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Welcome to the May Edition of OnTrade Scotland Magazine Finally we can talk about moving forward without having to mention the C word (no we meant Covid) Summer is upon us, which means beer gardens, cocktails, events and customers. Yes challenges still exist but we all must inspire confidence and give the customer the experience that brings them back to venues in their droves. This month we have an exclusive interview with Scottish Labour Leader Anas Sarwar MSP and we thank him for showing the desire to endorse hospitality and his passion for engaging with the industry to look at positive ways of moving forward to reinvigorate the economy. We would also like to thank Stephen Montgomery of Scottish Hospitality Group for his help and support in setting up the interview. We are also very excited and proud to announce our 2nd Birthday Bash in association with The Ben will be taking place this year on the 15th of August at the DoubleTree by Hilton Glasgow Central with a great lineup and partners. The event is no ordinary awards night …. no no no The ONE TRADE Awards are YOUR awards This is THE party of the year for people in the hospitality industry This is YOUR night to celebrate and WE ARE GOING BIG TILL YOU GO HOME!!!! The official afterparty will be taking place at Radisson Red with more amazing live music and performances and maybe some fireworks ….. We can’t wait to see you there and party with you. We want to thank all of our partners and exhibitors for their fantastic support in making the event possible, we would also like to thank all of our commercial partners and everyone who has contributed to this months edition and everyone who has supported and continues to support us we could not do any of what we have without you. As always No not as always … but from now on STAY POSITIVE STAY TOGETHER INSPIRE OTHERS & MOVE FORWARD TOGETHER Justin Wingate Director at TopGunMedia For press enquires or advertising opportunists please call or email: Email: info@topgunmedia.co.uk Telephone: 0141 556 4111


Anas Sarwar MSP speaks directly to the hospitality industry exclusively


THE IncREDible Radisson Red


We go BIG until you GO home!


New tourism body wants visitors to make "conscious choice" 3

Industry News GBX TEAM UP WITH D:REAM AND UKRAINIAN SINGER FOR CHARITY Al and Peter Cunnah immediately gave permission and put them in touch with their label New State, who not only cleared the idea but offered to release the finished song. Things moved fast from then – within days of finding Anastasia online, she recorded the vocal in her home in Kyiv and George and Marc remixed the track completely, blending her vocal with Pete’s to create the finished duet.

George Bowie and Sparkos team up with D:Ream and Ukrainian singer Anastasia for charity version of Things Can Only Get Better – out 00:01 Friday April 22 on New State Music. Scots dance icon George Bowie – aka GBX – and longterm production partner Sparkos have teamed up with legends D:Ream to release a special Ukrainian refugee charity version of 90s smash Things Can Only Get Better. And they recruited a Ukrainian singer, Anastasia Derkach, to help transform it into a duet – by recording her vocal at home in Kyiv to let Geo and Marc work their magic at their Glasgow studio. George and Sparkos – real name Marc Anderson – wanted to do something to help those displaced by the Russian invasion of Ukraine and felt Things Can Only Get Better was the perfect track. So they approached D:Ream’s Al Mackenzie, who they knew from working on a previous remix for the band.

George said: “The idea came about very quickly after I met Anastasia. We had been going through potential singers for a GBX track and when I asked her to send a demo she said she couldn’t for a few days because she was in Ukraine and there was a 48-hour black out. I found the fact that she was continuing to work through these conditions and all the horrors that a war brings inspirational and thought we could maybe do something. “The company I work for, Bauer, have been encouraging staff to raise money for refugees and I thought about writing an original track. I went out running and typed in Songs Of Hope in Spotify and hit random. The first track that came on was Things Can Only Get Better by D:Ream and I knew right there and then that we were going do this song. “I didn’t for a minute think we would do it with D;Ream themselves and a full gospel choir but everything just fell in to place. When I started getting all the parts and sat down with Marc and my wife Ellene, who is an amazing producer, to do the track the enormity of it all hit me. There were so many plates spinning it just took one bit to go wrong and the whole thing would fall apart, but everyone was incredible. Pete and Al from D:Ream, New State their record label, Anastasia herself, every one of them pulled together and made this happen in literally a couple of weeks.”

