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Engineered to Achieve Perfection™ Graphic Innovations ORACAL® 8500 Translucent Cal

/// Splice free guarantee /// Inhibits undesired reflection /// 55 vivid colors WE’VE GOT YOU COVERED!



Product Overview //ThicknessEspesor /// Épaisseur 3-mil 50 micrones 3-mil Film Type // Tipo de filme /// Type de Film calendered PVC film película de PVC calandrada film PVC calandré Application Surface // Superficie de aplicación /// Superficie de l'application flat non-curved plano no curvado nonplatcourbe //AdhesiveAdhesivo /// Adhésif clear, solvent-based, permanent claro, a base de solvente, permanente transparent, à base de solvant, permanent Available Roll Widths // Anchos de rollo disponibles /// Largeurs de rouleaux disponibles 15" (punched), 24", 30", 48" black and white only available in 36" 381 mm (perforado), 610 mm, 762 mm, 1219 mm blanco y negro solo disponible en 36" 15" (punched), 24", 30", 48" noir et blanc uniquement disponible en 36" Available Roll Lengths // Longitudes de rollo disponibles /// Longueurs de rouleau disponibles 150’ (50 yard), 30’ (10 yard) 46 m, 9 m 150’ (50 verges), 30’ (10 verges) //DurabilityDurabilidad /// Durabilité colors // 7 years metallics // 5 years colores // 7 años metálicos // 5 años couleurs // 7 ans métalliques // 5 ans

Typical Application ORACAL® 8500 is a translucent film designed for long-term illuminated signage on rigid surfaces. The silk matte finish inhibits undesired reflection and provides consistent uniform color in backlit signage applications. Perfect for box signs or channel letters. warranty details please visit www.orafol.com/9840.







choice for architectural and interior design applications.




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Did you know? There is a difference between Translucent and Transparent films.


Translucent Films Films such as ORACAL® 8800 8500 designed to be illuminated by an artificial light source such as fluorescent lamps or LEDs, making them perfect solutions for illuminated project such as box signs or channel letters.




Application Tapes ORATAPE® MT80P • Protective release liner with printed grid pattern • "Stay put" liner adhesion allows prepared graphics to lay flat • Ultra-clear opacity allows for precise placement of graphics • Available in individual sheets or rolls. ORATAPE® HT55 • Works well on hard-to-stick matte finish plotter films • Easily and precisely place graphics to curved surfaces • Available in smaller 12"x10 yd. roll lengths from several Authorized ORAFOL Distributors and Resellers ORACAL® 8300 Transparent Cal

Transparent Films Films such as ORACAL® 8300 designed to work with natural light to simulate a glass” effect without obscuring background. films also used to colored acrylic are rapidly becoming product of


ORACAL® 8500 Translucent Cal 070 black negro noir 032 light red rojo claro rouge clair 403 light violet violeta claro violet clair 010 white blanco blanc 329 carnation red rojo clavel rouge ceillet 012 lilac lila lilas 025 brimstone yellow amarillo azufre jaune soufre 016 crimson carmesi cramoisi 527 pastel blue azul pastel bleu pastel 021 yellow amarillo jaune 031 red rojo rouge 053 light blue azul claro bleu clair 013 zinc yellow amarillo zinc jaune zinc 017 cherry red rojo cereza rouge cerise 052 azure blue azul celeste bleu azur 020 golden yellow amarillo dorado jaune or 030 dark red rojo oscuro rouge foncé 051 gentian blue azul genciana bleu gentiane 207 ochre yellow amarillo ocre jaune ocre 085 pale pink rojo pálido rouge pâle 528 grey blue azul gris bleu gris 015 yellow orange amarillo anaranjado jaune orange 413 light pink rosa claro rose clair 005 middle blue azul medio bleu moyen 034 orange naranja orange 041 pink rosa pink 006 intensive blue azul intenso bleu intensif 330 fox red rojo zorro le renard roux 008 heather red rojo brezo rouge bruyère 049 king blue azul real bleu royal 323 coral red rojo coral rouge corail 040 violet violeta violet 542 caribic blue azul caribic bleu caribic

ORACAL® 8500 Translucent Cal 065 cobalt blue azul de cobalto bleu de cobalt 618 dragon green verde dragón vert dragon 090 silver grey metallic gris plata metálico gris argent métallique 007 dark blue azul oscuro bleu foncé 087 emerald esmeralda émeraude 091 gold metallic oro metálico or métallique 541 dark turquoise turquesa oscuro turquoise foncé 060 dark green verde oscuro vert foncé 066 turquoise blue azul turquesa bleu turquoise 074 middle grey gris medio gris moyen 070 black (white backing) negro noir 054 turquoise turquesa turquoise 076 telegrey telegrey télégris 010 white (black backing) blanco blanc 062 light green verde claro vert clair 072 light grey gris claro gris clair 063 lime-tree green verde tilo vert tilleul 805 ivory marfil ivoire 010 white blanco blanc 009 middle green verde medio vert moyen 011 pale brown marrón pálido brun pâle 614 reed green verde caña roseau vert 081 light brown marrón claro brun clair 010 white blanco blanc 068 grass green hierba verde herbe 088 coffee brown marrón café brun café ORACAL® 8860 Diffuser Premium Cast 60% ORACAL® 8830 Diffuser Premium Cast 30% ORACAL® 8870 Blockout Film

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