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Keeping Up with Curiosity

Why Mars Matters to Kids by Ashley Talmadge


n the wee hours of August 6, 2012, one of the greatest accomplishments in the history of space exploration took place— the successful landing of the Mars Science Laboratory (MSL), better known as Curiosity, on Mars. Within seconds of her touchdown, the car-sized rover was transmitting pictures of the Martian landscape, including a few self-portraits. Erik Wecks, science fiction writer and father of three girls, stayed up late to view the landing on NASA TV. He says, “The first thing I did the next morning was wake my children and plop a laptop down…[to] watch the full replay. It was such a great moment…I still get goose bumps thinking about it.” Curiosity has been busily analyzing samples of the Martian soil, rocks, and atmosphere ever since. By the end of her scheduled mission of one Martian year (almost two Earth years), scientists hope to determine whether Mars is, or ever was, capable of supporting microbial life. Kids can learn a lot about science from Curiosity and her adventures on Mars. Here are just a few reasons to help your kids track the rover’s progress during the next year. Science is collaborative By learning about the creation of Curiosity, kids learn that scientific discoveries are usually made by

teams rather than individuals. There is a persistent stereotype of the scientist working in isolation. Yet it took 7000 people to develop and build Curiosity, and a team of 400 is still required for her daily operations. Many disciplines— geology, microbiology, chemistry, and climatology to name a few— contributed to the project, and months of negotiation were required to make important decisions. For instance, the team scrutinized over sixty potential landing sites before deciding to have Curiosity touch down in the Gale Crater area. It’s not “Star Wars” Movies and video games seem so realistic, we tend to forget that the “special effects” are just that. Curiosity reminds us of exactly what is possible in 2013. Even though Mars is our planetary next door neighbor, it still took eight months for Curiosity (at a speed of 22,500 mph!) to reach the planet. And although NASA’s rover drivers operate Curiosity via remote control, the rover has little in common with the remote devices our kids are so adept at using. Due to the distance between Earth and Mars, there is a time lag of about 14 minutes between the time a rover driver sends a command, and the time Curiosity receives the command. Therefore, all routes must be planned well in advance.

Planets are connected By comparing Earth’s environment to that of other planets, we come to better understand what is necessary to support life on Earth. It is thought that, billions of years ago, Mars and Earth had similar warm wet climates. Yet, Mars’s atmosphere is now so thin that it can no longer act as a “blanket.” Temperatures can reach a daytime high of almost 70F, only to plunge to -80F at night. Mars is extremely barren and dry, and huge dust storms have been known to envelop the planet for months. What caused this change in climate? Could the same thing happen on Earth? Michelle Selvans, a planetary geophysicist at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, says that “understanding the evolution of our neighbors can shed light on the process of climate change in general, which may help us…decide how to take care of our atmosphere in the future.” Science is human Some kids are turned off to science because they believe it’s all about memorization and numbers. Elizabeth Rusch is the author of The Mighty Mars Rovers: The Incredible Adventures of Spirit and Opportunity, in which she pays tribute to the much smaller twin rovers preceding Curiosity. She hopes her readers “see science

not as a list of facts to memorize but as a journey and adventure full of surprising challenges and rewards.” While researching the book, she found that “the scientists and engineers who designed, built and worked with the rovers became attached to the little robots as they cheered them on and struggled to keep them safe.” Rusch concludes, “I realized that space exploration is ultimately a very human endeavor.” Good science requires patience Headlines were made when Curiosity’s wheels hit the Martian soil. Not so evident was the nineyear preparation for the event. Each component—from wheels to drills to communication equipment— had to be conceived, tested and retested multiple times. For instance, the parachute required to decelerate Curiosity for her landing was the largest supersonic chute ever created. The team soon realized that a chute of its size could not be tested by dropping it from a plane. They ended up at NASA’s Ames Research Center in California, the largest wind tunnel in the world. Even

marvelous mars Mars is only half the size of Earth. Gravity on Mars is about 1/3 of Earth’s. On Mars, you’d weigh 1/3 of your Earth weight and you could jump 3 times as high. Mars may be a smallish planet, but it has some giant landforms. The Red Planet is home to the tallest mountain (Olympus Mons), the largest canyon (Valles Marineris), and the deepest crater (Hellas Planitia) in our solar system. Mars has two moons, Phobos and Deimos. The orbit of Phobos is so close to Mars, that it rises and sets two times during a Martian day. Starting in July, planet gazers in the northern hemisphere will be able to view Mars in the eastern sky just before sunrise. The planet should remain visible a bit later in the morning through the winter months.

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then, modifications were required at the tunnel, and testing took months. We are small, but we can think big When kids learn about space and our solar system, they learn to think big. Wecks says, “In the scale of the cosmos we live on an insignificant speck of dust…I think studying the universe helps my kids remember that their own point of view isn’t the only point of view available to them. It helps them ask great questions and find wondrous answers.” Selvans, the planetary geophysicist, remembers a childhood of “looking at the night sky during camping trips, and…getting lost in that magical skyscape.” She concludes, “I think planets started fascinating me more than stars when I realized how much closer they are, so close we could actually…explore them in person!” Indeed, the European Space Agency (ESA) and NASA hope to send astronauts to Mars by 2035. Our kids will be the scientists, designers, and technicians who make this possible. Some will be the first humans to walk on another planet. How’s that for thinking big!

websites If you missed Curiosity’s landing, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s “Seven Minutes of Terror” video ( is a must see. Follow it up by watching the real-life, real-time reaction from the JPL control room as the team saw each stage of the landing ( • JPL’s site ( also includes space-related interactive games at the Mars Fun Zone. NASA’s includes lots of information, activities, and project ideas for kids of all ages. • (Astronomy for Kids) provides an excellent historical overview of Mars exploration. • includes terrific up-to-date information about our universe, including blogs, how-tos, telescope use, and star-gazing strategies. • lists observatories, planetariums, and astronomy clubs in your state.

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Mo ieTime


by Bonnie L. Harris

Robinson’s first time wearing the uniform

A Family Rescue Saves the Galaxy 42

The Weinstein Company, Rated PG Released on Home Video: June 4, 2013

Brave Enough Not to Fight Back Warner Bros. Pictures, Rated: PG-13 Released on Home Video: July 13, 2013

