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60th South Texas District Council April 10-12, 2012

Hyatt Regency Hill Country Resort

9800 Hyatt Resort Drive - San Antonio,Texas 78251




The S. T. A. R. (South Texas Assemblies Review) is published monthly and is the Official Publication of the SOUTH TEXAS DISTRICT COUNCILASSEMBLIES OF GOD, Inc. 11102 East Freeway (I-10) Houston, Texas 77029 Don Wiehe - Executive Editor

APRIL 2012

David Wilson - Publisher

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Executive District Officers Tim R. Barker - Superintendent Don Nordin - Assistant Superintendent Don Wiehe - Executive Secretary/Treasurer Executive Presbyters Steve Banning and Gene Summers General Council Presbyters Tim R. Barker, Don Wiehe & Robert Hogan

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Hill Country Camp and Conference Center is a great place to schedule your next retreat or conference. We also offer our South Texas credentialed ministers a relaxing time of solitude in one of our finest accommodations absolutely free of charge. (Based upon availability.) To take advantage of this, simply call the camp office at 830-257-5714 to let us minister to you! Phil Jackson, Hill Country Camp Director. - South Texas Assemblies Review

Mailing address: South Texas Assemblies of God P.O. Box 9714 Houston, Texas 77213-0714


District Sectional Presbyters Darold DeHart - San Jacinto Section Donny Flippo - Beaumont Section Mike Hammonds - Gulf Coast Section Lloyd Maddoux - North Houston Section Erny McDonough - Victoria Section Joel Nabors - Neches Valley Section Mario Perez - Rio Grande Valley Section Doug Roberts - San Antonio Section William Stockstill - Corpus Christi Section Steve Weaver - Houston Section Honorary Presbyters Howard Burroughs, Gary Chapin, Johnny Durham, Joseph Granberry, Sidney Watson District Ministries Departmental Officers Roger Bailey - Missions and HonorBound Men Tammy Calderon - Church Ministries/Discipleship Melanie Griffin - Womenʼs Ministries David Plank - Church Planting & Revitalization Kendall Reavis - Church Planting Facilitator Matt Rule - Youth Ministries

___________________________________________ Article IX, Finances: Section 2, District Office Support, Paragraphs (a) The District Office shall be supported by a monthly offering of at least three fourths (75%) of the tithes of every minister (except Senior Retired Ministers) from both secular and ministerial income. If a minister fails to cooperate with this plan, he shall be called to give a reasonable explanation to the District Officials. (b) It is recommended that the District Office shall be supported by one percent (1%) of the monthly general fund income of each of the churches of the South Texas District Council.

