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EXECUTIVE GREETINGS Micky Arison | Chairman, Carnival Corporation Arnold Donald | CEO, Carnival Corporation & plc Christine Duffy | President, Carnival Cruise Line

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A NEW SHIP RISES How Carnival Triumph was transformed into Carnival Sunriseâ„¢.

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ALL FUN ON DECK From dining to shopping, there are so many new ways to choose fun on board.

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PLACES IN THE SUN Where Carnival Sunrise takes you. Carnival Adventures Destinations 48 / Bahamas 56 / Bermuda 58 / Canada/New England 62 / Caribbean

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DEAR GUEST Welcome aboard the completely reimagined Carnival Sunrise, a ship that has been transformed from bow to stern, becoming the second vessel in the increasingly popular Sunshine class. Having a chance to totally reimagine a cruise ship is like being given a blank slate and being asked to create something new. There are so many opportunities and possibilities — opportunities to do things that weren’t possible when the ship was originally built, and possibilities presented by new technologies and new materials developed during the intervening years. We have filled Carnival Sunrise with all of the popular Carnival-branded spaces, amenities and activities that take her onboard offerings to a whole new level, on par with the newest ships in the industry. I want to thank the hundreds of people who worked for months to bring her to life. And I want to commend the many people at Carnival Cruise Line who helped plan, design and complete this exciting new addition to the Carnival fleet.


As you move around the ship during your vacation, I hope you’ll take a moment to appreciate the craftsmanship and the hard work that can be detected in every stateroom and every public space. I hope you enjoy this magnificent vessel and take home memories that will last a lifetime. May you have fair seas and following winds,

Micky Arison Chairman, Carnival Corporation


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4/3/19 10:52 AM


DEAR GUEST It gives me great pleasure to welcome you aboard Carnival Sunrise, the newest addition to Carnival’s growing Sunshine class. As we reimagined Carnival Sunrise, our focus was on bringing together all of the elements that create the Carnival cruise experience. I hope you enjoy all the best dining and entertainment opportunities on board to make your vacation truly unforgettable. And we’ve topped it off with the kind of attentive, personalized service that is the hallmark of a Carnival cruise vacation. Whether you are a first-timer or a repeat cruiser, you’ll find Carnival Sunrise provides an unrivaled onboard experience. Our friendly crew will make sure the level of service and attention to detail delivers vacation memories to cherish forever. We know when you take a vacation, you have many alternatives to choose from. We are grateful that you chose to cruise with Carnival Cruise Line, and we look forward to exceeding your expectations throughout your Carnival Sunrise experience. It’s our pleasure to have you on board! Sincerely,


Arnold Donald CEO, Carnival Corporation & plc


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4/10/19 2:00 PM


DEAR GUEST Welcome aboard our beautiful Carnival Sunrise! After a complete bow-to-stern transformation, Carnival Sunrise has been reimagined to bring you the best that Carnival has to offer. There is something for everyone as Carnival Sunrise joins our Sunshine class of ships. If you’ve come for the dining, you’ll find all of the most popular Carnival specialty venues, from family-style Italian dining at Cucina del Capitano to down-home goodness at Guy’s Pig & Anchor Bar-B-Que Smokehouse to the refined intimacy of Fahrenheit 555 Steakhouse. And for a special treat, try The Chef’s Table, our exclusive multicourse dining experience. If you’ve come for the nightlife, enjoy our own ThirstyFrog Red brew at the Caribbean-themed RedFrog Pub, join a sing-along at Piano Bar 88, catch the adults-only comedy show at the Punchliner Comedy Club or take the whole family to see a Playlist Production or Hasbro, The Game Show at the multipurpose Liquid Lounge. If it’s sun and fun you’re seeking, head to SportSquare for a bracing race around the ropes course, some tabletop game action or a round of miniature golf. Cool off at WaterWorks with a rollicking trip down the 212-foot-long Twister waterslide, then chill out on a plush chaise at the Serenity Adult-Only Retreat.


And everywhere you turn, you’ll find our FUN, friendly and helpful team members ready with a smile and a warm greeting. Our dedicated officers and crew are here to make sure you have a memorable Carnival cruise vacation. Thank you for choosing FUN on Carnival Sunrise — you’re going to have a great time! Bon Voyage,

Christine Duffy President Carnival Cruise Line


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Starboard Cruise Services and Carnival Cruise Line:

JUST FOR THE FUN OF IT! As the premier retailer at sea, Starboard Cruise Services has been helping travelers make cherished memories for more than 60 years. We’re especially proud of the memories we’ve built with Carnival Cruise Line. Together we’ve transformed cruise retail, turning shopping into an experience that’s as much fun as the rest of the cruise. We congratulate our partners and friends on the launch of the reimagined Carnival Sunrise™. We’re honored to help greet this bright new day at sea!




ping Free Shop Tax & Duty

On Board















Tune In To

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Celebrating the launch of Carnival Sunrise™

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Introducing Carnival Sunrise, the latest in Carnival Cruise Line’s magnificent fleet. This amazing ship was launched in 1999 as Carnival Triumph, the second vessel of Carnival’s groundbreaking Destiny class of ships. Completely reimagined from bow to stern, Carnival Sunrise promises more vacation excitement, more standout amenities and, of course, more fun.

“Our teams have worked so hard to make this massive project a success. It’s a group of passionate people who are dedicated to this industry and to creating incredible spaces that our guests will enjoy.” Lisa McCabe Vice President Revitalization and Hotel Refurbishment






GUEST CAPACITY 3,470 3,998



4/9/19 1:13 PM


When Carnival Triumph launched two decades ago, the ship was one of the biggest in the world. The industry, and the vessel’s first crew, were in awe. Two of her original crew members still remember the ship clearly — and fondly. “It was a very proud moment for me and an awesome responsibility,” says Stefan H. Christoffersson, then hotel director for the ship and currently vice president, housekeeping, laundry and Vessel Sanitation Program. As hotel director, he found his workload and responsibilities dramatically increased. “I felt nervous, excited and proud of the fact that the company had entrusted me to be hotel director of the newest ship in the world, and I would not take that responsibility lightly,” he says. His first day on board was in the shipyard, when Carnival Triumph was still a mass of steel and empty inside. “I spent the first few days getting a good feel for it, the new spaces and challenges,” he says. Through the relationships he built with shipyard personnel, he was able to make “slight

persuasions” here and there based on his experience with Carnival Destiny (which, like Carnival Triumph, was totally transformed; it now sails as Carnival Sunshine). He remembers his time on board fondly and especially loved working with John Heald, then cruise director for the ship and now the cruise line’s beloved brand ambassador. “Every day was fun with John!”

A LOOK BACK The crew of Carnival Triumph, standing proudly on deck as the ship prepares to enter service. Photos on following pages show the ship under construction.

“Carnival Triumph will always be one of my most favorite vessels in the fleet.” John Heald Reminiscing about his time aboard Carnival Triumph, Heald remembers seeing the thenbrand-new public areas and lounges and welcoming the first guests on board. “I saw straight away we had a ship that ticked all the right boxes,” he says, adding that delivery of the ship was a smooth experience. “Out of all of the new ships that are delivered — and I delivered 17 — this was one of the easiest and one of the most memorable.”



4/9/19 1:13 PM


A TEAM AT WORK Until now, Carnival’s most ambitious transformation project was Carnival Sunshine, a complete makeover of Carnival Destiny in 2013. Carnival Sunrise, the second in the cruise line’s Sunshine class of ships, is a nearly $200 million bow-tostern refurbishment of Carnival Triumph. Part of the cruise line’s multiyear, $2 billion fleetwide enhancement program, the ship offers a range of new accommodation choices, updates to all existing staterooms and all of Carnival’s hugely popular food, beverage and entertainment innovations. The ship began its transformation March 12, 2019, in Cadiz, Spain, and re-entered service on April 29 — just under two months later. Although the ship was in drydock for two months, Carnival Sunrise had been almost two years in the making in terms of design, engineering and planning. “More than 100 project managers have worked on this project internally as well as many outside specialized consultants,” says Lisa McCabe, Carnival’s vice president, revitalization and hotel refurbishment. “And more than 3,000 contractors came from all over the world to be a part of the transformation.” She also says that many of the ship’s components were prefabricated to help speed up the already accelerated construction schedule. Fitting in every need without compromising the overall project planning can be a challenge, McCabe says. Yet the cruise line’s internal teams worked closely with their outside architect and engineering counterparts, taking what were underutilized spaces and converting them into guest staterooms.



4/9/19 1:13 PM

We asked John Heald, cruise director for Carnival Triumph and now Carnival’s brand ambassador, how entertainment options have changed since the original ship’s launch.

Artist’s rendering of The Capitol on Carnival Triumph, featuring a large relief globe. Below, the pool deck with 214-foot spiral waterslide.


“The simple answer is ‘tremendously.’ Back then the focus was mostly on the big production shows with everything else possibly taking a backseat. These days we have so much more to offer outside of the still brilliant Playlist Productions shows. We have more live music, we have a comedy club and we have all the bells and whistles on the new ships that people crave on their cruise. But I think it’s also important to say there is one thing that will always remain the same and that is the crew. From the very first ship to the very newest ship it is the crew who provide the foundation of fun and we had many great crew members who worked so hard to deliver Carnival Triumph.”

4/9/19 1:13 PM


MUCH ADO ABOUT Y2K In 1999, Carnival Triumph’s inaugural season, there was concern throughout the world about “Y2K,” and whether computer systems might shut down as they switched their calendars from 1999 to 2000 — the Year 2000. Would disaster strike at midnight January 1, 2000? “Looking back now, it doesn’t seem like a big deal,” says Stefan H. Christoffersson, then hotel director on board the ship, “but back then, we needed a plan B and C just in case of any challenges during the New Year and the changeover.” John Heald, the ship’s cruise director, recalls being “in meetings after meetings discussing what would happen.” Heald hosted one of Carnival’s biggest onboard parties ever on New Year’s Eve. “When the clock struck midnight, nothing happened,” he says. “Well, nothing happened except the fun continued until 5 o’clock in the morning.”

What’s more, new layouts throughout the ship created more multipurpose venues, which provide guests with even more dining, accommodations, and both outdoor and indoor options for entertainment and activities than the ship had before. “It’s exciting that older ships can be transformed into vessels that meet today’s needs for guests,” says McCabe. Pulling Together Thousands of people pulled together to turn Carnival Triumph into Carnival Sunrise. “Our teams have worked so hard to make this massive project a success,” says McCabe. “It’s a group of passionate people who are dedicated to this industry and to creating incredible spaces that our guests will enjoy.” So many departments worked toward making this transformation successful: refurbishment, marine operations, purchasing, logistics, safety, IT, entertainment, finance the shipboard team, the shipyard team, internal operational departments and outside contractors. “It takes a village!” McCabe says. The Excitement Continues As with any new ship, the launch of Carnival Sunrise is an exciting time for its officers and crew. “I feel very proud to lead Carnival Sunrise during the Inaugural season,” says Captain Isidoro Renda. “It

is a great honor to be selected as captain of our newest ship.” Christopher Williams, cruise director, says he was “over the moon” upon learning he’d be the ship’s first cruise director. “I have always wanted to be part of a ship’s inaugural, and this is something that I can check off on my bucket list,” he says. “I think being the cruise director of Carnival Sunrise will be a little bit different from my other ships. This is the first time that I get to be part of the entertainment from the inaugural sailing, plus it is such a proud feeling to be a part of it. So the guests are going to get that little bit extra from myself and my team.” Caroline Bourke, hotel director, considers Carnival her home and feels fortunate to be able to combine her two passions, travel and a hospitality career, while “introducing me to wonderful guests and team members from all over the world.” Janko Lakicevic, beverage operations manager, looks forward to helping “our spotlight ship” shine (and recommends a barrel-aged negroni from Alchemy Bar, by the way). As for Neelesh Santiago, food operations manager, he plans to live by his life motto: “Build a team so strong that you don’t know who the leader is,” and ultimately “to give my best to ensure Carnival Sunrise tops the list among all Carnival ships.”



