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With so many stressful stories in the news these days, I hope you’ll find it refreshing to kick back, relax and peruse this issue of On the Coast Magazine where nothing is a downer and everything is up, up, up!

Yes, who doesn’t love fall, with its cooler days, less traffic, thinned-out crowds and its back-to-routine mindset for us all. But let’s keep in mind our friends in Texas, who could not be any further removed from their routines. Even in a time of tragedy, there are ways to find the positive. Lend a hand to a stranger. Let them know we are friends they can count on in their time of crisis. As I write this, I am looking over all the ways to give. There are organizations that need support to ensure the people impacted by Hurricane Harvey have the resources they need to keep their lives functioning. The Texas Diaper Bank, based out of San Antonio, is putting together relief kits for families with very small children who need access to clean diapers in the midst of flooding and evacuations. The Driscoll Children’s Hospital in Corpus Christi is accepting financial donations. The SPCA of Texas is taking in hundreds of animals transferred from shelters on the coast who aren’t safe where they are right now, and you can donate to help defray the costs. There are even local organizations here On the Coast banding together to make a positive impact for our friends in Texas.

I think you'll enjoy the absolute positivity of all our articles in this issue. Imagine communities working together to bring activities of heath, wellness and being fit to all ages. Or expressions from a mom on the very first day of her child going to school. Or even a funny metaphor of a personal reflection of driving with teens and the life lessons it can teach us all! Get ready to be entertained by all that and more in this issue, including valuable birthday party information you'll want to refer back to when it's time to plan your loved one’s birthday celebration. Right now, you can make a difference in your lives and the lives of others. As the classic song goes, “you better accentuate the Fall is always my favorite time of year. The lazy days of positive, eliminate the negative.” Accentuating the positive is summer are behind us and the crisp fall weather is invigorating key to happiness! and energizing! Get your kids enrolled in fun, new classes like ballet, dance, gymnastics and scuba! And while you’re at it, why not learn something new yourself! Enroll in classes to learn a new skill and have fun with friends while you’re at it.

2004 Gold ADDY Award

2008 Silver ADDY Award

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CONTRIBUTORS Gulia Metcalf Danielle Torley Manda Koolis Denise Gates Denise is a freelance writer and editor, the stay-at-home mother of two teenage boys, and a military wife whose husband’s career takes her all over the country but whose heart remains in Destin, FL. As any writer knows, a second set of eyes is essential before submitting an article for publication. Denise is often asked to be that second set of eyes for us – to read over articles and make sure the Is are dotted and the Ts are crossed. Denise reviews articles and restructures them as necessary to make sure the writer’s message shines through. Writers put their passion down on paper, but we run it by Denise first.

Manda has been enjoying coastal living for three years now with her sweet husband and mini daschunds. She's a jane-ofall-trades; professional boudoir photographer, body positivity activist and natural living advocate. She enjoys spending her time off playing video games with her husband and allowing her creative side to run wild.

Danielle lives in Destin with her husband, Rich, and two children, ages 1 and 3. Danielle works full-time in business development, is certified as a Project Management Professional (PMP), and is on the Florida Board of the Association of Proposals Management Professionals. Raised in Michigan and having lived in Texas, Washington D.C., and Dubai, UAE, Danielle enjoys the beautiful local beaches and stays active through yoga, triathlon, fire dancing, and keeping up with her young children.

Laura Lucy

Crystal Tingle

Kimberly Blaker Kimberly Blaker is a realtor and an author and freelance writer. She and her children have frequently spent time in Florida visiting family. She now has two grandchildren. 

Gulia Kirimova Metcalf has been in Destin for 12 years and is the owner of Pink N Blue Avenue in the Destin Commons. She and her husband Greg are raising the joy of their life, little GG. They enjoy travel, the outdoors, family golf and beach outings. Gulia also loves to cook, read and knit. She is a volunteer at GG’s school, Gateway Academy, and loves to be a part of our community as she knows it’s the best place on Earth!

Crystal, along with her husband of 19 years and 3 boys, has been living in the Destin area since 2005. She is Founder of T h e F i ta n d H ea l t h y L i fe .co m which is a resource website created to teach and empower women to become the best version of themselves at any age through healthy food and fitness. Her passion to help women grew from her own transformation from frumpy mom to fit mom when she finally learned to stop comparing herself to others and focus on being the best that she could be…competing only with herself and all of this happened after 40!

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Paul Hunter Paul Hunter, B.S., C.S.C.S, lives On the Coast with his wife and three teenagers infusing science with his playful style yielding astonishing results at Grayton Beach Fitness, voted Best Place to Work Out on 30-A.

Laura Lucy owns Beachside Certifications, a CPR and first aid training company based in Destin. She also works virtually for Harbor House of Central Florida as a grant writer and marketing coordinator. When she's not working, you can find Laura and her husband Patrick trying to wrangle their crazy fiveyear-old redhead, Vivi.

by Paul Hunter As we head into the new school year, our lives change gears and we adopt new patterns and schedules and eventually build new habits for our next season. Often, the habits we carry with us to the next season are those we have become comfortable with over time. These habits can help us or hurt us. Habits involving our nutritional intake border between emotional/ psychological and physical. What do we want to eat to please ourselves versus what does our body need to be nourished? How do you make your food decisions? Really, take a second and think about this because your answer to this question can significantly impact your energy

Jack LaLane, a man of amazing wisdom and feats well into his later years (he passed away at 95), said, “If man made it, don’t eat it.” I have found in my life and lives of my clients, the closer we have eaten in obedience to this basic statement, the better we have been.

levels, relationships and health. Our bodies need nutrients, both macro (i.e. fats, proteins, carbohydrates, water) and micro (think of all your vitamins and minerals, i.e. things you need in trace amounts). This is what makes your body go, go, go. I have found people focus on the macronutrients without thought of the micronutrients. I like to think of the macros as the fuel you put in your automobile and the micros as your spark plugs. If all we do is fill the tank, we never go. We need the spark plugs to ignite the fuel to utilize it and make the engine go vroom! The opposite is having great spark plugs but junk or little

fuel, as in we consume vitamins and supplements but forget to feed our bodies quality fuel. As more and more “fast-food” restaurants open up, we can see they are filing the need of food with convenience. Convenience is something we all seek in our harried, over-scheduled lives. Often fastfood restaurants, however they are masqueraded, allow us to “check the box” that we have fed ourselves. Unfortunately, convenience comes at a cost. We become overfed and undernourished. Too many calories are underutilized because of a lack of movement and lack of ability to utilize the fuel taken in because it won’t burn.

The more nutritious fuel we consume, the easier and healthier our bodies are able to function. The easier and healthier our bodies function, the better we are prepared to handle the stressors, either physical or emotional or psychological. Our body will not be fighting for energy because the fueling part has been taken care of. (Do not forget to get adequate rest!) After almost 30 years of reading diet books and watching the research come across my desk, a few things have held true throughout time: • Eat fresh fruits and vegetables: As a matter of fact, I have not met someone who has overeaten in this category. A large percentage of people eat about 1/4 to 1/2 of what they should be consuming in this category. • Lean meats: For most people this will translate to chicken or fish with a periodic visit to the beef section for a lean steak. I have talked with a couple heart doctors who recommend the fewer number of legs, the better. • When it comes to carbohydrates, the jury is out and the arguments for varying levels seems to be a current topic. I recommend staying as much as possible away from “processed” carbs like sugary foods, pastas, french fries, etc. and more towards things such as sweet potatoes and quinoa. Make it a Great Day!

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(850) 563-0070 Open Late, Nights & Weekends DISCLAIMER: *Offer good for first-time guests only. Intro massage or intro facial session is a 60-minute session consisting of 50 minutes of hands-on services and a total of 10 minutes for consultation and dressing, which occurs both pre and post service. Prices subject to change. Rates and services may vary by franchised location and session. Not all Massage Envy franchised locations offer facial and other services. For a specific list of services, check with specific franchised location or see Additional local taxes and fees may apply. Each location is independently owned and operated. ©2017 Massage Envy Franchising, LLC. MM# 36004, MM# 36005, MM# 35714


! E N I M E B BABY, Lynn Keefe, MD knows there is nothing more important to parents than their

children’s health and well-being. Dr. Keefe has dedicated her practice of more than 25 years to serving children of all ages and guiding parents through every stage of growth and development. Dr. Keefe offers an approachable blend of reassuring practicality and comprehensive expertise in pediatric care. She’s a champion for kids. And, a partner for parents. Make an appointment today by calling our Niceville office at 850-279-6260. Get a head start by requesting your child’s medical records transfer. We have convenient forms on our website to download.