From Our Superintendent Biblical preaching  is  not  out  of  date  as  some  people  claim;  rather,  it   s7ll   has  the   answers  for   society   today  and   requires   pioneers   take   those  answers  to  people  in  the  new   millennium.      By  straying  from   what   the  Bible   says,  Chris7ans   cannot   share  what   God   has  to   say   about  solving  current   societal   problems.    If   all  truth  is   God’s   truth   and  the  Word   of  God  delivers  that  truth  to   us,  then   there  is  always   something   we   can   say   from   the   Word   of   God   to   the   needs   of   contemporary   folks,   refu7ng   the   accusa7on   that   Bible-­‐preaching   churches   are   not   mee7ng   people’s   needs.     In   the   21st   century,   Chris7ans   must   seize   the   opportuni7es   to   share   basic   puri7es,   authen7city,   uncondi7onal   love,   and   reliance   on   God.     It   begins   with  the  preacher   or   minister,  first,  having  authen7c   lives,  because   ministry  is   love  in  ac7on.    With  a  realiza7on  that  we  who   minister   are   in   total   reliance   on   God,   and   so   far   out   on   a  limb   that   unless   God   helps   us,   we   are   going   to   fall   off.     Simply   put,  we’re   not   in   ministry  alone;  God  is  with  us,  in  partnership   with  the  omnipotent.     The   One   who   has   begun   the   good   work   in   you,   will   bring   it   to   comple7on.   Realizing  the  message  is  relevant  regardless  of  the  societal  changes,   there  must  be  a  defini7ve  and   conscious  effort  to   reach  those  who   have   yet   to   hear   the   message.     The   21st   century   seems   to   be   challenging   at   best,   given   the   fact   that   the   Gospel   message   is   foreign   to   so   many.     Even   the   very   basics   of   Chris7anity   are   completely   unknown   to   the   great   majority  of   unchurched   people.     Larry  Moyer,  a  veteran  evangelist  said,  “Evangelis7c  preaching  must   be   bathed   in   prayer.     We   bring  Christ   to   men;  only  God   can   bring   men   to   Christ.”     John   6:44  says,  “No   one  can   come  to   Me,  unless   the  Father   who  sent   Me  draws  him.”    It   also  requires  careful  study   of   the  Scriptures  to   make   sure  we   are   preaching  His   thoughts,  not   ours.    Paul   told   Timothy,  “Be  diligent   to  present  yourself   approved   to   God,   a   worker   who   does   not   need   to   be   ashamed,   rightly   dividing  the  word  of  truth.    (2  Timothy  2:15).   As  a  Spirit-­‐filled  believer  and  preacher,  I’ve  learned  that  Pentecostal   preaching   is   not   about   sermons;   it’s   about   communica7ng   God’s   Word   to  people   in  order   to  inform   and   change  them.       This  is  not   only  applicable  to  those  of  Pentecostal  faith   and   experience,  but   it   applies  to  all   who  proclaim  the  life-­‐changing  Gospel  message.  S7ll,   the   Pentecostal   pulpit   is   built   from   the   materials   of   prepara7on,   proclama7on,  and   provoca7on.     The   prepara7on   of   the   preacher   takes   longer   than   the   prepara7on   of   the   sermon.     This   lesson   is   expressed   in   the   four   stages   of   Peter’s   prepara7on   prior   to   the   sermon  that  launched  the  Church.   1.   “Then   Peter   stood   up   .   .   .”     Peter   hadn’t   always   been   able   to   “stand  up.”    He  was  o`en  plagued  with  second  guessing  (Mark   8:32),   sleeping   (Mark   14:37),   slashing   out   (John   18:10),   and   swearing  (Mark  14:71).       Peter   emerged  from  40  thrilling  days   of  mee7ng  the  Risen  Jesus,  10  days  of  praying,  and  a  few  hours   of   being  overwhelmed   in  the  Spirit.    We   cannot   preach   a  life-­‐ changing  message  with  less  than  this  kind  of  commitment. 2.  “with   the  eleven  .  .  .  ”    All   of  the  apostles  could  have   preached   the  same  sermon.     3.   “raised   his   voice.”     For   Peter,   this   was  for   prac7cal   maeers,  as   there  was  no  public  address  system. 4.   “and   addressed   the  crowd.”     Peter   connected   to   his   audience.     The   audience   was   concerned   about   the   behavior   of   the   120.     So   Peter   began   with   what   interested   them,   con7nuing   with   what   they  needed  to   know   and  do,  and   ended   with   a   call   for   commitment  to  Christ  and  following  Him.   - South Texas Assemblies Review


Reverends Tim & Jill Barker District Superintendent In a   recent   ar7cle   of   the   “Enrichment,”   General   Superintendent   George  O.  Wood  said,  “Our  message  in  the  21st  century  is  to  be  one   of   experience,   not   merely   passion.”     Pentecostal   proclama7on   is   one  that  I  find  flows  out  from   my  own  experience  with  Christ.    We   must   come   to   the   pulpit   with   a   fresh   Word,   out   of   a   living   experience  with   God.     Pentecostal   proclama7on   has   a   sense   that   this   is   God’s   hour   and   that   God’s   day  is   coming.     Peter   preached   truths   beyond   his   own   ability   to   apprehend.     Pentecostal   proclama7on   is   founded   upon   God’s   wrieen   Word.     And   the   Pentecostal   message,   then,  is   centered   around   Jesus.     He   is   the   heart  of  the  message.     Preaching   can   warm   the   heart   and   inform   the   mind,   but   it   must   appeal   to   the   will,   or   it   falls   short   of   its   purpose.     The   first   Pentecostal  sermon   contained  an  extended  altar   call:    “With   many   other   words   he   warned   them;  and   he   pleaded   with   them,  “Save   yourselves  from  this  corrupt  genera7on.”  (verse  40).        There  will  be   no   Pentecostal   pulpit   in   the   21st   century   without   the   same   prepara7on,  proclama7on,  and   provoca7on  that   marked  the  pulpit   of  the  first  century.     Our   younger   daughter,   Abby,   taught   me   one   of  the  most   valuable   lessons  through  a  song  she  o`en  ministered.     LIVE  IN  YOUR  WORD By  Steve  Siler/Tony  Wood/Scoe  Krippayne  ©  2004  Word  Music Chaos  ahead,  choices  to  make;  It’s  silence  I  need Seeking  to  know  your  heart  and  your  mind Where  you  want  to  lead;  Father  I  thirst  for  your  wisdom Make  me  at  home  in  your  truth;  I  want  to   CHORUS:  Live  in  your  Word;  Abiding  in  faith I  want  to  walk  in  your  steps;  To  trust  and  obey A  light  upon  the  narrow  path;  A  lamp  unto  my  feet I  want  to  live  in  your  Word;  Till  your  Word  is  living  in  me I  need  your  Word  buried  like  seeds;  Deep  in  my  soul Chapter  and  verse,  nourishing  me;  A  harvest  will  grow Oh  Father  you  feed  every  hunger I  know  where  my  strength  is  found; Each  day  I  allow  God's  Word  to  work  in   me  is  a  posi7ve  day.    And   I   have  the  privilege  of  preaching  and  proclaiming  it!

