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Guide to Being Together

About the Cover Art “My design represents a portrait composed of many different geometric shapes. These shapes symbolize the amazing maker community at One Of A Kind. We are all so unique in who we are as humans and in what we make. Yet, when we come together we create beauty and a wholeness unlike anything anywhere else.� Amanda Buhse of Coal and Canary Booth X54

Together For more than 40 years, One Of A Kind has brought together a community of makers and craft enthusiasts. We are united by our collective appreciation for creativity and a passion to support local business. Our inaugural theme celebrates the pride, loyalty and profound connections we’ve built, Together. This guide encapsulates the theme through four vignettes that reflect different facets of a life well lived, and shared: the pleasure of entertaining friends; spending quality time with family; living conscientiously and sustainably; and giving gifts and thanks. Community and connectivity have always been at the heart of the One Of A Kind Show—and dear to the hearts of our makers. Join us in celebrating them.

Entertaining There’s a fine art to entertaining, but what matters most is the good company you keep. In this section we explore the camaraderie and feeling of Togetherness experienced when hosting and celebrating with friends. In gathering those you love this holiday season—whether it’s over a candlelit multi-course dinner, decadent cheese plate, or custom cocktail— remember, above all, to enjoy the ones you’re with.

From Left to Right: Léa & Nicolas Teapot $220, Mini Tumbler $35, QC, Booth Q33 New / Bethanie Kaye Candle Holders $55 – $75, ON, Booth O06 / Common Goods Studio Moon Vase $125, Dinner Plate $35, Mini Hexagon Plate $18, ON, Booth C52 New / TAV Studio Ceramic Planter $28, BC, Booth Z09 New / Salted Salted Nuts $15, ON, Booth F21 New / Coach House Shortboard Cookies $14.95, ON, Booth G57 / 3/4 OZ. Tonic Maison Tonic Syrup $25, QC, Booth F19 / Studio Vine Glass Old Fashioned Glass $35, ON, Booth X33 / Carli D Creations Resin Coaster $12, ON, Booth O24 New / Artech Glassblowing Studios Glass Straw $6, ON, Booth V26 / Stinson Studios Inc Cutting Board $90, ON, Booth Q04 / SaltSpring Kitchen Co. Preserve $12, BC, Booth H56 New / Little Shop of Lobsters Crab Mousse $21, ON, Booth E57 Appearing Nov 21 to Nov 25

Appearing Nov 26 to Dec 1

¾ OZ. Prosecco Spritz recipe: In a glass with ice: –– 1 part Spritz Syrup –– 3 – 4 parts sparkling wine/Prosecco –– 1 part soda water –– Garnish with an orange or grapefruit slice

Crafted in Montreal, ¾ OZ. Tonic is a super versatile natural syrup made from grapefruit, orange zest, cranberries, cinchona bark from Peru and a hint of vanilla. Swap out your traditional bitter aperitif for this to add a splash of delicious flavor—and colour—to your cocktails. And, for the designated driver, the Spritz Syrup also makes a flavoursome mocktail! Just add some to sparkling water.

¾ OZ. Tonic Tonic Syrup $25 QC, Booth F19

Common Goods Mini Arch Vases $30 each ON, Booth C52 New

Mado’s Sauces Hot Sauce $9 ON, Booth H53 New

Nature Imprint Ring Dishes $18 – $34 QC, Booth V07

Salvaged Earth Designs Wooden Utensils $14 – $20 MB, Booth V51

Bethanie Kaye Candle Holders $55 – $75 ON, Booth O06

Salted Salted Nuts $15, Honey $18 ON, Booth F21 New

Nature Imprint Ring Dish $18 QC, Booth V07

Family Time A typical Sunday afternoon, you might find yourself and various family members in different parts of the house, lost in your respective screens. That’s normal, but this holiday, try a few low-key activities—a popcorn and cocoa break, story-time and communal nap or sporting game of cribbage—to make the most of your precious time Together. In this section, you’ll find all you need for quality family time IRL.