4/9/19 1:13 PM


A VIEW FROM THE BRIDGE THE CAPTAIN AND SENIOR OFFICERS Leading a crew of 1,000, Carnival Sunrise’s senior leadership team comprises some of the most talented and experienced mariners in the industry. The ship was helmed by Captain Bruno Palomba during dry dock, with Captain Isidoro Renda assuming command in the United States.


BRUNO PALOMBA Captain Palomba is an 18-year veteran of Carnival and was named captain in 2016. A graduate of the N. Bixio Maritime Academy in Naples, Italy, he began his cruise industry career with MSC and prior to that worked for ferry operator Tirrenia.


ISIDORO RENDA A native of Trapani, Italy, Captain Renda joined Carnival as a second officer in 2000 and, after moving up through the ranks, was promoted to captain in 2014, commanding a number of vessels in the fleet. A graduate of the Nautical Academy ITN Marino Torre in Italy, he began his career working aboard oil tankers in Europe.

Chief Engineer

MAURO FABBRINI A 25-year veteran of Carnival, Mauro Fabbrini joined the company as a second engineer and was named chief engineer in 2003. He graduated from the San Giorgio Maritime Academy in Genoa, Italy. Prior to joining Carnival, he started his nautical career with an Italian-based shipping company. Fabbrini served as chief engineer during Carnival Sunrise’s dry dock.

Chief Engineer

NICOLA TONELLI Nicola Tonelli began his career as an engine cadet working aboard bulk carriers and ferries after graduating nautical college and serving in the Italian Navy. He joined Carnival in 2001 as a third engineer and was named chief engineer in 2018. Tonelli served as chief engineer when the ship began service in the United States.

Hotel Director

CAROLINE BOURKE A native of Cork, Ireland, Caroline Bourke joined Carnival in 2004 as a guest services associate. She was promoted to guest services manager in 2009 before being named hotel director in 2016. She began her hospitality career at the Hayfield Manor Hotel after earning her degree from the Cork Institute of Technology in Ireland. CARNIVAL SUNRISE 16


4/9/19 1:13 PM

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WHAT A SPECTACULAR SUNRISE! Park West Gallery is proud to set sail with the radiant new Carnival Sunrise. TM

In honor of our 50th anniversary, we’re making collecting art easier than ever with our 50/50/50 Satisfaction Guarantee. When you collect artwork from one of our exciting onboard auctions, you have 50 days to return it for a full refund—with no fees of ANY kind—or 50 months to exchange it. That’s the Park West difference.

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4/11/19 11:11 AM


“Being named godmother is already an honor, and I am humbled to follow in their footsteps.” Kelly Arison

As godmother to Carnival Sunrise, Kelly Arison joins an impressive group of women.

It’s a family tradition when it comes to the godmothers of Carnival Cruise Line’s Sunshine class. Kelly Arison, daughter of Carnival Corporation Chairman Micky Arison, will christen Carnival Sunrise, the newly revitalized Carnival Triumph. Madeleine Arison, who is Micky’s wife and Kelly’s mother, was godmother to the original Carnival Triumph. Lin Arison, who is Kelly’s grandmother, was godmother to both Carnival Destiny and Carnival Sunshine. “Being named godmother is already an honor, and I am humbled to follow in their footsteps,” Kelly Arison said before the ship’s launch. “The fact that my mother

named this same ship in New York two decades ago makes it that much more special and meaningful.” Besides celebrating the ship’s launch, Arison will use the the naming ceremony to heighten awareness of the work of the Ehlers-Danlos Society. The organization serves those with joint hypermobility spectrum disorders, for which Arison is a strong advocate. Carnival will make a donation to the Ehlers-Danlos Society during the ceremony. “This ceremony will not only serve as an exciting and memorable way to officially introduce the spectacular Carnival Sunrise



4/9/19 1:13 PM


Cruising has always been part of the Arison family’s life. From left: Kelly; her parents, Micky and Madeleine; and her brother, Nick.

to the Carnival fleet,” Arison said, “but will also raise awareness of an organization very near and dear to my heart.” Christine Duffy, Carnival president, said the cruise line “is proud and delighted that Kelly will serve in this role as she officially names Carnival Sunrise. And given the family ties to this ship in particular, we are planning to include some special guests that mean a lot to the Arison family and have played an important part in the history of Carnival Cruise Line.” Cherished Sailings Arison has fond memories sailing on Carnival Triumph, one in particular after her mother had just christened the ship in New York. On the last day of the cruise, she remembers staying up all night on the deck as they sailed back to Manhattan, past the Stature of Liberty and with the glow of city lights ahead. “The view of New York City was so quiet and peaceful,” she said. “It was breathtaking and a memory I will never forget!”

She is amazed at the transformation of Carnival Triumph to Carnival Sunrise and the fact this bow-to-stern refitting took mere weeks. Kelly couldn’t wait to get on board and see all the new spaces, especially the restaurants. “My family and I are big fans of great food, so I would have to stop by Cucina del Capitano.” The Italian restaurant features historical photos of her family and Carnival’s early years. She planned to try the fare at Guy’s Pig & Anchor Bar-B-Que Smokehouse, created by Guy Fieri of Food Network fame. Arison joins a list of more than two dozen noteworthy godmothers who have named Carnival ships over the decades. She’s had some preparation for this important role, as she grew up around the cruise industry and attended countless other naming ceremonies. Nevertheless, she was looking forward to the naming ceremony with much anticipation: “I can’t wait for my family and friends to see me release the ceremonial bottle of champagne and officially name the ship Carnival Sunrise.”



4/9/19 1:13 PM

SO MANY NEW WAYS TO CHOOSE FUN ON BOARD The ropes course, suspended 150 feet above the sea.


4/3/19 12:01 PM


The ship’s structure isn’t the only thing that changed when Carnival Triumph became Carnival Sunrise. Everything about the onboard experience has been updated to feature every element of Fun Ship 2.0, part of a $2 billion fleetwide ship enhancement initiative. That means more new tastes to try, an exciting array of new bars and lounges, thrilling entertainment and a host of activities, from the invigorating SportSquare recreation area to the ultra-pampering Cloud 9 Spa. “The introduction of Carnival Sunrise will provide our guests with an array of exciting dining, bar and entertainment choices,” says Christine Duffy, president of Carnival Cruise Line. “The new Carnival Sunrise is part of our wide-ranging ship enhancement program that is transforming our fleet on an unprecedented scale.”

And there’s a lot to love, says Lisa McCabe, Carnival’s vice president, revitalization and hotel refurbishment. “I think Carnival guests will be most impressed with all the new dining options and bars and exciting outdoor deck features, including a spectacular new WaterWorks park,” she says. Richard Morse, Carnival’s senior vice president, hotel operations, is proud of the transformation. “These new dining spaces and features complement many of Carnival’s signature food and beverage outlets that were added during previous renovations,” he says, “including Guy’s Burger Joint, developed in tandem with Guy Fieri. Carnival’s investments are part of an overall plan that is raising the bar on ship amenities and features, itineraries and offshore excursions that our guests are loving.”

HERE’S WHAT’S NEW ON THE NEW SHIP OPEN-AIR FUN AND RELAXATION, including a ropes course and splash-tacular water park. 8 NEW DINING VENUES, including Guy’s Pig & Anchor Bar-B-Que Smokehouse, the “real deal” in barbecue from Food Network star and longtime partner Guy Fieri.

4 NEW NIGHT SPOTS raise the bar on after-dark fun, with pubs, clubs and lounges. ULTIMATE SHOPPING at an expanded retail space that includes Carnival’s own branded spaces. MORE PAMPERING PLEASURES at the expanded Cloud 9 health and wellness center. 2 LUXURIOUS NEW CAPTAIN’S SUITES, which are part of a complete update of all staterooms on board. Capitol Atrium Bar.

EVEN MORE FAMILY FUN, with hangouts for kids and teens.



4/4/19 12:49 PM


Cucina del Capitano serves Italian favorites in a cozy setting.


4/3/19 12:02 PM


Choices abound in every area of the ship, but the dining options could be the most expansive. Whatever you crave is here: casual and comfort food, gourmet and international eats, quick snacks and splurges. Bring your appetite — it will be more than satisfied. Carnival Sunrise has added eight great new or expanded choices to its already delicious menu of dining spots.



There’s no extra charge for dining that includes the best barbecue and the sweetest treats at sea.

For an added fee, you can enjoy other Carnival favorites, with menus of all styles.

Guy’s Pig & Anchor Bar-B-Que Smokehouse Created by Food Network star Guy Fieri (whose namesake Guy’s Burger Joint serves 5 million burgers fleetwide), this casual open-air eatery features “real deal” barbecue favorites. Lido Marketplace The go-to spot for lunch has more variety than ever: the Seafood Shack, offering lobster rolls and other New England-inspired fare; The Deli, with sandwiches and paninis; Pizzeria del Capitano, serving hand-tossed artisanalstyle pies 24/7; and an expanded Swirls venue with ice cream and frozen yogurt. Main Dining Rooms With two main dining rooms, your evening meals are sure to be even more memorable. Whichever venue you choose, you can still treat yourself to Carnival’s legendary warm chocolate melting cake. An extensive wine list gives you plenty of options for choosing just the right wine to pair with your meal.

Bonsai Express The success of the full-service Bonsai Sushi restaurants has inspired this casual spot, featuring a mouthwatering array of sushi, sashimi, rolls and more. Cucina del Capitano Delicious Italian favorites and new Carnival classics are served familystyle in an engaging atmosphere reminiscent of a cozy Italian home. Fahrenheit 555 Steakhouse The classic American steakhouse serves steaks, gourmet appetizers, entrees and desserts with impeccable service and understated ambiance. JavaBlue Café This expanded version of Carnival’s popular coffee bar serves lattes, cappuccinos and other caffeinated favorites. Try a liqueur-spiked coffee or one of JavaBlue’s other decadent confections. The Chef’s Table More than a meal, this is a multicourse dining experience. It’s hosted in a special glassenclosed venue in the forward dining room.



4/4/19 12:19 PM


The RedFrog Pub is a tropical oasis.


4/3/19 12:03 PM


From tasting the islands to tickling the ivories, Carnival Sunrise offers many ways to relax or rev up evenings around the ship. Choices include four new nightspots.

RedFrog Pub This is the place to slip into a laid-back island state of mind. You can enjoy the Caribbean’s best rums and beers — including Carnival’s own ThirstyFrog Red — in a distinct atmosphere where British West Indies meets Key West. Outside by the pool, enjoy frozen tequila concoctions or an ice-cold Mexican cerveza at the BlueIguana Tequila Bar.

Multipurpose Liquid Lounge Day or night, you’ll find captivating entertainment at this new venue. Liquid includes Carnival’s award-winning Playlist Productions revues and audience-participation favorite Hasbro, The Game Show.

Piano Bar 88 A twist on Carnival’s popular piano bar concept, Piano Bar 88 amps up the excitement with themed nights, engaging décor and spontaneous singalong fun.

Limelight Lounge Looking for a few laughs? You’ve come to the right place. Limelight is home to the Punchliner Comedy Club, featuring a hilarious lineup of comics. After the jokes, the space transforms into a sizzling nightclub where you can dance the rest of the night away.



4/3/19 12:04 PM




4/10/19 1:55 PM


A vast array of entertainment choices has come aboard Carnival Sunrise, from legendary deck parties and hilarious shows at Punchliner Comedy Club to trivia games and audience favorites such as Hasbro, The Game Show; CLUE: The Murder Mystery; and, of course, the award-winning Playlist Productions shows.

