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THE President President: Renee Clark



Happy New Year! I hope you and your families had a joyous holiday season. The beginning of a New Year is always so exciting because of the wonderful possibilities that come with starting something new. I am very excited to be a part of this Association as President and I really look forward to working with each and every one of you in the coming year. There are lots of exciting new plans that you will see throughout the year. We will continue to offer lots of educational courses that will stimulate every member, from

the seasoned Realtor® to the new Realtor®. I hope that you take the time to participate in some of these educational opportunities. We also plan to stay involved in the community through our Community Involvement Committee. Last year we were able to not only participate in many of the programs in the Community, but we were also able to give a couple of scholarships to Osceola County High School Seniors, which we intend to do this year as well. Please watch for the application so that you

can pass this along to your clients. I am also excited about working with our new Board of Directors. We have a fantastic team of people that are truly there for the members and I can’t wait to start working with them. I would like to thank our immediate Past President, Tim Weisheyer, on his service to this association. He did a great job leading this Association this past year and I look forward to our continuing work together. I am so proud to be a part of this Association.

As a life long resident of Osceola County and a second generation REALTOR® for 20 years, I am honored to be President of this Association. My heart is here and I am going to strive to work with all of you as a team to make this the best Association in Florida. I hope that you will join me in my efforts. Please count on me to do my best for the members and I look forward to seeing you in the coming year. I hope you have happiness, health and prosperity in the New Year. ­­— Renee Clark

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INITIATIVE In 2012, our association will fully align with

the National Association of REALTORS速, Inc. Global Alliance Council initiative after almost four years of transition. Congratulations to our successive Presidents, Directors and involved committee leadership (especially Angel Ortiz) for transitioning this effort. As individuals and as a profession, we are embarking on an expedition into the uncharted waters of global real estate.



GLOBAL INITIATIVE In 2012, our association will fully align with the National Association of REALTORS®, Inc. Global Alliance Council initiative after almost four years of transition. Congratulations to our successive Presidents, Directors and involved committee leadership (especially Angel Ortiz) for transitioning this effort. As individuals and as a profession, we are embarking on an expedition into the uncharted waters of global real estate. The University of North Carolina recognizes the importance of the development of skills for global success through its LEAD research. LEAD stands for: • Language… communicating in English and in at least one strategic foreign language • Entrepreneurship… devising new ways to respond to local, national, and global needs • Adaptability… adjusting to new information and media; continually learning new knowledge and skills • Diplomacy… collaborating effectively with increasingly diverse groups of people The correlations between the real estate professions in today’s global and economically challenging and changing environment are unmistakable. Tomorrow’s REALTORS® will have the opportunity to interact with new sets of generationally and culturally diverse people, and will therefore experience benefits and challenges

that previous generations of REALTORS® did not. This also means that the decisions made in our local communities may have a global impact, while the decisions made elsewhere in the world may influence Osceola County and the entire Central Florida area as well. Hopefully, through our professional association, our members will develop a better awareness and appreciation of each other, a greater knowledge of world events and global dynamics that affect real estate, and engage in productive multicultural and multinational networks. Few professions capture the essence of entrepreneurship and adaptability the way the real estate profession does. However, 2012 may be the year to brush up on our diplomacy and language skills. Whether we are working at home or abroad, diplomacy is a much needed skill for associates and brokers, alike. Diplomacy involves empathic listening, facilitating consensus between people, and solving problems through negotiation. REALTORS® routinely act as unbiased non-participatory facilitators and guides. They engage in conflict resolution by understanding the positions and interests of each side of a transaction, proposing a range of options for solutions, and guiding disputing parties to reach mutually acceptable positions. REALTORS® negotiate between stakeholders that share a need to act. The diplomatic skill of structuring an environment conducive to agreement, where each party can win through compromise, mutual agreement or even innovation, is practiced every day in this business. It seems to me that REALTORS® are natural diplomats! Plan now to attend classes and events promoted by your Global Alliance Committee.