60th South Texas District Council April 10-12, 2012

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Hyatt Regency Hill Country Resort

9800 Hyatt Resort Drive - San Antonio,Texas 78251 DISTRICT COUNCIL SCHEDULE Tuesday, April  10,  2012 8:00  AM     STL  Golf  Tournament 6:30  PM       Keynote:  Tim  R.  Barker,  Superintendent,       South  Texas  District  Council Wednesday,  April  11,  2012 7:30  AM   Global  University  Breakfast  -­‐Cuba  Project 8:00  AM       Morning  Prayer 9:00  AM  –  4:30  PM      Business  Session Noon  –           Missions  Lunch:    Wayne  Clark,  Sr.  Pastor,       First  Assembly  of  God,  San  Antonio 6:30  PM       Missions  Service:  Bryan  Jarrett,  General             Council  Executive  Presbyter  &  Sr.  Pastor,               North  Place  Church,  Sachse,  Texas   Southwestern  Assemblies  of  God  University  Reception   immediately  following  the  evening  service.    

Thursday, April  12,  2012 8:00  AM   Morning  Prayer 8:30  AM   Music  Ministries  Breakfast 10:30  AM           Memorial  Service:  Don  K.  Wiehe,       Executive  Secretary/Treasurer  -­‐  South       Texas  District  Council Noon       STL  Grande  Club  Luncheon 1:30  PM   Church  Planting  Forum 6:30  PM         Ordination  Service:  James  Bradford,       General  Secretary  -­‐  General  Council  of       the  Assemblies  of  God STXAG  60th  Anniversary  Reception  Celebration   immediately  following  the  OrdinaYon  Service

