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Take a Look at Oregon Family! Quality content, distribution, readership, and results. Oregon Family provides unique, high-value access to the greater Lane County market. Family-centered content and targeted distribution combine to create a powerful reading audience, which constitutes the core demographic of our local economy. High-Quality Editorial

Extended Shelf Life

Family-focused editorial includes articles relevant to both parents and children. Oregon Family provides practical, insightful articles on issues of direct concern to parents. Periodic special-focus issues enhance reader interest and provide added value to your advertising dollar.

Thanks to the publication’s practical and event-oriented features, Oregon Family holds its value throughout the month. One ad per month gives your business repeated exposure in this staple publication for Lane County homes and businesses.

Targeted Distribution

Professional Design and Quality

Oregon Family reaches families. Each month more than 25,000 copies are distributed through all 4J, Springfield, and Bethel elementary and middle schools, plus most private and charter schools. Oregon Family is also distributed at over 400 high-traffic locations throughout greater Lane County, including grocery stores, retail shops, medical and dental offices, restaurants, recreation facilities, and libraries.

Oregon Family is smartly designed and printed on high-grade E-Bright paper using all-digital technology. Digital imaging guarantees the best quality ad reproduction available.

Ads That Get Noticed Our format and design accommodate the lifestyle of today’s busier-than-ever families and professionals. Ads are high profile and don’t get lost or buried. Our paper gets read, which means your ad gets read.

Our Commitment to You Our staff is committed to helping you reach your business goals. Our focus is always to meet and exceed the needs of our readers and business partners. We understand the importance of quality service and strive to maintain high service standards every step of the way.

Stability and Growth Founded in 1994, the paper began operating under the new name Oregon Family in 2001 to reflect the new publisher’s broader vision and direction. This vision has created tremendous and sustainable growth.

Whenever the Hult Center programs events for families, we turn to Oregon Family to get the word out. It’s a high-quality publication, growing quickly, with interesting articles and

great distribution.

Carol Philips-Brubaker Marketing Manager Hult Center for the Performing Arts

Reaching the Family Market Public and Private School Distribution Eugene Elementary Schools

Springfield Schools

Adams Elementary Arts, Science & Technology Academy Aubrey Park Elementary Buena Vista Immersion School Camas Ridge Elementary Cesar Chavez Elementary Coburg Elementary Corridor School Crest Drive Elementary Edgewood Elementary Edison Elementary Family School Fox Hollow (Charlemagne) Gilham Elementary Howard Elementary McCornack Elementary Meadowlark Elementary Parker Elementary Ridgeline Montessori River Road Elementary Santa Clara Elementary Spring Creek Elementary Twin Oaks Elementary Village School Willagillespie Elementary Willakenzie Elementary Yujin Gakuen Elementary Churchill HS Child Care Ctr N. Eugene HS Child Devel. Ctr Eugene Dist. 4J Public Affairs

Brattain Elementary School Centennial Elementary School Douglas Gardens Elementary Goshen Elementary Guy Lee Elementary School Maple Elementary School Moffitt Elementary School Mount Vernon Elementary Page Elementary School Ridgeview Elementary School Thurston Elementary School Yolanda Elementary School Thurston HS Child Devel. Ctr Springfield HS Child Devel. Ctr Camp Creek Elementary School Creslane Elem/Middle Schools Mohawk Elementary School Walterville Elementary School

Private Schools Eugene Christian School Eugene Montessori School Kiddie Kollege Oak Hill School O’Hara Catholic School Springfield Christian Kindergarten Temple Beth Israel Unity School Willamette Christian School

Eugene & Springfield Middle Schools

Sample Commercial Distribution Points Grocery Stores Retail Shops Medical and Dental Offices Restaurants Recreation Facilities Libraries

Serving Greater Eugene-Springfield Eugene Springfield Veneta Coburg

Cottage Grove Creswell Junction City Pleasant Hill

As of January 2012, school distribution is 17,000+ and total distribution is 25,000+!

Features, Products & Services 2013 Editorial Calendar January Education and Gifted Children

February Young Musicians

March Benefits of Alternative Diets and Nutrition

April Speak Up! Helping Teens Feel Safe About Talking

May Team Sports Can Be Scary

June Talking To Your Kids About Drugs/Alcohol

July Traveling with Babies

August Sports and Child Development

September Computer Addiction Part I

October Giving Back - Community Involvement and Kids

November Computer Addition Part II

December Operation Debugging Entitlement

Some of Oregon Family’s regular monthly features: Earthtalk - Thoughtful, concise answers to environmental questions, “green” product information, and tips on how to live a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. Read and Play - Book recommendations and craft ideas for toddlers through early teens. Exploring Nearby Nature - A family-friendly column on how to get out and explore nature, with great ideas for exploring and using natural resources. Money Matters - This column covers family finances, tax incentives, college plans, retirement plans, and more. A Dad’s Eye View (humor) - A look at the lighter side of parenting from a real-life dad’s perspective, by nationally syndicated author Rick Epstein.

Other unique marketing opportunities with Oregon Family: Business CLOSE-UP - Say in an article what you can’t say in a display ad. Our writer tells your story in a journalistic style, based on your direction and information. Tell readers how you’re unique…what sets you apart…how you’re different…illustrate the value of your product or service. Writer and photographer provided. Marketplace - Classified ads featuring classes/ lessons, professional services, retail and more. Summer Camp Directory - A detailed guide to Summer Camps for kids of all ages in and around Lane County. This directory is available March - August.