Scorch and Gary Make their Escape


espite the alien clichés and overworking a story of sibling rivalry, the animated feature from The Weinstein Company, Escape from Planet Earth, contains some funny moments and a fast-paced narrative that will keep younger viewers entertained while conveying positive lessons about loyalty, family, and appreciating our differences. Gary and Scorch Supernova are brothers working for the same intergalactic space agency, but they couldn’t be more opposite. Scorch, the action hero, is admired by the citizens of their home planet for his flamboyant bravery and swashbuckling personality. Gary, the nerdy head of Mission Control, is really the brains of the partnership and often uses


his technical skill to save his brother from danger and bad decisions. When an S.O.S. comes from the Dark Planet, aka Earth, Scorch is assigned to the mission, but Gary warns him that the job is too dangerous. The brothers have a terrible argument and Scorch travels alone to Earth where he’s captured by the evil General Shanker. We discover that Gary and Scorch’s boss, Lena, is in cahoots with General Shanker and the rest of the film is devoted to Gary’s zany rescue of his brother. Along the way, other aliens who have been imprisoned by General Shanker since the 1940’s help Gary and Scorch foil the General’s plot to rule the galaxy. Escape from Planet Earth ends happily with the brothers surviving certain death and

pring training, batting averages, and the seventh-inning stretch are well known traditions for baseball fans, but often the history behind the all-American pastime is forgotten as new generations are introduced to the game. Warner Bros Pictures brings a bit of that lost history to the screen with the very entertaining 42 starring Chadwick Boseman as Jackie Robinson and Harrison Ford as Brooklyn Dodgers’ executive, Branch Rickey. The film acknowledges that challenging the unwritten code against racial integration in the major leagues caused enormous personal and professional conflict for the rookie player, but the film also emphasizes the strong support Robinson had from his family and the African-American community. Although we already know that Jackie Robinson becomes a hero, 42 reveals many of the complicated political and economic reasons behind bringing African-American baseball players into the sport following WWII. Branch Rickey puts it succinctly when he says, “Dollars are green, not black or white.” Rickey’s business philosophy that integration would result in higher revenues for the Dodgers offsets his altruistic decision to promote Robinson and make him a focal point for desegregation. Several scenes in the film foreshadow the fact that African-Americans will eventually gain the power to change white culture by the force of both their moral convictions and their wallets. Overall, 42 is an engaging family film with poignant moments of social injustice and athletic inspiration. I checked with a good friend, who specializes in baseball history, and he agreed after watching the film that 42 accurately depicts Jackie Robinson, his teammates, Branch Rickey, and the unchecked racial animosity in major league baseball. It’s important for parents to know that 42 received a PG-13 rating due to authentic language, which includes profanity and racial slurs demeaning to minorities and ethnic groups. A frank discussion of why those words are now unacceptable will add to the already uplifting history lesson.

then returning to their home planet with a space ship full of new alien friends and a couple of extra humans. Although the animation is crisp and the celebrity voices are top-notch, the predictable story, the uneven music,

and the goofy ending reduce the film to something akin to Saturday morning cartoons. Still, young viewers will laugh at the Slurpee brain freeze jokes, the silly slime monsters, and the out-of-control alien food fight.

Concerts coming up at

The Shedd

August, 2013 8.3-11 Musical: The Music Man (Hult Center, 6 performances)

The John G. Shedd Institute for the Arts

Music School Private & group lessons on various instruments and in various styles (including dance & voice), classes and vacation camps for all ages, including preschool, school age, adults & seniors.

Registration for Summer Music Camps and private lessons are now available! Call The Shedd Music School today!

Sign up for Summer Camps today! Register: 541-434-7015 Shedd Presenting Sponsor

The Shedd: 868 High Street (corner of Broadway & High)

OFC-Shedd 1 Check us out2013-08.indd on-line at

8.5 Lyle Lovett & his Large Band (Hult) 8.6-10 Oregon Festival of American Music 2013: Hooray for Hollywood! - The Songbook at the Movies, 1930-48 8.6 Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy (eve) 8.7 Thanks For The Memory (mat) Smile: Hollywood Gems (eve) 8.8 As Time Goes By (mat) Body And Soul Jazz Party (eve) 8.9 I Love To Singa! (mat) Going My Way (eve) 8.10 Shall We Dance (eve) October, 2013 10.10-19 The Jazz Kings: At The Jazz Band Ball (Eug, Corv, Flor) 10.11 Greg Brown 10.18 John McCutcheon 10.25 Rufus Wainwright 10.28 Bernadette Peters (Hult Center) November, 2013 11.1-3 Siri Vik: Fine And Mellow The Billie Holiday Songbook

Shedd Presenting Sponsor

Oregon Festival of American Music 2013 - Aug 6-10

HOORAY FOR HOLLYWOOD! The Songbook at the Movies, 1930-48

Shedd Theatricals 2013

Shedd Theatricals 2012

The Gershwin’s

1924 zany smash hit musical comedy

Lady,MUSIC Be Good! THE MAN August 2 (preview), 9 - Shedd 7:30 pm Thu-Sun, October 4-7 3- &The August 4, 10 & 11 - 1:30 pm

7/23/2013 3:54:47 PagePM 3

Lyle Lovett, one of the most distinctive and original singer/ songwriters to emerge during the ’80s, brings his Large Band to the Hult Center, Monday, August 5th.

Westside Indoor Playground – A parent run co-op playground. For at home moms/ dads & their children ages 0-5 yrs. Located at 4445 Royal Ave Eugene, OR. www.westsideindoorplayground.webs. com, Ph 541-688-9085

Veneta Saturday Mkt. A great place to find crafts, music, food and plants. Territorial Hwy & W. Broadway, Sat 105pm, Ph 935-2750, FREE! Creswell Farmer’s Market. Every Tuesday year round. Farm fare that ranges from local fruits and vegetables to home grown meats. 4pm - 6pm, 182 South 2nd St. Creswell (Heidi Tunnel’s Bakery) Ph. 541-895-2096

SF Library New Readers’ Book Club, age 8 and under, third Tuesday of each month, 4-5pm. Pre-reg. Ph 726-3766

Weekly Lap sit: Preschool (ages 3-6) and Lap sit (infants & toddlers) story time, Weds 10am, SF Library. Ph 726-3766 Barnes & Noble weekly story time, Whimsical Weds 6:30pm. Toddler-Time, Weds 10am. Ph 687-0356 MOMS Club - An organization for at-home moms & children. Members based on zip code.

3 Saturday Family Music Time. Join Kris Olsen of Do Re Play, who inspires learning through musical exploration and play. Eugene Library, 10:15am, Ph 682-8316, FREE! Block Party at Oakway Landing. (Between Oakway Fitness and Emerald Lanes) Huge slide and bounce house for kids, balloon tying, DJ, swimming, Zumba, race cars on display, discounted lunches. All activities are free! 11am-2pm, Ph 484-1271, FREE!

OUTLYING AREAS Oakridge Ukulele Festival. Oakridge Ukulele Festival. Learn to play ukulele for beginners and improve your skills for more advanced. Great instructors, jamming in a camp setting. August 2nd – 4th, Westfir Middle School, 541.782.4000

The Science Factory Children’s Museum & Planetarium. In the exhibit hall, “Science Sampler”. Open daily 10-4pm. In the Planetarium, shows vary, Mon-Fri 2pm, Sat/Sun times vary.

Preschool Story time (ages 3-6) Weds 10:00am, Lapsit Story time (ages 0-3) Weds 10am, Springfield Public Library, Ph 726-3766

First Friday. A free concert of lively Celtic and American fiddle tunes, including hoedowns, reels, jigs, hornpipes, and waltzes. Eugene Library, 6pm, Ph 682-5450

Youth Farm Stand. Buy fresh produce from local teens who work this three-acre organic farm. Proceeds benefit Food for Lane County. Lane County Youth Farm, Sats 10am-2pm, Ph 343-2822, FREE!

