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2013 • Issue No.2

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transforming lives and communities

Operation Mobilisation The Quinta, Weston Rhyn, Oswestry Shropshire SY10 7LT Telephone: 01691 773388 Fax: 01691 778378 Email: Website:

Operation Mobilisation. Registered office: The Quinta, Weston Rhyn, Oswestry, Shropshire SY10 7LT. Registered as a company limited by guarantee no. 2564320 and charity no. 1008196 (England & Wales) and SCO40988 (Scotland)

- Mobilising and supporting this generation for local and global missions in partnership with the UK Church.

transforming lives and communities

- Training and placing international teams with churches around the UK, partnering with them to bring life and hope to their communities, reaching and discipling people from many nations.

- OM’s outreach, church planting and training ministry amongst the UK’s Arabic, Turkic and Iranic speaking communities, which are people groups from North Africa to India; based in London.




It is May bank holiday, the sun is shining and I am writing this in my back garden. There are many sights and sounds. Birds are singing, children are laughing as they play and my nostrils are filled with the smell of BBQ’s from my neighbours. It is an idyllic scene, which I imagine was replicated across much of the country. However I am not at peace. The scene around me is a world away from the stories I am reading. The heartache and anger I feel about the exploitation of girls and boys trafficked from Nigeria into Ghana, trapping them into a life of slavery. The helplessness I feel at the enormity of the devastation to millions of lives in Syria displaced and destitute. The fear and stigma of HIV and Aids many are living with across the world, highlighted in Zambia. These are just a few of the stories in this edition of Global. I am brought into this world of lives in despair as I pray for those in the stories. I am reminded of Psalm 73 v 17 “Then I went into your sanctuary, O God and finally understood the destiny of the wicked” (NLT). I encounter hope as I read about our OM teams bringing Christ’s love to a hurting world and I am left with praise to God as I read about the 716 people that came to Christ through a medical camp connected to the Logos Hope visit to Cambodia. It does not matter that my garden scene is idyllic, what matters is that my life is attune to the world God sees. Thank you for being part of the story, not sitting on the side-lines but being involved and making a difference for eternity. I finish with a tribute to someone who has made that difference. Peter Maiden, the International Director of OM will be stepping down in August. We thank him and wish him God’s continued leading in his life and ministry. Lawrence Tong will be the new International Director of OM. Please join me in prayer for Peter and Lawrence during this period of transition.

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OM China’s Earthquake Response On April 22nd, China’s Sichuan province was hit with yet another powerful earthquake; it’s second major quake in less than half a decade. This most recent earthquake measured a 6.6 magnitude, killing over 180 people and injuring a further 10,000. Within three hours after the earthquake struck, a team of four men experienced in rescue and relief work, were dispatched from OM China’s welfare centre (about 180 km away from the epicentre) to ascertain the situation. Reaching the worst hit areas proved to be a challenge, as landslides hindered the access of aid trucks and rescue workers. However, a second OM team were able to join the first team with more supplies and volunteers in the following days. It was a blessing to be able to respond to this emergency situation so quickly, as the outcome could have been much worse further into the rainy season.

WEST partners with OM Europe A shared vision and passion for church planting in Europe has brought together leaders from Wales Evangelical Seminary of Theology (WEST) and OM Europe, to form a partnership for developing church planters. As a result of this partnership, prospective church planters from OM will attend WEST for training, and in return, OMers will assist by teaching various classes. What’s more, existing church planters will now have the option to take classes on campus or via long-distance learning. The long-term vision of the partnership revolves around a four-year training programme designed to raise up, train and send out church planters into Europe. The programme includes a mix of classes, as well as a placement year to learn language and culture. “The participant will benefit from the teaching at WEST with their formally accredited degrees, gain 2-3 years of church-planting experience on an OM field, and potentially be the catalyst for a new church plant in Europe,” said Shaun Rossi, an OM church planting pastor, who originally introduced the partnership concept. “We hope this programme and partnership will become a standard for church planting training in OM Europe.”

’s latest Browse OM ideos stories and v

Freedom Climb In April this year, 45 women from all around the world accepted the challenge to climb to Everest Base Camp before summiting Kala Patthar – a peak of Mount Everest. The Freedom Climb (an OM project) is an opportunity for women in all stages, ages, and places to stand up and be a voice for women and children around the world who are enslaved, oppressed, exploited and trafficked today. The climb proved difficult when unexpected circumstances surfaced. The majority of climbers became ill at the outset, forcing them to travel at a pace that meant no one would reach Everest Base Camp. Eventually, a group of women descended the mountain earlier to have more time to reach the bottom, whilst 24 of the team continued on to summit Kala Patthar Peak. However, the purpose of this hike was not just about reaching the Everest Base Camp; it offered a very specific way to bring awareness and funding to projects that go head on with the battle to end this deep stain on all of humanity. The climb was merely a symbolic gesture of what women and children around the world go through every single day - it symbolises their arduous climb to freedom. Visit for a full update.