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Watch Your Speed Here we go again! I am smack dab in the middle of a life lesson and you get to read all about it. But that makes it all the more fun right? Well there’s no getting around it. Living is learning something daily and growing hopefully better and wiser. But whether we grow from our own experiences or others, life happens. And it happens way too fast for us to keep up. Which is my whole point. It just seems like these days there are moments that are few and far between to just take a slow Sunday drive. Are you old enough to remember those? It seemed like after church that was all to do as a family since everything used to be closed on that day. Businesses weren’t open. Retail stores were closed, in my small town anyway. Life slowed down on Sundays. Not any longer! I feel like I am always in high gear whether it’s Sunday or any other day of the week, Monday, Tuesday, Friday…doesn’t matter. And wherever I am going, rest assured and watch yourself because I am coming in on two wheels! Literally! But despite the Nascar life I seem to live on a daily basis, my husband and I recently and very reluctantly waved the green flag to yet another driver in our family. So now we are four with wheels! Two adults and two teenagers …and a ten year old that will never have to worry about having a ride again. And we, as license holders, get all the fun that comes with having so many vehicles in a narrow driveway… it’s like playing checkers every morning but with cars! Conversations have even shifted gears to something like this. “Mom, we should have a spot in the kitchen where all of our keys need to hang so we don’t have to dig around for them to move a car…or better yet, we all need to just get extra keys so we can each have everyone’s car key on our ring.” What happened to “Mom, the new movie I was waiting for is out. Can you take me to see it this weekend?” It seems

Slowing Down to Enjoy Life Moments with Family by Crystal Tingle

that my mommy mobile days of “hurry sit and wait” to get them to a practice or party are over for the most part and in the moment I am certain I longed for those days to end but sadly…I’d give anything to have them back! It’s so strange to be heading down the road and wave across the highway as you pass one of your children going the opposite way. You smile. You wave. You get sad. And then your heart stops for a split moment and you just pray they get home safely… even though you knew they were already out, seeing them just stirs that emotion. Moms know what I mean. Now, not only are they both driving but also both have just started their first jobs. Four cars. Four schedules. Four different directions. Yikes! They are earning their own money and somewhat their freedom…freedom from needing me. Ouch! Home is becoming a pit stop and I just want to jump in and drive a time machine instead of my crossover! But even with less carpooling since they can drive, things still seem very fast paced! I guess we get so used to busyness that as things fall off of our schedules we add more on top perpetuating this crazy pace. So as I drive feeling a bit out of control down this road never traveled, I am determined to enjoy the highspeed ride with my children in those moments I can get everyone to stop. But it’s not going to be without challenges and the stops from each car may not be all at the same time but I am still determined. I can remember my dad used to say that he had to change my oil hanging on from the back of the bumper. That makes me laugh now. I didn’t think it was funny then but now I understand. I was always on the go. This was also a generation when people used to change their own oil! Talk about a step back in time. But here are my thoughts on what I am trying to put in place or even continue doing and maybe some will work for you as well. continued on page 12

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Nutcracker Auditions September 9th - 14th

Ballet Conservatory Destin School of Music & Dance Ballet • Tap • Jazz • Hip-Hop Predance • Contemporary Adult Dance Classes

Registering Now for Classes! Class ages 3 and up Home of Dance Theatre of Northwest Florida Ballet Conservatory Bluewater Bay • 850-897-2933 Destin School of Music and Dance • 850-837-1133

Professional Training Program and Company

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Watch Your Speed continued from page 10

Red Flag – This Nascar flag means all racing halts! This is going to be ONE night a week, probably Sunday for us since everyone is home. No work. No friends over. Just us, sitting at the table eating together, hopefully a home cooked meal but if it has to be takeout, that’s fine. The point is we are sitting together. I said ONE night because for us long gone are the days where we sit down together every night and have dinner as a family. It’s grab and go between activities especially during the fall. But setting aside at least one night a week like Sunday is doable. It will be tough at first and conversation short but it WILL develop. If you can manage more than one night, great! I just want to set a realistic goal that hopefully sets a tradition for the future also. A friend of mine does this with her family and I love it! The kids know it’s non-negotiable!

Black Flag – This is the consultation flag. Driver must respond to concerns. I want to seize moments to just talk to my boys one on one. Maybe it’s just going into their room and jumping on the bed to just have dialogue for 10-15 minutes. It may lead to something good or it could be a whole conversation about nothing. But it’s just about connecting with them individually where they have your full attention if they need it.

Blue flag - This indicates the course is partially blocked or cars are stopped on the track. I love having my sons’ friends over. They used to get dropped off and now I am starting to see the trickle of them driving their own cars over and hanging out. Some of them even call me mom. I never want that to stop. I want them to feel welcome to come over and hang whether it’s a planned party or just a spontaneous drop by! I just try to keep the pantry stocked!

White Flag- Indicates the lead driver is headed for the final lap. Last time I looked we, as parents are still in the lead, right? So “forced family fun” as another friend of mine puts it requires all family members to be present to do something fun whether they think it is or not! It could be game night, seeing a movie, a vacation, bike riding, the beach…whatever! Just being together is what it’s about…and I bet they end up having fun whether they admit it or not! Maybe tack a game hour on the tail end of your family dinner night or plan bowling or a movie once a month. Maybe take a family poll on ideas.

Black and white Checkered flag- Indicates the winning car! I want my boys to know they are winners and can accomplish anything they set their minds and hearts to. I want them to know how proud of them I am and how much they are loved and appreciated and that they have an amazing plan and purpose for being on this earth. I want them to follow their dreams and pursue it with relentless passion! I hug a lot and I will never let them outgrow my kisses! Our kids are growing up in a generation that takes human life for granted. They need to be told and shown how much they are needed and loved! I know that these ideas may seem like obvious things to some and you may already have all of this in place but for others like me, this is just a reminder of the important things to slow down for, our children. It’s a reminder of what I am already doing, what I could do better and what I need to start doing. These 5 flags also serve as a good visual to me as well as a reminder that as a parent, it’s not always about winning the race, it’s about finishing it and doing our very best…and teaching our children to do the same!

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BeSouthernMarket Whistl 102 Eglin Pkwy SE Fort Walton Beach, FL 32548



A Shopping Dtination..

Johnny Was . La Vie Parisenne . Mariana . La Hola . Maison Chic . Park Hill . Uttermost

Confessions of a by Laura Lucy Shiny sneakers. Sharp pencils. Unbroken crayons. Yellow buses. These are the telltale signs that back-to-school time is upon us. As the mother of an only child who started kindergarten this year, I am entering a whole new world. Sure, my daughter Vivi did Mom’s Day Out and Pre-K over the last few years, but things just got real. It all started back in May when Vivi’s preschool class took a field trip to the elementary school. You could feel the excitement radiating from their tiny bodies as they filed into big-kid school. Even in the kid-sized classrooms and media center, they just looked so little. Compared to the fourth graders, they might as well have been a different species. I’m sure I wasn’t the only parent thinking, “Is my kid really going to be that HUGE in a few short years?” To their credit, the preschoolers behaved beautifully. They listened quietly as the principal welcomed them and read a few stories. They scoped out the playground and discussed which piece of equipment they would conquer first. They were most impressed with the iPads in the kindergarten classroom. Only one child cried, and we all left looking forward to August.

Around this same time, however, my normally confident five-year-old became very clingy with me. She had always been a mommy’s girl, but this was a whole new level of attachment. Her preschool teacher told me that many kids, especially those who are more aware of the world around them, can become anxious about elementary school and glue themselves to a parent or preschool teacher. I was painfully shy as a young child, and the thought of my brave, adventurous girl turning into the kind of scared kid I was broke my heart. Our family was patient and started our summer with fun little outings sans mommy to build her back up. Vivi got to swim and go out for pizza with her grandparents. Daddy took her out to play golf – and she sunk a 25-foot putt! It didn’t take long before my sassy girl was back and ready to take on kindergarten.

continued on page 16

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continued from page 14

The moment I knew we were going to be okay happened midsummer when we drove by the elementary school on our way to the library. Completely unsolicited from the backseat I heard, “Mommy, I cannot wait to get my hands on that playground!” Yes! With Vivi taken care of, it was now my turn to freak out. We waited all summer for some communication from the school. A week before school started all our friends started receiving calls or postcards informing them of their teacher assignment. I think we were the last family in the county to be notified. We waited three excruciating days from the time our friends first got their notifications before our letter finally arrived. While we waited for school to start, my fellow kindergarten moms and I furiously texted back and forth as we launched an online investigation into the people our children would be spending the year with. Seriously, the CIA or FBI should snap us up to conduct undercover operations. Before the first day of school, we all knew what the teachers looked like, how many kids of their own they had, if they had a sense of humor, and where they vacationed over the summer. Two days before school started, we attended orientation where students and parents got to check out the classrooms and meet the teachers. All was going well until my husband Patrick walked right up to Vivi’s new teacher and said, “We only stalked you a little on Facebook. How was Europe this summer?” Bless his heart. I didn’t realize I needed to lecture him on not waving our freak flag before school even started. Thankfully, the teacher rolled with it and talked about her fabulous vacation. Meanwhile, I’m worried we have already been branded as THAT family. Having learned the lay of the land at orientation, Vivi strode confidently into the classroom on day one. She sat at her desk and reluctantly let me give her a kiss and a fist bump before shooing me out of the room. That’s my girl! Vivi insisted on riding the bus home her first day. I had to stifle my helicopter mom urges and let her go, reminding myself that I had ridden the bus in kindergarten. Granted, they put me on the wrong bus my first day of kindergarten and sent my parents into a panic, but safety measures have changed a bit since 1980, right? As I write this, we have completed two whole days of school and declared ourselves experts at this whole kindergarten thing. My girl got on the bus this morning like a boss, and I couldn’t be more proud. I’m looking forward to field trips and volunteering and even school lunches if it means I get to spend some time with her. I know more changes and challenges are heading our way, and we’re all excited to face them together. 16 • Tell them you saw it in ON THE COAST Magazine

BACK TO SCHOOL! • One-to-One Instruction in Reading, Writing & Math • Grades K-12 • AP Math Program • SAT/ACT Prep



to schedule your FREE Diagnostic Assessment!

