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NAEA Education Foundation Special Enrollment Exam Preparation Section A: Contact Information Name: Garth

Sherill_M.______________________________ ______________________________________ ______________________________________ ______________________________________ ______________________________________


NAEA Associate


_____ yes ___X__ no

Is this a: ___X__ new application or for the on line course


NAEA ID: ________________________________

_____ request for continuation of a scholarship

Address: 2615_West_63rd_Ave._____________________________________________ City, State, Zip Code: Merrill ville, Indiana, 46410____________________________________ Phone: 219-713-7157_____________________________ Fax:__________________________ E-mail: omiyinka1@live.com_____________________________________________________

Important Information, read carefully the instructions and do not skip any step: Qualifications:  All sections of the application must be filled out before the application is evaluated.  Your initial application must be accompanied by two letters of recommendation. Requests for continuation of a scholarship for the online course do not require letters of recommendation.  You must have a high school diploma, GED, or the equivalent.  Your initial application must be received and/or post-marked a maximum of two months in advance of the local conference you plan to attend. Requests for continuation of a scholarship for the on line course must be received at least three weeks prior to the start of the course.  Scholarships are only given for SEE courses offered through NAEA or NAEA State Affiliates. Scholarships for NAEA’s online SEE Prep course are awarded per part. All applications are reviewed by the NAEA-EF Scholarship Committee and decisions will be based on financial and career needs as well as background in taxation. Notification will be sent via email to the address shown on this application. Please notify NAEA if your contact information changes.

Section B: Education Information

Years of Education Completed and Major Course of Study (Please check the most recent and indicate major course of study to the right of the box):

o o

High School or GED Some College


o Associate Degree Bachelors Degree

o o

Graduate Degree X__Masters Degree

Section B1: Your Experience in the Field of Taxation I processed Personal Property Taxes for Motorola-Corporation for two years. I completed a six months course as a Legal Assistant ,which covered corporate taxation laws. I also completed an H&R Block tax course for personal taxes. __________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ Section C: Applicants Statement of Need Educational or Professional Goals: My goals are to become an Enrolled Agent and to

work as a Tax Preparer in the field of Taxation. To also offer my services to Non For Profit businesses and small business owners. I also plan to partner with two of my family members in creating a one stop business shop, which will services many of the small business_______________________________________________________________ Owner’s needs in my community. ______________________________________________________________________

Section D: Financial Information Are you applying for? ___X__ NAEA’s On line Instructor Led SEE Prep Course Part 1 ___X__ NAEA’s On line Instructor Led SEE Prep Course Part 2 ___X__ NAEA’s On line Instructor Led SEE Prep Course Part 3 _____ State Affiliate SEE Prep or Review Course State Affiliate offering course: _____________________________________________

Total Cost of Course and Materials: ________________________________________ Dates of Course: ________________________________________________________ Have you applied for a scholarship from any other source? ____ yes _X___ no If yes, from what source? _______________________________________________________ Have you been awarded a scholarship from any other source? ____ Yes __X__no If yes, from what source? ______________________________________________________ Scholarship funds for NAEA’s On line Instructor Led courses will be automatically applied towards your registration (you must still register for the course on the NAEA registration form). Scholarships for State Affiliate Courses will be paid directly to the State Affiliate. Please provide a copy of the registration form for the purposes of transmittal of the scholarship funds (you must still register for the course with the State Affiliate). Funds will only be dispersed to the scholarship candidate if proof of payment is provided and prior approval has been granted.

Section E: Applicants Essay Please answer the following questions in 75 words or less: What is an Enrolled Agent? An Enrolled An Enrolled Agent is a trained Tax Preparer who has been licensed and is the only Agent endorsed to prepare taxes by the federal government all over the country. The Agent’s primary responsibilities are to oversea taxes in three major areas such as:To prepare taxes for personal individual, corporations and,to Represent clients during audits from the IRS .Finally, they can Represent the clients”s tax issues year round in audits procedures of the law. They are often times utilized by Accountants ,CPA s and or Attorneys for their expertises in the tax laws. You can become an enrolled Agent two ways. One by working for the IRA in a positions for several years in a tax related position or, you can enrolled and sat for the examination and passing the exam for an Enrolled Agent. _____________________________________________________________________________

Should you pass the exam, how do you intend to use the license? I intend apply all of my knowledge that I have acquired from training as an Enrolled Agent to the profession of taxes in the field of independent taxation preparation. In all areas of discipline such as:: Assisting in the area ,of Advocacy Work in Training & Development, Curriculum & Instructions,and practicing as a Micro-Financial Technician in my own family Agency for assisting Non-For-Profit agencies in the laws and preparation of fielding taxes. I also plan to offer my services to support advocacy work and new start-up businesses for Women. I would also like to assist the lawyers in establishing a Probono Project for Micro-loans program for businesses that are in distress.________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________

Additional information that you would like us to consider: I am seeking to return to

this profession after having spent several successful years as a Paralegal processing Personal Property Taxes for a Major corporation. I worked with Accountants, CPAS, J. D's, Lawyers whom I feel prepared me for a profession in the Legal taxation field._______________________ I was awarded for my outstanding volunteer services for Legal Probono work in the area of processing Disability Cases for the Center for aging & Disability. I have also volunteered for non-for profit agencies in the area of Legal Assistant and Paralegal work and have developed several skills in the area of Administrative Multi-tasked work__________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________

Please tell us how you heard about the NAEA Education Foundation scholarships for the SEE prep I was introduced to the field of Enrolled Agent by Lee Byrd______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________

I hereby certify that all statements in this application are true to the best of my knowledge. I understand that falsification is cause for voiding this application.

Signature___Sherrill_M,_Garth____________________________________ Date: 5-14-2010________________________ Submit applications to the NAEA-EF Scholarship Program, Attn: Clarise Diggs, Programs Manager, 1120 Connecticut Avenue, NW, Suite 460, Washington, DC 20036 or Fax: 202822-6270.

Scholarship Application for NAEA  

This was a scholarship application for NAEA

Scholarship Application for NAEA  

This was a scholarship application for NAEA