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Reverends Don & Beth Wiehe Executive Secretary-Treasurer - South Texas Assemblies Review


- South Texas Assemblies Review



- South Texas Assemblies Review



Renewal forms have been mailed by the General Council Office. Alternatively, you can renew your ministerial credentials online. Just click the link below.

o to g ons: g i t p O ..aagg..oorrg y al r y w a r t e a n e t r e R to als seeccre geenneerral a blank form . g w . w w www an print you il, or c a m u o y Y Renewal forms have been mailed by the General nd b and se t line. u o Council Office. Please complete all parts theit to fill Please complete all parts of the form, sign it and of send wal on e n e r ine w onl ll out e i n f District Officesend with checks for any monies that are e form,thesign it and it to the District Office withdue r n a c e to t choos beforefor December 31, 2012. that are due before u Distric checks any monies o r y u o If y send outh December 31, 2010. re to u s e 0 to S 3 b $ The district renewal processing fee is $30.00 per minister. f e o wal fe e ice. n This is waived for Senior Retired ministers. All others, please e r The renewal fee is $30.00 per minister. t Off CRED c i r t s i ENTIAL D RENEW make out aministers separateare check payable South AL Texas Senior Retired waived fromtothisthe $30 fee. Texas District Council for $30. 2010

Please make your renewal check out to the South Texas District make payable to be the Anyand money due a to separate the Generalcheck Council must also on a General Council for any dues owed to them. separate check made payable to the General Council. Some important Reminders Some Important Reminders...

1) Make sure sure all forms are signed. 1. Make all forms are signed 2) Answer all questions. 2. Be sure to answer ALL questions 3) After December 31, 2010 15, 2011 3. After December 31, and 2012until andJanuary until January 15,there 2013 will be a $50.00 late fee for all Credentials received. $25 to there will be a $50.00 late fee for all credential General Council and $25 to the District. renewals received during that time. 4) After January 15 there is a $50.00 reinstatement fee. If you 4. After January 15 there is a $100 reinstatement fee. If have not renewed by January 15, you are automatically you have not renewed by January 15, your lapsed.

credentials will be automatically considered lapsed. 5. NOTE: It is mandatory from the General Council that all PLEASE who allow their Council credentials to ministers lapse must It is nowministers mandatory from General that all who allow their credentials to lapse will have to have a background have a background check, which will include a credit check which credit report report,will in include order toabe reinstated.

if they have not had one in the last two years. - South Texas Assemblies Review


We value

you and the Please see ministry you do . Th important informatio ank you for ren ewing yo n in the cov ur cre er letter. Avoid exp dentials with the iration da Assembli te of De es of Go cember d. GC USE 31. ONLY


As of

, balance



due $ Advance payment for 2010 Total enc $ losed for General Council (Make che ck payabl e to GENE



ORT $________ _____ $________ _____

$________ Fax: Area below _____ RAL CO DISTRICT for corre UNCIL) COUNCIL Informati Make sep arate che on will be ctions only to yo SUPPOR ck payable publishe ur name T to your Dist , address, d in the dir rict Council OPTIONA Name__ phone an ectory. Pri $________ L: ________ d Min nt fax. ister Comm in ink. _____ ________ ents re: City_____ ________ Support ________ _____ only: ________ Address_ Phone___ ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ __ __ Sta __ ________ te_____ Current ________ ________ Persona ________ ________ Credentiali l Inform _____ _ TTY/T ________ ng Distric ation. Zip Code DD ________ t: ________ Fax_____ Cell Pho ________ ne: ________ ________ ________ Birth Dat ________ Marital Sta e: ________ tus: Present ______ Ministry: Ethnic


Code : Spouse: Spouse’s Email Add Birth Month/Day:

Church Nam e: Church Acc ount #:

Area below

ress (AG Date rec Passpo for corre eived cur ctions on rent creden rt): ly of curre tials: District__ nt perso Church City ________ nal inform ________ Church Sta : ation. Ple Marital Sta ________ te: ase print tus______ Cell Phon in ink _ . e_______ Present Spouse Ministry__ ________ Name (if ________ ________ applicab ________ ________ le)______ Email (fo ________ ________ ________ r official __ commun __ Birth __ __ __ _______ ________ ication via If Lead Pa MM/DD/YY ________ Ethnic Co _______ AGPassp stor, Ch ________ de______ urch Name ort)____ ________ ________ ________ ________ __ Spou _______ ________ ________ Church Ac se __ ’s Birth MM __ __ ________ ________ count #_ 1. Have /DD ____ ________ ________ ________ you been ___ ________ ________ ________ actively engaged 2. a. ________ City_____ ________ in viable Senior/Lea ________ ________ ______ ministry d Pastor; and proclam 2. b. Sta ________ ________ or ff member/O ation of the Church Sta ________ ________ ther: Nam gospel in ff Member 3. If com ___ ________ e of Chu 2009? pensated (specify _____Stat rch or org are for Yes a)_ sec ani ___ ula 4. Have e_______ zation whe _________ r employm you finan No re you ent, ___