Hill Country Resort San Antonio, TX 98

- South Texas Assemblies Review


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Reverend Timothy  C.  Jones David  Barreca  -­‐  North  Houston  Section 2830  Lake  Road  #811 Giannina  Bisonni  -­‐  Gulf  Coast  Section Huntsville,  TX  77340 Brittney  Lny  Chandler  -­‐  Beaumont  Section Reverend  Alison  LaBrie James  Cox  -­‐  Corpus  Christi  Section 2521  Cross7mbers  B4 Patricia  Cox  -­‐  Corpus  Christi  Section Huntsville,  TX  77320 Douglas  Dunning  -­‐  Corpus  Christi  Section Sarah  J.  Fritsch  -­‐  North  Houston  Section Reverend  Brandon  Rains Justin  Griffin  -­‐  Beaumont  Section 727A  Vickie  Dr. Joshua  Hoogendoorn  -­‐  N.  Houston  Section Huntsville,  TX  77340 Ismael  Jimenez  -­‐  San  Jacinto  Section Evan  Kahlich  -­‐  North  Houston  Section Transfer  in Alison  LaBrie  -­‐  North  Houston  Section Terry  A.  Nesmith   Brandon  Rains  -­‐  North  Houston  Section from  West  Texas Reverend Don & Beth Wiehe Araceli  Rivas  -­‐  North  Houston  Section Executive Secretary-Treasurer Church  Name  Change Alex  Rodriguez  -­‐  North  Houston  Section Dayspring  Christian   Aimee  Sanchez  -­‐  San  Antonio  Section Center,  Santa  Fe  to  Dayspring  Church  of  the   Pastor,   not   only   do   you   need   to   get   away,   David  Sanchez  -­‐  San  Antonio  Section but   you   need   to   schedule   times   of   retreat   Assemblies   o f   G od Lorraine  Schnetzer  -­‐  North  Houston     and   refreshing   for   your   people.   Time   for   Michael  Sculley  -­‐  Beaumont  Section them  to  "get   away."    The  retreats  and  camps   New  PAC  Church Taylor  Thompson  -­‐  Beaumont  Section sponsored   by   our   Hill   Country   Camp   &   Faith  Cowboy  Church,  League  City   Ann  Thoreson  -­‐  San  Antonio  Section Conference   Center   in   Kerrville   can   be   used   nd 700  2  St.,  League  City,  TX  77573 Collin  Weiser  -­‐  North  Houston  Section as   a   tool   of   renewal   for   your   entire   Pastors  Cody  &  Rachel  Rosier congregation.     Whether   a  camp,  retreat,  or   Daniel  Young  -­‐  North  Houston  Section your   church   leaders’   retreat   or   seminar,   Bethany  Zamora  -­‐  San  Antonio  Section If    you’re  in  a  Ministry  Coaching  Network  -­‐   your   people,   young   and   old,   need   times   Thank   you   for   all   you   are   doing   to   facilitate   Upgrade  to  License away   from   their   regular   schedules   to   be   health   and   growth   in   your   local   assembly.     refreshed  spiritually  and  physically.   Brandon  Brewer  -­‐  San  Jacinto  Sec7on Our   South   Texas   District   is  using  the   Church   Maehew  Chandler  -­‐  Beaumont  Sec7on Life  model  as  a  health  and  growth  vehicle  but   Our   2012   camping/retreat   season   is  upon   us.   Belinda  Haddock  -­‐  San  Antonio  Sec7on we  also  know  there  are  many  others  that  are   Take  some  time,  and  get   your  youth,  children,   Donnivan  Hickman  -­‐  Gulf  Coast  Sec7on producing  needed  health  and  growth.   men,  and   women   focused  on  getting  away  to   Denna  Kilpatrick  -­‐  San  Antonio  Sec7on experience  refreshing  in  the  name  of  the  Lord.     Which  ever  group  you  are  a  part  of  you  have  our   William  (Bill)  Kilpatrick  -­‐  San  Antonio Do   whatever   it  takes  to  assist   them  in  getting   support   and   appreciation   and   we   want   your   David  J.  Mar7nez  -­‐  Beaumont  Sec7on there.    I  will  never   forget   attending    a  church   church  to  receive  Missions  Giving  Credit  for  your   James  Mayhair  -­‐  Gulf  Coast  Sec7on camp  in  the  summer  of  1975.    It  was  used   by   efforts.     Please   put   your   figures   together   and   Gene  R.  Moon  -­‐  Corpus  Chris7  Sec7on the   Lord   to   bring   salvation,   renewal,   and   send  those  to  my  office  and  we  will  be  sure  that   calling  to  my  life.   Gregory  Mutchler  -­‐  San  Antonio  Sec7on is  added  to  your  missions  giving.     Stephen  Parker  -­‐  San  Jacinto  Sec7on If   you   know   of   others   who   need   this   Paul  Riley  -­‐  San  Jacinto  Sec7on North Texas District Superintendent Rick informa7on  please  pass  the  word.    God  bless   Sondra  Wagner  -­‐  Beaumont  Sec7on Dubose and Melvin Surface have written a each  of  you  and  once  again,  thank  you   for   all   masterpiece on the Board Pastor relationship. you  are  doing  to  promote  health  and  growth   New  License They have in  your  church! Domingo  Barrom  -­‐  Houston  Sec7on taken a very Jason  A.  Brown  -­‐  Gulf  Coast  Sec7on scripturally Tina  Cassidy  -­‐  North  Houston  Sec7on balanced KINGDOM  REMINDERS Aaron  J.  Cavazos  -­‐  San  Antonio  Sec7on approach to When   Jesus   heard   what   had   happened,   he   David  Holley  -­‐  San  Antonio  Sec7on teach on a withdrew   by   boat   privately   to   a   solitary   Stephanie  Keller  -­‐  San  Jacinto  Sec7on challenging place.    Maehew  14:13   Reagan  McHargue  -­‐  San  Jacinto  Sec7on church life Samuel  Ramirez  -­‐  San  Antonio  Sec7on Even   our   Lord   had   to   take   strategic   issue. Pick up moments   in   His   life   to   get   away   and   be   Timothy  Stoker  -­‐  San  Antonio  Sec7on a copy, then alone   with   His   Heavenly   Father.     This   time   Stephanie  Sweat  -­‐  San  Antonio  Sec7on   get a copy for away  from   the  hustle   and   bustle   of  life  was   each one of needed   to   refresh,   recharge,   and   renew   Address  Changes your board proper   prospective   with   life's   challenges.     members. Reverend  Dub  Jones Jesus   came   back   from   these   times   with   a   311  East  San  Antonio  #103 clear   focus   and   divine   strength   to   continue   San  Antonio,  TX  78006 carrying  out  the  Lord's  will.   - South Texas Assemblies Review


Around South Texas...

BENEFIT GOLF TOURNAMENT Held at Hermann Park on March 17 Sponsored by Bill DuPree 95 Golfers participated Winners: Team of Bachelor, Housley, Anderson, Glonack with a score of 54. Second Place: Team of Durham, Barrett, Caylor, Shreve with a score of 58. A Hole in One was recorded by one team. Over $10,000.00 was raised by donations, auction, and the tournament to help the Rogers family. A deep appreciation is expressed to all who participated, gave, organized, and sponsored the tournament.