On-Going Events

Family Story Time, Fri 11:15am Sheldon Branch Library and Fridays at 11:15am at Sheldon Branch Library. Ph 682-8316

The Music Man (preview). An all-American musical for the entire family! Hult Center, 7:30pm, $16-38, Ph 682-5000

Hideaway Bakery’s Saturday Farmers Market. Featuring local organic produce. Fresh turkey, chicken, duck and goose eggs. Goat cheese, jerky and herbs, fresh pork, and organic coffee. Behind Mazzi’s & Hideaway Bakery. Saturday’s 9am-2pm, Ph 868-1982, FREE!

Be sure to check out our listings for classes and workshops at

Baby Story time (to 12mos) Fridays 10:15 & 11:15am. Wonderful Ones Story time, 10:15 & 11am, Terrific Twos Story time, Tues 10:15 & 11:00, Preschool Story time (ages 3-6), Weds 10:15 & 11:00, Sensory Storytime Eugene library, call for days and locations, Ph 682-8316

Dodge High Fares Dodgeball Tournament. The Eugene Airport is teaming up with Allegiant and hosting a dodgeball tournament. Proceeds go to Make-A-Wish Oregon. Winners win airfare on Allegiant. Willamalane Center, 5pm, $100 team, Ph 720-474-2980

The Corner Market. Dedicated to providing customers with fresh, local produce, this market fills up your basket with seasonal colors. Corner of Thomason & River Rd, noon6pm, Ph 513-4527, FREE!

Indoor Playground. Monday’s and Thursdays, Join your child for an active morning of indoor play in our gymnasium. We will provide the games and toys; you provide the fun. 2/34/28, 9-11am, $2, Ph 736-4544

Story Times and Play Groups

First Friday Art Walk. A monthly art walk hosted and led by special community guests. Enjoy wandering the local galleries and venues and viewing a variety of art. Check website for tour starting location each month. 5:30pm, FREE!

Coburg Car Classic. Come on out for a car show and rally, chicken barbecue, a variety of car games, and even a 50’s street dance. Always the first Saturday in August. Coburg City Park, Ph 688-6087, FREE!

Oakridge Keg & Cask Festival. A festive outdoor beer and wine tasting street fair. Enjoy locally produced beer and wine created within 100 miles of Oakridge. Musicians, children’s games, food vendors and arts and crafts dealers will round out the entertainment. Aug 3rd, 2pm-9pm, $15, Ph 541-782-2147

Springfield Gateway Farmer’s & Artist’s Market. Plenty of parking and the freshest produce of the season grown by local farmers. New LTD covered walkway; Springfield. Tuesday’s 4-8pm, Ph 7476294, FREE!

Living History Day. Historical reenactment, traditional craft demonstrations and instruction, and, of course, ice cream! The Old Time Fiddlers will play at 11:30am. Shelton McMurphey Johnson House, 11am-3pm, $3/$6/$15, Ph 484-0808 Shakespeare in the Park: Julius Caeser. Bring a picnic, blanket, family and friends to enjoy a magical evening of Shakespeare. Amazon Center, 6-9pm, Ph 682-5373, FREE!

Scandinavian Festival. Celebrate the countries of Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Iceland. Cultural entertainment, activities, dancing, music, food and crafts. Downtown Junction City, Aug 8-11, Thurs-Sat 10am-10pm, Sun 10am-8pm, Ph 541-998-9372, FREE!

Saturday Market/Farmers Market. The oldest, open-air market in the United States offers great food, local crafts and live entertainment. Every Saturday, Oak & 8th St. Rain or shine. 10am – 5pm, Ph 686-8885, FREE!

The Music Man. An all-American musical for the entire family! Hult Center, 7:30pm, $22-46, Ph 682-5000 Nearby Nature Quest: Creepy Crawly Safari. Go on a creepy-crawly bug safari in the Walama Butterfly Meadow. Use butterfly nets, magnifiers, bug barns, and more to catch and learn about all sorts of cool critters. Meet at Nearby Nature’s Learnscape at Alton Baker Park. FREE for members. $2/person, $5/family. Pre-reg req: 541-687-9699


Public Skate @ The Ice Center. Call for skate times. Ph 682-3615

1 Thursday OTC All-Comer Track Meet. A tradition started by Bill Bowerman, the Oregon Track Club All-Comer Track meet is for the community and beyond. Come as a spectator or as a participant. Wednesday is for the kids (ages 1-12) and Thursday is for everyone 13 and older. The events vary weekly. Hayward Field, 5pm, Ph 541-343-7247

South Eugene Farmers’ Market. Local produce, free samples, free parking. This event occurs every week on Saturday. Southtowne Shoppes, 9am-3pm, Ph 895-3431, FREE! Veneta’s Downtown Farmers’ Market. Local farmers showcase their goods directly to residents and visitors. Territorial Hwy & W. Broadway, Friday’s 2-6pm, Ph 463-7565, FREE!

Stories and craft with Pattibuff. “Going On a Picnic”. Springfield Library, 1pm, all ages, Ph 726-3766, FREE!

4 Sunday

2 Friday

FREE admission at the Museum of Natural and Cultural History every Wednesday. Also come enjoy a FREE 45 minute guided tour every Friday at 1:00 and 3:00. Ph 346-1671, FREE!

Shakespeare in the Park: Julius Caeser. See the 3rd

Free First Friday. Enjoy the museum’s new exhibits and old classics. Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art, 11am-5pm, FREE!

The Music Man. 1:30pm, See the 3rd,

SUMMER 2013 Summer Gymnastics and Circus Camps! z Gymnastics camps ages 4 - 12 z Circus Camps age 7+ z

1/2 day & Full Day Camps

z Single Day Reservations Welcome

Fantastic Classes & Camps for All Ages! 5 41-3 43-4222 / 329 W. 3rd Ave. 1-343-4222

Spring / summer Camps

Summer Art Camp

Mar 25-24 • Jun 24-28 Jul. 22-26 • Aug. 12-16

Seven weeks of Summer Art Camp available.

Register now!

Open to all kids! Make New Friends! - Great Work-out! Have Fun! - Safe Learning! Structured Environment!

485-4589 for more details

Ballet North West Academy Bounce Gymnastics Camp Harlow

541-343-3914 541-343-4222 541-683-5416

Duer’s ATA Martial Arts


Summer Art Camp Sylvan Learning Center

541-346-3027 541-485-4589

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Summer Camps! Read Ahead  Camp Sum Fun  Multiply & Divide Fraction Action  Solve This! and More!

Ma th


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• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • 4-12 • • • • grds 1-8 • 6-18 • • • • • 3-18 4-12 5-18

Check us out on-line at

5 Monday Lyle Lovett and his Large Band. Lyle Lovett was one of the most distinctive and original singer/songwriters to emerge during the ’80s. Hult Center, 7:30pm, $39-59, Ph 682-5000

I Love to Singa: Tunes & Toons. Ken and company are joined by Michael Stone and Clairdee for an assortment of 1930s and early ‘40s cartoon music. The Shedd Institute of the Arts, 1:30-3pm, $18-32, Ph 434-7000

Tween Scene. 9 to 13 year olds are invited to drop by, make a craft, play a game and have a snack. Springfield Library, 3:30-4:30pm, Ph 726-3766, FREE!

