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The newly elected members of the State Council after being installed at the 101st Annual State Convention. Front (L-R): State Financial Secretary Margaret Olivieri, State Second Vice President Matthew Ezekiel, State First Vice President Denise Furnari, State President Antonio Sestito, State Orator Marissa Sestito, State Immediate Past President Carmelita Bello, State Recording Secretary Marie Jackson, and State Treasurer John Argiro. Back (L-R): State Trustees Kathi Young, Justin DiNicola, Maria Stella Fiore, Michele Goss, Vincent Perri, Marisa Ranalli, Rodolfo Viscomi, and Carol Rossi. (Not Pictured: State Trustee Vincent Buonanno). T h e 1 0 1 st A n n u a l S t a t e Convention of the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts was held June 11-14, 2015 at the Resort and Conference Center in Hyannis, Massachusetts. Guests arrived early on Thursday to enjoy an 18-hole golf course on the property and engaged in a little friendly competition. Prizes were awarded for men’s and women’s closest to the pin shot as teams of four made their way around the course. Afterward, delegates and guests enjoyed an outdoor barbeque dinner. The 101st Annual State Convention officially convened on Friday morning, according to ritualistic form. Executive Director Paul Guida introduced the Chairmen of Permanent Commissions, Benefit Insurance Commission Officers, Grand Lodge Officers, National Officers, and finally State President Carmelita Bello. State President Carmelita Bello welcomed everyone and asked Barbara DeStefano, Chairman of the Credential and Registration Committee, to give her preliminary report. Sister DeStefano noted that of the 174 authorized delegates, 144 were present.

State Recording Secretary Marie Jackson took the roll of officers, noting that two were absent. State First Vice President Antonio Sestito read the Principles of the Order, and State Chaplain Father Gregory Mercurio led the delegation in prayer. State President Carmelita Bello reviewed the procedures for voting; that it is to be done by a show of hands, that an individual has a right to speak for five minutes on any one subject, and most importantly, that respect should be given to everybody. State Recording Secretary Marie Jackson was asked to read communications from various lodges, and to note any corrections in the schedule or Convention book. After this, motions were made and seconded to accept the minutes from the previous convention, and the reports of the State officers, with the exception of the proposals contained in the State Orator’s report, and all reports of the Chairmen of Permanent Commissions, with the exception of the Budget and Judiciary Commissions. These motions were voted and so ordered.

This being an election year, the rules for the nomination of officers were reviewed. For the office of State President, ANTONIO SESTITO was nominated by Joseph Russo and seconded by Ronald Hill, and ANTHONY J. PANAGGIO JR. was nominated by Steven Cedrone and seconded by Paul DiBona. (1 to be elected.) For the office of State First Vice President, DENISE FURNARI was nominated by James DiStefano and seconded by Steve Eosco. There being no other nominations, Denise Furnari was elected to the office of State First Vice President by acclamation. For the office of State Second Vice President, MATTHEW EZEKIEL was nominated by Joseph Boncore, Esq., and seconded by John Saladino. There being no other nominations, Matthew Ezekiel was elected to the office of State Second Vice President by acclamation. For the office of State Orator, MARISSA SESTITO was nominated by Marjorie Cahn and seconded by James DiStefano. There being no other nominations, Marissa Sestito was (Continued on Page 4)

New State President Antonio Sestito is vested with his regalia by his wife, Marieanne Sestito.



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MAGAZINE PAMELA DONNARUMA NATIONAL OFFICERS JOSEPH A. RUSSO, National First Vice President JAMES DI STEFANO, National Recording Secretary ANTHONY J. PANAGGIO JR., National Historian FLORENCE FERULLO KANE, National Trustee PHILIP R. BONCORE, ESQ., National Past President JOSEPH BONCORE, ESQ., National Commission for Social Justice President ALBERT DE NAPOLI, ESQ., National Foundation Trustee PHILIP PRIVITERA, ESQ., National Foundation Trustee


Grand Lodge Lobsterfest Sons of Italy Hingham, MA

OCTOBER 17, 2015

Heritage Month Dinner Dance Sons of Italy Winchester, MA

For more information on these events, call the Grand Lodge office at 617-489-5234 - or check the Grand Lodge Events section of the website:





from Antonio Sestito

Dear Brothers and Sisters, It has been a little over a month since our State Convention at the Resort and Conference Center in Hyannis, Massachusetts. The Convention was a great success thanks to the efforts of our State Immediate Past President Carmelita Bello, Brother Ron Hill, Executive Director Paul Guida, Executive Assistant Adriana Guida, and our entire State Council. At the Convention, all of the seats on the State Council were elected by acclamation except for the office of State President. There were two candidates for this office, myself and Brother Anthony Panaggio. I want to thank the delegates for electing me as your new State President. I would like to thank the outgoing officers who did not return to the Council: State Trustees Stephen Cozzaglio, Mary Ann Bello, Charles DeStefano, Richard Matlak, and Larry Giordano, State Treasurer John Christoforo, and State Second Vice President Ron Hill. These officers did a great job for the Grand Lodge. A special thanks to our State Past President James DiStefano for serving on the State Council for over 16 years, including 4 years as our State President. I would also like to thank our State Immediate Past President Carmelita Bello for the great job she did over the past two years as our State President. They are both tough acts to follow. It has been a very busy month between attending to the Grand Lodge’s business as well as get-

ting ready for the National Convention, which will take place in Bonita Springs, Florida. One of my promises to the delegates was that this administration would be transparent and I intend to keep that promise. On July 8, State First Vice President Denise Furnari, National Recording Secretary James DiStefano, National First Vice President Joseph Russo, and I attended a National leadership meeting in Jersey City, New Jersey. At this meeting, each Grand Lodge presents a list of prospective candidates for National offices, which are voted on by the representatives in attendance to decide the slate that will be presented at the National Convention. I nominated Brother Joseph Russo as a candidate for National President. I explained that we felt that it was Massachusetts’ turn to have a National President, and that the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts nominated Brother Joseph Russo. The Grand Lodge of Maryland nominated Daniel Longo as a candidate. After the votes were cast, only four votes were cast for Brother Russo — three from Massachusetts, and one from the Grand Lodge of the Northwest. As we went down the list of offices, Brother Paul Polo of the Grand Lodge of Connecticut nominated Brother Joseph Boncore for National Fourth Vice President. This was a shock to the Massachusetts delegation, as we had not been informed that he would be nom-

inated. The office of National Recording Secretary has always been a Massachusetts seat, but someone from a different Grand Lodge was nominated for that seat. I was very disappointed in the way Massachusetts was treated at this meeting. In addition, two days before the meeting, I was asked by National if we are going to a dinner scheduled for the night before the meeting. I answered that we were never notified of or invited to that dinner. My goal is to have a united Grand Lodge of Massachusetts. If we do not accomplish this, how can we get respect from the other Grand Lodges when we don’t respect ourselves and our Grand Lodge? Brothers and sisters, I’m looking forward to working with the new State Council and the Benefit Insurance Commission, the Charitable and Educational Trust, and the OSIA Trust of 1985 (Building Trust). We can accomplish any goal we set if we all work together. Again, I want to thank you all for electing me as your State President. I’m looking forward to serving you for the next two years. If anyone has any questions or ideas, please don’t hesitate to call or email me. We want to make this the greatest Grand Lodge in the Order Sons of Italy in America. I wish you all a great summer.