GLOBAL ALLIANCE Christmas is quite a small festival in India since only 2.3% of people are Christians


“few professions capture the essence of entrepreneurship & adaptability the way the real estate profession does” carol platt ae



Global Alliance


photo credit © 2011 Steven Miller •



Church of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ in St. Petersburg, Russia, marks the spot where Tsar Alexander II was fatally wounded in 1881


Did you realize that Christmas is not celebrated the same around the world? In China, only about 1% of the people are Christians so most people only know a few things about Christmas. Outside of the major cities like Shanghai, Beijing and Honk Hong most people in the countryside don’t celebrate or might not have even heard about Christmas. The strange thing is that most of the world’s plastic Christmas trees and Christmas decorations are made in China, but the people making them might not know what they are for! In India, compared to other religious festivals, Christmas is quite a small festival due to the fact that only 2.3% of people are Christians. Instead of the traditional Christmas tree, a banana or mango tree is decorated and sometimes people use mango leaves to decorate their homes. In the lower southern hemisphere countries like Australia and New Zealand, Christmas falls during the middle of the summer holidays

and they have never seen a white Christmas. In Russia, the Russian Orthodox Church still uses the old Julian calendar; therefore its Christmas celebration falls on January 7th, 13 days behind the West. It’s a day of both solemn ritual and joyous celebration. Before this date, Orthodox Russians fast for six weeks. This fast is completely vegetarian and requires that there must not be any parties or gatherings. After the 1917 Revolution, Christmas was banned throughout Russia, along with other religious celebrations. It wasn’t until 75 years later, in 1992, that the holiday was openly observed. Today, it’s once again celebrated in grand fashion, with the faithful participating in an all-night Mass in incense-filled Cathedrals amidst the company of the painted icons of Saints. By now we should have recovered from the hustle and bustle of the Christmas holiday and it’s time to put our “shoulders back to the wheel.”



Albert Einstein once said “My success is not so much due to my intelligence but as result of my persistence and perseverance… I know of a thousand ways that it won’t work”. In an increasing dynamic and competitive real estate marketplace, persistence, knowledge and training will prove to be invaluable in capturing your share of the international market. Persistence is having the tenacity of a bulldog… I want it… I must have it… I will do whatever it takes to get it! Going after it blindly can however prove to be disastrous; to be successful and outpace the competition we must educate and train ourselves and keep abreast of any issues in the global arena. I know of at least one agent who successfully targeted Venezuelan investors because she realized that people wanted to move their money due to the government’s policy and the rapidly falling value of the Venezuelan currency. Another international issue is what’s taking place in Europe; the collapse of a few economies and the possible collapse of other countries. The Euro is not as strong as it once was and so, many opportunities are presenting itself both from a purchasing and selling standpoint. As savvy agents we must understand how to use these situations to our advantage. This year the focus of the Global Alliance Committee (GAC) is to certify, educate and expose our members to a variety of issues in the international market place. According to a recent report by NAR, approximately 25-30% of homes sold in Florida were bought by foreigners; if you are looking to get into or increase your market share it will make sense to stand out from the crowd. The CIPS certification will give you the edge and credibility to foreigners looking for an agent or when you contact them. Here are some of the reasons why. • The CIPS Designation is the only designation of its kind in the real estate community. It’s synonymous with advanced expertise, a global perspective and distinct understanding of a global buyer, and comes with powerful brand recognition with designees in nearly 40 countries. • By earning your CIPS Designation, you instantly align yourself with the best in the business, and join our influential network of international professionals. Don’t just give your business a global spin; take your business to the global level.

The CIPS Designation can also increase your earning potential – on average, CIPS designees earn $50,000 more than non-CIPS designees from real estate sales annually, based on a 2008 member survey. The Global Alliance Committee and the Professional Development Committee are working to have this certification course thought right here at OSCAR. As always, we try our endeavour best to ensure we keep cost to our members at a minimum and as soon as we have finalized the details members will be informed. The GAC will be giving away a free course to one of the first 50 people who sign up and actually take the course. Please go to and sign up to be eligible and receive details once we finalize.