Island Park Blues Festival. Enjoy live musical performances, food and drink booths, in a kid-friendly environment, and a 5K/10K run/walk. Island Park, $7-10, Ph 736-4444

Storyteller, Chris Leebrick presents “Dig This: Stories that Rock”, entertainment for the entire family. Springfield Library, 1pm, Ph 726-3766, FREE!

The Music Man. 7:30pm, See the 3rd,


15 Thursday

23 Friday

On the second Thursday of each month, Oregon Track Club will host informal running/walking events. Courses will be marked, and timed results will be presented. Dorris Ranch, 6pm, Free to OTC members/$5 otherwise, Ph 541-343-7247

Eugene Celebration. Partake in family activities, food booths and live music in the heart of downtown. Downtown Eugene, $8-18,

Cyclocross Skills Clinic. Learn about barriers, mounts and dismounts, cornering, riding through mud, sand, off-camber riding, group starts, shouldering the bike, training tips, nutrition, etc. Paul’s Bicycle Way of Life (Charnelton), 6:15, FREE! Eugene’s Got Talent! - Youth Variety Show. Auditions: Wed, Aug 14th 4pm, All ages are invited to catch a rising star at “Eugene’s Got Talent!,” a free variety show performed by local kids and teens. Eugene Library, 5pm, Ph 682-8316, FREE!


Chalk art and Marimba Festival. All ages welcome, Springfield Library fountain plaza, 12-1pm, Ph 726-3766, FREE!

10 Saturday

6 Tuesday

Jammie storytime. Come in your jammies for an evening of stories. All ages welcome, Springfield Library, 7pm, Ph 726-3766, FREE! Louisiana Fiddlin’. A lively musical show by Kelly Thibodeaux - with fiddles to try yourself! Eugene Library, 1:00 & 3:00, Ph 682-8316, FREE! Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy. Celebrate Hollywood’s embrace of Swing with a host of movies and music. The Shedd Institute of the Arts, $22-38, Ph 434-7000 King Midas & the Golden Touch. King Midas and the Golden Touch! King Midas, tycoon of industry, loves his gold. But when a high-flying sorceress arrives, his world is turned upside down. Amazon Park, 11am, $5 (under 3 free), Ph 346-4204

7 Wednesday Smile: Hollywood Gems. This evening is dedicated to songs from 1930s to early ‘40s Hollywood that withstood the test of time. The Shedd Institute of the Arts, 8pm, $20—36, Ph 434-7000 Thanks For The Memory. No survey of the early years of the Songbook in Hollywood would be complete without a romp through the period’s comedies. The Shedd Institute of the Arts, 8pm, $18-32, Ph 434-7000 Louisiana Fiddlin’. A lively musical show by Kelly Thibodeaux - with fiddles to try yourself! Bethel Branch Library, 3:00, Ph 682-8316, FREE!

8 Thursday King Midas & the Golden Touch. See the 6th As Time Goes By: The Music of Casablanca. Ken Peplowski and company offer up 15 songs from Max Steiner’s superb score. The Shedd Institute of the Arts, 1:30-3pm, $18-32, Ph 434-7000 Jazz Party at the Movies. The 2013 OFAM jazz party goes to the movies with an evening of jazz from classic songs written for movies in the 30s and early ‘40s. We encourage you to come dressy! The Shedd Institute of the Arts, 7-10pm, $18-32, Ph 434-7000 Louisiana Fiddlin’. A lively musical show by Kelly Thibodeaux - with fiddles to try yourself! Sheldon Branch Library, 3:00, Ph 682-8316, FREE!

9 Friday King Midas & the Golden Touch. See the 6th


Eugene Celebration. See the 23rd

25 Sunday

17 Saturday

Eugene/Springfield Pride Day. A safe place for celebrating local diversity with food and entertainment. Alton Baker Park, 12-7pm, FREE!

Family Music Time. Sing and dance your way into the weekend. Sing and dance your way into the weekend with Rich Glauber -he delights all ages with interactive music play. Downtown Library, 10:15am, Ph 682-8316, FREE!

The Oregon Challenge - Triathlon Eugene. Sign up to participate or just come out to support racers competing in a variety of triathlon categories (Sprint, Relay, Olympic, and Youth). Richardson Park, 7am, Ph 714-978-1528

Shall We Dance. Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers made 10 films for RKO over six years, eight of which were absolutely peerless in their musical content. The Shedd Institute of the Arts, 8-10:30pm, $22-38, Ph 434-7000 The Music Man. 1:30pm, See the 3rd, Island Park Blues Festival. See the 9th

11 Sunday Shakespeare in the Park: Julius Caeser. See the 3rd The Music Man. 1:30pm, See the 3rd,

14 Wednesday Auditions for Eugene’s Got Talent! - Youth Variety Show. See the 15th


29 Thursday

Xwest Huck Fest 2013. PRO/AM sandboard competition that features jumps and only jumps. Everyone is welcome to participate or attend. It’s impressive so be ready to be thrilled! Sand Master Park, 2-4pm, Ph 541-997-6006, FREE!

Tween Scene Book Group. This month’s book is “Sir John Hargrave’s Mischief Maker’s Manual,” by Sir John Hargrave. Pre-reg and pick up the book at the Children’s Center, Downtown Library starting Aug 1. Ph 682-8316, FREE!

Ukrainian Day. Bring blankets and enjoy a picnic-like, family-friendly atmosphere. Gracie the Wonder Dog will delight with a special performance between shows. Nativity Ukrainian Catholic Church, 11am-2pm, Ph 726-7309, FREE!

31 Saturday

18 Sunday

UofO Football. Come out and watch the Ducks take on Nicholls State in the first home football game of the season! Autzen Stadium, 1pm,

Shakespeare in the Park: Julius Caeser. See the 3rd

20 Tuesday Yoga story time and craft. Ages 3-11, Springfield Library, 10-10:45am, Ph 726-3766, FREE!


Experienced teachers ‹ Classically based

in Lane County!

Emphasis on strong character ‹ Variable payment options



Tue, Wed & Fri 11am - 6pm Thur 11am - 9pm • Sat 11am - 5pm

2290 Friendly Street Eugene, OR 97405 541-221-4613

functional movement training

Grades 1 - 4 / M/W/F or T/TH/F / Sept 9th - Oct 18th Eugene Metro Futbol Club 541-343-5100

Be sure to check out our listings for Camps, Classes, and Workshops at

The Best Place for Low Cost


fun and positive learning

Family Music Time. This week: join Emily Fox for lively banjo music. Downtown Library, 10:15am, Ph 682-8316, FREE!