Cari Fratelli e Sorelle. Un mese e’ appena trascorso dal Congresso Statale svoltosi al Centro Ritrovo e Convegni ad Hyannis, Massachusetts. Il Congresso ebbe pieno successo grazie agli sforzi del nostro Immediato Presidente Statale Carmelita Bello, Fratello Ron Hill, Direttore Amministrativo Paul Guida ed assistant Executive Director Adriana Guida, ed il nostro intero Consiglio Statale. Al Congresso tutte le cariche del Consiglio Statale furono scelte per acclamazione, eccetto per la prima carica: Presidente Statale. Due erano i candidati in lizza: il sottoscritto ed il fratello Antonio Panaggio. Desidero ringraziare i delegati per eleggermi il nuovo Presidente Statale. Desidero ringraziare i dirigenti che hanno chiuso il loro mandato: Fiduciario Stephen Cozzaglio, Maryann Bello, Charles DeStefano, Richard Matlok, e Larry Giordano; Tesoriere Statale John Christoforo, Second State V. Presidente Ron Hill. Questi ora ex funzionari si sono distinti grandemente lavorando sodo per la Gran Loggia. Un ringraziamento particolare va’ al nostro ex Presidente James DiStefano per il suo gran servizio nel Consiglio Statale per un totale di oltre 16 anni inclusi i 4 anni da Presidente Statale. Desidero inoltre ringraziare il nostro immediate State Presi-

dent Carmelita Bello per il gran lavoro svolto durante i due anni del suo mandato. Essi sono stati compiti difficili da compiere. Questo mese e’ stato uno di forti impegni non solo di presenziare le attivita’ della Gran Loggia come pure a prepararsi per il Congresso Nazionale che avra’ luogo a Bonita Springs, Florida. Una delle mie promesse ai delegati e’ che questa amministrazione sara’ trasparente: io intendo mantenere tale promessa. Il giorno 8 luglio il Primo V. Presidente Denise Furnari, Segretario Nazionale Archivista James DiStefano, Primo V. Presidente Nazionale Joseph Russo ed il sottoscritto abbiamo presenziato alla seduta nazionale ‘per Dirigenti’ svoltasi a Jersey City, N.J. A questa seduta ogni singola Gran Loggia ha offerto una lista tentativa di candidati alle prossime cariche nazionali, poi scelte dai delegati nazionali presenti, e decidere la lista definitiva che poi sara’ presentata, per le elezioni, al Congresso Nazionale. Io offrii la nomina del Fratello Joseph Russo per la carica di Presidente Nazionale. Spiegai che era il turno, (per tradizione), del Massachusetts di avere un Presidente Nazionale, e che la Gran Loggia del Massachusetts supportava la nomina del Fratello Russo. La Gran Loggia del Maryland nomino’ Daniel

Longo, candidato a Presidente Nazionale. Dopo lo spoglio dei voti, il nostro Joseph Russo ottenne 4 voti, tre dal Massachusetts ed uno dal delegato del North West. Leggendo la lista delle altre cariche, Paul Polo della Gran Loggia del Connecticut nomino’ il Fratello Joseph Boncore (MA) alla carica di 4th V. Presidente. Tale nomina fu uno shock alla nostra delegaione in quanto nessuno ci informo’ di questa nomina! La carica di Segretario Archivista Nazionale, sempre assegnata al MA, fu asegnata invece ad un altro di una Gran Loggia diversa. Io provai un profondo disappunto dalla maniera in cui la nostra Gran Loggia venne trattata in questa assise. Per giunta, due giorni prima di questa riunione, mi fu chiesto, da un rappresentante nazionale, se la nostra delegazione avrebbe partecipato al pranzo fissato per la sera prima di questa riunione. Io risposi che nessuno ci aveva mai notificato di questo evento (pranzo). Il mio obiettivo e’ quello di avere una Gran Loggia del Massachusetts ‘unita’. Se non riusciamo a questo, come mai possiamo aspettarci rispetto dalle altre Gran Logge quando non riusciamo a rispettarci a vicenda, in seno alla nostra Gran Loggia.

Fraternally, Antonio Sestito State President

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The Benefit Insurance Commission looks forward to serving you, our MEMBERS.

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• 101st Annual State Convention (Continued from Page 1)

Merchandise Room elected to the office of State Orator by acclamation. For the office of State Recording Secretary, MARIE JACKSON was nominated by James DiStefano and seconded by Dr. Dean Saluti. There being no other nominations, Marie Jackson was re-elected to the office of State Recording Secretary by acclamation. For the office of State Financial Secretary, MARGARET OLIVIERI was nominated by Theresa Farina and seconded by Marisa Ranalli. There being no other nominations, Margaret Olivieri was re-elected to the office of State Financial Secretary by acclamation. For the office of State Treasurer, JOHN ARGIRO was nominated by Vincent Perri and seconded by Joseph Boncore. There being no other nominations, John Argiro was elected to the office of State Treasurer by acclamation. For the office of State Trustee - District 1, JUSTIN DINICOLA was nominated by Davide Villani and was elected by acclamation. For the office of State Trustee - District 2, MARIA STELLA FIORE was nominated by Margaret Olivieri and was elected by acclamation. For the office of State Trustee - District 3, MICHELE GOSS was nominated by Angelo Rossi and was elected by acclamation. For the office of State Trustee - District 4, KATHI YOUNG was nominated by Robert Boncore, Esq., and was elected by acclamation. For the office of State Trustee - District 5, VINCENT PERRI was nominated by Eric Waugh and was elected by acclamation. For the office of State Trustee - District 6, VINCENT

BUONANNO was nominated by Anthony LoConte and was elected by acclamation. For the office of State Trustee - District 7, there were no nominations. State President Carmelita Bello noted that the new State Council would follow the procedure to fill the position after the Convention. For the office of State Trustee At-Large, MARISA RANALLI was nominated by Margaret Olivieri, CAROL ROSSI was nominated by Florence Ferullo Kane, and RODOLFO VISCOMI was nominated by Peter Santamaria. Each candidate was elected by acclamation. For the office of Treasurer of the Benefit Insurance Commission, MARJORIE CAHN was nominated by Dr. Dean Saluti, and seconded by Joseph Russo, and David Covucci was nominated by Steven Cedrone and seconded by Ross Zagami. (1 to be elected.) For the office of Benefit Insurance Commissioner, ARTHUR BENNETT was nominated by Ron Hill. There being no other nominations, Arthur Bennett was elected to the office of Benefit Insurance Commissioner by acclamation. For the office of National Delegate - District 1, STEPHEN COZZAGLIO was nominated by Ellen Whittaker and elected by acclamation. For the office of National Delegate - District 2, MARY ANN BELLO was nominated by Kenneth Simoncini, and Margaret Olivieri was nominated by Kevin Mercadante (1 to be elected). For the office of National Delegate - District 3, JOHN SALADINO was nominated by Kevin Caira, RODOLFO

Election Morning

State Chaplain Rev. Gregory Mercurio VISCOMI was nominated by Ron Hill, KEVIN CAIRA was nominated by John Saladino, and MARY COOPER was nominated by Marie Annese (2 to be elected). For the office of National Delegate - District 4, PAULINE RUSSO was nominated by Joseph Russo, and ROBERT BONCORE, ESQ. was nominated by Joseph Boncore, Esq. (1 to be elected). For the office of National Delegate - District 5, DENISE FURNARI was nominated by Ron Hill and elected by acclamation. For the office of National Delegate - District 6 & 7, MARIE JACKSON was nominated by Florence Ferullo Kane and elected by acclamation. The following delegates were nominated for the State Arbitration Committee: Loreto Pellegrini, Sylvia Pacetti-Poirier, David Blouin, Angelo Rossi, Daniel Magni, Shauni Turner, Cathy Muscato, Steve Eosco, Terry Rezendes, and Anthony LoConte (5 to be elected). The first five highest vote-getters would be the State Arbitrators, and the following five would be the Alternate Arbitrators. Before breaking for lunch, State President Bello reminded delegates to attend their assigned Committee meetings, and invited those delegates not assigned to a particular meeting to observe one. After the Committee on Budget and Finance, Committee on Elections, and Committee on Laws meetings ended at 3:00 p.m., the Convention reconvened. Elections Chairman Kevin Mercadante spelled out the rules and regulations for voting on Saturday morning. He noted that elections would be closed promptly at 9:00 a.m. Saturday morning. Membership Commission Chairman Ron Hill spoke on membership and the recent membership contest sponsored by the Commission. While membership for the year was down overall, some Lodges had success in increasing their net membership. The third place Lodge was the South Shore Ladies Lodge #1851 in Hingham, second place was awarded to the Tewksbury Lodge #2872, and with a nearly 90% increase in membership, the Veturia Romana Lodge #1200 in Salem came in first place. Charity Commission Chairman Carol Rossi requested that Lodges provide charitable giving information for the last five years so that the general public can be made more aware of the charitable nature of the Order. Historical Commission Chairman Theresa Farina reported

