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EDITION 27 July - December 2019




General Manager t is with great joy and much anticipation that I welcome you, through this first edition of Life Magazine for 2019, to One&Only Reethi Rah. You may be visiting us for the first

time or returning like an old friend. Either way, it is my wish that your stay is full of delights and surprises. One&Only Reethi Rah strives to make every holiday, even to the seasoned traveller, a treasure trove of new experiences. In this edition, we are going to give you just a hint of the extraordinary time that awaits. We will take you on a journey, pausing just long enough to tease your expectations. First stop will be the rapturous delight of our many, many culinary offerings. Then we will skip through the KidsOnly zone to reassure you that your children will be as well looked-after as you. While you are still feeling fresh we will tempt you with just a touch of information about our spa, therapy treatments and fitness regimens. And then, on to a therapy of a different kind; our NEO boutique. Last, but very definitely not least, we will explore the above and underwater excursions of these incredible islands that are just a skipping-stone’s throw from the resort. May you and you family be rested, inspired and energised.

Jan B. Tibaldi, General Manager One&Only Reethi Rah, Maldives




ave you noticed? The food you eat is connected to so much more than just taste and body fuel. For example,

food and music. You choose either on mood. Or, you choose a taste to lift your mood. Fruit and sweeter things satisfy a craving but all that we eat is linked to one simple truth. We feel peaceful and profoundly satisfied after a great meal. Oh, there is one more element to the many dimensions of food. The element of surprise. Remember when you tasted something you had never tasted before? You couldn’t believe it, right? But it changed your life, just a little. Didn’t it? This new taste added something delightful, which you could return to whenever you liked. We understand how beautiful food can add so much more to your holiday than just taste and satisfaction. There are just too many emotions to savour. It’s the reason why we offer such a wide variety of taste experiences, as much for the gourmand as the health nut: French, Asian, Middle Eastern and Japanese senses await your discovery. Did we mention Mexican? It may be at the other end of the earth from the Maldives, but you will be hardpressed to find a more authentic Mexican experience than Fiesta, every Sunday evening at The Beach Club. While we are humbled and proud about our Maldives Travel Award for the “Leading Food & Beverage Resort”, it’s a reward for understanding that food plays a huge role in any holiday. And how could we forget the setting, a truly active ingredient for unforgettable cocktails and dining? The Orchid House will offer piquancy to your evening, over-the-water dining at Tapasake will bring you a wonderful feeling of peace while the Beach Club or dining on an open sandbank will add a sense of wonder to your palate.


perfect moment tends to strike unexpectedly. We know this because we see it in our guests every day. And it happens equally at breakfast, as it does later in the day for lunch, cocktails or dinner. It may be the feel of cooling Maldivian sand

on your bare feet, with the taste of a mixologist’s special concoction, the sun bidding adieu as it dips below the calm horizon. It may be the smile on your partner’s lips across a dining table, romance rekindled by a dancing curtain of candlelight and the deep, rich aromas from a seven-course menu that rise from your plates in the Tree House. Or the sound of your children’s innocent laughter as they rush towards the buffet table for dessert. But these exquisite moments do not happen by accident. They are the result of years and years of dedicated work and passion to create an environment so pleasing that it will always provide fertile ground for special moments. Chefs from all over the world, who have first been hand-picked, then immersed in our special culture, to creating with the highest expectations imaginable. We didn’t invent the term ‘if it’s too hot in the kitchen…’. But we certainly live it. And when that moment of sensory overload happens to a guest, the years of labour and learning fall away as if a mere trifle. For this is the reward of craftsmanship. That moment of magic when you realize that the guest in front of you couldn’t possibly be happier. And though it took years to achieve this one single moment, it will linger for a very long time indeed.



ndulgence is a word that embraces many desires. It’s normally a word used in the context of creature

comforts like a dreamily soft bed, a tawny red port to end the evening or a sunset cruise. But there’s another side to indulgence, which goes way, way beyond moments of pleasure. Which dives deep into your psyche and brings you alive in ways you never imagined. It’s called an immersive treatment at One&Only Spa, but these treatments with a prefix word ‘Only’, which is our way of saying they are exclusive to One&Only Reethi Rah. But that’s where the comparisons end. Because there’s nothing ‘only’ about our facial treatments, for example. The sense of wellbeing you will feel after your skin has undergone cell hydration and regeneration, leaving you with an extraordinary radiance goes well beyond tactile sensation. The same can be said of our bespoke body and vitality treatments, too. Tried and trusted ancient massage rituals combine with modern science to offer the deep contentment of total relaxation.