cially sup _________ employed are serving 5. Do you ported the where?___ _________ , and loca support District Cou _________ tion______ ; or Other in person ncil this (specify)_ _________ _________ 6. If you al prayer past yea _________ _________ _________ are a pas and finan r in accord _________ tor or in ce AG Wo _________ _________ with the leadership financial rld Mission _________ _________ bylaws? support ove s and AG r others ________ _________ for AG Wo Yes (such as U.S. Mis 7. Are you Hours per __ rld Mission a sion you No s mission willing to week?___ th group) s and AG $________ aries and abide by , do you ______ U.S. Mis 8. Do you ___ pro the min sion vide ___ Constitu istries? s mission fully agree regular opp tion & Byl aries and Yes with the ortu aws nity 9. If you min of Statement for those the Gener istries? No are 65 yea you lead of Fundam al Council Yes rs or old to par ent and the er, indicat ticipate in al Truths No District Cou e your cat ? prayer and Yes ncil? egory : Yes No Senior-Act (if no, ple Minister No ive ase explain ’s Signa Senior-Sem on a sep ture_____ arate she iretired For Distric ________ et) t use only ________ Senior-Ret MINISTER ired ________ District ap Senior-Act ________ Please ma : proval for ive ________ il the General renewal Senior-Sem _ Date_ Cou and/or oth iretired Do Not Ren ________ District Cou ncil and er designa ew (please ncil _____ Senior-Ret tion attach MS to your dist copies ired R form givi rict. Renew ng reason DISTRICT ) Inactive STAMP (See Byl aw Art. VII, ________ Sect. 6.b .) Signed by __________ ____ Disabled Superinten (please atta dent or Sec __________ ch statem ____ retary (cro ent) ss out one __________ __ ) Distric ______ t: Please mai

l Genera

__Date_ __

l Council

copy to

________ General






2013 Leadership Tour South Texas Assemblies of God January 21

Corpus Christi

Kings Way Family Church 1727 Truan Boulevard Kingsville, TX 78363

January 22

Rio Grande Valley

Hosanna Assembly of God 2400 El Jardin Heights Rd. Brownsville, Texas 78526

January 24

San Antonio

First Assembly of God 13435 West Avenue San Antonio, Texas 78216

January 25


Bloomington Assembly of God Rail and Fourth Streets Bloomington, Texas 77951

January 28

North Houston

North Central Church 25130 Aldine Westfield Road Spring, Texas 77373

January 29


New Life Church 18525 FM 529 Cypress, Texas 77433

January 31

San Jacinto

New Life Assembly of God 749 Uvalde Houston, Texas 77015

February 1

Gulf Coast

Brazoria First Assembly of God 601 Market Street Brazoria, Texas 77422

February 4

Neches Valley

New Life Assembly of God 42493 Texas 105 Batson, Texas 77519

February 5


First Assembly of God 201 Roberts Avenue Bridge City, Texas 77611

SPECIAL SPEAKER: Reverend Jack Blansit

Sr. Pastor, New Life Assembly of God Oak Grove, Missouri

This Leadership Tour will benefit pastors, evangelists, church staff, board members, departmental leaders and organizational leaders of our churches. Services begin at 7:00 PM




February 15-18, 2013 Hill Country Camp & Conference Center K e r r v i l l e , Te x a s

Volunteer to be a part of the Extreme Cabin Makeover Crew and make a difference. There is no charge to be part of this Missions Project Trip. Bring a whole team. We will even provide room and board. Just register and and get here. Bring your tools, your skills, your energy and enthusiasm! To sign up, call Church Ministries at 713-455-1221 or go to - South Texas Assemblies Review


From Our Superintendent


Transf rm


The 2012/2013 South Texas Special Missions Project is Transform America / Transform South Texas! Your contributions are making the difference in many lives right here in South Texas. Churches are being planted and eternal destinies are being changed!

CLICK HERE TO GIVE ONLINE NOW. If you have not set up an “Access South Texas” account you will be prompted to set that up. Please be aware that your email must match the one we have on file for you. Call Sherry at 713-455-1221 if you have any questions, or email

- South Texas Assemblies Review


- South Texas Assemblies Review


Access South Texas Keeping our district ministers & ministries connected!

