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Apple looks beyond the US With competition from android, Apple is now looking towards markets like India to remain at the top.

Apple has changed its overall sales strategy and is focusing on some of the other markets it has not yet touched. India, which happens to be

the hub of iPhone app developers, is one of the destinations that have

shown some substantial enthusiasm pertaining to the iPhone in the last quarter. Apple had to look beyond the US market as a large share of market was taken over by Samsung.

Thus the company is now

emphasizing upon developing nations to gain market share on global basis.

In September 2012, Apple started advertising the iPhone through leading print and electronic media and launched an EMI scheme under which users could pay easy installments for an iPhone they purchase. 1

Unlike the US market which is dominated by contract between OEM and carriers; in India, Apple remained a little flexible and gave users

the freedom to use their preferred carriers with specific data and voice plans. On the sales side, Apple tied up with retailers to make their iPhones available to a large number of prospective buyers in the metro

cities of India. Along with these the overall increase of dedicated Apple

stores in India has lead to an increase in the brand familiarity which also helped the company in overall sales. Apart from these, Apple is also allowing people to exchange their old mobiles to get a 7000 off on their new iPhones. iPhone app development companies would definitely rejoice as this step would not only lead to more iPhones while subtracting many android users. iPhone app developers have been overwhelmed by the ruthless rise of android. In the midst of this, exploring new markets for the iOS could be the only thing Apple can do to remain at the top.


Apple looks beyond the US | iPhone App Development