“There really is something for everyone.” Christopher Nelson Through it all is a toe-tapping selection of musical entertainment. From solo performers on steel pan and guitar to horn and string trios, you’ll find a musical soundtrack accompanying much of your fun on board. “Our guests are diverse and so is our entertainment. There really is something for everyone,” says Christopher Nelson, Carnival’s vice president of entertainment. Whether you want classical, jazz or pop, many genres and tastes are covered. You will find yourself tapping your toes when you leave the ship.



4/10/19 1:55 PM


Vintage Pop

PRODUCTION SHOWS Main-stage shows combine captivating live performances with high-tech staging and special effects. They’re developed by top creators in the entertainment industry, featuring multi-talented performers with a diversity of musical styles. Playlist Productions brings three production shows to Carnival Sunrise: Latin Nights: The passionate Latin culture comes to life through the fusion music of legendary musicians like Gloria Estefan, Enrique Iglesias, Jennifer Lopez and rock legend Santana. The show creates the sizzling sensuality of a Latin nightclub with a distinct Miami vibe.

Soulbound: This “sinfully soulful revue” mixes R&B and soul classics like Stevie Wonder’s “Superstition,” Sam & Dave’s “Soul Man” and Aretha Franklin’s “(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman” and “Rescue Me.” The show combines music and magic, with dazzling special effects that will leave you amazed. Vintage Pop: Classic jazz is remixed with contemporary style in this lively show set in a 1920s speakeasy. The audience is taken back to the days of the Great Gatsby and the Cotton Club, with modern hits from Rihanna, Bruno Mars, Michael Bublé and other greats. Vintage Pop features a live nine-piece band and a show-stopping burlesque



4/10/19 1:55 PM


BEHIND THE CURTAIN Two veterans are leading Carnival Sunrise’s vast array of entertainment offerings.

Katie Romitz, entertainment director, hails from Ontario, Canada. She joined Carnival in 2013 as an entertainment host. She was named media manager two years later, focusing on shipboard marketing channels such as FunTimes and the Carnival Hub App. Combining her love for travel, passion for cruising and keen attention to detail, Romitz oversees all of the ship’s entertainment options and puts her skills and enthusiasm into planning, organizing and scheduling the hundreds of activity and entertainment choices each week.


Christopher Williams, cruise director, is an eight-year Carnival veteran and a native of Scotland — he’s best known as the “Flying Scotsman.” He joined the company as a singer and Playlist Productions performer before being named cruise director, serving in this capacity on the line’s newest and largest ships. Williams’ role as cruise director is to create a fun, engaging and welcoming environment while helping guests create lifelong vacation memories.

MUSIC OF ALL KINDS Stage shows are just the beginning. The Limelight nightclub will have a professional DJ playing tunes — yes, they take requests — and a host of live musicians will be performing throughout the ship, not just in nightclubs and lounges but also in public areas throughout the ship. “We took the music program to the next level by adding a horn trio and a string trio,” Nelson says. “They can join an existing group or entertain guests with their own customized set.” Other entertainers include a rock band, Piano Bar performers, a guitar soloist and a Caribbean steel pan musician. “It’s important to create an environment that supports the vacation vibe,” Nelson says of the steel pan, the quintessential Caribbean music. “It’s just so island.”

Seuss-a-Palooza, part of the Seuss at Sea program of family entertainment.

FAMILY STYLE ENTERTAINMENT Like the rest of the Carnival fleet, Carnival Sunrise offers many entertaining choices for families. Among the most popular for the youngest cruisers is Seuss at Sea. Operated exclusively with Dr. Seuss Enterprises, the program includes the Green Eggs and Ham Breakfast with The Cat in The Hat and Friends, along with fun supervised programming for kids ages 2-17. Carnival also features its hit repertoire of family-friendly live shows such as Hasbro, The Game Show. (See “Families Get More Fun” for details.)



4/10/19 1:55 PM


HEAVENLY PLACES TO REV UP AND WIND DOWN Plenty of room to relax at Cloud 9 Spa.

Aaaahhhh! Time to refresh mind, body and spirit at Carnival Sunrise’s amazing onboard spa facilities.

Cloud 9 Spa Could there be a better name for Carnival’s go-to relaxation and rejuvenation retreat than Cloud 9? The atmosphere is truly heavenly at Cloud 9 Spa, Carnival Sunrise newly expanded refuge for mind and body. The health and wellness center offers an elaborate thermal suite, private treatment rooms and the latest cardio and weight-training equipment.

One of its most exciting features is the thermal suite, a haven to ease mind, body and spirit. This relaxation zone offers a variety of specially designed environments that create varying levels of soothing warmth, from dry to humid. You can revel in the atmosphere while relaxing on special loungers with an excellent ocean view. Serenity Adult-Only Retreat This top-deck oasis is the height of relaxation. Inhale the open-air breezes, drift away

in a comfortable chaise lounge, actually read a book and toast to alone time with a handcrafted cocktail from the bar. On sea days, you can also enjoy a healthful lunch from the Fresh Creations salad bar. The menu begins with a selection of greens (“Romaine Calm” and “Lettuce Aboard” are our favorites) that you can top with a generous selection of fruits, veggies, proteins and dressings. The best feature of Serenity? It may be the “do nothing at all” option.



4/10/19 1:57 PM


The top deck of a cruise ship used to be a pretty laid-back place, with a pool for sunning and a jogging track for staying active. They’re still there and well-used, but now there’s a whole other world of sports and recreation. Carnival Sunrise has both of these exciting areas.

HIT THE TOP DECK AND HAVE A BLAST SportSquare The sky’s the limit when it comes to outdoor fun and fitness at SportSquare. Carnival’s expansive outdoor recreation area, SportSquare is an onboard paradise for guests who revel in an active lifestyle. A suspended ropes course offers heart-racing views to the sea 150 feet below. This openair play space also has a basketball court; jogging track; ping-pong, foosball and pool tables; and a nine-hole miniature golf course. WaterWorks After conquering SportSquare, cool off at WaterWorks. Splash down the 203-foot-long AquaTunnel slide or Carnival’s signature 212-foot-long Twister (but why not try both?), and get good and wet with the 75-gallon PowerDrencher tipping bucket. The littlest guests can splash it up in the kiddie area.



4/10/19 1:57 PM


Captain’s Suite near the bridge, offering glorious floor-to-ceiling views.


4/10/19 1:58 PM


Take in the sumptuous view from a Cloud 9 Spa Suite.

The Suite Life The biggest change comes with the redesign of two luxurious Captain’s Suites, adjacent to the navigational bridge. Among the largest and most luxurious in the fleet, they offer floor-to-ceiling windows, providing the optimum ocean view.

Just like everything else on board, accommodations have been revamped, enhanced and increased for Carnival Sunrise. All staterooms now boast island-inspired interiors with bright colors and soothing pastels that bring to mind the ship’s Caribbean itineraries.

All suites on the ship offer VIP check-in as well as more indoor space to spread out and a large balcony to kick back. The Cloud 9 Spa Suites also feature spa décor, exclusive amenities and easy spa access. Choices for All In all, Carnival Sunrise boasts new staterooms across a broad range of categories, from interior rooms to balconies, including spa staterooms. The balcony category alone features multiple options, such as the Premium Balcony, Aft-View Extended Balcony, Premium Vista Balcony and Cloud 9 Spa Balcony staterooms. Ocean View staterooms afford fantastic views. Carnival Sunrise also offers a variety of affordable staterooms in the Interior category, all with full, private baths and linens from the Carnival Comfort Collection. The Interior Upper/Lower staterooms are an excellent choice for the value-conscious traveler, providing a twin bed with either a pull-down bed or a sofa bed.



4/10/19 1:58 PM



There’s a reason Carnival is rated the No. 1 family cruise line. Actually, there are at least three reasons, and they’re better than ever on Carnival Sunrise. Modern, Spacious Facilities for Kids and Teens Young cruisers get special spaces custom fit to their age groups, all supervised by enthusiastic Youth Staff. There’s Camp Ocean, the colorful marine-inspired play area designed for kids ages 2-11. This program offers arts and crafts, active games, face painting, science and discovery activities and a whole lot more. Circle “C” is just for 12- to 14-year-olds, with themed dance parties, video games, competitions and teen challenges. Club O2 is geared for those teens ages 15-17 years. These teens have their own space to watch movies, listen to music, play sports and video games, even join a karaoke session and, of course, just chill. The Warehouse arcade promises fun for all ages with a variety of the latest video and arcade games. Kids can play all day and night and have the chance to win lots of prizes!

1 2

Games Families Play Through a partnership with Hasbro, Camp Ocean offers the top names in family fun. Parents and kids are greeted at the camp’s entrance with a TWISTER carpet, PLAY-DOH station and none other than MR. POTATO HEAD. Inside are lots of toys, games and activities based on Hasbro brands. CHUCK & FRIENDS, MR. POTATO HEAD, CONNECT FOUR CHALLENGES, NERF — the list goes on.

The Warehouse means fun for all ages.




Space (and Time) for Parents You and your family wouldn’t be here if you didn’t love being together, but face it: Sometimes parents just need some “we” time! That’s what Camp Ocean’s Night Owls is all about. For an extra fee, parents can drop off the kids and go have a blast for an evening. Camp Ocean also offers fun themed parties after hours!

4/10/19 2:01 PM

THE NEW SHOPPING EXPERIENCE Carnival Sunrise™ has emerged from a major makeover that adds some of Carnival’s most popular features to the ship. Onboard Media is proud to recognize Carnival Cruise Line, our longtime partner in our port shopping and integrated media program, for the ship’s remarkable transformation. Like the dedicated Carnival team who reimagined this ship, we’ve devoted ourselves to transforming expectations and creating whole new experiences. We’re a leader in the creation of custom integrated media, from glossy stateroom magazines to engaging video productions and exciting live shows. We’re always creating new ways of presenting the flavor of our destinations while also promoting the joys of shopping, in ways that resonate with the cruise guest. Cruise shopping promotion is a specialty we helped to create when we were founded in 1989 in Miami, Florida. Since then, we have grown to offer a full selection of integrated media. We are honored to be part of LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton, world leader in luxury. We congratulate our partner in the launch of Carnival Sunrise™. We’re excited to see what else is dawning for our partner!

An LVMH Company Moët Hennessy • Louis Vuitton

8400 NW 36th Street, Suite 520 Miami, FL 33166 (305) 673-0400 onboardmedia.com

6960.indd 96

4/11/19 11:12 AM


Luxury and style come together at The Fun Shops, where brands include TAG Heuer watches; fine jewelry by Kallati (top right); and fashion jewelry by Alex and Ani (bottom right).


4/10/19 1:49 PM


It’s time for a little retail therapy — and we’re not talking about some little shopping trip. We’re talking about finding new styles and creating a whole new look (maybe a whole new you) with brands you love and brands you’d love to try. We’re talking about shopping the way it was always meant to be. We’re talking about The Fun Shops. They’re the onboard retail stores where you’ll find the latest name brands and talked-about trends in jewelry, watches, cosmetics, spirits and more, with experts who love to help guests choose the perfect gift for family, friends — even themselves. Best of all, with the savings you enjoy thanks to tax and duty free pricing, you can afford to splurge on your dream pieces. The Fun Shops simply take shopping to a whole new level. The experience can vary by ship, so you’re not likely to get a been-here-seen-that feeling. All ships offer the perfect mix of premium and fashion brands so you can express all sides of yourself; on Carnival Sunrise, you’ll find new brands and shops have been added to the prior retail space when the ship sailed as Carnival Triumph. Various ships present engaging experiences to make shopping as much fun as the rest of the cruise. “We’re proud to present our latest vision for shopping at sea,” says William Butler, vice president of retail services. “We know it’ll be an exciting experience for our guests, and we can’t wait to share it.” Brand-New Reasons to Shop The Fun Shops on Carnival Sunrise include a new Carnival Adventures store, and the Cherry on Top sweet shop has doubled in size to accommodate it. The long list of top brands includes Kallati and Le Vian in fine jewelry; Chanel, Clinique and Victoria’s Secret in beauty; and Pre-Owned Rolex, TAG Heuer and iTouch smartwatches in timepieces.