541-302-1810 • 449 Willamette St. Right next door to the Train Station

Classes for homeschoolers

league play

Eugene Celebration. See the 23rd

Shakespeare in the Park: Julius Caeser. See the 3rd

Burton Tutoring and Learning Center

small group work

Check us out on-line at

The Art of Good Health. Learn seven simple steps for good health. From food, to hydration, vitamins, and physical activity. Get inspired to follow these tips for greater energy, clarity, and enjoyment with Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and Certified Wellness 360 Coach Sandi Thompson. Eugene Library, 3pm, Ph 682-5450, FREE!

Shakespeare in the Park: Julius Caeser. See the 3rd

individual skill development


Summer in the City - Skateboard Competition. All ages, all abilities welcome to enjoy food, prizes, music and a skateboard competition. Willamalane Skatepark, 4-8pm, $5, Ph 682-6321

Eugene Driathlon. Second Annual Driathlon course includes 1K stand-up paddle board, 5K run and 15K bike. Alton Baker Park, 10am, $20-40, Ph 357-9277

Little Metros Fall Skills Soccer Academy and League


Sand Sculpting Clinic – Fantasy. Ever want to build a sandcastle like the professionals? Learn how to sand sculpt from the pros! Sand Master Park, 10am-6pm, Ph 541-997-6006, FREE!

Shakespeare in the Park: Julius Caeser. See the 3rd

Saturday Kids Workshops


Shakespeare in the Park: Julius Caeser. See the 3rd

The Good Vibes Summer Tour 2013 – Rebelution. Enjoy musical performances by Matisyahu, Collie Buddz, and Zion I. Cuthbert Amphitheater, 6pm, $30-35, Ph 800-992-8499

Family Music Time. This week, enjoy and learn about South American music and instruments with guest musician Samuel Becerra. Downtown Library, 10:15am, Ph 682-8316, FREE!

Going My Way: Bing Crosby. Ken and company pay tribute to Bing with a selection of our favorites from those pre-war years. The Shedd Institute of the Arts, 7-10pm, $20-36, Ph 434-7000


Family Music Time. This week, guest presenters Pia and Jason Robbins of Little Timbre Studio share songs, rhymes, and music. Downtown Library, 10:15am, Ph 682-8316, FREE!

16 Friday

King Midas & the Golden Touch. See the 6th

King Midas & the Golden Touch. See the 6th

24 Saturday

Sponsored by

Saturday Market is back! Serving up family friendly fun every Saturday at 8th & Oak, with a side of pizza. Crafts • Food • Music • Family Fun

All Ages (Kids under 10 must attend with adult)

NEW projects taught each week like puppets, printmaking and more! $3 - $5 suggested donation per child.

Drop in 11am - 3pm Every Saturday

Bring this ad for one FREE admission to a Saturday Kids Workshop! FREE Teacher Resource Room FREE supplies for art, science and classroom projects! All educators welcome. This ad sponsored by LANE COUNTY WASTE MANAGEMENT DIVISION

Page 5

2013 Education Resource Guide Your local guide to Preschools, Private Schools, Public Schools & Educational resources!



Dancing Sol Nature Education Program 896 Sundance Street Eugene, OR 97405 541-357-9559

2 : 11

Enroll- ment

11 max.


8:45 - 12:15, ext. care options

Appl. Religious? Tuition Camps deadline



See website or call


Would you like your preschooler outside connecting with nature every single day? Dancing Sol supports the whole child in all areas of their development, and does this through teaching a comprehensive nature program. Contact us for a visit! (Summer nature camps for preschoolers are taught through our sister organization: Whole Earth Nature School.)


Now Enrolling All Ages! A cooperative preschool since 1957, EPCP offers a diverse developmental program and cooperative experience with high parental involvement and lower tuition costs. Classes start at ages 2 to 5. No potty training is required. Parents at EPCP take an active role in their children’s education and share in the daily operations in the classroom and extracurricular activities. Emphasis on developmental, selfdiscovery, self-directed, and sensory learning.


The Little French School is a private preschool through kindergarten program that combines high quality care with immersion in a second language. We offer small class sizes, flexible scheduling, and diverse, engaging curricula. We also offer shuttle transportation to and from Charlemagne at Fox Hollow, and extended/after school care for our students as well as older students in a language-rich, supportive environment. Our classes are open until filled; we are currently still enrolling in preschool (~3 in September) and kindergarten (~5 in September)! Call or email us for more information about starting your child on the path to language learning and cultural awareness!


The mission of Ridgeline Montessori is to provide a challenging academic program based on the educational philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori. The Montessori approach balances two interdependent elements: the students’ freedom to explore and think for themselves, and their responsibility to work and learn within a community.

Eugene Parent Child Preschool 1376 Olive St. Eugene, OR 97401 541-984-5531

3:10/ 4:20

40 to 50

varies by age/grade



See website or call

The Little French School 1717 City View, Suite 5 Eugene, OR 97402 541-345-3818

1:10 or less


8:00-5:30, part time available

open until filled


see website or call

public school Ridgeline Montessori School 4500 W. Amazon Drive Eugene, OR 97405 541-681-9662



8:40-3:00 and 8:40-3:15




Program ProgramHighlights Highlights

• Challenging Curriculum • Self-Directed Learning • Multi-Age Classrooms • No Tuition

Kindergarten - 8th Grade

Enrollment Applications Now Being Accepted For Details Call 541-681-9662 or visit

Page 6

Check us out on-line at


private school Burton Tutoring and Learning Center (please see our ad on page 5) 2290 Friendly Street Eugene, OR 97402 541-221-4613


Enroll- ment



Mon. & Wed. 8:30-3:30

Appl. Religious? Tuition Camps deadline

open until filled


see website


Burton Learning Center is classically-based, emphasizing strong character, critical thinking, and analytical questioning with the goal of communicating acquired knowledge (rhetoric). The coursework is designed to be manageable yet challenging.  Our teachers have over 20 years of experience, and we have seen our students graduate from some prestigious universities.  We offer classes in math, science, history, language arts, and French to private homeschool or part-time charter school families.  Please see our website for details.


Eugene Christian School is an independent, fully accredited Pre-K (age 3) through 8th grade school and an excellent choice for a quality Christian education. Bible-based curriculum, art, P.E., music, science drama & computer technology for all ages. Academics, character-building and creative arts in a safe, caring environment. Our new campus is fantastic! See website for details and application packet. Financial aid available. Personal tours on request.


The Eugene Waldorf School educates children in a hands-on, enthusiastic, engaging way. Music, art, Spanish, handcrafts, woodworking, drama and movement are integrated with a strong academic and developmentally appropriate curriculum. Students are nurtured and inspired for a lifelong love of learning. Open House August 17, or call for a tour today, 541683-6951.


K-12 independent school focused on educating the whole student. College preparatory program complimented by visual, musical and performing arts. Foreign language pgrm includes Mandarin, Spanish, French. Collaborative learning environment with focus on the individual student. Small class sizes. Strong personal relationships between faculty, students, and parents. 100% graduates admitted to fouryear colleges. 45% of high schoolers National Honor Society members. Over 18 AP exams offered.


