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Kids make memory boxes at art camp.

Let’s move! NFL Play 60 camp inspires kids to be active.





Residents near Arts District ask, ‘Where’s the art? PAGE 3


where the sidewalk ends By Wayne Grant | News Editor

Road ‘nightmares’ near completion in Ormond Residents: Why doesn’t widening extend north?

Emily Blackwood

Martha Whiting and her dog, Tiffy, show off their matching pink locks.

+ Woman dyes hair pink after beating breast cancer There’s no missing Martha Whiting and her pup, Tiffy. The 80-year-old volunteer at Family Renew Community Thrift Store in Ormond Beach rocks matching pink hair with Tiffy. She decided to make the drastic change after beating breast cancer seven years ago. “My husband loves it,” Whiting said. “He kept telling me to do the dog too for months, and I finally did it.” Whiting and her husband have been married for 50 years.

Wayne Grant

The widened Tymber Creek Road is very close to existing houses.

Two construction projects have been testing the patience of Ormond Beach area drivers, but the end of the bumpy road is in sight for both. Granada Boulevard should be smooth by the end of June to midJuly, depending on weather, and Tymber Creek, scene of traffic

backups since January, 2013, should be done by late August. “It’s been a nightmare for a lot of people,” said area resident Cristina Syfert about the Tymber Creek project. “There have been a lot of accidents. It’ll be great when it’s done.” The $6.1 million Tymber Creek Road widen-

ing project goes from Granada Boulevard north to Peruvian Lane. “It’s crazy not to go to Airport Road,” said area resident Gerry Corrigan. “There’s no common sense to it. There’s a school in both directions on Airport Road.”



Chip and Sue Howden created the “Weird Animals” exotic set at the Vacation Bible School at St. James Episcopal Church. See Page 11 for more coverage. Photo by Wayne Grant

Courtesy photo

Tom Silvey won first place with “Engine 493.”

+ The Casements Camera Club announces winners The Casements Camera Club announced the winners of its second-annual Spring Exhibit. The photos can be seen at the Ormond Beach Performing Arts Center until June 27. Winners include 1st Place: “Engine 493,” by Tom Silvey; 2nd Place: “Up and Over,” by Tom Silvey; 3rd Place: “Waiting for Lobster Season,” by Paul Johnson Best of Show: “Yavapai Point,” by Jamie Boyle People’s Choice Award: “Mickey’s Fun Wheel,” by Angela Bean For more, see

REMEMBERING ERIC JR. By Emily Blackwood | Staff Writer

Twin dies in childbirth The DeVrieses expected twins, but only one came home. When Eric and Melissa DeVriese found out they were going to have twins, they were excited, surprised and overwhelmed. “We always hoped for children,” Melissa DeVriese said. “Twins are always high risk, and I’m a little older, so that raises the possibility of issues. We were heavily monitored. We went through a lot of screening and a lot of exams, and nothing ever

indicated there was a problem. While cord accidents are the primary cause of still births, in twins that’s seldom a problem. According to the two doctors that I was seeing, in their combined 52 years of experience, they had never lost a baby to a twisted cord this late in a pregnancy.” It wasn’t until Melissa DeVriese went into preterm labor May 17, that the problem surfaced: One of the twins, Eric

Jr., had a cord twisted and turned over during childbirth. He did not survive. “There was nothing wrong with him; he was a perfectly normal baby,” Melissa DeVriese said. “It was just that his cord got twisted, and that’s what led to his demise. It was something that just wasn’t detected, even with all the sonograms and tests. No one had picked up on it.” Still, the DeVrieseses

Courtesy image

Eric Devriese introduces his 2-year-old daughter, Annamarie, to her new brother, Henry.

aren’t bitter. “The incredibly lucky part is that Eric Jr. passed while we were already in the hospital for pre-term labor,” Me-


JUDGMENT By Wayne Grant | News Editor

Man convicted in 2012 murder The 18-year-old defendant said the victim was his ‘sugar daddy.’ It took a Volusia County jury one hour on June 12 to find 18-year-old Dillon O’Donnell guilty of grand theft and first-degree murder in the death of William B. Davis III, according to a statement from the State Attorney’s Office. The murder occurred April 6, 2012, at 788 Buena Vista Way. O’Donnell stabbed the victim several times with a knife and repeatedly hit him with a cement lion lawn ornament, the evidence showed. The defendant then fled in the victim’s vehicle. Circuit Judge Margaret Hudson sentenced the defendant to life in prison for first-degree murder and five years in prison for grand theft, to run concurrently with the life sentence. Police were called to the scene at 12:40 a.m., after the victim’s aunt found his body lying in the yard. She also saw someone running from the scene. Davis lived in an upstairs apartment. Police found a bloody knife and a bloody statue of a lion in the yard. The investigators found a connection to O’Donnell by checking Davis’ cell phone records. He was the last person to text the victim. Police also found O’Donnell listed in a dating application on Davis’ phone. The victim’s car was found at an apartment in Holly Hill, where O’Donnell was residing. One of the roommates told police that on June 4, he was hanging out with O’Donnell on the front porch. O’Donnell said Davis owed him money, and he


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ART FOR SALE By Emily Blackwood | Staff Writer

Florida’s Garden Pit “The Unusual Is Our Standard” We grow our plants & hand pick our garden pottery

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Historical Society hosts art and collectibles sale Local art lovers gathered at the Anderson-Price Memorial Building for the Ormond Beach Historical Society’s sale. ‘We decided to go big time this year,’ said Carole Valcik, volunteer. Ceramic tigers, historical paintings and valuable jewelry filled the Anderson-Price Memorial Building June 14 for the Ormond Beach Historical Society’s Art and Collectibles Sale. “The stuff is amazing — you have no idea,” Historical Society Board Member Joan Skride said. “The jewelry, the art, good crystal, it’s just assorted in there.” The items were donated by residents of Ormond Beach and even a few people from the historical society. “We’re trying to raise money to pay for this building,” Skride said, pointing to the AndersonPrice building. “Everything we do is to support and keep up history. The stuff here is from people supporting that.” Skride estimated that the total value of the items at the sale was around $50,000. She helped out with the sale by donating her time, some fine jew-

elry and crystal. “A lot of this was donated,” Skride said. “People liquidated their homes and they wanted to sell it. They didn’t want to just give it away.” Last year, the society held a mini art sale that turned out to be wildly successful and exposed the need for a larger event. “We decided to go big time this year,” Historical Society Volunteer Carole Valcik said. “We’re not going to have it every year because it’s hard on our volunteers. We plan to do it every two years.” Valcik hoped to raise $5,000 at the event to help support some upkeep to the MacDonald House. “We have some 14-karat-gold jewelry,” Valcik said. “We have some art that is valued in between $1,000 and $2,000. And believe it or not, something that is extremely popular are the ceramic animals. We really have an eclectic mix.”

Jane Davies gets a closer look at the unique items for sale.

Photos by Emily Blackwood

Joe and Corrinne Stock browse the selection for something that catches their eye. Ormond Beach residents Joe and Corrinne Stock enjoyed searching through the mix to find something they like. “We like a lot of oriental type stuff,” said Corrinne Stock, who a collector of German Stieff Bears. “I have about 200 of the Steiff Bears. The thing is when you donate something, other people don’t know what it’s worth or what you paid for it. We just buy what we like.”

Ormond Beach residents got on their hands and knees to look through the available art.



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no art in the arts district? By Wayne Grant | News Editor

City seeks ‘arts’ identity

Ormond MainStreet leader says developing an arts district is an ongoing project.

The banners declaring “Arts District” along Granada Boulevard have prompted discussions on Ormond Beach-related Facebook pages. “Where’s the Art?” one person wrote, under a photo of a banner. “‘Arts District’ brings more to mind than just a garden and a small museum, even if they are a good start,” wrote another. “Need more than an art show on the river every year. Need more permanent venues,” wrote someone else. In a recent conversation, Julia Truilo, director of Ormond MainStreet, said people always ask her why Ormond Beach isn’t like New Smyrna Beach, or Mount Dora, or Sarasota. She said the answer is fairly straightforward: It isn’t any of those places. She said Ormond Beach must do what it is good at, using the existing facilities. “It would be very dull if all little towns had the exact same mix of artists and restaurants and cute little shops,” she said. “You couldn’t tell one from the other. Ormond has its own feel and its own energy. That’s what we should build on.” She said there’s “a lot going

Wayne Grant

These banners on Granada Boulevard have prompted some people to ask, “Where’s the art?” on” right now in the arts, but she admitted there is still a lot of work to do before Ormond Beach is known as a true arts district. She pointed out several cultural opportunities in the city. Some are well known, like the art classes and displays at The Casements, Frame of Mind and the Ormond Memorial Art Museum and Gardens. Others are less known, such as Bill Jones’ collection of art that hangs in The Grind, and the Meet the Artist events held periodically at Dunn’s Attic. “For performing art, you have the Performing Art Cen-

ter,” she said. “We’ve had poetry readings at Frappes and The Grind.” Truilo points out that it’s an Arts District, with an “s” on the end of art, and includes more than just visual art. “I would like to see us do what no other city is doing and that is to include the performing arts in its various guises — spoken word, music — as part of our arts district,” she said. “One way to do this is to have more arts festivals. We only have Art in the Park.” As an example, MainStreet has recently announced a new event on Sept. 26, called the Granada Grand Festival of

the Arts. Truilo said it will feature both visual and performing arts along West Granada Boulevard, including a battle of the bands, local performers, a kids’ zone and visual artists. “It will be a really fun event,” she said. “It’s our first stab at a large art event.” She said she also has a vision of doing some kind of “crazy little music festival” with multiple venues. She mentioned The Grind, Anderson Price Building, St. James Episcopal Church, Ormond Beach Library and Lulu’s as possible venues. She said it would be very beneficial to have a space where artists have studios, like the Hub in New Smyrna Beach. She said it could happen in Ormond Beach, if there were an available building. “They had a large, empty office building,” she said. “It took about five years to raise the money to put that project together.” She said the plan for Ormond MainStreet is to continue encouraging the arts and adding events, until it becomes an unstoppable force, like a rock rolling down a hill. “We’ll just keep on keeping on,” she said.

finding friends and fitness By Wayne Grant | News Editor

Walkers challenge themselves Teresa White, out early one morning for a brisk walk for exercise, said she was really tempted to hit the snooze alarm that morning. But she knew her friend, Pam Kelley, would be expecting to see her there. “If Pam wasn’t going to be there, I would have hit the snooze,” she said. They walk each week in the Mayor’s Mile, sponsored by Florida Hospital Medical Center. It is a continuation of the Mayor’s Fitness Challenge. In its second year, the Mayor’s Challenge ran from Jan. 4 through March. Unlike the first year, participants are getting together through the summer to help each other

stay in shape. “So many people said they wanted to keep in touch,” said Christina Maguire, event organizer and risk manager in the city of Ormond Beach Human Resources department. She said the participants wanted social interaction, support and a social network. This summer, they are getting together a couple of times a month at local coffee shops and the Mayor’s Mile walk. They are also getting discounts for jazzerise at city facilities and Maguire said she is looking into yoga and other activitties. Kelley said it’s easy to stop exercising when you work out alone. With a partner, you have

Wayne Grant

Teresa White and Sue Kelley walk in the Mayor’s Mile.