Kosovo’s Newest Church After weeks of prayers and preparations, OM Kosovo’s Peja team celebrated the dedication of their new church plant during a special service in February. Nineteen believers attended the service, a mix of OMers, national pastors and believers from Peja and nearby Deçan. The church’s heart is to reach seekers and new believers in the Peja area. The new church is close to the home of the Peja team’s leaders, Einar and Klara. Closer proximity to the community will enable the team to build on previously established friendships and relationships, as well as providing more opportunities to invite individuals to services and events at the church. On its opening Sunday, a fellow team member preached for the first time to those gathered. Since the church plant opened, several individuals have attended. The message of Salvation is a primary focus, and one girl who attended returned with two friends.


Pioneering Initiatives / Europe

Rachel Olney

a heart for the arts

“A group of All Souls Orchestra players supported Rachel’s amazing and compelling ministry, forming an impressive little chamber orchestra. The Gospel was presented through music and encouraged local musicians in their walk of faith. It was perfectly evident and exciting to see how God was clearly at work, changing lives and attitudes.” Dr Noël Tredinnick Director of Music – All Souls Orchestra, Langham Arts and Prom Praise 8

Mozart, Haydn and Strauss. It’s easy to see why Austria, the country that gave birth to some of the world’s most celebrated composers, is considered a musical mecca for musicians and composers. With its rich heritage and concert halls on almost every corner, there is little wonder that Vienna is a cultural capital of Europe. However, it wasn’t the bright lights and music halls that enticed OM’s ‘Representative for the Arts’, Rachel Olney, to Vienna, but the people. It was a passion for music, languages and evangelism that led former All Souls Orchestra musician, Rachel, to join Operation Mobilisation seven months ago, with the vision of forming an OM Arts Team to serve Austria. Rachel had realised from her previous experience living in Vienna (2001-2006) that musicians and artists are a little reached community – a suprising notion, considering Austria’s deep affinity with classical music. It saddened Rachel to see so many musicians lacking Christ, instead holding their music or instruments as their personal idol, leaving them unfulfilled and spiritually lost. As a result of musical education being heavily subsidised in state music schools, the Arts are infused into Austrian culture, and yet, there is a lack of evangelistic outreach utilising them. “Through music, God can make hard hearts soft, and He can gently plant His word into people’s hearts.” So with music striking a common chord amongst many, Rachel could see a clear opportunity in how to use it effectively in her witness. Rachel was delighted with the partnership between her growing network of musicians in Austria (both Christian and non-Christian) and her previous connections with All Souls and Langham Arts, as well as with her ‘home’ churches in Vienna and Enns, who kindly hosted an evangelistic concert each in November 2012. Entitled ‘Light in the Darkness’, Rachel enlisted Prom Praise’s Noël Tredinnick to conduct the orchestra to two audiences of over 200 people. These concerts received extremely positive reviews, “A girl from my Russian course in Vienna said she had goose pimples, whilst one lady from near Enns said that she had never experienced anything so beautiful. Many non-Christians heard the clear message through music and words.” And of course creating beautiful music was only part of the event’s focus, the Gospel message was shared too, “My Bulgarian cellist neighbour, refugees, Austrians and Christians from various churches across Vienna were all inspired, uplifted and encouraged.” It wasn’t only the audience who were touched by the concerts’ proceedings. Markus*, a non-Christian oboist, came alive through the experience of playing under Noël and with the orchestra. During one of the rehearsal breaks, Markus texted many of his friends to make sure they came along, and one did! Being part of this concert has since sparked several good conversations with Markus after rehearsals. He has even attended an All Souls church service out of curiousity on a recent

trip to London. There is still a long way to go, but God is at work! Thus, the Crescendo Austria Orchestra was born. (‘Crescendo’ is an Agape initiative for classical musicians). Since November, Rachel has been able to appoint a committee and develop partnerships with local churches, permitting the ministry to grow organically within Austria. The most recent Crescendo Austria Orchestra concert (May 26th) was entitled ‘Paths to Peace’, featuring more local musicians than before. The blessing of creating an orchestra committee not only lightens the load for Rachel, but also allows her the time to expand her OM Arts vision into other directions. There are so many opportunities God has opened to Rachel - being able to read the Bible with a singer from a Russian Orthodox background, helping with children’s musicals and supporting the prayer group at Vienna’s music university are just a few examples of what Rachel has been able to get involved with.