4/10/19 1:49 PM


Change is part of The Fun Shops’ DNA throughout the Carnival fleet. “We take a very deliberate approach in designing the retail space and tailoring our assortment,” Butler says. “It’s a matter of stepping back and talking to our guests to find out what they are looking for, and having the team members in place to create an experience that really resonates with them.” It’s not just new brands and products coming aboard on a regular basis, but the experience itself is ever-changing. You never know when a flash sale or pop-up shop will appear, or when you might be invited to a makeup session or a first look at a new jewelry collection. Events are such an integral part of the shopping experience, they’re known as “retail-tainment.” For instance, rather than simply choosing from products lined up on display counters

and shelves, guests can get advice from brand experts as they experiment with makeup, skincare and fragrance or sample top liquors at a spirit-tasting bar. Trunk shows add a personal touch to jewelry presentations and watch buyers can learn about timepieces at special seminars. Shopping events on Carnival Sunrise include liquor tastings and seminars, beauty consultations and special sales on a variety of merchandise. Events change often — check your Fun Times so you’re always in the know. Fun Is All Around Top designer brands, exclusive collections and soon-to-be favorites are all waiting to be encountered in memorable ways. Whether you’re looking for a special piece to celebrate a milestone, something unique to commemorate the trip or just a fresh fashion look, The Fun Shops are a destination you won’t want to miss.

Remember the first voyages of the transformed ship with the Sunrise Inaugural Collection, a limitededition assortment which includes apparel, caps, tote bags and more commemorative items.



4/10/19 1:49 PM


BEST OF THE BRANDS A big part of The Fun Shops’ appeal is the wide range of brands you’ll find here, from top-selling favorites you’ve dreamed of possessing and new ones to take home and start a few trends of your own. The list of brands shown here could change between voyages. Keep visiting The Fun Shops so you don’t miss anything!

The Fun Shops are located mid-ship and close to all the action at the Sunrise Casino and Liquid Lounge. Here’s where you’ll find just what you’re looking for: Hip Fish Fashion & Accessories Carnival Adventures Store: Great gear to maximize your fun on board and ashore. Cherry on Top: Candy and more, including gifts, novelties, apparel and party supplies.

Front Street Fine Jewelry & Watches The Carnival Store: Carnivalbranded merchandise Portside Liquor & Tobacco Hip Fish Beauty & Fragrance

JEWELRY Ariella Kallati Le Vian Swarovski BEAUTY Bvlgari Dolce & Gabbana Carolina Herrera Chanel Clinique Dior Estèe Lauder Gucci Lancôme Victoria’s Secret SPIRITS Bacardi Crown Royal Grey Goose Hennessy Johnnie Walker Patrón

WATCHES Bulova Casio Citizen Fossil Guess Invicta iTouch Movado Philip Stein Pre-Owned Rolex TAG Heuer Tissot SUNGLASSES Guess Oakley Ray-Ban APPAREL Guess Quiksilver Roxy

Hennessy White cognac; TAG Heuer Carrera watch. CARNIVAL SUNRISE 39


4/10/19 1:49 PM


KALLATI AND LE VIAN: TIME TO SPARKLE What could be more fun than jewelry — not just wearing it, but shopping for it too? The Fun Shops have a sparkling assortment of jewelry in both luxury and fashion options. Le Vian brings red carpet glamour to your evening look, with designs worn by hundreds of A-list celebrities as they take the spotlight. Collections at The Fun Shops include Le Vian’s famous Chocolate Diamonds®, hand cut from rare, natural fancy brown diamonds and brought to you only after meeting Le Vian’s rigorous standards.

Kallati offers exquisite diamond designs, continuing a family tradition that has endured for generations. These creations are meant to reflect your most precious moments and your compelling originality. Choose jewelry from The Fun Shops whenever you want to roll out your personal red carpet. 40 CARNIVAL SUNRISE


4/10/19 1:49 PM



Here’s some sweet news for fans of Cherry on Top, Carnival’s candy-and-more shop. The store has been doubled in size, and now shares space with the new Carnival Adventures store.

Cherry on Top carries everything you need to make life sweet: yummy candy, luscious ice cream and even party favors and goodies.

Carnival Adventures, meanwhile, has all you need to maximize your fun on board and ashore, from snorkel gear and swim fins to sunscreen and waterproof backpacks. CARNIVAL SUNRISE 41


4/10/19 1:49 PM


FOCUSED ON SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY Diamonds International and Crown of Light It’s known as one of the the world’s largest tax and duty free diamond retailers and one of the largest employers on the islands where it operates, with an unwavering focus on corporate and social responsibility and giving back to the communities it serves around the world.

Bringing a Shine Back to the Islands In 2017, the Caribbean was hit with one of the most horrific hurricane seasons in recorded history. Shortly after, the cruise industry played a vital role in the reconstruction of the islands. Being located throughout the Caribbean, Diamonds International was an integral part of the rebuilding process. and came to the islands’ aid by chartering planes with supplies, food and water, rebuilding homes and keeping everyone’s job intact at a time when it had to close 20 stores. The company is the main sponsor of the Baby Haven orphanage in Namibia, southern Africa, providing food, clothes, shelter and toys through generous contributions every year. But it’s not just about the retailer donating money. Employees are not afraid to get their hands dirty! They have recognized the need to do their part by supporting their local communities: working hard to build countless houses and

The Crown of Hope rings not only create memories but also provide contributions to Baby Haven in Namibia, southern Africa.

schools; playing a part in cleaning the environment and fighting against global

6969L-R.indd 8

4/5/19 1:41 PM

Caring for Kids The diamond retailer gives back in many ways, including helping to build schools and providing shelter, food, clothes and toys.

warming; and hiring locally, transferring skills. They have become ambassadors of goodwill on their islands and are changing the face of so many communities they play a part in. To learn more about Diamonds International and the work its people do, the projects they play a part in and the amazing social responsibility they consider so incredibly important, please tune in to your onboard Shopping Channel or see your Shopping Expert. You can feel good about any Crown of Light and jewelry purchase you make this week, knowing it helps to continue the amazing work and contributions of a generous company! Diamonds International would like to congratulate Carnival Cruise Line on the refitting of its new ship and the exciting inaugural of Carnival Sunrise™! To celebrate this, the company will contribute to Baby Haven 20 percent of all

A gift of sparkling jewelry can also brighten the lives of those in need.

proceeds* from sales of its Crown of Hope collection, to help the children grow and spread their wings.

*The Crown of Hope contributions will be made from April 2019 to April 2020 or while supplies last.

6969L-R.indd 9

4/5/19 1:42 PM



Congratulations on the Launch of Carnival SunriseTM! We are proud to go into the blue together. Milano Diamond Gallery is a family-owned business that has continuously innovated the Caribbean jewelry market, from being one of the first trusted retailers in the early ’90s to becoming a manufacturer with an extensive collection of fine jewelry. Milano’s Chief Operating Officer and GIA Certified Gemologist Rahul Kheskwani looks to continue raising the bar with unique designs that use the best materials in the industry at unbeatable price points.

“We are big, but still run Milano Diamond Gallery as a family operation.” —Rahul Kheskwani

Jewelry Tips from Milano’s Chief Operating Officer GIA Certified Gemologist Rahul Kheskwani 1.

Diamond Studs

• Go for size. Don’t focus on the color or clarity as no one

is going to look at them too closely.

• Always try them on. Diamonds always look bigger

when worn than in the showcase.

2. Pendants

“The islands have been good to us, so we always need to give back.”

• Look for maximum sparkle or design. This is the most

looked-at piece of jewelry a woman wears.

• Try on the piece and shimmy around a bit to be sure it lies flat

and doesn’t twist and that the chain is the perfect length for you.

Milano’s Baguette & Round Diamond Ring Collection is a perfect updated spin on an old classic.

6914L-R.indd 2

3/26/19 12:15 PM


Over 20 Brands in 47 Locations in 19 Ports Alex & Ani


Bell & Ross

Le Vian

Caro 74



Mark Henry Alexandrite

Dancing Diamond

“I grew up in this industry and was at my dad’s store every day after school before I was 10, and spent my summers in our manufacturing facility learning jewelry manufacturing and gemstone setting.”



Philip Stein





Frederique Constant


Hearts on Fire




Diamond Tennis Bracelets: Check for Uniformity

• Lay the bracelet flat. Examine color and size and make

sure they all match.

• If the bracelet is hard to get on and off, that’s actually a

good thing. This is one piece of jewelry that gets the most

wear and tear and you want it to be secure.

Milano Diamond Gallery raised $20,000 in aid for St. Maarten communities affected by Hurricane Irma. The company held a silent auction at the Grand Opening Event for its newest location in St. Maarten.

6914L-R.indd 3

3/26/19 12:16 PM

PLACES IN THE SUN In its inaugural year, Carnival Sunrise will travel from three home ports to some of the world’s most unforgettable destinations. Guests can explore the tropical charms of the Caribbean — including Havana! — and the laid-back elegance of Bermuda, as well as the breathtaking colors of fall foliage in New England and the Canadian Maritimes. Destinations are subject to change. For the latest itineraries, visit Carnival.com, call 1-800-CARNIVAL or contact any travel agent.

19CCL_SUNRISE_13_OPENER2.indd 46

4/9/19 3:16 PM


CARNIVAL ADVENTURES: TEAM ORANGE IS ON IT GET THE CARNIVAL HUB APP It’s the ultimate cruise companion — and it’s free! Download it to your smartphone and you’ll always be connected to all the fun on board and ashore. You can plan and book your shore excursions, check on itinerary details, stay in touch with friends on the ship, and do so much more. It’s free to download from your phone’s app store and free to use (except for the chat feature). With the Hub App, fun is always at your fingertips!

You’re here! Ready for a day of fun, sun and adventure? Of course you are! But where to begin? You have so many choices — a whole different set in each port. One destination may be known for its great diving, the next for fascinating history, still another for relaxing beach days. Where can you find exactly what you’re looking for? Great news! There’s help right on board, from Carnival Adventures and Team Orange. They’re the excursion experts. Carnival Adventures is an exceptional program of shore excursions. Not just another “been there, done that” set of tours, these carefully crafted experiences are tailored for today’s traveler, from young couples to multigenerational families. Excursions are offered by trusted local providers. The program also carries Carnival’s three-part promise of quality: THE BEST EXCURSIONS AT THE BEST PRICE WITH GUARANTEED PEACE OF MIND You get peace of mind knowing that Carnival has taken care of all the details for you, and you’ll never worry about getting back to the ship on time.

Meet Team Orange They’re the most experienced, knowledgeable team around, constantly fine-tuning selections to make sure everything is up to exacting standards — especially yours. They’re the first off the ship and last on, to make sure you’re having the time of your life. See Team Orange at the Carnival Adventures desk on board for more information.


19CCL_SUNRISE_13_OPENER2.indd 47

4/9/19 3:16 PM



At first sight, you’ll love Freeport for its Lucaya resort scene. Then you’ll

discover the natural side of 96-mile-long Grand Bahama Island and realize that this is much more than just another pretty tourist magnet.

Pedal across the island by bike. Kayak through inland creeks and mangroves.

In Freeport, it’s all about the water.

19CCL_SUNRISE_14_Ports_Freeport.indd 48

Sail VIP style on board a luxe yacht. For more ways to explore, visit the Carnival Adventures desk on board.