THE GLOBAL ALLIANCE COMMITTEE WISHES YOU AND YOUR FAMILY A HAPPY AND SUCCESSFUL 2012! “...Christmas decorations are made in China, but the people making them might not know what they are for!”



Utilizing YouTube® to reach…


exposure CONTRIBUTOR: Kemp Howland


Fire Up Your Real Estate Business With Video Kemp Howland is the owner of Concordia Studios, a visual imaging company in Central Florida specializing in video production, post production and distribution. Concordia Studios helps brokers, agents and other professionals create high quality videos for incorporation in their internet marketing strategies.

Wayne Gretsky is generally regarded as the best player in the history of the National Hockey League. He is the leading point-scorer in NHL history. When asked how he managed to consistently score so many more goals than any other player, Gretsky told the reporter that he simply “… skates to where the puck is going to be.” In the practice of real estate, we need to make sure we are “… where the customer is going to be.” Over the last two years trends have shown that most North Americans go to two internet sources to find information: Google® and YouTube®. A Google® search for “Central Florida REALTOR®” recently yielded a whopping 6,300,000 results. The same search on YouTube® returned just 597 results. For the real estate agent, YouTube® is a much better source of customers than Google®. It is safe to assume that you, as a Realtor®, probably have a web site, or are featured on your broker’s web site. Your web site gives you a 1 in 6,300,000 chance of being found (nearly four times better than the Florida Lotto® game!) A video search with the keywords “Central Florida REALTOR®” lowers the odds to 1 in 597. Where do you think is the best chance of a customer finding you? The point is, if you are not posting videos on YouTube®, you are cheating yourself. You are effectively invisible to nearly half of the people who may be looking for what you have to offer. Factor in the better odds of being found on YouTube®, and there is a 10,500 times better chance


of someone finding you on YouTube® than on Google®. The bottom line is you can’t afford to ignore YouTube®. You simply must create video content and post it on line if you plan to be found by buyers and sellers. There is one caveat regarding video that you must understand: the only thing worse for your business than no video is bad video. What is bad video? Bad video is what you get when you let your visual tour company create and post a video from your photo tour of a listing. Bad video is what you get when you try to do an HGTV tour of a listing using a cell phone or a Flip Video™ camera. Bad video is over exposed (so bright you cannot tell what is being shown), underexposed (so dark you cannot see anything), bouncy, jittery and poorly planned. Bad video has terrible audio, horrible lighting and no script. In other words, bad video is what most agents who use YouTube® are posting. The first rule of using internet video to attract customers is: Do it right, or don’t do it at all! Would you go to a doctor who posted a video that made him look inept? Would you frequent a dentist who made dentistry look painful? Would you fly with a pilot if his video made him look confused and incompetent? We know that you have a better chance of being found by buyers and sellers if you post videos on YouTube®. What happens when the customer finds your video is important. The purpose of marketing yourself and your services is to get customers to contact you. If your video is professional in both content and production quality, you have a better chance of being contacted than if you produce a shoddy, unprofessional video. Remember: the prospect can eliminate you with a single mouseclick. Make sure your video keeps the prospect interested. When making a video for the internet, concentrate on content and quality. The best content tells a story. Which is more attractive: a scene where the camera gradually pans from left to right across a beautiful swimming pool; or a scene where people are playing in the same swimming pool, with kids splashing and adults immersed in lively conversation? People relate to human activity better than they relate to inanimate objects. Good content means less of you and more of what you want your customer to see. Nobody wants to sit through four or five minutes of you expounding on why you are the best agent in town. However, a few