Congratulations! William Gaige White was born to Reverends Bill and Hannah White on February 26, 2012 at St. Luke's The Woodlands Hospital weighing 6lbs 1oz and measuring 19.5 inches.

- South Texas Assemblies Review



(Continued from last month) Last month we ended the article talking about one of the greatest challenges a visionary leader faces is convincing those he/she leads that the vision is from God, and that God will, in fact, favor the effort. Listen to the words of Jonathan (the visionary leader) as he attempts to convince his armor bearer to join his cause. 1 Samuel 14:6 Come, let's go over to the outpost of those uncircumcised fellows. Perhaps the LORD will act in our behalf. Nothing can hinder the LORD from saving, whether by many or by few. Jonathan had not read nearly enough John Maxwell books on how to develop and project vision! He appears to be sending the ultimate mixed message. If you were trying to convince me to join you in an initiative this dangerous, I would want you to do better than “PERHAPS” the LORD will act in our behalf. PERHAPS? PERHAPS??? Jonathan seemed to be speaking out of both sides of his mouth. In one breath he communicated two opposing positions: 1.

Nothing can hinder the Lord


Perhaps the LORD will act

At first glance, this seems like spiritual schizophrenia. On the other hand, maybe Jonathan wasn’t as far off as he seemed. True faith always feels this way: •On one hand, I know God is able to do anything •On the other hand, I THINK He's willing to do this specific thing •I know God can, and I'm pretty sure He will •At the same time, I am not completely sure If you are a visionary leader, every one of these feelings race through your mind and your life almost on a daily basis. When you see a very confident visionary leader taking on a monumental task, it appears they have never had a doubt that this thing will work out just fine. The truth of the matter is that they are normally plagued by misgivings and doubts, because the enemy attacks a visionary leader in every way possible in an effort to abort the plan of God before it has a chance to succeed.

Reverends Don & Susan Nordin Assistant Superintendent

60th District Council ...NEWS... Wednesday, April 11 Global University Breakfast - Brady Room "Pastor Don Nordin, Assistant Superintendent and Pastor at Christian Temple Church in Houston, and Michael Goldsmith, Director of Advancement for Global University - Cuba, will be presenting this missions opportunity to educate, train and equip Cuban pastors. They will also be giving you information regarding a free one day Pastor's Forum to be held in the Houston area and possible opportunities to go to Cuba, preach in a Cuban church and see the island nation. " Global University will be hosting a complimentary breakfast on Wednesday, April 11 from 7:30 – 8:30 a.m. in the Brady Room during District Council. Please RSVP by Wednesday, April 4 to Michael Goldsmith at:

So if you are having doubts arise in your leadership pursuit, please know you are not alone! Perhaps the Lord will be with you. Remember: No leader has a 100% success rate! When you are a visionary, PERHAPS will be the constant in your life.

- South Texas Assemblies Review


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- South Texas Assemblies Review


60th South Texas District Council ...NEWS... Annual South  Texas   Missions  Luncheon

Noon - 2:00 p.m. in the Fredericksburg Room Join Tim Barker, Superintendent, Don Wiehe, Executive Secretary-Treasurer, Roger Bailey, District Missions Director and the Missions team for a special time together. Wayne Clark, Sr. Pastor of First Assembly of God, San Antonio, will be the special speaker. Please RSVP by March 30 to Kay Bailey, Missions Secretary, at Send your $25 for your meal ticket by April 3. For more information, contact Kay at 713.455.1221.

- South Texas Assemblies Review

Music Ministries Breakfast - In the Springhouse Porch Restaurant Steve Emerson, the new South Texas District Music Pastor, is inviting you to a Music P a s t o r ’s Fellowship Breakfast for you and your spouse. “This event will provide us a chance to connect and get to know one another. Make plans to join us for this special breakfast on T h u r s d a y, A p r i l 12th, at 8:30 a.m. in the Springhouse Porch Restaurant at the Hyatt Regency Hill Country Resort (Council headquarters). Please RSVP with me by April 4 at I look forward to meeting each one of you!”



South Texas District HonorBound: Menâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Ministries Golf Tournament


May 5, 2012 Tee Time: 8:00 a.m. Shotgun Start 4-man Scramble $70.00 per person (After April 24 - $80.00) Oakhurst Golf Course 20700 Mills Branch Dr. Porter, Texas FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT Roger Bailey P. O. Box 9714, Houston, Texas 77213 713-455-1221 !