“accountability,” she said. They met in the Mayor’s Challenge, when Kelley, who is from Indiana, noticed that

White was wearing an Indianapolis Colts jacket. Being interested in fitness, they found they had a lot in common, such as kayaking. An advantage of walking is that they have discovered things around the city, such as Ames Park on South Beach Street, which includes a collection of statues and water features. They said they also discovered a paved trail through the woods across from Tomoka State Park that was built a couple of years ago. “Ormond Beach has a lot of nice things people don’t realize,” White said. They also discovered fitness studios and restaurants in the Mayor’s Challenge.

FARM BAG By Alexandra Warnock | Contributing Writer

Food delivery service expands A chef makes meals with fresh produce and delivers within 24 hours of picking. Local Fare Farm Bag South has moved its services even farther south of its home base in St. Augustine, opening up a new delivery service in Ormond Beach two months ago. Former chef Bryant Loeffler started the company after working for years at an organic farm-to-table restaurant in Savannah, Georgia. At the restaurant, he would design entrees based on the organic produce he was given. He

started the company to give more people access to the fresh produce. Now, every week, Loeffler uses his chef skills to make recipes using the produce of the week. These recipes are included as part of the company’s produce bags, which are delivered to the door of their customers every week. Much of the produce is picked by Loeffler himself at a variety of local farms; the deliveries

are made to clients within 24 hours of picking. Loeffler is passionate about organic foods and considers many of the added ingredients in processed food to be unhealthy. “Nowadays, it’s all about fast and convenience,” he said. “In order to have it that way, the food is filled with preservatives.” He believes that healthy, organic eating habits can reverse disease.

“Getting the kids to eat vegetables is a huge response we get from the customers,” said his coworker, Laura Gay. Loeffler even teaches his clients to enjoy vegetables with recipes like jalapeño creamed corn and panzanella, or Tuscan bread salad. “Our main thing is we are a culinary experience and not just delivering food,” Loeffler said. Call 627-8936.


INBRIEF + Thieves target burned home Three bicycles were stolen from a home at 220 N. Beach St. that was destroyed by fire on May 25. The bicycles were being kept in the garage. The owner, John Norton, told police on June 8 that the three bikes were missing from the detached garage, according to the police report. No one has been living at the property since the fire. He told police that when he arrived at the property, the garage door was partially open and the hinge-type lock was missing. He told police he does not know when the theft occurred. A neighbor said she had not seen anyone on the property other than the people who were helping the family go through their belongings to salvage what they could from the fire and water damage. Stolen were a red Nishiki, a turquoise, ladies Raleigh and a light-blue Scott. The Nishiki was described as 20 years old and the other two were said to be 2 years old. When the fire occurred in May, the three occupants of the home evacuated without injuries. The home was considered a total loss, according to a press release.

+ Man arrested for exposure Michael East, 53, is facing two counts of lewd or lascivious exhibition after he was accused on June 13 of exposing himself to two young girls in the 1400 block of Avenue C, near Ormond Beach. The girls immediately told their parents, and when the parents confronted East, he took off on foot. About a half-hour after deputies got on scene to begin their investigation, East returned to the area. During questioning, East admitted exposing himself. He was booked into the Volusia County Branch Jail on $20,000 bond.

+ City hopes medians on Clyde Morris can be improved City Commissioners met in a brainstorming session on June 17 before their regular meeting. “This is an informal session,” Mayor Ed Kelley said. “We never get a chance to talk.” (Sunshine laws prevent public officials from discussing public matters in private.) Commissioner Rick Boehm brought up the medians along Clyde Morris Boulevard, which are in the county. He said they are not properly maintained and have a poor appearance. “People think that’s Ormond Beach,” he said. Boehm suggested the city go maintain the medians, but City Manager Joyce Shanahan suggested working with the county to get their involvement. The commissioners generally agreed that there is a lack of communication between the city and the county. Mayor Ed Kelley said the county had canceled meetings formerly held between the mayors of Volusia County and the county chair. “Those meetings were productive,” he said. The commissioners directed Shanahan to set up a meeting with county officials. The commissioners also discussed the problem of pedestrians trying to cross State Road A1A. Shanahan said the city is working with the East Volusia Traffic Safety Council to develop pedestrian crossing areas and signage.

+ Correction, clarification Four names of players on the Ormond Beach Breakers U12 girls soccer team were misspelled on Page 10 of the June 12 edition. The correct spellings are Vivianna Feigenbaum, Summer Klein, Brianna McLoughlin, Cameron Flositz and Madelyn Bronson. The following names were spelled correctly: Alihya Hahn, Katrina Russell, Katherine Brick, Hannah Arnold, Grace Hawryluk, Gabrielle Johnston, Lexie Hooper and Nara Solis. The girls, coached by Jason Arnold, competed in the Phoenix Recreational Cup on May 17-18, in Palm Bay. The team overcame illnesses and injuries and finished in second place.



Ormond Beach

SANCHEZ PARK 329 Sanchez Avenue

Sanchez Park encompasses 8.4 acres and abuts the banks of the Tomoka River. With large, shady trees, the park hosts a variety of amenties including a large fishing dock, a boat ramp, picnic tables and grills, a playground, and restrooms. The park is open from sunrise to sunset. Park Hours: Sunrise to Sunset 386-676-3250



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ROADS / FROM PAGE 1 He also said 18-wheelers travel to Airport Business Park. Syfert agreed. “It’s ridiculous,” she said. “I don’t know what they are fixing.” Gerald Brinton, county engineer, said the original plan called for the road to be widened to four lanes all the way to Airport Road. “We did the planning and permitting to go to Airport Road, but we don’t have the funding,” he said. “That’s true of roads all over Volusia County — we don’t have the funding.” He said there is only money available for maintenance, and not widening roads to four lanes. However, Brinton said, most of the congestion is south of Peruvian Lane, because that is where traffic from the neighborhoods spills out into Tymber Creek Road, heading south to Granada Boulevard. Adding to the cost of widening the road north of Peruvian Lane, Brinton said, is that the county would need to purchase land from private parties. South of Peruvian Lane, the county was able to use a right of way that it owns. Some people think that large sections were taken from the homeowners, because the sidewalk is very close to some of the houses. Brinton said the problem is that the developer of the properties placed the lots next to the county right of way with no buffer. “I hate to see it,” Brinton said.

In places, a metal railing has been installed to separate the sidewalk from the backyards. The limited amount of space to put in a new road and stormwater pipes was a challenge for the road builders. “The maintenance of traffic flow was very, very difficult,” Brinton said. “The neighborhood will be very happy when we are finished.”

Granada repaving delayed

Meanwhile, Granada Boulevard has been a challenge for motorists who have been bumping over the uneven pavement and manhole covers. While the entire project will last until November, Jessica Keane, spokesman for the Florida Department of Transportation, said the lanes will be repaved, and smooth, by the end of June, if there are no weather delays. The weather could delay completion until mid-July. The project includes adding mast arm traffic lights at some of the intersections, and some work had to be done before repaving could be finished. Also, she said, the weather delayed the repaving. She said work will continue on the mast arm traffic lights and sidewalks until November. It may be done earlier, she said, because the project is ahead of schedule Ormond Beach city officials have said citizens have contacted them to complain about the roads, but Granada Boulevard is an FDOT project and Tymber Creek is county, and the city has no control over either project.

MURDER / FROM PAGE 1 was going to kill him, according to the roomate. O’Donnell was holding a knife and made reference to stabbing the victim and slicing his throat. O’Donnell said Davis was his “sugar daddy” and owed him $800, according to the roommate. Another roommate said that on June 5, the night of the murder, the victim came to the residence and picked up O’Donnell. The roommate said he then left for an hour,

and when he came back the victim’s car was in the driveway. O’Donnell was in his room, wiping off his arms with a towel, the roommate said. There was a lot of blood on his arms. He later came out of the room, cleaned up. O’Donnell tried to pull the license plate off the vehicle, and eventually left with his bloody clothes in a bag. On April 25, 2012, O’Donnell was indicted by a grand jury for first-degree murder.

TWIN / FROM PAGE 1 lissa DeVriese said, “giving the doctors enough time to deliver his twin, Henry, which saved Henry’s life. The doctors who delivered Henry had to resuscitate him and said that had the delivery been delayed even a few more minutes, we would have lost him, as well.” Henry DeVriese has been in Neonatal Intensive Care Unit since his birth, but the DeVriese’s are hopeful they can bring him home in the next few weeks. Melissa DeVriese said that when the time is appropriate, they will explain to Henry what happened. “We will tell him that his brother was very loved and cared for and how happy we are that Henry survived.” The family buried Eric Jr. and held a funeral for him. They plan on keeping his memory alive through local charity work. A donation was made in Eric Jr.’s honor to Food Brings Hope so that they could build a home for teenage boys.



Courtesy photo

Eric and Melissa DeVriese with their new baby boy, Henry

In November, the family will participate in a walk that their friends Tyler and Kahlin Kelly organized through the Tears Foundation, a nonprofit that assists parents with financial expenses for their baby who has died. It was on the same night that the Kellys found out they were going to have a baby boy, that Eric Jr. passed away. The Florida Walk and Rock is Nov. 8, in Port Orange.

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GETTING ALONG? By Wayne Grant | News Editor

City, county reach service agreement for N US 1 OTHER AGENDA ITEMS Old hospital site

The city amended the comprehensive plan for 13.7 acres on Sterthaus Drive, the previous location of Florida Hospital Memorial Medical Center, at the request of the owner, Ernest V. LaCour of Ormond King Center LLC. The designation was changed from “Public Institutional” to “Office Professional.” The entire property is 27.6 acres, but only 13.7 acres required the land-use change. The owner indicated a desire for multifamily housing, according to city records. At a meeting with city staff, he showed a concept plan with 11 buildings, each five stories high, with a total of 286 units. The plan also included a 4,000-square-foot house of worship. However, a variety of options will be available to a developer. Any site plan or construction must be approved by the city, and neighborhood meetings would be held.