Located at

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Library Card Sign-up Month A Back-to-School Essential By Kimberly Blaker

“A library card,” says the American Library Association, “is the most important school supply of all.” September marks not only the start of a new school year. It is Library Card Sign-up Month, which began in 1987, when Secretary of Education William J. Bennett said “Let's have a national campaign...every child should obtain a library card - and use it." It is an observation still honored by the ALA and public libraries throughout the country. Libraries today offer a broad array of free materials, services, and activities. These are just a few of the great reasons to make the library an integral part of yours and your child’s life. Movies & films – Today’s libraries offer a great selection of mainstream movies and television series as well as educational, independent, and foreign films on DVD for children and adults alike. Music CDs – Music is the universal language. Your can check out pop, rock, and country CDs and even introduce your kids to a great selection of classical, jazz, blues, international music and more. Computer software & games – For today’s video game obsessed youth, the array of children’s educational computer software and games found in libraries is a welcome. You’ll also find teen and adult video games, instructional and reference software, and productivity software ranging from Microsoft programs to graphic design.

Periodicals – Newspapers, magazines, and special interest periodicals are available for both in-library use and for check out. Books, audio books, and ebooks – In addition to large collections of print fiction, non-fiction and reference books, libraries offer audio books on CD and typically carry unabridged editions. Many libraries now offer ebooks as well in many different formats. Computer & Internet use – Nearly all libraries today offer free computer access for browsing the Internet as well as basic word processing programs to Excel, PowerPoint, and more. Inter-library loan – If your library or local branch doesn’t carry a particular book or item you’re looking for, most now have inter-library and reciprocal loan programs. So your library can request the material from another library for you, or you can use your library card at other libraries in nearby communities. Online catalog – Nearly all libraries have their own websites with access to their complete catalog. You can browse or search for materials from home to determine availability. If the item you want isn't available, you can usually reserve it or request inter-library loan right from your computer. Special events – Libraries offer a wide array of programs, events, and activities. These may include children’s story times, computer classes, enrichment programs, book discussion groups, used-book sales, author events, children’s and teen movie and craft events, and much more.

Local Libraries Fort Walton Beach Library 185 Miracle Strip Pkwy SE, Fort Walton Beach, FL

Valparaiso Community Library 459 Valparaiso Pkwy, Valparaiso, FL 32580

Walton County Library 261 Flowersview Blvd, Laurel Hill, FL 32567

Okaloosa County Library C-P 204 Partin Dr N, Niceville, FL 32578

Shalimar Library and Thrift 115 Richbourg Ave, Shalimar, FL 32579

Walton-Defuniak Public Library 3 Circle Dr, Defuniak Springs, FL 32435

Mary Esther Public Library 100 Hollywood Blvd, Mary Esther, FL 32569 Destin Library 150 Sibert Ave, Destin, FL 32541 Robert L.F. Sikes Public Library 1445 Commerce Dr, Crestview, FL 32539 18 • Tell them you saw it in ON THE COAST Magazine

Harlan’s Square’s Little Free Library 2278 Harlan Ave, Fort Walton Beach, FL 32547 Walton County Coastal Branch Library 437 Greenway Trail, Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459

Freeport Public Library 76 FL-20, Freeport, FL 32439 Gladys N Milton Memorial Library 261 Flowersview Blvd, Laurel Hill, FL 32567



You wouldn’t let him play football without wearing a helmet... Why would you let him return to play without using ImPACT? The ImPACT test is used for both Baseline (pre-injury) testing and post injury concussion testing. ImPACT test is used by all National Football League teams, all Major League Baseball teams, and all National Basketball Association teams. It is the neurocognitive test used by most colleges and by over 160 School districts in Florida. All major insurance policies accepted for covered conditions.

Dr. Eddie Zant MD with Hypberbaric Medicine Inc. of Florida is a Credentialed ImPACT neurocognitive test consultant. Destin Office 36468 Emerald Coast Parkway Old South Centre, Suite 8102 Destin, FL 32541 Phone: (850) 650.9500 Fax: (850) 650.2733

Fort Walton Office 913 MarWalt Drive Fort Walton Beach, FL 32547 Phone: (850) 243.8229 Fax: (850) 863.2540 MOST INSURANCE IS ACCEPTED

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Family Features If you love to entertain and want to support a good cause, now you can do both at the same time. Currently in its 16th year, Cook for the Cure is a program that gives those with a passion for cooking a way to support the fight against breast cancer. Through culinarybased fundraising, events, auctions and the sale of select products, the partnership between KitchenAid and Susan G. Komen for the Cure® has raised more than $10.7 million for the cause. “It adds another layer of purpose to one of life’s great pleasures, cooking and enjoying food with family and friends,” said Anthony Pastrick, brand manager for KitchenAid. “The program continues to fuel passionate cooks with simple, creative ways to support a meaningful cause.”

You can make a difference by hosting a party that lets you Cook for the Cure by raising awareness and funds for breast cancer research. Here are some ideas to get you started: Invite guests for an evening of appetizers, such as these Mini Fruit Tarts, and drinks. Encourage fundraising by awarding a prize to the guest with the highest donation, or let donors enter their names into a drawing to win a restaurant gift certificate or spa treatment. Organize a fundraising bake sale. Get the neighbors involved in baking, promoting and selling – it’s a great way to bring people together. Your contribution could be these Lemon Berry Cheesecake Bars. Host a potluck brainstorming party. Invite people who share your passion for helping others to bring their favorite dish and think up creative ways to support the cause as a group. Vote on a project then let everyone pitch in to get started. Cooking good food, sharing time with friends and giving back to the community – that’s a recipe for a truly great party. Learn more at continued on page 22

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Accepting New Students Ages 5+ The Irish Dance Studio 5 Eglin Parkway, Fort Walton Beach 850.225.8088 •

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Now it's time for locals to learn how to SCUBA dive!

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10,000 Cupcakes

Sharing baked goods with friends is a pleasure. Now you can make it even more meaningful by sharing to raise money for a good cause. From Oct. 1 through Oct. 31, for every original cupcake image or video shared on Twitter or Instagram with the collective hashtags #10000cupcakes and #donate, KitchenAid will donate $1 to Susan G. Komen, up to a maximum donation of $10,000. In addition, KitchenAid will donate $250,000 or more to Susan G. Komen through the Cook for the Cure program to support the fight against breast cancer. Since 2001, they have donated more than $10.7 million to Komen through the initiative, sales of pink products, celebrity chef auctions and fundraisers hosted by supporters. Visit to see the full terms and conditions and learn more about the 10,000 Cupcakes program.

Mini Fruit Tarts Recipe courtesy of Kelly Kwok of Life Made Sweeter on behalf of KitchenAid Makes: 6 pastries Photo courtesy of Chris Scheuer of The Cafe Sucre Farine (cupcake)

Lemon Berry Cheesecake Bars Recipe courtesy of Lindsay Conchar of Life, Love & Sugar on behalf of KitchenAid Makes: 12-16 bars 1 1/2 5 16 1 1/2 3 1 1 1/4

cups graham cracker crumbs tablespoons butter, melted ounces cream cheese, at room temperature cups powdered sugar, divided tablespoons lemon juice tablespoon lemon zest cups heavy whipping cream, divided fresh berries

Line 9-inch square cake pan with parchment paper, bringing up over sides. Combine graham cracker crumbs and butter, and stir until well combined. Press crumb mixture evenly into bottom of cake pan. Set aside. In bowl of stand mixer, beat cream cheese, 1 cup powdered sugar, lemon juice and lemon zest until smooth. In separate bowl, whip heavy whipping cream until it starts to thicken. Add remaining powdered sugar and continue to whip until stiff peaks form. Gently fold half the whipped cream into cheesecake mixture and place remainder in refrigerator to use later. Spread cheesecake mixture evenly in cake pan. Refrigerate cheesecake at least 4 hours, or until firm. Use parchment paper on sides to lift bars out of pan then cut into squares. Use remaining whipped cream to top cheesecake bars then add fresh berries, as desired. Refrigerate until ready to serve. 22 • Tell them you saw it in ON THE COAST Magazine

Pastries: 1 frozen puff pastry sheet (17.3 ounces), thawed 1 large egg 1-2 tsp milk Frosting: 1/4 cup unsalted butter, at room temperature 8 oz cream cheese, chilled 1-2 tbsp coconut cream or full-fat canned coconut milk, plus additional (optional) 1 tsp coconut extract 1/2 tsp pure vanilla extract 3-3 1/2 cups powdered sugar, plus additional (optional) Toppings: assorted fresh fruit powdered sugar, for dusting (optional) To make pastries: Heat oven to 400 F. Line baking sheet with parchment paper and set aside. Place puff pastry sheet on lightly floured work surface and cut each sheet into 12 3-inch squares. In small bowl, beat egg with milk to make egg wash and lightly brush onto each square. Transfer pastries onto baking sheet and bake 10 minutes, until pastries have puffed up and are golden. Cool completely on wire rack. To make frosting: In stand mixer bowl fitted with flat beater, beat butter on medium speed until light and creamy, about 3 minutes. Add cream cheese and beat until smooth and fully incorporated. Add coconut cream, coconut extract and vanilla extract, and beat until smooth. Gently stir in powdered sugar until fully incorporated. Turn stand mixer on high and beat 1 minute, until fully combined. Add additional powdered sugar and coconut cream until desired consistency and level of sweetness is reached. Spread or pipe coconut cream cheese frosting into middle. Top with fresh fruit and another pastry square. Dust with powdered sugar, if desired.