4/9/19 3:18 PM

INSIDER’S GUIDE SHOPPING LIST Androsia batik cloth, created by artisans on the nearby island of Andros Conch shell jewelry Larimar jewelry, whose azure-hued stone will always remind you of the blue Caribbean Kalik beer, pride of the Bahamas


Junkanoo art, from the festival that takes over the Bahamas in December-January and June-July


Things to do, places to go and what to know to make the most of your visit to Freeport. Grand Bahama, the most diverse island in the Bahamas, flexes its vacation muscle well beyond the Freeport-Lucaya resort scene. The ultimate island-swimming experience can be found at UNEXSO (Underwater Explorers Society) in Lucaya, where the fun includes scuba-diving excursions. Other choices on and in the water include luxury outings by sailboat; reef snorkeling; and kayaking. Prefer to stay on dry land? Take a tour by Jeep. Nature lovers can head east to the lush and historic Garden of the Groves for a


serene tour of nature’s finest and lunch at the café. More-active sorts can kayak and hike through Lucayan National Park, where ecosystems range from bat caves to remote beaches. Carnival guests in Freeport can enjoy an exclusive beach getaway which includes swimming; a playground with lots of games and toys; and water-sports activity rentals. Food is available for purchase, and shopping is nearby. Lively activities at Grand Lucayan Beach & Golf Resort include water sports and a waterslide, and a variety of restaurants and bars are footsteps away. The beach is also a short walk from the authentic Bahamian settlement of Smith’s Point.

The waters of the Bahamas are teeming with colorful fish, coral reefs and other creatures.



You’ll see the sea grape tree, with its unmistakable round leaves, growing throughout the Bahamas. Islanders make a delicious jelly from its grapes; try some if you get the chance.


19CCL_SUNRISE_14_Ports_Freeport.indd 49

4/9/19 3:18 PM



The focal point of Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas, has always been the harbor, which has lured gangs of buccaneers, bootleggers and various other wily adventurers over the years. Beyond the harbor are many more delights: brightly painted buildings, intriguing history and alluring shopping, for starters.

Have a day with the dolphins. Mingle with colorful fish. You don’t have to go far to meet Nassau’s more-colorful residents. They’re right below the surface.

19CCL_SUNRISE_16_Ports_Nassau.indd 50

Hit the beach and just . . . relax. For more ways to explore, visit the Carnival Adventures desk on board.



4/9/19 3:19 PM

INSIDER’S GUIDE SHOPPING LIST Fine watches and jewelry Authentic handwoven straw bags and crafts from the world-famous Straw Market One-of-a-kind jewelry designs made from the pink and pearl-like shell of the native conch


Clothing, linens and accessories made from brightly colored batik fabric


Things to do, places to go and what to know to make the most of your visit to Nassau. Slip on your walking shoes if you plan to get to know the spirit and culture of the Bahamas in one day. If you’d rather save your feet, or want to add an element of romance to your visit, hire a horse-drawn surrey ride from the dock. Near the dock, you’ll pass all of Nassau’s most important and impressive government buildings, churches and monuments. Some of downtown’s historic buildings house specialty museums, such as the thought-provoking Pompey Museum of


Slavery & Emancipation at the old slave marketplace, and The Balcony House Museum, believed to be the Bahamas’ oldest wooden structure. Families will want to stop at the interactive Pirates of Nassau Museum. Downtown’s Bay Street shopping area offers everything from duty-free jewelry and perfume, to the vibrant work of local artists. For the wares at the Straw Market, you’ll need cash if you want to bargain. Carnival guests can get even more beaches, shopping, water sports and other fun (including swimming with dolphins) at Atlantis Resort, which is connected to Nassau by a bridge to Paradise Island.

Go deep with scuba or just skim the surface with a snorkel, but spend some time swimming with the fishes.



The oldest and best-known lighthouse in the Bahamas and the oldest in the West Indies, the Hog Island light was built in 1817. It stands on the western tip of Paradise Island, which was called Hog Island when the structure was built.


19CCL_SUNRISE_16_Ports_Nassau.indd 51

4/9/19 3:19 PM


HALF MOON CAY Half Moon Cay is Carnival Cruise Line’s private island, made up of 55 acres along the 2,400-acre Little San Salvador Island. Ninety-eight percent of the entire island is devoted to an international bird sanctuary. As for the other 2 percent, Carnival packs in plenty of fun. Guests can splash it up at Half Moon Lagoon Aqua Park, stroll along a nature trail, or simply relax in a private, air-conditioned beachfront cabana.

Explore the waters by horseback, snorkel or kayak. Make pals with the local stingrays.

Modern-day pirates conquer the beach of Half Moon Cay.

19CCL_SUNRISE_15_Ports_HalfMoonCay.indd 52

Watch the kids play buccaneer in the pirate ship at the water park. For more ways to explore, visit the Carnival Adventures desk on board.



4/9/19 3:20 PM

INSIDER’S GUIDE SHOPPING LIST Conch jewelry Wood carvings or other crafts at The Straw Market A fruit rum punch from the island’s open-air bar

Things to do, places to go and what to know to make the most of your visit to Half Moon Cay. Little San Salvador, better known as Half Moon Cay, is a Bahamian slice of paradise that’s full of possibilities for choosing fun. Its world-famous, 2-mile-long beach — with crystal-clear waters and sand as soft as baby powder – makes it incredibly easy to relax. Soak in the sun while listening to the soothing sounds of the sea breeze with your favorite drink in hand.




Take things up a notch and go sightseeing or on exciting shore excursions you’ll never forget. Go bird watching and take


in a plethora of species. Get up close and personal with the island’s stingrays at Stingray Cove. Ride a majestic horse peacefully on both land and sea. Kayak your way through Bone Fish Lagoon guided by an island naturalist. When it’s time for lunch — with a view, of course — feast on mouthwatering barbecue served buffet-style at the food pavilion. Wash it down with a refreshing Bahamianstyle cocktail. And when it’s time to shop, options include The Straw Market, which is made up of several small, cash-only shops staffed and run by friendly locals; it claims its share of unique Bahamian souvenirs.

The classic Caribbean cocktail mixes rum with pineapple and orange juice and adds a splash of grenadine. We’d give you the actual recipe, but it tastes much better when you watch a bartender mix it up.


This little corner of Half Moon Cay comprises 1,400 acres of protected habitat. Residents include red mangrove and silver buttonwood trees; many species of birds; and starfish, jellyfish and other sea creatures. Paddling a kayak through the calm water is the best way to enjoy it all.


19CCL_SUNRISE_15_Ports_HalfMoonCay.indd 53

4/9/19 3:20 PM



Located at the isolated southern tip of historic Eleuthera Island in the Bahamas, Princess Cays offers 40 unspoiled acres and 1.5 miles of pristine beach.

WAYS TO EXPLORE Hop on a dune buggy. Grab a snorkel and meet some sea creatures. The idyllic beach at Princess Cays.

19CCL_SUNRISE_17_Ports_PrincessCays.indd 54

For more ways to explore, visit the Carnival Adventures desk on board.


Bask on the sunny beach.

4/9/19 3:21 PM


INSIDER’S GUIDE SHOPPING LIST Authentic handmade Bahamian crafts, including straw creations, from the shops Conch shell jewelry Local jams and jellies

Things to do, places to go and what to know to make the most of your visit to Princess Cays. The quiet beach port of Princess Cays is a slice of natural paradise located on the southernmost tip of Eleuthera in the Bahamas. Its white-sand beaches and crystal-blue ocean waters make it a prime destination to have fun with activities that range from local sightseeing to kayaking to kicking back with a cool drink in hand.


Carnival Adventures offers a fascinating glimpse of Out Island life with a tour


of South Eleuthera settlements. The excursion continues to The Cathedral Caves and Boiling Hole, followed by shopping and a visit to the quaint fishing village of Tarpum Bay. When it’s time to take a break from sightseeing, you can either relax or immerse yourself in fun water sports via a plethora of available water toys and instruments that range from paddle boards to banana boats. You’ll work up an appetite for the hearty, buffet-style barbecue lunch. Various smaller shops on the resort and a local craft market offer souvenirs, clothing and island crafts.

Master weavers in the Bahamas turn straw into gold. Hats, woven totes and shellencrusted straw handbags show that island style can go beyond the beach.



Guests get up-close encounters with stingrays at this private getaway on Princess Cays. Expert guides demonstrate safe interaction with the stingrays, including feeding them and touching their silky-smooth skin. Stingrays can weigh up to 800 pounds, but they glide gracefully through the water by undulating their bodies or flapping their sides like wings.


19CCL_SUNRISE_17_Ports_PrincessCays.indd 55

4/9/19 3:21 PM



A little tea with your tan? Bermuda adds a British accent to just about

everything except — thankfully — the weather. The result is a laid-back, uniquely charming sophistication. You’ll see businessmen in Bermuda shorts and policemen called “bobbies.” You’ll also find exhilarating recreation, fascinating history and delightful shopping and dining.

WAYS TO EXPLORE Have a spot of tea in Hamilton (and check out the Bobby in the Birdcage).

A cozy bit of Bermuda’s famed pink sand.

19CCL_SUNRISE_18_Ports_Bermuda.indd 56

Relive the past at the National Museum and other spots in the Royal Naval Dockyard. For more ways to explore, visit the Carnival Adventures desk on board.


Climb Gibbs Hill Lighthouse.

4/9/19 3:22 PM

INSIDER’S GUIDE SHOPPING LIST Artwork depicting the Royal Naval Dockyard, colorful cottages or other scenes of this picturesque island Bermuda rum Authentic Bermuda shorts A banana doll, made from the dried husk of the fruit Shell jewelry A jar of signature pink sand

Things to do, places to go and what to know to make the most of your visit to Bermuda. Pink-sand beaches and enthralling dive sites are just the beginning of Bermuda’s allure. Generous servings of history and culture await in St. George, Hamilton and the Royal Naval Dockyard. St. George was Bermuda’s first capital (until 1815) and was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2000. Among the sites that helped it earn that distinction is St. Peter’s Church, one of the first churches built in the New World. On a lighter historic note, don’t miss a reenactment of the Ducking Stool, a form of punishment in the 15th to 18th centuries in which the guilty were tied to a stool and dunked in the water multiple times.


The Royal Naval Dockyard was established in 1809 as a protection against the newly



independent American colonies. It is now the most visited site in Bermuda. Here you will find the National Museum of Bermuda, which houses local artist Graham Foster’s two-story mural depicting 500 years of Bermuda history and culture. Hamilton, the current capital, offers several historic buildings, shops and churches set along the Hamilton harbor. Churches in Hamilton, such as Holy Trinity Church, are some of the oldest in the New World. Nature lovers will want to visit the Bermuda Botanical Gardens; art lovers, the Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art and its works. The collection represents Bermuda’s history, culture and heritage and includes works by such masters as Winslow Homer and Georgia O’Keefe. End your day with some dining and shopping on Front Street and a tour of the historic harbor.

Perhaps the most popular ginger beer in all of the Caribbean, Barritts has been around since 1874, and the bottled version uses only pure cane sugar.



Bermuda shorts are so ubiquitous they’re almost a fashion uniform, and they began as an actual uniform for British troops seeking a defense against the warm climate. Since then, the almost-kneelength pants have been adopted by both men and women and are acceptable as casual business attire.


19CCL_SUNRISE_18_Ports_Bermuda.indd 57

4/9/19 3:22 PM



WAYS TO EXPLORE Meet a Scottish regiment at the Citadel. Smell the flowers at the public gardens. Take in the views from the Peggy’s Cove lighthouse. For more ways to explore, visit the Carnival Adventures desk on board.