TOP COCKTAIL BAR GETS SET FOR A FRUITFUL FUTURE One of Scotland’s top cocktail bars is bouncing back stronger than ever, after receiving a funding package from Royal Bank of Scotland during the pandemic. Orchid Aberdeen, located on the city’s Langstane Place, joined several hospitality owners in an uncertain future as a result of the ongoing Covid-19 restrictions. However, since receiving a financial boost from the bank last summer, the late-night spot has diversified its offering and invested in its people to retain its place in the Scottish bar scene. It was crowned ‘Best Cocktail Bar’ in Scotland for the third time at the SLTN Award late last year, which honours the best in the trade. 4


Brand News FOOTPRINT LAUNCHES DRINKS INDUSTRY ESG TRENDS REPORT becoming the new norm. Sustainability is more of a strategic priority in the drinks industry than ever before, with activity focused on strategy, packaging, carbon, consumers and caring for community and staff. The 2022 report dives into the clamouring issues impacting the sector to identify opportunities, challenges and the areas most in need of action.

The 2022 Footprint Drinks Industry ESG Trends Report has launched identifying key trends and opportunities to help industry leaders build their business, develop a proactive sustainability strategy, benchmark good practice and identify issues in need of greater attention. Sponsored by Pernod Ricard UK, it is the definitive guide to charting and measuring sustainability progress in the drinks industry, and can be downloaded from www. foodservicefootprint.com/footprint-drinks-industry-esg-trendsreport-2022. The upheavals of the pandemic, the increased climate emergency, and COP26 has led to Science-Based Targets

The report extensively surveyed over 1,000 consumers to identify whether businesses taking sustainability action would make them buy differently, and found that it is a key differentiator when making a choice between two similar drinks products or venues. 53% of consumers seek out information on their favourite drinks brands and venues regarding environmental and social responsibility, and the report highlights how many in the industry used the pandemic to strengthen their sustainability strategy and to set clear goals and action, to provide resilience for the future. With the food chain responsible for a third of global greenhouse gas emissions, reducing impacts is a necessity for meeting climate targets. Strong supply chain relationships, where impact data is shared and projects to reduce emissions can be undertaken as partnerships, are therefore vital and this aspect is growing in importance as operators and other customers increasingly request detailed supply chain data.

FASHION TRIO SERVE UP FIRST #BORNTOMIX COLLABORATION FOR ABSOLUT power of mixing it up – in drinks, in ideas and in life, all to create a better tomorrow. Absolut’s #BornToMix will see unexpected and diverse creatives work together on a series of projects designed to drive conversation and progress in the UK, bringing different minds together for a greater purpose. The first project, Second Skin Couture aims to challenge existing stereotypes and perceptions of fashion and provide a vision of the future – a world where what you wear isn’t tied to the binds of gender, seasonal trends, religious expression, or function.

Absolut, the UK’s no.1 premium vodka, has partnered with a trio of unlikely fashion talent – Drag star Tayce, top celebrity designer Chet Lo, and the Next Gen metaverse Ateliers Institute of Digital Fashion (IoDF) – to create a translucent ‘second-skin’ garment, offering a look into the future of fashion where people can freely express their identity. This is the first of Absolut’s #BornToMix creative collaborations, celebrating the

The hero piece from the collection, a physical garment modelled by non-binary model and breakthrough star of Drag Race UK, Tayce, features Chet Lo’s iconic light, translucent and futuristic fabric. In what is his first ever collaboration, Lo’s ‘second skin dress’ aims to blur the line between skin and material, symbolising how the wearer can express their true and purest self on the outside in future fashion. The item, hand knitted by Lo, will also be showcased by Tayce at an exclusive catwalk event at BOXPARK Shoreditch on 11th May, and tickets are available from www.absolut.com/uk/ BornToMix.


Anas Sarwar MSP speaks directly to the hospitality industry exclusively A

fter approximately two years of confusing messaging, ill thought out restrictions that impact our industry with horrific consequences and very little collaborative discussion from Scottish Government we have found ourselves having to come together as an industry like never before to have our voices heard.



