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Get your annual well check done now and avoid missing school for an appointment in the fall. Oregon Medical Group is offering Back-to-School Well Check appointments this summer. These summertime appointments address your child’s overall health, immunizations, key milestones, and any concerns you might have. They also include the elements of a sports physical, if your child’s activities require that documentation. Spots are filling up fast, so don’t wait to schedule an appointment. Crescent Medical Clinic 541-686-9000 Garden Way Medical Clinic 541-746-6816 Southtowne Medical Clinic 541-687-1668

Valley Children’s Clinic 541-746-5437 West Eugene Medical Clinic 541-461-8006 Westmoreland Medical Clinic 541-686-1711

Even with good habits, kids get sick. We can help you and yours feel better! Not yet an Oregon Medical Group patient? We’re welcoming new patients! Welcoming New Patients: 541-242-4444 • Pediatrics + 22 Other Specialty Areas • 10 Neighborhood Locations


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Kids age 2-18 eat free all summer in Lane County. Los niños comen gratis todo el verano en el Condado de Lane. For the site nearest you, call FOOD for Lane County. Para el sitio más cercano a usted, llamar a FOOD for Lane County.

FFLC does not provide day care. Children ages 1 and 2 may eat if accompanied by a responsible adult. FFLC no provee cuidado de niños. Niños de 1 a 2 años pueden comer si estãn acompañados por un adulto responsable. USDA, the State of Oregon and FOOD for Lane County are equal opportunity employers and providers. USDA, el estado de Oregon y FOOD for Lane County son proveedores y empleadores de igualdad de oportunidad.

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Adapting Curriculum for Your Gifted Learner


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Ross Newman, M.D., F.A.A.P., welcomes a newborn patient to the world. We are the only pediatricians who still make rounds to visit our newborn patients at PeaceHealth Sacred Heart Medical Center at RiverBend.

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How to Help Kids Develop Friendships Early On

by Pilar Bradshaw, M.D., F.A.A.P. Eugene Pediatric Associates


riendships are a key part of childhood development, and helping your child foster healthy relationships is important. Research shows that positive friendships can benefit kids in a number of ways:


INTERACTING with friends allows children of all ages to learn social skills like sharing, taking turns, paying attention to the needs of others and showing empathy.


POSITIVE PLAY with friends can encourage young kids to improve their big motor and verbal skills.


TWEENS AND TEENS depend on friends for a sense for belonging, acceptance and social support.


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FRIENDSHIPS give kids a chance to practice and solidify their own sense of identity, challenge and strengthen their belief systems and learn about other’s beliefs, cultures and families.


GOOD FRIENDS (even one or two) can help create a buffer against depression and anxiety in teens. Create opportunities As parents, we can help our kids form and maintain healthy friendships by encouraging them to seek out friends who build them up and make them feel happy and positive. Be willing to arrange playdates, as well as attend school and other group activities where your child will have a chance to meet their peers. Encourage your child to join activities that promote interaction and bring together kids

who have similar interests and also diverse interests. Encourage healthy friendships Identifying the difference between positive friendships that build a child up and toxic friendships that drag them down is an important life skill for kids (and adults) to learn. Help your child recognize strong friendships by talking about attributes you appreciate in people, like kindness and trustworthiness. Invite your child’s friends to join in family activities. And be ready to help your child cope with negative friend experiences when they arise (without being too meddlesome). As children age, they often spend more time with friends than with parents, so it’s critical that we help them learn how to build a village that will support them as they grow.

A Dad’s Eye View Humor by Rick Epstein

Into the Education Machine S

chool is like the Grand Canyon: For some it is an eye-opening place of beauty and inspiration. For others it’s a deep pit populated by jackasses and rattlesnakes. It depends on your attitude. And on one long-ago September morning, our daughter Marie had the right attitude. With bright eyes and an eager little smile, she took our hands and we walked her to school for her first day of kindergarten. We were the apprehensive ones. All along, school had seemed like a good idea in the abstract, but on that day the building itself loomed ahead, inappropriately large, harsh and businesslike – not the kind of place to send a dear, little child. P.M. kindergarten had a noon starting time, so the only people in front of the school at 11:55 were the new kindergartners and their parents. Although some of the parents had been through this before with older sibs, everyone was nervously excited. I took pictures of Marie in her new clothes. She had on an adorable shorts-and-shirt set showing a picture – in pastel rainbow colors – of a bear flying a kite. Very juvenile, but it worked for her. Underneath, in keeping with the educational tone of the day, she had on the proper days-of-the-week underpants. “Wednesday,” if memory serves. Up until then, she’d worn them at random, but now it was time to stop fooling around. Marie had learned her letters in three years of preschool, and she was already writing a little. Marie had made up a menu while playing

Restaurant that included “sreailril” (cereal) and “igz” (eggs). My wife and I were charmed by her free-ranging ingenuity and let Marie know it. We would leave it to the teacher to tell our little genius that there’s no “Q” in “thank you.” They say school days are happy days – and many of them are – but I could remember the anxiety of incomplete homework, the embarrassment of being picked last for a baseball team, and the shame of sucker-punching a class pariah just to show off. I cringed to think of my little girl entering a place where failure is possible, heartache is likely, and the ignoble deed is commonplace. Marie knew how to tie her shoes, count to 50 and read a pair of underpants, but she didn’t know how to react to cruelty, rejection or injustice. The slightest frustration would make her cry. And to her a mild rebuke was like the stroke of a bullwhip. Maybe kids need to go to school to learn the things their parents don’t want to teach them. Besides drinking at the fountain of knowledge, eating paste and making new friends, kids in school are in line for all those painful-yet-broadening experiences that don’t come muscling their way into the hothouse environment of nursery school or into that carefully guarded sanctuary we call home. So we inserted eager little Marie into the Education Machine that day, and we cried a little after the door clanged shut behind her. Walking home, my wife lamented, “What are they doing to my baby?” During the next 17 years Marie did some homework, found friends, lost friends, won the coveted Blanche I. Oliphant Award for Language Arts, made a backpack entirely out of duct tape, laughed, cried, won an election, lost an election, had a few boyfriends, acted in a couple of plays, played some hooky, went to a prom, picked a college, read some books and wrote some papers. Then she marched out of the Education Machine s m i l i n g a n d w av i n g a diploma. A photocopy of that document is taped to our refrigerator. Her spelling is so improved that some people actually pay her to write for them. Now she has her own apartment and is paying her own rent. So here’s a thought for any child who is about begin a new school year: Even if you don’t see school as a place of wonder, you can still appreciate an education because it’s like learning to ride a two-wheeler. If you apply yourself and stay with it, you’ll finally be able to go somewhere without your parents running along holding onto your seat. Have a great year. Rick Epstein can be reached at But take it easy; he’s feeling a bit frail just now. O R E G O N F A M I L Y. C O M • A U G U S T 2 0 1 9



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Adapting Curriculum FOR YOUR GIFTED LEARNER by Jan Pierce

s a parent of a gifted learner you know the problems involved in finding “just right” units of study for each subject area. And you also know that gifted children are not necessarily gifted in every subject area. Choosing the proper materials for each subject can be a daunting task. In addition, some gifted children lag behind in other developmental areas such as social skills, emotional maturity and even physical skills. It can be challenging to select the proper curriculum to meet your child’s specific needs. It’s important to understand, however, that gifted children don’t only need “more work” than other students; the kind of study they engage in must be different as well. The term used in the education world is “differentiated learning” which means, just as some children are visual learners and others auditory, gifted learners need curriculum that fits their unique needs. Here are some key characteristics of learning you’ll want to include in the units of study you choose for your gifted child. Gifted learners benefit from: • Teaching in wholes. Inquiry-based or thematic units of study that give a broad overview of a topic are readily grasped by the gifted. For instance, when learning about the game of baseball, the student would have the chance to learn the rules of the game, understand important strategies, know the nine positions and get a chance to actually play the game. This is in opposition to many

programs in which the child memorizes isolated bits of information such as statistics of famous players or a list of equipment needed to play the game. Gifted children want the whole picture, not just parts of it. • Material that is clearly well-written, while offering the chance to learn in depth and grapple with important issues and

What are higher order thinking skills? (from Higher Order Thinking by Alice Thomas and Glenda Thorne) Higher order thinking is on a level beyond memorization. It is more than restating facts. It goes on to understanding, making inferences, making connections between facts, categorizing facts and manipulating information in novel ways. It leads to application in seeking new solutions to problems. It is the basis for important learning. Higher order thinking deals with concepts, larger “idea families,” groups of related ideas in categories such as sports, or biology. Concepts may be concrete or abstract, verbal or non-verbal or may be process concepts about the way things work such as photosynthesis in science. Schema is a pattern of knowledge already in place in a learner’s mind. It is the body of information one has on a

problems. Set individual goals for your learner. Allow him to stop and focus on a particular issue or topic of special interest. It’s important for a gifted learner to work with specific goals in mind. But flexibility is also key, because gifted learners can make connections between information across several subject areas. (continued on next page)

certain subject or area of study. Metaphors, similes and analogies are ways to explain abstract ideas. Visualization is the ability to think in visual images, for example mentally seeing maps, or settings from a novel. Making inferences is the ability to draw conclusions. Problem solving is a complicated process which includes making decisions based on facts, logic, using various strategies and being willing to make mistakes in the process of reaching a conclusion. Original ideas are thoughts unique to a learner and not copied from someone else. They require creativity and imagination. Original ideas may be generated by brainstorming with others and building on another’s ideas in a group setting. Critical Thinking is using knowledge and point of view to arrive at conclusions. Moral decisions are made in this way.

