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Well, what a year that was ..... A year to forget for many, A year of change, a year of upset , a year of challenges a year of new ways of doing things, a year or unfairness, and a year of turmoil. However, I believe 2021 is a year where we can reflect on what we do have and what has been achieved in some very challenging times. New partnerships and alliances have been formed, new friendships and bonds, and we have all seen who has stood beside and behind us while facing even the smallest challenge and we will all I’m sure, remember this moving forward as people, companies and businesses we can count on. We believe that even though there are some challenges still ahead and the battle is still being fought on a few fronts, that 2021 is a year to look forward to and help each other in the most positive ways we can, to not only force change but to strengthen our industry across the board. It has been a rollercoaster year and we at OnTrade Scotland & TopGun Media would like to wholeheartedly thank everyone who has shown us such fantastic support over this time, we would like to thank our partners Gilson Gray LLP & Joanna Miller for their support and for bringing the outstanding insight to the trade at a much needed time, to all of our commercial partners your support and desire to engage with the trade has been fantastic and we thank each of you for your involvement. We would also like to thank the agencies and all of the venues that have provided some great content and provided some truly inspirational messages over these editions, every one of the emails and pieces of content are appreciated. I would also like to give a special mention to some people who have shown us some fantastic support, William, Lyndsey and Aimee O’Hear, Michael & Michelle Bergson, Roddy Stewart Jessica Bottomley & the staff at Hello Stir Alison Downs & the staff at Frame Jonathan Perkins & the staff at Taste Communications Crawford, Neil & all the team at Innis & Gunn, and many more you know who you are. Finally, we would like to say the biggest thank you to the Scottish hospitality sector and on trade as a whole for showing the heart, desire bravery and resilience to continue to do your best in the face of adversity it genuinely makes us proud to be a small part of this fantastic industry. May 2021 be a very prosperous and healthy new year for everyone.

Justin Wingate Director at TopGunMedia For press enquires or advertising opportunists please call or email: Email: info@topgunmedia.co.uk Telephone: 0141 556 4111


Spreading festive cheer in Edinburgh


Thomas Melville on supporting Scottish children


Non alcoholic, but not as you know it


Rogano’s latest art installation


Industry News FUTURE OF 1800 SCOTTISH HOSPITALITY BUSINESSES AND 32,500 WORKERS COULD BE SECURED BY LIMITED RESTRICTION CHANGES, NEW ECONOMIC IMPACT STUDY FINDS The economic viability of Scotland’s crisis-hit hospitality industry could be dramatically enhanced and the prospects for tens of thousands of workers improved by relatively minor changes to restrictions policy, according to a new economic impact study. The independent study by BiGGAR Economics found that adjusting opening hours by around two and a half hours and allowing alcohol to be served under strictly controlled conditions would increase hospitality business turnover from £419m to £1.1bn; increasing the number of jobs supported from the current 28,300 to 60,800; and securing the viability of 1,816 businesses. Scotland’s main hospitality groups, the Scottish Beer & Pub Association (SBPA), Scottish Licensed Trade Association (SLTA) and UKHospitality-Scotland (UKH-Scotland) are now calling for the Scottish Government to urgently implement the changes to save businesses and jobs. The changes to restrictions would also transform the impact on public finances, turning a £261m fiscal cost of subsidy into a £63m positive tax contribution. The report states that a return to the stricter restrictions as seen up to 10th December, would cost thousands of jobs and come at a fiscal cost of £347 million. The economic impact study examined several policy scenarios - all of which maintain key restrictions to ensure public safety and to prevent the spread of COVID-19 but allow longer opening hours and alcohol to be served across Levels 1 to 3 of the Scottish Government’s regional restrictions. CEO of the Scottish Beer & Pub Association, Emma McClarkin said: “Public health remains the paramount concern and hospitality businesses have proven they can operate safely with comprehensive COVID-19 measures in place. This economic impact study shows that relatively minor changes to opening hours and allowing businesses to serve alcohol responsibly, would transform the commercial viability of the sector. Managing Director of the Scottish Licensed Trade Association, Colin Wilkinson said: “This would create a more sustainable environment for hospitality businesses beyond Christmas and ensure more of them survive the winter, continue to create jobs and play the positive role as part of the fabric of communities the length and breadth of Scotland.” Director of UKHospitality-Scotland, Wille MacLeod said: “The restrictions, as currently in place, have a disproportionate impact on the hospitality sector and is costing the Scottish economy millions of pounds. A relaxation, as has been suggested by the industry would give our sector a transformative boost and help support business in the crucial recover period.”