“...if you are not posting videos on YouTube®, you are cheating yourself”

testimonials from enthusiastic and sincere former customers could make a big difference in the number of prospects who call you as a result of your video. Good content means answering questions before they are asked. Rather than looking into the camera and saying “This home is near the best schools in the area...” why not offer a few seconds of video showing two or three of the schools on a busy school day morning? Let your prospect see what the schools look like. You can always add voice-over to provide the proximity information. Are you trying to promote a neighborhood? Use video to show how close the neighborhood is to schools, shopping and places of worship. Quick cuts between these locations give the viewer something to look at while you talk (using background narration) about how little time it takes to get to church or the grocery store. Quality content is the foundation of an excellent video. Three one or two-second shots of a busy shopping center from different angles is better than a four or six-second shot showing just one view. Quick cuts from scene to scene begin to tell a story. Your job is to narrate the story so it makes sense. Start your video with a three-second graphic introducing yourself and your topic. Cut to a shot of

yourself (or your actor) telling the viewer what they are about to see. Then cut to whatever scenes you want them to see, and use voice-over narration to tell them what they are seeing. Finally, briefly cut back to yourself (or your actor) and summarize what you have shown them. Then ask for their business, and show them a five-second graphic with information on how to contact you. Make sure you have the required broker/agent disclosure somewhere on the final graphic. Production quality is the key to getting people to watch your videos. Production quality means • the video is properly lighted • the audio is free of echo and background noise • the story flows well • your narration is scripted and makes sense • the video does not suffer from shaking or abrupt, inexplicable changes in subject or focus Video quality depends a great deal on your equipment. Cell phones and Flip Video® are ill-suited to creating quality video. Use either a dedicated midrange Panasonic, Sony, or Canon DV camcorder, or take advantage of the new Canon and Nikon DSLR continued on page 12 //////



events THIS


featured event JANUARY 25TH

VA Mortgage Loans

TIME: 9:00AM - 12:00PM INFO: REGISTER CALL: 407 846 0117 JANUARY 30TH

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Every Monday OSCAR hosts an hour of Toastmasters TIME: 5:30PM - 6:30PM INFO: REGISTER CALL: 407 846 0117 JANUARY 24TH

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Great American Realtor速 days MORE INFORMATION: TO REGISTER CALL: 800 669 4327 FEBRUARY 6TH

New Member Orientation

TIME: 9:00aM - 12:30PM CONTACT: Dorothy Campbell REGISTER CALL: 407 846 0117

Completing an Effective Purchase & Sales Code of Ethics TIME: 1:00pM - 3:00PM Contract 3 CE Hours TIME: 8:00AM - 12:00PM INFO: REGISTER CALL: 407 846 0117

Goal Setting for 2012

3 CE Hours TIME: 1:00PM - 4:00PM CONTACT: Dorothy Campbell REGISTER CALL: 407 846 0117

Tax Deferred Purchase

4 CE Hours TIME: 10:0AM - 2:00PM CONTACT: Dorothy Campbell REGISTER CALL: 407 846 0117

CONTACT: Dorothy Campbell REGISTER CALL: 407 846 0117


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MLXchange Marketing on the Listing Maintenance Internet TIME: 1:00PM - 4:00PM (Español) INFO: REGISTER CALL: 407 846 0117 FEBRUARY 9TH

MLS Agent Web Page Setup

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NAR Issues Conference Boca Raton, FL

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Florida REALTORS® Great American REALTOR® Days in Tallahassee

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State of the Tax Law Changes Union/ 3 CE Hours Legislative TIME: 9:00AM - 12:00PM Changes CONTACT: Dorothy Campbell


FEBRUARY 14-15th

NAR Region 5 Summit


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CAN’T FIND SOMETHING YOU WANT TO ATTEND? Your REALTOR® Advocates work hard at providing you with the most up to date information going on here at the association. We are still human may miss something so, if you can’t find information that you need, let us know. We welcome your encouraging input.