O R E G O N F A M I L Y. C O M • A U G U S T 2 0 1 9


• A curriculum that lends itself to independent projects. Look for extension ideas that challenge the student to delve deeper into the subject. Encourage ideas for an independent extension designed by the student. • Real-life experiences that require problem-solving tasks. More than the average learner, the gifted thinker needs to apply learning to the real world. • Assuming ownership of his or her learning. This happens when higher level thinking skills are used for processing information. Skills such as synthesis when a child makes connections between different bodies of information to arrive at a new principle or generalization of facts. When problem-solving skills are in use and communication skills are taught along with subject matter, the gifted student can shine. • Respect for individuality. When he or she is engaged and focused on learning it’s a wonderful thing to see. Since gifted children comprehend complex ideas quickly, learn more rapidly and in greater depth than their peers, they must be allowed to move through lessons at their own pace. They must be given the opportunity to show mastery of information and then move on. They need time to explore in-depth, manipulate ideas and draw generalizations. They need time and freedom to answer their own questions. To modify or extend lessons there need to be changes in four major areas: Content Gifted children must be allowed to skim material they already know well and move

on to new. They must be allowed to take “side trips” when a topic captures their imaginations. They may be able to work several grades ahead in their special areas of expertise. Process The gifted want to learn interesting information in a more in-depth way than other children. They may want to categorize, chart or graph related information. They may see relationships to knowledge in another field of study. They need time, materials and permission to follow a line of inquiry in an independent project of their own design. Cut and dried fill in the blank kinds of learning will bore and frustrate them. Learning Environment More than most children, the gifted need freedom to explore, hypothesize, ask difficult questions and then create their own problemsolving plan. With guidance they can go much deeper and reach levels of learning in which they synthesize, and inter-relate, information into new wholes. They need alternatives to common paper and pencil learning. Gifted children can benefit from a mentoring relationship in their special area of expertise and interest. Middle school and High school level learning can be linked to higher education institutions in the area. Product Expectation As much as possible, gifted children need to demonstrate their learning in ways most comfortable to them. That may be in detailed written reports, but more often will be in hands-on projects and real applications. They

may want to respond to learning through the arts or music. T he homeschool environment has potential to solve many problems gifted children encounter in the regular classroom, but homeschooling is not for everyone. Accelerated learners can study at various grade levels according to their skills in distinct subjects. They can show understanding and mastery in a unit of study and go on to the next unit. Parents can design projects tailored to their child’s unique interests and extend learning in creative ways. Properly chosen curriculum for gifted children will reduce the stress and frustration many gifted children encounter in traditional learning environments. Jan Pierce is a retired teacher and freelance writer living in the Pacific Northwest. She is the author of Homegrown Readers: Simple Ways to Help Your Child Learn to Read, available online at Barnes and Noble and Amazon. Find her at

Resources Websites • • • • • (search for 48 essential links for the parents of gifted children) • • Articles • “Appropriate Curriculum for Gifted Learners” by Joyce Van TasselBaska • “How to Increase Higher Order Thinking Skills” by Alice Thomas and Glenda Thorne • “Lessons Learned About Educating the Gifted and Talented” by Karen B. Rogers • “Nurturing Giftedness in Young Children” by Wendy C. Roedell • “Your Child is Gifted, Now What?” By Gail Robinson


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Weekly Summer Gymnastics & Aerial Circus Camps!

SUMM ER 2019

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541-343-4222 329 W. 3rd Ave.

LANE TUTORING SERVICE, INC. College Preparatory Services • SAT & ACT Preparation • Admissions Coaching

One-on-One Academic Tutoring • Friendly, Certified Teachers • All Subjects, K-12 • We Travel To Your Home • Trusted locally since 1990.


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Where Fitness is Fun and Confidence Grows! Making a positive difference in the lives of Lane County’s youth for 44 years

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• O R E G O N F A M I L Y. C O M • A U G U S T 2 0 1 9


Discover Eugene’s Best-Kept Secret in Youth Sports by Joyen Pendowski, LAHA President


f you’ve been looking into sports for your child, chances are you have checked out the typical go-to choices: soccer, baseball, gymnastics, track, football, etc. These are all excellent options, but did you know ice hockey is also available in our area? If not, you’re not alone! Ice hockey is probably one of the least known sports in the region, but it quickly becomes a favorite for those who play. Concerned your child can’t skate, or that they will get hurt? You would be amazed at how quickly children learn to skate. It’s mind-boggling! And, contrary to what you see in the NHL, youth hockey is not about the big body hits or fighting (in fact, both are prohibited). Players are protected head to toe in safety equipment, from helmets and face cages, pads and gloves, all the way down to their skates. Every piece of equipment provides unparalleled protection and support to the player. Youth hockey today is about learning to be a good teammate, on and off the ice, and also about how to be a well-rounded athlete for life. USA Hockey’s American Development


A U G U S T 2 0 1 9 • O R E G O N F A M I L Y. C O M

Model emphasizes playing multiple sports, teaching kids the right skills when they are best able to learn them, and placing kids in environments where they can be successful. This includes playing on size appropriate ice and using smaller nets for younger players, while focusing on skills they are ready to learn. For example, younger players focus on movement fundamentals and developing problem-solving skills through play, while older players work on positioning and strategy. In the Pacific Northwest, youth hockey is expected to boom once the Seattle NHL expansion team begins playing in the 202122 season. When the Vegas Golden Knights started in the 2017-18 season, youth hockey in the Las Vegas area exploded with more than 90 percent growth. And that growth wasn’t just for boys; the girls’ side of hockey has been growing, too! Locally, Oregon and Washington have seen the number of girls playing hockey steadily climbing, even outpacing the boys. Lane Amateur Hockey Association (LAHA),

now in its 30th year of operation, provides ice hockey programs for children of all skill levels and abilities between the ages of 4 and 18. There are classes for beginners, one-day sessions for kids to try hockey for free, a program for developmentally and physically disabled children, as well as regular-season teams who play locally and across Oregon. If you would like to explore if ice hockey is right for your child, a great place to start is with an Intro to Hockey class. The next session begins mid-August and free loaner gear is available for new participants. Registration for regular-season teams is also open, with practices starting in September. Information on the different programs, including schedules and costs, are available on the LAHA website: or call (541) 937-5260. Joyen Pendowski is the President of the Lane Amateur Hockey Association and a voting member of the Oregon State Hockey Association. She is also the mother of two, and her daughter plays hockey on both coed and female teams. Outside of hockey, Joyen runs her own graphic design and marketing business and volunteers in the community with various organizations.



Story Times Springfield Library story times. Preschool Story time (ages 3-6) Weds 10:00am. Lap sit story time (ages 0-3) Weds 10am, Sensory Storytime (for kids with sensory integration issues or special needs) every other Thurs. Preschool Art & Science Storytime (Ages 0-6). Springfield Library, 10:30-11:15am, FREE! Ph 541.726.3766 Barnes & Noble weekly story time. Whimsical Weds 7:00pm. Toddler-Time, Weds 11:00am. Saturdays at 11:00am. Call for weekly themes. Ph 541.687.0356 Creswell Library Story times (ages 0-36 months). Board/Picture books, songs, lap bounces, and rhymes. Toddler Storytime (ages 3-5): picture Books, storytelling, songs, rhymes, early literacy activities and crafts. Ph 541.895.3053 Fern Ridge Library Storytimes (recurring weekly). Pre-K Storytimes (ages 3-5) Wed at 11am followed by craft time. Baby & Toddler Storytimes (ages 0-3) Friday at 11am followed by play group. Fern Ridge Library, FREE! Ph 541.393.1046 Early STEM Storytime! Join our educators as we read a story and lead a hands-on activity designed for early learners. Each storytime is a unique expansion of Tot Discovery Day from the first Friday of the month. Eugene Science Center, 2nd 3rd and 4th Friday of each month, ages 0-5, 11-11:30am, Ph 541.682.7887

Dog Tale Story Time. Kids have fun and build skills in short one-on-one sessions reading to trained dogs and handlers’ courtesy of PAAWS. Every Sat, Dntwn Eugene Library, 2-3:30pm, FREE! Ph 541.682.8316 Downtown Eugene Library storytimes in July and Aug.: Family Music Time, Wed and Thurs 10:15am. Bilingual Family Music Time, Sat 10:15am. Pajama Storytime, Tues 6:30pm. Baby Playdate, Fri 10:15am. Bethel and Sheldon Branches: Family Music Time, Fri 10:15am. Ph 541.682.8316

Table Tennis for Kids. Tues and Thurs 5:15-6:15 and Saturdays 1:30-2:30. All sessions are free. Equipment and coaching provided. $40 annual Boys & Girls Club membership required. Ph 541.345.9939


Playtime for Parents and Children. Children 4 and under can join every Monday to play in our welcoming playroom filled with baby dolls, books, trucks, soft dough, and more. Parenting Now! 10am-12pm, nominal fee, Ph 541.484.5316