recovery of the country in my opinion. It is really important to recognise how important hospitality is to city centres and local communities in terms of employment, tourism and the knock on effect that has to retail & the high streets. I can understand the anger & frustration felt by the vast majority of people in the sector because after almost 2 years of the pandemic the communication from Scottish Government has been woeful and simply has to improve drastically. There is no better example of this than when it was announced that people advised not to attend Christmas gathering or Christmas parties THE NIGHT BEFORE the biggest weekend of the year for the industry without any proper discussion with the sector. Organisations like SLTA, Scottish Hospitality Group, UkHospitality, NTIA, Scottish Beer & Pub Association have had to FIGHT to have our industry heard along with individuals like Michael Bergson, Stephen White,Sasha Lord & Donald MacLeod MBE to name a few have put their heads above the parapet to voice what has seemed like a total lack of equality and fairness to the those in the industry. Thus far the only senior MSP to actively engage the industry on a positive roadmap to moving forward is Scottish Labour Leader Anas Sarwar MSP. Head of OnTrade Scotland Justin Wingate sat down with the Scottish Labour Leader for an exclusive one two one discussion on why the hospitality industry is so important to economic recovery and what needs to change to move the industry forward in a positive light. They also discuss the communication from Scottish government thus far to the industry which Anas believes has been abysmal. “The hospitality industry is the key to the economic

These venues had purchased stock from their suppliers, and geared up for a hugely important trading period to have the rug pulled from under them with very little support. If government are going to make decisions that impact hospitality as a sector hospitality should be represented around that discussion table in a proactive collaborative way not treated as an after thought. It is important now to get confidence back, confidence in the sector, confidence back from the customer and public and inspire people to get back out and enjoy hospitality. This is made harder with the cost of living crisis, however there is also a cost of running a business crisis as individually businesses energy cost have also risen, there supply chain costs have also risen and their employment costs have drastically changed but longer term if we are going to reinvigorate our high streets and the economy hospitality is going to be at the heart of that.” The Scottish Labour Lear gave an example, “ The culture has changed, for example previously people went to towns or city centres to visit shops and buy goods and the perhaps visited a hospitality venue for lunch or dinner as 7

a result, the opposite is now the case, people are more likely to visit a hospitality venue with their friends or family and then maybe visit a shop or retail store as a result of that” Business adapts to change, that’s what business leaders do they find a way to adapt, trust them, empower them and give them the tools,but we all have to now inspire confidence to move our economy forward positively. We also have to trust the public to do the right thing and endorse the industry to allow people to enjoy their lives again. The big challenge is when announcements are made that seem to have no comment sense behind them when they look like there is one rule for one sector and other rules for another even though the impact is largely the same causes anger and confusion. We all have our criticisms of what has taken place over the last 2 years however the important the stage we are at now is there has to be a consistency, there has to be communication, and that doesn’t mean announcing measures on the eve of the measures and expecting others to pick up the pieces, those days are long gone and fundamentally it must inspire confidence that Scotland is open for business again” One of the ways we can support this is by have better more affordable integrated public transport, better more affordable parking facilities, better transport networks into Scotland from overseas & promote Scotland as a fantastic 8

destination to international travellers, for example we currently don’t have a direct flight to the USA until 2023 how is that promoting Scotland as a destination? International tourism is a massive part of driving the economy as stats show overseas travellers spend on average 3 times more than the staycation market however we are giving no support to bring travellers into the country. We also have to invest in our high streets to attract brands and customers onto our high streets, take Sauchiehall St in Glasgow for example, it has become a ghost town so why would any brand invest in bringing their products to that shop window currently ? We have to move on from the pandemic, we can’t let a lack of confidence paralyse the country and our economy, potentially we are on the verge of the biggest mental health crisis we have ever experienced and that can’t be allowed to happen or spread, we need to inspire confidence for everyone to move forward. Interview conducted with Justin Wingate as part of the AT THE BAR show. If you have any questions you would like to put to Anas Sarwar MSP on the points raised or you wish to raise a point you can get in contact by emailing anas.sarwar.msp@ parliament.scot We would like to thank Anas for joining Justin and the panel on the show and for engaging in an open and honest debate. ontradescotland.co.uk



35ml marshmallow moonshine 25 ml Havana 3(white rum) 50 ml milk 25ml khalua

TOFFEE APPLE MOONSHINE ESPRESSO MARTINI 25ml vodka 25ml khalua 1 shot espresso 25 ml toffee apple moonshine

MARSHMALLOW HUGO 25ml gin 25ml marshmallow moonshine 125ml prosecco 8 mint leaves




35ml Marshmallow moonshine 25ml Lanique Rose Vodka 50ml Cream 12.5ml gomme Dark chocolate covered Marshmallow with sugar sprinkles