ed together ity leaders ralli Local commun presenting brity servers re dressed as cele dustry to in t tertainmen the arts and en $8,000 for an th e or s and m raise awarenes s (MKAF) n’ ts Foundatio Mattie Kelly Ar m. ra og pr ch trea community ou

The Knights of Columbus How ard Lesch Council 7667 donated to The Arc of the Emerald Coast and 2 other loca l charities serving persons with disabilit ies recently, following their 2017 Tootsie Roll drive.

undation Corridor Fo The Scenic s first Scenic e presented it Award to th n Excellence  ig es 95 r D 95 do at ri d Cor cate Food Store lo ic Tom Thumb ch. The Scen ea B ar am ir M to in d  ar 98 w ay  a is Highw uted th dation instit rs un pe Fo r lo do ve ri de or C sinesses and recognize bu ts that best novate projec re or ic Corridor en who build nt of the Sc te in e the th ify exempl Chapter 13 of tablished in e. es od C es t lin en de m Gui elop nty Land Dev Walton Cou

of West Navarre Mackenzie Douglas r e an article for he Intermediate wrot tailing de d an g nin aig school paper camp nch at having a Buddy Be the importance of a and ide e th ed lov ol ho her school. Her sc us. mp ca nd some arou decided to install nts wa d an ing lly bu t ou y She wants to stamp dd Bu e th t pted and fel all kids to feel acce rt. sta to ce pla Bench was a great

Seaside Sc year wit hools rings in it h the he s lp of ma 21st school One of F ny schools lorida’s first pu new faces. blic cha begins th rte e by welc oming a 2017-18 schoo r l year n teachers ew head , staff an o d Board f schools, of Direc tors.

We want to hear from you! Send your shout outs to 24 • Tell them you saw it in ON THE COAST Magazine

and Heating Conditioning Gulfshore Air food drive nteers held a staff and volu to help od fo “Ton” of and donated a in Crisis n re ild Ch e th at the kids living hore AC lfs Gu . Thanks to Neighborhood will have C CI of n re ild e ch and Heating, th ntry needs. of food and pa a good variety

Congratulations to our South Walton High Regional Champs!

eschooled bin, a hom High won Skylar Ba il v le ent at Nice aloosa guest stud man of Ok ege o W g n u Yo ll d e h $6,000 in co Distinguis s awarded a w d n a s. County scholarship

JV at Choctaw High has new faces! Celeste Fudella, Em ily Lewis, Jaden Alligood, Jenn ifer Stejskal, Katia Vanderhoek, Laila Rocha, Lily Rig by, Maleah Keeler, Rach ael Rockman, Sofia Burleson, Summ er McLendon, Talieena Oja, Tamira Moore

Deputy Sh eriff Demei ka McClen Niceville H do igh School SRO, was ch n, a this year’s FA osen as SRO Schoo l Resource of the Year Offic at the 38th annual Flori er Association da School Res ource Offic (FASRO)An ers nual trainin g held in Orl ando, Florida.

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by Danielle Torley Are you a swimmer? Does your family love to swim? Are you looking for a place to hang out in the sun? A new birthday party location? Or perhaps you’re a photographer needing a pool for an underwater shoot? Then you’ll be thrilled to learn that THE DESTIN AQUATIC CENTER IS OPEN! It has been a long yet rewarding year for the Emerald Coast Fitness Foundation (ECFF). After being awarded the lease to the old YMCA pool from the Mattie Kelly Arts Foundation, the ECFF immediately began putting their plan into action. They assessed the facilities, notified the community, and initiated the capital campaign. A clean-up day scheduled for mid-January saw a number of the community and swim team members gather at the pool to pull weeds, clean bathrooms, and sort through existing equipment. Meetings were scheduled with the Destin City Council, the Destin Rotary Club, and a newly-created ECFF Destin Leadership Team. The ECFF and generous community members replaced pump parts, painted the exterior and interior, modified the family pool to meet code requirements, and replastered both pools. In May, the ECFF held a “Party at the Pool” and invited the community to tour the facilities and see the progress to date. And finally, on August 15th, the doors to the “new” aquatic center opened! The Destin community has already benefited tremendously from the re-opened facilities: Coast Aquatics—one of our area’s swim teams—has seen a rise in the number of swim team members, Aquacize started classes in late August, and dozens of locals have taken advantage of the lap pool. The official “Dollar Day Open House” attracted more than 300 attendees who swam, splashed, and played at the new pools. Additional donations were accepted and many people signed up for various programs at the pool such as lap swim, family swim, Aquacize, swim lessons, and masters swim. However, the capital campaign continues for the aquatic center. Naming opportunities are still available for each pool as well as the entire facility. The ECFF also hopes to fund additional renovations and upgrades including: • $10,000 for thermal pool cover reels • $30,000 HVAC • Spectator bleachers • Paving for additional parking • An enclosure for the family pool that allows sun and air flow in the summer and retains warmth for the winter So, what are you waiting for? Grab your friends and family, your swimsuit, and goggles, and head down to the Destin Aquatic Center! The facilities are clean and the water is blue and sparkling, ready for you to jump on in!

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The ECFF would like to recognize the following key sponsors in the community: • City of Destin • BOTE Paddleboards • Rhino Shield • Harborwalk Village • Jacobs Technology • Summit Contracting • The Inn on Destin Harbor • Bright Smiles Dentistry • Compass Resorts • Eglin Federal Credit Union • Vintage Title & Escrow • Dewey Destin Restaurants • Deborah Cramer • Virginia Jackson • Phyllis McClenahan & family • Len & Tracy Strom • Suzanne Black & Nancy Miller (in honor of their father) • Tim Krueger - Merrill Lynch • Jason Hillman – an Eagle Scout who built benches for the lap pool • Ronda Schwab

Make every bath better. Enjoy plenty of hot water when you upgrade from gas plus get a FREE electric water heater! Find out more at or call 877-655-4001.

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by Gulia Metcalf You know when your little one’s special day is around the corner, nothing can stop Mom from planning the best and most unique “Instagram picture-perfect” birthday bash! We are probably the worst generation of moms in terms to spoil our little ones. Still doesn't stop us. There are so many ideas and ways to make that day truly special. Let me share with you a few new trends I think are so unique that I hear a lot of, “I wish I had thought of that earlier…” My little one was born in December and I always felt that kids born around the holidays don’t get a fair shake for a party. So instead of trying to cram her birthday party between Christmas programs at school, the busy Christmas week and all the holiday shopping and cooking, I decided to do a half birthday party for her in July. And, let’s be honest, isn’t a summertime birthday party much better than a cold winter one? You can buy them a half birthday cake, half a loot bag, half a candle, half a piñata... You see where this is going. I can hear you now… ”OMG, that’s so, so cute!” No-gift parties trend…Love! Host a "Do-Good" Party: Birthdays That Benefit. This is my absolute favorite and teaches your child that happiness is not having or getting but in giving to others. You can choose a cause to support – whether it is a hands-on service project or raising money/materials for a special organization. It is more than just fun when you make a difference in the world while celebrating their special day. You may think kids are “missing out” by not receiving presents, but from my experience and from the experience of my friends, the kids are gaining so much more by learning to give. Other trending parties that are becoming very popular: backyard carnival bash, pajama birthday party, woodland theme, outdoor movie night for tweens, detective party, glitter and glam and surely a unicorn or pineapple party. Regardless of your budget, beliefs, lifestyle, trends, favorite color or cake your child likes the most, any birthday party you work so hard for your little one should bring fun, joy and cheer on the date they were born. Expect that your only reward will be the memories you create for your family and friends. If you happen to get a hug and a kiss from a very happy child at the end of the day, then it will be a bonus to remember!

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$5 OFF


Must present coupon at time of purchase. One coupon per person. Cannot be combined with any other offer. Some exceptions apply. Excludes recreation activities.





Bonne Vie Speciay

Your local television channel

Dessert Destination of the Emerald Coast

Information - Entertainment - Beach Style


• Cakes • Desserts • Southern Classics • New Orleans Classics Broadcasting 24/7 on Facebook and cable to 9 counties in NW Florida ROKU Amazon Fire TV and 1-877-30ATV-48

Instagram: BonneVieSpecialty #emeraldcoastdesserts #bonneviespecialty

(850) 376-7779 Tell them you saw it in ON THE COAST Magazine • 29

by Manda Koolis Every year they manage to sneak up on us. That’s right, we’re talking about birthdays! Time flies when you’re in a routine and birthdays remind us to take a deep breath and simply be grateful for the gift of life, regardless of age. Whether you’re celebrating your children, your best friend, a family member or yourself, On The Coast Magazine has the insider guide to some of the best places and activities to make your party memorable. Sometimes the hardest part about birthdays is the stress of planning everything – especially as the date quickly approaches! Lucky for you, On The Coast is here to make the planning super simple and easy by providing you with a list of all things birthdayrelated! We’ve got everything from animal encounters to spa days, GoCarts to rock climbing, and all the little details we know you love. Most of these businesses offer a “just show up” option, so you don’t even have to come close to the stress zone. So check out the list and call your favorite venue to set up a birthday party you won’t forget. Whatever you choose, have an amazing time and make the kind of memories that last! continued on page 32

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B e Active

Let your kiddos get all their wiggles out by heading to one of these activity centers! A birthday party at any of these locations gives your children an opportunity to burn off all that energy they’ve been storing up and have fun while they’re doing it! Whether it’s jumping or climbing, dancing or playing games, celebrating while breaking a sweat has never sounded better. Looking for something sporty to keep busy? There are definitely LOTS of options. If you want to try something new, Rock Out Climbing Gym opened up in Destin in June and already has a great reputation for being fun and challenging. For information on how they can set you up for a party, shoot them an e-mail at or give them a call at 850-837-0526. They offer package pricing so you don’t have to bring any equipment, and if you have some of your own gear, you can bring it with you! Rock Out is able to host 10 (under the age of nine) to 15 (over the age of nine) kids for just $250 (or $225, if you’re a member!). Included is an hour and a half of climbing in your own roped-off area, orientation and rental shoes for each kid, 30 minutes in a party room (with plates, napkins, utensils and trash bags) that you’re allowed to decorate as you please, and even a special t-shirt for the birthday guest of honor. If you want to get more people involved, you can even have a lock-in from 10 pm - 8 am on the weekends or 9 pm - 7 am on the weekdays. Orientation and rental shoes are included plus the use of the multi-purpose room and restrooms. Each person costs $25 and one adult chaperone is required for every six youth participants. They even have one to two staff members on site the entire time to facilitate the experience. So, whether your party is for adults or children, there’s an option to make your day special and active.