Ministers in South Texas are finding their Access South Texas accounts to be useful for their secure online giving, their minister’s directory and now the district calendar. Now you can use your computer, your tablet or your smart phone for your Access South Texas account and the new digital STAR to keep you connected. The STAR is now a digital resource you can use to connect to the information you need. It is now a digital magazine you can view on your computer and use the live links to access more information than ever before. It’s now available on iPad and smart phones so you are never without a copy whenever you may need it. (Smart phones display the current format which is very small, you will need to zoom in to read it, but it’s still helpful if you need a quick reference.) The ministry departments of South Texas all have lots of great information and resources available on their websites - the STAR links to each one of them. Our main district website also links to these. Our Minister’s Directory is now available as a digital resource. To use it on your computer or tablet sign in to your “ACCESS SOUTH TEXAS” account. If you have used online giving through our website, then you have used your “ACCESS SOUTH TEXAS” account. If you haven’t done that yet, you can now. CLICK HERE to go to the member login page. Enter your username or email address along with your password to go to your Access South Texas home page. From here you can look up a fellow South Texas minister or church, you can access the district calendar and even keep track of your giving. If you need an account just click on the link under the sign in window to set up your Access South Texas account. You must use the email we already have on file to connect to your Access South Texas account. - South Texas Assemblies Review

The minister’s directory is also now available on your smart phone through an app called Church Life (by ACS). Just load the free app from your app store and log in with your Access South Texas username and password. To look someone up, just type the first few letters of their name in the search bar and hit search. This is a closed database and is only accessable to our ministers. This is not publically available and is limited to only contact information. The Church Directory portion of this is still in process as we update our database. The 2013 calendar is also available on Access South Texas, and our website. (The calendar is currently not available on the Church Life app.) Our world is becoming more digitally based. We desire to be technologically current and be good stewards of our financial resources. These changes will help us in both of these areas. Thank you for your patience during this transition. We hope that you will find advantages and enjoy the convenience of these upgrades. If you need assistance with your Access South Texas account or the Church Life app, email


Senior Adult Summit 2013 February 26-28 THE%HOPPERS


D O N N A % D O U G L A S % ( a k a % “ E l l y % M a e )%

T H E % H A R V E S T E R S

N E W % D A Y

Schedule of Events Tuesday,)February)26,)2013 3:00$p.m.$ Registra0on 5:30$p.m.$ Dinner 7:00$p.m.$ Concert$with$The!Hoppers )

Wednesday,)February)27,)2013 8:30$a.m.$ Breakfast 9:30$a.m.$ Concert$with$New!Day Noon$ $ Lunch$ $ $ (A5ernoon*is*Free) 5:30$p.m.$ Dinner$$

$ $ !

7:00$p.m.$ $ $ $ $ ! !

Speaker:$$Donna!Douglas! Music$provided$by: $$The!Harvesters !!Senior!Adult!Summit!Choir

$ $

Thursday,)February)28,)2012 8:30$a.m.$ Breakfast 9:30$a.m.$ The!Harvesters! $$$$$$$$$$10:30$a.m.$ Speaker:$$Tim!Barker,$ $ $ $ Superintendent,$South$ $ $ $ Texas$Assemblies$of$God

Registration Forms on next page - or register online at . - South Texas Assemblies Review


SENIOR ADULT SUMMIT REGISTRATION FORM February 26 – 28, 2013 Hill Country Camp and Conference Center - 830.257.5714 1325 Harper Road – Kerrville, TX 78028 Special Speaker: Donna Douglas Concert by: The Hoppers & New Day Attendance by pre-registration only – deadline February 20, 2013

Registration - $75.00 includes all concerts & 7 meals

Complementary housing or RV space available upon request at event site as long as space is available. Early Registration by Thursday, January 31, 2013 - $70.00 $50.00 including concerts but no meals $25.00 – concert only (per concert – 2 available) Send Registration Form and a check to:

Senior Adult Summit South Texas District P. O. Box 9714, Houston, Texas 77213 713.455.1221

See complete information at and click on Senior Adult Summit

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

Last Name

First Name (s)



Home Telephone

E-Mail Address

Home Church


Zip Code


We do NOT desire housing. Name of Hotel/Friends________________________________________________ We DO desire Housing (Must reserve DIRECTLY with camp.) DORM (Must bring bunk bed linens and all toiletries) Staying in your RV

All Church Ministries Conference Where

Keynote Speaker: Rev. Tim Barker

Spring First Church 1851 Spring-Cypress Rd. Spring, TX 77388

Worksho ps


January 19, 2013




Pre Register by January 11th: $30 per person (Churches bringing 20 or more people are eligible for a flat rate of $600 if registered by January 11th) Register on site: $35 per person

Managemen t

Church Fina nces Church Boa rd Soun d News Security

Spiritual Lif e Prayer Holy Spirit Healing Worship



Children Yo uth Singles Royal Rang ers Girls Ministr ies Men Women Senior Adult

Missions Evangelism Public Relati ons


Small Gro up s Care Fellow ship Gro ups Assimilation

Sponsored by the South Texas District of the Assemblies of God Church Ministries & Discipleship Department For more information visit or call 713-455-1221 or

- South Texas Assemblies Review



Applications & Deposits DUE January 1, 2013

Around South Texas...