Election Morning

Election Morning

Election Morning




tion voted to accept their recommendation. Brother Mercadante and the Election Committee returned to the convention hall and announced the results of that morning’s election. The newly elected officers are: State President: Antonio Sestito Benefit Insurance Commission Treasurer: Marjorie Cahn National Delegate - District 2: Mary Ann Bello National Delegate - District 3: Kevin Caira and John Saladino National Delegate - District 4: Pauline Russo

Election Morning that the 100 th Anniversary pictorial history book is in the final stages of production and should be available at the end of August. The Chairman of the Committee on Budget and Finance, Arthur Bennett, presented the report. After some discussion, a motion was made to accept the budget, and was passed. State President Carmelita Bello reminded delegates and guests that Candidates Night would take place following dinner, and invited everyone to visit hospitality rooms at its conclusion. She also noted that author Anthony Sammarco would be accepting pre-orders for the Grand Lodge’s 100 th Anniversary pictorial history book. The meeting was recessed until Saturday morning. After the elections concluded on Saturday morning, the Convention reconvened at 9:30 a.m. State Recording Secretary Marie Jackson read new announcements and Sister Barbara DeStefano gave her final report on the Credentials and Registration Committee, noting that 157 out of the 174 authorized delegates were present, as well as 36 guests.

The Chairman of the Committee on Laws, Philip Privitera, Esq., reported on the recommendations of the committee on the proposals presented at this convention. Proposal #1, submitted by Winthrop Mixed Lodge #2057, recommended that Lodges no longer be exempt from paying the per capita tax on senior members. The proposal was amended on the floor of the committee meeting to include the caveat that Lodges would only be responsible for paying the National portion of the per capita tax on senior members. The committee recommended rejection of the proposal and the delegation voted to accept their recommendation. The State Orator put forth eight proposals for consideration, of which the first six were withdrawn. The final two proposals addressed the combination of the Italian Culture and Historical Commissions into one Commission, and the elimination of redundant language following that combination. The committee recommended acceptance of both proposals, and the delega-

Incoming State President Antonio Sestito and Outgoing State President Carmelita Bello

The State Arbitrators are Angelo Rossi, Loreto Pellegrini, Cathy Muscato, Shauni Turner, and Anthony LoConte. Alternate Arbitrators are Daniel Magni, David Blouin, Steve Eosco, Sylvia Pacetti-Poirier, and Terry Rezendes. Under new business, a motion was made and seconded to instruct the National delegation to support Joseph Russo for National President. The motion was approved by the delegation. Executive Assistant Adriana Guida reminded the delegation that the Grand Lodge is working to put together a database of member email addresses in order to more easily contact members about news and events. She noted that Lodges must support this endeavor and send in the requested information in order for the database to be useful. The convention was again recessed until the afternoon session. State President Carmelita Bello introduced Alpha Paradella, director of the Casa Monte Cassino, one of the charities supported by the Charitable and Educational Trust. She, along with a current resident of the Casa, explained how the support and donations from the Grand Lodge help the Casa maintain its services. Charitable and Educational Trust Chairman Angelo Rossi presented Alpha with the funds raised over the last year for the Casa. He then thanked everyone who helped the Commission reach its goals this year, and invited Lodges to present their donations for this year. Overall, Lodges donated over $13,000 that will be distributed among the Grand Lodge’s supported charities and charitable endeavors. The Site Committee reported that for the one-day convention in 2016, they have been in contact with the Marriott in Burlington and the Wyndham in Andover, but have not made a final decision as to the location. They sought and received the consent of the delegation to make a decision once they receive more information from these facilities. Past National Historian Lucy Codella was invited to speak, and she thanked everyone for the incredible hospitality shown to her and her cousin year after year. She stressed the importance of the newly elected officers working together in service for the benefit of the members and the Order. State President Carmelita Bello closed the final session of the Convention by thanking the delegation for allowing her to serve as State President, and

Charity Presentation: Casa Monte Cassino

thanked many of the people she has served with, including her sister, Mary Ann Bello. At the Golden Lion Awards Banquet, three members were honored for their distinguished service to the Order Sons of Italy in America and the Italian American community at large. The Golden Lion Award recipients were Delia Bartucca and Mario Lucciola, and the Presidential Award was given to Pamela Donnaruma. The Convention came to a

close on Sunday morning with the Installation of Officers, conducted by State Past Presidents Philip R. Boncore, Esq., Kevin A. Caira, Charles H. Perenick, Joseph A. Russo, and Florence Ferullo Kane. After the Installation of Officers, the Pot of Gold prizes were drawn before everyone made the trip back home. We extend best wishes to our newly elected State President Antonio Sestito and his Council for a successful administration. (Continued on Page 6)

Memorial Mass



• 101st Annual State Convention (Continued from Page 5)

State Past Presidents and First Ladies

Chairmen of Permanent Commissions

State Council





State President Carmelita Bello, Golden Lion Honoree Delia Bartucca, and Golden Lion Award Presenter Denise Furnari

Golden Lion and Presidential Award Honorees with Presenters — L-R: Golden Lion Award Presenter Ron Hill, Golden Lion Honoree Mario Lucciola, Presidential Award Honoree Pamela Donnaruma, State President Carmelia Bello, Golden Lion Honoree Delia Bartucca, and Golden Lion Award Presenter Denise Furnari

State President Carmelita Bello and Presidential Award Honoree Pamela Donnaruma

Massachusetts National Officers — L-R: Joseph Boncore, Esq., Philip R. Boncore, Esq., Florence Ferullo Kane, Lucy Codella, Joseph Russo, Philip Privitera, Esq., Anthony J. Panaggio Jr., and James DiStefano

Benefit Insurance Commission

State President Carmelita Bello, Golden Lion Honoree Mario Lucciola, and Golden Lion Award Presenter Ron Hill

(Continued on Page 8)




• 101st Annual State Convention (Continued from Page 7)

The Bartucca Family

Registration Committee

The Lucciola Family and Friends

Golden Lion Banquet Barbeque

Golden Lion Banquet

Golden Lion Banquet

Election Committee





Golf Outing

Golf Outing

(Photos by Rosario Scabin, Ross Photography) Golf Outing

Saturday, August 29, 2015 3:00 PM



Hingham Sons of Italy 88 Chief Justice Cushing Highway (corner of Kilby Street & Route 3-A) (directions on back) Adults: $40.00 Lobster, Steak, Corn on the Cob Salad, Watermelon Children: $10.00 Hamburger, Hotdog, Corn on the Cob, Salad, Watermelon, Ice Cream

Tickets: Contact the Grand Lodge at 617-489-5234 or purchase online:






Winthrop Ladies Lodge #2071 Awards Scholarship by Dottie D’Onofrio

(L-R): Kristina’s brother Patrick, grandmother Lucille Conforti, Kristina Redmond, mother Patricia Redmond and father Paul Redmond.

(L-R): Scholarship Committee members Theresa McNamara, Lucille Conforti, Dee Guida, Recipient Kristina Redmond, and committee members Peggy Pacifico, Bette Federico, and Dottie D’Onofrio. (Not pictured: Committee member Anne Todino McNeff) It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon as members of the Winthrop Ladies Lodge

#2071 gathered at the Porthole Restaurant on the Lynnway to celebrate their 2015 schol-

arship recipient, Kristina Redmond. Kristina, a delightful, warm,

Cristoforo Colombo Regina Elena Lodge #169 Installation of Officers

intelligent young lady, was presented by Wakefield High School Assistant Principal T.J. Liberti. He was Kristina’s former history teacher and soccer coach who delighted folks with his humor and sincerity. Well wishes were extended to T.J. and his wife on the recent birth of their son. Congratulations to a lovely

family and our sister members: Kristina’s mother Pat Redmond, grandmother Lucille Conforti, and aunts Donna Reppucci and Cindy Conforti. The Lodge extends its very best wishes to Kristina, who will be attending the University of New Hampshire this fall with interest in the field of Health Sciences.