35ml Toffee apple liqueur 12.5ml Lemon 25ml white bacardi 50 ml Pineapple juice Lemon Twist & Caramelised apple


25ml Sweet potato - Toffee Apple moonshine, 25ml Jack Daniels apple, soft serve vanilla ice cream, toffee syrup, dairy cream, toffee sauce and sprinkles

SWEET GLITTER BOMB 35ml Marshmallow Moonshine 25 ml Absolut Egg white 15ml Gomme 15ml lemon Soda top Absolut glitter drops


25ml sweet potato marshmallow moonshine, 25ml kettle one vodka, white chocolate syrup, soft serve vanilla ice cream, milk, dairy cream, strawberry sauce and marshmallows 11

SINCE MARCH 2020 OUR WORLD HAS CHANGED. THE CHALLENGES FACED BY BUSINESSES IN THE HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY CANNOT BE OVERSTATED. SINCE THE OUTBREAK OF THE PANDEMIC, WE AT FRANK IRVINE SOLICITORS HAVE BEEN ADVISING MANY HOSPITALITY BUSINESSES ON THEIR PROSPECTS OF ACHIEVING A SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS INTERRUPTION INSURANCE (BII) CLAIM. HOSPITALITY BUSINESSES WHO HAD THEIR CLAIM FOR BII INITIALLY REFUSED HAVE ACHIEVED SUCCESSFUL OUTCOMES FOLLOWING UPON INSTRUCTING FRANK IRVINE SOLICITORS. THERE ARE ONGOING COURT CASES THROUGHOUT THE UK, WHICH HAVE RESULTED IN CERTAIN BII CLAIMS, WHICH WERE INITIALLY REFUSED, OR RESULTED IN LIMITED PAY-OUTS, REQUIRING TO BE REVIEWED TO TAKE ACCOUNT OF THE RAPIDLY CHANGING LAW RELATING TO SUCH CLAIMS. WHAT IS BUSINESS INTERRUPTION INSURANCE? Business Interruption Insurance (BII) covers you for loss of income during periods you were unable to carry on your normal business activities. We specifically focus on losses which occurred as a result of the National Lockdowns which happened due to Covid-19. Most claims will relate to the first lockdown in March 2020. AM I COVERED? Before we can answer that question we will need to see the following documents: - Your business Insurance Policy which was in place in March 2020 - Schedule of Insurance - Any correspondence from your insurers rejecting your BII claim, if applicable. If you do not have these documents to hand we can obtain them from your Insurance Broker. HOW MUCH WILL IT COST FOR FRANK IRVINE SOLICITORS TO REVIEW MY POLICY? We will review your policy on a No Win No Fee basis. If your claim is unsuccessful the work undertaken by us will not cost you a penny. If we succeed in your claim, we will charge a percentage of monies recovered.

Frank Irvine Solicitors Carlton Buildings, 63 Carlton Place, Glasgow G5 9TW T: 0141 375 9000 | mail@frankirvine.com | www.frankirvine.com

IF I AM SUCCESSFUL HOW MUCH WILL MY CLAIM BE WORTH? The level of pay-out will depend on the terms of your insurance policy. You could be sitting on a claim worth up to £250,000. The actual pay-out figure will include a detailed calculation of your income and depend on the specific wording of your policy. A Loss Adjuster will look to ensure that your business achieves the maximum level of pay-out. WHY CHOOSE FRANK IRVINE SOLICITORS? Frank Irvine Solicitors have been delivering legal services for over 20 years. We have a highly professional team who utilise the latest technology in delivering a client-centred service. Whilst we cannot guarantee a successful outcome, we promise effective and meaningful legal representation. Here is what some of our clients have had to say about us….

BILLY FROM HEILAN JESSIE “Having been told by two separate sources I would NOT be entitled to a pay-out, I had simply given up hope of being able to explore that avenue. I was approached by Frank Irvine Solicitors and by simply allowing the business to review my documents for free, I was told that in fact I will be able to make a claim. I am currently awaiting a pay-out that will be a crucial factor in my business’s future. This experience has given me a broader understanding of this topic on a whole and I am glad to have been able to be a part of this process. I would encourage anyone who is in my position or indeed who hasn’t yet made a claim to do so using Frank Irvine Solicitors Business Interruption team.”

