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HAPPY 90TH BIRTHDAY HOLLYWOOD THEATRE! See page 9 for more details.

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DIRECTOR’S LETTER Dear OMPA Members, “Summertime and the livin’ is easy” actually quite busy at OMPA. We welcomed twenty-one new members (see inside), three new interns and our new Director of Communications, Anne SchuylerMoon to OMPA. Anne graduated from Portland State with a BA in Film Studies. She previously worked in membership management at Girl Scouts of Oregon and SW Washington. I’m very grateful to Anne’s thoughtful consideration and enthusiasm. In June OMPA hosted a TownHall meeting to share the results of University of Oregon’s statewide survey of current and past OMPA members as well as non-members (see inside). The survey identified areas for improvement as well as appreciation for OMPA to shoulder the the statewide legislative work that benefits everyone in the industry. The legislative work ahead of us in 2017 is the pending sunset of Greenlight. We will be returning to Salem to ask for a continuation of Greenlight during a legislative session that is predicted to be tumultuous. Our legislators will be focused on the challenges of Initiative Petition 28 (IP28). OMPA has also been following IP67 which is seeking funding for Outdoor School from the lottery funds that finance economic development. The passage of this ballot measure will require all programs under the budget of economic development (which includes Oregon Film Office) to seeks ways to finance their budget. The OMPA office is not only focused on advocacy, we are also working on: sustainable programs, clear policies for promoting OMPA members work, redesigning revenue streams, researching better data management programs, building statewide partnerships, speaking about the industry at higher educational institutions, and revamping our membership outreach. You will find that the CallSheet is focused on OMPA members’ news. Please contact us to share your events, your press releases and your successes as well as job opportunities. The CallSheet and Monday’s Mail is a membership benefit, please use it! OMPA members are our best ambassadors for the association. Please continue to share with your crews, your industry professionals and your contacts why membership matters: OMPA is your advocate, your hub for connecting through networking, your resource of pertinent information, your home for SourceOregon and your personal marketing team. A special thank you to Koerner Camera for being our best OMPA ambassador in June. Cheers, Janice

Janice Shokrian Executive Director Anne Schuyler-Moon Director of Communications





MISSION The mission of OMPA is to champion the film, television and digital storytelling industry to create a thriving environment for state of Oregon. Promote the quality and quantity of resources available to outside production companies. Leverage the growth of Oregon’s media industry to advocate for our members in state and local governments. Photography & Content: By submission Page Layout: B. Design | | 503-737-5158

BOARD OF DIRECTORS David Cress, President Producer Mary McDonald-Lewis, 1st V.P. Dialect Coach Jacqueline Gault, 2nd V.P. The Gault Shop Dennis Gleason, Secretary/Treasurer Dark Wing Productions Jose Behar ZÜM Media Slater Dixon Creative Director Skye Fitzgerald Director of Photography Roland Gauthier Hinge Digital

Candice Jackson Entertainment Attorney Neil Kopp Filmmaker Devon Lyon Lyon Films Greg McMickle Production Designer Shelley Midthun Oregon Storyboard Gretchen Miller Hive-FX Ben Popp NW Film Center

STAFF Janice Shokrian Executive Director

Anne Schuyler-Moon Director of Communications

INDUSTRY DIRECTORY OMPA | 901 SE Oak, Suite 104 | Portland, OR 97214 503-228-8822 | FAX: 503-228-7099 | |


Media Without Margins Mary Cruse 707-223-8462 Documentary, producing, directing, writing

Ted Morissette 503-421-1162 Student studying Film Production at Chapman University


Clearstream Entertainment Simon King 503-453-5130 Producer/Director/Writer of independent films and episodics

Kurt Jensen 541-747-8925 All production assistant duties

Chris Tran 971-207-0881 Student studying film at Portland State University

Tammy Lea 541-221-0796 Costume and jewelry designer and wardrobe stylist

Israel Arias

Christine Lawson 503-784-4760

Agency producer, line producer, production manager, post producer

Angelica Liebhaber

MaRoZel Derek Willis 541-761-9506 Director of photography 626-390-3025 Writer/Director/Editor

