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iPhone app development remains valuable With 74% of the total revenues, Apple leads in the profit race of App stores.

The first quarter results for mobile app revenues are out and it says a lot about the choice and faith of mobile app development experts.

While Android and iOS again emerged out at the top with, Blackberry with its 100k+ figure looks substantial enough but remained within the

single digit number in total number of apps download. Despite android registering 51% of the total content download, the revenues still incline towards the iOS ecosystem. This clearly depicts the stronghold of the


iOS ecosystem and dependability of iPhone app development experts upon the Platform. According to the report released by canalys, out of $2.2b paid app sales Apple generated a whopping $1.6b alone while not really lagging

in number of downloads as well. While android is generally based on the idea of providing free content, Apple beats android in overall

experience. The iPhone app development companies agree that the app experience on iPhone is still the best and that makes people buy things on the Apple app store.

Apple also provides high level curation of the content posted by iPhone

app developers. Thus, the iTunes store is stuffed with more reliable and quality applications as compared to android. This further makes

people to buy apps from iTunes store while with Google play this affinity is significantly lesser. Emphasizing on content, concerted efforts towards bringing popular application in their respective platforms is also going on strong and the recent efforts from Nokia to bring Instagram to WP exemplified it.

The app store of an ecosystem is turning out to be the bread and

butter for it. While Apple has championed the art of content with Google trailing at the second spot; the struggle is likely to continue for the laggards.

iPhone app development remains valuable  

iPhone app development- With 74% of the total revenues, Apple leads in the profit race of App stores.