From Left to Right: Yogang YOGANG Game $40, QC, Booth D57 New / NicoNico Cribbage Board Game $105, QC, Booth E29 / Red Hen Popcorn Co. Popcorn $6.50, ON, Booth F22 New / TAV Studio Ceramic Vessel $48, BC, Booth Z09 New / Other Life Lessons Children's Books $11 each, ON, P31 New / Gnomeville Gnome from $13, ON, Booth D53 New / Jenna Rose Handkerchief $12, ON, Booth B43 / Laura Slack Chocolate Artist Hot Chocolate Mix $10, ON, Booth G51 / Michele Macdonald Mug $38, ON, Booth P29 New / Fish Eye Sisters Wool Cushion $180, ON, Booth O22 / Wool Under Ceej Wool Blanket $400, ON, Booth N34 New Appearing Nov 21 to Nov 25

Appearing Nov 26 to Dec 1

Children’s book authors Meaghan Hadwyn and Niki Snjaric don’t makebelieve life is all sunshine and rainbows. As moms, Meaghan Hadwyn and Niki Snjaric tackle tough issues on the daily. So too in their children’s book series, Other Life Lessons. Their friendly and forthright books address complex topics like postpartum depression and mortality because the authors believe “honest conversation can empower parents and, most importantly, help to build empathetic children,” says Meaghan. “As humans that share this planet, we should all learn empathy, understanding and compassion.”

Here’s an excerpt from their latest, Sunshine and Screen Time: There’s a magical place that someday you’ll know. It’s a world of wonder where we can all go. You might want to stay in that special place. With your nose in a screen And your eyes locked in place. We know it’s amazing, we love it there too. But the real world is also awesome and true.

Other Life Lessons Children’s Books $11 each ON, Booth P31 New

Pippa and Peach Children's Romper $48 ON, Booth Q22 New

Fish Eye Sisters Wool Cushions $180 – $220 ON, Booth O22

Yogang YOGANG Game $40 QC, Booth D57 New

Red Hen Popcorn Co. Popcorn Bowl $6.50 ON, Booth F22

Michele Macdonald Ceramic Mugs $30 – $38 ON, Booth P29 New

Wool Under Ceej Wool Coat $500 ON, Booth N34 New

Timberworks Wood Bowl $120 ON, Booth D26

Gift Giving Nothing brings joy or people Together more than giving gifts and notes of thanks. Both giver and receiver benefit from the exchange. In this section, we’ve rounded up some options for gift contents—for gestures big and small—and for packaging it all up beautifully. But don’t underestimate the power of a well-composed and genuinely handwritten note either. It doesn’t take much to make someone’s day.

From Left to Right: Ana Maria Dessin Leather Shoes $165, QC, Booth U52 / Michele Macdonald Vase $30, ON, Booth P29 New / Belinda Love Lee Paperie Card $5, ON, Booth C46 New / Wrinkle & Crease Embossed Gift Tag $16 per 8 pack, AB, Booth P34 / Pigment & Paper Co. Eco Gift Wrap $15, ON, Booth R25 New / Two Sisters Naturals Facial Mist $20, ON, Booth A08 New / Like Grandpa Grooming Face Oil $40, Shampoo Bar $10, AB, Booth S05 New / White Feather Designs Fan Studs $80, ON, Booth C19 / Swimming Fox Studio Bunny Vase $35, ON, Booth D43 New / Steel Daisy Constellation Necklace $40, AB, Booth W10 / La Pimbêche Patch $12, QC, Booth I51 New / Good Human Candles Candles $20 each, ON, Booth C56 New / Shy Wolf Candles, Candle $24, ON, Booth U36 New / Kid Icarus Gift Wrap $5, ON, Booth J21 New Appearing Nov 21 to Nov 25

Appearing Nov 26 to Dec 1

A short history on expressing gratitude via the thank-you note The practice of giving thanks—in script form—dates all the way back to Ancient Egypt, when Egyptians would compose letters to their dead, sometimes written on linen or papyrus, petitioning for favours and bestowing gratitude. That pre-dates the Old English term for “thanks,” which, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, derives from the word “think.” The meaning eventually turned, during the Middle Ages, toward the notion of a “kindly thought or feeling entertained” for someone who’s provided a favour or other service.

King George V of England encourages and motivates American soldiers fighting for the Allied cause in WWI.

