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Is there business potential in Vine or is it just a trend? The inherent challenges of creating videos may prevent Vine from becoming a cash churner.

In less than 6 months Vine has topped the iTunes chart to become the

most downloaded application. We all know that there are always trends in the app store. Couple of year’s back it was the angry birds and then came the fruit slasher etc. On the other side we have the utility apps

created by mobile app developers that relate to more serious tasks such as health and fitness, education etc. However when we talk of Vine, we the distinguishing lines have not yet been drawn. Content sharing-


Vine allows users to share video snippets of 6 sec. Given the huge platform of the application, it becomes a great platform for businesses to create engaging snippets of 6 seconds to lure a specific set of consumer. With so many users on it the business potential is certainly

there. Rich media is always evolving and mobile app developers of Vine want to take advantage of the fact. After instagram why not build an app that allows users to share small video clips which will be more exciting and useful than static Photos. The nature of the contentUnlike instagram, altering saturation and hue for a video is not that

exciting. Viral videos of animals, plane crashes and others have been captured by passerby with sheer luck. And if one wants to create a creative viral video then it becomes a Nerd job. Thus unlike instagram where an image of a fruit salad topped with an effect could put it in editor’s choice, things might not be easy in Vine.

In general, videos need a more focused and professional attempt from the creators side to go viral. With this drawback users sticking to the

platform might ultimately reduce and hence the overall audience of the app too. Despite the fact that Vine deals with an important aspect of content, it could well turn out to be a mere trend.


Is there business potential in Vine or is it just a trend?