- South Texas Assemblies Review


- South Texas Assemblies Review


- South Texas Assemblies Review


Complete all the Global University courses you need for your level of credentials in just one year! The South Texas District School of Ministry (DSOM) makes it possible with special techniques and group study sessions. The cost is $70 per course. Enroll in each course 30 days before it begins. For more information contact the office of the South Texas District Executive Secretary/ Treasurer, Don Wiehe or his secretary Sherry Turner at (713) 455-1221, or email




2012/2013 COURSE SCHEDULE Testing will be from 9 -9:45 a.m. Devotionals from 9:45 to 10 a.m. Class 10 a.m. – 12 p.m. Class Date

Level 1 Courses (Certified)

Level 2 Courses (License)

January 5, 2013

THE 114 Intro to Pentecostal Doctrine

BIB 212 New Testament Survey

February 2, 2013

BIB 117 Prison Epistles

BIB 215 Romans

March 2, 2013

BIB 115 Acts: The Holy Spirit at Work in the Believers

BIB 214 Old Testament Survey & Introduction to Missions

Level 3 Courses (Ordained) BIB 322 Poetic Books

BIB 318 The Pentateuch

2013 PASTOR’S COHORT SCHEDULE February 28-March 1- Central, Pasadena April 11-12 - Central, Pasadena May 16-17 - Hill Country Camp, Kerrville August 15-16 - Hill Country Camp, Kerrville October 10-11 - San Antonio December 5-6 - Central, Pasadena - South Texas Assemblies Review


Tuesday 4/23/13 Tim Barker Superintendent, South Texas Assemblis of God

Wednesday 4/24/13 Rodney Loy Pastor, First Assembly of God North Little Rock, AR

Thursday 4/25/13 Herbert Cooper, Jr. Pastor, People’s Church Oklahoma City, OK

Omni Bayfront 900 North Shoreline Blvd. Corpus Christi, Texas Ph #: 361.887.1600 Rate: $99

- South Texas Assemblies Review


POSTMASTER: Send address changes to: South Texas Assemblies of God P. O. Box 9714 Houston, TX 77213-0714



At Houston, TX USPS # 014-651

The S.T.A.R., USPS #014-651, Volume 60, Number 6, is published quarterly (plus a special December issue) by the South Texas District Council Assemblies of God, Inc. 11102 East Freeway, Houston, TX







The S. T. A. R. (South Texas Assemblies Review) is published quarterly (plus a special Holiday issue) and is the Official Publication of the SOUTH TEXAS DISTRICT COUNCILASSEMBLIES OF GOD, Inc. 11102 East Freeway (I-10) Houston, Texas 77029 Don Wiehe - Executive Editor David Wilson - Managing Editor

Mailing address: South Texas Assemblies of God P.O. Box 9714 Houston, Texas 77213-0714

<> 713-455-1221

Executive District Officers Tim R. Barker - Superintendent Don Nordin - Assistant Superintendent Don Wiehe - Executive Secretary/Treasurer Executive Presbyters Steve Banning and Gene Summers General Council Presbyters Tim R. Barker, Don Wiehe & Robert Hogan District Sectional Presbyters Darold DeHart - San Jacinto Section Donny Flippo - Beaumont Section Mike Hammonds - Gulf Coast Section Lloyd Maddoux - North Houston Section Erny McDonough - Victoria Section Joel Nabors - Neches Valley Section Mario Perez - Rio Grande Valley Section Doug Roberts - San Antonio Section William Stockstill - Corpus Christi Section Steve Weaver - Houston Section Honorary Presbyters Howard Burroughs, Gary Chapin, Johnny Durham, Joseph Granberry, Sidney Watson

District Ministries Departmental Officers Roger Bailey - Missions and HonorBound Men Tammy Calderon - Church Ministries/Discipleship Melanie Griffin - Womenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Ministries Phil Jackson - Hill Country Camp & Conference Center David Plank - Church Planting & Revitalization Kendall Reavis - Church Planting Facilitator Matt Rule - Youth Ministries

_________________________________ Article IX, Finances: Section 2, District Office Support, Paragraphs (a) The District Office shall be supported by a monthly offering of at least three fourths (75%) of the tithes of every minister (except Senior Retired Ministers) from both secular and ministerial income. If a minister fails to cooperate with this plan, he shall be called to give a reasonable explanation to the District Officials. (b) It is recommended that the District Office shall be supported by one percent (1%) of the monthly general fund income of each of the churches of the South Texas District Council.

The 2012 Christmas STAR  

The Christmas issue of the South Texas Assemblies Review

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