maximum exposure cameras which offer HD video recording. If you can’t afford to buy, you can always rent. Either way, get the best camera you can afford. Use a tripod whenever possible to avoid shakes and unexpected camera angles (these unintended effects make viewers want to click away from your video.) When filming, never ever use the zoom feature. Viewers hate it, and it reeks of amateurism. If you need to zoom in on something, zoom in before you start recording. Stop the recording before you zoom out. Most microphones built into video camcorders are inadequate. Investigate an external microphone that can connect to your video camera. A lapel microphone, either wired directly to the camcorder or through a transmitter/receiver is best for quality audio. Next are a shotgun microphone (for outdoor use) and a handheld microphone. Shotguns tend to produce echo when used indoors. Handhelds give your video a “newsy” look that you may or may not want. An alternative is a high-end digital recorder (Tascam makes good ones) which records all audio to a separate digital file. You can then merge your audio and video during your editing process. This method provides much better control of your audio. The units are small enough to fit in a jacket pocket, and a lapel microphone can be easily connected. Your video should tell a story. Concentrate on lifestyle rather than construction details. It makes more sense to show a family relaxing in air-conditioned comfort than to show the insulation in the roof of the house. Viewers are more impressed with the sight of horses running in a field than they are with you (on camera) telling them the development is equestrian-friendly. Anytime you have the choice of telling or showing, pick showing. If a verbal explanation is required, use the voice-over narration whenever possible. You may also wish to print an explanation across the lower third of the screen when you are editing the video.

As you edit your video, you want to find a way to use the least amount of footage to tell the story. Less is more. Try cutting scenes in half and see if your video really loses anything. It probably won’t. Cut them in half again and see what happens. Ask your family and colleagues if they think the scenes are too long. Keep cutting until you have told your story in the least amount of time possible. When you change from scene to scene, your editing software may offer you lots of different transitions (the way the viewer experiences moving from one scene to the next.) Here is another rule: use only cuts and dissolves. Try not to have more than one dissolve for every five or six cuts. Your video will look much more professional if you follow this advice. If you plan to use titles to overlay the screen, use them on the bottom third of the screen so they don’t interfere with the visual impact of the story. If you use background music, make sure you have a license from the people who produced the music. If not, use a music generator (found in most video editing software packages) to create your own original background music. Finally, create a video channel on YouTube® where you can upload, edit and remove your videos as needed. It is free, and it will enhance your presence on the internet. Remove videos that are no longer viable (expired listings, agents who are no longer with your company, etc.) Add video signatures to your emails. Add links to your videos from your website. Add keywords which help the search engines find your video. Upload your listing videos to Promote your video channel using QR codes on your business cards and in print. Properly produced and distributed video can help you meet more buyers and sellers. Poorly produced videos can drive away prospects. It takes a bit of work to get good results. It takes years to overcome a bad video. Choose wisely.

There is a

10,500 times better chance of someone finding you on YouTube® than on Google®




ethicS REPORTER: Carol Platt, CRB, e-Pro


Quadrennial Ethics Training Must Be Completed In 2012! REALTORS® are required to complete ethics training of not less than 2 hours, 30 minutes of instructional time within fouryear cycle. The training must meet specific learning objectives and criteria established by the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION of REALTORS®. The current four-year cycle ended December 31, 2012. Local REALTOR® associations are required to provide access to ethics training programs that meet this requirement. This can be accomplished in conjunction with other associations or through some other method, such as home study, correspondence, classroom courses or online courses. New members of local REALTOR® associations must complete similar training when they first join. A new member who has completed the New Member Code of Ethics Orientation shall not be required to complete additional ethics training until the next four year cycle.

“Check our educational calendar and contact our Director of Professional Development, Dorothy Campbell by email: education@osceola-realtors. com or by phone at 407.846.0117, for information on registering for ethics classes, online options and video course arrangements.”

A REALTOR® who has completed the required ethics training within a four-year cycle in one association shall not be required to complete any further ethics training for that same training cycle if the REALTOR® becomes or is a member of another association. In addition, a member may take courses to satisfy this ethics training requirement through any association or outside training facility where the member can provide satisfactory documentation of completion. Ultimately, it is the local association where the individual holds membership that will determine if the training taken meets the required learning objectives and criteria. Failure to complete the required ethics training shall be a violation of a membership duty for which membership is suspended and subsequently terminated.