(Oregon Family) did an excellent job in capturing the meaning and purpose of my work in my Business closeup with children. Her writing was articulate and accurately conveyed how I practice and

work with children and adults. Thanks Sandy!

Melissa Morehead-Lind, LCSW CONNECTIONS Therapeutic Riding Program

Web Advertising - a great way to diversify your portfolio. Advertising Consultations - Putting together an advertising campaign that works is no simple task. Let us help you design an strategy to fit your needs and your budget. Special-Focus Issues - Periodic special-focus issues give extended coverage to a particular topic of current relevance. These issues enhance reader interest and provide added value to your advertising dollar.

Print Ad Rates & Specifications P.O. Box 21732 • Eugene, OR 97402 Ph. (541)683-7452 • Fax (541)683-7925 email:







Cost Per

Cost Per

Cost Per

Cost Per

Full page





2/3 page





1/2 page





1/3 page





1/4 page





1/8 page





1/16 page










Pre-printed Inserts: $25/1,000 Discounts: 10% Non-profit discount

⁄ 4 page vertical


⁄ 2 page horizontal 1

⁄ 2 page vertical


⁄8 page vertical

⁄ 16 page 1


⁄ 4 page horizontal 1

⁄ 8 page horizontal 1

Size Dimensions (Modular) SIZE

Column inches

Measurement in Picas

Full page

4 col. (10.25”) x 16.5”

61p6 x 99p

2/3 page

4 col. (10.25”) x 10.75”

61p6 x 64p6

1/2 page V

2 col. (5”) x 16.5”

30p x 99p

1/2 page H

4 col. (10.25”) x 8.0”

61p6 x 48p6

1/3 page V

2 col. (5”) x 10.75”

30p x 64p6

1/3 page H

4 col. (10.25”) x 5.25”

61p6 x 31p6

1/4 page V

2 col. (5”) x 8.0”

30p x 48p6

1/4 page H

3 col. (7.625”) x 5.5”

45p9 x 33p3

1/8 page V

1 col. (2.375”) x 8.0”

14p3 x 48p6

1/8 page H

2 col. (5”) x 3.875”

30p x 23p3

1/16 page

1 col. (2.375”) x 3.875”

14p3 x 23p3


1.95” x 2.0”

11p8 x 12p


⁄ 3 page

⁄ 3 page vertical


⁄ 3 page horizontal 1


Space reservation due by the 10th of month PRIOR to publication. Electronic files due no later than the 15th.

Placement and Color • Full color Display ad: $275 • Full color Marketplace ad: +20% • Placement Guarantee: 15% premium. Minimum 1/8th page.

Agency Fees

All rates are NET. Agencies much add commissions or fees to published rates.

Ad Production

$35 per hour with no charge for the first 15 minutes. Ads taking longer than 15 minutes will be billed at $35/hr with a 1 hour minimum.


All ads must be cancelled by the 15th of the month to defer billing. Multiple month contracts are cancelable with 30-days notice. OF reserves the right

to bill for any ad cancelled not meeting these terms, including any production time incurred.

Electronic Ad Submission

To ensure the proper reproduction of your ad, please adhere to the following guidelines when preparing electronic files. Oregon Family is not responsible for printing errors resulting from a failure to follow these guidelines. • Preferred file type is a print resolution PDF. A 300 dpi grayscale TIF file is also acceptable. • Create your document size to the exact dimension of the ad size. • B/W ads: convert all text/graphics to grayscale before exporting to a PDF. • Color ads, be sure text is 100% black (no color in body text) and graphics are in CMYK mode, not RGB (except web ads, which should be RGB mode). • Always convert type to outlines/paths before exporting to a PDF. • E-mail ads to

• All new accounts pay with insertion order until credit is established (3 months). Payment is due within 15 days of invoice date. 1.5% per month is applied to all accounts past due more than 60 days. • Ads created by Oregon Family are subject to a $35 release fee. They may not be used in other publications without prior written release and consent. • Oregon Family reserves the right to refuse any ad or preprinted insert. • Camera ready advertising submitted which does not conform to publishers mechanical conditions may be floated, enlarged, or reduced at the discretion of the publisher, unless previously arranged or discussed. • Artwork, copy, and drawings for reproduction (scanning) should be clearly marked to facilitate return. Publisher will use all reasonable caution to protect printed material, but cannot be liable for loss or damage. • Proofs can be made available, when possible. Proofing is for correction of typographical errors and/or deviations from original layout… not for changes or additions. • Positions of ads are at the option of the publisher and no adjustment or refunds will be made because of position. • Claims for error must be made within 30 days following publication. Credit shall be limited to first insertion only and shall not exceed the cost of space in which the error occurred. No allowance is granted for errors which do not materially affect the value of an advertisement, nor for errors resulting from a failure to adhere to ad submission requirements, and the publisher shall not be liable for consequential damages. • Oregon Family reserves the right to revise advertising rates at any time, however, this will NOT affect contracts in place for future issues. All advertising placed without a signed insertion order is subject to current rates at time of production. 1/09

2013 Oregon Family Media Kit  

Media Kit 2013

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