you can easily let people know what you do in the community, what causes you support, and why people should become members. A website should include information about when and where your Lodge meets, who your officers are (and their contact information), and what events your Lodge has coming up. There are many options for building a website; one example is– they provide the space and the design, and Lodges simply plug in their information. Make a Facebook Page Facebook is a free, highly effective tool for engaging people and disseminating information. You’ll need a Facebook account in order to create a page for your Lodge, but the benefits are worth the few minutes it takes to register. Being on Facebook gives your Lodge access to a large

audience and allows anyone to give feedback, ask questions, or easily get in touch with your Lodge. Email Your Newsletter – Especially To Non-Members Ideally, your Lodge President and Recording Secretary should have an email address – if not, ask for a volunteer in your Lodge to send out an e-newsletter. Allow current members to opt-in to receiving your Lodge newsletter via email instead of by mail (this actually saves the Lodge money). Most importantly, allows anybody, even nonmembers, to sign up to receive your newsletter (or if you prefer, a modified version of your newsletter) that contains meeting and event information. Once someone signs up for your email list, you then have a built-in audience to tell about your fundraisers and your Lodge events. By making sure that non-members feel included in the Lodge, you’re increasing the likelihood that they will participate, and eventually, join. How does my Lodge accomplish these steps? What if none of our members know how to do any of these things? Making websites and Facebook pages are not things that all members are familiar with. This is okay! A willingness to learn about these tools is a great place to start. One of my goals over the course of the next year is to get as many Lodges online as possible. In order to accomplish this, I would like to volunteer my time to meet with you and your Lodge to help you with this project. If you would like to set up a separate meeting or you would like me to attend your Council or Regular meeting, I am willing to come to you. Please feel free to contact me at 617-489-5234, or via email at to set up a meeting. Fraternally, Adriana Guida Administrative Assistant & Webmaster Grand Lodge of Massachusetts

Italian Culture Commission Previews Cultural Events State President Carmelita Bello and Italian Culture Commission Chairman Joan D’Argenis attended the opening of Italian-born artist Elio Sonsini’s exhibit “When Lightness Becomes An Art” at the Italian-American Cultural Center in Worcester. The Center is dedicated to preserving the history, tradition, and culture of Italy, and offers various exhibitions and programs throughout the year in order to showcase the best of the Italian culture. This is an example of the cultural offerings that Chairman D’Argenis is preparing for members across the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts.

(L-R): State President Carmelita Bello, Italian Culture Commission Chairman Joan D’Argenis, and artist Elio Sonsini.

Great as Gifts FROM MY BAKERY PERCH available on AMAZON.COM and in local bookstores — ask for Hard cover #1-4010-9805-3 ISBN Soft Cover #1-4010-9804-5 ISBN


Massachusetts Education and Law Awards Location TBA


100th Anniversary Celebration of the Grand Lodge of MA Date and Location TBA

For more information on these events, call the Grand Lodge office at 617-489-5234 - or check the Grand Lodge Events section of the website (

To all Grand Lodge Officers and Members of the Grand Lodge of Massachuse s My heartfelt thanks and gratitude for your thoughtfulness, kindness, and respect that was shown to our late friend

BROTHER JOSEPH E. FAY during his illness and upon his death. Your cards, messages and prayers have been overwhelming. Please remember he always enjoyed being among you and loved you all. Sincerely and fraternally,

LUCY F. CODELLA “His Guardian Angel” National Past Historian


Bocce Tournament



(Continued from Page 1)

The First and Second place teams in the Men’s Division. Romeo Cardarelli, and Tony Baccari. Congratulations to all the winning teams. Sports Commission Chairman Steven Cedrone presented the all the winning teams with trophies. It was a fun filled day enjoyed by everyone. The Sports Commission would like to thank the Methuen Sons of Italy for their hospitality and their efforts in the kitchen. Thank you to everyone who made this exciting day a great success!

State Trustee Marisa Ranalli and State Recording Secretary Marie Jackson. First place team in the Men’s Division, from the Methuen Lodge #902.

State Orator Denise Furnari, State Trustee Mary Ann Bello, State President Carmelita Bello, and State Past President Florence Ferullo Kane representing the Grand Lodge at the Bocce Tournament.

(L-R): State First Vice President Antonio Sestito, State Trustee Mary Ann Bello, Methuen Lodge #902 member Ted Shields, and State President Carmelita Bello. The new, state of the art indoor bocce courts at the Methuen Sons of Italy.

(Continued on Page 7)




First place team in the Women’s Division, from the Methuen Lodge #902.

Second place team in the Men’s Division, from the Piave Fiume Lodge #1036.

Second place team in the Women’s Division, from the Methuen Lodge #902.

First place team in the Mixed Division, from the Methuen Lodge #902.

Second place team in the Mixed Division, from the Billerica Lodge #2268.

First and Second place teams in the Junior Division, both from the Methuen Junior Lodge.

Bocce players focusing on their next play.



Benefit Insurance Commission Announces Major Program The Benefit Insurance Commission has announced a program to offer “introduction fees” to Lodges that refer members to Highland Financial Group for “no fee” financial plans. Lodges will be allowed to refer up to 10 members to Highland Financial Group for Personal Financial Plans, Family Financial Plans, or Estate Plans. There is no obligation for the member to purchase financial services through Highland Financial Group. The only obligation is that the member arrives at the planning session with a sincere interest in learning what their options are, and how they might improve their financial situation. Members who only request insurance quotes will not be offered the “introduction fee”. For Lodges in western Massachusetts, southern Massachusetts, and New Hampshire, special arrangements can be made to have Highland Financial Group send a representative to the Lodge for meetings with up to three members


October Italian Heritage Month Kickoff Dinner Dance (Continued from Page 1)

in individual sessions, rather than requiring those members to travel to Wellesley to meet with them. Please contact David Covucci or Tony Panaggio at the Benefit Insurance Commission (617-489-0196) to arrange a special session for your Lodge. The Benefit Insurance Commission will only issue 100 of the “Introduction Fee” tickets (see example below) and will only issue a maximum of ten (10) to any one Lodge. The Benefit Insurance Commission reserves the right to offer more than ten (10) “Introduction Fee” tickets to any Lodge that exhibits substantial demand for this service, but only after all Lodges have been offered the opportunity. Lodge Presidents will receive a special communication from the Benefit Insurance Commission explaining how to obtain tickets, or they may contact Tony Panaggio directly at 617-489-0196 to request “Introduction Fee” tickets for their Lodge.