The study, which was commissioned by Diageo on behalf of the hospitality sector, revealed the enormous economic cost the current restrictions policy is having on the hospitality sector, reducing annualized turnover from £2bn pre-Covid to just £276m under the restrictions that were in place in November, with the number of jobs supported collapsing from 83,400 to 19,100. The report examines the economic impact of five scenarios, including restrictions in place before 11th December, restrictions currently in place, and three potential alternative scenarios: • The first alternative policy scenario looked at extending closing times from 8pm to 10.30pm and allowing alcohol to be served with food in Levels 1 to 3. This scenario supports £927 million in turnover and 53,100 jobs; however, it represents a fiscal cost of £14 million. • The second alternative policy scenario looked at also allowing wet-led pubs and bars that don’t serve food to be open until 8pm in Levels 1 to 3. This supports £1.1 billion in turnover, 60,800 jobs, and a fiscal benefit of £63 million. • The third alternative policy scenario looked at allowing all hospitality businesses to be open until 10.30pm and to serve alcohol. This supports £1.2 billion in turnover, 65,400 jobs, and a fiscal benefit of £105 million. In 2019, prior to the global pandemic, Scotland’s hospitality industry contributed £1.8 billion Gross Value Added (GVA, a measure of economic output) to Scotland’s economy. The sector also supported 83,400 jobs and was associated with £812 million in tax revenues. The report highlights that restrictions on the hospitality sector, as based on the levels in place across Scotland from 11th December, supported £419 million in turnover and 28,300 jobs; however, it represents a fiscal cost of £261 million. The Scottish Government’s previous restrictions, which ended on 11th December, supported £276 million in and 19,100 jobs and represented a fiscal cost of £347 million. Graeme Blackett of BiGGAR Economics, said: “This study highlights the severe negative economic impact that COVID-19 restrictions have had on the hospitality sector, the businesses and people who work in the sector itself, and the businesses and employees in the supply chain. “It also demonstrates that scenarios which allow for extended trading, whilst maintaining appropriate safety restrictions, can place the hospitality sector and the wider food and drink supply chain in a much stronger position. “Minor adjustments to the restrictions could get thousands of people back to work and allow the sector to generate turnover, and contribute significantly to the public finances in 2021.”

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Brand News TYREE GIN SPREADS FESTIVE CHEER AMONGST ISLANDERS A Hebridean distiller is set to spread some festive cheer this December by giving a free bottle of local gin to every islander on their native Tiree. Tiree residents over the age of 18 will be treated to a free miniature of Tyree Gin or Hebridean Pink Gin in the run up to Christmas as distillery bosses add some unexpected joy to what has been a difficult year. Rather than coming down locals’ chimneys, owners Ian Smith and Alain Campbell have teamed up with the island’s local shop, Buth a’ Bhaile, so that lucky residents can collect their miniatures from the store in Crossapol on the island. Ian Smith, owner of Tiree Whisky Company, said: “2020 has been a challenging year for most people so we wanted to inject a bit of festive cheer into the lives of everyone in Tiree and give them a small gift. “We’ll be taking orders and delivering to Buth a’ Bhaile from today until 23rd December. Together, as a community, we can reflect on 2020 and raise a glass to the New Year.” Islanders over the age of 18 among Tiree’s population of 650 people can apply for their gift by filling out a form on the Tyree Gin website. The Isle of Tiree has a fascinating distilling heritage which Tiree Whisky Company Ltd has resurrected in recent years. Their distillery is the first on the island in over 217 years. The company’s first product, Tyree Gin, was launched at Tiree Music Festival 2017. This product reflects the landscape in which it is distilled, incorporating kelp

harvested from the icy waters, coastal salty flavours and a range of botanicals from the machair ground inland from the shore. Earlier this year, the small spirits producer launched Hebridean Pink Gin, which comes in a striking pink bottle and is distilled using juniper berries, raspberries and sweet peels. Despite the challenges of 2020, the company also recently invested in new stills and equipment for future production planned for 2021 as they look ahead to a positive year.