SEAMUS FROM CAFE GANDOLFI “During the second national lockdown 2 members of my staff tested positive for Covid-19 forcing us to close our doors and my business was rejected 3 times for business interruption insurance. Shortly after the final rejection I was lucky enough to make contact with Frank Irvine Solicitors and within 3 weeks they advised me that the rejection of my business interruption claim had been reversed and I would be receiving a pay-out from my insurance company after all. This was an absolute game changer for us. I was able to pay off debts I had accrued during the lockdown and the payment has given us the chance to recover from this hugely challenging time. The future remains uncertain in relation to Covid-19 in the UK and how this will affect small business owners up and down the country. However, thanks to Frank Irvine Solicitors I am in a position to regrow my business and am now much more positive. This is incredible for me, for those I employ, and for our valued customers.



THE IncREDible


his month we take a look at the incREDible Radisson RED & Red Sky Bar & the experience they are creating through their themed night and events at the venue. We also take a look at the stunning food offering provided by the Manny and the team due the the large investment in the state of the art pizza oven. This can also be viewed in the recent AT THE BAR show where we are given a tour of the venue by curator Graham Chalmers and sample the stunning pizzas first hand. 15

Radisson RED Glasgow turns four at the end of April, and the iconic hotel so renowned for its musical endeavours continues to lead the way in the city and beyond. The hotel – led by curator Graham Chalmers of Be Kind To Hospitality fame – broke new ground during lockdown, setting up a pioneering series of livestream events from the iconic RED Sky Bar, with performances from huge international artists like Radio 1’s Arielle Free, Trainspotting’s Irvine Welsh, The Mambo Brothers and The Fratellis. These events not only drew millions of views from all over the world, they raised over £40,000 for various local charities in just one year. As life returned to some semblance of normality, the streams became in-person events and have underlined the Radisson RED’s status as the city’s hotel home of music. From their own brand Guilty Pleasures, with REDsidents Michael Kilkie and Jon Mancini, and forthcoming special guest Jon Pleased Wimmin, to the new Skyline parties which launches with Guy J and Danny Howells on May 1, there’s something for everyone. Plus there are the spectacular Boogie Brunches with Stevie Lennon and live sax player, bringing Dubai-style brunch fun to Scotland. And massive pre and post event parties with iconic Scottish institutions such as Terminal V, Colours, Streetrave, Riverside Festival, Melting Pot and many more – Irvine Welsh and Darren Emerson just played the RED Sky Bar for Streetrave, while there’s a huge line-up coming for a Hacienda Classical pre-party in June. Of course it’s not just about the music, as anyone lucky enough to land an invite to the birthday party will know. 16

The hotel recently launched their all-new authentic Italian pizza offering, courtesy of chef Manny and the high-end Italian oven specially imported at great expense to ensure Rad RED pizzas are the genuine taste of Italy. Puffy, chewy crust, a perfect base, rich tomato sauce and oozy melty cheese goodness – anyone who has tried these will testify they’re the best pizzas outside of Italy. And they’re available to guests, diners, in the bars and even by Deliveroo complete with the coolest pizza boxes you’ve ever seen. Radisson RED at heart is all about the people, those who stay there of course – and their dogs – but also those who work there. It’s hugely important to the team that guests feel welcome. That’s why huge significance is placed on staff welfare, well-being and happiness, and this comes right from the top. The owners, Forrest Group, invest in people – they safeguarded every single job through the lockdowns and closures. Many of the team have been there since day one and worked their way up – the Rad RED family believe in helping staff grow and develop. So there’s Bradley, who started on the front desk and is now the manager of that department, Nicole, who started as front desk manager and is now assistant curator (mat cover), Iain, who began on the bar and is now head bartender, and many more. With some of the most forward-thinking owners in the business and the freedom they allow Graham, the hotel and its people, Radisson RED sets out to lead the way and innovate, never follow. It’s a team, it’s a family and it’s your home from home. ontradescotland.co.uk

Celebrate with a

G&T Royale Mix: Slimline Elderflower Tonic Gin Blood Orange Syrup Orange Slice

To find out more email connect@ccep.com, call 0808 1 000 000 or visit my.ccep.com. © 2022 European Refreshments UC. SCHWEPPES is a registered trade mark of European Refreshments UC.




Hosted by GO Rad Perform

GO Radio’s plus spec


Incorporating the Free Drink Samp We’re going BIG u

dio’s Gina McKie ming Live

s Zoe Kelly cial guests


One Trade Awards pling for 2 hours!!! until you go home...