Wicked. The untold (true) story of the Witches of Oz. 8:00pm, see the 1st

Reading with Cats. Designed to help younger supporters give back to animals while developing reading skills and compassion. Also promotes animal-savvy behavior and gives cats get positive, calm time with children. Children ages 6 - 12. Days: Mon 12pm & 3:30pm, Tues 1pm & 4pm. Greenhill Humane Society, FREE! Ph 541.689.1503 Public Skate @ The Ice Center. Call for skate times. Ph 541.682.3615 Saturday Market/Farmers Market. The oldest, open-air market in the US. Offers great food, local crafts, and live entertainment. Every Saturday, Park blocks, rain or shine. 10:00am – 5pm, Ph 6868885, FREE! “2PM Talks.” A docent-led talk every Tues thru Sun at the Museum of Natural and Cultural History, included with price of admission. Ph 541.346.3024

Adventure! Story Time. A rotation of awesome storytellers will read, tell felt board stories, make craft projects, chat with puppets, and generally bring the fun every Friday from 11:05-11:25am. Adventure! Children’s Museum, FREE! Ph 541.653.9629

Eugene Science Center. Our ever-changing exhibits and Planetarium feature something for everyone! Explore science topics, astronomy, mechanics, optics, water quality, and nanotechnology. See website for features, admission, dates, and times. Ph 541.682.7888


Pre-K Planetarium Show: Stories in the Stars. Designed with our younger visitors in mind, this live, interactive planetarium show is a wonderful introduction to the planetarium. 25 minutes. Fri and Sat, 10:30am, Eugene Science Center, Ph 541.682.7888

Saturday Kids Workshops at MECCA. From magnetic puzzles to robots to sock creatures. No need to pre-reg. All materials are included. Kids under 10 accompanied by an adult. Each week features a different creative reuse project. MECCA, 11am – 3pm, $3-5, Ph 541.302.1810 Kids Minecrafters. Play together, share tips, and get creative with building challenges on Eugene Library computers. Ages 6 - 12. Limited space, pre-reg required. Dntwn Eugene Library, Tuesdays @ 4pm, FREE! Ph 541.682.8316

First Friday Artwalk. A guided tour begins at 5:30pm starting at FOOD for Lane County’s Dining Room and continues until 8:00pm. Always FREE! Ph 541.485.2278

FREE First Friday at the Museum. Investigate Oregon’s amazing fossils and ecosystems and delve into its cultural history. Museum of Natural History, 11am-5pm, Ph 541.346.3024 Eugene EMS vs Boise Indians. A League of Her Own bobblehead giveaway. First pitch 7:05pm, PK Park. Little Wonders: Stories and Activities for Pre-K. This month: Forest Fun, featuring crafts and activities celebrating Oregon’s spectacular forest ecosystems. Museum of Natural and Cultural History, ages 3-5, 10:30 – 11:30am, $3-10, Ph 541.346.3024 Movie in the Park. Isle of Dogs (PG-13, 1h 41m), Monroe Park, 9-11pm, FREE!

3 SATURDAY Family Music Time. Sing and dance your way into the weekend! This week Kris Olsen. Dntwn Eugene Library, 10:15am, FREE! Ph 541.682.8316 Family Nature Discovery Day. An afternoon of Wildlife Play Hospital - where kids can be a wildlife rehabilitator for the day! Recommended for ages 4-11 accompanied by an adult. Cascades Raptor Center, 11am – 3pm, $ admin +2, Ph 541.485.1320 Movie in the Park. Honey I Shrunk the Kids (PG13, 1h 33m), Bethel Community Park, 9-11pm, FREE! Children’s Celebration. Live music, pony rides, hands on activities from more than 60 vendors. Food available for purchase. Island Park, 10am2pm, FREE w/ canned donation. Ph 541.736.4544

Playtime for Parents and Child. Join us in the Parenting Now! playroom for fun and socialization. For families with children up to 4 years old. Parenting Now! Mondays from10am-noon, nominal fee, Ph 541.484.5316

Coburg Car Classic. Family friendly classic car show featuring an engine blow, poker walk, raffle drawings, kids make it and take it model building kits and a chicken barbecue lunch. Coburg City Park, 9am-3pm, FREE! Ph 541.228.8650


Jim Wright Memorial Stearman Fly-In. 41st annual gathering of WWII trainer biplanes. Stanley, the 1929 New Standard biplane, will be available all weekend to give rides for up to four passengers at a time for $75 per passenger. Oregon Aviation Historical Society, 7am-4pm, FREE! Ph 541.767.0244

Eugene EMS vs Spokane Indians. We are the champions night. First pitch 7:05pm, PK Park. Wicked. Discover the background of Elphaba, an extraordinarily talented witch who is unjustly designated as the Wicked Witch of the West before Dorothy ever visits Oz. Hult Center, 2:00pm and 7:30pm, $52-172.25 Little Family Yoga with Brynne Blevins. Springfield Library, 10:30am, FREE! Ph 541.726.3766 Party on the Plaza. DJ Anjali & The Incredible Kid. A mix of Panjabi Folk, Bhangra and Giddha. The duo has spent more than 18 years igniting dance floors with cutting edge music. Hult Center Plaza, 5:30-6:30pm, FREE! Kids: Shark Time. Learn about sharks with Oregon Coast Aquarium. Bethel Branch library @11:00am, Sheldon Branch library at 3:00pm, FREE! Ph 541.682.8316 Movie in the Park. Edward Scissorhands (PG-13, 2h 4m), Echo Hollow Pool, 9-11pm, FREE!

PHOTO: JOAN MARCUS Erin Mackey & Mariand Torres in WICKED

Monarcas Baseball Clinic. All ages are welcome to a baseball clinic with the Eugene Emeralds. Petersen Barn Community Center, 9:00-10:30am, FREE! Eugene EMS vs Boise Indians. Star Wars weekend. Come dressed like your favorite Jedi. First pitch 7:05pm, PK Park. Wicked. The untold (true) story of the Witches of Oz. 2pm & 8:00pm, see the 1st

4 SUNDAY Blackberry bRamble. Tune up your road bikes for this cycling event, with new routes through the scenic Willamette Valley. Choose between a 37-mile, 64-mile, 80-mile, 102-mile or 117-mile tours. All of the routes have climbs, flats and rollers to make for an interesting and enjoyable ride. Hilyard Community Center, 6:15am-5pm, $55-85, presented by GEARS. Eugene EMS vs Boise Indians. Star Wars weekend. Come dressed like your favorite Jedi. First pitch 7:05pm, PK Park.

continued on next page… O R E G O N F A M I L Y. C O M / C A L E N D A R • A U G U S T 2 0 1 9


Wicked. The untold (true) story of the Witches of Oz. 7:30pm, see the 1st Gangstagrass. Bluegrass and hip-hop may sound like an odd combination, but don’t tell that to Producer Rench, who birthed the fusion in 2006, with Gangstagrass. Hult Center Plaza, 5:30-6:30pm, FREE!

Island of Black and White 9 FRIDAY Wicked. The untold (true) story of the Witches of Oz. 8:00pm, see the 1st

Wicked. The untold (true) story of the Witches of Oz. 7:30pm, see the 1st

Sunday Jams. Local DJs will spin fresh wax for the whole family. All-vinyl selections provide the perfect soundtrack for a picnic and a game of hoops. Skinner Butte Park, 3:00-6:30pm, FREE!




Kid Program – Bats eat Bugs (not people)! Presented by W.R.E.N. Grades K-5, Springfield Library, 6:00pm, FREE! Ph 541.726.3766

6 TUESDAY Teens at 4:30. Be A Star. Open a bag of surprises and make your own clothing creation in this project-runway style competition! Teens ages 12+ Springfield Library, 4:30-5:30pm, Ph 541.726.3766

Wicked. The untold (true) story of the Witches of Oz. 7:30pm, see the 1st

Scandinavian Festival. Celebrate Scandinavian heritage with food, crafts and entertainment. Downtown Junction City, 10am-10pm, FREE! Ph 541.998.9372 Kids’ Flea Market & Face Painting. Bring a blanket and sell your handmade items, gently used toys, games, clothes, or advertise your services like lawn care and baby-sitting. Participants responsible for their own cash-boxes/changemaking. Springfield Library, 9:30-12:00, FREE! Ph 541.726.3766

Private Lessons

Mon-Sat 9 am - 8 pm

Family Music Time. Sing and dance your way into the weekend! Dntwn Eugene Library, 10:15am, FREE! Ph 541.682.8316 Scandinavian Festival. See the 8th Eugene Pride Festival. A safe place for celebrating local diversity with food and entertainment for everyone. Alton Baker Park, 126pm, FREE! Ph 541.321.0356 Wicked. The untold (true) story of the Witches of Oz. 2:00 & 8:00pm, see the 1st

Wednesday, August 14th

Wicked. The untold (true) story of the Witches of Oz. 1pm & 6:30pm, see the 1st


Play in the Park. Robin Hood. Meadow Park, 6:30-8pm, FREE! Ph 541.436.4544

Wine Camp at Bennett Vineyards. The ultimate adventure for wine loving camping enthusiasts. Enjoy a crackling campfire, sleep under the stars in a vineyard setting, and enjoy great food and wine. Setup Friday night, camp begins Saturday morning at 10am. Bennett Vineyards, $199, Ph 541.221.8592

Movie in the Park. Selena (en Español) (PG-13, 2h 7m), Sladden Park, 9-11pm, FREE!