In these strange times of going in and out of restrictions and lockdowns, an afternoon of all things gin is a great way to relax – and I can think of no better place than entering the (slightly eccentric) world of Pickering’s at Summerhall. Their Gin Jolly tours are running Thursdays to Sundays at 1,3 and 5pm and can be booked online. As with everything just now, the tours are running slightly differently, which means being met outside Summerhall by your guide. 5

An AwArd winning gift

Scottish food stars spread festive cheer with ‘Taste Edinburgh’ campaign launch Some of the biggest names in Scottish hospitality are coming together for the first time this Christmas to help Edinburgh’s leading independent restaurants, bars and hotels get through a bleak winter of curfews, closed doors and travel restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic. The new ‘Taste Edinburgh’ campaign is being backed by Michelin-star chefs, Tom Kitchin and Martin Wishart, as well as James Thomson from Prestonfield House Hotel and The Witchery; Carina Contini from Contini George Street, The Scottish Cafe & Restaurant at The Scottish National Gallery and Cannonball Restaurant on Castlehill; as well as Nic Wood from The Signature Group, which includes Cold Town House in The Grassmarket and Kyloe Restaurant & Grill in the West End. The Broughton and Fhior on Broughton Street; 21212 on Royal Terrace; Timberyard on Lady Lawson Street; Civerinos on Hunter Square and Forrest Road and Fingal in Leith also feature in the campaign. After a catastrophic year for the hospitality industry, ‘Taste Edinburgh’ aims to spread some much-needed festive cheer by encouraging people to give the gift of authentic Scottish hospitality this Christmas and

support the capital’s well-loved independent and family-run restaurants, bars and hotels when they need it most. While the champagne sits on ice and the Christmas party hats sit in their boxes this year, the capital’s independent restauranteurs and chefs are urging people to buy online gift vouchers from their favourite Edinburgh restaurant, bar or hotel as the perfect Christmas gift for family and friends to use as soon as lockdown measures have been eased in early 2021. As life returns to normal in 2021, the group is hopeful that their venues will once again be full of customers enjoying some of the best food and drink Scotland has to offer. The campaign has been devised and coordinated by Edinburgh’s Taste Communications, Scotland’s first dedicated food, drink and hospitality media agency. Michelin star chef and owner of Edinburgh’s The Kitchin and Scran & Scallie, Tom Kitchin, said: “Supporting Scottish hospitality has never been as important as it is this year. Buying a hospitality gift voucher is a contribution which makes a difference to not only a restaurant and its team but to the

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dining out again. Restaurants provide confident spaces with beautiful food (and they do the dishes) for you to relax and meet friends and family that we’ve missed so very much all year. “Gifting a voucher for a restaurant is like giving a hug to your community. The restaurant, the suppliers and their team will all be so grateful for your purchase. The dining experience will feel like the best treat ever. A voucher is a wonderful purchase for our independent restaurant community. We so very much appreciate all your support you have given us in a very difficult year and look forward to sharing happy times ahead. Keep well and keep safe, Carina.” James Thomson, Owner of The Witchery and Prestonfield House Hotel, said: “As we build up to what is going to be a very different Christmas, it has never been more important to make sure we’re supporting our local businesses. Whilst we’re hugely grateful for the support we’ve received from customers to date, this campaign has been set up to highlight the local and independent venues in the capital that need a little extra boost to get through what is going to be a very difficult winter for many. whole supply chain of fishmongers, butchers, veg growers, florists, taxi drivers and so many others. Helping your local hospitality business means supporting many people and their livelihoods. Any contribution is welcome and appreciated.’’ Michelin star Edinburgh chef, Martin Wishart, said: “After 21 years of cooking and offering a Michelin experience to Edinburgh and all its visitors, I have certainly missed in 2020: the buzz and community feel a restaurant has. Please support your restaurants!

“Whilst we may not be able to gather in the same way with friends and family in our hospitality venues at the moment, we can all look forward to spending much happier times together in the future once restrictions permit. In anticipation of this, give the gift of a truly memorable experience with great Scottish hospitality this Christmas and purchase a gift voucher from an independent business. It is the easiest way to support your favourite bar, restaurant, café and hotel and allows the recipient with something to really look forward to once this is all over.” Nic Wood, Owner of Scotland’s leading pub, bar and restaurant collection, Signature Group said:

“Remember that by buying a voucher you will not only support the restaurants but also the whole hospitality chain from our lovely food suppliers, wine and drink providers, taxi drivers, florists, laundry and cleaning services and so many more. It is our desire to bring back good food, happiness and something to look forward in 2021.”

“I’m proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with these incredible chefs and restaurateurs. Ordinarily, our competitors, but 2020 has rendered all competition null and void as we work to build Scotland’s hospitality industry to the world-class levels it was at before the pandemic.

Carina Contini is Owner of Edinburgh’s Contini George Street, Cannonball Restaurant & Bar on Castlehill and The Scottish Cafe & Restaurant, which is located at the gardens entrance of the Scottish National Gallery. Carina said: “2020 was the year we weren’t allowed to enjoy restaurants. In 2021 we need to fall in love with

“By purchasing a gift voucher from one of your favourite cafes, bars or restaurants, you’re helping that venue get through what is going to be a very tough winter. Any purchase is hugely appreciated and we look forward to welcoming you all again once you’re ready to do so.”