Jess Gibson 626-833-2674

Corinna Woodcock 503-515-7792 Shoot, edit, direct video

Makeup Artist for film, television and print




Field Recordings Lance Bangs 503-234-7646 Production company


Aaron Keuter 404-697-5731

Motion Graphics Design, Animation, Editing, Art Direction

Elliot Freeman 503-235-6998 Freelance producer, line producer

Steven Weisman 323-610-9883 Production

Dave Hagerty 503-228-2384 Student studying Filmmaking at NWFC School of Film

Laurel Reid 541-740-7214 Production assistant

Jared Sinkay 503-784-4760

Agency producer, line producer, production manager, post producer

Emily Hanour 206-962-9762 970-644-1014 Student studying Filmmaking at Colorado Media School

Producer/Commercial and Entertainment Production

Vinton Depiction 626-390-3025 Writer/Director/Editor 971-645-9890 Video production


Christine Lawson


MaRoZel Derek Willis

Membership Matters Town Hall Recap OMPA hosted a Town Hall meeting to report and discuss the results of a comprehensive survey conducted by University of Oregon’s School of Journalism and Communication regarding the past, present and future of OMPA. The survey was sent to 1,568 recipients with the majority of the respondents being members of OMPA. Survey responses produced both critical and positive insight regarding the perception of OMPA’s history and current tactics. The responses also revealed what members appreciate while identifying areas OMPA can improve. These results conclusively show that OMPA is a vital part of the growth for Oregon’s film, television and media community. Since taking on the role of Executive Director, OMPA has: increased the film incentive by 40%, worked to maintain relationships with our legislators and local politicians (across the state) while simultaneously organizing networking events, revitalizing relationships higher education film programs and promoting the work of our members. One vital piece of information revealed in our town hall meeting was that many of our members are not clear why membership matters. This is a concern to me and our board. Your membership is a visible acknowledgement that you align with OMPA’s mission. OMPA’s mission is: OMPA, the champion for the film television and media industry. How OMPA fulfills our mission can be better communicated so our members understand the value of membership. In future CallSheets you will be able to read about Inside OMPA. The goal is

transparency so our members understand that we are diligently working to fulfill the mission through our advocacy and our annual activities: networking, promotion and educational opportunities. Why members join OMPA varies greatly: entering the industry, wanting to connect with industry professionals, looking for educational opportunities, wanting to find jobs and wanting to support the legislative activities. OMPA is mindful to balance our activities so we are targeting the needs and goals of every member. This is where the work becomes tricky because not everyone will feel satisfied all of the time. However, if our members can look at the work executed by OMPA’s office and see that each activity must pass our litmus test of fulfilling our mission, then we are working collectively for the industry. It is a great joy serving as Executive Director. I am buoyed by the addition of Anne as Director of Communications and our robust internship program. Each time I meet with our members and answer questions from industry professionals exploring the idea of membership, I am excited to share the strong vision of OMPA’s future. We are moving in the right direction. We have a fabulous history of success and our vision for the future is ambitious but also achievable.



INSIDE OMPA: Intern Interview Our Spring 2016 intern, Alejandro Rivas, recently graduated with a Bachelors in Arts majoring in Film at Portland State University. Alejandro was the very first intern of Janice’s as the Executive Director. Alejandro has played a vital role these past few months as a part of the OMPA team. He primarily assisted in membership management. We are lucky to have Alejandro stay on as a volunteer in our offices this summer. We wish nothing but success in all of his future endeavors! How did you get interested in film? What was your inspiration? I’ve always loved movies since I was a little kid. I watched dubbed movies growing up. I would just stare into the movie screen and not budge. I developed crushes on leading women such as Lauren Bacall, Barbara Stanwyck, and Bette Davis. Why did you get interested in OMPA? It was my first contact into the industry when I first moved to Portland back in 2007. I signed up and created a student listing immediately. I had been working grip and lighting in Florida and it seemed like a good step to take when I moved here. What has been your favorite part of interning at OMPA? Connecting with all of the key players of the production industry in Portland has been my favorite part by far. What are your future career goals? My future career goal is to be a Cinematographer and/or Cameraman and stay in Oregon.