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- South Texas Assemblies Review


- South Texas Assemblies Review




- South Texas Assemblies Review


- South Texas Assemblies Review


- South Texas Assemblies Review


- South Texas Assemblies Review


Jason Bone, District Director Ryan Beaty, Asst Director Nathan Timm, Training Coordinator Ken Porter, Boys Camps Coordinator Greg Rudy, Communications Coordinator Carl Davis, FCF President

For more information Royal Ranger Leadership Team Pictured Ryan, Ken, Jason, Greg, Nathan

Free Registration to Powwow Pastors, This month, we are offering you an opportunity to earn a free trip to powwow for one of your leaders or boys. No gimmicks or tricks... We just want to hear from you: honestly, openly, and candidly. We are asking you the question, “What Impact has Royal Rangers had on your Church?” We are asking Questions because we must. We want to Learn what’s working...and what’s not. We can then Change those things that are in our power to make this ministry Relevant, Timely, and Effective. We call this QLC. (Question, Learn, Change) We need you to help us identify the state of our ministry. Would you take 10-15 minutes and send us a brief email answering this question? Do it, and you get a free registration to Powwow. One per Church. It’s that simple... Also, please stop by and see us at District Council. We would love to meet you, and see if there are ways that we can partner with your local church to Evangelize, Equip and Empower the next generation of Christlike men, and lifelong servant leaders. In Him, Greg Rudy District Communications Coordinator E-mail to:

April 20 - 22, 2012 Camp Van Dyke, LaGrange TX

- South Texas Assemblies Review


Dallas / May 9-11, 2012 EXCLUSIVE OFFER FOR ASSEMBLIES OF GOD MINISTERS FROM SOUTH TEXAS! Your Presence is Requested at Catalyst-Dallas, a premier leadership experience for the influencers, cultural architects, change agents and next generation leaders who are shaping the future of the church, where you'll hear from leading communicators of our day. Catalyst and Assemblies of God are partnering together to bring a special offer to you! Join us May 9-11 for powerful teaching, unmatched creativity, and an encounter unlike any other. Take advantage of the discounted registration rates and bring your team to Catalyst Dallas 2012! Visit the site for more details and information, and join us on Facebook & Twitter for the latest news & updates. Look forward to seeing you there!

- South Texas Assemblies Review


Second Annual Golf Tournament for

Eagles Summit Ranch Texas Helping Wounded Warriors Find Their Way Home

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78%%(+5)98-(%:);/&:8"%5)<8=()1/>8&)?)1"+( B<""%A>

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C+8E(>)F)*G")H-8D':> )3>:)C-$&(I) 6'15;+I')*<%&@+(*+%DJ"%K+;(9%% %4%@)C-$&(I 6'15;+I')*<%%%%%%%%%8&L%M+-4*+9 )J+@)C-$&(I 6'15;+I')*<%%%%%%8&L%N'-+0'19 )C/::8%D)!"%:(>:I 6'15;+I')*<%%%%%%%%O/;9:%P@::*+%%

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;@@8:8"%$-)78%%(+)*8&A(:> ) C%%%D"%*'F/

+"(=(+."/%@$:8"%R"+D Eagles Summit Ranch is a 501(c)3 organization. All donations are tax-deductible. Tax ID: 75-2607622 Checks can be made payable to E.S.R., PO Box 291615, Kerrville, Texas 78029

- South Texas Assemblies Review


Church Ministries and Discipleship Rev. Tammy Calderon, Director CHURCH MINISTRIES AND DISCIPLESHIP The Assemblies of God National Office is giving out Gideon Sword Awards to certain top giving churches. These churches have shown extraordinary steadfastness in the battle for souls by giving faithfully to BGMC. How can my church become a Gideon Church? Any church that has given a specified amount to BGMC every year for 4 years in a row qualifies as a Gideon Church. The specified amount is dependent on the churchâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s average Sunday morning attendance. For the attendance rankings shown below, the amount of BGMC giving is as followsâ&#x20AC;Ś. 0-100 in Sunday morning attendance: $2,000 101-500 in Sunday morning attendance: $4,000 Over 500 in Sunday morning attendance: $8,000

South Texas District Gideon Churches 1. First Assembly, Ingelside Rev. Harvey Smith 2. Galena Park Assembly Rev. Glenda Guthrie 3. New Life Assembly, Batson Rev. Cranford Campbell 4. Glad Tidings Assembly, Texas City Rev. George Sharp 5. First Assembly, Dayton Rev. Charles Pierce 6. Old River Assembly Rev. David McLennan 7. North Central Assembly Rev. Larry Emerson 8. Westover Hills Assembly Rev. Jim Rion 9. Braeswood Assembly Rev. Stephen Banning