Full list of participating Edinburgh chefs and restaurateurs: • Tom Kitchin, The Kitchin & Scran & Scallie • Martin Wishart, Restaurant Martin Wishart • Carina Contini, Contini Restaurants • James Thomson, The Witchery and Prestonfield House Hotel • Nic Wood, Signature Pub Group • Stefano Pieraccini, The Broughton & The Westroom • Scott Smith, Fhior • Michele Civiera, Civerinos • Mark Alston, Fingal • Katie O’Brien, 21212 • Andrew Radford, Timberyard Gift vouchers can be purchased through each venue’s website or through the Taste Edinburgh campaign page: https://tastecommunications.co.uk/taste-edinburgh Terms and conditions depend on the venue. Please check before purchasing. Christmas dinner and Hogmanay home deliveries are also being offered by Contini Restaurants, Signature Group’s McLaren’s on the Corner and Kyloe, 21212, and Tom Kitchin’s Scran and Scallie. People can follow the Taste Edinburgh campaign on social media, including Instagram https://instagram.com/tasteedin and Twitter https://twitter.com/tasteedin using the hashtag #TasteEdinburgh

Katie O’Brien, Co-founder of 21212, said: “We all know that it has been a tough 2020, not just for us in hospitality and our suppliers but for so many people, in so many ways. “Now, quite simply is the time to look forward. We have an end in sight and we just have to get to the finishing post. “If you can, then please help. Buy a voucher for Christmas. That voucher helps us now, helps us get to that finish post and then we start again. We start doing what we do, which is bringing happiness to so many people. Food, wine and company is invaluable. We have all come to appreciate the little things even more. We long to have our family with us and hold them and celebrate. It will be time to celebrate soon and buying a voucher now, shows above all else, hope! Hope that once again, we will return to what we have missed. And we have missed you!” www.21212restaurant.co.uk Michele Civiera, Managing Director of Civerinos said: “Give a friend the gift of something to look forward to this year... that full on restaurant experience we have all missed for so long.” www.civerinos.com Mark Alston, Executive Chef at Fingal, Edinburgh said: “As we come to the end of a very challenging year, let’s look forward to 2021. Supporting your favourite local bar, restaurant and hotel, not only ensures you give the best gift under the tree but helps to support our local hospitality industry, at a time when it is desperately needed. Let 2021 be the year where we see friends and family and enjoy a delicious meal in our favourite settings.” www.fingal.co.uk

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Kilts & Kids Meals The challenges with government continue in many ways and many areas on things like the tiers, the restrictions in general, the lack of fairness in how these measures have been implemented across the different sectors causing many in the trade anger and frustration.

The latest source of frustration not for the trade but for families has been the decision not to provide children of primary school age with free school meals during the holiday period which I’m sure will have an impact on the neediest in many communities. Hotelier bar & venue owner Thomas Melville has decided to do something about this in yet another fantastic gesture of how the hospitality sector is providing muchneeded support to their communities even though they have been treated very unfairly due the challenging times. Thomas a devoted father himself, couldn’t believe that the government would let the most challenged in the country down at a time when support and help are most needed and he couldn’t sit by and watch children be effected without trying to provide some kind of help.