For those of you who love water but may or may not love the ocean, the brand-new Destin Aquatic Center will be your destination of choice. This beautifully renovated water zone is the perfect place to host an awesome birthday party. Parties are just $150 per hour and include free reign of their water features which include the Family Pool, the Splash Zone AND the new slide! The Family Pool has a walk-in feature that is reminiscent of being at the beach (without all that sand) and has a lazy river feature on the other end. Lifeguards will be on site for your party, you’ll have plenty of deck space for celebrating, and, of course, use of the locker room facilities. If it’s too hot to celebrate outside on the deck, you’re in luck, because there’s an indoor party room available, should you desire it. You can decorate to your heart’s content and bring in any food or drink you wish - all they ask is that you clean up after yourself. Call 850-837-7946 or swing by The Destin Aquatic Center to start planning your party with them today! continued on page 34

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Want your kiddo to have the royal treatment? Emerald City Gymnastics in Fort Walton Beach has you covered! The packages they offer will provide a party atmosphere you can just walk into without any stress. All parties are an hour and a half and include orientation that covers safety, warm-up and age-appropriate activities. For $250, you can have a King/Queen Party where they will include invitations with a liability form for each guest (so you don’t spend time the day of your party getting guests set up), two coaches, and a balloon for each guest! They’ll also provide your cake, ice cream and drinks. They take care of set-up, entertainment and clean-up, so you can just sit back and let your kiddos have fun. If you don’t need everything taken care of, they also offer Prince/Princess Parties for $200 that include two coaches, floor time and tables and chairs! So, if you prefer to be a little more involved in the décor and such, you have the option to do so. Emerald City Gymnastics is open for birthday parties on Saturdays starting at 12:30 pm and on Fridays starting at 11:30 am. 850-863-3991 is the number to call to book your celebration. With locations in both Destin and Crestview, U.S. Gold Gymnastics might be the perfect place to fulfill your kid’s wishes. This spacious venue offers obstacle courses, trampolines and fun fitness for kids! The awesome staff will set up and clean up for you, so you get to just sit back and relax! U.S. Gold provides souvenir cups for the guests, a free t-shirt for the guest of honor and free helium for balloons. You can even decorate if you want to! They offer a Silver Party that gives you an hour and a half for gym and food/ gifts for up to 20 children for only $225 ($200 for members). For more time and more guests, you can book a Gold Party to get two hours for up to 30 kids for just $300 ($275 for members). Parties are available on Saturdays only for children under the age of 10. For more info, contact the Destin location at 850-654-3124 or the Crestview gym at 850-306-3298.

B e Pampered

Sometimes what you really need is just some time to be still. Whether that’s with a full day of pampering or taking a break next to the pool, here are a plethora of options for getting a chance to let your brain turn off for a little bit. A calm and happy environment can be exactly what you need to refresh yourself. Massage Envy offers exactly what you need to feel like a queen/king. Fort Walton Beach and Destin both have locations available for professional, affordable and convenient massages and facials. The best part is the massage therapists and estheticians will completely customize your session to fit your needs. You’ll find a variety of facial options including custom, advanced and chemical peel styles for not only your face, but your back, too. You can even book a microderm infusion session and have your skin completely resurfaced. To enhance your experience, you can add on exfoliating hand and foot massages or an anti-aging eye treatment. Massage Envy also offers an array of massage styles. From trigger point therapy to Swedish massage, deep tissue massage to sports massage, you’ll be able to get the level of attention that your muscles need to reset. When you fall in love with Massage Envy after your first experience, you can even set up a membership with them allows you a bunch of great members-only benefits like a monthly massage, additional massages at a member’s-only rate, referral benefits and discounts on certain products. Without a membership, it’s still a great deal at only $55/one-hour service. If you’re looking for serenity and peace, look no further! A day at Massage Envy is the best place to get the royal treatment! Call Fort Walton Beach at 850-301-2000 or Destin at 850-650-8500. 34 • Tell them you saw it in ON THE COAST Magazine

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DAILY RATES Adults: $16 Kids: $10

Mon - Thur 11am to 8pm Fri 11am to 9pm Sat 10am to 9pm Sun 10am to 6pm    /RockoutClimbing Fill Out Your Waivers & Read More At LOCATED BEHIND TARGET IN DESTIN

GET CLIMBING TODAY! (850) 837-0526

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B e Amazed

Maybe your idea of an awesome birthday starts with encountering wild animals. Maybe it’s about getting splashed. Or maybe, it’s just about getting out there and trying something new. Well, we won’t leave you hanging! We’ve got a handful of awesome experiences that you will love! Have you been to the Gulfarium Marine Adventure Park yet? A birthday is the perfect reason to go check it out! With live marine shows, close-up-and-personal animal exhibits and beautiful views, you’re in for an amazing treat! You can enjoy a provided lunch and cake in the Living Sea event room (surrounded by marine wildlife, which makes you feel like you’re under the ocean!). They will provide tablecloths, plates and cups and during lunch (choice of hot dog or chicken tenders, chips & drink), children get to experience a surprise visit from one of the park’s mascots (Dolphin or Sea Turtle), setting you up for unforgettable photos! Their birthday package is $300 for 12 attendees, but you can have as many as 35 for an additional cost. You can even celebrate multiple birthdays at one time because they have an option for you to purchase multiple ice cream cakes. To top it all off, the Gulfarium gives out goody bags with keepsakes inside! Your only time limit is your use of the Living Sea Room where you can do your food and gifts for an hour and a half. You can explore the whole facility at any time while the park is open (9 am-5:30 pm). This gives you plenty of time to enjoy all the shows and exhibits you could want. Because the Gulfarium is a conservation effort, you’ll be able to enjoy the day guilt-free. No bad juju here! For reservations, call 850-243-9046.


Make Your Next Birthday Party A

N ow H ir Experi ing enced Coach es!

Now Accepting Online Registrations for Classes! 12432 Emerald Coast Pkwy, Destin | 850.654.3124 2118 3RD Ave, Crestview | 850.306.3298

B e Balanced

If looking at the water isn’t enough, then a Paddle Tribe Party is the opportunity you’re searching for. Spend the day in the water with birthday packages starting at $195. Prices vary based on how many pieces you’re renting and how long you’re renting them for. You can rent kayaks, surfboards and paddleboards and enjoy a day of fun and fitness, all while a professional staff of instructors makes sure you enjoy yourself. Rentals include leashes and life jackets so you don’t have to stress while you’re out there. There is a private area available for your group, should you want it, as well. Depending on your location, they can even deliver supplies to you for a small fee. You can book your party with Paddle Tribe by calling 850-797-2232 or with GUSU at 850-460-7300. If you plan on celebrating in September or October, you’re in luck because they are offering a BOGO sale for their rentals!

B e Entertained

Sometimes, it’s easier to just have a good ol’ backyard BBQ or luau and hire someone to come out and entertain you and your guests for you. Fortunately, there is an abundance of dance troupes, acrobatic acts, flame dancers and more in our area. Are you looking for something fun and unique to light up your next birthday party or luau? Look no further than Emerald Flame Dance. Danielle provides fire and LED performances that will amaze you and your guests and can also teach party attendees the basics of poi dancing - without the fire, of course. This new and exciting option will guarantee that you have a memorable experience that everyone will be talking about! Performances start at $150, the cost depending on the choreography, the number of performers and amount of time the group spends with you and your guests. You can reach Danielle for more details and to book your performance by calling 571-359-1596 today. continued on page 38

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B e Remembered

It’s important to have a way to look back on the memories that you make the day of your special event. While some may want a private photographer for the evening, some may want a more casual setting that encourages candid playfulness. Photo booths are becoming increasingly popular for gatherings! We all know how important it is to print the images on our phones (because one day that phone will get trashed), so why not let someone else do it for you? Lumi Pod PhotoBooth is an awesome addition to your next event. They offer two options: Lumi Pod or Lumi Air. The Lumi Pod is an enclosed booth that can fit up to 8 adults, while the Lumi Air is an open-air booth that allows 15-20 people to still fit within the frame. Photobooths give you the opportunity to give one of a kind party favors to your guests and have something to keep for yourself, too. There are endless possibilities for poses, props and fun! Packages include unlimited pictures delivered on a USB, custom templates, props, set-up and teardown of the equipment, an onsite attendant, and delivery! Packages vary in price depending on Contact them at 850-496-6739 to set up your own booth!