Fee increased

In a first reading, the commissioners approved increasing the annual registration fee for an abandoned house from $150 to $250. In 2010, the fee was established in

BIZBUZZ + Ormond attorney selected for Florida Rising Stars list One Ormond Beach attorney recently joined a list of Florida’s top attorneys under 40 years old. Erum Kistemaker was selected to the 2014 Florida Super Lawyers’ Rising Stars list. Kistemaker, of Kistemaker Business Law Group, was selected among the state’s lawyers Erum Kistemaker for attaining a high degree of peer recognition and professional achievement. Each year, no more than 2.5% of the lawyers in the state are selected by the research team at Florida Super Lawyers.

+ Ormond woman named new lead speech pathologist

Deborah Zahn

One Ormond Beach pathologist was recently selected for the Florida Hospital Peninsula Rehabilitation to serve as a lead speech-language pathologist.

the Abandoned Real Property ordinance, which requires that institutions notify the city when a property under foreclosure becomes abandoned, so that Code Enforcement is alerted. Rita Press, president of Citizens for Ormond Beach, said the organization was “delighted” to see the increase in fees.

Great Ormond Beach neighborhood. Great Ormond Beach schools.

Going green

Citing the fact that many of the trees that once lined city roadways have been lost to age, storm damage, construction damage, disease and development, the capital improvement plans contains money for reforestation. The commission voted to spend $56,925 to install 23 cathedral oaks, 12 elms and 35 crepe myrtles along Wilmette Avenue, east of U.S. 1, the west side of Andrews Street and both sides of Wilmette circle.

Security concerns

The city is going to spend $46,520 to improve the fencing around the southern parking lot at the Police Department. Security fencing, gates and automatic openers will be installed.


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Deborah Zahn has 13 years of experience in helping patients with speech, language, voice, cognitive-linguistic and swallowing disorders. She is also a member of the Florida Association of SpeechLanguage Pathologists and Audiologists and is a certified Vital Stim Therapy Provider. Her new role will put her at the Florida Hospital Oceanside.

+ Surgeon publishes research article on geriatric oncology

Deer Creek at Hunter’s Ridge in Ormond Beach From the $200s

Dr. T. Christopher Windham, surgical oncologist at Florida Hospital Memorial Medical Center, has published an article called “Geriatric Oncology for the 21st Century: A Call for Action” in the April, 2014, edition of the Journal of Oncology Practice. “Older patients with cancer tend to be under-represented in clinical trials,” Windham said. “Because of this, oncologists on a national scale lack evidence-based data for treatment decisions in older patients with canDr. T. Christopher cer.” Windham Windham and his associates were asked by the American Society of Clinical Oncology to define future priorities for geriatric oncology.

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At the June 17 meeting, City Commissioners signed an interlocal service agreement with Volusia County for the north U.S. 1 corridor. Some areas along the corridor are in the city and some are in the county. Many public officials and business leaders see this roadway as an important entrance to the city, and have been seeking ways to improve its appearance. All Volusia County lands in the agreement will be subject to the Ormond Beach city charter, code of ordinances, comprehensive land use plan, land development code, ordinances, resolutions, regulations and the Florida Building Code. The agreement requires coordination between Volusia County and Ormond Beach on comprehensive plan amendments and site plans. Residential areas are not affected. The agreement also gives the city jurisdiction over itinerant vendor and outdoor entertainment activities. Rep. David Hood was at the meeting representing the Iron Horse. He said he wanted to make sure his client would be grandfathered in with the current events and activities at the business. He was assured that existing itinerant vendors on improved lots would receive grandfather status. The agreement is not final. City attorney Randy Hayes said it still needs to go through approval processes with the Volusia Council of Governments, and it may be complete by the end of the year.




observed By Brian McMillan | Executive Editor

The part when they hit the ball

“If we are to build a better world, we must remember that the guiding principle is this — a policy of freedom for the individual is the only truly progressive policy.”

I recently had the chance to take my three kids to a Daytona Cubs game at Jackie Robinson Ballpark. My wife stayed home to get ready for my son’s birthday party the next day, and, I expect, to avoid the heat and stickiness of June baseball. BRIAN As we arMCMILLAN rived (late) at the stadium, we heard the crowd cheering, and my 4-year-old daughter, Ellie, got nervous. “Daddy,” she said, “we’re going to miss the part when they hit the ball.” Fortunately, there was more action later in the game. But of course, the kids’ favorite part of the excursion was the concession stand. Every inning or two, they got hungry — mostly, it seems, out of boredom. If I would have handed them a hot dog in a soggy bun wrapped in aluminum foil at home, I

Friedrich Hayek “Road to Serfdom,” 1944 Publisher / John Walsh, Executive Editor / Brian McMillan, News Editor / Wayne Grant Staff Writer / Emily Blackwood, Designer / Ximena Alfaro, Advertising Manager / Jaci Centofanti, Account Manager / Kaitlin Murray, Account Manager / Sarah Hechler, Classifieds / Randi Schaefer, Account Manager / Susan Moore, Advertising Coordinator / Chloe Perez, Circulation Manager / Dave Brooks, Office Manager / Maureen Walsh,

might have been met with frowns and snarls. Give them the same food at the ballpark, and pay extra for the privilege, and it’s an exciting adventure. My 7-year-old son, Grant, exulted, “I can feel the food going to my kidneys!” To me, there is nothing more peaceful than sitting in the bleachers at a baseball game. On TV, you hear the crack of the bat, and the camera shows the outfielder running to cut off the ball in the corner. But when you see the game in person, you can also watch the runner dig past second, the second baseman race out for the cutoff throw, the shortstop back him up, the third baseman ready to block the bag, and the pitcher curl around toward the dugout in case the ball squirts past. Safe! A triple! The kids noticed other things in the crowd. “Why are people hitting cowbells?” Grant asked. “There’s no cows here.” Meanwhile, Ellie picked up another handful of someone’s discarded peanut shells and pushed them through the chain-link fence onto the walkway below the bleachers.

Brian McMillan

Root, root, root for the Cub-bies! If they don’t win it’s a shame! At 10 years old, Jackson is my oldest, and he follows the game, reading players’ stats out of the program. He’s at that age when I know he will remember these outings clearly, just as I remember going to games with my dad and watching his reaction to the plays, seeing how, even as an old, bald man who wore suits and ties to work, he cared enough about the moment to shout words of encouragement to these young men jogging out of the dugout to take their positions. I took advantage of this

outing, just me and the kids. I put my arm around Jackson, and Ellie threw her arms around my neck and dangled off my back. Grant sat close to me, chewing his fingernails, counting down the innings until we could go home. And I felt the breeze coming off the water and watched the man walking back and forth under the scoreboard as he flicked on another light — ball three — to indicate that the count was now full, and I tried to focus on this next pitch and forget about the future.


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big kid now By Emily Blackwood | Staff Writer

Dad, can I borrow your credit card? A few weeks ago, I had the best intentions for Father’s Day 2014. I didn’t want to give him the same old golf shirt or a gift card to Outback Steakhouse (that I would later use). I wanted to give him something he would remember. Originally, I was going to decorate a mug with EMILY of BLACKWOOD one his many thoughtprovoking quotes like “I love myself” or “I am the king.” But it rained cats and dogs every day this past week, so it was impossible to get off my couch. I did make it to Books-

A-Million during one of the few hours of sunshine to buy him a copy of Jim Gaffigan’s new book, “Dad is Fat.” When Father’s Day did roll around, I didn’t wake up in a panic. My gift of procrastination is without a doubt a trait I get from my father. So he understood that I had to make a quick trip to Target before we began celebrating. My mom, who probably bought Dad’s gift last June, does this thing I call the “one more” rule. Though she always finds the perfect gift way early, she gets this weird impulse to pick up one more thing the day of the event. But I never complain because her “one more” rule helps me get away with my “I’m lazy and forgot” rule. What I didn’t expect was my mom to slip me Dad’s credit card before I walked out

the door. By now, she really should know better. I was given the mission to get Dad a Fitbit, which is one of those expensive fitness tracking monitors that tells you how many steps you’ve taken and how well you sleep. Really, I was told to get two because my mom has another rule: “If Dad gets one, I get one, too.” As soon as I set foot into Target, I knew I was leaving with more than just a pair of Fitbits. Browsing the colorful items in the dollar section, I found a neon pink dry erase board I couldn’t live without and a triple outlet adapter that I absolutely needed. Twenty minutes later, my cart was filled with a fedora, a few shirts, some books I had been wanting to read and a box of Atkins bars because all this shopping was making me hungry.


Protecting you & the Things You Love Since 1956

As I made my way down the final aisle, I came face-to-face with a rack of glaring Father’s Day cards. Most daughters were giving their dads messages of love and appreciation, and I was giving mine a bill. This Father’s Day was not only going to be unoriginal but also unnecessarily expensive. And with Dad being the numbers nerd that he is, no purchase on his card goes unnoticed. So, I reluctantly put back the majority of my purchases (except the outlet adapter, dry erase board and fedora because those are obvious necessities) and picked up a few more gifts for Pop that he would actually enjoy. Even though he didn’t get the creative, unique gift I had planned, at least he didn’t get a lengthy Target receipt. Baby steps, people. Baby steps.

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at 677-3454. The chamber also held the June Sparkler at Dunn’s attic.

+ Ormond Beach chamber members get business update

+ Golf fundraiser planned for homeless prevention program

The Ormond Beach Chamber of Commerce held its monthly Economic Prosperity Hour on June 11 at Dunn’s Attic, 136 W. Granada Blvd. Community members took turns giving updates on their specific areas, which generally revealed upbeat economic trends. Chris Butera, investment associate for NAI Realvest, reported on the Airport Business Park. He said with recent expansions and planned new businesses, the city is down to only a few acres left to lease out. “We’re running out of room,” he said.The city is reported to be studying the development of more land at the business park.

Wayne Grant

City Commissioner Rick Boehm talks to Chamber of Commerce members at a breakfast meeting recently.

Courtesy photo

Gary Shepard, of Carefree Catering, helped cater the two event’s at Dunn’s Attic.

Butera also reported there were 46 business licenses issued in the city in May, compared to 43 one year ago. There have been 1,988 building permits so far this year, and 3,960 for all of last year, putting the city on a pace to surpass 2013. In real estate, there were 111 residential home sales in May, compared to 79 last year. There are 190 homes for sale in Ormond Beach and only 10% are foreclosures. There were 23 condos sold in May compared to only seven last year. Rich Cooper, president of Ormond MainStreet, announced a new community event, the inaugural Ormond Arts Festival in September. There will be music, performances and visual art along Granada

Courtesy photo

Rachel Bendix, Tia Rush and Ivey Rodriguez of the Ormond Beach Chamber of Commerce are all smiles during the June Sparkler.