Those are still the basic ingredients of a thank-you note: a kindly thought plus a feeling of gratitude. But if you assumed a well-meaning thankyou note doesn’t mean all that much in this day and age, you’d be wrong. Studies show that people consistently underestimate the positive impact a thank you has on its recipient. And it feels good for the person expressing thanks too. So, this holiday season (and especially on December 26, National Thank You Note Day) put pen to paper and thank away.

Educated Beards The Book Of Beards $185 NB, Booth N10 New

Good Human Candles Candles $20 each ON, Booth C56 New

Swimming Fox Studio Hanging Raccoons $35 each ON, Booth D43 New

Earth and Hide Leather Tote $275 MB, Booth N24 New

Green Bean Studio Holiday Card $6 ON, Booth I43

La Pimbêche Pins $15 each QC, Booth I51 New

Sustainable Living The one thing we as humans share, Together, is our home planet. In this section, we showcase makers and their items—from good-for-you-and-the-environment foods, reusable utensils, seeds for growing your own produce and a natural wrap for storing it safely—that have been made conscientiously, and that can help you live that way too.

From Left to Right: Modern Plant Life Planter $30, ON, Booth W37 New / Heritage Bee Co. Ontario Wildflower Honey $16, ON, Booth H22 / Matchbox Garden & Seed Seed Packs $3.50 each, ON, Booth O30 / Salvaged Earth Designs Small Spoon $14, Coffee Scoop $30, MB, Booth V51 New / Timberworks Natural Edged Bowl $120, ON, Booth D26 / Moonshine Mama's Kitchen Turmeric Elixir $25, BC, Booth F51 New / Artech Glassblowing Studios Glass Straw, $6, ON, Booth V26 / Abeego Beeswax Food Wrap $18 per set, BC, Booth V19 / Westlake Knits & Fibres Naturally Dyed Wool $46 – $60, ON, Booth S12 / Nature Imprint Tall Vase $60, QC, Booth V07 Appearing Nov 21 to Nov 25

Appearing Nov 26 to Dec 1

A Q&A with Abeego founder Toni Desrosiers.

Disrupting the plastic wrap industry and saving our food Abeego is a food wrap made of natural beeswax. How did it come about? As a practicing holistic nutritionist, it didn’t make sense to me to save natural food in unnatural plastic. Plastic wrap looks nothing like the peel nature wraps my fresh food in.

How do you keep your facilities and operations sustainable, especially as you grow? At the heart of our wrap production is a desire for a circular manufacturing system. We are near zero-waste and growing towards becoming completely zero-waste.

That makes sense! But what is the main difference? Every peel found in nature protects from light, air and moisture. But, most importantly, peels breathe! Through tremendous experimentation and a trust of nature, I developed the world's first breathable, reusable, beeswax food wrap inspired by nature’s lemon peel.

That’s the ethos behind the product as well. Instead of using low-quality ingredients to create a product with built-in obsolescence we offer a product created with natural ingredients that will return to nature at the end of its life. What do you love most about One Of A Kind? It's as inspiring to learn about all of the kitchen victories our existing customers have experienced as it is to enlighten those new to the product. I wouldn’t miss it for anything.

Abeego Beeswax Food Wrap $18 per set BC, Booth V19

Artech Glassblowing Studios Glass Straws $6 each, Tumblers Made From Upcycled Beer Bottles $24 each, ON, Booth V26

Revol Girl Bra $59.99, Period Proof Underwear $39.99 BC, Booth V08 New

TAV Studio Reusable Ceramic Mug $48 BC, Booth Z09 New

ANIAN Clothing Men's Recycled Wool Shirt $189 BC, Booth D19 New

Bee Savvy Honey Lotion Bars $18 each ON, Booth Q30 New

2019 Winter Show November 21–December 1 Enercare Centre, Exhibition Place, Toronto Tickets & Info:

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The One Of A Kind Guide to Being Together  

From entertaining friends to spending quality time with our families, find out how you can slow down and appreciate the moments that matter...

The One Of A Kind Guide to Being Together  

From entertaining friends to spending quality time with our families, find out how you can slow down and appreciate the moments that matter...