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Guide to Creative Transformation

2020 Spring

Transformation “The butterfly, to me, represents how we can embrace change and truly thrive. As makers, with time, patience, and practice, we too transform to become masters of our craft. Being a part of the One Of A Kind community has emboldened each of us to break out of our shells and spread our wings.” Lana Lepper of LanaBetty Booth E05

It’s the initial seed of an idea, the meditative (or even exuberant!) act of birthing that idea into the material world, and the finished product this act creates. It’s the new perspectives we gain – creativity in action. Here at the One Of A Kind Show, we share a fundamental appreciation for creativity and a commitment to support local businesses. We have always been inspired by those who put creativity into action. That is why we have selected transformation as the theme underscoring this edition of the show. Join us this Spring, a season of renewal, in celebrating risk-takers, free spirits, makers, and entrepreneurs; those who embrace courage, curiosity, openness and passion the very building blocks of change.

Crafting in the Kitchen Ask anyone who’s ever fallen in love over a long, lingering dinner: a meal can indeed be a life-altering experience. Think of a dish made for someone you care about. Witness the transformation of a few raw materials— chopped or kneaded, simmered or baked—until it all comes together into something memorable, meaningful, and brimming with love.

From Left to Right: Catalina Sánchez Journals $25-$50, ON, Booth P48M New / Studio50 Wooden Mortar & Pestle $54, ON, Booth H20 / Atelier Tréma Pitcher $60 Oil Dispenser $53, QC, Booth I04 / 2nd Shot Recycled Skateboards Chef Knife $230, ON, Booth Q50A New / Larry Roberti Serving Board $65, ON, Booth J20 New / Culcherd Dairy-Free Cheese & Butter $8-$10, ON, Booth C38 New / Cook's Gourmet Herbs $12, ON, Booth B40 / Rustichella Olive Oils $15-$20 each, ON, Booth B20 / Wild Woven Collection Tea Towel $59 for 2, ON, Booth Q46C New / Larry Roberti Spice Mill $170, ON, Booth J20 New / Cybele B. Pilon Ceramics $48-$68, Booth C04A New

Rustichella Sundried Tomato Pesto Crafted in small batches in Leslieville, Toronto, Rustichella uses only the finest Italian extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegars along with the best ingredients to create delicious infusions. Use their many flavours on their own or for cooking, like in this pesto which goes perfectly with a hearty pasta such a fusilli, penne, or fettuccini.

Acid League Living Vinegars, $19.99 each ON, Booth B45

lloma Gelato Bowl, $40 Mug, $60 QC, Booth C04I

Earth Warrior Cutlery Kit, $30 AB, Booth E23

Hunnabees Honey and Co. Honey, $15 each ON, Booth C50

Larry Roberti Spice Mills, $170 each ON, Booth J20

NOS CABANES Maple Syrup, $17 Maple Butter, $15 QC, Booth C39

Ingredients: – 4 tsp of minced garlic – 5 tbs of Rustichella Mediterranean Oil – 1 tsp of Rustichella Smokey Balsamic Vinegar – 1 cup of julienne sun dried tomatoes – ½ cup of fresh basil leaves – ¾ cup of grated parmesan cheese – ½ cup of roasted pine nuts. – Freshly ground pepper to taste Directions: In a food processor or blender, combine the garlic, Rustichella oil and balsamic, sundried tomatoes & basil. Blend on high until the mixture is smooth. Add more oil if needed. Then add the parmesan, pine nuts & pulse for 45 seconds. Makes 3 cups of pesto & keeps in an air tight container in the refrigerator for 2 weeks.

Transformation by Hand Pinch. Hammer. Press. Twist. Clip. Shred. Each of these gestures highlight kinship between thought and action. To make, to transform, to start here and end somewhere else entirely. And in the creating or appreciating a handmade item, one often finds a moment of peace.

From Left to Right: The Wicked Bee Candles $6-$30 each, ON, Booth J31 / Owl Paper Goods Stamps $18-$25, BC, Booth O20 New / Armure Beauty Oil $49, ON, Booth O49 New / Genie's Esquisses Porcelain Flowers $120 for four, ON, Booth G07 / Shiralee Pottery Vase $15-$25, ON, Booth L13 New / Nightshift Ceramics Mug $40, ON, Booth P44E New / Prysm Bracelet $34, QC, Booth L26 / lloma Bowl $40, QC, Booth C04I New / Pursuits Earrings $45, ON, Booth G41

Curative Craft

It was almost twenty years ago that registered art therapist Suzanne Thomson began facilitating therapy groups at the Gardiner Museum in Toronto. Initially the workshops, which integrate mindful breath work with the physical act of shaping clay, were designed for people who had experienced violence. Then, seeing its therapeutic effects, Thomson realized that in a culture as endlessly busy and distracted as ours, just about everybody could benefit from a bolstered mind-body connection. In 2017, she began leading classes open to all. Her workshops are an alternative to more standard breathbased meditations.