The Sons of Italy Lodge member holding this card is entitled to a ‘No-Fee’ consultation for a Personal Financial Plan, Family Financial Plan, or Estate Plan


Call Highland Financial Group at 781-890-7630 and ask for Luke Sotir to schedule your private consultation. Upon completion of your consultation your Lodge will receive a $50 referral fee from the Benefit Insurance Commission. Name: _____________________ Lodge: _________

Kim DiStefano, State Orator Denise Furnari, and State Trustee Marisa Ranalli. In observance of October Italian Hertage Month, the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts held a Dinner Dance on Saturday, September 28, 2013 at the Watertown Sons of Italy. The Co-Chairmen of this celebration were State First Vice President Antonio Sestito and State Past President Florence Ferullo Kane. The evening began with cocktails and cheese crackers. Brother Sestito and Sister Kane are to be commended for the tasteful homemade buffet which was prepared that day with help from Steven Cedrone, Michelle DiPlacido, John Argiro, Charlie DeStefano, and Marianne Sestito. As the evening progressed everyone enjoyed the musical stylings of Stephen Savio and his orchestra. Steven walked around the hall singing many old and new songs in both Italian and English. It was truly an enjoyable evening. We thank everyone who participated by bringing in raffle baskets, gifts, and desserts. The Committee was a hard working one and we thank them. The Co-Chairmen as well as their Committee are to be congratulated on a job well done.

Grand Lodge of Massachuetts 93 Concord Avenue Belmont, MA 02478 (617) 489-5234

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Patrick Massey, Warren Wilkins, and State Trustee Marissa Sestito.


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Issue Deadline is the 10th day of the first month of the issue (Jan-Mar issue deadline is Jan 10th, Apr-Jun issue is Apr 10th, etc.)

(authorized signature)


Make check payable to "Grand Lodge of Massachusetts" and mail to above address Enclose CAMERA-READY Ad Copy -or- E-mail Ad to: No ads will be processed prior to receipt of payment

Kathy DiStefano and Ann Hill.




LAW AND JUSTICE DAY BREAKFAST AND SCHOLARSHIP LUNCHEON Combine to Form the Massachusetts Education and Law Awards This year, the Commission for Social Justice and the Scholarship Commission, both under the auspices of the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts, are combining their signature events into one day, honoring the most prestigious Italian American leaders and students throughout the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge. This combined event, known as the Massachusetts Education and Law Awards,

will take place on Sunday, May 5, 2014. The Law and Justice Day Breakfast has been a longstanding tradition of the Commission for Social Justice, providing the opportunity to recognize excellence in the fields of law and public service. The public servants honored during this ceremony are shining examples of the hard work and achievements characteristic of the Italian

American community. The Scholarship Luncheon recognizes the best and brightest students who have decided to pursue the challenge of higher education. The Scholarship Commission provides them with financial aid in order to facilitate their education so that in the future they may become the leaders in our communities. It is our hope that by combining these events we can

provide a unique opportunity for the recognized students to witness and celebrate the successes of accomplished professionals, and for the Law and Justice awardees to meet and inspire the best of the younger generation. For the attendees and their families, this event will be the most impressive that the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts has to offer, and will encourage future participation in the Sons

of Italy. We encourage Local Lodges and members to become involved in this event. Nomination papers for the Law and Justice Awards, as well as 2014 Scholarship Applications, are available on our website at www.osiama. org, and have been mailed to all Filial Lodges. The location and event details for the 2014 Massachusetts Education and Law Awards will be sent out as soon as it is available.

LODGE NEWS Winthrop Mixed Lodge #2057 Italian Heritage Month and Turkey Shoot by Donna Segreti Reilly

Wakefield Lodge #1734 Christens New Bocce Court at Kings Bowl Lynnfield by Adriana Guida

Lodge President Joseph A. Boncore (center) is pictured with Lodge Orator Mary Lou Abbatessa and Lodge Trustee Mike Abbatessa. In addition to marching with their self-designed wine-making truck in the Columbus Day Parade, more than 30 Winthrop Mixed Lodge #2057 members celebrated October as Italian Heritage Month during their meeting at the Winthrop Amvets meeting hall. Members shared an Italian pot luck supper, feasting on Brother Philip Boncore's pasta e fagioli and dishes ranging from chicken cacciatore, lasagna, eggplant parmesan, green and pasta salads, pizzagaina, calzones, American chop suey, sausages, peppers, and onions, and chicken, ziti, and broccoli. There was an array of desserts with something to please everyone. Members enjoyed the dinner, each other's company, and conversation before the October business meeting. On November 26, under the direction of Lodge Recording Secretary Tina Helton, the Lodge conducted its first Turkey Shoot. About 70 Lodge and Grand Lodge members, as well as Winthrop residents participated in the "Shoot." Thirty turkeys were raffled off along with vegetables, pies, and cider. Those in attendance had a truly fun time to help raise money for the Lodge's educational and charitable endeavors.

Wakefield Lodge # 1734 President Paula Sasso (left) and members of the Lodge toasting to the new bocce court. Members of the Wakefield Lodge #1734 joined Kings Bowl Lynnfield as they celebrated their Grand Opening on Monday, October 28 at the Market Street Shops in Lynnfield. The chain, well known for its bowling alleys and entertainment lounge style, called in the Lodge to play the inaugural games on its regulation-size indoor bocce court. The court was unique, offering a familiar layout while incorporating a fun,

LODGE EVENTS Saturday, January 18th — Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli Lodge #2183 (Wilmington) — Back by popular demand, we’re heading to the woods — Foxwoods Your $30 check will cover the cost of the bus ride and gratuity, munchies, a buffet lunch, and a slot bonus. Contact Peg at 603-598-1686 or

Lodge members playing bocce.

Friday, February 7th — Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli Lodge #2183 (Wilmington) — A Comedy Night will be held at the Elks Lodge in Tewksbury. Three comedians from Boston’s Comedy Connection, featuring headliner Paul D’Angelo, and our own Steve Bjork as master of ceremonies, will leave you laughing all the way home. Sponsored in conjunction with WHS Band Parents, this event is always a sell-out! $20pp; bring your own munchies for the table; cash bar; raffles and silent auction. Contact Kevin at 978-657-7734. Lodge members playing bocce.

glow-in-the-dark atmosphere. Several members spent the evening playing games of bocce, demonstrating for other patrons and members of the local media how the game is played, as well as imparting tips and tidbits on the history of the game to spectators. The management at Kings Bowl Lynnfield joined the Lodge in a toast to the new bocce court to celebrate the inclusion of a small piece of Italian culture at their new location. The evening was a great opportunity for the Lodge to participate in a community event, and introduce bocce to a new audience. The Lodge appreciates Kings’ hospitality, and looks forward to using the court for future Lodge events.







Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Happy Holidays to one and all From the

GIUSEPPE VERDI LODGE #278 54 Whitman Street East Weymouth, MA 02189 - 781.335.9820

To All Our Brothers and Sisters We wish you Good Health, Happiness & Prosperity During the coming New Year

CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS LODGE #216 Brockton, Massachusetts

Auguriamo a tutti un Santo Natale e un prosperoso Anno Nuovo

GRANITE STATE LODGE #2380 Rochester, New Hampshire

O.S.I.A. ITAM Lodge #564 of Pittsfield Officers and Members would like to extend to all our fellow Brothers and Sisters of the Order Sons of Italy in America a very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy, and Prosperous New Year!!!

Il suono allegro delle campane ricorda a tutti che sono arrivati le feste sante. Che questi giorni siano pieni dell’allegria per voi, per la vostra famiglia e per i vostri soci.

Ave Maria, piena di grazia, benedetto è frutto del seno tuo, Gesù BuonNatale e Felice Anno Nuovo FROM

Happy holidays from my family to yours.


Wishing everyone warm and friendly greetings For a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year!!

The Officers and Members of




Best Wishes & Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to All

From the


Worcester Lodge #168

NORWOOD ITALIAN LODGE #1235 Norwood, Massachusetts

Worcester, Massachusetts

We wish All of our Brothers and Sisters a Very Blessed and Merry Christmas and Happy Healthy 2014

State President Carmelita Bello

Happy Holidays and A Happy and Prosperous New Year

The Officers and Members of the

Quattro Eroi Lodge #1414 FRANKLIN, MASSACHUSETTS

BILLERICA MIXED LODGE #2268 Billerica, Massachusetts

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year From the

ANGELO GIUSEPPE RONCALLI LODGE #2183 Wilmington, Massachusetts

Buon Natale e Felice Anno Nuovo from

State First Vice President

Antonio and Marieanne


Wishing Everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Pamela Donnaruma Editor, Sons of Italy News

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the

Officers and Members of


Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year to All



Lee, Massachusetts


Blessings to you and yours for the holidays

Angelo Rossi Chairman, C&E Trust

Carol Rossi Chairman, Charity Commission

Wishing all Members a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy New Year Buon Natale! CAMBRIDGE ITALIAN MEN’S AND LADIES’LODGE #506 Cambridge, Massachusetts

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Cornelia dei Gracchi Lodge #1583 Watertown, Massachusetts

Buon Natale e un Felice Anno Nuovo ! !

Sgt. Guido Petrilli Mixed Lodge #1606 ROSLINDALE, MASSACHUSETTS

Auguri per un Felice, Santo Natale e un Prospero Anno Nuovo di Pace, Salute, e Serenita!

Happy Holidays

From the Members of the


LAWRENCE LADIES LODGE #2026 Lawrence, Massachusetts

Buon Natale e Felice Anno Nuovo WINTHROP MIXED LODGE #2057 Joseph A. Boncore, President WINTHROP, MASSACHUSETTS






Worcester Lodge #168 Celebrates 100 th Anniversary! by Maria Sciannameo, Ed.D.

Event Committee for the 100th Anniversary celebration.

Master of Ceremonies Anthony Vigliotti and State President Carmelita Bello.

Event Co-Chairman and Lodge Vice President Kevin Mercadante making introductions

Event Co-Chairman Rose Porcaro.

Local, State, and National Officers enjoying the celebration.

Lodge President Michael Sacco greets members and guests.

Worcester Lodge #168 celebrated its 100th anniversary with a gala dinner dance on Saturday, October 26, 2013. The evening not only celebrated the Lodge’s 100th anniversary but also recognized individuals who have contributed to the community and their Italian heritage. Over 360 people joined in the celebration, which took place in Worcester’s beautifully renovated Union Station. Music was provided by Italo offering many attendees the chance to dance the whole night. Throughout the evening, attendees enjoyed a video presentation compiled by members Anthony and Florence Murgo. The video brought back wonderful memories, smiles, and laughter related to past Lodge events, of member participation in various celebrations, including past Columbus Day Parades, and fond thoughts and memories honoring deceased members of the Lodge. Co-chairmen of the 100 th Anniversary Celebration — Lodge Vice President Kevin Mercadante and longtime member Rose Porcaro — pulled together a great committee to help make this event the great success that it was! After an honorary color guard presentation and the playing of the American and Italian National Anthems, the festivities began! Msgr. F. Stephen Pedone, Lodge Chaplain, began the evening with the blessing and reminder that we celebrate our founders and remember our deceased members. The Master of Ceremonies, Anthony Vigliotti, Esq., kept the evening moving smoothly as he introduced special guests and visiting dignitaries to our celebration. Speeches were brief so attendees could enjoy an evening of song and dance. State President Carmelita Bello gave a brief history of the Lodge. Worcester Mayor Joseph Petty presented a citation in recognition of the 100th anniversary to Lodge President Michael Sacco, and Senator Michael Moore presented a citation from the State Senate recognizing October 26, 2013 as Worcester Lodge #168 Day! Gifts of appreciation were presented by Lodge President Michael Sacco to State President Carmelita Bello and event co-chairman Rose Porcaro. In addition, committee members and lodge members were recognized during the evening. In addition to members and friends of the Lodge, members from the Grand Lodge, various filial lodges, as well as the Supreme Lodge attended and celebrated with us, including the following State and National officers: National First Vice President Joseph Russo, State President Carmelita Bello, State First Vice President Antonio Sestito, State Second Vice President Ronald Hill, State Orator Denise Furnari, Immediate Past President James DiStefano, State Recording Secretary Marie Jackson, State Financial Secretary Margaret Olivieri, State




LODGE NEWS • Worcester Lodge (Continued from Page 12) Past President Florence Ferullo Kane, State Trustees MaryAnn Bello, Stephen Cozzaglio, Marisa Ranalli, Richard Matlak, and John Argiro, Scholarship Commission Chairman and Past Lodge President Donna

Giuliani, Historical Commission Chairman Theresa Farina, Benefit Insurance Commission President Anthony Panaggio Jr., Chairman of the Charitable and Educational Trust Angelo Rossi, Magazine Commission Chair-

man Pamela Donnaruma, and Chairman of the State Deputies Mary Cooper. We wish to recognize and express our appreciation to all of the committee members and Co-Chairmen Kevin Mercadante

and Rose Porcaro. On behalf of the officers and members of Worcester Lodge #168, President Michael P. Sacco would like to thank everyone who joined us for the evening in celebration of

Members and guests enjoying the festivities.

our 100 th Anniversary and helped make our celebration a great success! A great time was had by everyone in attendance.Local, State, and National Officers enjoying the celebration.





Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli Lodge #2183


Thomas Perault (left) from Wilmington congratulating Ed Amico of Winthrop on winning two Bruins tickets Tom donated to the raffle table at the 4th Annual Italian Heritage Golf Classic. In celebration of October as Italian Heritage Month, the Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli Lodge #2183, in partnership with the Italian Heritage Committee, held their 4 Annual Italian Heritage Golf Classic on October 4, 2013. Seventeen teams from across the state competed at the challenging Merrimack Valley Golf Course in Methuen. While on the course, golfers participated in several contests, including a 50/50 on Hole #5, Hit the Green on Holes 9 and 13, 2nd Shot Closest to the Pin on Hole #10, Closest to the Pin on Hole #17, and a putting contest held on the practice green. Each winner received a free round of golf and golf cart usage courtesy of Merrimack Golf Club. Winning first place honors was Team #7 from Boston: Robert Soohoo, Declan Hobbs, Jim Condon, and Bill Krauss. Coming in a close second was Team #5 from Wilmington: Paul Fullerton, Derek Fullerton, Scott McKinnon, and Robert Labossiere. Third place was awarded to Team #17 from Winthrop: Phil Boncore, Robert Boncore, Joe Boncore, and Ed Amico. A member of Team #15, Thomas Perault of Wilmington, surprised the golfers during their luncheon buffet by generously donating a pair of Bruins tickets to their November 14th game against the Columbus Blue Jackets. Ed Amico of the Winthrop Mixed Lodge #2057 was the lucky winner. All proceeds from the tournament will be donated to the Italian Heritage Scholarship Fund as well as to two charities of the Order Sons of Italy in America: the Alzheimer’s Association and Cooley’s Anemia Foundation. According to Tournament

Chairman Kevin Caira, the golf classic would not have been such a success without the sponsorship of the following individuals, fraternal organizations, and businesses. Hole Sponsorships: Boston Burger Company, Cota Funeral Home of North Reading, Dello Russo Funeral Home of Wilmington, Horseshoe Grille of North Reading, Joanne and Ted Benton, Lino and Enza Rullo, Luccitelli & Co. CPAs PC, Medford Lodge #1359, Michele Caira Nortonen, Mocera, Visconti & Company CPAs LLP, Nichols Funeral Home of Wilmington, Pension Technology Group, the Post-Gazette, Quincy Men’s Lodge #1295, Raymond James Financial, Realty World Advantage of Billerica, Speaker of the House Robert DeLeo, Stephen and Dorothy Maio, Stoneham Selectman John F. DePinto, The Aries Group, Wilmington Athletic Department - Ed and Jack, Wilmington Band Parents, Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli Lodge #2183, Wilmington Rotary, Winter Hill Bank, and Winthrop Mixed Lodge #2057. Cart Sponsorships: Citizens Bank of Wilmington, Dello Russo Funeral Home of Wilmington, Laura Caira and Anthony and Susan Tocci, the Lumb Family, Catherine and Joe Maiella, Charlie Southmayd, Puniello & Company, Raymond James Financial,, The Aries Group, The Dicey-Tine and Stillings Families, the Cornelia dei Gracchi Lodge #1583, and the Wilmington Rotary. A large table of raffle gifts also contributed to the financial success of the tournament. Gift certificates were generously donated by the following businesses: Emerald Rose Restaurant of Billerica, Café Sicilia of Tewksbury, Gaetano’s Ristorante of Stoneham, Luna Rossa Restaurant of Tewksbury, Michael’s Place of Wilmington, Ninety-Nine Restaurant of Wilmington, Rocco’s Restaurant of Wilmington, Filippo’s Ristorante of the North End, Limoncello Restaurant of the North End, Ristorante Saraceno of the North End, Lucci’s Supermarket of Wilmington, foursome for 18 holes of indoor golf from Bill Pappas Golf School, foursome for 18 holes of golf plus carts from Merrimack Valley Golf Club, and 2 month’s membership from RMA Fitness

Center of Wilmington. In addition, the following individuals donated gift certificates or gifts to the raffle table: Arnie and Betty Aprile, Cheryl and Kevin Caira, Bob Fino, Robert Taylor, Michele Caira Nortonen, Laura Caira, Joe and Nina Maiella, Joe Martell, Susan Tocci, Bill Michaud, Anthony Cota, Robert DiPasquale, Aldo and Sharon Caira, and the Wilmington Junior Lodge #3729. Before the afternoon ended, Chairman Caira expressed his sincere thanks to his committee for all their work in helping to make the tournament a success: Co-Chairman Anthony Cota, Maria Cota, Bob and Peg Dicey, Cheryl Caira, Lennie Malvone, Aldo Caira Jr., Alicia Johnson, Joe and Nina Maiella, Lenny and Josie Ciaccio, Linda Caruso, Laura Caira, Michele Caira Nortonen, Lino Rullo, Maurizio Pasquale, and Stephen Maio. In addition, he acknowledged the presence of State President Carmelita Bello, who commended the chairman and committee on a job well done.

(L-R): The Caira Brothers, all members of the Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli Lodge #2183, enjoyed a day of golf at the 4th Annual Italian Heritage Golf Classic at the Merrimack Valley Golf Course in Methuen. Michael Caira, Aldo Caira, Kenny Caira, and Kevin Caira.

(L-R): The Joseph Gorrasi Lodge #1406 (Woburn Men) was represented by Jim Johnson, Andy Black, Jack Danizio, and Jim Delong.

(L-R): Wilmington was well represented at the 4th Annual Italian Heritage Golf Classic at the Merrimack Valley Golf Course in Methuen. Placing second in the tournament was Team #5 from Wilmington: Scott McKinnon, Robert Labossiere, Derek Fullerton, and Paul Fullerton.)

(L-R): The team from Winchester Men’s Lodge #1580 enjoyed their afternoon on the links in Methuen. Anthony “Moose” Bellino, Paul Mitrano, Bob Merenda, and Steve Carme.