MARKETPLACE The National Association of REALTORS®, and Move, Inc. (NASDAQ: MOVE), the leader in online real estate and operator of Realtor. com, extended the lead of as the world’s largest online destination for real estate listings with the launch of the International web site. Available at, the new site delivers the millions of for-sale property listings displayed on to buyers across the globe, as well as residential properties fed to the site by foreign content providers. At launch, International will feature residential real estate listings from Brazil, Bulgaria, Croatia, France, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, and Spain. The International site can also be accessed from the homepage of In the past three months, nearly 2.6 million international visitors searched for U.S. real estate on The top

five countries where searches originated from are Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, Australia and India. “Increasingly, more and more Realtors® are working with international clients who want to buy property in the U.S. and the new International web site will not only allow Realtors® to offer their expertise and knowledge to a broader audience, but will also bring buyers and sellers together across the globe,” said NAR President Ron Phipps, brokerpresident of Phipps Realty in Warwick, Rhode Island. “Foreign buyers understand the value of owning a home in the U.S. and can rely on a REALTOR® because of their global perspective



In the past 3 months, nearly

2.6 million international visitors searched for U.S. real estate on

and understanding of different cultures and real estate practices. This collaboration with Move is just one of many ways Realtors® can expand and grow their business globally.” To help international and foreign-born buyers as they search for U.S. residential real estate, the new International search experience delivers enhanced translation options in 11 languages including Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish. The site also features easy-to-use currency and dimension converters available on all pages. “The U.S. continues to be a top destination for international buyers from all over the world, and remains a natural choice for international buyers because we offer the largest, freshest and most accurate collection of property listings available online,” said President, Errol Samuelson. “In recent years, foreign buyers have increasingly become interested in owning real estate in the United States. Like millions of U.S. consumers, they trust the brand to help them connect with Realtors® and find the property that’s right for their needs. Opening up the world of real estate on to include an international search experience is a natural evolution of our offerings at Move. We’re very excited to help hundreds of thousands of Realtors® grow their businesses beyond U.S. borders as they connect with international buyers.” NAR’s 2011 Profile of International Home Buying Activity reports the U.S. remains a top

destination for foreign buyers with international purchases surging $16 billion in the last year. According to the survey, total residential international sales last year in the U.S. equaled $82 billion. Total international sales were split evenly between nonresident foreigners and recent immigrants. International buyers of U.S. residential real estate came from 70 countries; the top five (Canada, Mexico, China, U.K., and India) accounted for 53 percent of all transactions from March 2010 to March 2011. Most states in the U.S. had at least one international transaction, while Arizona, California, Florida, and Texas—accounted for 58 percent of all U.S. residential transactions completed by international buyers. Proximity to the home country, the convenience of air transportation, and climate and location are the most important considerations to international buyers. ©NAR






2 years (monthly) - 11.1.09 to 11.1.11 key information Construction Type All

Osceola SFH Distressed vs. Total Sales Units Sold

Bedrooms All

Bathrooms All

Property Types Residential (Single Family Home)

Lot Size All Sq Ft All

This data is dependent upon timeliness of sales and totality of information reported by participants. The data reflects only the sales published through the Mid-Florida Regional Multiple Listing Service (MFRMLS) and does not include all sales in reported areas. Neither the Association nor the MFRMLS is in any way responsible for its accuracy. Data: Total Sales = all MFRMLS Osceola Single Family Housing (SFH) & Planned Unit Development (PUD). (SFH), (PUD)-REO/Bank Owned/Short Sale from Special Sale Provision. Average Days on Market is: Days to Closed

supply & demand number of units (FS) Monthly Change -84.06 Monthly % -2.01 Total Change -2,017.39 Total % Change -48.33

FOR SALE -48.3%



month’s supply of inventory (sold calculation) Monthly Change -0.23 Monthly % -2.34 Total Change -5.55 Total % Change -56.07

MSI SALE -56.1%

median price (sold) low, high, average, median Monthly Change -492.64 Monthly % -0.42 Total Change -11,823.25 Total % Change -10.17