11 SUNDAY Scandinavian Festival. 10am-8pm, see the 8th

Scandinavian Festival. See the 8th Movie in the Park. Turbo (PG-13, 1h 36m), State Street Park, 9-11pm, FREE! Movie in the Park. Captain Marvel. Kree finds herself caught in the middle of an intergalactic battle between her people. Movie begins at twilight. (PG-13, 2 hour 8m) Willamalane Park, 8pm, FREE! Ph 541.736.4544 Lego Club. Springfield Library Children’s Area, 2-4pm, FREE! Ph 541.726.3766 Second Friday Art Walk. Starts at Springfield City Hall, 5:00pm, FREE!

Stories in the Park. Each storytime is different and we’ll even have special treats and guests at some of the them! Today’s location is Clearwater Park. 11am-noon, FREE! Ph 541.726.3766

Nearby Nature Quest: Bugs by the Billions! Go on a creepy-crawly bug safari in the meadow, use butterfly nets, magnifiers, bug barns, and more to catch and learn about all sorts of cool critters. Nearby Nature mem FREE/non-mem $5/family. Alton Baker Park, Pre-reg required. Ph 541.687.9699 Sunday Jams. See the 4th Play in the Park: Robin Hood. Meadow Park, 6:30-8pm, FREE! Ph 541.436.4544 Eugene EMS vs Canadians. City of Springfield night – a tribute to our sister city. First pitch 5:05pm, PK Park.

The Shedd Institute - 541.434.7000

Shedd Theatricals 2019 September


The Music Box!

The Jazz Kings 2019-20

Wednesdays at 4 pm

Music & World Cultures School & home school learning concerts

More coming up at The Shedd…

The John G. Shedd Institute for the Arts

Community Music School Classes & private lessons for all ages  Contact the registrar today!  541.434.7015 /

10.5 Keb’ Mo’ 10.10-13 The Jazz Kings: Get Happy! 10.17 Los Lonely Boys 10.20 microphilharmonic: Beethoven 10.23 Scheinman/Miller: Parlour Games 10.26 Evynne Hollens Contemp. Songbook 11.5 Richard Thompson 11.7 The Del McCoury Band 11.13 Rodney Crowell 11.19 Taj Mahal

OrFam-Shedd 2019-08.indd 1


A U G U S T 2 0 1 9 • O R E G O N F A M I L Y. C O M / C A L E N D A R

Keb’ Mo’ Oct 5

7/24/2019 6:44:43 AM

Wicked. The untold (true) story of the Witches of Oz. 1pm & 6:30pm, see the 1st

12 MONDAY Eugene EMS take on Canadians. Mixed up Monday – everything is backwards and opposite. First pitch 7:05pm, PK Park.

13 TUESDAY Nearby Nature Green Start Play Day: Bug Buddies! Enjoy outdoor nature play in our Learnscape plus toddler and pre-school activities and stories -- all about bugs this month! Kids 5 and under only, with an adult. Mem FREE, nonmem $5. Pre-reg req. Ph 541.687.9699 Nourish: Food for Life. Pick up some fresh recipes and cooking tips at these monthly cooking demos designed to inspire and to simplify preparing healing meals in your home. Park Blocks, 10:30-11:30am, FREE! Eugene EMS vs Canadians. Dog Day – bring your furry friend. Tix purchased for pooches benefit Greenhill. First pitch 7:05pm, PK Park. Teens at 4:30. Teen Flick: Marvel and the amazing things captains can do!  Free popcorn! (PG-13, 2h 5m) Teens ages 12+ Springfield Library, 4:30-5:30pm, Ph 541.726.3766

14 WEDNESDAY Eugene EMS vs Salem-Kaiser Volcanoes. Minifigure Giveaway and Win with Us Wednesday. First pitch 7:05pm, PK Park. Concert in the Park. Island of Black and White. Their Rock, Blues, Reggae sound is like no other. Food and beer for purchase. Island Park, 6:30-8pm, Ph 541.736.4544

15 THURSDAY Little Family Yoga with Brynne Blevins. Springfield Library, 10:30am, FREE! Ph 541.726.3766 Family Fun Night. Includes dinner, games, crafts and live entertainment. Dinner served until 6:30pm. Petersen Barn Community Center, 5:30-7pm, FREE! Ph 541.682.5521 Party on the Plaza: Ryanhood. Cameron Hood’s folky vocals and Ryan Green’s explosive guitar and mandolin riffs has earned them the title “a match made in radio heaven.” Hult Center Plaza, 5:30-6:30pm, FREE! Eugene EMS vs Salem-Kaiser Volcanoes. Old School Hip Hop night and $3 Thursday! First pitch 7:05pm, PK Park. Robin Hood. Enjoy a great outdoor play by the Roving Park Players with this original adaptation of “Robin Hood.” Petersen Barn Community Center, 6-8pm, FREE! Ph 541.682.5521

16 FRIDAY Eugene EMS vs Salem-Kaiser Volcanoes. Military Appreciation day and Feature Friday 4-pak. First pitch 7:05pm, PK Park. Studio Without Walls. a Euro-Eugene style environment with music, dance, poetry and a diverse range of artmaking where you can meet local artists. Food / beverage vendors on site. Park Blocks, 5:30-8pm, FREE! Robin Hood. See the 15th Movie in the Park. Dumbo. Join us for circus themed activities and shaved ice. Movie begins at twilight. (PG-13, 1 hour 40m) Willamalane Park, 8pm, FREE! Ph 541.736.4544

Creative Kids Club. Come create for the afternoon. We’ll provide a cart of supplies; all you need is inspiration! Springfield Library, 2-4pm, FREE! Ph 541.726.3766 Movie in the Park. E.T. (PG, 1h 55m), Trainsong Park, 9-11pm, FREE!


SUMMER SPOTLIGHT Artie the Art Bus. Artie is a mobile classroom that travels around Lane county bringing free art classes all summer long. FREE! 541.688.4052

Family Music Time. Sing and dance your way into the weekend! Dntwn Eugene Library, 10:15am, FREE! Ph 541.682.8316

Aug 1st. Monroe Park 1-3pm/ Emerald Park 5:308pm.

Stories in the Park. Each storytime is different and we’ll even have special treats and guests at some of the them! Today’s location is D Street Park. 11am-noon, FREE! Ph 541.726.3766

18 SUNDAY Eugene Food Truck Fest. 11am-4pm, see the 17th

Aug 8th. Maurie Jacobs Park 10am-12pm/ Monroe Park 1-3pm. Aug 9th. Page Elementary School 10am12pm/Washington Park 1-3pm. Aug 12th. Bethel Community Park 10am12pm/Petersen Barn 1-3pm, Aug 13th. Emerald Park 10am-12pm/ Awbrey Park 1-4pm. Aug 14th. Meadow Park 10am12pm/Douglas Gardens Park 1-3pm. Aug 15th. Maurie Jacobs Park 10am12pm/Monroe Park 1-3pm/Emerald Park 5:30-8pm. Aug 16th. Page Elementary School 10am-12pm/Washington Park 1-3pm.

Movie in the Park. Hidden Figures (PG-13, 2h 7m), University Park, 9-11pm, FREE! Eugene Food Truck Fest. Come out and enjoy Eugene’s favorite street eats! Held in conjunction with the Wham Bam Kendall Jam, a two-day festival packed with endless activities for adults and kids alike. PK Park, 11am-7pm

Garden Park 1-3pm.

Aug 19th. Bethel Community Park 10am2pm/Petersen Barn 1-3pm.

Aug 2nd. Page Elementary 10am-2pm/Washington Park 1-3pm. Aug 5th. Bethel Community Park 10am-2pm/ Petersen Barn 1-3pm. Aug 6th. Emerald Park 10am-12pm/Awbrey Park 1-3pm. Aug 7th. Meadow Park 10am-12pm/Douglas

Aug 20th. Emerald Park 10am-12pm/Awbrey Park 1-3pm. Aug 21st. Meadow Park 10am-12pm/Douglas Garden Park 1-3pm. Aug 22nd. Maurie Jacobs Park 10am-12pm/ Monroe Park 1-3pm/Emerald Park 5:30-8pm. Aug 23rd. Page Elementary School 10am12pm/Washington Park 1-3pm

Sunday Jams. See the 4th

19 MONDAY Vikki Gasko Green - Hola! Have a Fiesta! An elementary enrichment program leads kids on an exploration of the art of Hispanic music and an introduction to the Spanish language. Springfield Library, 6pm, FREE! Ph 541.726.3766

20 TUESDAY Teens @ 4:30. Art with Marianne walker! Teens ages 12+ Springfield Library, 4:30-5:30pm, Ph 541.726.3766. Ph 541.726.3766 Eugene EMS vs Hillsboro Hops. Sci-Fi Night and Hoppy Tuesday. First pitch 7:05pm, PK Park. Family Night: Campfire Stories. Bring the kids to enjoy tales, songs, and crafts. Sheldon Branch Library, 6:30-7:15pm, FREE! Ph 541.682.8316 Kid Program – Our Place in Space, by Museum of Natural History. Science experiments and hands-on activities show participants what makes Earth “just right” for supporting life. Junction City Public Library, 12:301:30pm, FREE! Ph 541.393.1046

21 WEDNESDAY Eugene EMS vs Salem-Kaiser Volcanoes. Sluggo’s Birthday and Win with Us Wednesday. First pitch 7:05pm, PK Park. Kids Karaoke Dance Party. Kids and Teens, groove, sing, and celebrate summer together! Dntwn Eugene Library, 1-3pm, FREE! Ph 541.682.8316 Karaoke Dance Party. Kids and teens: groove, sing and celebrate together. Downtown Eugene Library, 1-2pm, FREE!