“For many people, mindfulness meditation can be really activating. It’s hard to focus on the breath… working with your hands, with a piece of malleable clay, can really help orient [folks] to the present.” Thomson says the transformations she sees in her students are incredible. “It happens all the time,” she says. “It’s a mysterious gift, aligning people with what really matters to them.” And while clay is ideal for this kind of therapy, Thomson says that any sensory craft that enables a person to slow down can be restorative. So how do you know if you’re a good candidate for a clay class? Her response is almost a koan. “If you’re drawn to it,” Thomson says, and then laughs, “or if you’re really repelled by it!”

Genie's Esquisses Hand-painted porcelain vases, $85 - $120 ON, Booth G07

Flowerink Stationery Seed paper cards with wild flower seeds, $8 each QC, Booth G11

Make This Universe DIY Natural Deodorant Kit, $34.50 ON, Booth P44G

Cybele B. Pilon Ceramics, $48-$68 QC, Booth C04A

Atelier Tréma Pitcher, $60 Oil Dispenser, $53 QC, Booth I04

The Wicked Bee Beeswax Candles, $6-$30 each ON, Booth J31

Remaking the world of fashion Fashion, by its very nature, is ever-changing, ever evolving. But the next major transformation in the industry is a return to a slower, more sustainable model of production. Imagine if everything you acquired was so well-made, so carefully constructed, that you could keep it forever and then pass it on. An idea so traditional it's downright revolutionary. What a way to make a fashion statement.

From Left to Right: Out of the Woods Stool $180, ON, Booth J04 / Sculpture and Design Coffee Cup $70 Porcelain Bird $20, ON, Booth O19 New / Atelier Tréma Ceramic Tool Bin $125, QC, Booth I04 / Vintage Glory 22 Earrings $54, ON, Booth P44M New / Materials + Methods Purse $165, ON, Booth F22 / La petite Leonne Garlan $17, QC, Booth I13 New / Dagg and Stacey Dress $205, ON, Booth N04 / Wild Woven Collection Cotton Blanket $142, ON, Booth Q46C New / Theresa Duong Arts Necklace $245, ON, Booth K05 / Solid Leather Belts $100-$120, ON, Booth L37 / Catalina Sánchez Journals $25-$50, ON, Booth P48M New / Le point visible Quilts $320–$520, QC, Booth C04G New / LOHN Candles $22–$39 each, ON, Booth G25 / KELLYWERKS Sweater $80 Doll $40, ON, Booth P48N New / Delmar Woodcraft Table $250, ON, Booth A08

Belt to Last: Q&A with Solid Leather founder, Jesse Bateman You make full-grain solid leather belts, and absolutely nothing else. Why? Most leather workers are kind of doing everything —I’d rather master one thing. I also really like fashion, so being able to provide something that’s both functional and fashionable is really cool.

How can a lifetime guarantee work as a business model? For one thing, thanks to the internet, we’re not restricted to selling within one community. But I’d rather sell to one person and then all of their friends because they’re so happy with what they've purchased that they want to tell everyone about it.

What does slow fashion mean to you? We’re a very throw away culture. With fast fashion, when something breaks you just go buy a new one. Being able to have something handcrafted, that’s really going to last, whether it’s making it or owning it, is a source of pride. For me as a maker, it’s gratifying.

And the lifetime guarantee, is that literal? Yes. I call it a ‘my lifetime’ guarantee: so long as I’m alive and I have hands that work, I’ll fix it or replace it.

Solid Leather Leather Belts, $100-$120 ON, Booth L37

2nd Shot Recycled Skateboards Watch - Recycled skateboard Dial, $225 ON, Booth Q50

Bijoux Pépine Earrings, $89 QC, Booth C04K

Freon Collective Cotton Rounds, $35 Face Cloths, $18 ON, Booth P480

Heavy Flow The Jacket - Tapestry, $350 ON, Booth L22

HOI BO Shoulder Tote, $268 ON, Booth K04

Wild Woven Collection Hand-painted Silk Scarf, $74 ON, Booth Q46C

2020 Spring Show March 25–29 Enercare Centre, Exhibition Place, Toronto Tickets & Info: oneofakindshow.com

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One Of A Kind Guide to Creative Transformation  

One Of A Kind Guide to Creative Transformation