(L-R): Team Boncore finished in third place in the 4th Annual Italian Heritage Golf Classic. Phil Boncore, Robert Boncore, Joe Boncore, and Ed Amico.

(L-R): Winning first place at the 4th Annual Italian Heritage Golf Classic was Team #7 from Boston: Robert Soohoo, Declan Hobbs, Jim Condon, and Bill Krauss.

(Photos by Lennie Malvone)





ITAM Lodge #564 Lodge Picnic by Alba Wendling

Justin DiNicola, Joseph DiCroce, and Davide Gene Eksuzian (left) enjoying a beverage with bartender Sato Valenti. Villani enjoying a time-out!

Camryn, Shaelyn, and Nanci Roberts.

Bonnie Mele preparing the dessert table. Driver Ken Wood, Camryn Roberts, and Lodge President Guy Noto.

Our faithful DJ Larry Kratka.

Retired Judge Rudy Sacco.

Irma Bullock and Rodd Pedrotti displaying the losing tickets.

Lilia Roberts and granddaughter Camryn Roberts.

Diane Floriani, Alba Wendling, and Donna Merletto.

Helping in the kitchen: Bob Furlano, Alba Wendling, and Nina Mastrangelo.

Mario DeMartino (left) and Lodge President Guy Noto cutting the watermelon.

Kitchen helpers Elaine Costanzo (left) and Bonnie Mele.

Alba Wendling congratulating the winner of the lottery board, Joseph DiCroce.

Shaelyn Roberts, DJ Larry Krutka, and Jean Piegza prepare to draw the ticket for the lucky 50/50 raffle winner.

Chef Richard Powers, Rita Kane, and Bernie Roberts.

Fundraising for the Lodge with a lottery board and 50/50 raffle.

Ann Migliaccio, Ann Bruno, and Jean DiOrio.

Captains of the boat rides Lodge President Guy Noto (left) and Ken Wood.

Teddie Blais was the lucky 50/50 raffle winner!

Grill masters Bob Furlano, Tom Piacenti, Davide Villani, Gene Beaulieu, and guest Dick Belford (background).





Francesco DeSanctis Lodge #1411 Membership Drive by Janet Pecorari

During the March meeting of the Francesco DeSanctis Lodge #1411, a Membership Committee was formed consisting of Lodge President Marisa Pilette, Board Chair Paul McKinley, Trustee Ben Polagruto, Marguerite Sacchetti, Claudia Rose, and Janet Pecorari. Members meet on Wednesdays after pasta nights and throughout the summer, developing ways to reach out to recruit new members. President Pilette’s monthly newsletter to members asked them to recruit individuals in their families, social, and business networks. Additionally, membership was promoted during the summer with a mass mailing and reminders to members, at Wednesday pasta nights, and at the September 28 Natick Days event when the lodge sold meatball and sausage subs and a variety of baked goods to the public in the downtown common. On October 5, a potluck din-

ner was then planned and coordinated by the committee with members and sponsors of prospective new members bringing a variety of appetizers, salads, entrees, and desserts which was enjoyed by the 60 members, prospective new members, and guests who attended. As a result of our combined efforts, members recruited a total of 23 individuals who will become regular members and 10 who will become social members in 2014. Lodge member Tina Morese recruited nine family members, and Paul and Lucy McKinley recruited seven. Mary Mercorelli recruited three, and Marisa Pilette, Ben Polagruto, Stephanie Ferlazzo and Claudia Rose each recruited two. Gloria Cullati, Joe Giuliani, Janet Pecorari, Frank Lombardo, George DiMatteo, and Mike Lioce recruited one new member each. Those are joining our ranks are Kim, Martha, Robert, and Salvatore Morese, John Amabile, John Berard, Edda Brossi, Maureen Carlucci, Nancy Foody, Deborah Halcott,

New members and their families at the March meeting of the Francesco DeSanctis Lodge #1411. Adrienne Jones, Donald and Elizabeth Lambert, Lindsay Lombardo, Dimitri and Marjorie Lyssikatos, Carol Manning, Robert Merullo, Edward Rose, Gary Stucchi, Ruthann To-

massini, Eleanor Torelli, Cathy Washburn, Sally Brady, Joseph Hurwitz, Nancy Lavash, David Linsky, Nicholas Mabardy, Emerson and Joan Taves, Peter Thompson, Ruby Torres, and

Lorraine Wales. Given the success of this membership drive, the Francesco DeSanctis Lodge #1411 will plan an additional membership drive in 2014.

Worcester Lodge #168 Celebrates End of Bocce Tournament by Maria Sciannameo, Ed.D. On Wednesday, October 23, 2013, Worcester Lodge #168 celebrated the end of its annual bocce season with a wonderful banquet catered by Mike & Maria’s Catering. A delicious buffet menu of pasta, meatballs, baked chicken, eggplant, sausage and peppers, mushrooms, salad, and dessert was truly enjoyed by everyone! As he has in the past, Kevin Mercadante took charge and did a great job as Chairman of the bocce tournament. Lodge President Mike Sacco took the opportunity to show the Lodge’s appreciation to Kevin Mercadante for all his years of hard work and dedication. This year’s tournament drew some new members who presented some serious challenges to the more seasoned players! The excitement and thrills of the games were felt and enjoyed by all present, whether they were players or spectators. The games would not be as successful or as pleasant to watch if the bocce courts were not kept in great condition by a crew of dedicated members who arrived early and stayed late, making sure the courts were in pristine condition and serving as referees. The crew of volunteers included Francesco Visci, Pasquale Sacco, Mike Sacco, Enzo Angilella, and Angelo Palumbo. Bocce bookkeeper, Linda Sacco, made sure all scores were noted and properly recorded. The winning team in Division A was Team Paesani, with Captain Angelo Palumbo, Francesco Visci, Dominic Visci, Andrew Palumbo, Jim White, and Nick Palumbo. The winning team in Division B was Team Mercadante, including Team Captain Kristopher Mercadante, Mike Ottaviano, Tom Ottaviano, Salvatore Ventriglia, John Gianetti, and Kevin Mercadante. This year’s Most Sportsmanlike Team award, donated by Thomas Colletta, was given to The Sons of Italy Seniors whose members include Captain Gladys Bello, Shirley Batelle, Christine Riggieri, June Carelli, Irene Giarusso, Leona Mazzamurro, and Maria Sciannameo. Congratulations to them all! Thank you to everyone, players and supporters, for another great season! See you all back next year!