Burlington Lodge #2223 Offers Italian Language Classes by Don McGowan

(L-R): Front: State Past President Florence Ferullo Kane, Guard Loretta Quastella, Orator Mary Ann Michaelian, Recording Secretary Judith Lucier, Treasurer Anna Volpe Pacetti, and Financial Secretary Carol Cotnoir. Back: Trustee Charles Phaneuf, Mistress of Ceremonies Josephine Bilotta, Trustee Maryanne DiConza, Past President Frank Guidara, President Sylvia Pacetti Poitier, Vice President Phyllis LeBlanc, Master of Ceremonies Betsy Romano, Chairman of Trustees Florence Volpe, Trustee Russell Poirier, State Financial Secretary Margaret Olivieri, and State Deputy Donna Giuliani. (Not pictured: Trustee Lori Saccone).

Quincy Men’s Lodge #1295 Installation of Officers by Marie Lumaghini The Quincy Men’s Lodge #1295 recently installed new officers for the 2015 - 2017 term.

With highly qualified professional instructors, the Burlington Lodge #2223 is once again offering Italian language classes to anyone who is interested in acquiring levels of proficiency with the language or to learn about the country of Italy. The classes, in addition to the language, will explore the culture, the terrain, the people, and the culinary arts of Italy. Two twelve-week courses will be offered in levels of Beginner 1 and 2; Intermediate 1 and 2, and Advanced. The first twelve-week session will begin on September 16, 2015, and the second twelve-week session will begin in January 2016 (exact date to be determined). Beginner 1 and 2 and Intermediate 1 and 2 classes will meet on Wednesday evenings at St. Margaret’s School on Winn Street in Burlington, while the Advanced Class will meet on an evening and location yet to be determined. Currently, there is room for new registrations in the Advanced Class. The fee for all levels is $100.00 per person for the first twelve week semester. The registration policy mandates that this is a non-refundable fee. Registrations will take place on Wednesday, September 9 from 6:00 to 8:00 P.M. at St. Margaret’s School. For additional information about the professional instructors, class content, and textbook requirements, please visit the website and click on the link Italian Classes, or contact Program Director Don Cortese at 781-272-3971 or If you are unable to register in person on September 9, please complete the Registration Form located on the Lodge website and mail it with your check for $100.00 (made out to the Burlington Sons of Italy Lodge 2223) to: Don Cortese - 97 Drake Road – Burlington, MA 01803. Be sure to register early as space is at a premium. No registrations will be accepted after September 16, 2015. The Burlington Lodge #2223 has been offering the Italian language classes since 1992, and the program is one of the Lodge’s proudest achievements. The on-going goal of the Lodge is to teach Italian to interested members of the community. This goal is a “work-in-progress,” in which many people over the years have been introduced and educated in the Italian language. Many students have completed the entire course and have returned year after year to keep up with their conversational skills. Whatever the reason, learning a new language and culture can be a rich, rewarding and enjoyable experience.

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Seated: Louis Arienti, James Rossetti, Frank Ruscio, President John DeCarli, Theodore Myers, A. Mario Salvatore, and Steve Jacobs. Back: John Vacca, Paul Guest, Marie Franciosa, Ed Summers, William Fonte, and Paul Onorato. (Missing from photo: Moe Morad and John Ryan).

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Burlington Lodge #2223 Scholarship Luncheon

Tewksbury Lodge #2872 Wraps Third Year of Italian Class

by Don McGowan

by Chris Parrella

(L-R): Burlington High School Guidance Counselor Joe Attubato, Lodge Treasurer Anna McGowan, Scholarship Co-Chairpersons Carmella Dardeno and Fran Amenta, and Lodge Recording Secretary Lola Lombardo. On Friday, May 9, the Burlington Lodge #2223 held their annual scholarship luncheon at the Burlington Marriott. Anna McGowan presented a check to Burlington High School Guidance Counselor Joe Attubato for $2,500 to be added to the Burlington High School Scholarship Fund.

(L-R): First Row: Pasquale Caruso, Kathy Anderson, Nina Embriano, Charles Coppola, and Ed Embriano. Second Row: Robert Soldani, Paula Coppola, Nancy Brown, and Chris Parrella. Third Row: Maria DiCiaccio, Bernard Pezzimenti, and Ed Brown. Fourth Row: Arthur Rosemond, Diane Pezzimenti, and Anthony Iarrapino. The Italian Class offered by the Tewksbury Lodge #2872 celebrated the end of its third year by having a delicious dinner at Cafe Sicilia in Tewks-

Lodge Treasurer Anna McGowan and Lodge President Don McGowan.

bury. In addition to the study of language and culture, this year’s curriculum included the study of the opera Pagliacci by Ruggero Leoncavallo.

Veturia Romana Lodge #1200 Installation of Officers by Jane Stauffer

Lodge Scholarship Co-Chairpersons Fran Amenta and Carmella Dardeno, Recording Secretary Lola Lombardo, and Treasurer Anna McGowan.

Recipes from the

Homeland by Vita Orlando Sinopoli COPYRIGHT, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

MEATBALLS 1 pound ground beef (or ground turkey) 1/2 cup Italian-style bread crumbs 2 slightly beaten eggs 1 tablespoon grated Roman cheese

1/8 teaspoon of garlic powder or one small chopped garlic clove 1 teaspoon parsley flakes — optional

Place ground beef or turkey, prepared breadcrumbs, and slightly beaten eggs in a bowl. Mix ingredients thoroughly. Shape meatballs by taking a full tablespoon of mixture and rolling it in the palm of your hands into a ball shape. Place each meatball on a lightly greased baking tray. Bake in a preheated 350°F oven for about fifteen to twenty minutes.* Remove from baking tray to separate meatballs from excess oil. Makes about twelve to fifteen meatballs, depending on the size preferred. Note: The aroma of frying meatballs filled the air in most North End apartments every Sunday morning. My brother and I waited for Mama to start frying her meatballs so that we could enjoy one before the noontime meal. My recipe evolved from watching my mother prepare her bread crumbs for the meatballs. Most families had a special technique to acquire their desired taste. When I prepare my meatballs, I add one tablespoon of grated Romano cheese and one-eighth teaspoon of garlic powder (or one small chopped garlic clove) to the flavored bread crumbs. These additions give me the taste and aroma of the meatballs I remember enjoying in my childhood.

(L-R): Front: State Immediate Past President James DiStefano, Lodge President Jeannine Camarda, State President Carmelita Bello, and Lodge Vice President Camille Belle. Back: Lodge Recording Secretary Jane Stauffer, Paul Camarda, Michelle Camarda, Dominic R. Marraffa, Financial Secretary Maria Nadolna, Immediate Past President Rosemarie Connell, Mistress of Ceremonies Nancy Pantano, Treasurer Linda Camarda, State Recording Secretary Marie Jackson, and State Past President and State Deputy Florence Kane. The Veturia Romana Lodge #1200 in Salem, Massachusetts, held their installation of officers at their meeting on Monday, April 6.

(L-R): New Lodge President Jeannine Camarda, State President Carmelita Bello, and Rose Osborn, a longtime Veturia Romana Lodge #1200 member.




Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli Lodge #2183 Awards Scholarships by Karen Scalzi

(L-R): Lodge President Charlie DeStefano, Christopher Romano (Laura Caira Award), Emily Troy (Gerald Esposito Memorial Award), Alyssa Mosey (Sons of Italy Memorial Award), Lucas Garrity (Past Presidents’ Award), Elliana Boebel (Chris DiCecca Memorial Award), Julia Rankin (Fr. Francis Mackin Memorial Award), and Scholarship Chairman Karen Scalzi. The Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli Lodge #2183 held their scholarship banquet on Monday, June 15, at the Knights of Columbus in Wilmington. Following dinner, which was catered by Boston Burger Company, six $1,000 undergraduate scholarships were awarded to 2015 high school graduates who had outstanding scholastic achievements and made many contributions to their communities. Christopher Romano, a graduate of Wilmington High School, received the Laura Caira Award. Christopher is a recent Past President of the Wilmington Junior Lodge, as well as a member of the National Honor Society, WHS Band, and school newspaper. He has been very involved with the Drama Club through his four years of high school, from designing and building sets to acting, and has attended the METG Festival for the past two years. Christopher will be attending UMass Lowell this fall, majoring in Engineering. Emily Troy, also a graduate of Wilmington High School, was presented with the Gerald Esposito Memorial Award. A member of the Wilmington Sons of Italy Junior Lodge since its inception, Emily has also been a member of the Rotary Interact Club, the high school marching band, and was Vice President of the 9-11 Memorial Committee. She also volunteers much of her time with the St. Thomas of Villanova Parish Outreach Committee. Emily will be attending Framingham State University, majoring in Early Childhood Education. Alyssa Mosey, a graduate of Woburn Memorial High School, received the Sons of Italy Memorial Award. Alyssa was recently a winner of the Annual Essay Contest and participated in Student Government Day at Woburn City Hall. Her passion is dancing, and has danced for 14 years at Dance Production in Woburn. This past September she was accepted as a company member in the Aurora Borealis Dance Company. Alyssa will be attending California State University, Fullerton, studying Dance and minoring in Psychology. Lucas Garrity, a graduate of Wilmington High School and member of the Wilmington Sons of