Alejandro Rivas Phone: 503-360-4010 Email:

Alejandro Rivas

Hollywood Theatre Celebrates 90th Anniversary The Hollywood Theatre is a not­ -for­ -profit organization whose mission is to entertain, inspire, educate, and connect the community through the art of film, while preserving a historic Portland landmark. The Theatre teaches filmmaking to area youth, supports local filmmakers through fiscal sponsorship, and offers Portlanders the opportunity to experience the best in classic, foreign, and independent film throughout the year. This July, the Hollywood Theatre celebrates our 90th birthday with an anniversary season featuring 70mm screenings all month long! The Hollywood Theatre opened on July 17, 1926 as a 1,500­ seat silent film and vaudeville house. The theater has seen many changes since, including the division ofthe main theater into three smaller theaters; a long slide into run­down obsolescence; and a more recent revival as a vibrant modern movie house. Today, they are proud to present robust programming that features a variety of cinematic formats, screenings of classic


and contemporary films, director Q&As, live performances, community outreach, and much more. Through it all, they remain committed to providing a venue for the community to experience the art of film. They’re proud to be the only theater in Oregon showing movies in 70mm, a format that we believe offers the best possible cinematic viewing experience. To commemorate their 90th anniversary, they are showing four back-­ to­ -back screenings in 70mm in the month of July: 2011: A SPACE ODYSSEY (1968), LAWRENCE OF ARABIA (1962), WEST SIDE STORY (1961), and ALIENS (1986). Tickets are $12, and they’ll go on sale to Hollywood Theatre members and 70mm donors on Wednesday, May 25 and to the general public on Wednesday, June 1. Go to their website for more information: http:// The Hollywood Theatre is located at 4122 NE Sandy Boulevard in Portland. For general information, call 503.281­.1142 or visit



Dawn Jones Redstone Interview Dawn Jones Redstone is the award-winning director of Sista in the Brotherhood, a narrative short film about a black tradeswoman who faces discrimination and must choose between making a stand or keeping her job. The film was shot on the Sellwood Bridge and won Best Short Film and Best Oregon Short Film at Portland International Film Festival. Why are you interviewing yourself? Given my indie background, I’m pretty used to doing multiple roles on a set as needed so it’s only fitting that I would be both interviewer and interviewee for this OMPA article. Also, I like lists and order and this seemed like a good way to get this done. Who are you? I took a class at Northwest Film Center in 2003 and made my first film, a short, personal narrative shot on super 8. It was accepted to the 30th Annual Northwest Film and Video Festival (since renamed to Northwest Filmmakers’ Festival). I loved that experience of seeing something I created transmitted to a wider audience and I knew then that I would keep making films. I run Hearts+Sparks Productions now with a focus on non-profits and community-minded storytelling. My business is just me, but I scale up with crew as needed for a job. OMPA members preferred. What were you most afraid of about directing Sista in the Brotherhood? Knowing that my fellow Executive Producer, Roberta Hunte, and I had done a Kickstarter campaign and gotten a RACC grant meant that folks were watching and



expecting a good movie; I definitely felt the pressure. So first, I was probably afraid of making a bad movie! But also, we had some very experienced actors on set and it was intimidating initially. Part of directing is helping actors get their best performance, but an equal part is understanding the story thoroughly. Because I co-wrote it and based some of the characters and moments on my own experiences, I realized that I was easily able to dig in and give the actors what they needed. I knew the story and that carried me through.

Dawn Redstone

What was your favorite part about directing? I worked in the trades for six years as a union carpenter and one of the greatest things about directing this film, was directing actors to play construction dudes! It was utter joy and some strange form of therapy to recreate some of the worst moments of my apprenticeship with our stellar cast and crew. Sidony O’neal is an amazing actor who carried the film to new heights. What a pleasure to get to work with her.