O’Hara Catholic School serves students from Preschool through 8th grade in a nurturing, enriching environment. With an exceptional academic program and a strong focus on faith and values, students develop confidence, compassion, and a love of learning.  Specialists teach music, band, choir piano, art, Spanish, reading, PE and library. Founded in 1889. Fully accredited. Open House Sunday January 27th from 1:003:00pm.

Eugene Christian School 2895 Chad Drive Eugene, OR 97408 541-686-9145



8:30-3:00 ext. care options


yes- nondenominational


nonsectarian spirituality

web or call

Eugene Waldorf School 1350 McLean Blvd. Eugene, OR 97405 541-683-6951



varies by age/grade

web or call

Oak Hill School (please see our ad on page 6) 86397 Eldon Schafer Dr Eugene, OR 97405 541-744-0954



8:20 - 3:00




O’Hara Catholic School 715 W. 18th Ave. Eugene, OR 97402 541-485-5291



8:05-3:05 ext. care 2:40 - 6:00




Program ProgramHighlights Highlights

Trying to Reach Families? Oregon Family comes home in the backpacks of Lane County’s school kids every month! Call 541-683-7452 to Advertise

The Good News in Education! EUGENE

WALDORF SCHOOL Inspiring life-long learning

For 125 Years, O’Hara Catholic School has provided an exceptional education for students in Pre-School through 8th grade, offering a faith-filled community that nurtures the whole child. From academics to values and community service, O’Hara prepares students for high school, life and beyond.

NOW ENROLLING! 541-485-5291

715 W. 18th  Eugene Visit us on Facebook! Grade 4 strings students

OPEN HOUSE Saturday, August 17th • 10 am -12 pm Early childhood through grade 8 541-683-6951 • Check us out on-line at

Page 7

2013 Education Resource Guide, cont’d. private school, cont’d


McKenzie Montessori Institute

1:4/ 1:10/ 1:14

4181 E St. Springfield, OR 97478 541-228-5352

Enroll- ment



6:30am 6:00pm

Appl. Religious? Tuition Camps deadline





Rainbow Garden School 5310 Fox Hollow Rd. Eugene, OR 97405 541-302-1606

1:3 / 1:6 / 1:10


M-F 6:30am 6:30pm



varies please call



St. Paul Parish School is a fully accredited Preschool through 8th grade elementary program in the best tradition of Catholic education. Our mission is to provide a Catholic education fostering spiritual growth and academic excellence in a safe, nurturing environment.  Currently Accepting Applications for the 2013-14 School Year. Please contact the school for more information.


Willamette Christian School has been educating children since 1941. WCS offers Bible based education for children age 3 up to the 8th grade. Featuring an exceptional academic program which includes PE, Spanish, Computer, Library, Sports, and much, much more! Committed to training our students academically, physically, spiritually, and socially. Nationally accredited through ACTS and NAAS. Call for a tour today!

St. Paul Parish School 1:18




Roman Catholic

Willamette Christian School 2500 W. 18th Ave. Eugene, OR 97405 541-686-8655



opens 2/10


Help your child thrive socially and academically! McKenzie Montessori Institute offers programs for children aged 6 weeks to 12 years. Children are taught grace and courtesy, accountability, and peaceful communication skills. Nurturing providers work with children on an individual level, guiding them though an academically enriched environment. We accept state pay, and offer student, military, and employee discounts.

Serving ages 8 weeks to 12 years. Rainbow Garden School offers infant, toddler, preschool, and before and after school care to children in an intimate, enriching, loving, early education childcare facility located in the beautiful wooded natural environment of south Eugene, Oregon. We specialize in offering creative and expressive arts, organic gardening,  multicultural programs, music, physical education, and outdoor programs as well.   Our location near Spencer Butte, Raptor Center, Tamarack pool and the Ridgeline trail offers nature right out our front door and unique opportunities for a well balanced growing experience for the fundamental years of your child’s life.

1201 Satre St. Eugene, OR 97401 541-344-1401

Program ProgramHighlights Highlights

web or call

McKenzie Montessori Institute


Christian School Providing a quality Catholic education for students in preschool through grade 8 for over 50 years.

Currently Accepting Applications for the 2012-13 2013-14 School School Year. Year 1201 Satre Street Eugene, OR 97401 541-344-1401 “A Voyage in Faith and Learning”

• Educational Childcare for Infants & Toddlers • Montessori Preschool & Kindergarten • Homeschool & Online Public School Support Open Monday-Friday from 6:30am-6pm

On the web at

Call today! 541-228-5352

State pay accepted. Student, military, sibling and employee discounts. Mckenzie Montessori Institute is an equal opportunity provider.

Now Enrolling! Call to tour today! Where children can discover God, develop academically, and demonstrate His love to the community.

Enrolling students Preschool through the 8th grade 2500 W 18th Ave. Eugene 541-686-8655

Page 8

Serving Families with children 8 weeks to 12 years of age! Yummy organic meals!

Infant and Toddler, preschool, and before and after school programs! Open 6:30 am-6:30 pm. Transportation provided to and from schools! An enriching, loving, educational and childcare facility located in the beautiful wooded natural environment of south Eugene. We specialize in offering creative and expressive arts, organic gardening, multicultural programs, sensory activities, science, music, physical education, and outdoor programs as well. Our location near Spencer Butte, Raptor Center, and the Ridgeline trail offers nature right out our front door and unique experiences!

Check us out on-line at

Education Resources


Ballet NW Academy 380 W 3rd Ave Eugene, OR 97401 541-343-3914


Enroll- ment


Appl. Religious? Tuition Camps deadline

3-7:30pm wkdays / varies 9am-1:30pm Sat





Offering the highest quality technique and training to children and adults, no matter their goals or experience level. Students are encouraged to be courteous, inclusive, and to maintain a positive attitude. Teachers work from the same syllabus with many performing opportunities and enrichment/recreational classes. Artistic Director, Michele Major, is an experienced teacher in the Vaganova method and has professional performance background. Adult ballet has beginning to advanced levels, opportunity to study pointe, and participate in community performances.


The Eugene Ballet Academy, the Official School of the Eugene Ballet Company, provides training for ages three through adult at all levels from beginning through professional. The Eugene Ballet Academy encourages the development of self-esteem, discipline, physical fitness, musicality, grace and an appreciation for the art of dance. Classes include classical ballet training from Pre-Ballet through professional, Creative Movement, Pointe, Variations, Jazz, Modern and Pilates.


Fidgets2Widgets was created and founded by two mompreneurs with a commitment and passion to transform children’s lives. Understanding the value of technology, they wanted to help inspire children as creators rather than just as passive software users. Fidgets2Widgets is a boredom-free zone AND Minecraft Educational Center. Private server, custom Minecraft maps, programming classes, homework help and much more.


Nationally Renowned Program. Fun gymnastics and fitness programs for children 1-18 and Adults!  Increase physical ability and self-confidence in a fun and positive environment. Gymnastics, Movement, Trampoline/tumbling, Cheerleading, Girls and Boy Teams, Open Gyms, Birthday Parties, No School Day Activities and Camps for Summer, Winter and Spring Break. Where Fitness is Fun and Confidence Grows.