As of January 2012, the South Texas District of the Assemblies of God has given a total of $16,457.53 to BGMC. Great job South Texas!! Please remember to send your BGMC offerings directly to the Nation Office in Springfield, MO. - South Texas Assemblies Review

713-455-1221 PAGE 19




Good things  are  happening  in  South  Texas  Church  Planting:  a  new  Church  Planting  website  has  been   launched,  several  new  church  plants  are  in  the  works,  and  a  couple  upcoming  meetings  for  church   planters  or  those  interested  are  scheduled.       1) Website  ʹ  we  have  designed  a  website  for  those  who  are  working  with  church  planting  in  some   form  or  fashion.    You  can  log  on  to  and  find  information  about   church  planting  in  South  Texas  District,  links  to  other  helpful  websites,  and  even  a  blog  where   we  can  begin  to  exchange  church  planting  ideas  and  resources.   2)  New  Church  Plants  ʹ  you  can  also  find  on  the  website  a  page  dedicated  to  the  newer  church   plants  in  the  district.    There  are  also  several  new  works  in  the  pre-­‐launch  stage  which  are  not   listed  yet.    Please  join  us  in  praying  that  these  church  plants  are  all  successful.       3) Church  Planting  Events  ʹ  some  important  dates  for  you  to  remember  are:   x April  12th   Church  Planting  Forum  @  District  Council   We  invite  anyone  with  any  interest  in  church  planting  to  join  us  as  Nova   Pittman,  the  North  Texas  Church  Planting  and  Development  Director,  shares   with  us.    This  will  be  a  time  to  network  with  other  church  planters  and   encourage  one  another.    We  will  gather  at  1:30  PM  on  Thursday  in  the   Hondo  Room.   x May  14th-­‐18th          Church  Planting  Bootcamp  @  DFW  area   A  CP  Bootcamp  is  highly  recommended  for  any  church  planter  and  a  requirement  for  those   planting  directly  through  the  District.  It  is  a  week-­‐long  training  event  that  is  beneficial  to   those  who  are  planting  a  church  within  the  next  12-­‐24  months.    An  experienced  team  of   church  planters  will  come  alongside  you  to  walk  through  the  process.  Critical  areas  you  will   work  on  defining  are:  vision,  mission,  values,  team,  strategy  and  evaluation.       Kendall  Reavis  is  the  new  Church  Planting  Facilitator  (and  a  US  Missions  candidate)   offering  support  to  church  planting  across  the  South  Texas  District.   - South Texas Assemblies Review




Evangelist Rod Vincent Evangelist Representative

South Texas Evangelists Reagan & Eugenia Jacks- 281-997-3362 Jimmy & Lenete Merritt- 713-824-4048 Gene & Monia Summers- 281-385-2225 Wilbert & Elaine Oliver- 713-861-7023 Rod & Cathy Vincent- 281-319-1277 - South Texas Assemblies Review


South Texas  Ministers  -­‐  Available  to  Preach Janice Akers, Tomball 281-516-7419 Pamela Atkins, Fulshear 281-492-4662 David Baca, Humble 859-948-4177 Luciano Bazan, Helotes 210-488-1067 Vivian Boyles, Houston 281-804-9338 Darrell Brown, Batson 936-536-3154 Gus Chupe, Seguin - 830.386.0101 P.H. Collins, Porter - 281-572-1130 Angus Davis, San Antonio 210-290-7694 Dan Ewing, Alvin - 281-824-0119 Jeff Fox, Houston - 713-433-6611 Greg Garrett, Texas City 409-256-7716 Stephen Gatlin, Spring 281-288-4220 Opal Golden, Friendswood 832-738-1843 Tom Gourly, Houston 281-458-6812 James Hazelton, Spring 281-443-4437

Don Hickman, Angleton 979-319-2463 John Humphries, Bacliff 832-386-5653 Reagan Jacks, Pearland 281-997-3362 Bob Kucker, Buna - 409-994-5563 Fern Lancaster, Kerrville 830-895-4971 Ray McCullough, Sugar Land 281-904-4174 Floyd Miles, Magnolia - 317-714-57ll Greg Mutchler, Kerrville 830-739-3000

Kenneth Myers, Victoria 361-582-4907 Wilbert J. Oliver,Houston 713-205-3361 Donald Paredes, Spring 832-764-0468, Spanish speaking, wife interprets Donny Phillips, LaPorte 713-885-2568 Thomas Proctor, Missouri City 281–835-8036

Richard Reyes, San Antonio 210-884-2908

Open Churches Port Arthur Faith Harbor A/G Resumes to: Pastoral Search Committee PO Box 5100A Port Arthur, TX 77640-0725