Eat. Pray. Laugh. Developing a more intimate environment for evangelism is another route Rachel has been able to pursue. Hosting musical soirees in her flat in Vienna creates the ideal opportunity for musicians to perform for each other, but also allows for a natural setting for conversations to turn to Jesus. One such occasion was ‘Eat. Pray. Laugh’, Rachel’s most recent soiree in April. It was exciting to see God open up gospel conversations with an Iranian student and an Austrian friend there. Please pray for Rachel as she continues to look to incorporate other arts-based ministries into her outreach. There are many opportunities including ballet, theatre and visual arts that could effectively bring the Gospel to Europe’s cultural capital of Vienna. In order to develop this OM Arts ministry in Austria, the need for another ministry worker is crucial. Visit for more information.

* Name has been changed


*Sourced from Operation World, 2010


Logos Hope


When Logos Hope sailed for Cambodia, the crew could never have imagined the impact their visit would have in this place. After an extended period in Hong Kong, the crew prepared themselves for an entirely different context. Cambodia is very rural, and continues to suffer from the effects of the mass genocide, which took place less than a generation ago. With more than 50% of the population under the age of 25*, Cambodia faces many challenges in areas of education and employment, which can often lead to drugs, trafficking or homelessness. Ranking as one of the world’s poorest countries 38% of Cambodia’s population live below the poverty line*. The variety of people’s gifts on board the ship were widely used throughout 17 days of reaching out to local villages, schools, a prison, churches, and a university. There was a good mix of activities, focusing on spiritual, physical and emotional needs, and sometimes all three at once!

Prison Visit

Dental and Medical Care

Time to Dress Up

A major part of the ship’s medical ministry was to organise eye and dental clinics across five different areas of Cambodia. Amazingly, over 700 people gave their lives to Jesus as a result of the medical crew’s faithful witness and dedication to bring hope to this country. Many of those who came for eye treatment were from an older generation who can recall the Marxist leadership who attempted to rid the country of educated people. Those who wore glasses were the main targets during this traumatising period of Cambodian history. As a result, they came to the eye tests not only in need of glasses, but also as broken people in need of emotional and spiritual support. “We spoke with them through a translator to see which glasses they needed,” one crewmember recalls. “It was amazing to see them reading the Gospel of John in their local language when they could see the words clearly. Some enjoyed looking at the pictures. Others were disappointed when they did not need glasses!”

Sihanoukville Prison is ‘home’ to men, women and children over the age of nine who live together in less than worthy conditions. A team from the crew arranged a visit to minister to the prisoners. At first, the crewmembers were a little nervous about entering the prison, as they didn’t know what to expect. However, they found the experience to be fruitful, as nine people received Jesus as Lord over their life. The team spoke to three young men who had no idea when they would be released from prison. They asked if the crewmembers could pray to Jesus or Buddha, or anyone who could set them free. One of the team explained that true freedom could only be found in Jesus and what this meant in relation to their lives, even in prison. In addition to praying with the prisoners, the team performed songs and dramas, and some shared their testimonies. On leaving the prison, the team provided packages that included hygiene items to encourage healthy living habits.

In amongst all of the crew’s activities, Logos Hope partnered with US charity, Hope 4 Women International, to distribute new dresses to young Cambodian girls in local schools and orphanages. This act of love was very special for the girls, who were so thankful for their pretty dresses. “To see the girls receiving a dress individually was amazing for me”, said a female crewmember, relating to every girl’s desire to be beautiful on the outside as well as the inside. Every girl who received a dress was prayed for and told that God loves them. In one school, God worked in the heart of the Buddhist head teacher, who agreed to open the school for Bible studies, after years of saying no to the local pastor. Wonderful!

Cambodia Training Pastors An important part of the ship’s ministry during her Cambodia visit was to provide support to local pastors and full-time ministry workers. ‘Channels of Hope’, a workshop in partnership with World Vision was held on board, seeking to equip the local church with practical and spiritual methods of helping people with HIV and AIDS. 29 delegates attended the workshop, which provided pastors with fresh ways to train their own fellowships in providing sustainable HIV and AIDS care for their community. One local Christian shared his testimony of being HIV positive. Following his testimony, the entire group was so touched that everyone offered up prayers of thanksgiving to God for this man and his family.

Logos Hope

Cambodia Ministry IMPACT

“Thank You for the Clean Water” Orphanage D’Enfant is home to 130 children in the Cambodian province of Sihanoukville. Six crewmembers visited the orphanage, gifting 13 water purifiers, 50 soft toys and 130 school supply packs. There was a great sense of excitement throughout the orphanage when the water purifiers were installed – being able to drink fresh, clean water was such a luxury to them! Some of the team also had wonderful conversations with a few of the teachers, who were very open to hear the Good News about Jesus.

•7  16 came to faith during the five-day medical outreach

•1  ,584 people received medical care

•7  ,229 girls received dresses •1  ,025 books were donated •1  50 water purifiers were installed

•6  0 people participated in healthy living training

•2  9 pastors attended a training workshop

•1  130 children in schools

enjoyed fun Gospel programmes and were given educational school packs 13

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