FOR SALE -10.2%




affiliates ADVERTISING/PUBLICATIONS Guide To Homes, Inc. Rhonda Rogers 8297 Champions Gate Blvd # 381 Champions Gate, FL 33896 T 407-508-9899

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AGENT MARKETING SERVICES Concordia Film Studios Div. of Howland International, Inc. Kemp Howland 355 Falling Waters Drive Kissimmee, FL 34759 T 407-222-4847 PIP Printing & Marketing Dale Bohman 929 W. Oak Street Kissimmee, FL 34741 T 407-847-5565 / F 407-847-2698 ATTORNEYS Law Office of Daniel Villazon, P.A. 1420 Celebration Blvd. Celebration, FL 34747 T 407-483-0041 CONSTRUCTION/REPAIR/ RENOVATIONS Property Preservation Experts John Canonico 1809 E. Broadway Avenue Oviedo, FL 32765 T 407-588-7443 Servpro of Osceola County Dan Hougaard 1710 Kelley Avenue Kissimmee, FL 34744 T 407-933-0707 / F407-933-5014

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In 2009 Alvarez was the OSCAR President and he currently serves as a Florida REALTORS ® director for OSCAR and as a My Florida Regional Multiple Listing Service Director for OSCAR. He is also our 2011 Chair of Grievance and a Sterling R REALTORS ® Political Action Committee contributor.



The mission of the Osceola County Association of REALTORS® is to provide a dedicated success to its membership consisting of real estate professionals and affiliates, while adding value to the community.

An Osceola County Association of REALTORS® Past-President and Member, Jose Alvarez, earns a position on Osceola County’s Affordable Housing Advisory Committee. Alvarez will serve as a representative as an actively engaged real estate professional in connection with affordable housing. He will serve a period of three (3) years, effective immediately, expiring December 31, 2014. The Osceola County Affordable Housing Advisory Board has been tasked with the review, of established policies and procedures, ordinances, land development regulations, and the local government’s comprehensive plan, and shall recommend specific actions or initiatives to encourage or facilitate affordable housing while protecting the ability of the property to appreciate in value.

OSCAR MEMBER INDICATORS The Osceola County REALTORS® Association now receives Monthly Indicators, for residential real estate activity by members of the Association. For months, declining inventory has been the national tale to tell. This suggests a changing narrative with different voices. A buyer

might tell you that record low mortgage rates and affordable prices made homeownership more attractive than renting. A seller may say that less competition allowed them to receive more of their asking price. Real estate is local both in terms of geography and personal circumstance. New Listings were down 10.4 percent for detached homes and 15.5 percent for attached properties. Pending Sales increased 32.6 percent for single-family homes and 7.1 percent for townhouse-condo properties. The Median Sales Price remained flat for detached homes but increased 11.4 percent to $67,000 for attached properties. Month’s Supply of Inventory decreased 59.1 percent for single-family units and 63.7 percent for townhousecondo units. Recent reports from the broader economy have dispelled the story of a double-dip recession. An early reading of gross domestic product (GDP) showed 2.5 percent growth. Meanwhile, national job growth, a major driver of housing demand and price support, has recently strengthened. Existing home and condo sales in Florida continued to show gains in October, according to the latest housing data released by Florida Realtors®. Existing home sales increased 13 percent last month with a total of 13,755 homes sold statewide compared to

12,145 homes sold in October 2010, according to Florida REALTORS®. The Association is excited to have the live statistics available for research, as well as an upcoming meeting for OSCAR members to participate in a live Economic and Real Estate Market Forecasting Conference. The mission of the Osceola County Association of REALTORS® is to provide a dedicated success to its membership consisting of real estate professionals and affiliates, while adding value to the community. Related: All data from My Florida Regional Multiple Listing Service. Provided by Florida REALTORS®. Powered by 10K Research and Marketing.


Osceola County Association of Realtors® 1105 Shady Lane • Kissimmee, FL 34744

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