Official Afterparty taking place at Sky Bar Limited availability - be quick!

Performing Live plus full DJ set

plus special guest

We’re going BIG until you go home... SUPPORTING

Juniors Get ready to PLAY



For more information, contact your account manager.

UKHOSPITALITY BACKS CALL FOR GOVERNMENT NIGHT-TIME SECTOR SUPPORT U KHospitality has backed calls for a Government support package to help counter shortages in night-time sector door staff, including assistance in recruitment and training of additional security staff, especially women.

The trade body also endorsed proposals for a co-ordinated approach to drink-spiking and wider vulnerability initiatives.

UKHospitality was responding to a number of suggestions and recommendations in a Home Affairs Committee report published today, following a rise in drink spiking reports last year. It also welcomed a number of other proposals aimed at keeping venues safe for all customers. UKHospitality Chief Executive Kate Nicholls said: “The Committee’s recommendation for Government support for night-time businesses to help recruit and train door staff is very welcome, as is consideration for a review of current offences and evidence-gathering and how this can be improved. “The hospitality sector will continue to work together with the Home Office, police and local authorities to tackle drink spiking as part of the wider customer safety agenda, building on the good work many hospitality businesses are already doing to address the matter through both their own 24

and joint initiatives, recognised by the Committee.”

UKHospitality also supports a recommendation by the report that a government-led national strategy is needed, including a support package for venues, particularly those in the night-time industry, to boost security measures and the recruitment and training of additional door security staff, especially women. Kate Nicholls added: “This is a serious issue, and it needs to be tackled quickly and effectively, but through effective partnership working, rather than via restrictions imposed on operators’ licences. “UKHospitality backs the report’s calls for a national communications campaign that forms part of a nationwide strategy that ensures a consistent approach to the issue, and which sees government working with local authorities to develop an anti-spiking strategy that encourages local licensing authorities to make better use of their powers in regard to drink spiking offences.” ontradescotland.co.uk

What do you need to make a delicious cocktail? Who Knows. Passion, Quality, Service. These are the virtues that Who Knows Ltd stand by. Formed in 2010, the business started with one top-performing juicing machine, an order from a local hotel and a team filled with passion and desire. Fast forward to more than a decade later and the company has expanded operations to a fully functioning warehouse with numerous machines that help them provide freshly squeezed, unpasteurised citrus juices to all of the UK, usually within 24 hours. Who Knows Ltd are aiming to make this simpler for businesses this summer as they provide some of the freshest ingredients to make high quality, extremely tasty cocktails. As the popularity of the product grew rapidly, Who Knows started appointing distributors who were in touch with the types of businesses that they wanted to be connected with, ie bars, restaurants, festivals and other niches within the hospitality sector. In February 2014, they gained their first nationally recognised industry accreditation with SALSA, an achievement for which they worked hard all through the business to maintain.

We are your leading supplier of 100% unpasteurised, freshly squeezed fruit juice to trade across the UK. Who Knows Ltd stand out in the industry due to the process that they follow using a buyer to source produce from countries much sunnier than the UK. They use BRIX TEST on any produce purchased to ensure their juice is at the desired level of sweetness for their customers. The team behind the taste are extremely dedicated to helping the business succeed to the lengths they know it can and as part of their role they must start in the very early hours of the morning, normally they are squeezing for orders that have been placed the evening prior. Before the sun rises these orders have been completed and the team of distributors are delivering far and wide.

Squeezing orders daily!

! e l p m a s e e r F Contact us now to claim your free fresh sample

Who Knows Ltd provided the freshest lime, lemon, grapefruit and orange juice whilst also offering other juices and purees to their valued customers. The business knows that their products work incredibly well when fused with cocktails, so they also provide bar supplies that will provide any bar/pub with the necessary supplies to make a cocktail that customers will love.


07713 387 510




new national tourism body is urging visitors to support community owned tourism enterprises across Scotland and deliver a boost for local jobs and services as the sector rebuilds after Covid-19.