Boulevard. Cooper is president of Mitchell Noel Insurance Agency. City Commissioner Richard Boehm told the crowd that the city just got an FDOT grant for $500,000 to landscape Granada Boulevard west of Interstate 95. The chamber members were also provided with information on a new initiative, called Chamber Business Advisers. In this program, individuals with expertise in accounting, banking, finance, human resources, insurance, legal, marketing and real estate will assist individuals in expanding their businesses and resolving business-related issues. Those interested are invited to call the chamber

River Bend Golf Club will host the seventh-annual golf tournament to benefit the Halifax Urban Ministries Feeda-Family homeless prevention program and The HUM Shelter for Families with Children. The Golfn’4 Homeless Prevention event is set for Aug 9. Prizes, including a Buick Verano from Ritchey Cadillac, will be included. Last year, the event sold out, according to a spokesman for HUM. Sponsorships are available. For more, email

+ Rehab center promotes Ormond Beach pathologist Deborah Zahn has been selected to serve as a lead speech-language pathologist at Florida Hospital Peninsula Rehabilitation, located at Florida Hospital Oceanside, 264 S. Atlantic Ave. Zahn, an Ormond Beach resident, has 13 years of experience. — We want to hear from your business! Send Biz Buzz (news, photos, hirings, successes, strategies) to News Editor Wayne Grant at

Ormond Beach Farmer’s Market Baked Goods • Produce • Food • Honey • Craft • Plants Thursday 8 am - 1 pm City Hall Plaza

22 S. Beach Street, Ormond Beach More info at: 142614

386 - 492 - 2938



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SR 40 LPGA Blvd.


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June 9

Camera captures theft 6:56 p.m. — 100 Block of North Yonge Street. Petit Theft. The victim said he was shopping at the store an hour ago and forgot his cell phone. Shortly after leaving the store, he realized it was not in his pocket, so he went back in to retrieve it, but could not locate it. A review of the surveillance footage showed that at 6:53 p.m., the victim placed his phone on the shelf by the register. The victim paid for his items and exited the store without it. At 6:56 p.m., the suspect came to the register. The video showed him looking around, and then grabbing the phone and placing it in his shorts. He then left the store. The victim and his mother returned to the store and watched the footage. While there, the suspect came back, and was talking on a different phone. He said, “This is my phone, not yours.” The victim then called police and filed a statement. The video was placed into evidence. The officer went to the suspect’s home and another address that he frequents, but was unable to locate him. The red Samsung phone was estimated to be worth $75.

June 10

Gone fishin’ 7:47 a.m. — 200 Block of South Atlantic Avenue. Theft. The victim said he left two fishing poles outside his motel room the previous evening. In the morning, he noticed they were missing. The resident in the next room said she


June 13

Timeshare sale scam 11:19 a.m. — First Block of Byron Ellinor Drive. Information. The victim said that a month ago, he was contacted by a Robert Pierce, of Final Sales Unlimited, who said he had a buyer for the victim’s timeshare in Las Vegas. All the victim needed to do, Pierce said, was to wire $1,498 to a bank. The victim did as he was instructed, but then was unable to contact anyone at the company. His bank was unable to recall the transfer. The victim said he would provide all of the details of the transfer to police. The officer checked the Better Business Bureau, and found that Final Sales Unlimited is rated F. It has been accused of using the same technique with other victims.

had no knowledge of the poles. Later, a witness saw a person carrying one of the poles. The suspect fled the scene, leaving the pole behind. Another witness said the next door resident was the girlfriend of the suspect. The girlfriend was uncooperative about providing information about the suspect, but said she found the other pole under her car. Since both poles were recovered, the victim did not press charges.

June 11

Suspects have taste for jerky 9:52 a.m. — 500 Block of South Atlantic Avenue. Shoplifting. The victim said that when he arrived for work at the store, he noticed the rack holding the beef jerky was almost completely empty. He then checked inventory and sales records and discovered 36 bags of beef jerky were missing. The victim talked to the clerk who was on duty the previous shift. The clerk said that the night before, a man and woman entered the store. The woman asked if she could get some water in her cup. The clerk said yes, and they proceeded over to the fountain area. From his point of view, he could only see the female filling her cup with water. The couple then left the store. The video surveillance showed the male suspect proceeding to the area where the jerky was missing. He took his backpack off in front of the rack and stooped down out of camera view. He then stood up, put his backpack on and the couple exited the store. A total of 36 bags of beef jerky were taken at a value of $251.64.

June 12

Easy pickings 1:48 p.m. — 200 Block of East Granada Boulevard. Burglary of Conveyance. The victim said his car was burglarized. He said he left his vehicle in the parking lot for several hours unattended. When he returned, he noticed that his wallet had been taken. He had left a door unlocked.

If you want something done right … 11:54 a.m. — First Block of Iroquois Trail. Stolen Vehicle. The victim said he rented a white, 2013 Toyota Camry and left it parked at his residence. He said he asked the suspect to take it back to the rental business while he was out of town. He left money and the key in the center console. The suspect told him he returned the car to the business, but the victim began to receive notices saying it had not been returned. The suspect did not respond to calls from the victim.

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Two attempted frauds involving federal tax payments have recently surfaced in Ormond Beach. One victim contacted police in reference to a harassing phone call. She said a caller, claiming to be an officer from the IRS, left a message on her home phone saying that there was an arrest warrant for her for “bad tax,” and police would be there in 35 minutes. Her husband called the number and a person with a heavy, undetermined accent, said his wife was guilty of “bad tax.” The husband started to ask questions, and the scammer said, “You’re too young,” leading the husband to think they were targeting elderly victims. A police officer called the number, and the person immediately began swearing. Another officer called the number and the message said he had reached the IRS National Taxpayer Advocacy Helpline. The officers told the victims that it was a scam and they did the right thing by calling law enforcement. Another individual came to the Ormond Beach Police Department headquarters on West Granada Boulevard and said she had been contacted by a “Heather Grey,” who claimed to be an investigator with the IRS. Gray told the victim that she had multiple tax violations and had not paid her taxes in full for 10 years. The victim was told if she did not immediately start paying off a balance of $3,978, she would be arrested. The boyfriend of the victim said he would make the first payment, and the caller said he could make a payment of $500 by Green Dot, and he would receive a tax voucher form. He complied but never received a voucher form. Realizing it was a scam, the couple contacted the IRS.

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+ Police: Phone scammers pretend to be IRS agents


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OPPOSITE FIELD Joey LoMonaco | Sports Writer


FOR THE KIDS By Joey LoMonaco | Sports Writer

Gooooooooooooooal! The No. 18 on Rodrigo Piñeiro’s skyblue AFA jersey is no mistake. It’s Lionel Messi, all right, even though “La Pulga” currently sports No. 10. Piñeiro lived 27 years in Mar Del Plata, Argentina, before moving to Miami and ultimately Palm Coast. And on this Sunday, Father’s Day, he’s sitting on a breakfast stool in Hernán Longo’s F-section JOEY LoMONACO home. As one of the Mexican announcers on the Univision Channel rattles off Argentina’s starting 11 for a Group F World Cup match with Bosnia and Herzegovina, Longo and Piñeiro cheer each name. “For all those people (in Argentina), it’s like the end of the world,” Piñeiro explained. “It’s Sunday there, but if the game was in the middle of the week, nobody would work.” His sister, Fernanda, works in a call center in Mar Del Plata. Her usual sea of cubicles has been broken up with a projector screen for employees to watch the matches. Piñeiro, 41, clutches an iPhone in his hand and balances his 6-month-old daughter, Isabella, on his knee. With each touch, he’s messaging friends and family in the Southern Hemisphere. I’m a lucky guest at this gathering of a half dozen Argentines, three Uruguayans and one Italian. In the third minute, La Albiceleste earns a free kick deep in Bosnian territory. Messi (who else) winds in a perfect left-footed ball to start the set piece. It hangs up in the box for a few moments before deflecting off one of Bosnia’s defenders and landing in the back of the net. “Goal!” everyone screams. Or it might have been, “¡Gol!” No translator needed for that one. Piñeiro kisses Isabella twice on her cheek, and Hernán takes off on a lap around the island kitchen countertops, hoisting his wife, Romina, above his head. The rest of the first half is sloppy (at least by Argentine standards), and I begin to make out some frustration on the part of my Spanish-speaking hosts. “I would translate,” Rodrigo’s wife, (and the designer for the Observer) Ximena, says, “but most of what they’ve been shouting have been curse words.” I can tell. My six years of Spanish are a true indictment of the American education system, but still, I can recognize the “ce” word, the “eme” word and the “pe” word. They mean exactly the same thing as their English counterparts are usually invoked for the same reasons. At halftime with Argentina leading 1-0, Piñeiro slips outside for a cigarette, and I join him. He explains that tomorrow is older daughter Angelina’s seventh birthday, and he relishes the two occasions touching on the calendar. “For me it’s something special,” he says. “But most of the people in Argentina don’t care if it’s Father’s Day or Mother’s Day if there’s fútbol on.”


Photos by Joey LoMonaco

Roman Sword, 4, center, attempts to salute the flag during “The Star Spangled Banner.” Roman is the son of organizer Sam Sword.