Italy Junior Lodge, received the Past Presidents Award. Lucas is a member of the National Honor Society, Rotary Interact Club, and the Mentor/ Leadership Club. He was also on the varsity outdoor and indoor track teams and the junior varsity baseball team. Lucas performed over 150 hours of community service for organizations such as the Kiwanis Club, Little League, Chamber of Commerce, St. Dorothy’s Parish, as well as several school PACs. Lucas will be attending Assumption College, majoring in Business. Elliana Boebel is a graduate of Bedford High School and was presented the Christopher DiCecca Memorial Scholarship. Elliana was coeditor of the Bedford High School yearbook and a member of JROTC. She was a four year varsity track and field player and played three years on the varsity softball team. Elliana was very active in her church parish, volunteering at the bible camp, craft fairs and as a religious education teacher. Elliana will be attending Regis College in the fall, majoring in Early Childhood Education. Julia Rankin, a graduate of Haverhill High School, received the Father Francis Mackin Memorial Award. Julia was a varsity player for the Haverhill High School lacrosse team, was nominated team captain this past spring, and also received the MVP and All Conference Award. In addition to being Vice President of the Spanish Club, Julia volunteered her time for Love Lunches for the Homeless and participated in hospitality service for her church. Julia will be attending Plymouth State University in New Hampshire this fall, majoring in Education and playing Division III women’s lacrosse. A graduate scholarship of $2,000 was also awarded to Michelle White, who has been accepted to a Master’s program at Rutgers University. After awarding the scholarships, all six undergraduate recipients were initiated into the Wilmington Angelo Giuseppe Ronacalli Lodge # 2183. The Lodge extends its congratulations to all 2015 graduates and wishes them success in their future endeavors.


Wakefield Lodge #1734 Charity Auction a Big Success! by Sharon Nikosey On June 9, the Wakefield Lodge #1734 held their annual charity auction. This year’s event raised over $1,700 for the many charities supported by the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts, scholarships, and local charitable causes, such as the Wakefield Council on Aging and the Special Needs Christmas Party organized by the Lodge each year. There were over 50 items up for blind auction, each item being completely wrapped so guests didn’t know what they were bidding on. Among the items people won were Celtics tickets, wine, glassware, an Edible Arrangement, pillows, and a beach chair, as well as a selection of gift cards. Thank you to Laurie’s 909, Jeanne’s Ice Cream, and Harrow’s Chicken Pie for the generous gift card donations. The night began with the monthly meeting followed by pizza, salad, and dessert. The Lodge extends special thanks to Dino’s Brick Oven Pizzeria for the meal. The Master of Ceremonies and Auctioneer this year was Lodge President Paula Sasso. Also in attendance were scholarship winners Mackenzie Foley of Wakefield and Jessica Guida of Tewksbury, who handled the “Vanna White” role, showcasing items to the audience.

Scholarship winner Jessica Guida showing one of the items up for auction.

Scholarship winner Mackenzie Foley bringing one of the items up for auction around for members to view. The annual auction is open to the public, so be on the lookout for next year’s event. The Lodge also encourages guests at their booth at the Wakefield Italian Festival in August.

Lodge member Luco DiNanno testing out one of the items he won during the auction.

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Boston’s “Little Italy”

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Victor Emanuel Lodge #1646 Memorial Mass by Bonnie Woolley

Members of the Sons of Italy Drum and Bugle Corps surrounding Morris Piccolo. The 65 th Annual Memorial Mass at All Saints Parish in Haverhill, Massachusetts, was

attended by members of the Victor Emanuel Lodge #1646 and the Sons of Italy Drum

and Bugle Corps. An 11:00 A.M. Mass took place on May 17, 2015, to remember those mem-

Giuseppe Verdi Lodge #278 INSTALLATION OF OFFICERS by John Norman Bagen

New Weymouth officers with State and National officers who were in attendance.

(L-R): Front: State Deputy Orazio Buttafuoco, State Past President Florence Ferullo Kane, Lodge President John F. Bagen, and State Recording Secretary Marie Jackson. Back: Lodge Immediate Past President John Norman Bagen, State First Vice President Antonio Sestito, National First Vice President Joseph Russo, and Lodge Vice President Bob Morse.

On April 15, 2015, the Giuseppe Verdi Lodge #278 of Weymouth held their Installation of Officers. State Deputy Orazio Buttafuoco and State First Vice President Antonio Sestito acted as Heralds, and conducted a very impressive ceremony. John F. Bagen was installed as the new Lodge President. In attendance was guest speaker and State Past President Florence Ferullo Kane, National First Vice President Joseph A. Russo, State First Vice President Antonio Sestito and his wife Marieanne, State Recording Secretary Marie Jackson, and State Deputy Orazio Buttafuoco. National, State, and Lodge members, family, and friends enjoyed an Italian buffet served by John Pica of the Venetian Restaurant in Weymouth. Newly elected President John F. Bagen gave his remarks and thanked all those who attended.

bers who have passed away. Prior to the Mass, a wreath was presented at the monument in

Columbus Park. The wreath was presented by our honored guest and member Morris Piccolo.

Norwood Italian Lodge #1235

Awards Scholarships

(L-R): Scholarship Committee Chair Toni Eosco, Lodge President Steve Eosco, Scholarship Winners Amanda Springer and Kara Shea, and Scholarship Committee members Winnie Carfagno and Barbara Campagna. The Norwood Italian Lodge #1235 recently held its annual Scholarship Awards Dinner on June 2, 2015, at BonCaldo Restaurant in Norwood. Lodge President Steve Eosco greeted members and guests. Scholarship Chair Toni Eosco welcomed the 61 members and guests in attendance. In particular, she recognized lodge members Barbara Campagna and Winnie Carfagno for their volunteer work on the scholarship committee. The scholarship award presentations took place immediately following a delicious dinner. Through the fundraising efforts of Lodge members, two scholarships in the amount of $1,000 each were awarded to students bound for four-year colleges. Scholarship committee member Barbara Campagna

made the first award presentation to Kara Shea, a graduate of Norwood High School. Kara is the daughter of Laurie and William Shea, and the granddaughter of Lodge member Mary Ann Naumann. Kara will pursue her degree at Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, Connecticut. Scholarship committee member Winnie Carfagno made the second award presentation to Amanda Springer, also a graduate of Norwood High School. Amanda is the daughter of Maria and Paul Springer, and the granddaughter of Lodge members Barbara and Frank Fruci. Amanda will pursue her degree at Wells College in Aurora, New York. Lodge members congratulated Kara and Amanda and wished them good luck with all future plans.