Join us as we discover, learn, and grow in nature nearby! Based in Alton Baker Park, Nearby Nature leads summer daycamps, field trips, classroom visits, costumed Kinder Critter presentations, and no-school-day programs for pre-school through 12th graders. We also host weekend Nature Quest adventures and special events for families. Join us at this year’s Haunted Hike on October 18th! Scholarships, service learning projects, and volunteer opportunities are available. Discounts for members. Partner in the Network Charter School.

Eugene Ballet Academy 1590 Willamette Street Eugene, OR 97401 541-686-9342







Fidgets to Widgets

1142 Willagillespie Rd #7 Eugene, OR 97401 541-342-8290





M-F 9-noon & 2:30-8pm Sat 9am-2pm




National Academy of Artistic Gymnastics 1205 Oak Patch Rd. Eugene, OR 97402 541-344-2002


Nearby Nature

P.O. Box 3678 Eugene, OR 97403 541-687-9699

Eugene’s Premiere Enrichment Program



see website for specifc programs





Varies, Call For Info


Program ProgramHighlights Highlights

Haunted Hike October 18!

Technology with balance. Minecraft, modding, coding and more. Sat 12 - 5pm Mon-Fri 8am - 7pm 1142 Willagillespie Road, Suite 7 541.342.8290

Outdoor Daycamps  Nature Walk Field Trips  Kinder Critters  No School Days Class Visits  Nature Quests

Scholarships Available!

Register: 541-687-9699

Imagine, Believe, Achieve, Become.

National Academy of Artistic Gymnastics

Bring Balance into Your Child’s Life. • Preschool Classes • School Age Classes

Recreational Teams and Competitive TeamsGymn National Academy of All-Star Cheer Birthday Parties • •

Register for Fall Session Now at Pre-Ballet • Ballet • Pointe Variations • Modern • Jazz Creative Movement • Boys Partnering • Tap Dance Hip Hop • Dance Conditioning

1205• Camps Oakand Patch Rd, Eugene OR Open Gyms

Sara Lombardi, Academy Director


Official School of Eugene Ballet Company

Eugene Ballet Academy @ Midtown Arts Center, 1590 Willamette, Eugene

Classes for All Ages • 1205 Oak Patch Road • Eugene, Oregon • 541-344-2002Great

* Birthdays * Camps * Open Play

Check us out on-line at

Page 9 Cheer * Creative Adult Movement

Building Healthy Bodies

2013 Education Resource Guide, cont’d. Education Resources, cont’d


Enroll- ment


Appl. Religious? Tuition Camps deadline

Kick City

1650 28th St. Springfield, OR 97477 541-744-2255



see website





Lil Kickers is a child developmental soccer program for ages 18 months-9 years that uses soccer as a tool to teach children social and physical skills. Skills Institute is for players ages 5-12 who are looking to improve their skills and learn new ones. Classes focus on skill building, drills, confidence, team-work and small-sided play. We also have birthday parties!


Lane Tutoring Service is a one-on-one, in-home tutoring service serving students in grades K-12. Our certified teachers design specific programs that cater to each student’s unique strengths, needs and demeanor. We offer school-year support, focusing both on academic and study skills, as well as curriculum design for home-schoolers or summer skill-building. Our teachers are dynamic and engaging; student enjoy working with us as they learn to perform and reach their academic potential. Serving Eugene/Springfield since 1990.


Oregon Ballet Academy, now located at 1645 Oak St, offers inspired dance instruction for ages 3 through pre-professional. Classes include classical ballet technique, jazz, tap and now, pilates. Director John Grensback was a professional ballet dancer and injects energy and enthusiasm into every facet of the school. Our community of dancers and instructors is warm, inviting and supportive.


We are a fun hands-on science experience for children grades K-5.  Our goal is to assist your child to think, imagine and explore! We take pride in our classes by offering a wide variety of topics so each student stays engaged. From general science to the weird and wacky science found in our universe. Each session has a theme so your child can see how the topic relates to their everyday world. We use experiments, art, and nature to study each topic.

Lane Tutoring Service (please see our ad on page 11) 2141 Crest Drive Eugene, OR 97405 541-484-4133







Oregon Ballet Academy 1645 Oak St. Eugene, OR 97401 541-338-7800







Science Kids

1568 W. 26th Ave Eugene, OR 97405 541-729-9640







Program ProgramHighlights Highlights

Kick City Sport Park Skills Institute is for players who are looking to improve their skills and learn new ones. Classes focus on skill building, drills, confidence, team-work and small-sided play.

Educate. Develop. Inspire. Soccer for kids ages 5-12

Players receive a free jersey, first & last day evaluations & YouTube instructional videos. Season Runs: 9/3 - 11/2 Registration Deadline: 9/7


Lil’ Kickers! Soccer for Kids, ages 18 months to 9 years. Lil Kickers builds strong fundamental physical skills, teaches teamwork and cooperation, and inspires confidence – all in an atmosphere where kids are successful and learning is fun. Start dates: September 3rd-7th. End dates: October 29th-November 2nd. Open enrollment. Sign up by August 24th for a free t-shirt.

Call us at 541-744-2255 to schedule a FREE TRIAL for any Lil’ Kicker Class!

541-744-2255 • Page 10

Think, Imagine and Explore !

Enroll now for this after-school, Enroll now for this hands-on science/nature experience children grades K-5 hands-on,for science/nature/art minimum 10 for students per class adventure grades K-5.

Maximum 10 students per class. No-School Day Camp January 21st and 25th

Pre-school Kinder Sessions Campsand fill up quickly, so enroll coming today!! soon! email: email: 541.729.9640 541.684.6810 Check us out on-line at

Education Resources, cont’d


Enroll- ment

Sylvan Learning Center 1020 Greenacres Rd. #11 Eugene, OR 97408 541-485-4589



The John G. Shedd Institute for the Arts 868 High St. Eugene, OR 97401 541-687-6526



Appl. Religious? Tuition Camps deadline

M-F 9:00-7:30 Sat 9 - 1pm


M-F 9am-9pm Sat 9am-2pm


W-Sun, 11-5. Beginning September 2013 Tue-Sun 11-5








Varies, scholarships available


Committed to helping students develop a lifetime love for learning. Comprehensive diagnostic tools enable us to develop individualized programs focused on each child’s needs, pinpointing specific areas of strengths & weakness. We teach skill mastery that ensures retention, presented the way your child learns best. A wide variety of programs help students of all ages. Whether your child is falling behind or not being challenged, we offer programs for Math, Reading, Writing, Study Skills. SAT prep as well!


The Shedd Institute offers music, theater arts, and dance instruction with classes, camps, and private instruction for all ages and on most instruments. “Discovering Instruments” classes give students a hands-on exploration before choosing one to study. Open to creating classes for home-schoolers to fit curriculum needs. Member of the National Guild of Community Schools for the Arts. Financial assistance available.


The museum is your classroom! Participate in exciting, engaging, and educational programs that highlight Oregon’s natural and cultural history. K-12 programs and tours are available year-round. Contact the museum education department to learn more or to make a reservation.