(L-R): The winners in Division A – Team Paesani: James White, Domenico Visci, Bocce Chairman Kevin Mercadante, Captain Angelo Palumbo, Francesco Visci, Andrew Palumbo, and Nicholas Palumbo.

(L-R): Winners of the Most Sportsmanship award: Chairman Kevin Mercadante, Maria Sciannameo, Christine Riggieri, Captain Gladys Bello, June Carelli, Irene Giarusso, Shirley Batelle, and Leona Mazzamurro.

(L-R): Winners in Division B, from Team Mercadante: Michael Ottaviano Sr., Thomas Ottaviano, Kevin Mercadante, Captain Kristopher Mercadante, and John Giannete.

Lodge President Mike Sacco presenting a gift of appreciation to Bocce Chairman Kevin Mercadante.

Chairman Kevin Mercadante presents a gift of appreciation to Bookkeeper Linda Sacco.

(L-R): Volunteer crew Kevin Mercadante, Francesco Visci, Angelo Palumbo, Pasquale Sacco, Enzo Angilella, and Mike Sacco.



JOHN F. BAGEN Named “Man of the Year”



Methuen Junior Lodge Back in Business by Eileen Giordano

by Giuseppe Verdi Lodge #278 John F. Bagen of Quincy was recently named the 2013 Man of the Year by the Giuseppe Verdi Lodge #278 of Weymouth. John was honored for being an active and vital member of the Lodge for over twenty years. He currently serves as the Lodge Vice President, on the Board of Governors and the Building Corporation, as Chairman of the Christmas Raffle, and in countless other roles. He was the recipient of commendations from Mayor Sue Kay of Weymouth and Mayor Thomas Koch of Quincy, as well as from the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts. A reception in his honor was held on Saturday, November 2, 2013, and was attended by over 100 friends and family members.

John F. Bagen was named the 2013 Man of the Year by the Giuseppe Verdi Lodge #278.

Granite State Lodge #2380 Donates to Gerry’s Food Pantry by Michael Dello Iacono

The Methuen Junior Lodge bocce teams celebrating their first and second place finishes at the Grand Lodge Bocce Tournament. The Grand Lodge of Massachusetts held their Bocce Tournament at the new Methuen Sons of Italy 902 on Sunday, September 22, 2013. The newly revitalized Sam Musemici Junior Lodge of Methuen entered two teams to participate. Each team played against the two teams from the Wilmington Junior Lodge. The Methuen Junior Lodge prevailed in the first round of each match and continued to the finals to compete against each other. The second place team consisted of Captain Jessica Giuffrida, Samantha Giuffrida, Michael Buonanno, and Nathan D’Amato.

The first place team included Captain Matthew Giannasca, Jack Earnshaw, Scott Jackson, and Joseph Dunkin. This is the first competition held on the four state-of-the-art bocce courts at the new Sons of Italy, with hopes of many more in years to come. Junior Lodge advisor Larry Giordano was very pleased with the performance of our young members and sportsmanlike conduct. The Junior Lodge is just starting their programs — they will meet on the third Sunday of each month from 12:00 -2:00 p.m. Membership is open to all boys and girls ages 10-17 who are of Italian descent.

Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli Lodge #2183 Honored with Humanitarian Award by Lennie Malvone

Lodge President Michael Dello Iacono presents a check to Jandee Lawler, coordinator at Gerry’s Food Pantry. The Granite State Lodge #2380 made a donation to Gerry’s Food Pantry in Rochester, New Hampshire. Lodge President Michael Dello Iacono presented a check from the Lodge to Jandee Lawler, Coordinator at the food pantry.

LUCIA RISTORANTE & BAR Traditional Italian Cuisine

Private Function Rooms for any Occasion Christening - Bridal Showers First Communion - Birthday Parties Bereavement Brunch/Luncheons 415 Hanover Street Boston 617.367.2353

11 Mount Vernon Street Winchester 781.729.0515

Donato Frattaroli -

(L-R): Bob Regan from the iPod Project, Lennie Malvone and Gerry Pupa, members of the Roncalli Trust, Kevin Caira, Chairman of the Roncalli Trust, State Representative James Miceli, who presented the Lodge with a State House Proclamation, and Paul Cardello, Chairman of iPods for Wounded Veterans. On September 17, 2013 at WCTV Studios in Wilmington, the Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli Lodge #2183 was honored with the iPods for Wounded Veterans Humanitarian Award. According to Paul Cardello, the Chairman of the organization and host of the show iPods for Wounded Veterans, this award was given to the Lodge for the outstanding work the organization does on behalf of the country’s wounded veterans. This is the third year that the Lodge has been involved in the project. Kevin Caira accepted the award with members Gerry Pupa

and Lennie Malvone. The Lodge became involved in order to help veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan re-adjust after receiving bodyaltering wounds. Kevin Caira remarked that he continues to receive calls from veterans at Walter Reed Army Hospital in Washington, D.C. thanking him and the Lodge for providing so many iPods for returning wounded veterans. Before the end of the show, Brother Caira, on behalf of the Lodge, surprised Mr. Cardello with a $1,000 check for him to purchase and deliver more iPods.





Winthrop Mixed Lodge #2057 Marches in Columbus Day Parade by Donna Segreti Reilly The Winthrop Mixed Lodge #2057 celebrated Columbus Day and Italian Heritage Month by marching in the Columbus Day Parade on Monday, October 14, 2013 in Revere, Massachusetts. The Lodge members marched alongside a winemaking themed float created by Parade Master Ferdinand (Fred) Martino.

(L-R): Front row: Donna Segreti Reilly, Cathy Agostinelli, Mary Lou Abbatessa, Janice Pomeroy, and National Past President Philip Boncore. Second row: Michael Abbatessa, Lodge President Joseph Boncore, Philip Boncore, Lucy Boncore, Robert Boncore, Arthur “Skip” Marcella, and Michael Cassese. Third row: Driver Chris Martino, Anthony Fonte, Fred Martino, and Acadia Bombaci.

Tewksbury Lodge #2872 - PIZZA WARS by Crescenzo Parrella

The Tewksbury Lodge #2872 held a “Pizza Wars” competition on Wednesday, May 8, 2013 to raise funds for the Order. Ten pizza shops participated. The North End Diner and Pizzeria came out in first place, with Villa Roma Pizza taking second and Wicked Cheesy in third. The winners were presented with certificates and custom chef’s hats bearing the Lodge name and Sons of Italy logo.