Worcester Lodge #168 Installs New Officers, Initiates New Members, and Awards Scholarships by Maria (Gina) Sciannameo, Ed.D. will be the one that Clara took, doing what is best for the community at large, helping those who can’t help themselves, and staying faithful and true to your beliefs, enjoying the gifts that you have benefited from, and doing it for the right reasons. The only thing that you can control is your integrity, your honesty and how you conduct yourselves in any situation that arises.” The incoming officers who will serve the Lodge for the next two years are President Kevin Mercadante, Vice Presi-

dent Rose Porcaro, Immediate Past President Michael Sacco, Orator Mary Jane Simoncini, Recording Secretary Paula Rigero, Financial Secretary Nancy Gurgone, Treasurer Ken Simoncini, Trustees Rosalyn Consiglio, Joanne Colombo, Francesco Visci, Tara Simoncini, and M. Stella Fiore, Mistresses of Ceremonies Anna Alano and Caryl Masiello, and Guard John D’Allessandro. The State Delegates are Kevin Mercadante, M. Stella Fiore, Ken Simoncini, Mary Jane Simoncini, Donna Giuliani, Rose

Incoming Officers taking oath of office. On Thursday, May 14, 2015, Worcester Lodge #168 installed new officers who will serve the Lodge for the next two years, initiated new members, and awarded four $1,000 scholarships to deserving young people. The event was attended by various National and State officers, including State President and Lodge member Carmelita Bello, State First Vice President Antonio Sestito and his wife Marieanne, National Historian and President of the Benefit Insurance Commission Anthony Panaggio Jr., State Financial Secretary and Lodge member Margaret Olivieri, State Orator Denise Furnari, Benefit Insurance Commissioner and Lodge member Mark Mobilio and Lodge member Sue Mobilio, State Trustee and Lodge member Mary Ann Bello, and Scholarship Commission Chairman and Lodge member Donna Giuliani. After Lodge Chaplain Msgr. Pedone’s invocation, Lodge President Michael Sacco addressed the guests. Lodge Scholarship Chairperson Mary Ann Bello awarded scholarships to four well-deserving young people. She encouraged them to remember their Italian heritage, and to keep the lodge informed of their progress. President Michael Sacco had some words of wisdom for the scholarship recipients. He encouraged them to do the right thing, to remember that every post, email, and picture remains on the internet — they do not go away, and can surface at any time. President Sacco also reminded them not to expect life to be fair, that they are not entitled to anything except respect from others. He emphasized that they should never “quit” on the Sons of Italy, and more importantly, on themselves. He noted they should not be afraid to reach out for help from their families, friends, and the Sons of Italy, and should not be afraid to reach out to help each other. This year, the Lodge awarded four scholarships to the following recipients. Elizabeth Fazio of Auburn is the daughter of Frank and Laurie Fazio and the granddaughter of Louis Fazio.

Elizabeth is planning to attend Colby-Sawyer College to major in Nursing. She is a member of the National Honor Society, received several academic awards, plays tennis, and dances. She also volunteers at the food Pantry at North American Martyrs and for Auburn Youth and Family Services. Antonio Olivieri of Shrewsbury is the son of Steven and Renee Olivieri and the grandson of Elena Olivieri. He will be attending UMass Dartmouth to major in Mechanical Engineering and minor in business. Antonio earned a spot on the honor roll in his freshman year and the high honor roll in his sophomore, junior, and senior years. He was elected as Shrewsbury High School STAND OUT as a student who represents the core values of the school. Antonio is a varsity rower and has volunteered for Habitat for Humanity and St. Mary’s Parish as retreat leader. He works as a waiter at Southgate Retirement Home and has played piano for six years. Carmella Campbell of Worcester is the daughter of Margaret Olivieri and will be attending Wheelock College to major in Child Psychology and minor in Human Development. She is a member of the National Honor Society and was Student of the Semester in Early Childhood Education. Carmella also volunteers as a camp counselor and works at Nicholas Michael as a receptionist. In addition, she is President of the CYC group of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel and has interned with Bright Horizons Day Care Center. Stephanie Riendeau of Worcester is the daughter of James Riendeau and the granddaughter of Ken and Mary Jane Simoncini. She was accepted into the Eisenberg Program at UMass Amherst and plans to major in Sports Management. She is a member of the National Honor Society and the 2014 Sports Inter-High All-Tournament Team. She is a varsity soccer, basketball, and softball player and has served as the captain on the soccer and basketball teams in her senior year. She volunteers for

the school community events Smiles for Sophia and Dodgeball for Brody. She also plays guitar and violin for her school’s music magnet. Congratulations to all the scholarship recipients. The Lodge extends its best wishes, and knows each of these students will make everyone proud. After a short history of the Order Sons of Italy in America, new members were sworn in with the help of State Deputy Alex Nardacci and State First Vice President Antonio Sestito. New members were welcomed and encouraged to serve the Lodge and get involved in promoting Italian heritage. In her remarks, State President Carmelita Bello thanked State Deputy Alex Nardacci for all his work and dedication to the Worcester Lodge. Addressing the newly initiated members, State President Bello noted that this year’s “class” of initiated members is named after recently deceased member Clara Merola, and that in her, new members have an exemplary role model to emulate. She noted that Merola and Gladys Bello, Carmelita and Mary Ann’s aunt, were great friends for over 60 years. Said State President Bello, “Clara was part of our family. She was a lovely, caring and gracious woman who was the quintessential Sons of Italy member.” Clara would faithfully come to every regular and committee meeting when able. She would take on any task that needed to be done, buy tickets, and attend all the functions. She held office, made donations, chaired committees, and did it all in an unassuming and tactful manner. She noted that Clara Merola’s story is one that is reflected in many other members in the Worcester Lodge, and in members throughout the Grand Lodge. State President Bello addressed the scholarship recipients and told them that it is up to them to discern where they want to go and how to get there. They will foster new relationships with friends, teachers, the college community, and others. She said, “I hope your path (Continued on Page 15)

(L-R): State Scholarship Commission Chairman Donna Giuliani, Scholarship Recipient Carmella Campbell, Lodge President Michael Sacco, and Scholarship Chairperson Mary Ann Bello.

(L-R): State Scholarship Commission Chairman Donna Giuliani, Scholarship Recipient Elizabeth Fazio, Lodge President Michael Sacco, and Scholarship Chairperson Mary Ann Bello.

(L-R): State Scholarship Commission Chairman Donna Giuliani, Scholarship Recipient Stephanie Riendeau, Lodge President Michael Sacco, and Scholarship Chairperson Mary Ann Bello.





Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli Lodge #2183

• Worcester Lodge #168 (Continued from Page 14)

Appears on

Wilmington Community Television by Michele Caira Nortonen

Newly initiated members taking oath. Porcaro, and alternates Jennifer Samberg, Elena Olivieri, Nancy Gurgone, Caryl Masiello, John D’Allessandro, and Tara Simoncini. Incoming president Kevin Mercadante addressed the gathering and expressed his hopes for a successful year. He also congratulated the scholarship recipients on their achievements and encouraged them to remember the Order when they return to their homes, and become members of the Order Sons of Italy. Dinner was catered by Mike & Maria’s Catering, and, as usual, the dinner was delicious. Members, old and new, and guests enjoyed the atmosphere and each other’s company as they got acquainted and discussed the words of encouragement they heard during the evening.

Host Paul Cardello (seated), Kevin Caira (left), and Charlie DeStefano. (Photo by Lennie Malvone) On May 28, 2015, the leadership team of the Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli Lodge # 2183 was invited to appear on Wilmington Community Television (WCTV) with host Paul Cardello. Kevin Caira, Chairman of the Roncalli Trust, Charlie DeStefano, President of the Lodge, and Lennie Malvone, Trustee of both entities, represented the Lodge on-air. All three talked about the positive impact the Lodge has had on the community over the past 48 years. They extended an open invitation to all residents to join the fraternal and charitable organization, and listed upcoming recreational events such as their summer bocce league, softball team, fall bowling league, and Halloween costume party.

(L-R): State Scholarship Commission Chairman Donna Giuliani, Scholarship Recipient Antonio Olivieri, Lodge President Michael Sacco, and Scholarship Chairperson Mary Ann Bello.


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Incoming Lodge President Kevin Mercadante being congratulated by State President Carmelita Bello.

Incoming President Kevin Mercadante addressing members and guests.

Chaplain Msgr. F. Stephen Pedone accepting a gift of appreciation from Mary Ann Bello.


617-227-8929 617-227-8929

Grand Lodge of Massachusetts

Heritage Month Dinner Dance Saturday, October 17, 2015 Sons of Italy 117 Swanton Street Winchester, Massachusetts Tickets: $35.00 State President Carmelita Bello addressing new members, scholarship recipients, incoming and outgoing officers, and guests.

State Deputy Alex Nardacci accepting a gift for his dedication and hard work, presented by Mary Ann Bello.