NFL Play 60 helps kids stay active Professional player Larry Foote, along with Seabreeze star Charles Nelson, led the drills. To realize his love for the game of football at a tender age, Larry Foote got a lift from “The Bus.” As a youngster growing up in Detroit, Foote fondly remembers attending camps hosted by former Steelers running back Jerome Bettis. “Awesome,” Foote recalled. “Those guys looked huge. I barely knew some of them at this age. But being able to go out there and shake hands and just listen to them and watch them demonstrate.” Now a 13-year veteran linebacker and two-time NFL champion, Foote is eager to be that role model for the next generation of athletes. He was one of several volunteer coaches on hand Friday when NFL Play 60 held a camp at Ralph Carter Park in Palm Coast. About 134 kids ages 5 to 15 attended the free event, which used football as a vehicle to combat childhood obesity by urging kids to be active for 60 minutes a day. Campers warmed up, then cycled through half a dozen stations teaching basic agility and football skills. Former Seabreeze standout and Oregon recruit Charles Nelson was one of the volunteers. He’s grateful for his pigskin roots as a member of the Daytona Beach Bucs and was glad to contribute to his home community one

last time before heading off to Eugene. “It’s a great opportunity to get out here before I go off to college and learn a lot more things,” Nelson said. “To just get out here and help the kids better themselves at something it seems like they like to do — it’s a great feeling for me.” And if each kid took just one thing away from Friday’s camp? “Work hard and never give up,” Nelson said. “You might not be the best, but that doesn’t mean you’re anything less than anybody else.” Members of the Jacksonville Jaguars ROAR cheerleading squad were on hand, throwing passes at one of the stations. There was also a smattering of blue T-shirts belonging to Matanzas football players; they came out in numbers to help. Pirates coach Robert Ripley said he jumped at the chance to involve his program when approached by organizer Sam Sword. “The biggest thing that we have to understand is that this is our community,” Ripley said. “These kids are going to be Bulldogs and Pirates some day, so we have to be able to represent our brand and show that we care about these guys.” Sword is a Palm Coast resident and former Uni-

Caden Ripley, 7, does an agility drill at Friday’s camp. versity of Michigan standout and NFL player. He organized a youth camp called “En Route to the Heisman” three years ago; it drew just 25 participants. After exchanging emails with NFL headquarters in New York City and assuring the league he’d “protect the shield,” Sword decided to bring Play 60 to Palm Coast. “It’s great to see these kids out here playing and participating,” Sword said. “The most important thing is, it’s free. You see a lot of camps where kids have to pay $50 or $60; that can be a big strain on a family.” He hopes to involve the parents in next year’s fitness campaign. In the meantime, Foote just hopes campers enjoy


Jackonsville Jaguars cheerleader Brittany Shaw throws a pass to a camper.




complex mixed with a bit of postMiracle U.S. Hockey dream-team disillusionment. But, times are different from when Piñeiro grew up. Soccer fans in Argentina are now living in the A.D.M. era — or After Diego Maradona. “After Maradona, the people want to be on the national team,” he said. “When they call back people from outside the country, they don’t have international spirits, but the fútbol is better.” Argentina won, 2-1. No one celebrated. They seemed relieved, but not in the mood you’d expect of fans of a team perched atop group standings. Maybe, though, there’s a barrier at play when interpreting the body language of people who live for days like this. “It’s a passion,” Piñeiro said. “It’s another thing.”

NFL / FROM PAGE 9 themselves. By taking part in monkey rolls — a drill in which players jump over one another and roll in tandem — he led by example. “When you’re working out, have fun,” Foote said. “A lot of kids don’t like to do

it because they’re not having fun or the coaches aren’t creating that atmosphere of having fun. You can have fun and get in shape for health reasons. (We) encourage them and set up drills where they can compete. If they can compete, it ain’t going to be like a chore.”

Jaslene Rivera loses a boot during warm-ups.

Jenny Brown of Daytona Beach sings the national anthem before the event.


We discuss other cultural subtleties, about how the average Argentine is very involved in politics and is likely to root for a First Division soccer club from anywhere — not just his hometown. Piñeiro explains governments use the World Cup to distract citizens from war or economic strife. Then, he describes a situation that makes perfect sense to a rabid American sports fan. “My country has a great team, probably one of the best teams in the world, but the Argentinians don’t like the team,” he said. “We have a lot of good players, but everyone is a star. Messi gets tens of millions of dollars to play for Barcelona but when he comes back to Argentina to play for the national team, it’s not like the players were 10 or 20 years ago.” Let’s call that one the Miami Heat


+ Former Premier League star offers training in Ormond

Courtesy photo

Back row: Coach Anna, Coach Mark, Madison Bodin, Ashley McLoughlin, Rachel Frances,Molly Styles, Maddie Mercy, Coach C.C., and Coach Steve. Front row: Sam Olsen, Katherine Eason, Brittany Gilbert, Jess Rodrigues, Bella DeMoraes, and Brooke Boice.

+ Lady Renegades softball team takes second place The Lady Renegades 16U softball team finished in second place in the Duval Brawl June 8 in

Jacksonville. The Renegades are a fast-pitch travel softball organization based out of Ormond Beach. More info can be found on the team’s website at OrmondBeachLadyRenegades/.

Aidan Davison, a professional soccer coach who played for Bolton Wanderers and Bradford City of the English Premier League, as well as Northern Ireland’s national team, is offering free soccer training for boys and girls (competitive) U12-U19 on July 26 and 27, at the Ormond Beach Sports Complex. Davison has coached in the English Championship (Division II behind the Premier League) with Hull City, which recently played against Arsenal in the English FA Cup as well as Colchester United. He holds a UEFA “A” coaching license as well as a USSF “A” license, both top qualifications. His organization, Aidan Davison Soccer Solutions, is new to the area and would like to take this opportunity to offer professional soccer training in an attempt to get to know the community.

Courtesy photo

Davison, left, talks to Ivory Coast’s Didier Drogba during a match.

Registration and participation is 100% free. All participants must register by emailing PGDSports@outlook. com or by calling 1-585-598-1879.

I want my dad to live with dignity. The father who spent so many years taking care of you now needs you to take care of him. For 35 years, Halifax Health - Hospice has been helping every patient and their family live every moment of life to the fullest. You have peace of mind knowing he’s getting the very best care, so you can be with him as much as possible


and still be there for your family, as he would want you to do.

A non-profit care provider serving Volusia and Flagler counties since 1979.



artful expression By Emily Blackwood | Staff Writer CASEMENTS CLASS SCHEDULE

Cost is $120 per week. Classes run from 9 a.m. to noon. Call Pat Spano at 852-5437 to register.

Mosaic Mania Is Back June 23-27 Amazing Acrylics July 7-11 Beachy Treasures July 14-18

Art Teacher Pat Spano tells Mikayla Nidiffer, 8; Caedmon Nidiffer, 5; and Emma Tiplady, 9, to draw big.

Photos by Emily Blackwood

Volunteer Sarah Jiwani admires 12-yearold Ibrahim Amawi’s artwork.

Kids make memory boxes at Casements Ormond Beach kids got creative June 9 to June 13 during one of the five art camps this summer, at The Casements. Instead of lounging by the television all day, a few Ormond Beach kids finished up their first of five summer art camps. The Casements started its annual, fiveweek summer art camp on June 9 to give kids a chance to stay creatively active during the off-school season. During the first camp, “Memories Are to Keep,” kids designed a memory box out of acrylics and collage art to store all their keepsakes they will collect throughout the summer. Art

Teacher Pat Spano said the 14 students in her camp got so into the art that they inspired her. “The purpose is to install some creativity,” Spano said. “We know it’s something they want to express. We’re doing a wide range of activities, not just drawing and painting. Miss Tiplady inspires all the other kids.” “I get to paint and create everything,” Emma Tiplady, 9, said. “Art is my favorite.” 

Emma Tiplady has been an inspiration to other students in the camp.

joy of creation By Wayne Grant | News Editor

Children learn from ‘Weird Animals’

“Weird Animals” was the theme of Vacation Bible School June 9-13, at St. James Episcopal Church. Each morning’s assembly featured an exotic set created by Sue and Chip Howden, who had grandchildren in the school. The couple made the backdrop using cardboard boxes, plant trays, pipe cleaners, pool noodles, tissue paper, drain spouts and other household items. They cut out and painted the shapes to

create a jungle scene to fit in with the school’s theme, “Weird Animals.” “Even if you are different, God loves you,” Chip Howden explained. “We started collecting cardboard in April,” he said. “We just now got our car back in our garage.” Barbara Bradley, outreach chairwoman, said it took 50 volunteers, including members of the church’s youth group, to conduct the school.

Youth volunteer Sara Winter and Outreach Chairwoman Barbara Bradley

Virginia Koepkey, music director, made sure singing was a big part of the school. “Children don’t sing like they used to,” she said. With all of the electronic music available, she said children become passive listeners instead of creating their own music. “I said we should play the piano and sing as much as possible.”

Cannon and Parker Dowda.

Photos by Wayne Grant

Each morning’s assembly involved singing.




The Birth of Love in Our Hearts Brings Healing to Our Soul and Body — 6:30 p.m. at The Christian Healing Center, 1028 N. U.S. 1. The event will help those who are worried, stressed, abandoned, or fearful to trust in God. Blood Drive — 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at WyoTech, 4700 Destination Daytona Lane. Community Yard Sale — 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at at Signature HealthCARE of Ormond, 103 Clyde Morris Blvd. Raises funds for residents’ trips and activities. As We Dance — 7 to 11 p.m. at The Ballroom, 1250 Hand Ave. Social evening of ballroom dancing. Music mix includes Latin and swing favorites. By donation. 407-970-1903.


Abate of Florida Poker Run For Autism — 9:30-11 a.m. at 190 S. Nova Road. Any vehicle welcome. Cost is $10 per person. Sign up at Fraternal Order of Eagles. Call 290-3025.


K9s for Warriors — 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Saints & Sinners Pub at Bruce


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Blood Drive — 2-6 p.m. at the Coca-Cola Pavillion in Destination Daytona. Pollinator program — 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Tomoka State Park. Come celebrate Pollinator’s Week and learn about native plants. Activities and workshop included in the regular park entrance fees. Call 676-4050. Summer Solstice: Celebration with Friends — 7 to 11 p.m. at The Ballroom, 1250 Hand Ave. Rumba lesson with Viorel. 50/50 raffle, prizes, waltz and fox trot mixers. Couples, singles, all levels welcome. By donation $10. Call 616-334-2845.

ORMOND BEACH Shirley Reitz, of Ormond Beach, sold 95 Southland Road to Fred and Roxanne Cason, of Johnstown, New York, for $195,000. Built in 1984, the house has three bedrooms, four baths, a fireplace, garage apartment and 1,770 square feet. It sold in 1990 for $122,000. Larry Craner, of Pitman, New Jersey, sold 527 Sandy Oaks Blvd. to DTS Property LLC, of Micanopy, for $190,000. Built in 1991, the house has three bedrooms, two baths, a fireplace and 1,926 square feet. It sold in 2009 for $180,000. Lois Reiter, of Ormond Beach, sold 129 Country Club Drive to Cathy Black-Benson, of Ormond Beach, for $187,500. Built in 1960, the house has four bedrooms, three baths, a fireplace and 1,650 square feet. It sold in 1999 for $108,500. Austin and Lauren Ornelas, of Taylors, South Carolina, sold 120 Lynnhurst Drive to June Wynn, of Ormond Beach, for $147,500. Built in 1956, the house has three bedrooms, two baths and 1,397 square feet. It sold in 2010 for $125,500. Malkit Salh, of Ormond Beach, sold 26 Pine Trail to Erin Cavanaugh, of Ormond Beach, for $146,000. Built in 1976, the house has five bedrooms, three baths and 1,896 square feet. It sold in 1978 for $42,000. Carmen and Janice Catalfamo, of Ormond Beach, sold 935 Ocean Shore Blvd., Unit 304, to Rebecca Apple, of Ormond Beach, for $145,000. Built in 1981, the condo has one bedroom, one bath and 924 square feet. It sold in 2003 for $115,000. Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., of Carollton, Texas, sold 212 Riverbend Road to RBK Group LLC, of New Smyrna Beach, for $131,100. Built in 1983, the house has three bedrooms, two baths, a fireplace, swimming pool and 2,259 square feet. It sold in 1993 for $123,000. Nationstar Mortgage LLC, of Irving, Texas, sold 475 Grandview Ave. to Krisztian Guti, of Daytona Beach, for $119,000. Built in 1955, the house has three bedrooms, two baths and 1,449 square feet. It sold in 1978 for $10,500.