INSIDER’S GUIDE Things to do, places to go and what to know to make the most of your visit to Halifax. Halifax is a vibrant seaport city that’s famous for its scenic views, rich maritime history, mouthwatering seafood and welcoming hospitality. Its waterfront, home to gentle sea breezes as well as a diverse mix of year-round and seasonal events, is front and center. Recommended stops include the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, Canada’s oldest and largest maritime museum; the Halifax Citadel, the prominent star-shaped fort that overlooks the harbor and is essentially

responsible for the founding of Halifax; the Halifax Public Gardens, which boasts over 16 acres of serene, peaceful gardens containing numerous fountains, vibrant flowers and more than 140 different species of trees; the Alexander Graham Bell National Historic Site, where you can expand your knowledge of the inventor of the telephone; and Alexander Keith’s Brewery, one of the oldest breweries in North America and a great place to get to know the friendly locals (also known as Haligonians). No visit to Halifax is complete without tasting Halifax’s official food, a spicy sandwich called donair. It’s a pita filled with shaved beef topped with tomatoes and onions and slathered in a signature sauce. When it comes time to shop, Spring Gardens boasts nine blocks worth of shops that are both brand-name and independently owned.


Standing guard at the entrance to the Halifax Citadel National Historic Site.


There is only one way to play bagpipes: loudly. The pipes can reach decibel levels as loudly. As a chainsaw or jet engine at take-off.


19CCL_SUNRISE_19_Ports_Halifax/StJohn.indd 58

4/9/19 3:23 PM





Hike the Fundy Trail Parkway. Discover the incredible Reversing Falls. Shop for treats at Saint John City Market.


For more ways to explore, visit the Carnival Adventures desk on board.

A performer juggles bowling balls at the annual Buskers on the Bay festival.



Crack open a Moosehead, one of Canada’s signature beverages. Not only will you be drinking like most Canadians, but you’ll also be toasting a symbol of the country itself.

Things to do, places to go and what to know to make the most of your visit to Saint John. Canada’s Original City is a thriving, historically rich locale filled with uptown streetscapes, cultural attractions and natural wonders. It’s the only city on the shore of the alluring Bay of Fundy, home to the world’s highest tides. Recommended stops in Saint John include the New Brunswick Museum, where you can learn all about New Brunswick’s natural history, life and art as you make your way

through the Hall of Great Whales and three floors of galleries and exhibitions; the grand Imperial Theatre, which features theatrical shows and movies; Irving Nature Park, home to an oasis of forests, marshes, beaches and trails; the Reversing Rapids Skywalk, where you can take in impressive views of the bay colliding with the Saint John River; and Rockwood Park, a hub for year-round outdoor activities that boasts more than 55 trails and footpaths. At the Saint John City Market, you can shop for maritime crafts, imported items and items handcrafted by resident artists.


19CCL_SUNRISE_19_Ports_Halifax/StJohn.indd 59

4/9/19 3:23 PM



WAYS TO EXPLORE Experience great art museums. Stroll through the Public Garden. Trace the Revolution on the Freedom Trail. For more ways to explore, visit the Carnival Adventures desk on board.



Faneuil Hall Marketplace offers locally sourced souvenirs and other treasures.

Things to do, places to go and what to know to make the most of your visit to Boston. Boston, the earliest center of American culture, attracts visitors with its distinctive mix of historical and contemporary offerings. It’s a forward-thinking city that clearly values its rich colonial history. Must-see places include Beacon Hill, Boston’s most famous neighborhood, known for its brick, ivy and cobblestones and Boston Brahmin heritage; the Institute of Contemporary Art, which has paved

the way for contemporary art in the 21st century and is itself a piece of art (it’s a glass structure cantilevered over a waterside plaza); the Bunker Hill Monument, a 220-foot obelisk that commemorates the turning-point battle of the American Revolution; the Public Garden, which was the first public botanical garden in America; and Fenway Park, an architectural wonder that’s home to the Boston Red Sox. Faneuil Hall Marketplace is brimming with all the Boston memorabilia you could want. Newbury Street also offers exceptional opportunities for shopping.



It’s tradition for Major League Baseball players to sign their names on the inside of the Green Monster on their first visit to Fenway Park, home of the Red Sox since 1912.


19CCL_SUNRISE_20_Ports_Boston/Portland.indd 60

4/9/19 3:24 PM

WAYS TO EXPLORE Take in the harbor from Portland Head Light. Ride through the Casco Bay Islands. Stroll through historic Old Port.




For more ways to explore, visit the Carnival Adventures desk on board.

Riding on Portland’s waterfront bike trail as cherry trees bloom.



Don’t leave Portland without devouring a lobster roll made with Maine’s legendary crustacean. English settlers in Maine have been catching local lobster since the 1600s and have figured out exactly how to serve it.

Things to do, places to go and what to know to make the most of your visit to Portland. Portland offers visitors the typical picturesque Maine topography with the urban sophistication of a vibrant metropolis. It’s a city full of contrasts, small in size yet one of New England’s must-see destinations due to its rich history, art and dramatic seaside location.

lighthouse in America and a great place to take in views of Portland Harbor and Casco Bay; the Eastern Promenade, a 68-acre waterfront park with picturesque views that’s located on a stretch of land separating Back Cove from the Fore River; the Wadsworth-Longfellow House and the Victoria Mansion, historic homes that are now museums; and the Portland Observatory, America’s last standing maritime signal tower.

Notable places to visit include the Portland Museum of Art, Maine’s largest and oldest public art museum, where you can explore the city’s flourishing art scene; Portland Head Light, the most photographed

Lobster and oysters are the two foods to eat while you’re there. Portland’s Old Port District has been reimagined as a retail hub and offers shops and galleries that boast a distinct Maine flair. CARNIVAL SUNRISE 61

19CCL_SUNRISE_20_Ports_Boston/Portland.indd 61

4/9/19 3:24 PM



This idyllic spot in the Dominican Republic offers all you could ask for in a Caribbean vacation: a little history (including pirate lore), a little culture (fine and folk art, delicious food) and a lot of fun with the many recreational opportunities. Does your idea of fun involve relaxing on a beach with a

WAYS TO EXPLORE Colorful cottages welcome you to Amber Cove, a multifaceted destination on the north coast of the Dominican Republic.

19CCL_SUNRISE_21_Ports_AmberCove.indd 62

Frolic with dolphins. Sunbathe aboard a catamaran. Paddleboard atop crystal waters. For more ways to explore, visit the Carnival Adventures desk on board.


tropical drink in hand? There’s plenty of that, too.

4/9/19 3:24 PM

INSIDER’S GUIDE SHOPPING LIST Coffee, a mainstay of island cuisine and a prized gift for java fans back home Skincare and hair products to protect you in the tropical heat Locally made crafts Jewelry with amber, the signature gem of the Dominican Republic Larimar jewelry, mined only in the Dominican Republic

Things to do, places to go and what to know to make the most of your visit to Amber Cove. Amber Cove is in the heart of the breathtaking Amber Coast in the northern region of the Dominican Republic, and it is just five miles from the bustling historic beach town of Puerto Plata. Its name is a nod to the amber that comes from the region’s amber mines, which are among the richest in the world. Situated in a stunning coastal inlet, with a lush tropical landscape, towering mountains and more than two dozen waterfalls as a backdrop, the port proper features dramatic architecture and design elements that echo the region’s colonial past. Cobblestone streets and plazas lead to everything an arriving guest could want. Its convenient recreation areas include a large pool with slides and other water features, a selection of water sports and a vibrant marketplace offering locally sourced crafts and souvenirs. Visitors can enjoy lively themed restaurants and bars.


Shore excursions out of Amber Cove are ranked as some of the best in the Caribbean, from dolphin encounters and horseback rides to coffee plantation visits featuring traditional Dominican dishes. Among the top excursions is a trek to the waterfalls of Damajagua, where you can explore hiking trails, canyons and natural waterslides and pools. Nearby Ocean World, one of the region’s largest marine adventure parks, also offers a range of opportunities to experience and interact with marine life. Touring nearby Puerto Plata also has been very popular with Amber Cove visitors. The historic city was founded as the village of La Isabella in the late 1490s by Christopher Columbus and his brother, Bartolomé, and is the site of Fort San Felipe, the first fort built by European settlers in the New World. Puerto Plata is home to many artist studios, rum and cigar factories, the Amber Museum and the Malecón, a three-mile-long beachfront boardwalk with even more restaurants, bars and shopping.



Also known as Fortaleza San Felipe, the historic fortress is strategically perched on a hill overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. It was commissioned in 1564 by King Felipe II of Spain and was completed in 1577. Today, it's a museum of military artifacts.


19CCL_SUNRISE_21_Ports_AmberCove.indd 63

4/9/19 3:25 PM


CARTAGENA Formally known as Cartagena de Indias, this city on the Caribbean Sea offers a unique mix of military fortresses, Spanish colonial architecture and Old World hospitality.

Discover history in Old Town. Taste pirate days at Castillo de San Felipe. Shop for gems in Bocagrande. Beautiful fruit vendors in Cartagena.

19CCL_SUNRISE_23_Ports_Cartagena.indd 64

For more ways to explore, visit the Carnival Adventures desk on board.



4/9/19 3:26 PM


INSIDER’S GUIDE SHOPPING LIST Emeralds, of course — 98 percent of the world’s supply is mined here Coffee, the beverage for which Colombia is so rightly famed Chocolate, another local treat (enjoy it with your coffee)


Hammocks, shoulder bags and other crafts by the indigenous Wayuu people


Things to do, places to go and what to know to make the most of your visit to Cartagena. The picturesque port city of Cartagena, which was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1984, sits along Colombia’s Caribbean coast. It wins over visitors time and time again due to its history, culture, tropical climate, colorful colonial buildings and magnificent beaches. Recommended places of exploration in Cartagena include El Centro, one of the finest examples of preserved colonial architecture in the Americas; the Castillo

de San Felipe de Barajas, the largest of a series of fortresses built to protect the city from pirates; Getsemaní, Cartagena’s upand-coming neighborhood that’s famous for its friendly locals and the street art drawn on its derelict buildings; the Museo de Arte Moderno, home to a wide range of Colombian sculptures, abstract art and temporary exhibitions; and the Iglesia de San Pedro Claver, one the most beautiful buildings in the city and a crucial part of Cartagena’s social and religious history. At El Centro Artesano, you’ll be able to shop for Colombian handmade goods made by indigenous craftspeople.

If you want to make your friends green with envy, bring home one of Cartagena’s famous emeralds.



Cartagena’s founders built a wall around the original city more than 500 years ago to keep out invaders. Today the area is jam-packed with elegant mansions, monasteries, churches, shops, sculptures, plazas and palaces. Strolling along winding streets, visitors pass horse-drawn carriages, outdoor cafés, bistros and torch-lit restaurants.


19CCL_SUNRISE_23_Ports_Cartagena.indd 65

4/9/19 3:26 PM



Turquoise waters, white-sand beaches and a rich history attract pleasureseekers from all over the world to Grand Cayman. Scuba divers and nature-lovers are drawn to famed dive sites, while land-based attractions include a bustling shopping mecca, fascinating local history and catchof-the-day dining. The infamous pirates may be long gone, but this magnificent island remains a treasure.

Network with friendly stingrays or gentle sea turtles. Roll along magnificent beaches via Segway.

Taking in the saltwater sights.

19CCL_SUNRISE_24_Ports_GrandCayman.indd 66

Experience a zero-gravity underwater stroll. For more ways to explore, visit the Carnival Adventures desk on board.



4/9/19 3:26 PM

SHOPPING LIST Caymanite stone and sterling silver jewelry Luxury watches Rum and rum cake A memento depicting Sir Turtle, Grand Cayman’s official mascot


several shipwrecks at the bottom of the Things to do, places to go and what to know to make the most of your visit sea and serene kayaking on top. to Grand Cayman. Grand Cayman is well-known as a hub of international banking and finance, but more visitors are lured here by its extensive natural and man-made attractions. It’s a favorite getaway for many Hollywood celebrities who are drawn by its serene beauty and the variety of things it offers to see and do. The centerpiece of the island is the magnificent Seven Mile Beach, a vast expanse of powdery-white sand.