Tickets: Contact the Grand Lodge at 617-489-5234 or purchase online:





Tewksbury Lodge #2872 Installation of Officers by Chris Parrella

On Saturday, May 2, 2015, Tewksbury Lodge # 2872 held its installation of new officers for the 2015-2017 term at the Tewksbury Senior Center. Master of Ceremonies Joel Deputat welcomed State Orator Denise Furnari, State First Vice President Antonio Sestito, and Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli Lodge # 2183 (Wilmington) President and State Deputy Charles DeStefano, all of whom helped conduct the installation. State Orator Denise Furnari, who was the keynote speaker, encouraged members to find ways to increase membership and member involvement. Outgoing officers were praised for their leadership, dedication, and commitment to the Order. New officers were charged with continuing the excellent work of the outgoing officers and providing the strong leadership necessary to grow the Order. Outgoing President George Iannuzzo gave a brief history of the Lodge and cited some of its accomplishments during his tenure, such as donations of monies to various charities like the Tewksbury Food Pantry, Town of Tewksbury Library, Autism, Cancer, Strongwater Farm, Tewksbury Patriotic Committee Funds, hosting Pasta Nights, PizzaWars, Dinner and a Movie Nights, Pancake Breakfasts, the Festa Italiana, and classes in Italian language and culture. He thanked all of the outgoing officers and the members of the Lodge for their support and encouraged them to continue supporting their new president. Newly installed Lodge President Deborah Deputat encouraged all members to get involved in all the Order’s activities. She also promised to continue to grow the Lodge and to promote our Italian heritage. The outdoing officers are: President George Iannuzzo, Vice President Deborah Deputat, Orator Maria DiCiaccio, Recording Secretary Mary Iannuzzo, Financial Secretary Joel Deputat, Treasurer Crescenzo Parrella, Trustees Charles Coppola, Mark Wallace, Anthony Tedesco, Ralph Carbone Jr., and Paula Coppola, Mistress of Ceremonies Kathy Anderson, Master of Ceremonies Louis Cannistraro, and Guard Pasquale Caruso. The incoming officers are: President Deborah Deputat, Vice President Kathleen Anderson, Immediate Past President George Iannuzzo, Orator Maria DiCiaccio, Recording Secretary Paula Coppola, Financial Secretary Crescenzo Parrella, Treasurer Charles Coppola, Trustees Joel Deputat, Louis Cannistraro, Anthony Tedesco, Ralph Carbone Jr., and Edward Joel Deputat (left) congratulat- Embriano, Mistress of Ceremoing his wife Deborah Deputat, nies Mary Iannuzzo, Master of newly installed President of Ceremonies Joseph Mazzola, and Guard Pasquale Caruso. Tewksbury Lodge #2872. In Bocca al Lupo!

(L-R): Front: Lodge President Deborah Deputat, Mary Iannuzzo, Installation Committee Chairperson Maria DiCiaccio, and Chris Parrella. Back: Charles Coppola, Paula Coppola, Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli Lodge #2183 (Wilmington) and State Deputy Charles DeStefano, State First Vice President Antonio Sestito, Trustee Joel Deputat, Immediate Past President George Iannuzzo, State Orator Denise Furnari, Louis Cannistraro, and Ralph Carbone.

Immediate Past President George Iannuzzo receiving a plaque from President Deborah Deputat for a job well done. Auguri!

Master of Ceremonies Joel Deputat.

Paula and Charles Coppola.

President Deborah Deputat and State Deputy Charles DeStefano. (L-R): Barbara DeStefano, Charles DeStefano, Mary Iannuzzo, and George Iannuzzo.

Immediate Past President George Iannuzzo giving his farewell address.

(L-R): Front: Installation Committee Chairperson Maria DiCiaccio, Carol Russo, and Pat Cognina. Back: Stan Finer, Louis Cannistraro, and Ted Russo.

Keynote Speaker, State Orator Denise Furnari.

(L-R): Front: Dorothy and Arthur Rosemond. Back: Barbara Parrella and Joan Tashjian.

(L-R): Ralph Carbone, Maggie Carbone, Gail Errera, Leonard Errera, and Douglas Sears, Esq.





Tewksbury Lodge #2872

Participates in Memorial Day Parade by Chris Parrella On May 25, 2015, the Tewksbury Lodge #2872 participated in the town’s Memorial Day celebration. The day was dedicated to members of the Armed Forces who gave their lives for the freedom we enjoy today. The day of appreciation started with a 5K race at the Tewksbury Country Club where our members joined hundreds of runners to raise funds for the Wounded Warriors Project, 9/11 Memorial Committee, Strongwater Farm, and Tewksbury Habitat for Humanity. In the afternoon, members participated in the Tewksbury Memorial Day Parade. This year, for the first time, our Lodge constructed and decorated a float, whose theme was “Where It All Started,” in recognition of our Lodge’s founding fathers — Tony Boschetti, George Iannuzzo and Joseph Mazzola — who got together for an espresso and a cappuccino at the Cafe Sicilia, and came up with the idea to establish the Tewksbury Lodge for the purpose of promoting our language, culture, and heritage. Credit for designing and constructing the float goes to members Charles and Paula Coppola, Deborah and Joel Deputat, Maria DiCiaccio, George and Mary Iannuzzo, Dorothy and Arthur Rosemond, Stan Finer, and Robert John Rosano.

Members on the “Where It All Started” themed float, representing where the idea for the Lodge was formed.

(L-R): Ed Embriano, Nina Embriano, and Joe Mazzola

Charles Coppola and grandchildren Luke Mendes and Lily Gzyzewski

Members riding atop the float in the Memorial Day Parade.

Nina Embriano, Anthony Curreri, Lya Keeley, Domenic Curreri and Ed Embriano

The Float Construction Team, consisting of Stan Finer, Maria DiCiaccio, Robert John Rosano, Joel Deputat, Deborah Deputat, Dorothy Rosemond, Joe Mazzola, Mary Iannuzzo and George Iannuzzo

Joel and Deborah Deputat

Tony Ippolito






Hosts Yard Sale by Michele Caira Nortonen The Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli Lodge #2183 in Wilmington joined forces with the Wilmington Band Parents to sponsor a mega yard sale on Saturday, May 30 on Wilmington Town Common. Chairman of the event, John Romano, organized the vendors, resulting in 33 tables of treasures for sale at bargain prices. As an added attraction, Wilmington’s own high school singing sensation, Soundscape, entertained the crowd, and

members of the school’s instrumental group, Strings Attached, followed with their repertoire. The grill, manned by Lodge President Charlie DeStefano and Chairman of the Roncalli Trust Kevin Caira, was sizzling all afternoon. Wilmington Lodge member Lennie Malvone pulled double duty as vendor and photographer. To add to the excitement, several owners of antique and classic cars brought their vehicles to display.

Event Chairman John Romano welcoming everyone to the yard sale.

Winthrop Ladies Lodge #2071 Hosts Local Author by Dottie D’Onofrio The Winthrop Ladies Lodge was pleased to invite Carmela Cattuti, a Boston-based artist, yoga instructor, and writer with a passion for design, to the Lodge’s May luncheon meeting. Carmela came to the Winthrop Arms Restaurant to present her wonderful book “Between the Cracks: One Woman’s Journey from Sicily to Local author Carmela Cattuti. America,” a heartwarming story based on her great aunt’s journey from Sicily to America. After her formal presentation, Sister members casually exchanged enlightening stories about immigration and the many challenges it presents. The Lodge looks forward to her next writings and wishes her every success in all her future endeavors.

Winthrop Mixed Lodge #2057 Participates in Memorial Day Parade by Donna Segreti Reilly

Lodge member Alicia Johnson decided against selling her sunbrella.

Grill master Charlie DeStefano.

Laura and Michele Caira making a sale.

Barbara DeStefano relaxing before the onslaught of customers.

(L-R): Donna Segreti Reilly, Rinaldo Agostinelli, Cathy Agostinelli, Paul Carucchio, and Janice Pomeroy. Winthrop Mixed Lodge #2057 displayed their Italian American pride, and their honor and respect for those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country, by participating in Winthrop’s Memorial Day Parade on May 25, 2015.

Tewksbury Lodge #2872 Initiates New Member by Chris Parrella

Wilmington High School choral group Soundscape entertaining the event attendees.