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B e P layful

Sometimes the best parties are the ones where you can just be a kid and play all the games you want – video and otherwise. There are some great “fun center” venues along the Emerald Coast. From full arcades to mini golf, we’ve got you covered. Fat Daddy’s Arcade is attached to Fudpucker’s Bar & Grill here in Destin, allowing the two hot spots to join forces and create the ultimate party experience for you! The birthday girl/boy gets their own party room for an hour and a half, food (chicken fingers or pizza), festive birthday décor, balloons, a souvenir cup for each kid, Fat Daddy’s Arcade tokens and even the chance to hold a real alligator! Fat Daddy’s strives to make birthday parties affordable, and they offer parties at $15 per child. You can add 10 extra game tokens for just $2 per attendee. If that’s too intense for you, you can choose to do a more traditional route and have a pizza party instead. GameDay Pizza offers easy access to and from the arcade after enjoying yumtastic pizza at their restaurant. The pizza party option includes a private room, tablecloth, balloons, plates, cups, a party host, access to the arcade and, of course, PIZZA! Schedule your Fudpucker’s party by calling 850-687-5181. To schedule a GameDay Pizza Party, call 850-650-3777. continued on page 40

Register Now For Fall Classes Fort walton beach’s Premier Gymnastics Facility Since 1992

EMERALD CITY GYMNASTICS PROGRAMS Preschool Gymnastics (walking - age 5) Recreational Gymnastics Boys Gymnastics Cheer’nastics (Cheer & Tumbling) Pre-Competitive & Competitive Gymnastics

We offer Adult GyMnastics & Yoga Enroll Anytime of the Year!

OPEN GYMS “Big Kid” Open Gym (ages 6 and up) Fridays 7:30 - 9pm, $10 Pre-School Open Gym Mon & Fri 9:30 - 11 am, $5

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Offering the best of indoor and outdoor fun, The Track could be the best bet for your next celebration. Known for being a classic location for Destin, The Track has been a tried-and-true option for parties. The Track is able to accommodate parties for 6-20 children at a time and each package provides a Track Team Member to help host your party and make sure everyone is taken care of. All you have to do is bring the cake, candles and any decorations you want to use. Their all-inclusive packages range from $14-$20 person depending on height and what’s included. This year, they added a new ride that is just fantastic. The Hurricane 360 spins and flips and gives you all the thrills you’ve been looking for. If you’re not keen on being upside down, don’t worry! There are bumper cars (land and water!), go-karts, mini golf, and a whole array of kid-friendly rides, too! Pizza, ice cream, drinks and access to the rides are all included in their birthday package, so you can leave the over thinking at home. Show up and let them do the rest! Call 850654-4668 ext. 203 to book your special day!

Fire and LED Performance Corporate and private events, festivals, birthday parties 571-359-1596

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2nd Annual Where the Wild Things Run

Race through the woods for a WILD adventure! Sign up for the 5K Trail Run or 1 Mile “Little Critter” Fun Run benefiting the E.O.Wilson Biophilia Nature Center on Saturday, October 14th. The 5K Trail Run course will take you through parts of Nokuse Plantation, a 54,000 acre conservation area. The challenging terrain will highlight the diversity and beauty of Northwest Florida. Runners, joggers and walkers of all ages are welcome. After the Race celebrate with food, Idyll Hounds brewing Company beer, music, bounce house & interactive museum/exhibits. Registration and Pricing: 5K Trail Run: $35.00 “Little Critter” 1 Mile Fun Run: $15.00 (Children 12 and younger only, please) To Register: or Register early to ensure race goodie bag, t-shirt, and unique wooden finisher medal. 1 Mile “Little Critter” runners are encouraged to wear their favorite woodland animal or wild thing costume as they run through the woods. Due to uneven, rough, and possible muddy terrain, this trail is NOT stroller or pet friendly. E.O.Wilson Biophilia Center 4956 State Hwy 20 East Freeport, Florida 32439 850.835.1824

The Taylor Haugen Foundation’s 8th Annual Savor the Season Fundraising Event is one of the Emerald Coast’s most highly anticipated fundraisers of the year! Created to raise funds for the local nonprofit and its programs, this annual fundraiser gathers guests from across the country with the motivation to help better protect student athletes and inspire youth leaders. The foundation was created to honor the memory of Taylor Haugen, a 15-year-old Niceville High School junior varsity wide receiver. Taylor passed away after an injury sustained to his liver during a football game on August 30, 2008. Co-founded by Taylor’s parents, Brian and Kathy Haugen, the Taylor Haugen Foundation began as a small local non-profit to carry on Taylor’s “don’t quit… never give up” legacy, supporting local student athletes with scholarships and a trophy award each year to students who exemplify academics, athletics, community service, faith and leadership qualities. After hearing of two other local student football players impacted by abdominal injuries similar to Taylor’s, the Taylor Haugen Foundation created its Youth Equipment for Sports Safety (YESS) Program, dedicated to educating and better protecting secondary school athletes from internal abdominal injuries. Since

the inception of the YESS Program in 2011, the Taylor Haugen Foundation has outfitted over 4,400 student athletes across 13 states with abdominal protective gear. The Savor the Season Fundraising Event features several of the area’s finest chefs creating custom dishes all paired with savory selected wines. Because it is a ticketed walk-about event, guests are able to enjoy the stunning views of the Destin harbor and Gulf of Mexico from the Captain and Sunset decks at the Emerald Grande at Harborwalk Village while tasting some of the most unique dishes served on the Emerald Coast. Enjoy the sounds of live entertainment from billboard charting and national recording artist Michael J Thomas. Participate in the enticing silent and live auctions with various items ranging from private dinner parties to an exotic Indonesian escape to Bali! This year’s Savor the Season Fundraising Event will be hosted at the Emerald Grande at HarborWalk Village on October 27th starting at 6:30 pm. Tickets are limited and can be purchased at $100 online at today! Follow the event’s Facebook Page for more information and visit their websites to learn more about the Taylor Haugen Foundation and its programs.

On the Coast Magazine is a proud media sponsor of local charitable events. For sponsorship information, e-mail

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SEPTEMBER 9 Destin ECCAC Team Up & Tailgate 6pm $125 850-833-9237

SEPTEMBER 1 Okaloosa Island EC Convention Ctr Greek Festival 4-10pm $2/Free Parking 850-609-3800 SRB The Hub 30A The Scratchtones & the Bankwalkers Concert 7-10pm FREE 850-213-0782 SanDestin Baytowne Wharf Baytowne Art Walk 5pm FREE 850-267-8186 SRB Gulf Place First Friday Art Walk 4-7pm FREE 850-267-8458 SEPTEMBER 1-3 PCB Gulf Coast Jam Fest 2pm-12am $40+ 615-340-9500 SEPTEMBER 2 FWB Healing Paws 5k 7:30am $30 850-716-8198 Okaloosa Island ECConvention Ctr Greek Festival 11am-9pm $2/Free Parking 850-244-0822 Okaloosa Island The Gulf Big Screen on the Barge 12-10pm FREE/Admission, $25/Cocktail Tasting 850-387-1300

Seaside Amphitheater Great Peacock Concert 7pm FREE 850-231-6107 SRB The Hub 30A Raelyn Nelson Band Concert 7-10pm FREE 850-213-0782 Rosemary Beach Annual Cornhole Tourny 9am-2pm $60/Team 850-231-7382 SEPTEMBER 3 Destin AJ’s Seafood & Oyster Bar Fireworks on the Harbor 9pm FREE 850-837-1913 Destin HarborWalk Village Labor Day Concert 7-9:15pm FREE 850-424-0600 Destin MK Cultural Arts Center Make Me Smile Concert 7-9pm $10 850-218-8805 Destin Village Baptist Church Josh Wilson Concert 7-9pm $20 850-837-8107 Okaloosa Island ECConvention Ctr Greek Festival 11am-4pm $2/Free Parking 850-244-0822 PCB Alys Beach 5k & 1 Mile Fun Run 7am-12pm $35 850-213-5500

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SRB Gulf Place Kickstand Jenny Concert 5-8pm FREE 850-267-2202 SEPTEMBER 5 SRB The Bay End of Summer ThrowDown 12-10pm FREE 850-622-2291 SEPTEMBER 6 SRB Topsail State Park Geocaching Around Topsail 9-2pm $4 - $6 850-267-8330 SEPTEMBER 7 Miramar Beach Wiggin’ Out For A Cause 6-10pm $75 850-833-9237 PCB First Baptist Church Kari Jobe Concert 7pm $23/General Admission 850-785-6146 SEPTEMBER 8 Crestview Public Library Grandparents! 9:15am FREE 850-862-4432 FWB EC Science Center Women In Science 5:30-7:30pm $5/Child, $12/Adult 850-664-1261 FWB The Landing The Wizard of Oz 8pm FREE SEPTEMBER 8-10 Pensacola Vettes at the Beach 1-4pm FREE 850-932-6000

FWB Santa Rosa Mall What Women Want Expo 10am-2pm FREE 850-244-2172 Milton Blackwater Waterfest 10am-3pm FREE 850-983-5400 Okaloosa Island The Gulf Mermaid Party Costume Contest 10pm-2am FREE 850-387-1300 Pensacola Vickrey Community Center Special Needs Expo 10am-1pm FREE 850-426-6222 Pensacola Dragon Boat Festival 8am-5pm FREE 850-723-0800 Pensacola, Seville Quarter Semper Fi Charity Run 7:30am $35 850-712-0210 SRB Golf & Beach Club Tee Up For Autism 1-4pm $100/Golfer, $375/Team of 4 850-267-2229 SEPTEMBER 9-10 Destin AJ’s Seafood & Oyster Bar Battle on the Bayou Sat. 2pm – Free Kid’s Event FREE 850-837-1913 SEPTEMBER 10 EC Convention Ctr Hispanic Fest 11am-9pm $5 850-368-3505