- South Texas Assemblies Review

Jackie Richardson, Spring 281-350-4142 Edward Rowls, Spring 281-353-1894 Mary Sanders, Alvin 281-331-2325 Russell Skinner, Montgomery 936-449-4378

Stephen Sowell, Corpus Christi 361-985-6880 Jeanine Sullins, Porter 956-358-6912 David Tosten, Corpus Christi 361-563-3293 Marsha Touchstone, Houston 713-981-0687 Juanita Trevino, Port Lavaca 361-935-7202 Tim Verden, League City 832-545-0868 Alison Ward, Kingwood 281-361-7966 LeyAnne Ward, Kingwood 281-361-7966 David Washburn, Kerrville 830-896-2171

As of  March  24,  2011 Lexington  Faith  Temple  in  Lexington,  Texas  is  looking  for   a   Senior   Pastor.     Please   send   resumes  to   Lexington   Faith   Temple,   P.O.   Box   177,   Lexington,   Texas  78947   or  email  to    For  addiYonal  informaYon,  please   contact  Wanda  BosYc  at  (512)  229-­‐8690. Lexington   is   home   to   the   Chocolate   Lovers   Fes4val   and   located  51  miles  east  of  Aus4n  in  the  North  Texas  District.


Complete all the Global University courses you need for your level of credentials in just one year! The South Texas District School of Ministry (DSOM) makes it possible with special techniques and group study sessions. The cost is $70 per course. Enroll in each course 30 days before it begins. For more information contact the office of the South Texas District Executive Secretary/Treasurer, Don Wiehe or his secretary Sherry Turner at (713) 455-1221, or email



2012/2013 COURSE SCHEDULE Testing will be from 9 -9:45 a.m., Devotionals from 9:45 to 10 a.m., Class 10 a.m. â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 12 p.m. Class Date

Level 1 Courses (Certified)

Level 2 Courses (License)

May 5th, 2012

BIB 121 Introduction to Hermeneutics: How to Study the Bible

MIN 223 Introduction Homiletics

June 2, 2012

MIN 123 The Local Church in Evangelism

Level 3 Courses (Ordained)

June 2, 2012

MIN 191 Beginning Internship (Students with Mentors, not taught as a class.)

THE 245 Eschatology: A Study of Things to Come MIN 291 Intermediate Internship (Students with Mentors, not taught as a class.)

MIN 325 Preaching to the Contemporary World MIN 327 Church Administration, Law & Finance MIN 391 Advanced Internship (Students with Mentors, not taught as a class.)

July 7, 2012

Church Life Institute Orientation All Levels - Don Wiehe

Church Life Institute Orientation All Levels - Don Wiehe

Church Life Institute Orientation All Levels - Don Wiehe

September 1, 2012

THE 142 Assemblies of God History, Missions & Governance

MIN 251 Effective Leadership

MIN 311 Prayer & Worship

October 6, 2012

MIN 181 Relationships & Ethics in Ministry

MIN 281 Conflict Management for Church Leaders

MIN 381 Pastoral Ministry

BIB 112 Synoptic Gospels

THE 211 Introduction to Theology

MIN 311 The Corinthian Correspondence

January 5, 2013

THE 114 Intro to Pentecostal Doctrine

BIB 212 New Testament Survey

February 2, 2013

BIB 117 Prison Epistles

BIB 215 Romans

March 2, 2013

BIB 115 Acts: The Holy Spirit at Work in the Believers

BIB 214 Old Testament Survey & Introduction to Missions

November 3, 2012

- South Texas Assemblies Review


BIB 322 Poetic Books BIB 318 The Pentateuch

POSTMASTER: Send address changes to: South Texas Assemblies of God P. O. Box 9714 Houston, TX 77213-0714



At Houston, TX USPS # 014-651

The S.T.A.R., USPS #014-651, Volume 60, Number 4 Is published monthly by the South Texas District Council Assemblies of God, Inc., 11102 East Freeway, Houston, TX










APRIL 2012 1





Palm Sunday



Good Friday DO Closed










Annual STX District Council

60th Annual STX District Council


Hyatt Regency Hill Country San Antonio

Hyatt Regency Hill Country San Antonio




14 RR Powwow Work Day

Annual STX District Council Hyatt Regency Hill Country San Antonio




RR Dist Powwow

WM Budapest Trip 15-25

20 – 22

STL Offering Due Nat’l Youth Day









Sr. Bible Quiz Reg. Finals SAGU Board of Regents Muskogee, OK 27-28 JBQ Regional Meet 27-28 SAGU Commencement


STAR - April 2012  

South Texas Assemblies Review - the last of the monthly publication. This has now become a quarterly publication which will be available on...

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