(L-R): Lodge President George Iannuzzo, Lodge President-Elect Deborah Deputat, and new member Paul Bartalamia. Strings Attached, another musical group from Wilmington High School, providing music for the crowd. (Photos by Lennie Malvone)

On March 16, 2015 the Tewksbury Lodge #2872 welcomed a new member, Paul Bartalamia. Benvenuto!





Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli Lodge #2183

Winthrop Mixed Lodge #2057 Awards Scholarships

Participates in Rotary Trivia Challenge

by Donna Segreti Reilly

by Michele Caira Nortonen

(L-R): Seated: Lou Intoppa. Standing: Lennie Malvone, Lucille Malvone, Barbara Intoppa, and Charlie Eddy.

(L-R): Jessica Vigliotta, Maghen Donahue, Lodge President Kathi Young, Christine Haskell, and Katherine Teixeira. Winthrop Mixed Lodge #2057 recognized its scholarship recipients with a pizza party celebration on June 23, 2015, at the Winthrop Elks Hall. Jessica Vigliotta will be attending Marist College to major in Political Sci-

ence, Maghen Donahue will attend Bunker Hill Community College for Nursing, Christine Haskell will study Autism and Behavioral Analysis at Endicott College, and Katherine Teixeira will be going to Salem State

A dozen members from the Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli Lodge #2183 in Wilmington participated in the Rotary Club’s Annual Trivia Challenge on June 13, 2015. Proceeds from the evening will support the Rotary’s scholarship fund. The three teams from the Lodge had a great time and answered many questions very well, but didn’t make it to the top.

University to major in Education. Two recipients, Sean Gillis and Jonathan Griffiths, were not able to attend. The Lodge congratulates all the young scholars, and wishes them all good luck.

Methuen Lodge #902 Scholarship Awards Night by Dottie Crisa

(L-R): Mary Buscone, Karen Scalzi, and Kayla Boebel

Lodge President Ralph Bagarella, Jessica Mary DiMauro, Daniel Charles Bonanno, Stephanie Marie Guy, and Marguerite Sciuto. The Methuen Lodge #902 held their Scholarship Awards Night on May 19, 2015. Recording Secretary Marguerite Sciuto led the program as Chairperson Rosemarie Castro was unable to attend the event. After reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, Dottie Crisa read the invocation, and the awards — each for $1,000 — were presented to the high school recipients by Lodge President Ralph

Bagarella. The 2015 awards were given to Daniel Charles Bonanno, Jessica Mary DiMauro, and Stephanie Marie Guy. The Lodge thanks its scholarship committee, consisting of Chairperson Rosemarie Castro, and members Dottie Crisa, Donna DiMauro, Anne Laurenza, and Marguerite Scuito for their assistance with this endeavor.

Get the most out of your membership!

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(L-R): Seated: Lorraine Eddy and Lisa Troy. Standing: Tom Gorham and Pia Romano.

• President’s Message (Continued from Page 2) Fratelli e Sorelle, aspiro con piacere a lavorare col nuovo Consiglio Statale, la ‘Benefit Insurance Commission, la Charitable & Educational Trust, e la OSIA Trust of 1985/ Building Trust. Siamo in grado di conseguire qualsiasi obiettivo che vogliamo, ma solo se lavoriamo insieme. Voglio ringraziare di nuovo tutti per eleggermi il nuovo Presidente Statale. Guardo con piacere al gran desiderio diservirvi per i pros-

simi due anni. Se qualcuno ha dei quesiti, o idée, .vi prego di chiamarmi senza esitazione, o di mandarmi un messaggio email Sono fortemente convinto che insieme faremo la piu’ forte Gran Loggia dei Figli d’Italia in Amnerica. Auguro a tutti voi una grande Estate. Fraternamente, Antonio Sestito Presidente Statale




Methuen Lodge #902 Hosts Golf Tournament by Dottie Crisa

Marsha Kinnear, Ray Collins, Julian Lind, Carol Sylvester, Dottie Crisa, Key Program members Melissa Royer and Jerrid Kenney, Mayor Zanni, Golf Chairperson Mike Cuscia, Key Program Chairperson Sue Spitale, Key Program member Amanda Robbins, Bob Mele, and Key Program member Howard McKenzie. (Not pictured: Key Program members Susan Mokray and Kara Webster, and Methuen Lodge members Pat Coco and Frank Napolitano).

On Friday, May 15, 2015 the Methuen Lodge #902 hosted a golf tournament at the Merrimack Valley Golf Club in Methuen, Massachusetts to raise funds for the Lodge’s Scholarship Program and the Key Program of Methuen, Massachusetts. It was a day of great weather for 80 golfers, who enjoyed coffee and doughnuts at registration, a hot dog and drinks at the turn, and an annual Italian Lunch served at the Methuen Sons of Italy. It was a fun afternoon filled with good food, raffles galore, and many happy winners, including those who won Red Sox tickets for an upcoming game against the Yankees, as well as a game against the Astros in July. There were over 25 winners of other donated prizes, including gift certificates and golf packages from the Merrimack and Haverhill Country Clubs. Mayor Stephen Zanni, a member of the Methuen Lodge, attended the shotgun start and lunch after the tournament. A huge thank you is extended to all of the volunteers for making it a great event.

In Memory In Memory of

Rosemarie Vaudo by Cambridge Italian Men’s and Ladies Lodge #506


In Remembrances


The Grand Lodge received notification of the death of the following members. The Grand Lodge of Massachusetts extends sincere condolences to the members of their families. LODGE NAME Cristoforo Colombo Regina Elena #169 Bandiera e Concordia #240 Bandiera e Concordia #240 ITAM #564 Methuen #902 Methuen #902 Piave Fiume #1036 Piave Fiume #1036 Ambrose D. Cedrone #1069 Ambrose D. Cedrone #1069 Ambrose D. Cedrone #1069 Quincy Men #1295 Milford #1356 Milford #1356 Joseph Gorrasi #1406 Quattro Eroi #1414 Stella Del Nord #1436 Stella Del Nord #1436 Cornelia dei Gracchi #1583 Woburn Ladies #1584 Sgt. Guido Petrilli #1606 Fiore D’Italia #1640 Victor Emanuel #1646 Wakefield #1734 South Shore Men #1850 Winthrop Mixed #2057 Winthrop Mixed #2057 Seacoast Area Lodge #2303

CITY Fitchburg Marlboro Marlboro Pittsfield Methuen Methuen Watertown Watertown Newton Newton Newton Quincy Milford Milford Woburn Frankling Quincy Quincy Watertown Woburn Roslindale Newton Haverhill Wakefield Hingham Winthrop Winthrop Portsmouth

NAME Rose M. Kimball Dorothy Capobianco John Zilembo Nancy A. Whalen Fred C. Leocata Benedetto Maccarone Alfred Centola Philip Pane Thomas Cloonan Richard Corbett Lawrence W. Sampson Daniel F. DeGregorio Albert L. DeGeorge Arthur A. Gattozzi Joseph Cagnina Alma R. DeBaggis Marjorie A. Allegrini Theresa Coscia Eleanor Andrews Catherine M. Lancelotta Thomas J. Vacirca Sr. Lucy Giannone Donald Mauro Scatamacchia Jeanne Penney Frank J. Tarzia Jr. Richard DiFlumeri Maryann Lounsbury Eleanor Vaccaro

Name of Deceased: ____________________________________________________________________ Name of Bereaved: ____________________________________________________________________ Street Address: _______________________________________________________________________ City, State, Zip: _______________________________________________________________________ Name of Donor: ______________________________________________________________________ Street Address: _______________________________________________________________________ City, State, Zip: _______________________________________________________________________ TYPE/PRINT MESSAGE IN BOX

SELECT MEMORIAM TYPE T One Line ........................................$10.00

T Small Box 1¾ by ¾" ..........................$20.00

 T Medium Box 3¾ by ¾" .................$35.00

T Large Box 5½ by 1½" ......................$100.00

Make all checks payable to:Charitable & Educational Trust Mail check and form to: Charitable & Educational Trust, 93 Concord Avenue, Belmont MA 02478

July/August 2015  

101st Annual State Convention recap, lodge events.

July/August 2015  

101st Annual State Convention recap, lodge events.