Thomas told us,” Seeing the government let down the kids in not providing the free school meals is awful I wanted to do something to try and help.” “We have had challenges like most, however as a father myself no kid should be going hungry in these times. “ “We have decided during the holiday period apart from Christmas Day and New Years Day, we opened our Kilts & Kocktails Venue in Sauchiehall St in Glasgow for 2 hours and day regardless of the Tier between 12 -2 pm to provide as many kids as possible a meal for free.” “Booking is done via our Facebook page to comply with the rules but I wanted to help in whatever way I could.” “I have many staff working in several different types of venue and a lot of them are right in the heart of their community from local bars like The Budgie in the north of the city to the Lochlong Hotel with the fantastic scenic surroundings it offers and I think that the government has forgotten how important venues like ours are to the community for more than just a drink.” We also discussed how the challenges and restrictions have effected Thomas’s business as he has such a diverse portfolio of venue. “I have several ventures, local bars, like The Budgie and The Garngad. Entertainment bars, like Kilts & Kocktails and hotels like The Grey Gull & Loch Long, each has very different challenges and very different types of not only a customer but experience, however, I find it unbelievable that the First Minister can cover all of them with the same blanket restrictions.” “Going to a local community pub for many of our customers at these venues like The Budgie is hugely important because this is where they go to have interaction with their friends, to talk about the horse racing, about the football to have a social drink. After all, they live alone and for the older generation sometimes the only person they will speak to daily is the person behind the bar in their local, that has been taken away how are these people supposed to manage their mental health? Then, on the other hand, you have people like myself that like having a meal with my partner and son in a hotel lounge with some nice scenery and a family day, maybe my partner has a couple of glasses of wine and I have a couple of bottle of beer while my son plays in a relaxed environment does either of these situations involve someone getting hammered and not observing the rules? Not for a minute, IT’S MADNESS!” “I take my son to swimming lessons for example in a hotel, and while he is having his lesson I will maybe have lunch, take some calls or have a beer while I wait on him where is the danger or inability for me or my son to follow the rules at that point?” “In my opinion, there needs to be a better way put in place to differentiate between the type of venues and the type of restriction. I accept that there may be some venues where younger customers may be more inclined to be less respectful of the measures however let the venues and the owners’ police that, we pay fortunes for security as it is so in my opinion trust has to be given to the venues and owners to do what is right because they want to be open and trading to pay their staff and maintain their businesses

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not have them closed and if there are seen to be venues who don’t follow the rules, by all means, close them because they wouldn’t be showing the trade or their staff any respect and would deserve to be closed on that basis.” Thomas went on, “Suppliers also have to look at how they engage and support the venues there seems to be a trend happening where the virus is maybe seen as an easy get out to providing the proper support or for a lack of “customer care “.for example many of the drinks brands have seen substantial sales from the off-trade through supermarkets off sales etc however we have found there is a challenge in the desire to engage with our venues on even something like keg returns which all of a sudden have anther 3 months shelf lives that they didn’t have before.” “I think some of the brands forget that providing support and working with the venues whether it’s drinks suppliers, food suppliers etc proactively working to help the venues trade because these will be the suppliers we will remember when this start to go back to normal these are the suppliers we, for example, will actively seek out to work with because they value their customers and the trade, the ones that have dropped of the face of the earth as far as the on-trade are concerned but purely

focused on the off-trade are being noticed.” “This is a time for everyone brands and venues and suppliers alike to work together to protect the industry as we are all someone’s customer.” “It makes it very hard for example when we have a hotel in argyle and Bute that is in tier 2 and able to trade but you have the First Minister actively saying do not travel to these sites which means we have had to close, and due to us being able to open we are not entitled to any financial support from the government even though they are discouraging people from coming, it’s a catch 22.” “The restriction being a blanket coverage across every type of venue and every area has to change the fairness has to change we seem to be becoming more of a dictatorship in Scotland with a very rigid approach to engaging with the industry as in comparison to the approach down south where they seem to want to engage more and promote and encourage the economy and the safe visiting of hospitality venues instead of encouraging house parties.” “I fear for the new year in Scotland because I can see what’s going to happen now, you’re going to have house parties all over the place and I don’t understand how the First Minister expects it to be any different with the way they have put the measures in place currently.”

Kilts & Kids Meals To support families in need over the school holiday period we will be supplying free kids meals with no other purchase required between 12-2 during the school holiday period.

Slots can be booked via our Facebook page at Kilts & Kocktails


RESET, RETURN, REFRESH, REVITALISE. That’s our motto for the New Year at Gilson Gray.

The Festive Season, and in particular New Year, are always times for reflection on the year which has passed and the anticipation of the year to come. 2020 will leave us with a great deal more to think about than most years. The impact Coronavirus has had on people’s lives is incredible and in many cases, unquantifiable. There has been physical and personal loss which can never be measured. Unfortunately, there has also been business and economic loss. The measure of this will be the state of our economy, potential recession and, unfortunately, the very clear and damaging impact this has had on our licensed trade and hospitality sector.

Positive action has been taken. Although the case was unsuccessful, action was taken by licensees challenging Edinburgh remaining in a higher level. A pre-action letter has also been lodged re a potential Judicial Review by trade bodies representing different areas of the licensed trade. Each of these actions puts a spotlight on the way the licensed trade has been treated and the fact changes must come. Articles from OnTrade Scotland, conversations with an MSP or local councillor, and each Tweet and post are all positive steps. They highlight the issues for the trade and stress that restrictions must be justified and carefully thought through, taking into account all of the evidence.