22 THURSDAY Party on the Plaza: Gina Chavez. Her blend of bilingual folk-pop is uniting people all over the world. Hult Center Plaza, 5:30-6:30pm, FREE!

Vermicomposting with BRING! Learn about composting, have meet and greet with worms, and make a craft! Great for preschoolers and families. Springfield Library, 10:30-11:30pm, FREE! Ph 541.726.3766

Charles Villiers Stanford’s Six Irish Folksongs. The Shedd Choral Society performs Charles Villiers Stanford’s Six Irish Folksongs, Opus 78. The Shedd Institute, 7:30pm, FREE! Ph 541.434.7000

Campbell Center Ice Cream Social. Free ice cream, music and your good friends? Come join us for an evening full of summertime bliss. 5:307pm, FREE!

King Pong. Join local artists, musicians, game developers and makers for a larger-thanlife electronic PONG tournament using giant controllers, projected on a huge, 20-foot screen. Kesey Square, 8-10pm, FREE!

Eugene EMS vs Salem-Kaiser Volcanoes. Country Night and $3 Thursday. First pitch 7:05pm, PK Park.

23 FRIDAY Tinker Tech Day. A great choice for the whole family. Kits include a wind tunnel, coda-a-pillars, and snap circuits. Springfield Library, 2-4pm, FREE! Ph 541.726.3766

24 SATURDAY Stories in the Park. Each storytime is different and we’ll even have special treats and guests at some of the them! Today’s location is Ruff and Magnolia Arboretum. 11am-noon, FREE! Ph 541.726.3766

25 SUNDAY Sunday Jams. See the 4th Eugene Taiko. Enjoy the community-based Japanese drumming ensemble Eugene Taiko, with powerful beats and spellbinding rhythms. Washburne Park, 6:30-7:30pm, FREE!

27 TUESDAY Teens @ 4:30. Ice Cream Sundae Bar and Red Yarn. Pre-party with teens only ice-cream social, then stay for puppetry and folk songs for all ages at 6pm with Red Yarn! Teens ages 12+ Springfield Library, 4:305:30pm, Ph 541.726.3766. Ph 541.726.3766

28 WEDNESDAY Eugene EMS vs Salem-Kaiser Volcanoes. Grease Monkey Night (pre-game car show) and Win with Us Wednesday. 7:05pm, PK Park.

29 THURSDAY Eugene EMS vs Salem-Kaiser Volcanoes. A Nightmare on EMS Street and $3 Thursday. First pitch 7:05pm, PK Park. Party on the Plaza: Alonzo Chadwick and Zoulful Muzic. a group of talented and skilled musicians and singers who specialize in various genres of music, including soul, funk, jazz, R&B, neo-soul, blues and gospel. Hult Center Plaza, 5:30-6:30pm, FREE!

30 FRIDAY Eugene EMS vs Salem-Kaiser Volcanoes. Family Fun Night featuring BirdZerk! and Feature Friday 4-Pack. First pitch 7:05pm, PK Park.

31 SATURDAY Eugene EMS vs Salem-Kaiser Volcanoes. Marvel Superhero Night and Pepsitown Saturdays. First pitch 7:05pm, PK Park.

O R E G O N F A M I L Y. C O M / C A L E N D A R • A U G U S T 2 0 1 9


Middle School Teaches Valuable Life Lessons by Katy M. Clark

“She’s nervous,” I told my coworker about my daughter, 11, as we sat outside on a warm day eating lunch. “Who can blame her? She’s going to middle school.” “Middle school was awesome,” my coworker said, her voice laden with sarcasm. “I had braces and wore glasses and a back brace.” “I wore braces, too,” I commented. “And I was the tallest kid in 7th grade. Boys called


A U G U S T 2 0 1 9 • O R E G O N F A M I L Y. C O M

me the Jolly Green Giant.” She nodded, chewing thoughtfully on her sandwich. I think I saw her shudder. But that’s when it hit me. I looked at the two of us, all these years later, both successful at work and fulfilled with families and activities that we loved. What if middle school didn’t crush us after all? What if the physical awkwardness and social mishaps of middle school taught us invaluable life lessons that prepared us for our lives today?

I think the answer is that it did. And I can’t wait to tell my daughter why. Middle school teaches resilience. You will fail in middle school. Maybe it’s a bad grade in algebra or being cut from the volleyball team. But you go back to middle school every day. You study harder and get help. You shake off the tryout and try something else. You fall down and get back up. You become resilient. Middle school helps you embrace change. Middle school is all about change.

You will not be the same height or weight from one year to the next in middle school. You may or may not have the same friends. You will change classes like you change the toilet paper roll--constantly. Middle school is daily affirmation that change is part of life, that it can be good or bad, but that you will survive it. Middle sc ho ol te ac hes conf lic t resolution. Conflicts, like someone using your pen without permission or cutting in front of you in the cafeteria line, happen daily in middle school. Do you avoid or accommodate the situation? Mediate or challenge it? Each day provides an opportunity to work on communicating your side of the story and empathizing with the other side. The conflict may not resolve itself every time, but the chances to learn and grow are there. Note: bullying is a form of conflict that is never okay. You should always talk to a teacher or trusted adult about bullying and be involved with your school to create and promote a safe environment for everyone. Middle school teaches self-acceptance. I still remember when a boy made of fun of my butt in 8th grade, taunting me that it was flat compared to the other girls. But the truth? My less than curvaceous derriere didn’t bother me. It still doesn’t, even in a Kim Kardashian world. Middle school is when you get to decide what you like or accept about yourself, regardless of what others think. Middle school shows you what a true friend looks like. Middle school friendships can be sources of comfort and support, but they also can be sources of pain and confusion. Did your supposed best friend reject you this week? Learn from it and choose someone kinder to be in your life. Middle school teaches you that you deserve friends that treat you well, friends that encourage you rather than tear you down. So as my daughter heads towards a new adventure in middle school, I will be there to remind her that the lessons and experiences of middle school, although they may be hard or uncomfortable, will mold her, not crush her. That middle school will teach her to become resilient, embrace change, deal with conflict, accept herself, and learn what makes a true friend.

685 E. Broadway Eugene (541) 344-1029

* Expires October 31, 2019. * No cash value. * Reproductions not accepted. * Valid only at Goodwill Boutique on Broadway.

Your donations change lives.

LOCALLY OWNED & OPERATED SOUTH EUGENE & UO 30 W. 29th Ave (at Willamette)


Buy 1 Get 1 FREE

Buy any size PIZZA at Regular Menu Price and get one of equal or lesser value FREE!

N. EUGENE/FERRY ST BRIDGE 54 Division (just off River Rd)

541-461-7272 Order online at Open Lunch & Late Night

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Ask the Garbage Guru

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O R E G O N F A M I L Y. C O M • A U G U S T 2 0 1 9


Earthtalk from the Editors of “E” the Environmental Magazine

Dear EarthTalk: I was never keen on tent camping but I hear that the new “glamping” trend takes some of the discomfort out of spending the night in nature. Where are some “glamping” hotspots across the United States? — Jon Rubinstein, Albany, NY hile traditional campgrounds are great, they don’t always feel like an escape to nature, especially given the dog-eat-dog aspect of scoring a site and the fact that you’ll be living right next to your neighbors. And while the price may be right — you can score a tent site in most state parks for less than $30/night — maybe you’d be willing to pay more for privacy and some creature comforts? If you’re one of the millions of Americans yearning for more outdoors time but don’t want to deal with campgrounds, “glamping” (short for “glamorous camping”) might be just your speed. Indeed, glamping is one of the hottest trends in the hospitality sector these days and several travel start-ups have risen to this challenge. To wit, Roam Beyond tows eco-friendly, solarpowered, off-grid camping trailers (made in the USA by its sister company Homegrown


Yellowstone, Moab, Glacier, Zion, Mt. Rushmore, Tucson and the Great Smokies. You’ll hardly be roughing it in one of Under Canvas’s tents given the en suite bathrooms, king size beds, daily housekeeping and wood-burning stoves. Of course, these start-ups didn’t invent glamping, and there are still many ways to glamp at one-off resorts and sites across the country. In fact, a quick search for glamping spots in the United States on turns up 20,000 listings. And many state parks and private campgrounds are devoting more space to yurts, tipis and even overnight lodging made out of refurbished shipping containers.  CONTACTS: Roam Beyond,; AutoCamp,; Collective Retreats,; Under Canvas,; Glamping Hub,

Trailers) onto various sites in or near different iconic natural areas around the West. Their first two sites are in Washington State (on the Pacific coast and EarthTalk® is produced by Roddy Scheer & Doug Moss for the 501(c)3 in the Cascade foothills) but the nonprofit EarthTalk. See more at company has new sites in the To donate, works at Yellowstone, Joshua visit Send Tree, Sedona, Moab, Zion and the questions to: Grand Canyon. Meanwhile, California-based AutoCamp offers guests the opportunity to spend the night in a trickedout customized Airstream camping trailer i n Yo s e m i t e , Sonoma or Santa Barbara. While AutoCamp originally sourced and rehabbed older trailers , Glampers staying at Roam Beyond’s Kalaloch site on Washington’s Olympic now it works in Peninsula can spend the night listening to the sounds of the pounding surf and partnership with chirping birdsong in an eco-friendly, solar-powered camping trailer.