Why did you make a narrative film instead of a documentary about such topical subject matter? I do a lot of doc work at Hearts+Sparks and I enjoy it, but I sometimes fear that with issue documentaries at least, we risk talking to ourselves. I feel like a narrative story could really expand the audience for the film and pull people in with a good story that also touches on the themes of Roberta Hunte’s doctoral thesis on black tradeswomen—the work that inspired the film.

laugh or a gasp or a moment makes me cry that didn’t before. It’s probably one of my favorite things about watching movies in general. Each viewing creates a wholly different collective experience depending on who and how you’re watching. We’ve been fortunate to screen at festivals, but because it’s unique subject matter told through a fictional story, we’ve had a number of requests to screen from groups interested in using the film as a tool. It’s the best of both worlds to know we have a good story that also can be used to spark a conversation about discrimination in the male-dominated construction industry. There is a real demand to tell a story like this and show people what it’s really like. Any favorite moments? In early May, at a festival screening in NYC, a group of about 20 tradeswomen showed up to see the film in Manhattan, some having come straight from work. I almost teared up after hearing them talk about how the film had touched them and told their story. This is why we made it. What’s next? I’m developing a web series and writing a feature script, of course. More soon!

Winner of Best Short Film and Best Oregon Short Film at Portland International Film Festival

What has it been like to travel with the film on the festival circuit? It’s hard to explain, but with each audience, whether it’s NYC or Chicago or Portland, I catch something new or different about the film. A line gets a

Dawn on set, directing SistaInBrotherhood



NW Documentary Workshops & Networking Event Finding Funds for your Film, a threepart series on July 17 from 11-7 p.m, features workshops on Fundraising Events, The Grant Funded Film and Crowdsourcing for the Indie Film. Workshops are led by filmmakers successful in funding their film, including Lydia Smith, Director of “Walking the Camino,” Ian McCluskey, NW Documentary’s Artistic Director and Director of “Voyagers Without Trace,” and Ian Clark, narrative filmmaker and Founder of the East Oregon Film Festival. Fundraising Events 11 am – 1 pm The Grant Funded Film 2 – 4 pm Crowdsourcing for the Indie Film 5-7 pm OMPA members receive a 10% discount! Email us for the code at intern@ Subject line: “Member Benefits.” Add your full name and the workshop/ event in the body of the email.



NW Documentary is hosting a music and film networking at 7 p.m. event July 21. Join us for Musicmaker and Film: An Evening of Discussion, where we will discuss tips for filmmakers on how to communicate with musicians to get what you’re looking for, resources for showcasing original music on an independent film budget, and more. OMPA members receive a 10% discount! Email us for the code at intern@ Subject line: “Member Benefits.” Add your full name and the workshop/event in the body of the email.

Special Event: Desire’s Masquerade Vinton Depiction is a full-service video production team, born in the Pacific Northwest. They elevate brands, they collaborate with artists, and they engage creators to breathe new lifeblood into visual media. Vinton Depiction invites you to play an important role in their new short film, Desire’s Masquerade. Please join them and support their work while having a daringly good time at their benefit auction and stylish summer soirée! Enjoy tantalizing beer & wine, Bamboo Sushi, and provocative performances - all complimentary!

We’re hosting this celebration to fuel their collaborative passion project! This new Portland film production is a massive canvas meant to showcase the budding, world-class talents of Pacific Northwest storytellers. Their goal is to stimulate the local creative community by facilitating the cultural advancement of the arts in Oregon through film. Save the date for July 14th, 2016 from 7pm and 9pm. Don’t miss out on this incredible evening. Click here to RSVP. Visit this website for information: http://www.



CineSpace: A Short Film Competition For the second year in a row, NASA and Houston Cinema Arts Society are inviting filmmakers around the world to participate in CineSpace, a short film competition that is inspired by, and utilizes actual NASA video footage. Eligible submissions include short video, film, and digital-media works of 10 minutes or less. CineSpace is seeking films from all genres and styles including but not limited to: experimental, narrative, documentary, comedy, drama, animation, ambient, music videos, re-mix, sports, horror, and underground. Prize Details: The total prize purse for this competition is USD 26,000. In addition to monetary prizes, winners shall receive tremendous exposure for their work.



Application Instructions: Last date for submission is July 31, 2016. No entry fee is required. Guidelines/ Registration Link: You may visit the CineSpace 2016 challenge page to register and to check out last year’s winners and finalists.