you can call it the ultimate in ‘me time’. We have named

And because men are built different to women, Only Men delivers facial treatments for male skin types, deep muscle massages will get to places you didn’t even know had


places, and wonderful relief from headaches and back pain. If you have never been embraced by a warm, mineralised pool, Watsu therapy will leave you quietly stunned at the

restorative and calming effects of this treatment for muscles and joints, exclusive in the Maldives. The icing on the cake may be the seclusion in which you wish to receive your treatment. You can choose to be

utterly private, suspended above water in your own private

spa suite or even on a deserted part of the beach with your partner, the loudest noise being water gliding up the sand, and back again.


iitness is incredible, isn’t it? It actually takes more effort to start exercising than it does to keep at it. It’s like the body becomes addicted in the best possible way to the regularity of working out. You would think that when you go on holiday, however, your body would understand the idea of taking a break, wouldn’t you?

No chance. You just have to carry on, right? You feel too fantastic and your body looks too stunning. Working out has become as important to you as eating. And if that’s the case, may we present the gourmet equivalent of fitness? One&Only Reethi Rah’s Physical Renewal. It’s like training in paradise. Your very own Personal Trainer will assess your fitness and then map out a schedule for the duration of your stay. As professional as you would expect in any top-class gym in the world, we will tackle metabolism, body fat, stamina, tone and cardio. You can make use of the indoor cycling track for a 60-minute endurance. Our lap pool will enable you to better your technique and even improve your buoyancy and water resistance, while enjoying the one exercise that gets every single muscle in your body working. Or, if you like the edge of fitness and body coordination that boxing and kickboxing deliver, take a class or two. We also offer hyper-sophisticated training regimens such as Acceleration Training through Power Plate and Kinesis programmes which not only develop muscles, but aid in rehabilitation. The Reethi Raw Beach Workout is definitely worth a look, as it takes you back to the primal movements that have kept your body healthy since you were an infant. It’s an exhilarating return to your body’s natural instincts. So don’t interrupt your fitness programme while you are with us. Come on down to our gym. It’ll be like a home away from home. Except it’s on the beach!





s you lower your body into the exquisitely cool, turquoise water, allowing the embrace of the Indian Ocean to both energise and calm you, you may perchance see a catamaran on the horizon, the serene marriage of sail and

breeze making it appear to glide across the surface. And you may wonder: I wonder if they will see any dolphins today? You can stop wondering as soon as you walk back onto the beach. Because you can book a charter for yourself and not only be serenaded by a school of playful, mischievous dolphins, you can see the paradise you’re in from a different perspective. Some prefer the adrenalin rush of a high-speed chase to nearest snorkelling sites, which is also ready and waiting for you. But if you have ever stood on the prow of a sailing boat with an ocean breeze filling out an acre of pure white canvas, well, you feel like you are doing a million miles an hour. It’s one of life’s most extraordinary pleasures and the subject matter of some of history’s most romantic paintings and novels. From sunrise to sunset, and anytime in between, you can become a friend to this utterly gorgeous part of the Indian Ocean and add a memorable new dimension to your stay at One&Only Reethi Rah. You can even venture out on a traditional Maldivian Dhoni and take part in the fishing itself. And if you’re very lucky, you may even catch your own dinner!


hen you are suspended a metre above coral alight with a rainbow of colours, and you watch a school of fish move purposely past your goggles, you could be forgiven for thinking that this school of aquatic creatures was named because you learnt something about them just

by watching them. There are few places on the planet where you can get an education while having such fun. Yet the coral reefs around One&Only Reethi Rah are so rich in unique Indian Ocean marine life, you’ll emerge from your snorkelling foray far more knowledgeable than when you dived in. The Maldivian Government has been vigorous in protecting the reefs that form such an integral part of the national character of the country, and an excursion from the resort to them will instantly reveal why. Because they are a vital, living ecosystem which protects vast numbers of fish, turtles, sharks, rays and other marine marvels. To just read about the idea of swimming with sharks may fill you with dread, but to experience it will leave an impression in your heart you won’t easily forget. Because you will be swimming amongst a species that is so perfect, it has had no need to evolve for millions of years. And should you come across the gentle giant known as the Whale Shark, on average ten metres from snout to tail, you may even want to take a friendly selfie with it. They are attracted to the shallow water of the reefs, and are just a 40-minute hop, skip and jump from the resort. And on the North Malé Atoll, you will witness one of our planet’s greatest testaments to humankind’s affinity with nature, the Olive Ridley Project. The rehabilitation of these wonderful sea turtles, named Olive Ridley for their green shells, and the education of local communities about their plight has become something of a cause for One&Only Reethi Rah, you are invited to witness both the wonder of these beautiful creatures and the compassion of the men and women committed to saving them.