A U G U S T 2 0 1 9 • O R E G O N F A M I L Y. C O M



Airstream in the production of hundreds of new customized ones. The company recently raised $115 million in venture capital to expand to several new locations in California and on the East Coast. Ne w York C ity isn’t the first place that comes to mind when you think glamping, but Collective Retreats is trying to change all of that with its new platform-tent resort there on Governors Island. Yes, you’ll be sleeping in a tent, but inside you’ll have all the amenities you’d expect at a five-star hotel, including plush beds with high thread count linens, bathrooms with luxur y amenities, and chef-prepared “farm-to-table” meals. You can also indulge in the Collective Retreats experience at their other properties in Upstate New York’s Hudson Valley on a working organic farm as well as in the Texas Hill Country and at Yellowstone and Vail. Yet another option is Under Canvas, which operates safaristyle canvas tent resorts in eight locations across the country including the Grand Canyon,

Little Timbers Camp:

Aug. 5-7 • 10am-1pm at LCC

ETFC Summer Camp August 20-22 • 10am-1pm Ages 6-14 at LCC




Little Timbers Fall Skills Academy & League Sept.9 - Oct.18 Boys & Girls Age 4-10 M/W or T/Th Games on Fridays

BACK TO SCHOOL SPECIAL! A private lesson, free uniform, and a month of classes for $49.95 Self-Discipline, Concentration, Self-Confidence, and a Winning Attitude!

4404 Main St. • Springfield

747-3181 •

O R E G O N F A M I L Y. C O M • A U G U S T 2 0 1 9


2019-20 Education Resource Guide



Your Guide to Local Schools, Preschools & Educational Resources

Education Resource Guide




Application Deadline











Eugene Montessori School



7:30 - 5:30





Lane Child and Family Center



7:00am - 5:30pm



please call


New Discoveries Christian Child Care & Devel.



7:00am - 5:30pm





New Dream Family Center



7:00am - 6:00pm





Eugene Waldorf School



varies by age/grade



web or call


O'Hara Catholic School



8:05 - 3:05 ext. care 2:40 - 6:00



web or call


St. Paul Parish School



8:10 - 3:00


Roman Catholic



Wellsprings Friends School



9:00 - 3:00





Mountain View Academy



8:00 - 2:55

limited openings




Ridgeline Montessori School



8:30 - 3:05

Janaury 30, 2020






10-6 weekdays/11-6 weekends



$4 admission











10 - 5pm Daily, July-Aug / Tues-Sun, Sept-June



admission only




varies by ensemble





Gilbert House Children’s Museum



Tues-Sun: 10:00am - 5:00pm



$8 admission


Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art



Wed 11 - 8; Thur - Sun 11 - 5, tours by request





Lane Tutoring Service








National Academy of Artistic Gymnastics



M-F 9-noon & 2:30-8pm/ Sat 9am-2pm



Varies, pls call


Nearby Nature



see website for specific programs





Oregon Tutor



Mon - Thurs 10-8pm/Fri 10-6pm



Varies, scholarships avail


The John G. Shedd Institute for the Arts



M-F 9am-8pm, Sat 9-12:30





Triple P: The Positive Parenting Program



not applicable





School Name Preschools EWEB Child Development Center

Private Schools

Public / Charter Schools

Educational Resources Adventure! Children's Museum Boy Scouts of America, Oregon Trail Council Eugene Science Center Eugene-Springfield Youth Orchestras


A U G U S T 2 0 1 9 • O R E G O N F A M I L Y. C O M

EWEB Child Development Center 888 Goodpasture Island Road Eugene, OR 97401 541-345-8887

EWEB CDC continues its over 30 years of legacy now at its new home and offers expanded programs of summer camp and before/after school care. Children receive exceptional care and education with year-round rotating enhancement programs (language, culture, swim, yoga, etc.). Our mission is to provide a warm, safe, and healthy environment where everyone is accepted and respected, and

Lane Child and Family Center

Eugene Montessori School

4000 E 30th Ave Eugene, OR 97405 541-463-5517

2255 Oakmont Way Eugene, OR 97401 541-345-7124

Eugene Montessori School offers a quality education for children age 2 1/2 - Kindergarten. The individual curriculum fosters the child's natural curiosity and love of learning while building self-confidence and independence. In our multi-age classrooms, children work together as a community caring for each other and the environment. For more information or to schedule a tour, please call 541-345-7124.

Eugene Child Development Center • High quality child care and early childhood education ages 2 months – 11 years old • Cooperative play, academic learning & enrichment • Spanish, swimming, yoga • 30 years community-focused service • Before- and After-School care available • Pre-K is enrolling now

LCFC offers high quality, Reggio inspired education for the entire community. Parent participation is welcome and financial aid is available! Our curriculum focuses on purposeful play, developing creativity, cognitive, emotional and motor skills. We provide opportunities for children to experiment with a variety of materials in a safe environment, with natural, outdoor playscapes. Teachers respect children’s unique needs and allow development at their own pace.

New Discoveries Christian Child Care & Development (please see our ad on p.22) 2080 19th St Springfield, OR 97477 541-952-7496

At New Discoveries, whether in small or large groups, individually, at free play, or together at circle time, children become confident learners. Through hands-on exploration, they make sense of the world around them. With the understanding that curriculum should shift and shape to meet children's needs and interests, our program provides a wonderful setting that encourages each child’s individual potential and readiness. continued on next page…

Eu g e n e M on tes s o r i S cho o l E d u c a t i n g fo r a b e t t e r w o r l d s i n c e 1 9 6 2 .

Eugene CDC

Eugene CDC

Eugene CDC

Eugene Child Development Center

(formerly EWEB Child Development Center) Eugene Child Development Center • 541-345-8887 • 888 Goodpasture IslandCenter Rd, Eugene Eugene Child Development

Lane Child & Family Center Reggio inspired, high quality preschool education for the entire community!

Call us for a tour! 541-463-5517 LCC Main Campus Building #24

A quality Montessori education for children ages 3 through kindergarten. The individualized curriculum includes music, P.E., snacks and a wholesome hot lunch.

Call for a tour!

Nationally accredited with the highest rating by Oregon’s Quality Rating Improvement System To request this information in an alternate format please contact the Center for Accessible Resources at (541) 463-5150 or

541.345.7124 • 2255 Oakmont Way • O R E G O N F A M I L Y. C O M • A U G U S T 2 0 1 9


2019-20 Education Resource Guide


growth and learning are nurtured.

2019-20 Education Resource Guide

New Dream Family Center 1895 W. 18th Ave. Eugene, OR 97402 541-344-1905

New Dream offers programs for infants through school-age students. Our STEM Garden program is delivered in both English and Spanish. Two kinder-

garten-readiness classrooms get your 4-year old ready for school. Our classrooms are led by dynamic teaching teams, who are skilled communicators, educators and caring adults. The New Dream facility boasts large play yards, many gardens, and covered areas for outdoor play.


(A $50 VALUE)

“A GREAT PLACE TO GROW” 541-952-GROW • 2080 19th St. Springfield, OR 97477 •

Private Schools Eugene Waldorf School 1350 McLean Blvd. Eugene, OR 97405 541-683-6951

The Eugene Waldorf School is one of over 1,000 Waldorf schools worldwide and has been serving preschool through grade 8 since 1980. Our mission is to educate the whole child for the future, equally engaging body, mind, and spirit. Our teachers foster a love of learning by enlivening the imagination, strengthening the creative will, deepening understanding, and awakening a sense of community. Our academic program integrates the arts,

Parent-child through grade 8 since 1980

Enrolling for Fall 2019 Ages 6 weeks to 12 years Call for a tour!


AUGUST 17TH, 2019 10 AM TO 1 PM Now Enrolling for 2019/2020 At our preschool and kindergarten, children are so actively engaged they don’t even know they’re learning. Come see how the imagination of childhood forms the foundation for lifetime learning. 541-683-6951 1350 McLean Blvd. 22

A U G U S T 2 0 1 9 • O R E G O N F A M I L Y. C O M

Ask us about our STEM Spanish / Garden Program LIVE WELL, DO GOOD, PLAY MORE!


humanities, and sciences. We strive to help all children develop their unique physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual capacities. This enables each individual to responsibly enter in freedom into an ever-changing local and global community. O'Hara Catholic School 715 W. 18th Ave. Eugene, OR 97402 541-485-5291

O’Hara Catholic School serves students from Preschool through 8th grade in a nurturing, enriching environment. With an exceptional academic program and a strong focus on faith and values, students develop confidence, compassion, and a love of learning. Specialists teach music, choir, art, Spanish, reading, PE, Praise & Worship, and library. O'Hara offers 1:1 technology for students in grades 6 - 8 and has multiple Google certified educators on staff. Founded in 1889. Fully accredited.  St. Paul Parish School 1201 Satre St. Eugene, OR 97401 541-344-1401

St. Paul Parish School is a fully accredited Preschool through 8th grade elementary program in the best tradition of Catholic education. Our mission is to provide a Catholic education fostering spiritual growth and academic excellence in a safe, nurturing environment. In addition to a solid academic program, stu-

Wellsprings Friends School 3590 W. 18th Ave. Eugene, OR 97402 541-686-1223

Wellsprings is an accredited, independent, non-profit high school, founded in 1994. Offering small classes, a variety of learning/teaching styles, lots of personal attention, and a safe, nurturing environment, we provide an engaging high school experience for teenagers whose needs are not met in other settings. Our teachers

create supportive relationships that value each student's individual emotional, social and academic needs.