Fashion Show — 11:30 a.m. at at the Halifax Yacht Club. “A Day in Paradise.” is to raise money for two medical related scholarships at Daytona State College. $25 per ticket. Fashion is from Belk’s Department Store. Call Jean Stelter 4510406


Blood Drive — 8:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. at Providence Church, 1151 West Granada Blvd, Ormond Beach


Learn How Laughter Can Transform Your Life — 2 to 3 p.m. at the Daytona Beach Regional Library, 105 E. Magnolia Ave., Daytona Beach. The Parkinson Association of Greater Daytona Beach has Certified Laughter Leader Diane Bumgarner Trask to address association members. Reservation are required by calling 676-6375 by no later than Monday, June 23. — Send nonprofit events to calendar@

Breakaway Trails

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Courtesy photos

The house at 43 Foxcroft Run has 4,028 square feet.

Ormond Lakes Lawrence and Martha Pastor, of Daytona Beach Shores, sold 60 Old Wiggins Lane to John and Judith Korsch, of Ormond Beach, for $255,000. Built in 2003, the house has three bedrooms, two baths and 1,878 square feet. It sold in 2003 for $175,980.

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ORMOND-BY-THE-SEA Ronald and Susan Brown, of Daytona Beach, sold 2750 Ocean Shore Blvd., Unit 35, to Chester Mark, of Bethel, Arkansas, for $142,000. Built in 1973, the condo has two bedrooms, two baths and 1,184 square feet. It sold in 2003 for $149,900. David and Valerie Peterson, of New Smyrna Beach, sold 53 Azalia Drive to Mark Johnson and Alexandra TiedekenJohnson, of Lexington, Kentucky, for $120,000. Built in 1956, the house has two bedrooms, one bath and 700 square feet. It sold in 2004 for $135,000. *John Adams, of Adams, Cameron & Co. Realtors, contributed to this report.

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A house in Hunters Ridge was the top seller for the week of May 18-24. Raymond Kahoud, of Ormond Beach, sold 43 Foxcroft Run to Wayne Sharps, of Ormond Beach, for $558,000. Built in 2002, the house has a four-car garage, four bedrooms, four baths, a fireplace, swimming pool, solar water heater and 4,028 square feet. It sold in 2013 for $450,000.


Community Garden Meeting — 6 p.m. in the conference room at the Performing Arts Center, 399 N. U.S. 1. The meeting will focus on discussing committee rules/ guidelines, future goals to be accomplished, individual committee logistics, and reviewing research done by each individual committee. Call 676-3293.

Top sale: Hunters Ridge


Blood Drive — 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Florida Hospital Reflection Building, 770 West Granada Blvd.

Rossmeyer’s Destination Daytona. A fun pet and family-friendly event to raise money for Kritters Inc.



real estate | transactions By Wayne Grant | News Editor

18 Holes, Lunch & Drink





Diversions NEW IN THE OBSERVER: Arts and Entertainment, from St. Augustine to Daytona Beach


WING IT | by Shanna Fortier | Community Editor


“BRIGHTEST AFRICA” Where: Museum of Art: DeLand, 100 N. Woodland Blvd., DeLand When: The show is on display until June 29 Info: The exhibition, on loan until June 29 from a private collector, will display objects from among the most creative, inventive and ingenious civilizations on earth. CHILDREN’S MUSICAL THEATRE WORKSHOP DANCE CAMP RECITAL Where: Ormond Beach Performing Arts Center, 399 N. U.S. 1, Ormond Beach When: 7 p.m. June 19 Info: Tickets are $8. Call 676-3375 “SLO JAM” MUSIC EVENT Where: The Hub on Canal, 132 Canal St., New Smyrna Beach When: 6:30-8:30 p.m. June 19 Info: Bring guitars, ukuleles and harmonicas. Cost is $5. Call 957-3924.

Bob Carlsen’s image, “Great Blue in Flight,” is a 15-by-40-inch gallery-wrapped canvas.





GOO GOO DOLLS AND DAUGHTRY Where: St. Augustine Amphitheatre, 1340C State Road A1A, St. Augustine When: 6 p.m., June 19 Info: With Plain White T’s. For tickets, call 904209-0367 or visit “A GATHERING OF FRIENDS, CHILDREN’S ARTS FESTIVAL” Where: St. Augustine Amphitheatre, 1340C State Road A1A, St. Augustine When: 2- 8 p.m. Saturday, June 21 Info: Presented by the Friends of the St. Augustine Amphitheatre, this event is free and open to the public.

Courtesy photos

lorida photographers Will Abair, Robert Carlsen and Bob Currul see the world through different lenses, but Rose Room Gallery Curator Mary McBride believes that the work of these three men have more in common than they appear at first. The new exhibit at the Rose Room Gallery takes viewers through a journey of nature photography: Currul focusing on birds, Abair focusing on landscapes and cypress trees, and Carlsen focusing on everything in between. Abair, an award-winning nature photographer in Daytona Beach, started with a Brownie Box camera as a youth and now works with digital images. From South Louisiana, he moved to Florida over 20 years ago and spends a great deal of time outdoors in search of beautiful images to share with others. “I’ve been outdoors in nature all my life,” Abair said. “So many people don’t have a chance to see it, even though they live in Florida. They go to the beach but don’t go out to the true wilderness of Florida.” Abair said that sharing those rarely seen scenes are what drives his photography. Carlsen, of Palm Coast, began taking photographs over 30 years ago. He studied art and photography at St. Petersburg College, and, after years of portraiture and wedding photography in New York City, Carlsen moved into teaching digital workshops and taking photographers on photo safaris. He lectures on various aspects of photography and printing. Also an awardwinning photographer, his work is in various galleries, exhibitions, magazines and calendars. While included in this show of nature photography, Carlsen admits that a lot of

Will Abair’s image, “Cypress,” will be on display at the show.

The work of Florida photographers Will Abair, Robert Carlsen and Bob Currul will be on display in the Rose Room Gallery at the Peabody Auditorium through July 12.

Better late than never: Postcard arrives 67 years later The Peabody staff received a postcard May 13 that was postmarked 67 years ago. It was delivered with the routine mail service by the regular postman to the Peabody Auditorium. The original postmark date was June 1, 1947. The only other postmark date was San Francisco, May 8, 2014. Written on the copy side of the postcard: “Thought you’d enjoy these scenes from ole Ireland. We are cruising Irish Sea — now in a ferry. Great….The Beards.” It was addressed to Dolores Callahan, assistant auditorium manager. If you happen to know anything more about this postcard or anyone associated with it, contact Helen Riger, executive director, at 671-8252. his photographs are not of nature. Several of his better known images depict the Flagler Beach Pier. “I decided a long time ago that I would photograph everything,” he said. Carlsen considered his work to be photographic art, as opposed to straight photography. “Most of the prints I make, especially on canvas, look much like paintings, on purpose,” he said. “I alter my images to make it more of an emotional painterish feel, and I call it photographic art for that reason. It’s my hope that the viewer gets an emotional reaction looking at the work, as if they were there on scene.” The show is rounded out by Currul, 70, who became interested in photography while in the Marine Corps stationed in Vietnam. After he retired, he joined the Florida Marine Patrol, which eventually became the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. Through the years, he traveled to The Keys and South Africa, all the while taking photographs as he learned the techniques and developed the photographer’s eye. Currull said he is drawn to photograph large birds because of their freedom and

naturalness. “They are part of nature, and I like the way they work,” he said of the cranes that live on his property. “I shoot because I like to share a good feeling with people.” Currul also works with Photoshop to enhance some of his images and does all his own printing and framing. At the opening reception, to be held June 19, classically trained musician Eric Lesko will perform. The Rose Room Gallery will close at the end of this exhibition and reopen Sept. 15 featuring two group shows, and closing out the year with works by Lillian Verkins in November/December.

IF YOU GO What: A View Through the Lenses of Three Florida Photographers: Will Abair, Robert Carlsen, Bob Currul When: reception 5:30-7:30 June 19. The exhibit will run through July 12. Where: Rose Room Gallery, Peabody Auditorium, 600 Auditorium Blvd., Daytona Beach

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Autos For Sale Schools/Instruction 2012 DODGE wheelchair van, Homes ForSale Salelowered floor, Autos For wheelchair ramp and tie downs. $30,995. 2012 DODGE wheelchair van, lowered floor, THE REAL Estate market is sizzling. 727-492-1630. wheelchair ramp and tie downs. $30,995. 2012 DODGE lowered floor, Many people arewheelchair looking for van, homes in the Florida 727-492-1630. wheelchair andto tiehelp downs. sun! Wouldramp you like them$30,995. find their dream ***ATTENTION 727-492-1630. home and earnConsignments moneyHOMESELLERS*** doing it? The first step is Consignments to get your state real estate to license. Night classNEED EXTRA $$? Looking consign or sell any Maximize the value ofWatson your es forming starting July 15th at School Announcements of are your quality furniture? 386-437-2771. NEED EXTRA $$? Looking toCall consign or sell any home with a FREE Online of Real Estate/Palms Real Estate Education 10a.m.-5p.m., Monday through of your quality furniture? CallThursday. 386-437-2771. Home Evaluation. Center - Tues and Thurs nights for 7 weeks. th Monday 10a.m.-5p.m., through Thursday. Find Value Of Your Home Prepare for The your next career! $269.00 all incluCall 386-445-8112 For Details Furnishings sive. email: jbrazzano@att.netPeggy or call 386-793and Furnishings 1283 for more information. DECORATOR SOFA & 2 carved upholstered Don Haus Sr. chairs (all off-white), table & DECORATOR SOFAglass & 2topped carvedcoffee upholstered celebrated their & shabby(allchic side table. Excellent condition. Help Wanted chairs off-white), glass topped coffee table Today! 60thtop Wedding $2150. Wooden table with Excellent glass & 4 chairs shabby chic side table. condition. -OFFICE ASSISTANT$275. 386-447-4756. $2150. Wooden table with glass top & 4 chairs Anniversary in in 40 hours per week. Handle detailed paperwork $275. 386-447-4756. mid-June with fast-paced office. Duties Heavy include filing, answering MOVING BEAUTIFUL Bamboo dining BANK OWNED HOMES! phones, appointments, and general office 7 children room setmaking includes table w/2 lg their leaves, 6 ft lighted MOVING BEAUTIFUL Heavy Bamboo dining task. Must have general computer and be hutch,set 4 ftincludes server that extends 6well ft,skills hall tree, and room table w/2 lgto leaves, 6 ft lighted as as willing toft server learn. list Experience preferred but and not FREE with pictures! 6 covered chairs $750. Also, Bamboo glass top hutch, 4 that extends to 6 ft, hall tree, extended family required. table with chairs 4 roller $750. chairs Also, and 2Bamboo bar stools $200. 6 covered glass top and friends! Other with household and items. table 4 rollerfurniture chairs and 2 bar stools $200. IfOther interested please contact us at 386-447-1243 or furniture 386-503-8300 household and items. Palm Home Realty, Inc 386-447-1243 or West 386-503-8300

