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Location Based Service as growth engine for Mobile Application Development India and the world Location Based Services (LBS) steer the mobile application development for greater possibilities in Mobile application development and enterprise mobile app ecosystem.

The digital landscape has rapidly evolved with the explosion of smart phones and tablet adoption by consumers across the world, Such that the mobile ecosystem is witnessing quantum leaps in the mobile technologies that have ushered new modes of user engagement, From the ubiquitous mobile apps

to the emerging contextual awareness mobility or even the mass adoption of natural user interface like voice, gesture and beyond. Presently even as the mobile app ecosystem is rapidly evolving and continues to make a huge

impact in our digital lives, it offers multi-folds possibilities in future more so in multi-format for a seamless experience across devices anytime anywhere. 1

Adding strength to it is the fact that in Mobile application development India and other software hubs has a rich talent pool of Mobile application developers India and such significant digital hubs offer huge opportunities.

One such major trend that is poised for an exponential growth is the Location Based service (LBS) in mobile apps that provides a greater user device

engagement by offering valuable content and service to consumers. Apart from being an invaluable marketing tool it also boosts the location based mobile ads industry that has generated a huge excitement recently. LBS enabled apps empower us to organize our lives, Make the digital space more

personalized and have a seamless user experience anytime anywhere. The

mobile app ecosystem has with LBS expanded beyond the horizon in Mobile application development as a result there have emerged various possibilities

for the Mobile application developers India and other major software hubs. All the major app stores such as Google Play, Apple App store among other host a number of LBS enables mobile application which see a constant upsurge in their popularity and appeal. For instance, Google navigation, an often quoted LBS application has become so ubiquitous that it is a crucial

part of every communication and has found mass appeal. With almost all smart phones containing a GPS chip these days, the device follows a flat

carrier model that enables location based applications to utilize the native client software, GPS chip, Communication over internet protocol and server

interaction. Location based services offer a suite of entertainment and information services that also form an important part of mobile marketing

strategy. From the popular utility centric Google Now and Google Navigation

to the social networking website Foursquare or the recently released Zumper iOS application that is designed to help renters find their next apartment apart from real time listings of available apartments. Thus with a whole lot of opportunities,








Generally the LBS services are utilized for locating stores through location

intelligence, Proximity-based marketing services wherein various business in 2

the vicinity of the user through LBS can deliver value and discounts to the customers.. Travel information services which delivers traffic and weather

information. Furthermore Enterprise mobile apps too can utilize LBS and thus optimize the field workforce management and productivity apart from being a crucial enabler in fraud prevention tools. Thus LBS has wide and far fledged benefits that will gradually unleash as the favorable ecosystem evolves. Complementing Location Based Service are such web 2.0 technologies as Contextual awareness mobility, SoLoMo, Cloud computing that add more

firepower to its effectiveness and continuous evolution. As the mobile app ecosystem evolves rapidly with continuous new innovations in Mobile

application development, the Mobile application developers have a steep learning curve ahead, Thus in the arena of Mobile application development India, China and such significant software hubs can be an enabler by capitalizing on its talent pool of Mobile application developers. The emerging

mobile landscape thus promises huge possibilities with Location based Service as the growth engine.


Location Based Service as growth engine for Mobile Application Development India and the world  

Location Based Services (LBS) steer the mobile application development for greater possibilities in Mobile application development and enter...

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