ith imaginations bigger than the universe, your children don’t just enter the KidsOnly zone to meet and socialize with other children. They

enter a portal that lets their hearts and minds roam wherever their fancy takes them. And every day is a new adventure, where learning is fun and playing is funner! We just made that word up. From the age of 4 right up to 11, we have activities, competitions and sports that ensure your children will create fantastic new memories and friends. The little ones, up to the age of nine, have an arts and craft centre where they can create and learn, they eat together, play sports together and even have their own swimming pool. And all under the watchful eye of certified counsellors who also just love kids. From the age of 9 to 11, we’ve created One Tribe which is also situated in the KidsOnly zone, but offering your tween an experience that befits the age of curiosity. world around them awaits. But don’t think we forgot your teenager! The


Adventure, arts and crafts and discovery of the

resort offers a whole lot of activities for energetic minds and bodies (up to the age of 17), which

include paddle-boat racing, beach volleyball and other great stuff for guys and girls whose idea of a fantastic holiday is about making new friends

We have reserved a very special mention for the Kids Buddy programme, for children from 6 months to 12 years. It’s a childcare programme which provides a dedicated, accredited minder who focuses on the individual characteristics of your child and creates interactive, fun activities for creative and curious minds. It’s a lovely, lively experience and the Buddies themselves speak English, Russian and Ukrainian.


and burning up excess energy.

Of all the wonderful memories you will take away with you, we guarantee that one of the fondest, will be how much of a good time your kids had.


hen we told you that you were getting away from it all, you didn’t really think you could escape your own sense of style, did you? Thought not. So we’ve graced One&Only Reethi Rah with the

NEO brand, a high fashion store that appears in a few places around the resort. On the beach, for example - NEO Beach presents possibly the most fashionable, stunning beachwear you’ve ever seen, designed and created exclusively for our guests. Off the beach, the NEO Boutique, fashioned in warm, natural wood, conjures up today’s dressing rooms of exquisitely tasteful designers such as Melissa Odabash, Missoni, Mary Katrantzou, Kisshoten and Lisa Maria Fernandez to name just a few. This boutique is no less than a feast for the eyes. But we don’t just look after the ladies. NEO Men & Kids (within the boutique) is an equal delight for the man with style. Who says he can’t look as gorgeous as his partner? Or that kids can’t make a fashion statement of their own? With names like Orlebar Brown, Frescobol, Bobbies, Hartford, Missoni, Artisano and more for the gentleman and Stella McCartney, Bobo Choses, Sunuva, Someday Soon, Kalmar, and Heidi Klein, your family could hold their own fashion show. We complete the ensemble with NEO Life, which should be the last place you pause before you go home. Here, you’ll find a mélange of gift ideas, such as handcrafted souvenirs, fragrances and a host of assorted memorabilia to show your love to your friends at home and/or make them green with envy. You decide.

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ne&Only has built a heart-warming, and example-setting, reputation for displaying sensitivity, respect and a nurturing spirit towards

the environments in which we have been privileged to operate. It is therefore with enormous pride and equallyweighted humility that we announce Gorilla’s Nest in Rwanda. Ever since Dian Fossey’s legacy was unveiled to the world in ‘Gorillas in the Mist’, a globally concerted effort has been made to protect these remarkable primates through various means, not least of which is education.


hat better way to educate, than to get you up close and personal with these mountain-dwelling families. And what better way to do it than with inimitable One&Only hospitality, comfort and

luxury. Gorilla’s Nest lands you in the heart of this intelligent and organised community with no disturbance to them, or to the environment. Enjoy the cloud-hugging, densely verdant mountains of Middle Africa and leave with not just the memory of a wonderful and unique vacation but also an abiding love for, and knowledge of, the Mountain Gorilla. With a chain of dormant volcanoes known as the Virunga Range behind you, and one of Africa’s oldest and most venerated conservation parks taking centre stage in front of you, One&Only Gorilla’s Nest will leave an indelible stamp on your heart of our incredible planet.

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Life at One&Only Reethi Rah - Maldives Edition 27  

Life at One&Only Reethi Rah - Maldives Edition 27