The UO Youth Enrichment and TAG Program offers unique and challenging opportunities for advanced learners-- those who are identified as Talented and Gifted or performing above grade level in some areas. Classes and special events are offered throughout the school year: on no-school days, after school and on Saturdays. Full camps are offered at Spring Break and in the Summer and include Super Summer (gds K-5), Summer Enrichment Program (residential on campus for gds 6-10) and Junior Leadership Program (gds 11-12).

UO Museum of Natural and Cultural History 1680 E. 15th Ave. Eugene, OR 97403 541-346-1694


UO Youth Enrichment and Talented and Gifted Programs


1859 East 15th Eugene, OR 97403 541-346-3084


M-F 1pm-5pm


varies, check website


varies, check website


Student of the Month

C o n g r at u l at i o n s

Alanna Moore

485-4589 u Reading u Writing u Math u SAT/ACT u Study Skills

is contagious. Lane TuToring

One-on-One. All Subjects, K-12 Trusted in-home tutors since 1990.


UO Youth Enrichment Classes for Eager Learners

Grades K – 8 C Great for Homeschoolers! August Day Camps on UO Campus

Physics, Robotics, Science, Creative Arts, and More!

This is the place where I find other kids I can relate to... – ParticiPant

The subjects are something school doesn’t offer.

Our lives are much better because of this program.

– Parent

– Parent

August camps available! Fall program listings coming soon. Learn more about all our programs on our website.

ExplorE. DiscovEr. EngAgE.

Program ProgramHighlights Highlights

MuseuM of Natural and Cultural H i s t o ry

Free Admission every Wednesday through the end of August! Learn more at Open Wednesday through Sunday, 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m 1680 E. 15th Avenue, Eugene · 541-346-3024

541-346-3084 • Check us out on-line at

Page 11

w e i V e y E s ’ d A Da ein by Rick Epst


School Will Seem Interesting!

n the brink of a new school year, my daughters are like Roman convicts, each about to be chained to a long oar. The greatest displeasure is felt by my oldest daughter Marie, who is beginning her senior year of high school. She’s very advanced; her “senior-itis” started toward the end of sophomore year and worsened all through junior year as she made the transition from A-student to B-student. Here’s how it was accomplished: Sunday night: “Dad, can I go over to Joe’s for a couple of hours? All my homework is done.” “OK,” I said frowning. Monday night: “Dad, I need to go over to Veronica’s to work on our Health project. It’s due tomorrow.” “Go ahead,” I pouted. Tuesday night: “Dad, Joe’s coming over tonight to study Calculus with me.” “As long as you’re really going to study,” I said grudgingly Wednesday night: No visiting, but the ache of an evening at home was eased by a four-hour phone marathon in which Marie wore out three partners.

Thursday night: “Dad, I’m going to a Punk show tonight in Green Brook; Joe’s band is playing. Mom already said it’s OK.” “Oh,” I sighed, frowned AND pouted. I have finally realized that a quiet evening at home doing homework is not a naturally occurring phenomenon, and that when I radiate disapproval, it is not the same as saying, “No!” Meanwhile, the younger kids are happily taking note of the way their big sister slips out of her shackles and swims to freedom night after night. So this isn’t just about Marie; it’s about the entire discontented crew. So I’ve resolved to change my approach in order to close off the options. School nights must be spent at home with minimal communion with the outside world. If Marie claims that all schoolwork is done, she can work on her college applications (or explore the Internet for some of that scholarship money that, according

to legend, floats glittering in cyber-space). I will harden my heart to her pleas. My theory is that school is not so bad; it just suffers by comparison to the dizzying whirl of social delight that is life outside of school. This year I aim to slow down the whirl to where schoolwork will seem interesting, or at least bearable. Maybe it won’t work on Marie, but it would have worked on me. It wasn’t that I was uninterested in my schoolwork, it was just that I was interested in so much else. Take Mr. Maruca’s 10th-grade geometry class for example. Jeanette Huber, arguably the most attractive girl in North America that year, was seated directly behind me. Life is full of choices and every afternoon from 1:45 to 2:30, I had to decide whose lines and curves I would study – Jeanette’s or Mr. Maruca’s. But that’s like saying a flower has a choice between turning its face toward the sun or toward something else, such as a plaster garden gnome.

In the evenings, when state law did not require Jeanette Huber to be anywhere near me, it was time to do homework. Certainly there was plenty of geometry to catch up on, and there were routine writing and reading assignments in other subjects. But I was distracted. I didn’t have the beckoning array of social possibilities that Marie has; my temptation was the undiscriminating companionship of the television set. The Shakespeares and Hemingways of that era were writing brilliant scripts that were acted out by the hottest talents of Hollywood – all for my immediate enjoyment. The real Shakespeare had already waited 400 years, surely he could wait until morning. Or until first-period study hall. Or..., well, sometimes teachers have to understand that a busy boy has to prioritize. In a place without distractions, the brilliant word-play of Shakespeare would have won my admiration, and the circles, planes and angles of geometry would have piqued my imagination. This is more than just a theory. Look at Henry David Thoreau. Hanging around the Gold Nugget Casino/Hotel in Las Vegas, he would’ve been just another mug. But he removed himself from all the flash and pizzazz of 1840s Concord, Massachusetts, quit kidding around with Ralph Waldo Emerson, and holed-up in a rustic cabin in the woods at Walden Pond – and the high-octane philosophy practically squirted out of him!

MarketPlace Classes & Lessons

Professional Services

SUMMER SPECIAL ! Not Worth Fixing? 2 Private lessons, a uniform, and a month of lessons for

only $45.00

Piano and Violin Lessons, Your Home or Mine

25 years professional experience

Love Children... Adults too!

Kalia Bethany 484-9341

Kenpo Karate builds self-discipline, self-confidence, & concentration.


Page 12

Every Wednesday inside Out On a Limb Gallery

191 E. Broadway • 11am-5pm Not sure? Give me a call!

Drew • 541.689.9021


MarketPlace Rates

CHILDCARE & PRESCHOOL After School Fencing Programs for Boys and Girls ages 7- 13 We also offer Adult & Teen Programs • (541) 221-1695 1666 W 12th St (at 12th & Chambers)

Drop off Fix-It Shop

Ten Toes Northwest Fencing Academy

You’ll be surprised!

Nurturing the curiosity children have for the world around them. We are passionate about giving children the opportunity to experience nature firsthand. Enrolling Now for Summer & Fall 541-968-8142

1-2 months - $69/month 3-6 months - $59/month 7-10 months - $49/month 11-12 months - $42/month

To Advertise Call: 683-7452

Help Your Child ! ‹



Stress with learning Spelling, Math, Reading

‹ ‹

Language, Vision & Auditory Processing

FREE ASSESSMENT Lori Hamilton, M.S., BIT/s Practitioner Call NOW: 517-7709

• Excellent References • Bonded & Insured • Flexible Days & Times • Saturday’s Available • Affordable Rates Mention Oregon Family for 15% OFF first cleaning.

541-606-4355 Check us out at

August 2013  

Oregon Family August 2013