SEPTEMBER 11 Destin HarborWalk Coastal Boil 11am-4pm $25 850-424-0600 PCB Schooner’s Lobsterfest Jamah Terry Concert 7-10pm 850-235-0737 SEPTEMBER 12 Crestview Public Library Magic Pasta Pot 10:15am FREE 850-862-4432 PCB Schooner’s Lobsterfest Barry & Greg Concert 7-10pm 850-235-0737 SEPTEMBER 13 PCB Schooner’s Lobsterfest Anthony Peebles Concert 7-10pm 850-235-0737 SRB Topsail State Park Geocaching Around Topsail 9-2pm $4 - $6 850-267-8330 SEPTEMBER 14 Destin MK Arts Center Heritage Concert 7-9pm $10 850-218-8805 PCB Schooner’s Lobsterfest DJ Surfer Concert 4-5pm 850-235-0737

PCB Schooner’s Lobsterfest DJ Surfer Mark Concert 4-5pm 850-235-0737 PCB Schooner’s Lobsterfest Barry & Greg Concert 5-8pm 850-235-0737 PCB Schooner’s Lobsterfest DJ Surfer Mark Concert 8-9pm 850-235-0737

Destin MK Cultural Arts Center “Russian Nights” Concert 7:30pm $25 850-650-2226 FWB Kiddie Pool Kickball 4-7pm FREE 850-862-4012

SEPTEMBER 19 Crestview Public Library Magic Pasta Pot 10:15am FREE 850-862-4432

Freeport BayFest 10am-9pm FREE 850-835-2822

SEPTEMBER 20 SRB Topsail State Park Geocaching Around Topsail 9-2pm $4 - $6 850-267-8330

PCB Schooner’s Lobsterfest Indentity Crisis Concert 9pm-12am 850-235-0737

Grayton Beach St. Park Coastal Dune Lake Day 10am-4pm $5/Car 850-585-1617

Pensacola Gallery Night 5-10pm FREE 800-450-7139

PCB Schooner’s Lobsterfest Sand Sculpting Contest 8:30am DJ Surfer Mark Concert 10am-12pm, 3-4pm, 8-9pm Barry Fish Band Concert 4-8pm Identity Crisis Concert 9pm-12am

SEPTEMBER 15-16 Destin Emerald Bay Golf Club ECCCF Charity Golf Tourny 6pm $175/Player, $50/Gala 850-585-0560 Pensacola Ghost Hunt at Pensacola Victorian B&B 7pm-11am $50 317-292-4572 Pensacola Beach Taste of the Beach Fri $75, Sat $20-100 Fri 6pm, Sat 10:30a-9:30p

PCB Schooner’s Lobsterfest Barry Fish Band Concert 5-10pm 850-235-0737

SEPTEMBER 16-17 Okaloosa Island Kitty Hawk Fly into Fall Kite Festival 10am-4pm FREE 850-796-0102

SRB Churchill Oaks Art of Giving 6-9pm $25 850-259-8068

SEPTEMBER 16 Baker Run for the Hills Haunted 5K 7-10pm $30/Day Of 850-682-3536

SEPTEMBER 15 Crestview Public Library Mice 9:15am FREE 850-862-4432

Destin Harborwalk Village Oktoberfest 12-5pm $10/Pub Crawl Pass 844-651-9124

Milton Sonshine Family Farm Opening Day: Corn Maze Pumpkin Patch 9am-9pm on Weekends Ages 3+ $8 850-418-4897

Pensacola Seville Quarter Walk Like MADD 5-6pm Fundraiser 850-983-6775 Ext. 7252 Pensacola Black Light Run 8:30-10:30pm $50 602-559-4076

SEPTEMBER 21 Crestview St. Mary’s Parish Life Center Panhandle Job Fair 10am-2pm FREE Destin MK Cultural Arts Center Luke Langford & 331 South Concert 7-9pm $10 850-218-8805 Seaside Institute Let’s Talk: Sustainability 5-6pm FREE 850-231-2421 SRB SoWal Boys & Girls Club Steak & Stake Dinner 6:30pm $100/ticket 850-344-7763

SEPTEMBER 17 Destin Village Baptist Church John Crist Show 7pm $15 850-837-8107 PCB Schooner’s Lobsterfest on the Beach Beach Party 11am-6pm DJ Surfer Mark Concert 10am-12pm, 3-4pm, 7pm-12am Barry & Greg Concert 12-3pm Identity Crisis Concert 4-7pm Lobsterfest Auction 4pm 850-235-0737

SEPTEMBER 22 Destin Caregiver Ball 5-10pm $65 850-244-8686 SRB CVHN Hurricane Party 6:30-10pm $100 850-622-3200 SEPTEMBER 22-24 Destin AJ’s Seafood & Oyster Bar Big Mac Classic Fishing Tourny Registration Fri. 4pm FREE 850-837-1913

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continued from page 43 Destin – Sandestin Tennis Ladies Tennis Team Challenge 7:30am-5pm Price Varies 850-267-7110 SEPTEMBER 23 Crestview Community Center Southern Glamour Talent Show 2-5pm $10 850-682-0647 Okaloosa Island EC Convention Ctr Home and Boat Show 10am-5pm FREE 850-609-3800 Sandestin Sandestin Triathlon 6am-12pm $110 850-422-2137 Shalimar Bob Hope Village CMSAF Binnicker Memorial Run 9K, 5K & Fun Run 7am $10-$35/Runner 850-651-3766 SEPTEMBER 24 Crestview Community Center Southern Glamour Beauty Pageant 12-5pm $10 850-682-0647 Okaloosa Island EC Convention Ctr Home and Boat Show 11am-5pm FREE 850-609-3800 Seaside REP Theatre Dan Navarro Concert 7:30-9pm $25 850-231-0733 SEPTEMBER 26 Crestview Public Library Hats Off To You 10:15am FREE 850-862-4432

Milton Sweet Seasons Corn Maze Opening Day Fri 6-10pm, Sat 9am-5pm Sun 11am-5pm $10.50 850-675-3573 SEPTEMBER 27 SRB Topsail State Park Geocaching Around Topsail 9-2pm $4 - $6 850-267-8330 SEPTEMBER 28-31 Milton Coldwater Gardens Aerial & Yoga Retreat Full Weekend $500 850-630-9229 SEPTEMBER 28 Destin MK Cultural Arts Center Deja Vu Concert 7-9pm $10 850-218-8805 SEPTEMBER 29 Crestview Public Library Mice 9:15am FREE 850-862-4432 Destin AJ’s Seafood & Oyster Bar Captains & Mates Kick Off Party 7pm FREE 850-837-1913 SRB “Fore Her” Golf Outing 8am-3pm FREE 850-267-2229 SEPTEMBER 30 Crestview Hacker’s Golf Tournament 8am-12pm $5/Raffle Tickets 850-682-3212 Destin MK Cultural Arts Center World Ballet Stars 7:30-9pm $35 850-650-2226 FWB DeFrance Antiques Furniture Painting Demo 1-2pm FREE 850-314-7500

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SRB Watercolor South Walton Run/SUP Series 8am-1pm $60-$75 850-419-6188 SEPTEMBER 29-OCTOBER 1 Pensacola Seafood Festival Fri 11am-11pm, Sat 10am-11pm Sun 11am-5pm FREE 850-438-2353 SEPTEMBER 30 Cypress Cattle & Produce Opening Day: Corn Maze & Pumpkin Patch Fri: 4-8pm, Sat: 10am-8pm Sun: 10am-4pm $10-16 850-685-5890 SEPTEMBER 30, OCTOBER 1 Miramar Beach Seascape Resort, Bay Breeze Patio 2017 Eggs on the Beach Eggfest 10am-1:30pm $35 850-269-4666 OCTOBER 1 Destin AJ’s Seafood & Oyster Bar 10th Annual Wagon Parade 2pm FREE 850-837-1913 OCTOBER 2-7 Bay County Fairgrounds Central Panhandle Fair Gates Open at 6pm Oct. 5-6 Students FREE $10/General Admission 850-769-2645 OCTOBER 3 Crestview Public Library Hats Off To You 10:15am FREE 850-862-4432 OCTOBER 4 SRB Topsail State Park Geocaching Around Topsail 9-2pm $4 - $6 850-267-8330 OCTOBER 4-8 9th Annual Songwriters Festival 12pm-12am FREE www.pensacolabeachsongfest. com

OCTOBER 5 Crestview FAMU College of Pharmacy Paint The Runway Pink 5:30pm FREE 850-689-8446 Destin MK Cultural Arts Ctr Steve Miller Tribute Band Concert 7-9pm $10 850-218-8805 OCTOBER 6-8 Destin 39th Seafood Festival Fri 4-10pm, Sat 10am-10pm, Sun 11am-4pm FREE 850-428-7783 PCB Pier Park Pirates of the High Sea Fest Fri 5-7:30pm, Sat 12-9pm Sun 12-7:30pm FREE 850-233-5070 OCTOBER 6 Baker Nightmare on Old Spanish Trail 7-11pm FREE www.gumcreekentertainment. com Crestview Public Library Piggies 9:15am FREE 850-862-4432 Destin Life Center Waves Girls Conference 5:30-9:30pm $30 850-837-2021 Destin AJ’s Seafood & Oyster Bar Fireworks on the Harbor 9pm FREE 850-837-1913 Destin MK Cultural Arts Center Kings of Harlem 7:30-9pm $37.50 850-650-2226 FWB Downtown First Friday Art Walk 4-7pm FREE