The Festive season is normally a time at Gilson Gray when our licensed trade and hospitality clients are extremely busy. All fit outs, upgrades, business reorganisation and other matters are put on hold from November until mid-January, when the sheer volume of trade has passed and operators have had the chance to draw a breath. The only time they want to see us is at their tables or on the customer side of the bar!

Whether or not it is the case that decisions made can be justified, the focus does have to be on moving forward and looking at what can now be done in a new normal, wherever possible with a positive outlook.

Sadly, that is not the case this year and instead our city centres look abandoned and villages, small towns and community premises are not much better. Premises which should be open to friends, family, diners, dancers, and singers are closed, or operating on a very restrictive basis. Different parts of the country remain under different levels which, while it may be a necessary evil, causes significant discrepancies in ability to trade and is still causing confusion for patrons. It is also acknowledged some premises and some types of operation, such as the late night economy, live entertainment and wet led public house premises, have been unable to reopen. There is little clarity going forward on when that will change. The arrival of a vaccination, already dispensed to many, gives us some reassurance that we will be able to return to some “normal” in the coming year. There are other positives. The furlough scheme was continued and will provide some job security. Albeit we acknowledge operators would much prefer to be fully open and trading, at least there is a hope for some job preservation. There are further grants and support packages promised for hospitality and licensed trade and there is a general recognition the licensed trade has been worst hit from the pandemic measures.

Gilson Gray has sought that positive move forward, not only for ourselves but also for our clients and we want to help you go forward for 2021. Positivity is not just about society’s collective mental health. It is about being on the end of a phone to answer questions about restrictions, levels and other general enquiries. It is about providing you with direct support for your business, and your family. In spite of all of the negatives from this year, we have encountered so many positives and have embraced these with our clients. We have seen new ideas developed from the need to pivot in uncertain times and new businesses set up and thriving despite the challenges. Our clients’ abilities to change and develop has astounded us and we have been delighted to be able to support new them through this time. Getting a positive outcome for a client and seeing a smile, relief and renewed fervour for their business going forward is very rewarding. On that note, Jo Millar would be delighted to speak to all of you. Please feel free to give Jo a call or drop her an email. Jo and her colleague, Craig Darling, will provide a free business review for 2021 to consider if there is any way we can help you and your business go forward in to what will hopefully be a positive and fruitful year. We at Gilson Gray want to extend our very best wishes to you and yours for 2021. Although our focus is now reset and refresh, it remains the fact that we are still #InThisTogether. Happy New Year!

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Jo Millar – Head of Licensing jmillar@gilsongray.co.uk 0141 370 8116

Craig Darling – Head of Business Restructuring and Recovery cdarling@gilsongray.co.uk 0141 530 2044

The right advice has never been more important. We’re honoured to have been chosen as the exclusive partner of OnTrade Magazine Scotland. As one of Scotland’s full-service law firms we’re able to offer specialist legal, property and financial services. We’re here to help in a time when support and clarity are needed most – offering valuable advice and insight on everything from licensing, business financing, employment and real estate. Different people. Different approach. Different results. To find out more please call Jo Millar on 0141 370 8116 or email jmillar@gilsongray.co.uk




We are continuing to celebrate the great work you as venues are doing during this challenging time to adapt and still supply great food and drink to your customers over New Year. We have received an overwhelming number of images and shares of the takeaway offering you have and we have loved sharing them with your potential customers through our social channels. KEEP THEM COMING.

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Non Alcoholic but not as you know it ... We sit down with Tatiana Mercer co founder or Three Spirts Drinks and talk about what makes the brand so different. Where did the idea for Three Spirit come from? We wanted to create a liquid that we would drink, which meant it had to work with simple mixers and in more complex serves as well as have the all important mouthfeel and body. In addition to great flavour. we also wanted to design drinks that allowed you to feel good without alcohol providing a beverage that fills the gap between drinking and non-drinking and that’s why we called our first product a Social Elixir. What made you decide on the three variants? We wanted to offer something that could have your back from from the beginning to the end of your night; stimulating the palette, mind and body before, during and after the party. With that in mind last year, we launched two new products to join Social Elixir in the form of Livener - a naturally invigorating and fiery elixir which is delicious in a Spritz and Margaritas - and the Nightcap - it contains ingredients that have been proven to natural sooth - which is served like a whisky on the rocks or in an Old Fashioned style serve. What is next for Three Spirit? There are exciting times ahead for us here at Three Spirit as we’re launching in both Europe and America in the very near future! Furthermore, we’re also looking to launch a series of new products that are sure to excite existing customers and pull in a wide range of new audiences as well. Watch this space. What is the unique selling point of Three Spirit? At Three Spirit our products contain a range of ingredients from schisandra berries to coconut vinegar