NASA and Houston Cinema Arts Society presents CineSpace

The Oregon Music Hall of Fame Press Conference THE OREGON MUSIC HALL OF FAME Announces the 2016 Inductees and Presents this Year’s Scholarship Recipients Tuesday July 12th at 5:30 PM Tony Starlight’s - 1125 SE Madison The Oregon Music Hall of Fame (OMHOF) will hold a press conference Tuesday July 12th at 5:30pm at Tony Starlight’s to announce the 2016 Inductees that will go into the OMHOF. This year’s Induction Ceremony will be held on Saturday October 8th at the Aladdin Theater. Included at this year’s press conference, OMHOF will present scholarships to this year’s scholarship recipients. Each of the recipients will also perform. These recipients were picked close to a hundred applicants from around the state and include Christian George from Bend, Elizabeth Soper from Sprague HS in Salem, Kaitlyn Clawson from Salem-Keizer HS in Salem and Lauren Kim from Sunset HS in Portland. OMHOF was formed in 2003 to both promote ad preserve the musical arts in the state of Oregon. OMHOF is heavily active in raising funds and implementing music education in schools that do not have music programs. Over 5000 kids per year are reached in K- 8 schools throughout the state with the Music In The Schools

Program with Aaron Meyer. OMHOF also has a statewide scholarship program in place since 2007. Previous Inductees include Black “N Blue, Chris Botti, Robert Cray, The Crazy 8s, Dandy Warhols, Dead Moon, Everclear, The Kingsmen, Nu Shooz, Quarterflash, Pink Martini, Dan Reed Network, Paul Revere & The Raiders, Doc Severinsen, Curtis Salgado, Elliott Smith and U-Krew. For a complete listing go to OMHOF will also announce the talent to play the 10th Annual Induction, this year’s host as well as Artist of the Year and Album of the Year. For additional information, contact Terry Currier at 503-231-8943 or



TOP DOWN: Rooftop Cinema Presented by The Northwest Film Center Join us atop the Hotel deLuxe’s parking structure at SW 15th and Yamhill for The Northwest Film Center’s 12th annual program of cinema under the stars. Doors open at 7 pm with food and beverages available for purchase from Gracie’s, Aladdin Café, Brass Tacks Sandwiches, and Sierra Nevada Brewing Company. Music begins at 7:15 pm and films begin around dusk. Entry for advance ticket holders is guaranteed until 8:30 pm. Advance tickets ensure that you will not have to wait in the ticket purchase line but do not guarantee entry after 8:30 pm. A limited number of chairs are available on a first-come, first-served basis, so feel free to bring a chair, pillow, or blanket, along with a light sweater or jacket. Advance ticket holders who arrive after 8:30 pm but are not admitted to the screening (in the case of a sell-out) may exchange their tickets for another Top Down screening. There are no refunds or exchanges for arrivals after the film begins (c. 9 pm) or for entirely missed screenings. Please, no pets or outside food or drink.



For the first time ever, this year’s feature film lineup will be augmented by short films directed by Northwest filmmakers. Each short will precede the feature presentation. Want a series pass to Top Down? Join the Silver Screen Club at the Supporter level or above before June 30th and bring along a guest for free! Learn more by clicking here. Location: Hotel deLuxe’s parking structure (SW 15th & Yamhill) Advance tickets available at $10 general $9 student/senior/PAM member $7 Silver Screen Club Friend. Tickets at the door are: $12 general $11 student/senior/PAM member $9 Silver Screen Club Friend. No scrip tickets accepted for this program. Advanced Tickets:

The Hollywood Theatre Commemorates 90th Anniversary of Buster Keaton Classic THE GENERAL with Original Score and Statewide Tour In honor of the 90th anniversaries of both the Hollywood Theatre and Buster Keaton’s classic film THE GENERAL, which was shot in Cottage Grove, Oregon, the Hollywood Theatre and Oregon Film are proud to present a statewide tour of THE GENERAL with a brand­-new original score by renowned Portland composer Mark Orton. During the week­ long tour, the score will be performed live by an all­-star seven­-piece ensemble featuring members of Tin Hat and the Oregon Symphony. One of the most revered comedies of the silent era, THE GENERAL finds hapless Southern railroad engineer Johnny Gray (Buster Keaton) facing off against Union soldiers during the American Civil War. When Johnny’s fiancée, Annabelle Lee (Marion Mack), is accidentally taken away while on a train stolen by Northern forces, Gray pursues the soldiers, using various modes of transportation in comic action scenes that highlight Keaton’s boundless wit and dexterity. Mark Orton, a Sundance Fellow and composer whose work has been included in the Oscar­ nominated NEBRASKA, Ken Burns’ THE ROOSEVELTS, and the acclaimed radio program THIS AMERICAN LIFE, was commissioned to create a new score for THE GENERAL. In a nod to the great silent film scores of the past, Orton chose veteran improviser/composers Carla Kihlstedt and Todd Sickafoose to work alongside percussionist Matthias Bossi, who will provide live foley/sound effects. The full ensemble includes Mousai Remix String Quartet (Oregon Symphony), Carla Kihlstedt (Tin Hat, Tom Waits), Matthias Bossi (Rabbit Rabbit Radio) and Todd Sickafoose (Andrew Bird, Ani Difranco).

Tour Locations & Dates Friday, August 12 Hollywood Theatre, Portland, OR Saturday, August 13 Bohemia Park (outdoor screening), Cottage Grove, OR Sunday, August 14 Egyptian Theatre, Coos Bay, OR Wednesday, August 17 Ross Ragland Theater, Klamath Falls, OR Friday, August 19 Hollywood Theatre, Portland, OR Click here for more information.



The Northwest Film Center Presents: Miracle Mile with director Steve De Jarnatt in attendance The “Miracle Mile” is a busy stretch of Los Angeles’ Wilshire Boulevard, running from downtown to the La Brea Tar Pits. Outside Johnny’s All night Coffee Shop on Wilshire, Harry (Anthony Edwards), a lonely jazz musician, has just met the captivating Julie (Mare Winningham), the girl of his dreams. He answers a pay phone and by chance intercepts a hysterical call supposedly from a missile silo somewhere in North Dakota. The message is simple: “the button” has been pushed and there’s only about an hour left before nuclear disaster. Is the call real, or only the kind you’d get at a pay phone at 2 am in L.A.? What should you do when you may be first to know? Thus begins director Steve De Jarnatt’s strange late night adventure, a brave, wild mixture of comedy, apocalyptic suspense, and love story that has been described as a lunatic cross between After Hours and Repo Man.

Preceded by Eat the Sun, US, 1974 dir. Jim Cox, Steve De Jarnatt (25 mins., Comedy, 16mm) Made while Cox and De Jarnatt were students at Evergreen State College in Olympia, this comic mockumentary about the fictional Viduru Telemahandi and his Temple of Self Amplification remains one of the wittiest film parodies ever made—a biting poke at exploitative and exploited media cultists. De Jarnatt was the judge for the 16th Northwest Filmmakers’ Festival in 1988, and will be on hand to talk about his two cult classics. Screening times: July 9 – Friday 7 pm Location: Northwest Film Center’s Whitsell Auditorium Portland Art Museum - 1219 SW Park Avenue Admission: $9 General; $8 Students, Seniors; $6 Child

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Classifieds Dawson Media Group is selling some equipment. Click this link to view items and pricing. Contact Harry Dawson at 503.789.8631 or 310.669.9625

Are you an OMPA member with equipment to sell? Email for a spot in next month’s CallSheet.

Artist’s Weekend Workshop with JD Lewis September 16-18th, 2016: The first time in Oregon - The Artist’s Weekend with J.D. Lewis - a weekend geared to artists and anyone who wants to take a quantum leap forward, learn the skills to get things done, and cultivate the ability to take risks. Join others who through the workshop have translated thought and action into ultimate success.

Cost: $350 - includes room, meals and workshop supplies. $200 non-refundable deposit to reserve your space. Space is limited. To reserve a space call: (310) 621-3900 or email For more information please visit: http://

Smart home loan and mortgage advice for refinancing, purchases and more.