(L-R): Lodge Trustee Charles Coppola, North End Diner and Pizzeria staff, and Lodge President George Iannuzzo.

(L-R): Lodge Trustee Charles Coppola, Villa Roma Pizza staff, and Lodge President George Iannuzzo.

(L-R): Lodge Trustee Charles Coppola, Wicked Cheesy staff, and Lodge President George Iannuzzo. (Photos by C. Parrella)

The Grand Lodge is now on Facebook and Twitter! Follow us on Facebook at and on Twitter at (@OSIA_MA) Susan Mirra, Lodge #1035 - Fall River, MA 02723



Tewksbury Lodge #2872 Installs New Vice President


Granite State Lodge #2380 Annual Picnic

by Crescenzo Parrella On by September 23, 2013, the Tewksbury Lodge #2872 installed Donna Segreti Reilly new Vice President Deborah Deputat. The ceremony was officiated by State Trustee Charles DeStefano and Lodge President George Iannuzzo.


by Michael Dello Iacono The Granite State Lodge #2380 Annual Picnic was held on Sunday, August 18, 2013 at member John Mammone’s home in Middleton, New Hampshire. The pictures of our more senior members playing bocce are a testimonial to the fact that bocce can be enjoyed by people of all ages: both Clelia and Mario are in their nineties and are an inspiration to all of us. The games were followed by a barbeque of hamburgers, hotdogs, and sausages with vinegar peppers, homemade gnocchi, and all the fixings. The music of Andrea Bocelli and Louie Prima was enjoyed throughout the evening. Everyone in attendance had a wonderful time!

Lodge Vice President Clelia Urcuioli playing bocce.

Lodge member Mario Leone playing bocce.

(L-R): State Trustee Charles DeStefano, newly installed Vice President Deborah Deputat, and Lodge President George Iannuzzo. (Photo by C. Parrella)

ITAM Lodge #564 Bocce League by Alba Wendling

Lodge members enjoying the festivities.

(L-R): Monday Night Bocce League Banquet Presentation. Captain Tom Delano from last year’s championship team presenting the plaque to this year’s champions: Captain Bernie Roberts, Donna Merletto, Shirley DiNicola, and Nina Mastrangelo.

Methuen Lodge #902 Christopher Columbus Dinner Dance by Eileen Giordano On Saturday, October 5, 2013, about 100 members and guests enjoyed a gala evening of good food and dancing in celebration of the beginning of our 2013 fall season. State President Carmelita Bello and her sister, State Trustee Mary Ann Bello were our honored guests. State President Bello addressed the guests with words of encouragement as we continue to celebrate our new lodge building and bocce facility. Her words were most appreciated by everyone in attendance. The Christopher Columbus Discoverers Award — an annual award given to a person or group of persons worthy of special recognition of their dedication to the lodge and greater community — was presented to the Methuen Sons of Italy Building Committee, which oversaw the planning and dayto-day construction of this wonderful facility, which includes a function hall, members area, and four state-of-the-art indoor bocce courts. The members of the Building Committee are:

Mike Cuscia, Joe Salvo, Bob Mele, Carmelo Caruso, Dick Guselli, and Lodge President Armand Buonanno. The bocce courts are uniquely constructed of materials imported directly from Italy, and were built by a Michigan group. These courts took over three weeks of work to complete and are the only ones of their kind on the East Coast. Methuen Lodge #902 members are most proud of the bocce area and the wonderful old and new active members this sport has brought together. Our guests danced the night away to the music of Russ McLeash, a local disc jockey who certainly knows how to keep a party moving! The Methuen Sons of Italy is planning several events for the upcoming months. Check our website — www.methuensons for more information on activities and bocce. Anyone is welcome to stop by and enjoy lunch or dinner Monday through Saturday. Hall rentals are welcome.

Granite State Lodge #2380 Celebrates Italian Heritage Month by Michael Dello Iacono On October 26, 2013, the Granite State Lodge #2380 held a dinner in celebration of Italian Heritage Month at St. Mary’s Church in Rochester, New Hampshire. The meal consisted of homemade spaghetti and meatballs, salad, garlic bread, and cookies.

(L-R): Natalie Dello Iacono, Elana Centipizzutilli, Krissy Telles, Loraine Bonia, and Clelie Urcuioli.


Hometown Age Information and Resource Expo by Larry Giordano Methuen Lodge #902, in collaboration with Elder Services of the Merrimack Valley, hosted our first annual Hometown Age Information and Resource Expo on Tuesday, September 24, 2013 at the new lodge home located at 459 Merrimack St., Methuen. With support from our local Conversation Station, WCCM 110, and 35 human service agencies serving Methuen and the Greater Lawrence area, over 140 guests were provided with information focused on the resources, services and programs available to all elders, families,

adults with disabilities, caregivers and local professionals who serve our aging population. These included, Holy Family Hospital, Class, Inc., Mary Immaculate Center, Lawrence/ Methuen Coalition, Home Health VNA, Merrimack Valley Hospice, Comfort Home Care, Attorney Ramsey Bahrawy, Elder Law, Walgreens, Nevins Family of Services, PACE North Shore Program, Northeast Independent Living, Methuen Council on Aging, Northern Essex Community College, Veterans Services, Veterans Northeast Outreach Center, Public Health

Department, Methuen Karate Association, and Elder Services. The event focused on giving people information about where to access or receive insurance benefits counseling, information about assisted living, access to disability services, social day care programs, or how to develop healthier lifestyles. There were opportunities to explore veteran’s aid, educational and volunteer opportunities. Others chose to have their blood pressure checked or got their annual flu shot out of the way. Refreshments and free bocce lessons were also a great draw.