that you won’t find anywhere else in the low/no sector.  How is the Three Spirit range made? A blend of traditional distillation maceration fermenting infusion and extraction using gentle processes such as low temperature vacuum distillation and carbon dioxide extraction to name a few. We use so many different processes as each plant is different and we aim to extract the best in flavour and function from each plant. Who is your target demographic? We have a few customer types like all non-alcoholic drinks you’ll get customers who are looking to remove or reduce alcohol consumption but given we have drinks that are loved for their sleep aid qualities and functional benefits we address issues beyond taste and appearance. We use some amazing natural plants and herbs which appeal to consumers who may usually find them in supplements or tea. There are a few entry points but around 70% of our customers drink alcohol. What practices have you put in place to make sure that Three Spirit deliver on flavour and quality compared to higher ABV drinks? We invest a lot of time in formulation and have a team of bartenders herbalists and plant scientists that help us ensure our drinks deliver on flavour texture astringency acidity density as well as the ability to be mixed into cocktails for example. This enables Three Spirit to make sure that when our drinks can take our customers on a full journey of flavour and feeling.

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Non-alc, but not as you know it.

Major Award Winner. Created by World-Class Bartenders. Serve on the rocks, with bitters or in cocktails. trade@threespiritdrinks.com



Photos: Rachael Lennon

Champagne Cabaret Takes Over Front Of Rogano In Time For Christmas Glasgow’s oldest restaurant Rogano unveils its latest mural as part of its rotating charity art installation covering the restaurants front. Rogano was previously known for its seasonal window displays and is commissioning Glasgow based artists to tell some of the venues most iconic stories through a program of murals until the restaurant opens again. Following the first mural by Ida Henrich featuring a celebrity packed dinner party, Calum Lockerbie’s mural paints a fantastical led Champagne Cabaret by the Rogano lobster. Flanked by oyster chorus girls and bottles of Rogano Joseph Perrier Champagne

overflowing Lockerbie’s illustration images what the restaurant will be like upon reopening. Lockerbie says “When conceptualising my design I wanted to create a celebratory mural that brought some joy to the end of the year 2020. The artwork itself was inspired by a mix of childhood memories that reminded me of the lead up to the end of the year. I was heavily influenced by Beauty and the Beast and idea that while we miss Rogano, Rogano misses us too – and that upon reopening the lobsters, oysters, cutlery and crockery will be excited to welcome everyone back. While working on painting the mural I was stopped by some passers-by that have told me their own memories and stories of the restaurant. One woman shared that every year she and her husband would come to Rogano for Christmas eve. While he passed her son now joins her for their annual visit to Rogano to toast

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his memory. Another favourite was a man telling me of a story of how when he went as a young boy, when he used to get the seafood pasta he would play with the little octopus that came along with it and that would keep him entertained. He later grew up to become a chef within the restaurant back in 1999. It is a special restaurant for so many people and it’s always nice to bring a smile to peoples faces and have them share their memories. I’ve loved being one of the artists to give everyone this sense of joy during these strange times.” The mural will be installed for eight weeks after which a fresh canvas will go up for the next artist to take over. Prints of Calum’s under the sea Champagne Cabaret are available for purchase for £25 with £5 from the sale of each print going to the Scottish Association of Mental Health. The mural itself will be available for purchase for charity with the hopeful reopening of Rogano in 2021. “Rogano is such a special restaurant in Glasgow and part of so many traditions for family and friends especially over the holidays. We wanted to work with artists that could play tribute to some of the joy and memories created within the restaurants four walls. We’ve been working with our friends over at Cockburns

of Leith to deliver Rogano Champagne at home – an incredible heritage business that we’re worked with for over 40 years and our Christmas mural is a beautiful cultimation of a long standing relationship between two Scottish stalwarts.” Says Business Development Manager Claire Stuart. Managing Director of Cockburns of Leith Gordon White adds “How great is it to see the iconic name Rogano shining on through these times of uncertainty? As we are starting to see a way back to the simple pleasures in life in 2021, what better way to celebrate now with a glass of Rogano Champagne Joseph Perrier in your own home? Champagne Joseph Perrier are extremely proud of their 40-year association with Rogano. Directeur-General Jean-Claude Fourmon, and now his son Benjamin, greatly look forward to returning in 2021.” Calum Lockerbie’s Champagne Cabaret mural is available to view outside the Rogano at 11 Exchange Place till the end of January when our next artist will be unveiled. Prints of Ida Henrich and Calum Lockerbie’s mural are available at https://rogano-glasgow. myshopify.com/