Haus 60 Wedding Anniversary


$80. 386-447-2784

Highest possible for U.S. Coin or currency OLD U.S. COINS prices AND CURRENCY ***ATTENTION HOMESELLERS*** collections-large small. for Highest possible or prices for Call U.S.386-852-3485 Coin or currency free consultation.or small. Call 386-852-3485 for collections-large Maximize the value of your free consultation.

home with a FREE Online HomeEvents Evaluation. Events Find The Value Of Your Home Call 386-445-8112 For Details

FREE SEMINAR OF THE CERVICAL SPINE OF THE CERVICAL SPINE FREE SEMINAR A free seminar on the cervical spine will be held on Today! June from on 12 the noon to 1 spine pm atwillPalm Coast A free 26 seminar cervical be held on Physical 84 1Pinnacles Drive,Coast Suite June 26 Therapy from 12Center, noon to pm at Palm 300, Bldg. A, Palm Coast.84The seminar will cover Physical Therapy Center, Pinnacles Drive, Suite the anatomy and physiology of the cervical 300, Bldg. A, Palm Coast. The seminar will spine, cover BANK OWNED HOMES! effects of aging the cervical spine, degenerathe anatomy andon physiology of the cervical spine, tive/intervertebral disorders, osteoarthritis, effects of aging ondisc the cervical spine, degeneraspondylosis, herniation, management of tive/intervertebral disc disorders, osteoarthritis, FREEdisc list with pictures! headaches, and how to preserve and conserve spondylosis, disc herniation, management of your cervicaland spine. information, please headaches, howFor tomore preserve and conserve 386-447-7824. is limited. your cervical spine.Seating For more information, please Real Estate Wanted call 386-447-7824. Seating limited. Palm West Home is Realty, Inc sun! Would you to help find dream Many people arelike looking forthem homes in their the Florida Palm Realty, homeWould and earn money doing it?Inc. The their first step is sun! you likeWest to help them find dream Open House to get and yourearn statemoney real estate classCleaning home doinglicense. it? TheNight first step is es get are forming starting July 15th at Watson to your state real estate license. NightSchool classMARY’S TOP TO BOTTOM CLEANING SERVICE of are Real Estate/Palms Real Estate Education es forming starting July 15th at Watson School Free Estimate, about Center - Estate/Palms TuesResidential/Commercial. and Thurs for Call 7 weeks. of Real Realnights Estate Education our current specials. 386-233-1692 Prepare yourand next career!nights $269.00 incluCenter -forTues Thurs for 7allweeks. sive. email: or call 386-793Prepare for your next career! $269.00 all inclu1283 for information. sive. email: call 386-793This week’s Crosswordoranswers 1283 for more information.

Help Wanted Help Wanted

-OFFICE ASSISTANT40 hours ASSISTANTper week. Handle detailed paperwork in -OFFICE fast-paced office. include filing, answering 40 hours per week.Duties Handle detailed paperwork in phones, making general office fast-paced office.appointments, Duties includeand filing, answering task. Must have appointments, general computer skills and be phones, making and general office willing to learn. Experience preferred not task. Must havevilla general skills but and the be ENTRY LEVEL poolcomputer home overlooking Tom willing learn. Experience preferred not legendary Fazio Links course in thebut oceanrequired. front Hammock Dunes gated community in Palm If interested please contact us at at $303,000, this Coast, Florida. Currently offered If interested please contact at carpeting, granhome has travertine flooring,us new ite countertops, wonderful windows letting natuHOUSE CLASSIFIEDS -HVAC ral lightINSTALLER into the space, screened in porch, pool LP Experience $16-$20 starting wage. -HVAC - #in109231 and an INSTALLER idealnecessary. location a villa neighborhood with Must have tools. Company truck. starting Experience wage. golf course necessary. views and $16-$20 homeowner’s association Must have Company truck. taking caretools. of landscape maintenance - move-in If interested contact at ready! If you’ve beenus looking for that great If interested contact us at tunity to make your move into Hammock Dunes, whether as your full-timewith residence, or as a splen2014 ASSISTANT POSITION busy real estate brodid seasonal home, don’t miss 2BR kerage. 100 Plus Realty Group isseeing hiring athis licensed This week’s Cryptogram answers ASSISTANT POSITION with busy real estate browith Den/2 bath Villa. Call Barnes with Realtor to assist customer conkerage. 100 Plus our Realty Group istiehiring a licensed 1. A tailor overheard aagents cap andwith aJudy discussing the Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate at tact. way Must enjoy talking with "warm" customers Realtor tothey assist our agents customer conshould proceed . with The cap’s verdict: “I 386.931.5707 on the phone. Call Rus for details and interview: tact. Must enjoy talking with "warm" customers willCash/Take go on ahead and you can hang around.” Over Payments 386-931-0520 on phone. details interview: 2.the AAny spider, a Call waspRus and for a gnat wereand upset by the Condition-Area-Situation 386-931-0520Quick Closings !!! high society talk in town. “What’s so special LANDSCAPE PROFESSIONAL 386-868-0404 (24 hrs) & irrigaabout the bee’s knees?” said the wasp. Experienced landscape maintenance LANDSCAPE LANE WOODFORD SEEinPROFESSIONAL 33 tion required.inSalaried position w/paid vacation. Experienced landscape maintenance & irrigaAdult Care Services Contact Yard Escape LLC at 386-237-4810 tion required. Salaried position w/paid vacation. Contact Yard Escape LLC at 386-237-4810








WE BUY HOUSES Lots/Acreage For Sale

DISTRESSED UPSCALE HOMES! ($200,000 and Payments Above) Cash/Take Over QUAIL HOLLOW LOT FOR SALE BY OWNER, 20 Schools/Instruction Any Condition-Area-Situation LLAMA TRAIL. 10,000 SQ FTwith (80X25) Schools/Instruction FREE Updated listis pictures! Quick Closings !!! BACKS UP THE RESERVE. REAL Estate market TO CLOSE TO sizzling. ALL FACILITIES. 386-868-0404 (24 hrs) ManyREAL people areC T looking for homes in the Florida THE Estate market is sizzling. $50,900.CONTA 386-986-1330