Scottish Community Tourism (SCOTO) is a new network of around 100 community owned tourism organisations and enterprises. Its aim is to promote and represent the growing number of community run tourism ventures across Scotland. SCOTO wants tourists to make a conscious choice to seek out accommodation, activities, and food and drink services offered by businesses that are owned and managed by local community bodies, where every pound spent is reinvested in local priorities, from the environment to jobs for young people, housing to wellbeing services. A new interactive website has been designed to showcase Scotland’s wide range of independent, community owned cafes, community pubs, distilleries, accommodation providers, shops, cultural centres, outdoor attractions, festivals and other service providers including toilets and ATMs. Members will be offered a free listing on the website and venues joining the network will receive SCOTO place-markers to identify them as community owned enterprises. Russell Fraser, manager of community owned Loch Ness Hub, a visitor information centre in Drumnadrochit, is a founding member and Chair of SCOTO. He said: “There are dozens of examples of communities in Scotland taking ownership of local services and facilities and transforming them into successful community run tourism enterprises, but until now there has never been a dedicated body that represents their interests. SCOTO will provide that voice. “Our members are unlike other tourism providers because they are owned and operated by the communities they serve. Every penny spent with our members is an investment in our landscape, our culture, our people and their future.


“Our vision of sustainable, regenerative tourism ensures that the benefits of tourism are felt across the community - through sustainable development, employment, improved connectivity and the natural environment. We want visitors in Scotland to make a conscious choice to support local tourism enterprises, knowing that their support will have immediate and long-lasting benefits for that community.” Marc Crothall, Chief Executive of Scottish Tourism Alliance, said: “Supporting, encouraging and enabling more community led tourism is a key aim set out in our national tourism strategy Scotland Outlook 2030. The formation of SCOTO is very timely as we recover from the pandemic and the tourism sector starts to get moving again. “Community led tourism will not only help drive greater economic benefit to the local economies but it will also deliver the real authentic memorable experiences that we know the future visitor is seeking. It is also through our communities, supporting local businesses and procuring from the local supply chain that will also help set Scotland apart from its competitors and together with the wider sector achieve our national ambition of being world leaders in 21st Century Tourism.” The new organisation has received funding from the Scottish Government Tourism Leadership & Recovery Grant and has been supported by Highlands and Islands Enterprise, South of Scotland Enterprise, Scottish Enterprise and the Social Enterprise Academy. Membership of the new body is open to community owned tourism projects and businesses, organisations and individuals with an interest in the sector. For more information, visit scoto.co.uk ontradescotland.co.uk

MULTI AWARD WINNING SWEET POTATO SPIRITS AND LIQUEURS. Hand crafted from scratch in the U.K using our own farm grown Sweet Potatoes along with other raw, natural ingredients Luxuriously smooth Decadently delicious Vegan friendly Free of any known allergens Gluten Free


Since our humble beginnings nearly 70 years ago when the Company was founded by Bobby Lynas, Lynas Foodservice has been dedicated to one word, Service. The aim is simple, to serve our customer with the best product and the best service we can provide. We deliver to over 5,000 independant and chain customers every week throughout Ireland and Scotland. Our customers come from right across the catering spectrum so with our extensive range we will have the right product to suit your needs and your business. Contact us today to find out more and arrange a visit with one of our experienced team. We are here for you.



ew ‘hospitality and late-night economy champions’ should be appointed in Edinburgh and Glasgow, the Scottish Beer & Pub Association (SBPA) has today recommended, as part of its manifesto launch ahead of local elections on 5 May.

The recommendation, which would see roles introduced similar to those of Sacha Lord in Manchester and Amy Lamé in London, forms part of the Association’s 10-point manifesto aims to support the sector’s recovery following over two years of pandemic restrictions. Other manifesto recommendations include: •

Dedicated hospitality strategies for local areas

Licensing policy statements which don’t place additional burdens on the sector

Permanent removal of outdoor permit fees and a flexible approach to planning

Facilitate shared Deposit Return Scheme (DRS) return points

Enhanced provision of local transport, promote the use of rural transport routes, postpone plans to introduce low emission zones and rule out the workplace parking levy

Work collaboratively to facilitate an increase in the availability of low and no-alcohol products

Assistance in lowering the disproportionate tax burden on pubs and brewers

A two-year moratorium on policies which may create additional costs for pubs and bars

Support an energy price cap on hospitality premises

“Scotland’s beer and pub industry supports 62,000 jobs and contributes £1.75bn to the national economy every year. “The restrictions placed on our members during the pandemic had a severe impact. We fully understood the need to keep people safe but now, as we come out of the pandemic, there must be a path to recovery. “Appointing industry champions to stick up for the industry, to help local and national government understand the challenges we face and what is needed to build back, would be a great start. “Our survival and subsequent recovery is dependent on the support of national and local policymakers. This manifesto gives 10 clear ways in which they can do that, rejuvenate the sector and our town and city centres across the country”. For more information about the Scottish Beer & Pub Association visit scottishbeerandpub.com.