Now’s the time to act – choose a drinks supplier that will help grow your business The current crisis has tested the strength of every individual working in the UK on-trade, with operators now facing huge pressure to navigate new rules and future-proof pubs and bars. Our aim at HEINEKEN UK is to get your business back on track, by giving you the tools and support to recover quickly and safely, boost your business and enhance your customers’ experiences. As the UK’s leading pub, cider and beer company, HEINEKEN is committed to growing your business through five areas of expertise: 1. THE BEST BEER AND CIDER BRANDS You want every customer to be satisfied every visit. Stock the brands consumers want to drink and be seen drinking. Offering the most popular, best-selling beer and cider brands means you’ll sell a higher volume and generate more money in your till. Alongside muchloved, high volume classic beers, trade up customers to the right premium brand for your venue, which allows you to charge an average of 57p more per pint1. What’s more, stocking the leading mainstream apple and flavoured ciders together can increase your total category sales by 21%2! You can save time and money by choosing a trusted brand to suit each customer, all from one place, via HEINEKEN. With our diverse portfolio, you can access ranging advice and select the right brands for your specific customer demographic. Whether it’s Strongbow Original, the nation’s favourite cider brand3; Birra Moretti, the fastest growing beer4; John Smith’s, the nation’s number one ale5; or Heineken 0.0, the leading No and Low Alcohol brand6, we can help you cater for your customers’ needs, and make sure volume throughput and great quality is maintained. 2. UNDERSTANDING YOU AND YOUR CUSTOMERS To build a competitive advantage, it makes sense to work with a supplier who can give tangible, quality and proven advice to help you save time, money and grow your business. We have 2,500 pubs where we can test new products, advice and trends, and we then share 22 ontradescotland.co.uk

them with you, our business partners. Did you know we tested Strongbow Dark Fruit in our pubs first – and look at the success of that! 3. MAKING THINGS EASIER AND MORE PROFITABLE Do you want to save £5,000 a year7? You can when you join the HEINEKEN Buying Club. We share our buying power with you, so you will always get exclusive discounts and enjoy better commercial terms than elsewhere on the market – whether it’s utilities, waste disposal, catering equipment or marketing tools. We want your customers to have the best experience so will work with you to provide innovative business solutions that work seamlessly with everything your regulars already love about your venue. For instance, you can access all your point of sale needs through our one-stop-shop, POS Direct, allowing you to select and personalise the right marketing support to drive footfall, increase dwell time and encourage spending.

solutions that support your business and help reduce your environmental impact – from sustainable dispense to UK-sourced barley, we can grow together with sustainability always in mind. 5. UNBEATABLE QUALITY EXPERIENCES Your customers want a quality pint, a quality venue and quality service. From cellar to serve, there are many ways you can create the perfect experience for your customers. Benefit from total outlet support when working with HEINEKEN UK – we provide everything from T-bars and lit founts to glassware and POS – helping you drive sales by making sure every brand you offer looks and tastes great. Our wide range of leading sponsorships and events, including the UEFA EURO 2020, allows you to select the right support to encourage more customer visits throughout the year. We are committed to growing your business through the right brands, the right tools and the right offers in the right venues. Make the switch now and let’s build the right partnership to grow your business together.

4. DOING BUSINESS IN THE RIGHT WAY In business, you want access to a strong support network that has the advice and tools to help you. Your expert HEINEKEN sales rep can give you practical support to grow your business, alongside our dedicated UK-based customer contact centre and online services enabling you to order at your convenience, and access new products and support in a way that works for you. Through our work with expert partners InnServe and Kuehne+Nagel, you have all the equipment you need to make sure every serve is perfect and that your drinks are delivered safely and on time. Having a clear stance on your environmental impact has a positive effect on both loyalty and spend. With

CGA Strategy, w/e 11.07.2020 CGA CSDI data Feb 2020, 308 dual stocked outlets 3 CGA Strategy MAT P2 2020 4 CGA Strategy, w/e 11.07.2020 5 CGA Strategy MAT, w/e 02.11.2019 6 CGA Strategy to 05.09.2020 7 HEINEKEN UK estimated annual savings based on average usage across Star Pubs & Bars, 2019 1 2


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Skin may harbour potential sources of infection which can survive for several hours. • S145 is alcohol based and quickly kills residual bacteria left behind after washing. • 70% alcohol content complies with the requirements for sterilising hand gel for control of infections such as MRSA, Swine Flu and Covid 19 as recommended by The World Health Organisation.

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