Plum Tree Mortgage, Inc. 1126 NW Marshall Street Portland, OR 97209 COMPANY NMLS #116834 ORIGINATOR NMLS #116991 DIRECT LINE:

Sound advice for life.

(503) 780.7746 07.2016


Film Fresh Northwest: 40th Anniversary NW Film Center is accepting submissions for Fresh Film Northwest. This year films can be submitted online! This year marks the 40th anniversary of FFNW, so we hope we’ll get a record-breaking number of submissions from the talented teens in the Pacific Northwest. And as always, it is free to submit (deadline is August 27th). Fresh Film Northwest (formerly the Young People’s Film Festival) is NW Film Center’s youth component to the Northwest Filmmakers’ Festival and is an annual opportunity for youth filmmakers, ages 13-19, from Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, and Alaska to have their work viewed by professional media artists and presented to the public. Now in its 40th year, this annual glimpse into the heart and spirit of Northwest filmmaking’s next generation has recognized individual talent and showcased models of how media arts can be taught in schools. The goal for Fresh Film Northwest is to encourage young people to use media to creatively express personal concerns, to explore important social issues, and to share engaging stories about the world

today. Each year, submissions are reviewed by a unique jury panel who select entries based on the following criteria: Freshness & Originality, Persuasive Point of View, Emotional Impact, Technical Proficiency, and successful Risk-Taking. For more information and to submit a film: And if you know some teens looking to learn some filmmaking skills this summer… JULY 5-14: 16MM SHOOT + PROCESS + EDIT FOR 9TH-12TH Students will not only get the chance to shoot and process on the analog format, but will also learn about hand-painting on film, scratching, and even projecting! AUGUST 8-12: DIGITAL EDITING FOR TEENS *new section added! For teens interested in learning the ins and outs of Final Cut Pro X editing software along with editing concepts and theories.

The Northwest Film Center Presents: Betty & Joan Bette Davis (1908-1989) and Joan Crawford (1904-1977) were two of classic Hollywood’s most famous and respected leading ladies. Crawford got her start in the silents, first appearing in minor roles in lavish MGM productions, then transitioning to the gritty Warner Bros. films which earned her fame. While Crawford’s performances often appeared over-the-top, she was always psychologically committed to her roles, which grew darker, more villainous and indelible as her career progressed. Davis, on the other hand, worked at Warner for nearly her entire career, establishing herself as Hollywood’s top star and a model for the strong, modern woman. The two stars famously carried on a bitter feud throughout their careers, which became fodder for unending gossip and legendary Hollywood lore. But despite their deep personal animosity, the rivalry pushed each to excel, and between them they achieved some of the highest highs in some of the most memorable roles that we have had the good fortune to enjoy. Location: NW Film Center’s Whitsell Auditorium Portland Art Museum: 1219 SW Park Ave Admission: $9 General; $8 Students, Seniors; $6 Child Advanced Tickets: film-series/bette-joan/

Complete Film listings: July 8 – Friday 7 p.m. GRAND HOTEL July 10 – Sunday 7 p.m. DANGEROUS July 17 – Sunday 4:30 p.m. JEZEBEL July 23 – Saturday 7 p.m. DARK VICTORY July 24 – Sunday 7 p.m. THE WOMEN July 31 – Sunday 7 p.m. THE LETTER August 1 – Monday 7 p.m. THE LITTLE FOXES August 6 – Saturday 7 p.m. NOW, VOYAGER August 7 – Sunday 7 p.m. MILDRED PIERCE August 12 – Friday 7 p.m. HUMORESQUE August 14 – Sunday 7 p.m. POSSESSED August 15 – Monday 7 p.m. DAISY KENYON August 20 – Saturday 7:30 p.m. BEYOND THE FOREST August 21 – Sunday 7 p.m. ALL ABOUT EVE August 26 – Friday 7 p.m. SUDDEN FEAR August 27 – Saturday 4:30 p.m. JOHNNY GUITAR August 28 – Sunday 7 p.m. WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO BABY JANE?



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