NEED TIME FOR YOURSELF? Talk2Ted Sunburst Realty 386-503-1101 -HVAC INSTALLER SMOKING ALTERNATIVES by Corey Bowers Experience necessary. $16-$20 starting wage. NEED A VACATION? GOOD CONDITION padded black swivel desk MustDISTRESSED have tools. Company truck. therapeutic 4 Call the strikes 66 Understand, a la UPSCALE HOMES! ACROSS chair $45. 386-445-0494 Edited by Timothy E. Parker 5 TV dinner morsel Heinlein Furnishings technique ($200,000 and Above) 1 Block, as a river WHAT’S YOUR HOME WORTH? If interested contact us at HORIZON FITNESS Elliptical for sale. Works FREE OF THE SEMINARSOFA 6 Malicious, asunder-value a 68 or Santa *SENIOR DAY CARE 77 Situated above Don’t over___, price DECORATOR & CERVICAL 2 carved SPINE upholstered 6 Fine hairs great. $100 or best offer. Call 386-627-4936. remark California FREE Updated list with pictures! Your home. chairs (all off-white), glass topped coffee table & 78 Seer’s reading 11 Cry from a crib A free seminar on the cervical spine will be held on 7 Kulik on ice TERM-OVER 69 TradeNIGHT? requiring *SHORT POSITION with busy real estate broLADY’S FOOTJOY sandals, size 6 $12; Dexter shabby chic side table. Excellent condition. ASSISTANT material 15 “Team” famously June from 12 table noon with to 1glass pm at 8 TV canine 100 Plus Realty Group is hiring a licensed Determine the value of yourartistic home skill with a FREE $2150.26 Wooden topPalm & 4 Coast chairs bowling shoes– 6-1/2, $12; free bowling ball, 79 Petri-dish Physical Therapy Center, 84 Pinnacles Drive, Suite Realtor lacks one Palmour West Realty, Inc.customer con9 The lyrical Isolated and to assist agents with Online Home70Evaluation. $275. 386-447-4756. 386-338-2058 medium 300, Bldg. A, Palm Coast. The seminar will cover tact. 18Must Southern Breeze Living, LLC Japanese Gershwin dangerous enjoy talking with "warm" customers Visit LARGE BLUE CERAMIC PLANTER POT, 24" the anatomy and physiology of the cervical dining spine, on the phone. 80 Creme MOVING BEAUTIFUL Heavy Bamboo 10 Kind of sac 386-447-7405 71 Nasal passages Callstyle Rus for details andcookie interview: cartooning diameter X 20" high, indoor/outdoor. $25. effects of includes aging ontable the cervical spine, 6degeneraroom set w/2 lg leaves, ft lighted 386-931-0520 82 Former Japanese 11 “Bus” or “sub” ___ and terminer Remax Select 72 Professionals 19 Car security 386-986-4220 tive/intervertebral disc disorders, Assisted Living Facility #AL12111 hutch, 4 ft server that extends to 6 ft,osteoarthritis, hall tree, and starter (criminal court) capital device disc$750. herniation, management of LANDSCAPE PROFESSIONAL 6 covered chairs Also, Bamboo glass top MEN'S ADULT Bike, like new, TREK spondylosis, 12 No longer waiting 73 CIA or KGB 85 Aid partner 20 Hieroglyphics bird headaches, and how to preserve and conserve table with 4 roller chairs and 2 bar stools $200. Experienced in landscape maintenance & irrigaCleaning CLASSIC,dark blue, $35, 386-446 2293 on the pier operative 88 Games Walk weightily your spine. For more please tion 21 Othercervical household furniture and information, items. required. Salaried position w/paidpartner vacation. in the 13 Cut into small 76 Plague insect NEW CHROME book in box, $200 firm. Bitter call 386-447-7824. Seating is limited. 386-447-1243 or 386-503-8300 Contact Yard Escape LLC at 89 386-237-4810 22 Objective Classifieds pieces 78 Dismiss out of FROM ELIZABETH'S CLEANING. TIRED 386-439-6202 92 Ones who forge 24 One of a kind 14 Nile menace hand WORKING ALL DAY? LET ME PUT A SMILE ON new territory ONE DOZEN Lenox Mandarin CUPS AND 26 Prefix with “skid” 15 Advance 81 Comply YOUR FACEwarning WITH A CLEAN HOME.with a SAUCERS $75. 380 RECORD ALBUMS $100, 94 Lockjaw 27 JFK predictions 16 Feature of 386-569-6151. city life command CALL ME AT Takes all. 386-445-5736 96 Big birds FREE ESTIMATES! 17 Ran in neutral 83 Accessible to 28 “Sacro” finisher RUGER BLACKHAWK .177 pellet rifle w/scope, 98 Sound in an 21 Tropical African everyone 30 Kind of code 1000fps, new-unopened box. Not for beginners. shrub 84 First X or O? empty room Drywall Schools/Instruction 31 Not pouring $98 firm. 386-437-2320 23 Eye-for-an-eye act 86 Sea eagle 99 Geneticist’s study as apool home ENTRY smoothly, LEVEL villa overlooking the DWT BY DP Inc THE REAL Estate market is sizzling. 25 Among, to the 87 New Alexandra’s TALL PATIO Set, half price of new one,like new, 100 Bouncers’ Complete Drywall services. legendary Tom Fazio Links course in the oceanliquid Many people are looking for homes in the Florida Bard husband asking $200. 386-437-7718 construction/remodel, POPCORN REMOVAL, requests front Hammock Dunes gated community in Palm sun! Would you like to help them find their dream 33 Commandment 29 South American 89 Like the Incas knock-down texture. Danny 386-931-4556 at $303,000, 101 Nicosia nativethis TAYLORMADE SLDR Driver Clone 10.5deg Loft home and earn money doing it? The first step is Coast, Florida. taboo Currently offered grassy plain 90 Push to action newShip’s carpeting, granSpacehas travertine flooring,103 46" Long TrueTemper Shaft Lamkin Grip $125 to get your state real estate license. NightReserved class- home finance 35 Sent payment 32Landscaping Waikiki Beach 91Lawn Medium of ite countertops, wonderful windows letting natu& Service OBO 386-447-7060 es are forming starting July 15th at WatsonLP School Reserved Space officer locale exchange 37 Like some algebrascreened ral light into the space, in porch, pool LAWN SERVICE at Part $15.00! TROY-BILT 2200 PSI Pressure Washer- Like brand of Real Estate/Palms Real Estate Education and an 105neighborhood Saliva-producing Mattingly or Starting93 of a sentence 40 ideal Dancer’s bodysuit location in a villa with - 34 Center - Tues and Thurs nights for 7 weeks. Lawn Service new, $175 (386) 283-5374 Johnson 95 Cadets of organism, e.g. 42 “___ views to Billieand Joe”homeowner’s association - Landscaping Services Prepare for your next career! $269.00 all inclu- golf course 36 Dough, cabbage or Colorado Springs 109 Prefix for “while” care of landscape maintenance move-in WHIRLPOOL ELECTRIC Oven - $195: 4-burner sive. email: or call 386-793- taking 43 Tokyo, once - Complete Property Maintenance kale & Rock Beds 97 Bro’s kin ready! you’ve been for Voicemail that great prompt oppor- - Mulch smooth top, bisque, good condition. 1283 for more information. 44IfSurprise partylooking110 WalesaWashing of Poland 101 Lunar depression tunity to make your move into Dunes, - 37 386-503-4084 111 Hammock Bakery attraction Pressure 38 “What’s the big 102 Discordant, as whether command as your full-time residence, or as a splenHelp Wanted 112 Serving spoon WHIRLPOOL GOLD range, microwave and dish 46 Evening hour don’t miss did seasonal home, seeing this 2BR Low___?” music Prices on Monthly Service! washer. Black. All good condition. $200. 114Judy Musical -OFFICE ASSISTANTShout of praise with 47 Den/2 bath Villa. Call Barnes with Call 39 Cool and@ Savarese104 Logic & Design Michael Landscape Call 386-597-7418. 40 hours per week. Handle detailed paperwork in Coldwell Banker Residential miscellany Real Estate at 386-246-2406 51 Once-a-decade indifferent 105 More mentally fast-paced office. Duties include filing, answering 386.931.5707 116 Eastern nurse 40 “___ we forget” there events Trimming Specials Autos For Sale phones, making appointments, and general office 120 See 71-Across 41 Separatebut forcefully 106 Opposite of 53 Refer to, as a “Everything the Lawn” 2012 DODGE wheelchair van, lowered floor, task. Must have general computer skills and be 45 Xmas Trimming, month 122 Not sticky dictionary Detailing, Weeding,strengthen Mulch, Gutters, willing to learn. Experience preferred but not wheelchair ramp and tie downs. $30,995. 47 “To err is ___” Washing, 107 Shaped like a 125 Genesis locale Cleaned, Pressure Leaf Cleanups 55 Rowing device required. 727-492-1630.4 48 Outsiders to the megaphone WOODFORD LANE SEE 33 126 Bakery appliance 386-263-7032 56 Taxi driver club 108 Antipasto morsel 127 Crinkly fabric If interested please contact us at 57 Misbehave Consignments 49 Water nymph, in Services 110 “The Prince of Pet 128 No genius, he 60 Russian legislative mythology ___” NEED EXTRA $$? Looking to consign or sell any NEED TEMPORARY HOME AWAY FROM HOME Stop sign color Talk2Tedassembly Sunburst Realty129386-503-1101 50 Showy and 113 MEMBER? .00001 newton F O F Jfurniture? X N T N QCall A T 386-437-2771. WA F T H F Y F E F D HINSTALLER F OJA H of your1. quality -HVAC - J K Y Z K K J D V O WA R F M FOR YOUR FURRY FAMILY 130 Word before “#1” pretentious 115 Arctic Circle 61 Peevish mood 10a.m.-5p.m., Monday through Thursday. Experience necessary. $16-$20 starting wage. CALL LOIS: 386-586-7711 131 Kennel sounds O W A M K W N Z X H E T N Y A A H . OMust W A have Y F Etools. ’K QA T H J Y Otruck. : “ J R J X X V N N D 62 Be on the mend 52 Shish-kebab stick native, perhaps Company SAVE$$$ PETSITTING 24/7 132 “The ___ of 54 Wrestling for big 117 “Blue II” painter 64 Ladder segment Furnishings Total love & attention in your absence WHAT’S YOUR HOMEKilimanjaro” WORTH? F W A F H F D H M N Z Y F D W F D V If Finterested T N Z D Hcontact .” guys Joan us at 67 Indian 386-302-5051, Leave Message Don’t sages under-value or over price DECORATOR SOFA & 2 carved upholstered 58 Large coffee 118 Confess openly 69 What manyYour babies home. chairs (all off-white), glass topped coffee table & container 119 Farm cluckers DOWN do ASSISTANT POSITION with busy real estate broshabby chic side table. Excellent condition. 59 Cocoon occupant 121 Do a tugboat kerage. is hiring 1 Delany the value withofa “China FREE $2150. 2.Wooden M Y Wtable J X Rwith U , glass M Ntop M Y&W4 chairs MSX M A S M100 D Plus N R URealty R C Group WYRD L G aDlicensed Z R Z J A ZDetermine 71Man without a of your home 61 Inscribed stone chore Realtor to assist our agents with customer conOnline Beach” $275. 386-447-4756. country, e.g.Home Evaluation. markers 123 Valuable rock tact. Must enjoy talking with "warm" customers Visit 2 “Author unknown” Y V K J R D G D M I T J S D V N S . “ N Z M D ’ Y Y V Y W R K J M I M L V C D D Z R 74 Poverty-stricken 63 Mont Blanc, e.g. 124 Bad ___ (spa) MOVING BEAUTIFUL Heavy Bamboo dining on the phone. Call Rus for details and interview: (Abbr.) 65 After deductions 75 Employ a room set includes table w/2 lg leaves, 6 ft lighted 386-931-0520 Remax Select Professionals L R R’ Y T SR RY ? ” YM J X D Z R N M Y W. . 3 Julep enhancer hutch, 4 ft server that extends to 6 ft, hall tree, and 06-19-14 6 covered chairs $750. Also, Bamboo glass top LANDSCAPE PROFESSIONAL table with 4 roller chairs and 2 bar stools $200. Experienced in landscape maintenance & irrigaOther household furniture and items. tion required. Salaried position w/paid vacation. in the GLASS DINING room table, beveled edge, 42x72 , 4 chairs, $200. 386-338-2386

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A/C Tune up, duct inspection, & dryer vent cleaning.

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Shingle |Tile | Metal | Flat | Re-Roof Structural Repair | Skylights

386-263-7204 â&#x20AC;˘ 801-B N. State St. (US-1), Bunnell, FL 32110


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â&#x20AC;&#x153;Specialist In Hard to Find Leaksâ&#x20AC;?




Ormond Beach 386-672-6999 Daytona Beach 386-258-5880

Whatever you do, work at it with ALL your HEART, HEATING & AIR CONDITIONING as working for the LORD, SALES SERVICE INSTALLATION not men. - Col 3:23

PVC â&#x20AC;˘ Chain link Wood â&#x20AC;˘ Aluminum


Do It Yourself PVC fencing available

â&#x20AC;˘ Individual Income Tax â&#x20AC;˘ Out-of-State Tax Returns â&#x20AC;˘ All Business Tax Returns

IRS Problems? We Can Help!



Seabreeze Bookkeeping & Tax Service LLC


OfďŹ ce


We Can Beat Any Estimate

Workers Comp.

) Free (386 Estimates Cell


503-1495 141855

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