Mountain View Academy

Public/Charter Schools


Mountain View Academy 45 South Moss Lowell, OR 97452 541-735-1709

Mountain View Academy has it's foundation in character education. Nine character traits are woven through the curriculum each year. Small class sizes and ability grouping help us to provide an accelerated education for our students. Students attend classes Mon-Thurs with monthly

Mountain View Academy is a charter school in Lowell, Oregon with 16 students per class, a focus on character education, and teaching students through ability-based grouping. We have a “Back to Basics” approach, encouraging hard work and providing students with a full curriculum. Our program has a 4-day school week with monthly field trips and volunteer requirements. Sponsored by the Lowell School District, believing in options for parents.

Spots available in Preschool (3’s), Pre-Kindergarten (4’s) and middle school for the 2019 - 2020 school year. To learn more, call 541-735-1709 or email continued on next page… OPEN HOUSE August 7th and 27th, 4-7pm

O’Hara Catholic School Since 1889, O’Hara Catholic School has provided an exceptional education for students in Preschool 8th grade, offering a faith-filled community that nurtures the whole child. From academics to values and community service, O’Hara prepares students for high school, life and beyond.


2019-20 Education Resource Guide

dents receive instruction in the Performing Arts, Physical Education, Technology and Spanish. Currently accepting applications for the coming school year.


St. Paul PA R I S H S C H O O L

Individualized learning Student-centered curriculum Small mixed-grade classes

715 West 18th Avenue | Eugene, OR | | 541-485-5291

Enter to Learn. Go Forth to Serve.

Providing a quality Catholic education for students in preschool through 8th Grade for over 50 years. 1201 Satre Street Eugene, OR 97401 541-344-1401

Safe, nurtuing environment Community centered activities Diverse faculty & student body All learning styles welcome Music, art, field trips Accredited nonprofit high

‘The little school with the big heart” 3590 West 18th Ave Eugene, OR 97402 (541) 686-1223

O R E G O N F A M I L Y. C O M • A U G U S T 2 0 1 9


2019-20 Education Resource Guide

field trips on Fridays. We encourage parent involvement, recognizing that this is the most powerful partnership to help students acheive success. Spots available in Preschool (3’s), Pre-K (4’s) and middle school for 2019 - 2020.

Expansion Now Open!

Ridgeline Montessori School

• Challenging curriculum • Self-directed Learning • Multi-age classrooms • No tuition • Grades K-8 Apply online at


For Details Call 541-681-9662 or visit


* O P E N D A I LY ! 490 Valley River Center Eugene, Oregon 97401 541-653-9629


A U G U S T 2 0 1 9 • O R E G O N F A M I L Y. C O M

4500 W. Amazon Drive Eugene, OR 97405 541-681-9662

Ridgeline Montessori provides an academically rigorous public Montessori education. Students balance their freedom to explore and think for themselves with their responsibility to work and learn within a community.

Education Resources Adventure! Children's Museum 490 Valley River Center Eugene, OR 97401 541-653-9629

Children's museum dedicated to the spirit of adventure in every child! Field trips, birthday parties, museum lending boxes, and daily open hours with plenty of parking, close to bike paths and bus station. Boy Scouts of America, Oregon Trail Council 2525 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. Eugene, Oregon 97401 541-485-4433

The mission of the Boy Scouts of America is to prepare young people to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetimes by instilling in them the values of the Scout Oath and Law. Eugene Science Center 2300 Leo Harris Parkway Eugene, OR 97401 541-682-7888

Visit Eugene Science Center for hands-on exhibits, state of the art planetarium shows, school group field trips, early education programs, and special events. Register now for after-school science programs, no-school-day workshops, and camps designed to ignite your child's curiosity. Open late every Friday until 7pm.

PO Box 5666 Eugene, OR 97405 541-484-0473

ESYO has been a cornerstone of high-quality music education for 86 years! From String Academies in elementary schools, to first-rate performing orchestras, ESYO is home to our community’s youth symphonies. We offer orchestral training from 3rd12th grade, and need based program and private lesson scholarships. Learn. Grow. Lead. Play! Take a journey of discovery through music!

delight your senses as you climb, dig, slide and explore! Find endless hours of entertainment, just for kids. Located in Salem’s picturesque Riverfront Park. Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art 1430 Johnson Lane Eugene, OR 97403 541-346-3027

The JSMA offers an active program for youth and families. Programs include art classes for preschool, elementary, middle and high school students during the school year, art camps during school breaks and

Family Days, which feature art projects inspired by museum exhibitions, music and theatrical performances, and family-friendly tours.

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Gilbert House Children’s Museum 116 Marion St. NE Salem, OR 97301 503-371-3631

Family fun at the JSMA!

Ready, set, play! Gilbert House Children’s Museum offers a one-of-a-kind family experience, providing hands-on learning and discovery through exhibits that inspire creative play in the areas of science, technology, engineering, art, and math. Our 20,000 ft² Outdoor Discovery Area will


The Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art offers an array of programs and classes for families, young artists, and educators. From art camps to funfilled family days to school tours, experience a world of art the JSMA! And admission for visitors under 18 is always FREE! Scholarships are available for financial support. Learn more at: 541.346.3027 EO/AA/ADA institution committed to cultural diversity

Make Music with ESYO String Academy! Classes held at local area schools

Adams, Edgewood, Gilham, Howard, McCornack, River Road, Willagillespie, Yujin Gakuen • • • • •

For 3rd, 4th, and 5th Graders Choose from violin, viola, cello or bass Highly-qualified teachers Unlimited need-based scholarships We provide the instrument! 541.484.0473

Cub Scouts Aim for character, citizenship, and fitness

For boys & girls K-5. Begin your adventure today! FIELD R ING D E– SP EL EN FIG EU ING E– SPR FIELD EUGEN E– SPR ING EUGEN

A place

yone! for ever • 541-485-4433 O R E G O N F A M I L Y. C O M • A U G U S T 2 0 1 9


2019-20 Education Resource Guide

Eugene-Springfield Youth Orchestras

2141 Crest Drive Eugene, OR 97405 541-484-4133

Lane Tutoring Service is a one-on-one, in-home tutoring and college preparatory service serving student in grades K-12. Our professional teachers design programs that cater

to each student’s unique strengths, needs and demeanor. We offer schoolyear support, focusing both on academic and study skills, as well as curriculum design for home-schoolers or summer skill-building. Our teachers are dynamic and engaging, and students enjoy working with

Where Fitness is Fun and Confidence Grows!

Making a positive difference in the lives of Lane County’s youth for 44 years

OUR NATIONAL RENOWNED PROGRAMS INCLUDE: Preschool Gymnastics School Age Gymnastics Adult Gymnastics Ninja Classes Silks Classes Boys and Girls Teams Birthday Parties Parents Night Out Camps for No School Days

Try a FREE Class!

National Academy of Artistic Gymnastics 1 2 0 5 o a k p atc h rd, e u g e n e, | 5 4 1 - 3 4 4 - 2 0 0 2 | w w w. n a a g - g y m n a s t i c s. o rg

us as they reach for greater success. All subjects, plus SAT/ACT and college admissions preparation. Serving Eugene/Springfield since 1990. National Academy of Artistic Gymnastics 1205 Oak Patch Rd. Eugene, OR 97402 541-344-2002

positive environment. Gymnastics, Movement, Trampoline/tumbling, Cheerleading, Girls and Boy Teams, Open Gyms, Birthday Parties, No School Day Activities and Camps for Summer, Winter and Spring Break. Where Fitness is Fun and Confidence Grows. Nearby Nature P.O. Box 3678 Eugene, OR 97403 541-687-9699

Nationally Renowned Program. Fun gymnastics and fitness programs for children 1-18 and Adults!  Increase physical ability and self-confidence in a fun and

Enjoy nature, science, play, adventure, art, and gardening! Based outdoors in Alton Baker Park, Nearby Nature leads day camps, field trips, class visits, costumed

Haunted Hike October 18th! y Natu arb


Ne Eugene OR

Offer applies to new clients scheduling during the months of August and September, 2019.

Math Reading Writing Test Prep And Much More!



New clients, mention this ad and receive a $20 account credit when scheduling your first three appointments!

    


Now Enrolling for Fall!

Experienced tutors here to help students of all ages with:

Est. 1992

ro w

2019-20 Education Resource Guide

Lane Tutoring Service

er . Lear

G n.

Summer Daycamps No School Days Nature Quests School Field Trips Classroom Visits Green Start Play Days Scholarships Available!

Contact Us: Phone: 541-733-1749 Email: Website:


A U G U S T 2 0 1 9 • O R E G O N F A M I L Y. C O M

Register 541-687-9699

Joshua Hirschstein, Director


TUTORING SERVICE, INC. One-On-One Tutoring: • Friendly, Certified Teachers • All Subjects, K-12 • In-home tutors since 1990 College Preparatory Services: • SAT/ACT Prep • College Admissions: Family Workshop & 1-1 Coaching • Admissions Essay Coaching

541-484-4133 Trusted by local families for 28 years.