You’ll find numerous opportunities for diving, snorkeling and sailing, including



You will take a tender into port, where you’ll have plenty of time to explore. At lunchtime, save room for dessert: a slice (or more) of Grand Cayman’s world-famous rum cake. Shopping is especially rewarding in the capital of George Town, home to some of the Caribbean’s best duty-free shopping — at attractive discounts. Great finds include black-coral jewelry, luxury watches, fine perfumes and gracious dinnerware. Seekers of unique souvenirs choose caymanite — a hard stone with striations ranging in color from pale pinkish beige to deep russet — found only in the Caymans.

The Cayman Turtle Centre is the perfect place to encounter the island’s famously laid-back residents, along with predator tanks, a free-flight aviary and a tranquil nature trail.


Answer the ocean’s call with a diving or snorkeling trip to explore the Caribbean waters off Grand Cayman. The waters here have attracted famed underwater explorer Jacques Cousteau and his son, Philippe Cousteau; the latter pronounced it one of the world’s best dive locales.


19CCL_SUNRISE_24_Ports_GrandCayman.indd 67

4/9/19 3:27 PM


GRAND TURK Turks and Caicos is an idyllic archipelago of islands and cays with 230

miles of white, sandy beaches and some of the world’s most preferred dive sites. The main island is Grand Turk, where the capital, Cockburn Town,

WAYS TO EXPLORE Swim in the sparkling turquoise seas off Governor’s Beach. Tour historic Cockburn Town and the old salt pans. Feel the velvety touch of a stingray’s wings in Gibbs Cay. Big fun on a little island.

19CCL_SUNRISE_25_Ports_GrandTurk.indd 68

For more ways to explore, visit the Carnival Adventures desk on board.


boasts pretty frame houses with gingerbread verandas.

4/9/19 3:27 PM

INSIDER’S GUIDE SHOPPING LIST Jewelry made from natural color-changing alexandrite Soaps and bath salts (produced with genuine Salt Cay salt) from The Salt House Handmade crafts, including model sailboats, one-of-a-kind dolls and straw products




Bambarra rum, the island’s own unique sugarcane rum

Things to do, places to go and what to know to make the most of your visit to Grand Turk. As the capital of Turks and Caicos — and rumored landfall site of Christopher Columbus’ 1492 voyage to the New World — the small island of Grand Turk leaves quite a big impression on visitors. Famed for its exceptional diving opportunities, Grand Turk boasts an outstanding protected coral reef and the steep wall of the continental shelf, which drops 8,000 feet while still being close enough to shore for beach dives. Those not dive-certified can still take in the aquatic sights by snorkeling in the clear aquamarine waters offshore, or get up close and personal


with friendly stingrays at Gibbs Cay, where the curious creatures swim to shore to interact with guests. For a dry sea-life spotting experience, visitors can spot humpback whales from shore as they journey past Grand Turk during whale-watching season. A small trek inward to Cockburn Town rewards visitors with the historical essence of this enchanting island. Colonial-style buildings, ruins and historic sites greet visitors with rustic charm. Among popular destinations are the Turks and Caicos National Museum, Hawks Nest Anchorage, Fire Hill and Her Majesty’s Prison. Best of all, whatever option you choose to indulge in, this quaint and friendly port can be easily explored with Carnival Adventures.

Near your ship is The Grand Turk Cruise Center, an 18-acre luxury oasis featuring SunRay beach, poolside cabanas, restaurants, spas, shops and more.


White-sand beaches and pristine waters offer visitors more than just a beautiful spot to catch some sun. Plenty of activities are available, including diving, scuba and flamingo spotting.


19CCL_SUNRISE_25_Ports_GrandTurk.indd 69

4/9/19 3:27 PM



It has some of the best beaches in the Caribbean and interesting inland landscapes. Aruba also draws visitors to its capital city, Oranjestad, where the island’s Dutch heritage is evident in colorful architecture and the wares in its shops.

Get down (under the water) in a submarine. Suit up to scuba. Snap some cool nature pics. Enjoying Aruba’s turquoise waters.

19CCL_SUNRISE_22_Ports_Aruba.indd 70

For more ways to explore, visit the Carnival Adventures desk on board.



4/9/19 3:29 PM

INSIDER’S GUIDE SHOPPING LIST Authentic shipwreck coins Gold, diamond and larimar jewelry Products made from aloe, which has been grown here since 1890 Dutch cheese, a delicious piece of the island’s heritage Mopa Mopa art, a native craft in which wood carvings are decorated with boiled buds and leaves from the mopamopa tree



Things to do, places to go and what to know to make the most of your visit to Aruba. Everything Dutch comes alive in Oranjestad — from gabled architecture to delicious cheeses and exquisite blue Delft china. But not all of its attractions are imported. Oranjestad’s picturesque harbor boasts many tempting boutiques at the Renaissance Mall and Marketplace. Treasures such as Mopa Mopa art await in the shops along Caya G.F. Betico Croes, a delightful setting with classic Dutch-gabled, pastel-hued store façades. The legacy at the Numismatic Museum is a rich one — literally. It contains some 40,000 historic coins and paper money from more than 400 countries. More heritage is on display


at the Aruba Historical Museum. It can be reached with a walk down bustling L.G. Smith Boulevard to Fort Zoutman and the King Willem III Tower. At lunchtime, try a bowl of tasty keshi yena, an island specialty made with minced tenderloin and chicken stewed with golden raisins, prunes and nuts, all stuffed into a round ball of Dutch Gouda cheese. Adventurous types can explore the rugged, arid north side and famous natural bridges, or head to De Palm Island for snorkeling and swimming. It might be wise to first visit the Aruba Aloe Museum and Factory, which makes Aruba’s signature skin protection. Carnival’s Island Shop Tour will take you right there.

Aloe doesn’t just soothe you after a burn — from the sun or otherwise — but also keeps skin and hair healthy. Aruba is the world’s top exporter of this natural healer, which is on the nation’s coat of arms (top-left quadrant).



This makes it sound like the wind always blows the same way. A tree can’t adjust its trunk for the current wind direction, after all. The strong trade winds that caress the island often contort the tree into a bowed shape — sometimes so low that its trunk may run completely parallel to the parched land of the countryside.


19CCL_SUNRISE_22_Ports_Aruba.indd 71

4/9/19 3:30 PM


HAVANA With its classic cars, pastel buildings, Old World glamour and sparkling sea, Havana has long captured the imagination. But the old city does much more than that.

Musicians performing outside a restaurant in Havana.

19CCL_SUNRISE_26_Ports_Havana.indd 72

Visitors going ashore in Cuba must meet one of the U.S. government’s 12 categories of authorized travel. Visit the Carnival Adventures desk for more information.



4/9/19 3:30 PM


INSIDER’S GUIDE SHOPPING LIST Cuba’s legendary cigars A humidor to store your smokes Flavorful rum made on the island


Art and crafts made by local artisans


Welcome to one of the Caribbean’s most charming cities. Here’s what to know to make the most of your visit to Havana. Cuba’s capital is characterized by eclectic architecture, cutting-edge contemporary art, Cuban café culture, a storied 500-year history and the kindness of its people. Carnival has a variety of excursions in Havana, and the ship’s destination experts can connect you with local guides who will take you to the artists, musicians, business owners and families who give the city its vibrant charm.

Among the best-known sites are Old Havana, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that’s lined by colonial-era architecture and weathered buildings displaying the flair of the Caribbean color palette; and the Malecón, a six-lane avenue with ample sidewalks and a seawall separating Havana from the ocean. Nightlife includes the legendary Tropicana cabaret. For a quieter thrill, don’t miss the booksellers’ market in Plaza de Arma. Wherever you go and whatever you do, don’t pass up a thimbleful of sweet, strong Cuban coffee.

Typically made from a darker roast and much sweeter than its Italian counterpart, cafecito —Cuban espresso — is a strong, frothy social drink.



Havana is heaven to lovers of those big, solid automotive behemoths, the classics of the 1950s and ’60s. The best place to see them is Plaza de la Revolucion, where Fords, Chevys and Oldsmobiles invite you to get up in their chrome grills and take a spin back in time.


19CCL_SUNRISE_26_Ports_Havana.indd 73

4/9/19 3:30 PM



Located at the southernmost point in the continental United States, Key West — with its balmy weather and Bohemian atmosphere — is a free spirit that holds a special place in our hearts. How can you not love a place that has a party every day to celebrate the sunset?

Celebrate sunsets with the locals. Hit the pubs like Hemingway. Tour the town by trolley. Colorful coral reefs beckon in Key West.

19CCL_SUNRISE_27_Ports_KeyWest.indd 74

For more ways to explore, visit the Carnival Adventures desk on board.



4/9/19 3:31 PM

INSIDER’S GUIDE SHOPPING LIST Natural sea sponges like those used by the original Conchs — the Bahamians who began emigrating to the Florida Keys in the 18th century Authentic shipwreck treasure coins Hand-rolled cigars Locally made jewelry Hot sauces

Things to do, places to go and what to know to make the most of your visit to Key West. This picturesque enclave offers delights of many kinds, from its pastel-toned homes and shops to its offbeat sunset celebration, where colorful characters enliven the day in Mallory Square. Many visitors devote a good bit of their day to shopping on Duval Street and the network of charming routes that connect with it. Best buys include dazzling local art, tropical home accessories and hand-rolled Dominican cigars. Collectors of the unique are drawn to beautiful treasure-coin jewelry, made from authentic pieces recovered from old shipwrecks near the island.


Hemingway; museums devoted to the shipwrecks and lore of the island’s past; and the Truman Annex, site of the winter White House during the presidency of Harry S. Truman. Families can enjoy the breathtaking natural beauty of the Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory. One of the most popular mementos is a photograph snapped at the Southernmost Point, which notes Key West’s unique geographic status in the continental United States. For food and refreshment, the Historic Seaport is filled with colorful waterfront restaurants. The island’s signature key lime pie stars on almost every menu, and souvenir bottles of tart key lime juice are available for sale almost anywhere.


Key West has many historic stops, most notably the landmark home of writer Ernest


The island’s favorite dessert combines sweetened condensed milk, key lime juice and egg yolks (save the whites to make meringue topping).



Legendary writer and adventurer Ernest Hemingway wrote some of his best work while living in Key West in the 1930s, and visitors are welcome to tour the expansive home where he made it all happen. Your visit won’t be complete without a stop at Hemingway’s favorite haunt, Sloppy Joe’s Bar.


19CCL_SUNRISE_27_Ports_KeyWest.indd 75

4/9/19 3:31 PM



Jamaica’s natural beauty is evident at every turn in the road. In Ocho Rios, rivers rush down mountains covered in thick foliage, the sea laps

WAYS TO EXPLORE Climb Dunn’s River Falls or just cool off. Ride the famous Jamaican bobsled. Have your own pool party at a beach villa. Dunn’s River Falls

19CCL_SUNRISE_28_Ports_OchoRios.indd 76

For more ways to explore, visit the Carnival Adventures desk on board.


golden shores and tropical flowers accent every view.

4/9/19 3:32 PM


INSIDER’S GUIDE SHOPPING LIST Blue Mountain coffee Bob Marley souvenirs Jerk spices Fine watches Diamond and tanzanite jewelry

Things to do, places to go and what to know to make the most of your visit to Ocho Rios.

wood carvings and straw goods, but most travelers prefer to head to the numerous duty-free malls for more relaxed shopping.

Ocho Rios may not have the eight rivers its name implies, but you wouldn’t know that standing in the powerful cascade of Dunn’s River Falls. The island’s most recognized site offers one of the Caribbean’s most unusual experiences: climbing through 600 feet of rushing mountain water, holding hands in daisy-chain formation with other adventurers.