OCTOBER 7 Destin AJ’s Seafood & Oyster Bar Fireworks on the Harbor 9pm FREE 850-837-1913 Pensacola Strong Street Studio Pumpkin Party 12-6pm FREE 850-417-8218 Pensacola St. Matthews Baptist Church Pensacola Mud Run 7:30am-4pm $59 850-435-9222 SanDestin Baytowne Wharf Duck Regatta 10am-1:30pm $10/Duck 850-267-8000 OCTOBER 7-8 Panama City Creative Con Sat 10-6pm, Sun 11-5pm $18-50 (VIP Available) 850-532-3394 OCTBER 8 Destin Sugar Sands Golf Classic 6:30pm $25/Guests 850-864-4242 Destin Club LA Austin John Concert 7-10pm $20 850-654-5251 Pensacola Punk Rock Flea Market 2pm FREE @punkrockfleamarketpensacola OCTOBER 10 Crestview Public Library Airport Field Trip 10:15am FREE 850-862-4432 OCTOBER 11 SRB Topsail State Park Geocaching Around Topsail 9-2pm $4 - $6 850-267-8330

OCTOBER 12 Destin AJ’s Seafood & Oyster Bar Emerald Coast Harley Night Live Gunner Concert 7pm FREE 850-837-1913 OCTOBER 13 30A BBQ Festival Gulf Place 6-9pm $25 850-420-5845 Crestview Public Library Piggies 9:15am FREE 850-862-4432 Destin MK Cultural Arts Center Click, Clack, Moo 9:45am & 11:30am $6 850-650-2226 Pensacola Bay Center Thomas Rhett Concert 7:30pm $30 and up 850-226-2285 OCTOBER 13-14 SanDestin Baytowne Wharf Beer Festival Fri: 6pm-8pm, Sat: 2-6pm $25+ PCB Aaron Bessant Park PCB Oktoberfest 4-11pm $15-$100 (VIP Available) OCTOBER 13-15 30A Half Marathon and 5K Gulf Place 7am-12pm $60-$90 850-420-5845 PCB St. Andrews Marina Strummin’ Man Ukelele Fest Fri 5-10pm, Sat 10am-10pm Sun 10am-4pm $15/One Day, $85/All Access 850-774-7460 OCTOBER 14 Destin AJ’s Seafood & Oyster Bar Donut Dash – Annual .5K 10am 850-837-1913

Destin AJ’s Seafood & Oyster Bar Fireworks on the Harbor 9pm FREE 850-837-1913

OCTOBER 17-21 Pensacola Bay Center Cirque du Soleil “Crystal” 1pm, 3:30pm, 7:30pm $56+ 850-226-2285

Destin Village Baptist Church Chonda Pierce Show $27/General Admission 850-837-8107

OCTOBER 18-21 Destin MK Cultural Arts Center Disgraced 7:30-9pm $15 850-650-2226

Destin MK Cultural Arts Center “Mozart Deconstructed” Concert 7:30-9pm $25 850-650-2226 Freeport E.O. Wilson Biophilia Center Where the Wild Things Run 5K Trail Run/Walk & 1 Mile Fun Run $35/5K, $15/Fun Run 850-835-1824 Freeport Explore The Outdoors Festival 10am-2pm FREE 850-267-2064 FWB Farmer’s Market 8am-1pm FREE farmersmarket SRB 30A Half Marathon & 5K Gulf Place 10am-6pm $90 850-267-2202 Pensacola Miracle League Vehicle Show 8am-4pm FREE OCTOBER 15 Destin AJ’s Seafood & Oyster Bar Mullet Toss-Off FREE 850-837-1913 OCTOBER 17 Crestview Public Library Escape Room 6pm & 7pm FREE 850-862-4432

OCTOBER 18 SRB Topsail State Park Geocaching Around Topsail 9-2pm $4 - $6 850-267-8330 OCTOBER 19 Destin Fisher House Gala 5-10:30pm $100 850-249-4956 Miramar Beach ECTC Lip Sync Battle 8-11pm $25 850-684-0323 OCTOBER 20 Crestview Public Library Autumn & Halloween 9:15am FREE 850-862-4432 OCTOBER 20-22 Niceville Boggy Bayou Mullet Festival Fri: 5:30-10:30p, Sat: 1-10:30p Sun: 1-6p Fri & Sat $15, Sun $10 850-279-6436 ext.1006 OCTOBER 21, 22, 28, 29 Crestview Red Horse Haunted House 6-11pm $10 850-682-3949 OCTOBER 21-22 PCB Red Oaks Farms $5/Vehicle Sat 12-6pm, Sun 12-6pm 850-722-5400 OCTOBER 21 Destin HarborWalk Fish The Days, Rock The Nights ALL DAY FREE 850-424-0600

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continued from page 45 Destin MK Cultural Arts Center Alison Chang Recital 7:30-9pm $20 850-650-2226 Niceville Autism Spectrum on the EC Aces For Autism 8:30am-2pm $100/Competitor, $30/Spectator 850-267-7060 Okaloosa Island Pier Rootin’ Tootin’ Rodeo Round-Up 8am $10 850-837-6734 PCB Aaron Bessant Park Strides Against Breast Cancer 5K Walk 8am $25 850-785-9205 ext3509 Pensacola Marine Corps League Car & Craft Show 11am-4pm FREE 850-982-8585 Pensacola Live Original Tour 7-10pm $25 850-479-8337 OCTOBER 21 Destin AJ’s Seafood & Oyster Bar Wicked Triple Run 5k After Party 10k 7:30am 5K 5:30pm Half Marathon 7:30 on Oct 22 FREE 850-837-1913 Destin AJ’s Seafood & Oyster Bar Fireworks on the Harbor 9pm FREE 850-837-1913 Destin AJ’s Seafood & Oyster Bar Rocky Horror Picture Show 10pm FREE 850-837-1913

OCTOBER 24 Crestview Public Library Autumn & Halloween 10:15am FREE 850-862-4432 Miramar Beach Butler Does Halloween 6-7pm FREE 850-267-8180 OCTOBER 25 SRB Topsail State Park Geocaching Around Topsail 9-2pm $4 - $6 850-267-8330 OCTOBER 26 Destin MK Cultural Arts Center Sound of Music 7:30pm $45 850-650-2226 Fort Walton Beach Silver Sands School Awesome Autumn: Special Needs 5:30-8pm FREE 850-883-9500 FWB Project Hope 7pm $40 Individual $280/Table for 8 850-797-4431

Destin Commons Halloween Haunt FREE 850-337-8700 PCB Hiland Park Baptist Church Mandisa & Danny Gokey Concert 7-10pm $26.50/General Admission 850-785-6530 Seaside Halloween Movie Night 7:30-9pm FREE 850-231-6107 OCTOBER 27-28 Vortex Springs Spooky Springs Campout $ Varies on Camping Site 850-836-4979 OCTOBER 28 Crestview Downtown Fall Festival 1-6pm FREE 850-810-6722 Destin Commons Halloween Haunt 6-8pm FREE 850-337-8700 Fort Walton Beach 2017 Fall Carnival 6-9pm FREE 850-883-9500

Sandestin Grand Boulevard Barktoberfest 5-7pm FREE 850-837-3099

Grayton Beach AJ’s Grayton Beach Halloween Costume Contest 10pm FREE 850-837-1913

OCTOBER 27 Destin HarborWalk Village Savor The Season Fundraiser Event 6:30pm $100 online

Mary Esther Santa Rosa Mall Strides Against Breast Cancer 5K Walk 8am $25 850-785-9205 ext3509

Crestview Public Library Autumn & Halloween 9:15am FREE 850-862-4432 Destin AJ’s Seafood & Oyster Bar Fireworks on the Harbor 9pm FREE 850-837-1913

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Rosemary Beach North Barrett Square Monstrous Halloween Celebration + Trick-or-Treating 2-5pm FREE 866-348-8952

OCTOBER 28-29 Destin MK Cultural Arts Center Festival of the Arts Sat. 9am-5pm Sun. 10am-4pm $5 850-650-2226 OCTOBER 29 Destin Lulu’s Boolu’s Haunted Fun Event 3-7pm FREE 850-710-5858 Valpariso NWFL Heritage Museum Haunted Heritage Day 10am-4pm $1/Person 850-678-2615 OCTOBER 30 Destin Community Center Fall Fest 5-8pm Tickets 4/$1 or 20/$5 850-654-5184 OCTOBER 31 Destin Destin Harbor Boardwalk Halloween Party & Trick-or-Treating 5pm FREE 850-837-1913 Destin AJ’s Club Bimini Halloween Costume Contest 10pm FREE 850-837-1913 Milton Sweet Seasons Corn Maze Closing Day 11am-close $10.50 850-675-3573 Okaloosa Island The Boardwalk Tricks or Treasures 5-8pm FREE 850-301-0959 SanDestin Baytowne Wharf Trick or Treat Street 6-8pm FREE 850-267-8000

SanDestin Grand Boulevard Halloween on the Boulevard 4-7pm FREE 850-837-3099


September/October 2017  
September/October 2017