In Memory of State Past President

Joseph S. Giuffrida J

oseph S. Giuffrida, a lifelong resident of Lawrence passed away peacefully on S u n d a y , N o v e m b e r 1 7 th surrounded by his loving family. Joeseph was born on November 8, 1924, and was the son of Petrina and Giusseppe Giuffrida. He attended Holy Rosary Grammar School and Lawrence High School. He later went on to receive his professional designation of M.A.A. (Massachusetts Accredited Assessor) at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. Joe was predeceased by his loving wife of 66 years, Sandy, and brother Mario Giuffrida. His family includes his cherished daughters Patricia and husband Nelson Mariano of Lawrence, Jo-Anne and husband Scott Corcoran of Methuen, grandchildren Joseph Mariano and his wife Kelly (Stevens), and Christina Mariano. Joe was proudest of his great-grandson, Anthony Joseph Mariano. Joe is also survived by a godchild, Ida Vasta of Lawrence as well as nephews Richard Giuffrida and his wife JoAnn, and Ronald

Giuffrida and Kathy Burke all of Chicago. Joe began his work career as a driver for the Eagle Wonder Cleaners, where he met his future wife ... the boss’s daughter, Sandy. They were married in 1946. He worked for more than 20 years for the H.P. Hood Company as a milkman, supervisor and later as the Vice President of the Hood Credit Union. In 1968, the Honorable Joseph Bacigaluppo, Justice of the Lawrence District Court, appointed Joe the first official Court Officer, followed by Deputy Probation Officer, due to his ability to communicate with juveniles. Joe was then appointed Assistant Registrar of Deeds by John J. Buckley, which for three years, he did in conjunction with his position of Deputy Probation Officer, at the request of Judge Bacigaluppo. One year later, Joe became acting Registrar of Deeds and Assistant Land Court Recorder. A vacancy in the Assessor’s Department in Lawrence City Hall, prompted Joe to apply. He was selected, and four years later was appointed by the

Mayor as Chairman of the Board and Chief Assessor. In October 2008, Joe retired from this position after 36 years of service to the City of Lawrence. Joe was dedicated to the Order Sons of Italy since he joined over 50 years ago. He had served for 24 consecutive years as an immediate member of the Grand Council. During his early years, he served as Orator, as Trustee and Chairman of the Community Center Trust. Following many years of faithful service to Lawrence Lodge 902, the brothers and sisters of Lodge 902 honored him in

1994 for his accomplishments. On the Sons of Italy Grand Lodge level, Joe served as State Trustee for 8 years, Chairman of the State Trustees for 3 years, State Financial Secretary for 4 years, and State Orator for 4 years, State 1st Vice President for 2 years and State President for 4 years. As a member of the State Council he chaired the committee to review the State By-Laws, chaired a reception for the Italian Council General, chaired the United Cerebral Palsy Telethon for 4 years, served as a member of the Italian Cultural Commission, liaison to the Italian Student Ambassador Program, liaison to the cable program TeleItalia, a member of the Italian Republic Day Committee for 3 years and then Chairman. Joe worked to promote the teaching of Italian in public high schools with the President of the Senate in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Joe was also a Supreme Lodge Member of the Immigration Committee, former Deputy of the Ohio Grand Lodge, a member of the National Commission for Social Justice, a member of the Supreme

Council O.S.I.A., a member of the Advisory Board of the Don Orione Home and Madonna Queen National Shrine. Joe has been a member of the St. Alfio Society for 52 years serving as Treasurer for 30 of those years, as well as a member of the Council. He also was a member of the Board of Directors of the Casa Monte Cassino, a home away from home that brings people from Italy and other countries that need medical care at a Boston Hospital, a member of the American Heart Association, member of the Holy Family Guild, member and Past President for 2 years of the Essex County Assessor’s Association and past president of the Legislative Council. He was a faithful communicant of the Holy Rosary Church at Corpus Christi Parish. He was also involved with programs such as Big Brothers/Big Sisters, YWCA Battered Women, Abused Children and Mothers Against Drunk Driving. Contributions in Joe’s memory may be made to the St. Alfio Society, 20 Common Street, Lawrence, MA 01841.

2014 SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATIONS are now available on the Grand Lodge website. Visit to download the application, or contact your Lodge President.

In Memory In Memory of


In Remembrances The Grand Lodge received notification of the death of the following members. The Grand Lodge of Massachusetts extends sincere condolences to the members of their families. LODGE NAME Worcester #168 Worcester #168 Worcester #168 Bandiera e Concordia #240 ITAM #564 ITAM #564 North Adams #704 Methuen #902 Piave Fiume #1036 Piave Fiume #1036 Regina Margherita Mixed #1094 Regina Margherita Mixed #1094 Veturia Romana #1200 Norwood Italian #1235 Norwood Italian #1235 Quincy Men’s #1295 Arlington Men #1349 Joseph Gorrasi #1406 Joseph Gorrasi #1406 Francesco DeSanctis #1411 Winchester Men #1580 Sgt. Guido Petrilli #1606 Sgt. Guido Petrilli #1606 G. Marconi #1620 Seacoast Area #2303 John A. Volpe #2677

CITY Worcester Worcester Worcester Marlboro Pittsfield Pittsfield North Adams Methuen Watertown Watertown Waltham Waltham Salem Norwood Norwood Quincy Arlington Woburn Woburn Natick Winchester Roslindale Roslindale Lee Portsmouth N. Easton

NAME Mary Gerardi Robert A. Giumentaro Michael J. Palumbo John A. Auricchio Jr. Leo A. Frieri Tom Ricci Doris Merlini Joseph S. Giuffrida Bruno Palumbo Pasquale Sclafani Lucille J. LoPresti Angelo A. Petrino Raymond E. Bourgeois Sr. Angelina Petrozzi Robert A. Piso Ronald William Baker Angelo A. Bergantino James A. Garbino Stanley Malvarosa Pearl Cristofori Dominic P. Guarino Vincent M. Milano Jennie Olivadessa Rosalie McCollum Pat Semprini Antonio Volpe

With Deepest Condolences

State Past President Charlie Perenick

MEMORIAMS SONS OF ITALY NEWS Name of Deceased: ____________________________________________________________________ Name of Bereaved: ____________________________________________________________________ Street Address: _______________________________________________________________________ City, State, Zip: _______________________________________________________________________ Name of Donor: ______________________________________________________________________ Street Address: _______________________________________________________________________ City, State, Zip: _______________________________________________________________________ TYPE/PRINT MESSAGE IN BOX

SELECT MEMORIAM TYPE One Line ........................................$10.00 Small Box 1¾ by ¾" ..........................$20.00 Medium Box 3¾ by ¾" .................$35.00 Large Box 5½ by 1½" ......................$100.00 Make all checks payable to: Charitable & Educational Trust Mail check and form to: Charitable & Educational Trust, 93 Concord Avenue, Belmont MA 02478

November - December 2013  

Featuring the October Italian Heritage Month Dinner Dance, Grand Lodge Bocce Tournament, and Columbus Day Parade

November - December 2013  

Featuring the October Italian Heritage Month Dinner Dance, Grand Lodge Bocce Tournament, and Columbus Day Parade