Popular purchases at Soni’s Plaza, Harbor Shops, Taj Mahal and Island Village are fine jewelry, watches, Jamaican rum and cigars. Spices are highly sought to bring home a taste of the island’s signature jerk cuisine.


The climb ends in one of the island’s busiest craft markets, where vendors sell


Ocho’s elegant side is revealed in such attractions as Firefly, the serene estate where famed British playwright Noël Coward often came to find ‘‘room to write.’’

A highlight of any visit to Jamaica is a taste of jerk meat, prepared in a unique cooking style.



The verdant countryside is as important to Jamaica’s character as are its romantic beaches. This is where Blue Mountain Coffee is grown and where you’ll find attractions like the famous Dunn’s River Falls.


19CCL_SUNRISE_28_Ports_OchoRios.indd 77

4/9/19 3:32 PM


Zip line through the rainforest in Limon, Costa Rica. Visit historic Cartagena. Hit the beach at one of the Caribbean ports along the way. For more ways to explore, visit the Carnival Adventures desk on board.




INSIDER’S GUIDE Things to know to make the most of your visit to the Panama Canal and its nearby ports. The Panama Canal is an engineering marvel so impressive, it’s one of the seven wonders of the modern world. The fifty-mile waterway in Panama connects the Atlantic Ocean with the Pacific Ocean. Traversing the canal takes 20 hours. Ports visited before and after a canal crossing offer a wealth of opportunities to explore tropical wildlife, local cultures and outdoor adventures.

You can get the full perspective on the canal and its environs at four visitor centers: Miraflores Locks Visitor Center, giving the full story of the canal; the Aqua Clara Visitor Center, overlooking the newly expanded canal locks in Colón; the Biomuseo, with a six-acre botanical park and aquarium; and Ancon Hill, where you can take in spectacular views of Panama City, historic Casco Viejo and the Panama Canal itself while spotting local wildlife. Whether you’re traveling down the canal or visiting the ports that overlook it, it’s an unforgettable trip.


A ship in transit through the canal.


If your canal transit takes you to Limon, don’t pass up a chance to sample some of Costa Rica’s artisanal chocolate. The nation’s cacao industry is undergoing a renaissance today, and celebrates a rich heritage.


19CCL_SUNRISE_29_Ports_PanCanal/SanJuan.indd 78

4/9/19 3:33 PM

Congratulations, Carnival Sunrise ! ™

May she always have fair winds and following seas wherever she may sail.

Tuttotondo Group is overjoyed to celebrate the inauguration of Carnival Sunrise™. We are grateful to have had the honor to participate in the implementation of her awe-inspiring spa, which spans over 10,000 sq. ft., and her stylish public restrooms. “We are thrilled to see this magnificent ship come to life with outstanding craftsmanship and passion for excellence. Congratulations are in order to Carnival Sunrise™ and to the Carnival team for such a remarkable accomplishment.” - Paolo Lasco VP, Tuttotondo Group We at Tuttotondo Group believe that the customer deserves a better quality experience, which is why we embody the spirit of our clients to resonate their best interests in all that we do. Transparency, reliability, integrity and excellence are key values through which we establish long-term relationships with our stakeholders across the globe. Tuttotondo Group brings together a dynamic group of qualified industry professionals with a collective passion for exceeding our customers needs.

6988.indd 1

3/15/19 9:02 AM


SAN JUAN This lively city blends spectacular natural scenery with historic architecture and a lively culture. Fascinating galleries and museums mix with fashionable shops, thrilling nightlife and beautiful beaches.

WAYS TO EXPLORE Stroll through the historic Old City.

Exploring Castillo San Felipe del Morro, built in Spanish colonial days to guard the entrance to San Juan Bay.

19CCL_SUNRISE_30_Ports_SanJuan.indd 80

Dance the night away at one of the clubs in the SOFO (South of Fortaleza) neighborhood. For more ways to explore, visit the Carnival Adventures desk on board.


Drive through El Yunque National Forest.

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INSIDER’S GUIDE SHOPPING LIST Hand-rolled cigars Guayabera shirts Coffee from beans grown on Puerto Rico’s own mountains Diamond, gold and larimar jewelry Rum, the pride of Puerto Rico

Things to do, places to go and what to know to make the most of your visit to San Juan. The heart and soul of the island is Old San Juan, the historic district, which dates to the 1500s. Visitors explore historical and cultural attractions throughout the cobblestoned and walled city, strolling by the ramparts where Spanish soldiers once held watch. An energetic nightlife, including casinos and creative dining, draws visitors to different districts in San Juan. In SOFO, the “South of Fortaleza” Street neighborhood, fine restaurants double as bars for after-hours entertainment.




A 10-minute drive leads to the beautiful beaches of the chic Condado, Isla Verde


and Santurce areas, where sea kayaking, surfing and windsurfing are popular sports during the day, and lounges and nightclubs fire up at night. Across the lagoon from Condado, Santurce is a cultural center with attractions that include the Museum of Art, the Fine Arts Center, Central Park and La Placita de Santurce, an open-air plaza with diverse local cuisine that turns into an all-out street fest on weekend nights. Outside the city, the El Yunque rain forest is a must for those seeking Puerto Rico’s natural side. As the only rain forest in the US Forest System, it offers 28,000 acres of walking and hiking trails, bird-watching opportunities and idyllic waterfalls in which to take a refreshing dip, with rappelling and zip lining for the more adventurous types.

The cool, creamy rum cocktail was born right here. With its coconut flavoring and pineapple garnish, it’s a deceptively innocent beverage; pace yourself!


OLD SAN JUAN’S BLUE BRICK ROADS San Juan has been replacing the blue cobblestones that originally paved the streets in Old San Juan, so be sure to see them while you have the chance. The original cobblestones were cast from iron slag, the waste from iron smelting. They were brought to Puerto Rico as ballast in European merchant ships and were first laid down on the streets in the late-18th century.


19CCL_SUNRISE_30_Ports_SanJuan.indd 81

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Half Dutch and half French, the two-nation island of St. Maarten/St. Martin

enjoys the best that its dual heritage has to offer — with a tropical twist. Like so many other Caribbean nations, this picturesque destination has stunning beaches, but with so many sporting facilities, shops and restaurants, it is a paradise on many other levels as well.

Cruise by catamaran. Get close to colorful coral dwellers with a snorkel trip. Taking in the harbor in Philipsburg, on the Dutch side of the island.

19CCL_SUNRISE_31_Ports_StMaarten.indd 82

Shop the day away. For more ways to explore, visit the Carnival Adventures desk on board.



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INSIDER’S GUIDE SHOPPING LIST Dutch cheese and chocolate Diamond jewelry Linens and lace Guavaberry liqueur Timepieces

Things to do, places to go and what to know to make the most of your visit to St. Maarten. Do you speak Dutch or French? It really doesn’t matter when you arrive at this Caribbean paradise of two sovereign nations living side by side and celebrating distinctive influences from their European roots. And St. Maarten is the only Caribbean stop where all attractions — restaurants, shops and beaches — are a stone’s throw away from the ship, making it one of the easiest island destinations for getting around.


Philipsburg, St. Maarten, on the Dutch side, is the more popular of the two stops. Live music wafts through the air, and quaintly



cobblestoned Front Street is lined with inviting duty-free shops, jewelry stores and boutiques, most of which offer a free drink to anyone entering to browse or buy. Wathey Square, across from the white 1793 courthouse that is topped with a cupola, is a lovely spot to stroll in. And both Philipsburg and French-side Marigot have history museums with exhibits going all the way back to the pre-Columbian days of the Arawaks. Philipsburg has grown even lovelier since a revitalization added enhancements, including a boardwalk that meanders between shops and the beach. Not only is it a pretty place to walk on, it also offers a lovely photo opportunity of your cruise ship in the harbor.

Lace-making has been an artisanal tradition in St. Maarten since the late-19th century, when it was first introduced on the nearby island of Saba.


COLORFUL HOMES IN PHILIPSBURG Pastel-colored homes and shops fill the bustling port of Philipsburg, where the Dutch influence shows itself in the ornate architectural style favored here.


19CCL_SUNRISE_31_Ports_StMaarten.indd 83

4/9/19 3:35 PM


ST. THOMAS Once the home of notorious pirates such as Captain Kidd and

Blackbeard, St. Thomas still offers plenty of treasure in its duty-free shops and remains the commercial capital of the Caribbean. It has a rich history and offers fascinating sightseeing opportunities.

Take a walking tour through charming, history-packed streets.

Enjoying one of St. Thomas’ delightful beaches.

19CCL_SUNRISE_32_Ports_St.Thomas.indd 84

Get a bird’s-eye view on a parasail adventure. For more ways to explore, visit the Carnival Adventures desk on board.



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Things to do, places to go and what to know to make the most of your visit to St. Thomas. One of the busiest cruise destinations in the world, Charlotte Amalie is a shopper’s delight. Waterfront Highway and Main Street are a maze of side alleys connected by shopping centers, most notably A. H. Riise. Main Street’s buildings are protected as historic structures, making them a cultural delight as well. Even closer to the docks, you will find Havensight Mall, Yacht Haven Grande and Crown Bay, where dozens of stores and boutiques feature goods of every price.




St. Thomas’ historic attractions are wellknown and much explored: Fort Christian, with its landmark clock tower dating to


1671; the nearby Government House and Legislature Building, with its bright Caribbean-green façade; and the large mahogany altar inside Frederick Lutheran Church. Also worth a visit is Emancipation Garden, which commemorates the island’s end to slavery in 1848. Near the garden is Vendors Plaza, a source of African artwork, handbags and jewelry. You can take it all in at once on the Skyride to Paradise Point, which carries passengers to the top of Flag Hill. Drake’s Seat is a similarly breathtaking vantage point from which the legendary English Vice Admiral Sir Francis Drake supposedly watched the Spanish fleets sail through the harbor below. Today, the view belongs to sun worshippers enjoying the stunning whitesand beach on Magens Bay.

Where else to indulge in this sweet concoction of rum, bananas, lime juice and sugar than on the island where it was invented? The tropical classic was created in the 1950s by bartender Sonny Bernier.


The harbor is the focal point for any port in the Caribbean, but in Charlotte Amalie, capital of St. Thomas, it’s especially alluring. Shopping and historic sites are a short taxi ride away.


19CCL_SUNRISE_32_Ports_St.Thomas.indd 85

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WAYS TO EXPLORE Relax on the beach at Jost Van Dyke. Snorkel and swim at Virgin Gorda. Explore the island by catamaran. For more ways to explore, visit the Carnival Adventures desk on board.



The Baths at Virgin Gorda.

Things to do, places to go and what to know to make the most of your visit to Tortola. Tortola, the British Virgin Islands’ largest island and its capital, draws visitors from all around with its breathtaking beaches, yacht-filled harbors, steep green hills, warm hospitality and fascinating history. While you’re there, you might find yourself lying on a beach meditating, or snorkeling to look at the corals and tropical fish. The beaches to visit in Tortola include Cane Garden Bay, one of the island’s most popular, a laid-back stretch boasting white powder

sand and the warmest, most beautiful blue water; Smuggler’s Cove, a more secluded beach where you can relax away from the crowds; and Long Bay Beach, a mile-long stretch of white sand beach fringed with palms that is located between Cane Garden Bay and Smuggler’s Cove. Sightseeing recommendations include Callwood Rum Distillery, one of the oldest working rum distilleries in the Caribbean; Sage Mountain National Park, where you can explore the natural beauty on the island; and the Old Government House Museum, which features pictures, documents, signs, and artifacts pertaining to Tortola’s British colonial history.



Leave the powdery white-sand beach and share the water with local marine life while snorkeling over a shipwreck.


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