Oregon Tutor 144 Gateway Loop, Ste 100 Springfield, OR 97477 541-733-1749

At Oregon Tutor, we believe one-on-one tutoring greatly enriches the lives of our students. We offer private tutoring to students ranging from kindergarten through college, and beyond! We help students of all ages achieve their academic goals by providing tutors of the highest quality while working at each student’s pace.” Triple P: The Positive Parenting Program 3171 Gateway Loop Springfield, OR 97477 541-741-6000

Triple P, the Positive Parenting Program, is an online parenting course for parents of children ages 2-12. Triple P doesn’t tell

you how to parent, but gives you strategies you can adapt to your family’s needs. This program is free if you or your child(ren) are members of Trillium Community Health Plan (OHP). Visit to sign up! (Triple P esta disponible en español.)

hands-on exploration before choosing one to study. Open to creating classes for home-schoolers to fit curriculum needs. Member of the National Guild of Community Schools for the Arts. Financial assistance available. See ad page 14.

The John G. Shedd Institute for the Arts 868 High St. Eugene, OR 97401 541-434-7000

The Shedd Institute offers music, theater arts, and dance instruction with classes, camps, and private instruction for all ages and on most instruments. "Discovering Instruments" classes give students a

T R I P L E P : T H E P O S I T I V E PA R E N T I N G P R O G R A M

Top 10 Tips For Parents



When your child wants to show you something, stop what you’re doing and pay attention to them. It’s important to spend frequent, small amounts of time with your child doing things you both enjoy.

L e a r n m o r e a n d s i g n u p a t L a n e T r i p l e P. o r g Tr i p l e P Onlin e is f ree f or Trillium (OH P) members! • Tr iple P est a d isp onib le en es p añol. O R E G O N F A M I L Y. C O M • A U G U S T 2 0 1 9


2019-20 Education Resource Guide

Kinder Critter programs, Green Start Play Days, no-school-day events, and outdoor school presentations for kids in pre-school through middle school. On weekends, we host Nature Quest adventures and special events for families. Don't miss the Haunted Hike on Oct 18th! We also serve middle and high schoolers as a partner in the Network Charter School. Scholarships, discounts for members, service learning projects, and volunteer opportunities are available.

What Are You Waiting For? (this works)

Call Today

541.683.7452 28

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Movie Time by Bonnie L. Harris

Summer Vacation

Romance blossoms.

Columbia Pictures Rated: PG-13 Now in theatres


f you’re expecting a regular rock ‘em, sock ‘em super hero movie, then Spider-man Far From Home will surprise you with its goofy rom-com subplots and its travelogue style of storytelling. But there’s enough virtual reality, Avenger-style firepower, and treacherous villainy to keep avid Marvel fans completely entertained. The film gets slightly muddled in the middle, however, with the angsty teen

romance between Peter Parker and MJ, while Peter’s best friend, Ned, pursues his own spur-ofthe-moment love interest. The friends trade America for Europe and embark on a two-week holiday to visit the famous capitols of the world, but it’s not to be a relaxing vacation. Even though he’s still mourning the loss of Iron Man, Peter is called upon to assist in the defense of Europe when a

group of destructive Elemental creatures wreak havoc. The most dangerous, FIRE, attacks Prague just as Peter and his friends arrive in the beautiful city. Helped by an unexpected ally, the newcomer super hero Quentin Beck , Spider-Man successfully defends the city and FIRE is quickly doused. Peter’s supremely thankful and sees that Beck’s strength and maturity are so much like Iron

FOR THE PARENTS Love Songs Yesterday Universal Pictures, Rated: PG-13 Now in theatres


ark Twain once said that a lie can travel around the world while the truth is still putting on its shoes. With today’s lightning-fast social media and mega stardom just a few clicks away, half-truths like in Danny Boyle’s new film Yesterday seem actually plausible. Struggling singer, Jack Malik, doesn’t mean to tell a lie, but when he’s hit by a random bus and wakes up in an alternate reality, he’s hard pressed to tell the truth. In this new world, no one’s ever heard of The Beatles and Jack’s hilarious decision to claim

their music as his own make for a wonderfully charming commentary on artistic license. Filled with the most memorable Beatle tunes and a Jack and Ed collaborate.

Man’s that he gives Beck access to the Stark Industries super computer. Thinking he can now relax and resume his vacation, Peter’s shocked to learn that Beck is a fraud and he intends to use the technology to eliminate all witnesses to his scam. Peter not only has to worry about the safety of his friends, but he must also stay one step ahead of Beck’s holographic technology. It’s a rough and tumble ending, but eventually Spider-man takes out Beck, saves London, and gets the pretty girl. But MJ’s no shrinking violet and she’s already figured out Peter’s big secret. What happens next is anyone’s guess, but plenty of clues are in the credits.

soundtrack by Ed Sheeran, Yesterday will have you laughing and humming at the same time. But while Jack climbs the ladder of success, he leaves behind his integrity, his creative passion, and his true love, Ellie. The only way to get his life back on track is through a little help from a friend, and it’s a marvelous twist that pushes Jack to finally tell the truth to the whole world. Yesterday e n d s w i t h m o re laughter, a few tears, and the best song of the film. Clap along and enjoy!

O R E G O N F A M I L Y. C O M • A U G U S T 2 0 1 9


Rescue Spotlight


eet Moses! Moses has been in the shelter since early May and is so deserving of finding his forever family! Moses is a 2 year old Pitbull Rottweiler mix with beautiful brindle markings. He loves going on walks and hanging out with his friend. He is looking for his best friend to throw the ball to him until he can’t run anymore! He has lots of favorite toys and great enthusiasm. Volunteers say “he’s a sweet, cuddly and beautiful pup. He’s a gentleman, plays nicely, and loves people and attention.” Moses needs to go to a cat and dog free home. He is a very sweet boy but doesn’t like to share his food so he should be with kids that are gentle and will treat him with respect. This lovable guy would make the perfect addition to any family! If you are interested in adopting a dog, or would like to learn more about adding a dog to your family, please visit Greenhill Humane Society. Greenhill Humane Society is open for adoptions and visits seven days a week, 11 am – 6 pm at 88530 Green Hill Rd in Eugene. For more information call (541) 689.1503 or visit


he Cat Rescue & Adoption Network presents MR. CAT, a handsome young adult brown tabby male kitty estimated about 3 years old. He has a silky coat with and the cutest chubby cheeks. Mr. Cat is very shy at first, but with some time to acclimate loves attention and being petted. He will even flip on to his back for belly rubs, and is very playful, also great with kids (as long as they know to be gentle with him). He would be happiest as an only kitty, but might be fine with another mellow cat, with a slow introduction. Mr. Cat was found as a stray fending for himself on the streets. He tested positive for FIV (feline immunodeficiency virus not uncommon in strays), but he is very healthy and will likely live a normal lifespan as an indoor-only cat with good medical care. FIV can only be passed to other cats through a deep bite wound (and not to dogs or people). Mr. Cat’s foster parents describe him as “one of the most precious cats we’ve ever had the pleasure of caring for.” Can you give this sweet boy from the streets the pampered life he so deserves? He’s had a complete dental, is neutered, up to date on vaccinations, tested negative for FELV, is microchipped, and has been defleaed and dewormed. His adoption fee is $60, which allows us to continue to provide care for other kittens and cats in need. For more information or to meet Mr. Cat, please call 541-225-4955 option 1 or email

FREE Compost Demonstrations Saturdays 10am-12pm September 14 River House

301 N Adams Eugene

September 28 OSU Extension Service 996 Jefferson St. Eugene

Grows Great Gardens!

For directions or more information about composting and gardening contact the OSU Extension - Lane County Master Gardener Plant Clinic: 996 Jefferson Street, Eugene • (541) 344-0265


A U G U S T 2 0 1 9 • O R E G O N F A M I L Y. C O M

October 12 GrassRoots Garden 1465 Coburg Rd, Eugene

October 19 Santa Clara Community Garden 4110 River Rd., Eugene

Are You Ready for Wildfire Season? Keep windows closed and run your air conditioner. Schedule maintenance for your air conditioner to ensure it's working efficiently to manufacturer's specifications. Check and replace filters frequently during wildfire season. Reduce dust and odors caused by wildfire smoke with a charcoal pleated filter with activated carbon. Call Marshall’s today to schedule maintenance, purchase filters or get a quote for a new air conditioner or heat pump (with AC) for your home. Don’t wait for the smoke!

Get $500 OFF a new Carrier AC or Heat Pump Financing as low as $50 per month on approved credit

Mention “Oregon Family Saves” to redeem offer. Offer expires September 30, 2019. All offers are limited to one per household, cannot be combined with other offers, not valid for previous purchases and cannot be sold or redeemed for cash value.


CCB # 25790 O R E G O N F A M I L Y. C O M

• AUGUST 2019


Your family won’t wait. PeaceHealth’s Same Day clinic is now open to help you get back on your feet fast.

Save time. Schedule online. 2846 Willamette Street, Eugene OR 97405 Monday–Friday 8 a.m.–5 p.m.


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Profile for Oregon Family Magazine

Oregon Family Magazine  

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Oregon Family Magazine  

August 2019 issue