Also included within the manifesto is a call for better public transport, a reduction in fees for outdoor seating and a more flexible planning approach, as well as an energy price cap on hospitality businesses. Commenting, SBPA President Andrew Lawrence said: 30



Clockwise Glasgow offers fully serviced offices with monthly rolling contracts across 11 floors of Savoy Tower, located in the middle of the city centre. There are offices of varying size, from 1 desk to 80 desks. There are also Club Lounge and Dedicated Desk memberships for those who aren’t yet ready for an office. The building hosts 6 bookable meeting rooms that can accommodate up to 80 with A/V for conferencing a teas, coffees and other drinks.

COMPLIMENTARY DAY PASS FOR ALL ONTRADER'S Book your pass via Courtney at courtney.flynn@work-clockwise.com Pass only valid at Clockwise Glasgow & expires 31/03/22

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Your Business: A lasting legacy or an asset to sell on? YOUR BUSINESS: A LASTING LEGACY OR AN ASSET TO SELL ON?

Jo Millar Head of Licensing 32

Having come out of the pandemic and returning to some sense of normality, now is the time to dust down plans many of us had prior to Covid, but were set aside. For some that means family celebrations can now go ahead and birthdays, weddings and other big life events can be properly marked. Many of us are brushing ourselves down and looking forward, both personally and professionally. This is a good time to look at your business and what you want from it. This is not about contracts, employees or cash flow - although cash flow is always good! This is about what you want from, and for, your business in the future. Do you want a future legacy, with your name in lights even after you may have hung up your licensed trade boots? Or do you want to exit your business with some cash, allowing you to take those licensed trade boots travelling, or even just on the golf course! None of that is as complex as it may sound. There are some very simple ways to streamline how you exit your business, and in doing so make sure it has a value to you. One of the things operators have said to us recently is that they want to leave a legacy. That means putting something in place now which is tax efficient, gives the owner the ability to sell the business for a profit, or allows the owner to leave the business to staff or family. ontradescotland.co.uk

One way is to consider who holds shares at the moment. The default position can be to leave shares to family but many of our clients acknowledge that may not the best option for the business. Family may have decided to go their own route in life and may not be interested in the business. It is worthwhile having that conversation, however, if it is clear that family are not going to be an option then staff could be. If family will take over the business then putting shares in place now is sensible. Shares do not have to mean dividends are all the same. Equally, shares do not have to mean voting. That can be achieved with different share classes. There may also be an option to put some shares in trust for children or other family. Alternatively shares could be issued now, which could be tax efficient if you intend to grow your business. In the event employees are going to be taking over the business, shares can be issued to employees or an employee share

scheme can be created. There are various employee share schemes, each with its own role and benefit depending on the circumstances. If the intention is to ensure employee loyalty, this could be done on the basis there is a share option, effective when the business is sold. There could also be a sale of the business to an employee, completed in stages. That gives employees the opportunity to ease into managing the business full time. It also gives the operator time to adjust to working less hours, or indeed retiring completely! If selling a business, there can be tax reliefs available, depending on how it the sale is structured. Please contact Jo Millar on 0141 370 8116 or on ontrade@gilsongray.co.uk to discuss the above. We cannot give you tax advice but can discuss options with you and your accountants or can recommend separate tax advisers. We can also assist with financial planning through Gilson Gray Financial Management who work with our legal teams.

If you have any questions on this or any other legal matters you would like us to address in future please get in touch by email at ontrade@gilsongray.co.uk

The right advice has never been more important. We’re honoured to have been chosen as the exclusive partner of OnTrade Magazine Scotland. As one of Scotland’s full-service law firms we’re able to offer specialist legal, property and financial services. We’re here to help in a time when support and clarity are needed most – offering valuable advice and insight on everything from licensing, business financing, employment and real estate. Different people. Different approach. Different results. To find out more please call Jo Millar on 0141 370 8116 or email jmillar@gilsongray.co.uk


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